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16 February 2017: "Kart la Kart"

So this is...the top 50, huh?


#1 Ben Stoneman kept grinding LM coming up with a couple new WR's! He improved both times here with 1'31"205 and 29"808, both God. He has his eyes on the subs for the time being so good luck!

#13 Marcus Frenje keeps his spot with a 0.3 AF cut. He worked on SG this week earning a nice 1'08"886 / 21"367, both God. He also spent some time on CI2 to land the sub here with a neat CI2 48"959 Myth B. Keep up the nice work!

#14 Louis Vivares is the new non-prb French champion! His 0.5 AF cut finally got him over the hump in this competitive portion of the charts. He went all out on YC flap making a huge cut here ending up with 27"675 God, 6th overall. Congratulations!

#47 Christian Wild ranks up to Titan A overall! His 0.7 AF cut did the trick by scoring a few nice times. He worked on MC1 with 42"366 Myth B / 13"213 God. He also threw a nice BP flap down getting 8"173 God. Get well soon!

#50 Diogo Dos Santos Costa makes his top 50 debut, based! His 1.3 AF cut put him up there and it came off one track alone. He worked his magic on WP hitting 2'00"580 Titan D / 39"694 Titan C. It looks like the rank up to Titan A will have to wait until next week!

#62 Paulo Ferreira makes his way through a graveyard with a big 2.8 AF cut! He had a nice week with DS 1'34"075 Titan D / 30"303 Hero A, RR 2'01"758 Titan E / 39"722 Titan D, and LC2 25"949 Titan A. His big surprise came on prb where he landed the rail shortcut on RR with a 37"240 Hero A. He played it safe, but I'm sure he can skip the loop one day like myself lol.

People not losing their way include #476 Adam Roberts -13.0780.

New Records

Ben kept finding new heights!

He continues to push LM to the limit with 1'31"205 and 29"808!


He put up some insane improvements to take the French title, so Louis Vivares wins the POW for the second week of February!

Screw this! ~Etch