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08 February 2017: "Before My Body Is Dry Bones..."

Not every day someone lol's their way through the Titan ranks...


#1 Ben Stoneman decided to go all out on LM flap. He somehow found a new level here dropping his flap WR to an absurd 29"854 God! He's hit some decent splits here so maybe the 3lap is next on the agenda?

#13 Marcus Frenje served up a 1 point AF to jump up a couple spots! He passed the French duo this week with a nice lot of new records. These included F8C 1'14"023 God, BP 42"826 Myth A / 8"155 God, and PG 28"343 Myth B. What will the Norwegian wunderkind do next?

#50 Stacy Needham hangs onto top 50 status with his 0.6 AF cut! He focused on BC 3lap for a 0.6 AF cut with his 1'56"243 Titan A. As long as he stays frosty he won't frop out!

#51 Diogo Dos Santos Costa stays the course sporting a 12 point AF cut ranking up to Titan B overall! He nearly lol'd his way into the top 50 this week with another awesome dump of times. These included MB 1'13"502 Hero B / 23"498 Myth D, BP 42"988 Myth C / 8"189 God, SG 1'11"617 Titan E, AF 34"948 Myth C, CI2 50"515 Titan C / 16"055 Titan A, PG 1'29"951 Titan A / 28"955 Titan B, and TTC 1'35"146 Titan A / 30"555 Myth A. It seems like the sky is the limit for now, wow!

#62 Paulo Ferreira wraps up the fun with a huge leap thanks to his 5 point AF cut! He jumped up quite a bit with those nice improvements which included WS 1'58"415 Titan A / 38"389 Myth C, CM 1'50"826 Titan B / 36"143 Myth E, CCB 1'28"019 Titan C / 28"256 Titan A, YC 1'29"548 Hero A / 28"654 Titan D RR 39"964 Titan E, and LC2 25"958 Titan A. Looks like he's just as hungry for the top 50!

People outside the top 100 were busy jerking off...

New Records

Ben found a new gear here pushing LM flap to a crazy 29"854!


He continues to rock our socks off, so Diogo Dos Santos Costa wins the POW for the first week of February!

Unreal! ~Etch