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05 February 2017: "I LOVE YOU"

We will no longer surrender this PP or its karters to the false song of non-shortcut. No karter will ever again feel that their mt's come second to that of an unverified ranking. We're gonna win, we're gonna win it for the karters, we're gonna win it for our server, we're going to make great again!


#10 Sam Jones raked in some more top times with his 0.1 AF cut. He scored top 6 times on WP with 1'58"610 / 39"072, both God! He finished things off on AF taking his flap to the top 10 with a 34"539 God.

#13 Timothee Le Borgne hangs onto the French title with his 0.1 AF cut! He almost scored the sub on DP1 with a very nice 56"009 Myth B. He also played some prb here hitting 52"696 Myth D and 17"271 Titan A. That gave him a 0.6 AF cut there to hang onto a spot inside the top 15!

#14 Louis Vivares makes his furious charge with an impressive 0.4 AF cut! He made a big leap on the DP1 flap with a sick 17"823 Myth B. This also pushed him up to Titan A overall prb. Who will take the top?!?

#15 Marcus Frenje served up a massive 0.7 AF cut! He crushed it on YC scoring God times with 1'25"865 / 27"819 God. The race to the top 10 is quite a cluster fuck now, which mt's will reign supreme?

#62 Diogo Dos Santos Costa unloaded another 17 AF cut, holy shit! His massive surge moved him up 22 spots to Titan C overall. The latest haul included BB 1'48"946 Titan B, BC 1'59"015 Hero A / 38"102 Titan D, DS 1'34"705 Titan E / 29"967 Titan B, RR 1'59"626 Myth D / 38"802 Myth A, YF 47"968 Myth E, LC1 1'14"012 Myth D / 24"110 Myth A, CM 1'50"476 Titan A / 36"433 Titan B, and AF 1'47"718 / 35"318 both Titan C. It would seem we haven't seen his true power yet, wow!

The man that discovered the MC shortcut joins our site! Folk has the chops in time trials as well sending in his first record with a nice sub on F8C 1'13"997 Titan C. Welcome aboard!

Fellow comrades included #331 Joseph Armstrong -16.2030 Advanced B, and #489 Adam Roberts -6.4690.

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He keeps demolishing shit, so Diogo Dos Santos Costa wins the POW for the fourth week of January!

This shouldn't cum as a surprise, he went balls deep and crashed his way inside the top 100 so Diogo Dos Santos Costa wins the POM for the month of January!

For the mother land! ~Etch