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31 January 2017: "I love my karts!"

So hey, what's going on?


#2 Matthew Ord brought the heat this week with a couple new WR's! He improved his flap on WP and to top it off hit the first sub 1'57! Matthew's new records sit at an amazing 1'56"962 / 38"519, both God. Awesome!

#10 Sam Jones had a productive week as well with a 0.7 AF cut. His first couple times included CCB 1'24"648 God and LC2 25"734 Myth C. Sam was also busy on WP scoring top 10 times here with 1'58"839 / 39"166, both God!

#13 Timothee Le Borgne chimed in with two new times for a 0.2 AF cut. He focused on BB and ended up with 1'46"541 / 34"949, both God. Still some more AF to cut before reaching the top 10 so keep it up!

#71 Paulo Ferreira reported a 0.6 AF cut! He worked on WS scoring a nice 1'58"708 Titan B / 38"414 Myth C. It's another step closer to the top 70, but he managed to reach Titan C overall!

#84 Diogo Dos Santos Costa crushed more pussy with his 17 AF cut ranking up to Titan D overall! His latest haul included LC2 Flap: 26"017 Titan B, MC 1'33"253 Titan E / 30"206 Hero A, BC 38"433 Hero A, F8C 1'17"084 Hero B / 25"065 Titan C, SR 1'43"217 Titan D / 33"013 Myth C, and BB 1'52"084 Hero E / 35"782 Titan A. Clearly he still has more in the tank so where to next?

#88 Emilio Garcia wraps things up returning with a couple new times! His submissions included MC 28"987 Myth C and CM 36"634 Hero B. It gave him a 0.8 AF cut as he closes in on Hero A overall!

People also scratching their balls included #497 Adam Roberts -13.5000 Intermediate B.

New Records

Matthew Ord was the man with some boss times on WP. He improved his flap first to a crazy 38"519. Later, he became the first karter to hit the sub 1'57 with a ridiculous 1'56"962!


He took WP WR's to new heights, so Matthew Ord wins the POW for the third week of January!

Guess I'll keep playing! ~Etch