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23 January 2017: "Such Speed and Such Mad!"

French karters and American voters changing the world!


#10 Sam Jones made a tiny cut on MMF this week with a 20"437 God. He has about 2 AF points to cut before moving up again while the #8 spot is a crazy 8 AF points away! Maybe he'll shake things up as the year goes on?

#13 Timothee Le Borgne made an improvement on his AF 3lap with 1'45"584 God. This 0.2 AF cut moves him closer to the top 10 and perhaps he'll make France great again!

#15 Louis Vivares surged ahead with a huge 1.3 AF cut becoming the newest Myth A overall! Surprisingly, he only needed some new times on DP1 to get the job done and they were quite splendid. He made a big leap here scoring a top 10 time on the 3lap with 55"920 Myth B & a new flap of 18"058 Titan A. The French title is definitely up for grabs now so keep those mt's coming guys!

#17 Marcus Frenje dropped back a spot but he put up some nice times on CI2. His 3lap sits at a respectable 49"281 Myth C while his flap is 5th overall at 15"667 God! He too can make a few nice times and move his way up the top 15 as well so make Norway great again!

#94 Diogo Dos Santos Costa captured everyone's imagination by catapulting his way into the top 100! He finally made that jump after some crazy weeks to round out his times. With a 42 point AF cut, he debuts at Titan E overall! His cataclysmic haul included SG 1'11"981 Hero A / 21"649 God, DH 1'13"949 Titan D / 22"682 Myth D, BC2 31"289 / 1'36"020 both Hero A, YC 1'29"004 Titan E / 28"220 Myth D, PC 57"449 Hero A / 18"220 Titan A, LC2 1'19"983 Titan B / 26"108 Titan C, RR 38"902 Myth B, BC 39"557 Hero E. Congratulations and welcome to the club!

People helping keep mkds great included #161 Bryton Daniels -0.0940, #342 Joseph Armstrong -37.7340 Advanced C, #514 Adam Roberts -13.9690.

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Great times around but for his insane improvements to capture a top 100 spot, Diogo Dos Santos Costa wins the POW for the second week of January!

Never have so few people, made so many people completely lose their shit! ~Etch