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11 January 2017: "Chivalry Of The Failed Karter"

Who will take the top?


#5 Rupa made some progress in prb land this time with a 0.3 AF cut. He scored some top 10 times on PC with 51"461 Myth B and 17"033 Myth D. For his last trick, he improved his CM 3lap to 1'46"745 Myth C which sits 8th overall. Nice way to cap off the year!

#11 Sam Jones also brought the heat going out with a 0.3 AF cut as well. He once again hit a load of top 10 and God times to move up a spot which included TTC 29"682 God, BC 1'52"116 God, RR 1'58"954 Myth C, rPC 17"836 God, CM 1'48"393 God, MB 1'10"160 God, and SG 21"409 God. What a fantastic sprint to the finish line, great job!

#17 Louis Vivares follows suit with his own 0.3 AF cut to rank up! He landed top 5 times on CM with a crazy 1'46"439 and 34"818, both God. He finished things off on CI2 flap where he nearly hit the God time with an impressive 15"751 Myth A. Dedication pays off, nice year of kart!

Beta is getting closer to a full time sheet in non-prb land and surprised us with some very nice PC times. It's been awhile since we saw the BLS here but he did the unthinkable and knocked off #4 Thomas Bolton's sub by a hefty margin. With some nice hopping, Beta took the 3lap WR down to an astonishing 54"878 God! If that wasn't enough, he nearly snatched the flap record coming in 2nd with a very speedy 17"544 God. Great job and keep up the nice work!

#49 Christian Wild went out with a bang unloading a 3.5 AF cut. His flurry of new records completed his quest to reach the top 50 and just in time! His final batch of times included YF 15"461 God, LM 1'36"000 Titan D / 31"155 Titan B, WP 2'03"124 Titan D / 40"418 Titan C, WS 38"580 Myth E, RR 2'01"249 / 39"730 both Titan D, PC 56"138 Myth E, LC2 1'21"060 Titan E / 26"077 Titan B, and CI2 50"862 Titan D / 15"910 Myth D. Congratulations on your quick rise, keep it up!

#73 Paulo Ferreira wraps up the year with an impressive 2.2 AF cut. He only needed a few times to get it done and scored a monster SG flap with a 21"439 God. The rest of his efforts were spent on MB earning a 1'12"560 / 23"778, both Titan D. He also dabbled in prb land where he scored a LC1 flap 23"989 Titan E. This pushed him closer to the top 90 over there and reached Hero B overall. Likewise, he bumped up a spot in non-prb to finish the year on a nice note!

People who are still honing their craft included #160 Bryton Daniels -1.7190 Hero E, #182 Diogo Dos Santos Costa -82.1090 Hero E, #319 Alex Garcia -1.2810, #413 Joseph Armstrong -11.2040.

New Records

Beta wraps up the year in true fashion with a surprising time on PC 3lap with an insane 54"878!


Many warriors were active this week but with his cuts and leap to the top 50 he distinguished himself, so Christian Wild wins the POW for the fourth week of December!

For his phoenix like rise, Diogo Dos Santos Costa wins the POM for the month December!

We toiled away and bloodied our thumbs, it was a lot of fun and have a happy 2017 everyone! <3 Etch