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30 December 2016: "A Christmas Miracle!"

You're my boi!!!


#1 Ben Stoneman made a splash by knocking off the 2 year old WR on DP1 flap set by #4 David Roldan with a ridiculous 16"782 God!

#18 Louis Vivares stayed focused on CM improving his records to 1'46"562 & 34"887, both God. He now occupies the top 5 spots on each chart, awesome!

#54 Christian Wild explodes again with a 5.7 cut this week. This surge finally pushed him to Titan B overall! Getting him there was another lot of nice times which included YF 47"904 Myth E / 15"579 Myth A, AF 1'48"148 Titan D / 35"308 Titan C, BC 1'58"303 / 38"144 both Titan D, LC1 1'14"153 Myth E / 24"006 God, BC2 1'35"767 Titan E, BP 43"146 Myth E, MB 1'12"555 Titan D / 23"626 Titan B, CI2 16"072 Titan A, SG 21"668 God. The sky is the limit, how strong are your thumbs!

#74 Paulo Ferreira closes things out with a 0.4 AF cut. He was busy grinding LC1 this week and ended up with 1'14"551 Titan B / 24"249 Myth C.

People who missed the postseason included #165 Bryton Daniels -0.7350, #253 Diogo Dos Santos Costa -73.4840 Expert D, and #425 Joseph Armstrong -74.6560 Advanced E.

New Records

Ben took the DP1 flap to the next level with his insane 16"782!


He was grinding away daily and for storming his way up to the top 250 and Expert overall, Diogo Dos Santos Costa wins the POW for the third week of December!

Break a leg! ~Etch