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24 December 2016: "Merry Kartmas!"

Chatting is great again!


#1 Rupa strengthened his lead with a 0.2 AF cut this week. He worked on CM a bit coming close to the top 10 with a 1'46"992 God. He saved the best for last on MC1 where he scored a 3rd place time with a very quick MC1 41"272 God. If he improves a few more records we could have our champion with an AF under 4 again!

#1 Ben Stoneman kept grinding DP1 and managed a tiny improvement with 16"868 God.

#18 Louis Vivares knocked off 0.3 AF points as he keeps marching forward! He landed the sub on MB this week getting 1'09"967 God which ranks 7th overall. The fun continued on CM where he added some more top 10 times hitting CM 1'46"796 / 34"905 both God. Nice work!

#59 Christian Wild keeps going hog wild posting a 5.7 AF cut! He had another big haul as he keeps flying up the Titan ranks. This week's times included CCB 1'27"299 Titan A / 28"184 Myth E, MMF 1'05"749 Titan E / 21"066 Titan A, LC1 1'14"683 Titan B / 24"149 Myth A, BC2 30"772 Myth E, SG 1'11"411 Titan E / 21"980 Myth E, and YC 1'28"820 Titan D. Besides joining the top 60, he's almost Titan C overall now as he keeps mowing down his pr's!

#74 Paulo Ferreira caps off the action with a 0.5 AF cut to jump up one spot. His new records included BB 1'50"576 Hero B / 36"036 Titan D, and LC1 1'15"137 Titan D / 24"551 Titan B.

People who were also good karters this year included #323 Diogo Dos Santos Costa, #488 Joseph Armstrong -41.8593 Intermediate B, and #548 Adam Roberts -33.9850.

New Records

I hope Santa has something for us!


He kept hot as he keeps surging up the charts, Christian Wild wins the POW for the second week of December!

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