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19 December 2016: "Speedy Speed Boy"

How bad do you want it...


#1 Rupa capped off his title run with a 2nd place time on KB2 3lap with 42"272 God!

#1 Ben Stoneman led the fight in prb land with a new WR on DP1 3lap. He scored the first 3lap God here with a 51"854! He also mustered a flap of 16"877 God which sits 3rd overall.

#12 Sam Jones puts up 0.1 AF cut with a few more nice records. First up was PC where he took his 3lap down to 55"804 Myth C. He almost put both MB times inside the top 10 with 1'10"114 / 22"971 both God. Way to go!

#18 Louis Vivares also inches forward with a 0.1 AF cut. He reported a couple new flaps which included CM 35"197 and MB 22"846 which ranks 5th overall!

#65 Christian Wild wraps up the fun with a 1.4 AF cut with just a few new times! His CCB 28"517 Titan D and YC 1'29"502 Hero A / 28"505 Titan C pushed him up 3 spots to earn Titan C overall. Nice job!

People speedrunning in their dreams every night included #295 Suuper W -12.7650 Advanced A #578 Adam Roberts -25.7340 Intermediate D

New Records

Ben has been grinding DP1 lately and finally knocked off the 2 year old 3lap set by Thomas Bolton with a very quick 51"854!


Nice cuts and Titan C overall, so Christian Wild wins the POW for the first week December!

My kart beats as much as I can breath...~Etch