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12 December 2016: "The Strongest Karter"

You were just too fast...


#1 Rupa dealt a devastating 2.5 AF cut to claim the non-prb crown and became the newest overall God! He first improved his MB flap to 2nd overall with 22"750 God. The next time was a big shocker as he edged out #4 Thomas Bolton's 6 year old LC2 flap with a ridiculous 25"490 God! The records that put him over the top were on KB2 where he scored 42"487 / 13"081 which were both ranked God and sit 7th and 2nd respectively. Needless to say, this rise was fucking biblical but Rupa's dedication to the game is what ultimately got him here so congratulations and well done!

#3 Ben Stoneman reported a new time this week with a top 10 on DP1 getting 55"725 God!

#12 Sam Jones chimed in with a 0.9 AF cut as he edges closer to the top 10. As usual, only God times with improvements coming on DKP 1'46"108 / 34"782, AF 1'44"859 / 34"672, MB 23"062 God. With another strong push, he could get there before the year is out!

#18 Louis Vivares made a couple improvements for a 0.1 AF cut. He knocked his LC2 3lap down to 1'18"737 Myth C. He also scored the sub on MB flap with 22"983 God for another top 10!

#20 Beta spent some time on MB 3lap and managed to improve his WR from a little over a year ago with a crazy 1'09"420 God!

#68 Christian Wild unleashed a 2 point AF cut to join the top 70! His latest haul included F8C 24"880 Myth E, PC 56"358 Titan A / 17"812 God, DP1 17"934 Myth D, KB2 13"353 God, and MB 23"851 Titan E. With more God times in tow, he has yet to hit his ceiling yet so keep it coming!

#75 Paulo Ferreira wraps things up with his 1.3 AF cut to jump up a couple spots. He hit some dope times on PC with 56"735 Titan C / 17"952 God.

People who were still conscious included #530 InfinMK -2.6250, and #609 Adam Roberts -13.8130 Intermediate E.

New Records

Beta bested his previous MB 3lap with a 1'09"420!

Rupa toppled the ancient LC2 flap set by Thomas Bolton with a crazy 25"490!


He did pretty well what with being #1 and God now, Rupa wins the POW for the fourth week of November!

For his recent surge to claim the non-prb title and overall God , Rupa wins the POM for the month of November!

He's a karter for fun! ~Etch