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08 December 2016: "MT, and you'll live... at least a while!"

Play what you love...


#1 Matthew Ord made a surprising 0.2 AF cut to reclaim the non-prb crown! He got the work done on SR flap sporting a very speedy 32"296 God which ranks 3rd overall. Congratulations for taking the title once again, great job!

#12 Sam Jones stays the course with a 0.1 AF cut. He focused on DKP flap this week stepping closer to the top 20 here with a DKP 34"822 God.

#18 Louis Vivares put up a 0.3 AF cut to jump up a spot as he nears Myth A overall! He hit some ridiculous times on LC2 with 1'18"825 Myth D / 25"623 Myth B. If he keeps making top 10's a habit, we'll have a new French champion!

#71 Christian Wild went wild again with a 6.4 AF cut nearing Titan C overall! He turned another load of nice times which included F8C 1'16"118 Titan C / 24"907 Titan A, DS 1'33"956 / 30"161 both Titan D, DKP 1'52"126 Hero A / 36"499 Titan E, TTC 1'35"769 Titan B / 30"746 Myth D, BC 1'59"335 Hero A, RR 2'02"202 Hero A / 39"857 Titan D, and MC1 13"378 God. This haul almost pushed him into the top 70 as he continues his storm up the charts!

#77 Paulo Ferreira also joined the fray with his 1.0 AF cut! He lept a couple places but only needed a few new times to do it. His high efficiency yielded AF 1'47"594 Titan C / 35"020 Myth D, and PC 18"339 Titan C. It's another nice chunk off his ARR as he too makes his way to Titan C overall!

People scrambling for POY included #303 Suuper W -17.0310, #318 Mike Koehoorn -78.5150 Advanced B, #534 InfinMK -4.6560, #617 Adam Roberts -8.2340.

New Records



He's the non-prb champ again, so Matthew Ord wins the POW for the third week of November!