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30 November 2016: "This was no kart accident"

This site isn't big enough to hold our awesomeness!


#1 Ben Stoneman turned in a solid SG flap this with taking 2nd place with a 21"136!

#5 Rupa strikes again shaving 0.3 AF points off MB. He secured both subs now with 1'09"807 and 22"831 which are both ranked God and 4th overall!

#19 Louis Vivares also turned in a 0.3 AF cut with a couple new times! He kept working on MMF pushing his flap to 7th with a nice 20"334 God. His other surprise came on LC2 flap where he scored a fantastic 25"672 Myth C!

#20 Beta joins the top 20 with a stellar 3.8 AF cut! He was also busy working on the farm and landed top 20 times in the process with 1'03"640 Titan B and 20"704 Myth E. Nice work!

#50 Stacy Needham stays comfy with his 0.7 AF cut. He continues to secure his role as the gatekeeper of the top 50 with another lot of nice times. His new pr's included YF 48"253 Titan B / 15"591 Myth B, AF 35"119 Titan A, BP 8"284 Myth D, and LC2 26"102 Titan C.

#76 Christian Wild fires off some more records earning a 1.3 AF cut. The nice times keep pouring in with F8C 1'16"738 Titan E, TTC 1'36"216 Titan C, RR 40"196 Hero B, MB 23"860 Titan E, and WS 1'59"292 Titan C. It was also a huge jump in ARR as he closes in on Titan C overall, great job!

#79 Paulo Ferreira rounds up the action with a nice 0.7 AF cut. He only needed a couple pr's as well which is doubly nice! After some grinding on DP1 he ended up with 57"229 Titan D and 18"069 Titan B.

People also making good use of their time included #150 Lachlan Young -0.2180, #391 Mike Koehoorn -73.9220 Advanced D, #540 InfinMK -7.4380, and #559 Stephen De Winter -0.1410.

New Records



For his big cuts and joining the top 20, Beta wins the POW for the second week of November!

Love me some kart! ~Etch