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27 November 2016: "Update?"

You're welcome...


#5 Rupa had a big week with a 0.8 AF cut! He first racked up some top 3 times on YF earning 46"187 Myth B / 15"140 Myth D. Next was MMF 3lap where he managed to grab the sub with Egg1 with a surprisingly quick 1'01"936! Last up was MB where he grabbed the sub on the flap for a top 10 spot hitting a 22"983 Myth B.

#12 Sam Jones reported a couple new times for a 0.1 AF cut. Of course, this meant God times which included top 15's with BC2 1'32"722 and MB 1'10"371.

#19 Louis Vivares focused on the farm as well this week earning top 10 times and Gods! His 1'02"859 and 20"402 gave him a 0.2 AF as he edges closer to that #1 France spot.

#24 Beta became the 13th karter to reach Myth E overall prb! He jumped up 7 spots with a few massive improvements. First was BC2 where he hit a top 10 time with 1'31"675 Myth C. The big cuts came on DKP where he pushed his records down to 1'45"028 Myth C and 34"529 Myth E. His times are still a bit spread out so expect more big AF cuts down the road!

#75 Carlos Munoz returns in style! Not only did he reawaken, he came back to report some God times on YC getting 1'26"549 and 27"841. This gave him a huge 1.2 AF cutand bumped him up to Titan C overall, well done!

#79 Christian Wild steals the show with another bombing of new times. His latest dump gave him a 13.1 AF cut which included YF 15"717 Titan A, LM 1'36"593 Titan E, WP 2'03"796 Titan E / 40"497 Titan C, SR 1'43"510 Titan E / 33"557 Titan D, DKP 1'53"183 Hero C / 36"612 Hero A, AF 1'49"021 Hero B / 35"556 Titan E, WS 2'01"382 Hero B / 38"972 Titan B, PG 1'30"842 / 29"135 both Titan C, BC 38"339 Titan E, FS 1'42"926 Titan E / 33"373 Titan B, BP 43"509 Titan D, and SG 1'12"219 / 22"512 both Hero A. After the dust settled, he emerged as Titan D overall, nice job!

#80 Paulo Ferreira also joins the top 80 but only needed a few nice times to get it done. His work paid off on BP where he got 43"349 Titan B / 8"192 God! His other time came on DP1 18"166 Titan C. Pretty damn good for a 1.1 AF cut, keep it up!

People who got stuffed included #546 InfinMK -8.9370 Intermediate C, #622 Adam Roberts -9.2190, and #625 Dorian Herniote -71.9680 Beginner A.

New Records



Huge amount of times pushes him to Titan D overall, so Christian Wild wins the POW for the first week of November!

Should be in rehab... ~Etch