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10 November 2016: "Shadilay!"

You're next Europe...


#1 Ben Stoneman finally made that jump in non-prb becoming the new champion! He focused on SG this week which at last put him over the top with a nice 1'07"637 and 21"193. For now, this makes him the dual champion so an extra kudos for this feat, gg!

#12 Sam Jones moves up a spot as well with another productive week. It was strictly God business with his new lot of WS 1'54"103 / 37"189 both God, MMF 1'03"182 / 20"522 both God, CCB 1'24"991 / 27"641 both God, and LC1 1'12"472 God. He also reported a prb lap with WS 36"674 Myth B!

#31 Beta chimed in again with some crazy good pr's. First up was MC1 where he score a blistering 38"124 Myth A! He capped the week off though with a couple nice BC2 times putting him up at 1'31"885 Myth D / 29"934 Myth B, nice job!

#82 Paulo Ferreira likewise moved up a spot fresh in the Titan D ranks with another mess of new times. His new records included KB2 43"575 Titan D, LC2 1'20"692 Titan D / 26"000 Titan B, YF 48"283 Titan B / 15"608 Myth B, BP 43"582 Titan E, and PRB LC2 flap 25"937 Hero A. Keep going!

#87 Christian Wild had a HUGE week to propel him to Titan E overall! His massive set included MC 1'34"072 Hero B / 30"275 Hero A, PG 1'32"202 Hero A / 29"199 Titan C, MC1 42"962 Titan C / 13"561 Titan B, KB2 43"441 Titan C / 13"399 God, CM 1'50"691 / 36"266 both Titan A, LC2 1'21"359 Hero A / 26"329 Titan E, and BB 1'49"644 Titan D / 35"862 Titan B. It would appear he's starting to hit his rhythm so more AF cuts on the way, lol.

People outside the top 100 think their times are already great enough, kek.

New Records

Trump won, lol.


For reaching #1 non-prb, Ben Stoneman wins the POW for the fourth week of October!

He didn't take his thumb off the a button, so for massive cuts and Titan E overall Christian Wild wins the POM for the month of October!

MAGA! ~Etch