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Chivalry Of The Failed Karter

Etch @ Wednesday, January 11th   [link]


Who will take the top?


#5 Rupa made some progress in prb land this time with a 0.3 AF cut. He scored some top 10 times on PC with 51"461 Myth B and 17"033 Myth D. For his last trick, he improved his CM 3lap to 1'46"745 Myth C which sits 8th overall. Nice way to cap off the year!

#11 Sam Jones also brought the heat going out with a 0.3 AF cut as well. He once again hit a load of top 10 and God times to move up a spot which included TTC 29"682 God, BC 1'52"116 God, RR 1'58"954 Myth C, rPC 17"836 God, CM 1'48"393 God, MB 1'10"160 God, and SG 21"409 God. What a fantastic sprint to the finish line, great job!

#17 Louis Vivares follows suit with his own 0.3 AF cut to rank up! He landed top 5 times on CM with a crazy 1'46"439 and 34"818, both God. He finished things off on CI2 flap where he nearly hit the God time with an impressive 15"751 Myth A. Dedication pays off, nice year of kart!

Beta is getting closer to a full time sheet in non-prb land and surprised us with some very nice PC times. It's been awhile since we saw the BLS here but he did the unthinkable and knocked off #4 Thomas Bolton's sub by a hefty margin. With some nice hopping, Beta took the 3lap WR down to an astonishing 54"878 God! If that wasn't enough, he nearly snatched the flap record coming in 2nd with a very speedy 17"544 God. Great job and keep up the nice work!

#49 Christian Wild went out with a bang unloading a 3.5 AF cut. His flurry of new records completed his quest to reach the top 50 and just in time! His final batch of times included YF 15"461 God, LM 1'36"000 Titan D / 31"155 Titan B, WP 2'03"124 Titan D / 40"418 Titan C, WS 38"580 Myth E, RR 2'01"249 / 39"730 both Titan D, PC 56"138 Myth E, LC2 1'21"060 Titan E / 26"077 Titan B, and CI2 50"862 Titan D / 15"910 Myth D. Congratulations on your quick rise, keep it up!

#73 Paulo Ferreira wraps up the year with an impressive 2.2 AF cut. He only needed a few times to get it done and scored a monster SG flap with a 21"439 God. The rest of his efforts were spent on MB earning a 1'12"560 / 23"778, both Titan D. He also dabbled in prb land where he scored a LC1 flap 23"989 Titan E. This pushed him closer to the top 90 over there and reached Hero B overall. Likewise, he bumped up a spot in non-prb to finish the year on a nice note!

People who are still honing their craft included #160 Bryton Daniels -1.7190 Hero E, #182 Diogo Dos Santos Costa -82.1090 Hero E, #319 Alex Garcia -1.2810, #413 Joseph Armstrong -11.2040.

New Records

Beta wraps up the year in true fashion with a surprising time on PC 3lap with an insane 54"878!


Many warriors were active this week but with his cuts and leap to the top 50 he distinguished himself, so Christian Wild wins the POW for the fourth week of December!

For his phoenix like rise, Diogo Dos Santos Costa wins the POM for the month December!

We toiled away and bloodied our thumbs, it was a lot of fun and have a happy 2017 everyone! <3 Etch

A Christmas Miracle!

Etch @ Friday, December 30th   [link]


You're my boi!!!


#1 Ben Stoneman made a splash by knocking off the 2 year old WR on DP1 flap set by #4 David Roldan with a ridiculous 16"782 God!

#18 Louis Vivares stayed focused on CM improving his records to 1'46"562 & 34"887, both God. He now occupies the top 5 spots on each chart, awesome!

#54 Christian Wild explodes again with a 5.7 cut this week. This surge finally pushed him to Titan B overall! Getting him there was another lot of nice times which included YF 47"904 Myth E / 15"579 Myth A, AF 1'48"148 Titan D / 35"308 Titan C, BC 1'58"303 / 38"144 both Titan D, LC1 1'14"153 Myth E / 24"006 God, BC2 1'35"767 Titan E, BP 43"146 Myth E, MB 1'12"555 Titan D / 23"626 Titan B, CI2 16"072 Titan A, SG 21"668 God. The sky is the limit, how strong are your thumbs!

#74 Paulo Ferreira closes things out with a 0.4 AF cut. He was busy grinding LC1 this week and ended up with 1'14"551 Titan B / 24"249 Myth C.

People who missed the postseason included #165 Bryton Daniels -0.7350, #253 Diogo Dos Santos Costa -73.4840 Expert D, and #425 Joseph Armstrong -74.6560 Advanced E.

New Records

Ben took the DP1 flap to the next level with his insane 16"782!


He was grinding away daily and for storming his way up to the top 250 and Expert overall, Diogo Dos Santos Costa wins the POW for the third week of December!

Break a leg! ~Etch

Merry Kartmas!

Etch @ Saturday, December 24th   [link]


Chatting is great again!


#1 Rupa strengthened his lead with a 0.2 AF cut this week. He worked on CM a bit coming close to the top 10 with a 1'46"992 God. He saved the best for last on MC1 where he scored a 3rd place time with a very quick MC1 41"272 God. If he improves a few more records we could have our champion with an AF under 4 again!

#1 Ben Stoneman kept grinding DP1 and managed a tiny improvement with 16"868 God.

#18 Louis Vivares knocked off 0.3 AF points as he keeps marching forward! He landed the sub on MB this week getting 1'09"967 God which ranks 7th overall. The fun continued on CM where he added some more top 10 times hitting CM 1'46"796 / 34"905 both God. Nice work!

#59 Christian Wild keeps going hog wild posting a 5.7 AF cut! He had another big haul as he keeps flying up the Titan ranks. This week's times included CCB 1'27"299 Titan A / 28"184 Myth E, MMF 1'05"749 Titan E / 21"066 Titan A, LC1 1'14"683 Titan B / 24"149 Myth A, BC2 30"772 Myth E, SG 1'11"411 Titan E / 21"980 Myth E, and YC 1'28"820 Titan D. Besides joining the top 60, he's almost Titan C overall now as he keeps mowing down his pr's!

#74 Paulo Ferreira caps off the action with a 0.5 AF cut to jump up one spot. His new records included BB 1'50"576 Hero B / 36"036 Titan D, and LC1 1'15"137 Titan D / 24"551 Titan B.

People who were also good karters this year included #323 Diogo Dos Santos Costa, #488 Joseph Armstrong -41.8593 Intermediate B, and #548 Adam Roberts -33.9850.

New Records

I hope Santa has something for us!


He kept hot as he keeps surging up the charts, Christian Wild wins the POW for the second week of December!

I was born this way... ~Etch

Speedy Speed Boy

Etch @ Monday, December 19th   [link]


How bad do you want it...


#1 Rupa capped off his title run with a 2nd place time on KB2 3lap with 42"272 God!

#1 Ben Stoneman led the fight in prb land with a new WR on DP1 3lap. He scored the first 3lap God here with a 51"854! He also mustered a flap of 16"877 God which sits 3rd overall.

#12 Sam Jones puts up 0.1 AF cut with a few more nice records. First up was PC where he took his 3lap down to 55"804 Myth C. He almost put both MB times inside the top 10 with 1'10"114 / 22"971 both God. Way to go!

#18 Louis Vivares also inches forward with a 0.1 AF cut. He reported a couple new flaps which included CM 35"197 and MB 22"846 which ranks 5th overall!

#65 Christian Wild wraps up the fun with a 1.4 AF cut with just a few new times! His CCB 28"517 Titan D and YC 1'29"502 Hero A / 28"505 Titan C pushed him up 3 spots to earn Titan C overall. Nice job!

People speedrunning in their dreams every night included #295 Suuper W -12.7650 Advanced A #578 Adam Roberts -25.7340 Intermediate D

New Records

Ben has been grinding DP1 lately and finally knocked off the 2 year old 3lap set by Thomas Bolton with a very quick 51"854!


Nice cuts and Titan C overall, so Christian Wild wins the POW for the first week December!

My kart beats as much as I can breath...~Etch

The Strongest Karter

Etch @ Monday, December 12th   [link]


You were just too fast...


#1 Rupa dealt a devastating 2.5 AF cut to claim the non-prb crown and became the newest overall God! He first improved his MB flap to 2nd overall with 22"750 God. The next time was a big shocker as he edged out #4 Thomas Bolton's 6 year old LC2 flap with a ridiculous 25"490 God! The records that put him over the top were on KB2 where he scored 42"487 / 13"081 which were both ranked God and sit 7th and 2nd respectively. Needless to say, this rise was fucking biblical but Rupa's dedication to the game is what ultimately got him here so congratulations and well done!

#3 Ben Stoneman reported a new time this week with a top 10 on DP1 getting 55"725 God!

#12 Sam Jones chimed in with a 0.9 AF cut as he edges closer to the top 10. As usual, only God times with improvements coming on DKP 1'46"108 / 34"782, AF 1'44"859 / 34"672, MB 23"062 God. With another strong push, he could get there before the year is out!

#18 Louis Vivares made a couple improvements for a 0.1 AF cut. He knocked his LC2 3lap down to 1'18"737 Myth C. He also scored the sub on MB flap with 22"983 God for another top 10!

#20 Beta spent some time on MB 3lap and managed to improve his WR from a little over a year ago with a crazy 1'09"420 God!

#68 Christian Wild unleashed a 2 point AF cut to join the top 70! His latest haul included F8C 24"880 Myth E, PC 56"358 Titan A / 17"812 God, DP1 17"934 Myth D, KB2 13"353 God, and MB 23"851 Titan E. With more God times in tow, he has yet to hit his ceiling yet so keep it coming!

#75 Paulo Ferreira wraps things up with his 1.3 AF cut to jump up a couple spots. He hit some dope times on PC with 56"735 Titan C / 17"952 God.

People who were still conscious included #530 InfinMK -2.6250, and #609 Adam Roberts -13.8130 Intermediate E.

New Records

Beta bested his previous MB 3lap with a 1'09"420!

Rupa toppled the ancient LC2 flap set by Thomas Bolton with a crazy 25"490!


He did pretty well what with being #1 and God now, Rupa wins the POW for the fourth week of November!

For his recent surge to claim the non-prb title and overall God , Rupa wins the POM for the month of November!

He's a karter for fun! ~Etch

MT, and you'll live... at least a while!

Etch @ Thursday, December 8th   [link]


Play what you love...


#1 Matthew Ord made a surprising 0.2 AF cut to reclaim the non-prb crown! He got the work done on SR flap sporting a very speedy 32"296 God which ranks 3rd overall. Congratulations for taking the title once again, great job!

#12 Sam Jones stays the course with a 0.1 AF cut. He focused on DKP flap this week stepping closer to the top 20 here with a DKP 34"822 God.

#18 Louis Vivares put up a 0.3 AF cut to jump up a spot as he nears Myth A overall! He hit some ridiculous times on LC2 with 1'18"825 Myth D / 25"623 Myth B. If he keeps making top 10's a habit, we'll have a new French champion!

#71 Christian Wild went wild again with a 6.4 AF cut nearing Titan C overall! He turned another load of nice times which included F8C 1'16"118 Titan C / 24"907 Titan A, DS 1'33"956 / 30"161 both Titan D, DKP 1'52"126 Hero A / 36"499 Titan E, TTC 1'35"769 Titan B / 30"746 Myth D, BC 1'59"335 Hero A, RR 2'02"202 Hero A / 39"857 Titan D, and MC1 13"378 God. This haul almost pushed him into the top 70 as he continues his storm up the charts!

#77 Paulo Ferreira also joined the fray with his 1.0 AF cut! He lept a couple places but only needed a few new times to do it. His high efficiency yielded AF 1'47"594 Titan C / 35"020 Myth D, and PC 18"339 Titan C. It's another nice chunk off his ARR as he too makes his way to Titan C overall!

People scrambling for POY included #303 Suuper W -17.0310, #318 Mike Koehoorn -78.5150 Advanced B, #534 InfinMK -4.6560, #617 Adam Roberts -8.2340.

New Records



He's the non-prb champ again, so Matthew Ord wins the POW for the third week of November!


This was no kart accident

Etch @ Wednesday, November 30th   [link]


This site isn't big enough to hold our awesomeness!


#1 Ben Stoneman turned in a solid SG flap this with taking 2nd place with a 21"136!

#5 Rupa strikes again shaving 0.3 AF points off MB. He secured both subs now with 1'09"807 and 22"831 which are both ranked God and 4th overall!

#19 Louis Vivares also turned in a 0.3 AF cut with a couple new times! He kept working on MMF pushing his flap to 7th with a nice 20"334 God. His other surprise came on LC2 flap where he scored a fantastic 25"672 Myth C!

#20 Beta joins the top 20 with a stellar 3.8 AF cut! He was also busy working on the farm and landed top 20 times in the process with 1'03"640 Titan B and 20"704 Myth E. Nice work!

#50 Stacy Needham stays comfy with his 0.7 AF cut. He continues to secure his role as the gatekeeper of the top 50 with another lot of nice times. His new pr's included YF 48"253 Titan B / 15"591 Myth B, AF 35"119 Titan A, BP 8"284 Myth D, and LC2 26"102 Titan C.

#76 Christian Wild fires off some more records earning a 1.3 AF cut. The nice times keep pouring in with F8C 1'16"738 Titan E, TTC 1'36"216 Titan C, RR 40"196 Hero B, MB 23"860 Titan E, and WS 1'59"292 Titan C. It was also a huge jump in ARR as he closes in on Titan C overall, great job!

#79 Paulo Ferreira rounds up the action with a nice 0.7 AF cut. He only needed a couple pr's as well which is doubly nice! After some grinding on DP1 he ended up with 57"229 Titan D and 18"069 Titan B.

People also making good use of their time included #150 Lachlan Young -0.2180, #391 Mike Koehoorn -73.9220 Advanced D, #540 InfinMK -7.4380, and #559 Stephen De Winter -0.1410.

New Records



For his big cuts and joining the top 20, Beta wins the POW for the second week of November!

Love me some kart! ~Etch


Etch @ Sunday, November 27th   [link]


You're welcome...


#5 Rupa had a big week with a 0.8 AF cut! He first racked up some top 3 times on YF earning 46"187 Myth B / 15"140 Myth D. Next was MMF 3lap where he managed to grab the sub with Egg1 with a surprisingly quick 1'01"936! Last up was MB where he grabbed the sub on the flap for a top 10 spot hitting a 22"983 Myth B.

#12 Sam Jones reported a couple new times for a 0.1 AF cut. Of course, this meant God times which included top 15's with BC2 1'32"722 and MB 1'10"371.

#19 Louis Vivares focused on the farm as well this week earning top 10 times and Gods! His 1'02"859 and 20"402 gave him a 0.2 AF as he edges closer to that #1 France spot.

#24 Beta became the 13th karter to reach Myth E overall prb! He jumped up 7 spots with a few massive improvements. First was BC2 where he hit a top 10 time with 1'31"675 Myth C. The big cuts came on DKP where he pushed his records down to 1'45"028 Myth C and 34"529 Myth E. His times are still a bit spread out so expect more big AF cuts down the road!

#75 Carlos Munoz returns in style! Not only did he reawaken, he came back to report some God times on YC getting 1'26"549 and 27"841. This gave him a huge 1.2 AF cutand bumped him up to Titan C overall, well done!

#79 Christian Wild steals the show with another bombing of new times. His latest dump gave him a 13.1 AF cut which included YF 15"717 Titan A, LM 1'36"593 Titan E, WP 2'03"796 Titan E / 40"497 Titan C, SR 1'43"510 Titan E / 33"557 Titan D, DKP 1'53"183 Hero C / 36"612 Hero A, AF 1'49"021 Hero B / 35"556 Titan E, WS 2'01"382 Hero B / 38"972 Titan B, PG 1'30"842 / 29"135 both Titan C, BC 38"339 Titan E, FS 1'42"926 Titan E / 33"373 Titan B, BP 43"509 Titan D, and SG 1'12"219 / 22"512 both Hero A. After the dust settled, he emerged as Titan D overall, nice job!

#80 Paulo Ferreira also joins the top 80 but only needed a few nice times to get it done. His work paid off on BP where he got 43"349 Titan B / 8"192 God! His other time came on DP1 18"166 Titan C. Pretty damn good for a 1.1 AF cut, keep it up!

People who got stuffed included #546 InfinMK -8.9370 Intermediate C, #622 Adam Roberts -9.2190, and #625 Dorian Herniote -71.9680 Beginner A.

New Records



Huge amount of times pushes him to Titan D overall, so Christian Wild wins the POW for the first week of November!

Should be in rehab... ~Etch