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Time Trials Crisis!

Etch @ Wednesday, March 22nd   [link]


You just don't quit...


#1 Ben Stoneman lands a slightly quicker PC flap this week which ranks 4th overall with a 16"928 Myth B!

#10 Beta shocked the world by unleashing the first sub 1'10 on LC1! He astonished us with the power of new strats and mt finesse scoring a ridiculous 1'09"993 Myth A! He also improved his flap to 23"030 Myth B. I'm sure there's more in store!

Towa joins the site and in true style with a WR! He revolutionized LC1 with some timely hops which helped him defeat the flap with an amazing 22"940 Myth A! Welcome to the PP and happy karting!

People cutting men down elsewhere included #550 Trevor Shiloh -8.2960.

New Records

Towa made his debut in dramatic fashion by changing our thinking on LC1! He introduced some nice hops going into the zippers which resulted in a crazy 22"940! Beta followed suit using brute force and finally eclipsed his old time with the glorious sub scoring a beautiful 1'09"993!


Not every day you knock off an insane WR, so Towa wins the POW for the second week of March!

I'm gonna have to teach you some strats! ~Etch

March Dankness

Etch @ Sunday, March 12th   [link]


Greatness awaits...


#10 Beta unleashed a 1.1 AF cut to secure a spot inside the top 10! He decimated some of his records with SR 1'41"001 Titan C / 33"102 Titan D, WP 2'00"949 Titan D / 39"550 Titan B, and an absurdly fast PC 16"779 God. I'm sure his work isn't over yet so keep firing off those mt's!

#18 Sam Jones rounds up the action with his work on WS. It might just be a 0.2 AF cut, but he managed to throw down some insane times with 1'50"197 / 36"426 both God! Keep up the nice work!

People who made the dance included #202 Sam Smith -3.6410, #556 Trevor Shiloh -42.5470 Intermediate D.

New Records

Not this time!


He slashed off a full AF point to join the top 10, so Beta wins the POW for the first week of March!

A real karter is one who endures no matter what gets thrown at him! ~Etch

Show Me The Meaning Of Being Ronery

Etch @ Monday, March 6th   [link]


After many karts and strats, a special sub was finally reached...


#1 Ben Stoneman's work on the LM 3lap finally paid off! After a few more improvements he becomes the first karter to sub 1'31. He reached this milestone with a very nice 1'30"954 God! Great job!

#12 Beta exploded this week with a humongous 8.8 AF cut! He made several improvements on multiple tracks which included LM 1'31"253 / 29"958 both God and 2nd overall, SR 1'42"481 / 33"250 both Titan E, FS 32"396 Titan A, WP 2'01"141 / 39"938 both Titan D, BP 8"199 Titan A, and DP1 52"549 Myth C / 17"266 Titan A. This also helped him launch his way to Myth D overall! There's not much left between him and a top 10 spot so we'll see what happens, nice work!

#13 Marcus Frenje shaved 0.1 AF points with a very nice time. He became just the twelfth karter to reach the BP 5lap God with a solid 42"726! Keep working that thumb magic elsewhere!

#14 Louis Vivares may lost some minor ground AF wise but came up with a very nice YC flap of 27"649 God.

#61 Paulo Ferreira wraps up the fun with a 0.3 AF cut. He focused on PG flap and got close to the sub here with a 29"025 Titan B!

People who get scared by the boos included #604 Trevor Shiloh -31.3750 Intermediate E.

New Records

Ben finally broke through!

He took the LM 3lap down again first with a 1'31"151, and followed that up with a 1'31"012. Any sane person would refuse to call it quits coming that close to the sub so Ben pressed on and finally made history with a ridiculous 1'30"954 !


He made insane improvements as he closes in on the top 10 prb reaching Myth D overall, so Beta wins the POW for the fourth week of February!

Busiest of the bunch, he crashed the top 50 at Titan A overall, so Diogo Dos Santos Costa wins the POM for the month of February!

There's something missing in my kart...~Etch

The Kart of the Deal

Etch @ Monday, February 27th   [link]


It takes the right man to snack...


#1 Ben Stoneman improves his LM 3lap again taking the WR down to 1'31"173 God!

#6 Abel Marques reports in again with a new time on CI2! He scored a new non-prb flap here with a 15"645 God. He's still sitting pretty comfy chart wise so stay the course!

#13 Marcus Frenje keeps up the fight improving his CI2 3lap to 48"689 God! The only other karters to reach the God here are God overall, foreshadowing? Clearly the Scandinavian Snackian has the chops, we're rooting for ya!

#14 Louis Vivares keeps up the pressure crushing his YC 3lap to an insane 1'25"499 God! He cut half an AF point again ranking up to 7th here overall. The fight for the the top 10 is getting fierce!

#17 Sam Jones was living in prb land this week wrecking up shit on RR. He currently holds the bronze medals here with 1'42"007 / 32"319, both God! It's anyone's guess where he'll strike next, but if he stays in the groove the PR's will follow!

#20 Beta also joined in on the LM fun with his own 3lap of 1'31"791 Myth A. He saved the best for last on BC flap where he dropped his WR to an insane 35"707 God! Nice time!

#47 Diogo Dos Santos Costa keeps storming ahead with a 4 point AF cut to reach Titan A overall! He rambled off another mess of new times which included MMF 1'04"621 Titan A, LM 1'34"929 Titan A / 30"494 God, CCB 1'27"105 Titan A, PC 56"672 Titan C, and SG 21"580 God. His big highlight came on RR sc flap where he landed a 32"407 God. It's his best ranked time at 4th overall, wow! What can I say, let the good times lol!

#61 Paulo Ferreira hops up a spot with a 0.4 AF cut. He made some nice progress on a couple tracks scoring DS 30"261 Titan E and PG 1'30"620 Titan C. It's a pretty comfy area on the charts here, little by little he can mow over the karters of yesteryear. Sock it to me!

People who weren't fired included #626 Trevor Shiloh -2.1570.

New Records

A couple heroes this week!

Ben made a couple improvements on LM 3lap with 1'31"184 and then 1'31"173! Just when you thought BC flap was already tough, Beta knocked it down again with 35"755 and then 35"707!


Biggest cuts again and reached Titan A overall, so Diogo Dos Santos Costa wins the POW for the third week of February!

HUGE! ~Etch

Kart la Kart

Etch @ Thursday, February 16th   [link]


So this is...the top 50, huh?


#1 Ben Stoneman kept grinding LM coming up with a couple new WR's! He improved both times here with 1'31"205 and 29"808, both God. He has his eyes on the subs for the time being so good luck!

#13 Marcus Frenje keeps his spot with a 0.3 AF cut. He worked on SG this week earning a nice 1'08"886 / 21"367, both God. He also spent some time on CI2 to land the sub here with a neat CI2 48"959 Myth B. Keep up the nice work!

#14 Louis Vivares is the new non-prb French champion! His 0.5 AF cut finally got him over the hump in this competitive portion of the charts. He went all out on YC flap making a huge cut here ending up with 27"675 God, 6th overall. Congratulations!

#47 Christian Wild ranks up to Titan A overall! His 0.7 AF cut did the trick by scoring a few nice times. He worked on MC1 with 42"366 Myth B / 13"213 God. He also threw a nice BP flap down getting 8"173 God. Get well soon!

#50 Diogo Dos Santos Costa makes his top 50 debut, based! His 1.3 AF cut put him up there and it came off one track alone. He worked his magic on WP hitting 2'00"580 Titan D / 39"694 Titan C. It looks like the rank up to Titan A will have to wait until next week!

#62 Paulo Ferreira makes his way through a graveyard with a big 2.8 AF cut! He had a nice week with DS 1'34"075 Titan D / 30"303 Hero A, RR 2'01"758 Titan E / 39"722 Titan D, and LC2 25"949 Titan A. His big surprise came on prb where he landed the rail shortcut on RR with a 37"240 Hero A. He played it safe, but I'm sure he can skip the loop one day like myself lol.

People not losing their way include #476 Adam Roberts -13.0780.

New Records

Ben kept finding new heights!

He continues to push LM to the limit with 1'31"205 and 29"808!


He put up some insane improvements to take the French title, so Louis Vivares wins the POW for the second week of February!

Screw this! ~Etch

Before My Body Is Dry Bones...

Etch @ Wednesday, February 8th   [link]


Not every day someone lol's their way through the Titan ranks...


#1 Ben Stoneman decided to go all out on LM flap. He somehow found a new level here dropping his flap WR to an absurd 29"854 God! He's hit some decent splits here so maybe the 3lap is next on the agenda?

#13 Marcus Frenje served up a 1 point AF to jump up a couple spots! He passed the French duo this week with a nice lot of new records. These included F8C 1'14"023 God, BP 42"826 Myth A / 8"155 God, and PG 28"343 Myth B. What will the Norwegian wunderkind do next?

#50 Stacy Needham hangs onto top 50 status with his 0.6 AF cut! He focused on BC 3lap for a 0.6 AF cut with his 1'56"243 Titan A. As long as he stays frosty he won't frop out!

#51 Diogo Dos Santos Costa stays the course sporting a 12 point AF cut ranking up to Titan B overall! He nearly lol'd his way into the top 50 this week with another awesome dump of times. These included MB 1'13"502 Hero B / 23"498 Myth D, BP 42"988 Myth C / 8"189 God, SG 1'11"617 Titan E, AF 34"948 Myth C, CI2 50"515 Titan C / 16"055 Titan A, PG 1'29"951 Titan A / 28"955 Titan B, and TTC 1'35"146 Titan A / 30"555 Myth A. It seems like the sky is the limit for now, wow!

#62 Paulo Ferreira wraps up the fun with a huge leap thanks to his 5 point AF cut! He jumped up quite a bit with those nice improvements which included WS 1'58"415 Titan A / 38"389 Myth C, CM 1'50"826 Titan B / 36"143 Myth E, CCB 1'28"019 Titan C / 28"256 Titan A, YC 1'29"548 Hero A / 28"654 Titan D RR 39"964 Titan E, and LC2 25"958 Titan A. Looks like he's just as hungry for the top 50!

People outside the top 100 were busy jerking off...

New Records

Ben found a new gear here pushing LM flap to a crazy 29"854!


He continues to rock our socks off, so Diogo Dos Santos Costa wins the POW for the first week of February!

Unreal! ~Etch


Etch @ Sunday, February 5th   [link]


We will no longer surrender this PP or its karters to the false song of non-shortcut. No karter will ever again feel that their mt's come second to that of an unverified ranking. We're gonna win, we're gonna win it for the karters, we're gonna win it for our server, we're going to make great again!


#10 Sam Jones raked in some more top times with his 0.1 AF cut. He scored top 6 times on WP with 1'58"610 / 39"072, both God! He finished things off on AF taking his flap to the top 10 with a 34"539 God.

#13 Timothee Le Borgne hangs onto the French title with his 0.1 AF cut! He almost scored the sub on DP1 with a very nice 56"009 Myth B. He also played some prb here hitting 52"696 Myth D and 17"271 Titan A. That gave him a 0.6 AF cut there to hang onto a spot inside the top 15!

#14 Louis Vivares makes his furious charge with an impressive 0.4 AF cut! He made a big leap on the DP1 flap with a sick 17"823 Myth B. This also pushed him up to Titan A overall prb. Who will take the top?!?

#15 Marcus Frenje served up a massive 0.7 AF cut! He crushed it on YC scoring God times with 1'25"865 / 27"819 God. The race to the top 10 is quite a cluster fuck now, which mt's will reign supreme?

#62 Diogo Dos Santos Costa unloaded another 17 AF cut, holy shit! His massive surge moved him up 22 spots to Titan C overall. The latest haul included BB 1'48"946 Titan B, BC 1'59"015 Hero A / 38"102 Titan D, DS 1'34"705 Titan E / 29"967 Titan B, RR 1'59"626 Myth D / 38"802 Myth A, YF 47"968 Myth E, LC1 1'14"012 Myth D / 24"110 Myth A, CM 1'50"476 Titan A / 36"433 Titan B, and AF 1'47"718 / 35"318 both Titan C. It would seem we haven't seen his true power yet, wow!

The man that discovered the MC shortcut joins our site! Folk has the chops in time trials as well sending in his first record with a nice sub on F8C 1'13"997 Titan C. Welcome aboard!

Fellow comrades included #331 Joseph Armstrong -16.2030 Advanced B, and #489 Adam Roberts -6.4690.

New Records



He keeps demolishing shit, so Diogo Dos Santos Costa wins the POW for the fourth week of January!

This shouldn't cum as a surprise, he went balls deep and crashed his way inside the top 100 so Diogo Dos Santos Costa wins the POM for the month of January!

For the mother land! ~Etch

I love my karts!

Etch @ Tuesday, January 31st   [link]


So hey, what's going on?


#2 Matthew Ord brought the heat this week with a couple new WR's! He improved his flap on WP and to top it off hit the first sub 1'57! Matthew's new records sit at an amazing 1'56"962 / 38"519, both God. Awesome!

#10 Sam Jones had a productive week as well with a 0.7 AF cut. His first couple times included CCB 1'24"648 God and LC2 25"734 Myth C. Sam was also busy on WP scoring top 10 times here with 1'58"839 / 39"166, both God!

#13 Timothee Le Borgne chimed in with two new times for a 0.2 AF cut. He focused on BB and ended up with 1'46"541 / 34"949, both God. Still some more AF to cut before reaching the top 10 so keep it up!

#71 Paulo Ferreira reported a 0.6 AF cut! He worked on WS scoring a nice 1'58"708 Titan B / 38"414 Myth C. It's another step closer to the top 70, but he managed to reach Titan C overall!

#84 Diogo Dos Santos Costa crushed more pussy with his 17 AF cut ranking up to Titan D overall! His latest haul included LC2 Flap: 26"017 Titan B, MC 1'33"253 Titan E / 30"206 Hero A, BC 38"433 Hero A, F8C 1'17"084 Hero B / 25"065 Titan C, SR 1'43"217 Titan D / 33"013 Myth C, and BB 1'52"084 Hero E / 35"782 Titan A. Clearly he still has more in the tank so where to next?

#88 Emilio Garcia wraps things up returning with a couple new times! His submissions included MC 28"987 Myth C and CM 36"634 Hero B. It gave him a 0.8 AF cut as he closes in on Hero A overall!

People also scratching their balls included #497 Adam Roberts -13.5000 Intermediate B.

New Records

Matthew Ord was the man with some boss times on WP. He improved his flap first to a crazy 38"519. Later, he became the first karter to hit the sub 1'57 with a ridiculous 1'56"962!


He took WP WR's to new heights, so Matthew Ord wins the POW for the third week of January!

Guess I'll keep playing! ~Etch