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 50Hz Average Rank Rating 

The 50Hz Average Rank Rating is the average of a 50Hz player's standards across all tracks, based on the 50Hz standards. A good score achieves a good standard. Each score corresponds to only one standard, and standards have a point value. To fill any gaps, a player is automatically given the worst standard for a missing score. The better your scores, the lower you ARR.

Your ARR will not change unless you beat a new standard. Certain player titles are awarded to you based on your ARR.

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Rank 50Hz Player Info CountryProof Score Change
1Richard KarlssoninfoSwedenY-0.6594 (God)-
2Andreas RudmarkerinfoSwedenY-0.6031 (God)-
3Kouider BenariouainfoFranceY-0.5406 (God)-
4Hendrik BundeinfoGermanyY-0.3969 (God)-
5Aron LangerakinfoNetherlandsY-0.1812 (God)-
6Marijn JongbloedinfoNetherlandsY0.1625 (Myth+)-
7Konsta JukkainfoFinlandY0.5250 (Myth+)-
8Vincent van der FluitinfoNetherlandsY0.5469 (Myth+)-
9Jean-Christophe LacastaignerateinfoFranceY0.6562 (Myth+)-
10Raphael SageinfoFranceY1.1812 (Myth+)-
11Paul TanneyinfoUKY1.3625 (Myth+)-
12Christian WildinfoGermanyY1.4500 (Myth+)-
13David SchieringinfoGermanyY1.5375 (Myth A)-
14Ryan StevensinfoUSAY1.7781 (Myth A)-
15Tristan EymainfoFranceY2.0000 (Myth A)-
16Frederic VernierinfoFranceY2.5281 (Myth B)-
17Paul MaesinfoFranceY2.7531 (Myth B)-
18Alex HantsoninfoSwitzerlandY2.8375 (Myth B)-
19Mikael JohanssoninfoSwedenY3.0594 (Myth B)-
20Jonathan SteelinfoUKY3.0938 (Myth B)-
21Stacy NeedhaminfoUKY3.4875 (Myth B)-
22Michael DuerrinfoGermanyY3.6250 (Myth C)-
23Rene BauerinfoGermanyY4.4062 (Myth C)-
24Fernando Moritz dos SantosinfoBrazilY4.6500 (Myth D)-
25Cedric WilloinfoFranceY4.7500 (Myth D)-
26Marc SchwartzinfoNetherlandsY4.8625 (Myth D)-
27Xavier ValentininfoFranceY5.0406 (Myth D)-
28Kevin BorneinfoFranceY5.0938 (Myth D)-
29Yannick PlebaniinfoFranceY5.8750 (Titan+)-
30Luke MuldersinfoNetherlandsY5.9375 (Titan+)-
31Mike HartjensinfoNetherlandsY6.0000 (Titan+)-
32Leo BigorgneinfoFrance 6.5250 (Titan A)-
33Rodolphe GouetinfoFranceY6.9375 (Titan A)-
34Stefan van DijkeinfoNetherlandsY7.0625 (Titan A)-
35Jeremy MalartreinfoFranceY7.2125 (Titan A)-
36Flynn HoppenbrouwersinfoNetherlands 7.2188 (Titan A)-
37Emmanuel DebenestinfoFranceY7.2812 (Titan A)-
38Stephen MeakingsinfoUKY7.3438 (Titan A)-
39Andre WachsmuthinfoGermanyY7.5938 (Titan B)-
39Jean LecureuxinfoFranceY7.5938 (Titan B)-
41Ivo van der StapinfoNetherlandsY7.8125 (Titan B)-
42Christian KuklokinfoGermanyY7.8750 (Titan B)-
43Arnaud GuepeyinfoFranceY7.9719 (Titan B)-
44David GrardinfoFranceY8.2188 (Titan B)-
45Jerrol HoppenbrouwersinfoNetherlandsY8.4281 (Titan B)-
46Koen MensinkinfoNetherlandsY8.5312 (Titan C)-
47Alain StuderinfoSwitzerland 8.5938 (Titan C)-
48Michael GalaninfoFrance 8.6562 (Titan C)-
49Arnaud TeilinfoFranceY8.7812 (Titan C)-
50Stefan BaczynskyinfoFranceY8.9375 (Titan C)-
51Bart Janssen-BouwmeesterinfoNetherlandsY8.9688 (Titan C)-
52Florian CholletinfoFranceY9.0625 (Titan C)-
53Martin RudmarkerinfoSwedenY9.0938 (Titan C)-
54Yohann GhignetinfoFranceY9.2500 (Titan C)-
55Alejandro LaflammeinfoSpain 9.3125 (Titan C)-
56Francois ChuinfoFranceY9.3750 (Titan C)-
57Alex PenevinfoAustraliaY9.5312 (Titan D)-
58Andre OvereschinfoGermany 9.5625 (Titan D)-
59Prashant BhojainfoUKY9.5938 (Titan D)-
59Yoann SeznecinfoFranceY9.5938 (Titan D)-
61Nivek NamrisinfoFrance 9.8750 (Titan D)-
62Fabien Da SilvainfoSwitzerlandY10.0625 (Titan D)-
63Max ReeseinfoGermany 10.1250 (Titan D)-
64Kristopher WillinfoGermanyY10.5000 (Hero A)-
65Marvin MesterinfoGermany 10.9688 (Hero A)-
66Tanguy AudenaertinfoFranceY11.1562 (Hero A)-
67Daniel SloggettinfoAustraliaY11.2188 (Hero A)-
68Marcel FelixinfoGermanyY11.4375 (Hero A)-
68Florian VazinfoFrance 11.4375 (Hero A)-
68Alessandra Moretti MartinelliinfoItaly 11.4375 (Hero A)-
71David TaylorinfoUKY11.6875 (Hero B)-
72Daniel KennedyinfoUK 11.7188 (Hero B)-
73Alexis MoyeninfoFrance 12.0938 (Hero B)-
74Robert van ZanteninfoNetherlandsY12.1250 (Hero B)-
75Rhodri MorganinfoUK 12.5625 (Hero C)-
76Matthew OrdinfoUK 13.1250 (Hero C)-
77Cesar MartininfoFranceY13.2188 (Hero C)-
78Benjamin ZellerinfoGermanyY13.4375 (Hero C)-
78Zach BrubakerinfoGermany 13.4375 (Hero C)-
80Benjamin ToudicinfoFranceY13.6250 (Hero D)-
81Timur AhmadinfoGermanyY13.6875 (Hero D)-
82Jonathan WheatleyinfoUKY13.7500 (Hero D)-
82Kieran ThompsoninfoIrelandY13.7500 (Hero D)-
84Lars NouweninfoNetherlandsY13.7812 (Hero D)-
85Alvin van AsseltinfoNetherlandsY13.9688 (Hero D)-
86Stefan WenzelinfoGermanyY14.1562 (Hero D)-
87Jonas PetterssoninfoSwedenY14.1875 (Hero D)-
88Andreas BrilleckerinfoGermany 14.2188 (Hero D)-
89Dan WalkerinfoUK 14.5625 (Expert A)-
90Patrick HewsoninfoUK 14.6875 (Expert A)-
91Jordon WardinfoUK 14.8750 (Expert A)-
91Ben StonemaninfoAustralia 14.8750 (Expert A)-0.1875
93Jeffrey HenraatinfoNetherlandsY14.9688 (Expert A)-
94Keen van der HeideinfoBelgium 15.0938 (Expert A)-
95Richard HummeleninfoNetherlandsY15.3750 (Expert A)-
96Daniel BothinfoGermany 15.4062 (Expert A)-
97Matt PughinfoUK 15.5938 (Expert B)-
98Ahti LampiinfoFinland 15.6875 (Expert B)-
98Freek StokkermansinfoNetherlands 15.6875 (Expert B)-
100Snorre HakonseninfoNorway 15.7500 (Expert B)-