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07 April 2017: "Champions League is back this week, hnng!"

#1 Mike Koehoorn reported two new times that were both improvements on his own existing records. Check them out below. His AF didn't change, and with Andrew and David also inactive this week, the top-10 remained static.

#23 Frederic Vernier sent in his first PRs in two months, reinvigorating his campaign for a top-20 place. He revealed that he had been grinding Mushroom Bridge lap for some time with no results until getting a breakthrough this week with a 25"89, a small cut but just enough to score the God standard that he wanted. With that milestone out of the way, Frederic raced 5 more cuts in other places: a new top-25 time in the Bridge 3lap (only Myth+, not quite God level like the 1lap), a 58"2 Rainbow lap, and two new God standards with sub-28 lap in Mario Circuit and a 31"5 lap in Daisy Cruiser. Frederic has 9/32 God times now, but is still overall Myth B due to his Special Cup still having weaker Myths and Titans remaining. That Cup might be next on the agenda.

#88 Joost Coenen extended his comeback after three years away with 3 more PRs. He said that he has been practicing R-tech, which helped him race some big cuts: a 2'01"5 Wario Colosseum time, down from 2'02"8, and a 59"6 lap in the same track, down from 1'00"5. With such a big cut in the lap, Joost may be able to cut even another second from the 2lap. The lap is ranked 53rd and instantly became his best ranked time by dethroning his 61st place in Mushroom Bridge. Soon after Joost raced a 1'08"98 Peach Beach, ranked 58th, to become his second best ranked time and also second ever Myth standard. So it seems like Joost is back to top form. He reached overall Titan C level with these improvements and passed 5 players.

#131 Dennis Colvin reported a small 3pt AF cut, but warned his rivals that next week he is on break and will dedicate more time. This week he was busy and only found time to raced a 32"5 Waluigi Stadium lap and two cuts on Bowser's Castle of 2'22"8 and 46"6. Both of these Castle times were new subs and jumps of 30-40 positions.

#174 Gavin Kimpton had 8 new times to report, totaling a 4pt AF cut. He passed several players, including #175 Brent C who had got ahead of him last week. Gavin was happy to score a Titan on Baby Park 7lap with a 1'05"7, improving his rank from 106th to 93rd and claiming his second ever Titan. Baby Park is by far Gavin's top track at the moment since both scores are top-100 level. Another significant cut was a 24"8 Sherbet Land lap, which was an upgrade from Expert to Hero and finally under 25". Other PRs came from Peach Beach, Yoshi Circuit, and Rainbow Road, although none of them gave Gavin the extra little ARR cut he needed to get the next promotion. He is currently Hero D and needs only a little bit extra for the next title.

#232 Ben Stoneman reported 8 new times and a 6pt AF cut this week, passing a couple of players such as Giovanni vB. His highlights were two new Heroes, a 29"0 Mario Circuit lap and 33"1 Daisy Cruiser lap, which were his 3rd and 4th Hero times. The former was also his fourth top-200 time, so hopefully this becomes the norm. The other cool improvement was a 1.0s cut in Mario Circuit 3lap, saving 97 positions and jumping two standards.

#301 Stephen De Winter was active in 60Hz, reporting an 11pt cut there to reach No. 270. He scored some strong times in DK Mountain, both top-150 level in 60Hz, that surprised him and made him wonder if he needs to revisit that track in 50Hz.

#423 Sam Smith came through with 13 PRs this week, gaining 34 positions and raising his Expert tally from 6 to 11/32 in the process. His Wario Colosseum and Rainbow Road times were the best work we've seen from him, all four of them being top-400 level and three of them dipping down to Expert C, which is Sam's best standard so far and he's achieved it on just these two tracks. Many of his other cuts were Advanced A level, getting close to Expert but not quite ready yet, and with a whopping 15 Advanced A times in his timesheet right now, you can imagine that Sam will be able to push some of them over the line in coming weeks and progress towards 16 Experts. He is overall Advanced A right now and needs 0.3pts in ARR to get the coveted promotion. Dino Dino Jungle may give him the quickest gains because his times are lagging behind there and offer him the chance to eliminate his last remaining Advanced C.

#567 Adam Roberts and #620 were also active. Adam passed 8 players after beating Yoshi Circuit 3lap, which was one of his last four Intermediate times. Dan's 25pt AF gained a lot of ground on Adam and perhaps the duo will be close to each other in coming weeks. Dan was happy to go sub-1'10 in Baby Park for the first time, which has been one of his weaker tracks and giving him troubles for some time. He also reached 32/32 Intermediate after eliminating his last Beginner times in Wario Colosseum and Dino Dino Jungle. Dan's Special Cup is still few hundred positions behind his Mushroom and Flower, so his timesheet is biased towards the earlier tracks and this inequality is something that can help him catch up to Adam reasonably quickly.

New Records

Mike his 1'02"98 Baby Park record from last week with a 1'02"946, a small cut in anticipation of David also going sub-1'03. David's time last week of 1'03"09 was very close to Mike's (and briefly a WR), so Mike suspects that David is still actively playing and wants to push the record out of reach, if possible. David was not active this week, so let's see what happens next time.

Mike also improved the Peach Beach lap record to 21"599, a big cut from his own record of 21"64. Kouider's 21"65 lap from 2011 remains in second place and Andrew's 0"001 behind Kouider for third.

New Players

Welcome to...

Douglas Duncan, USA (~903, Intermediate D)
Oliver Apel, Germany (~424, Advanced A)

Douglas has sent in only a few scores but they include some epic top-100 times in Baby Park -- it would be nice if he can upload a video so that other players trust his incredible ability. Oliver has almost a completely timesheet, missing just Waluigi Stadium without the shortcut, which he says he hasn't tried yet. His best times are in Wario Colosseum and are roughly top-250 level.