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21 March 2017: "Champions League draw seems to unfortunate! Top teams play each other early."

#1 Mike Koehoorn improved his Mushroom City time from 1'34"2 to 1'33"9 this week, scoring a nice cut for himself and passing Andreas R for second place. He was a little slower than Andrew Math's record, although he said that he missed an MT. Mike slightly extended his lead in the rankings to 0.13 AF points.

#7 David Gutierrez Pena reported a 0"4 cut in DK Mountain 3lap to reach the top-10 for the first time there. He devoted the rest of the week to Baby Park, perhaps worried that Mike will reclaim the WR after both of them improved the previous WR last week. Check his time below.

#15 Paul Tanney shot past four tightly grouped players after sending in 5 new times. His 0.9 AF cut wasn't particularly huge, but was enough to get ahead of Christian W, Olivier P, Marius M, and Raphael S -- some pretty famous guys! Paul's big wins were a 27"8 lap in Mario Circuit (from 20th to 10th place), a 30"99 sub lap in Mushroom City to reach 11th, and a half second cut in Dino Dino Jungle with a 1'43"8. He said he had lots of trouble with executing the bridge shortcut without a mushroom and rearranged his laps to do it differently. The Jungle was one of three Titan times Paul had left, and improving it moves him up to 30/32 Myth times with only DK Mountain remaining. His Mountain times are from 2005, so perhaps he can work some 2017 magic there.

#109 Anton Delva kept ahead of his rivals by sending in 7 new PRs and passing the likes of Chevallier F, Mickael S, Ben Z, and David L. Five of his cuts were new top-100 times, giving him a total of 8 so far. His biggest cuts were on Rainbow Road, where he improved 28 positions from 3'01"8 to 3'00"1, and DK Mountain lap, where he improved 45 positions from 35"5 to 34"8. Anton says it's getting harder to score easy PRs and that he has to work hard to get them now. #114 Joseph Armstrong had a Peach Beach lap and two Mushroom Bridge times to show us. The 22"1 Beach lap was a nice jump from 91st to 66th place, scoring a Myth time. The Bridge cuts were relatively small but Joseph wanted to finish-the-job and improved from 1'20"0 to 1'19"9 to get the milestone sub. He also improved his Bridge lap to 26"03, getting even close to the sub but still on the wrong side of 26. Rivals #119 Hugh M and #126 Jocelyn S were inactive this time, giving #136 Christophe Balzeau and #139 Dorian Herniote a chance to catch up. Dorian, being without a Gamecube most days, only managed to race 3 PRs between updates. He improved Wario Colosseum to top-150 level and found some cuts on Dry Dry Desert and Mushroom City. Meanwhile, Christophe managed to pass Dorian after accumulating a 12pt AF cut, which included some fast times for his level such as a 59"7 Colosseum lap (top-60), and 31"8 Mushroom City lap (top-100). He also improved his neglected Experts on Baby Park, Waluigi Stadium, and Sherbet Land to Hero level in order to reach 32/32 Hero. Those cuts were very helpful for reducing his AF and ARR, especially Sherbet, where he beat both lap and course by nearly 100 positions and consequently got the promotion to overall Hero B status.

#147 Dennis Colvin had one of the briefest ever retirements, returning to the game after less than a week because it was too much fun. The first order of business was to race his 31st and 32nd Hero times on DK mountain and reach 32/32 Hero, because those two Expert times had been bothering him. The other cuts on Mushroom Bridge, Mario Circuit, and Yoshi Circuit were all upgrades on Hero D scores to a better standard. Dennis became an overall Hero B and his 8pt AF cut put him close to where Christophe was last week, among the top-150.

#151 Zack Tabak nearly made the top-150 himself after reporting a 20pt AF cut. It was Zach's first submission in 4 weeks and he a few of his 18 new times were from a few weeks back, but that the majority were from just the last couple of days of excitement. Six fo those cuts were upgrades from Expert to Hero, leaving another five Experts left to go. More significantly, Zach raced his first Titan times: a trio of 22"4 Peach Beach, 8"6 Baby Park, and 22"2 Mushroom Bridge. Those are usually the first for many players. His Bridge lap, ranked 99th, was his first top-100 time whereas his previous Dry Dry Desert lap and new Baby Park lap missed out by only a few positions. Zach reached Hero C status in ARR and went most of the the way between B and C, so he should be to score another promotion soon.

#176 Gavin Kimpton passed veterans Lars N, Matt Flees, and Timur Ahmad this week. He said his lack of free time reflected on his low number of PRs, but was happy to go sub-8"5 in Baby Park and improve his time from 31st to 25th place. His others cuts were on Sherbet Land and Mushroom City, where he upgraded an Expert to Hero and now has 18/32 Hero times.

#316 Steven Schumann reported a 14pt cut, including his second ever Hero time on Mushroom Bridge 3lap. He already had his first Hero on the lap there, so the 3lap came naturally. Among his 8 new times were also two upgrades from Advanced to Expert -- one in Waluigi Stadium and the other in Rainbow Road lap -- to reach 29/32 Experts. Bowser's Castle and Dino Dino Jungle, two of the harder tracks, remain elusive.

Also active were #231 Vincent Audoore (first times this month), #249 Ben Stoneman (got top-250 and second Hero), #290 Gerardo Arroyo (first times this year), #466 Sam Smith (returned after two weeks break), #642 Dan Downey and #674 Stephen Weber (both reached the half-way point of 16/32 Advanced times), and #653 Joel Johnson.

New Records

David P beat his own 1'03"3 Baby Park record from last week with a 1'03"205, after also racing a 1'03"26 mid-week. He hopes to race a 1'02 some day, but says that such a time will demand absolute perfection.

New Players

Welcome to...

Christian Bouwense, USA (#378, Expert D)

Christian joins at a reasonably high level and with two Hero times. The current Champion, Mike, also first joined with two Hero times, so Christian can set his aims high.