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15 March 2017: "#BeLikeMike"

#1 Mike Koehoorn held onto his top position, racing 3 new times. All of them were WRs, so check the details below. His AF stands at 2.71.

#2 Andrew Math raced two new times, both records as well. His AF stands at 2.81, quite close to Mike. So close that even if both were inactive, their positions might change depending on what David does.

#7 David Gutierrez Pena is doing quite well, indeed, reporting 11 new times and taking the No. 7 position from Aron L. He improved both of his Bowser's Castle times, but they remained in ranks 2nd and 3rd and he didn't gain any spots. The 2'17"1 course time is getting closer and closer to the sub, and therefore closer to Andrew's WR. David was also happy to score some "solid" Yoshi Circuit times, clinching 7th place in both. He improved his Baby Park lap to 8"34, still second place behind Mike but perhaps hopeful to take both WRs in that track like he did in Wario Colosseum. His other cuts in Daisy Cruiser, Mushroom City, and both Rainbow Roads were all top-10 times. David worst track is now Luigi Circuit, followed by Mushroom Bridge and then Mario Circuit. He may be allergic to asphalt?

#11 Jacob Purcell pulled a little ahead of #12 Jean-Christophe after dipping down below 1'38" in Waluigi Stadium. It was just under a half-second cut as well as a new Myth+ time. The other active top-20 player was #19 Paul Tanney who felt like beating something old and chose to focus on his 60Hz lap in Luigi Circuit from 2004 (!): he beat it by 7 standards, from Titan A down to God, with a 24"49 although it was slightly behind his recent 50Hz lap, which Paul raced last month.

#106 Jack Whittingham reported a 1.5pt AF cut, often enough to pass someone but not this time. He is getting super close to Titan level, however, and should reach it before he reaches top-100. His best new time was a 35"0 lap in DK Mountain, marking his 8th top-100 time, and his biggest cut of the week was a 27-position improvement in Sherbet Land with a 1'16"6.

#114 Joseph Armstrong reported an 8pt AF cut and caught up to rivalry leader #113 Anton D. Their shared rivals #110 Hugh Moorhead and #126 Jocelyn Sitek were also active, with #137 Dorian losing some ground. Joseph's times were not many in number, but individually they were big cuts: an 8"59 God time in Baby Park (up 33 places), a 1'20"0 Mushroom Bridge (up 65 places) and 26"0 lap (up 59 places), and 24"6 Luigi Circuit lap (up 42 places) were the highlights. The three laps mentioned were Joseph's third, fourth and fifth Myth times, although they weren't ranked top-40 like like Rainbow lap. He also went sub-1'16 in Luigi to at least secure a top-50 time. Joseph reached Titan D status from these cuts. Meanwhile, Hugh lamented his lack of free time because it was all being taken up by Zelda. He wrangled himself free for long enough to score 6 PRs and a 4pt AF cut. His biggest cut was a 32"3 lap in Daisy Cruiser, from 124th to 85th place and his 8th Titan time. The other improvements were in the Hero region. Spending a few months overseas, Jocelyn brought his console in his suitcase and double PRs on Mushroom Bridge and DK Mountain. The Bridge times were good: his lap was his 6th Titan and the course was a gain of nearly fifty positions. His Mountain times were better: his 1'46"5 dipped down to 52nd place and his 34"3 lap dipped down to 44th place, nearly better than his Baby Park ranking. Jocelyn hopes to play some more and catch up.

#148 Christophe Balzeau was proud to get a 59"9 lap in Wario Colosseum, saying it was a dream since he was a kid to be faster than a minute. His two remaining dream times are the 3-min and 2-min marks in Rainbow and Wario, which he is still a second-and-a-half behind. He improved 3 of his remaining Experts to Hero (Luigi 3lap, Desert 3lap, Castle 3lap) to leave only 4 Experts remaining. They are in Baby Park, Sherbet Land, and Waluigi Stadium, and Christophe said he will tackle them next week. The 8pt AF cut this week was enough to reach top-150 and pass 5 players.

#237 Tristan Berezowski reported his first PR since 2013, using a couple of hours of down-time at college to beat his Sherbet Land. Perhaps he will remain active.

#255 Ben Stoneman advanced 8 positions following new times on Mushroom Bridge and Wario Colosseum. The 27"1 lap on the Bridge was a jump from 326th to 278th and scored the Expert A standard. His 2'05"5 and 1'02"1 times in the Colosseum also qualified for Expert A, raising his Expert A count to to 12. So far Ben has managed to bring Sherbet lap to the Hero tier, and some of these Expert times have been close to repeating that feat.

~315 Alec Kirchberger sent in 10 new course times, his first in over a month, and also started submitting laps. He still has a hole in his timesheet but should complete it very soon. Alec is clearly top-300 material since his AF is 307. Luigi Circuit 1'17"8 was previously his best time, ranked 167th, but Alec's new 1'38"7 course time in Mushroom City has taken over the crown since it's ranked a little better, at 153rd. Three cuts were new Heroes, giving Alec 5 Heroes so far.

#341 Steven Schumann had a 16pt AF cut to send in, marking his first submission since January. Three of his times were devoted to upgrading Advanced times to Expert, which leaves him with 5 Advanced left -- almost all of them in tricksy Special Cup tracks. Steven didn't play his top two tracks (Bridge and Mountain) and perhaps focused on weaknesses. His best new time was a 33"0 Mushroom City lap, from 379th down to 308th place, which was near his fourth top-300 time. He reached Expert C status with his cuts.

#658 Russell Horwood sent his first update since November, armed with 30 new times and a 164pt AF cut to show for it. He cut a whole minute from his Total Times and improved his title by three notches, from Intermediate C to Advanced D. Rainbow Road is the only track Russell didn't play and it's now left as his weakest track, around 300 positions below his course average. Russell's best track remains unchanged -- it's still Mario Circuit -- but he scored a new personal best standard there with an Advanced B course time of 1'36"4.

#682 Stephen Weber, last active around Christmas, scored his first times for the year. His 6 PRs resulted in an 11pt cut, enough to pass 15 players but not enough to stay ahead of Russell. He improved his Mario Circuit time by 100+ positions to reach 645th place, equalling his Peach Beach for personal best position.

#701 Tyler Blanchard, last active in November, sent in 14 new times spread over 8 tracks. His best track is now Mushroom Bridge, taking over from Dino Dino Jungle, which Tyler didn't play. With a 44pt AF cut, Tyler nearly caught up to Stephen W.

New Records

Mike Koehoorn improved both Mushroom Bridge WRs this week. He already held the lap at 25"59 and beat it with a 25"546, giving himself a 0"07 cushion over second place. The second record was his course time, advancing from 3rd to 1st, with a 1'18"208; it was 0"14 quicker than his previous time and 0"04 quicker than Andrew's old WR from last June.

Mike took a record from Richard K with a 32"103 Yoshi Circuit lap, 0"002 quicker than Richard's 50Hz time from 2014. He already held the 60Hz record and extended his lead over Andrew's lap to 0"06.

Andrew Math scored two records. One was a 60Hz record in Mario Circuit, down from 1'27"19 to 1'26"949. If you recall, Mike beat Andrew's time by 0"001 earlier this month. Andrew countered this week by cutting 0"2, but Richard still holds the Combined record with 1'26"80.

Andrew's second record was a 1'42"702 DK Mountain time that took the overall WR from Mike by a small 0"03 margin. Andrew did it in usual style by using the Barrel Train. Even after all these years, I believe the preferred vehicle for the Mountain has been the Toad Kart due to the its superior acceleration in the rugged, bumpy downhill section and in the hairpin turns leading up to the canyon jump. The Train is otherwise a faster vehicle if not for these two major sections of track that slow it down. Andrew managed to avoid losing too much time in these sections (did he use R-tech on the turns?) while making up time in the rest of the track with the faster wheels, and overall it amounted to a very similar but slightly faster WR. Although he beat his personal best (and Mike's record) by a small margin, he suggested that it was not a great run and that there's untapped potential left.

New Players

None this week.