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10 March 2017: "WTF Barcelona, WTF Mike, WTF?"

New Champion #1 Mike Koehoorn raced 12 PRs in strategic tracks to pull the rug from under Andrew's feet and overturn a (seemingly-comfortable-for-Andrew) 0.85 AF deficit into a 0.1 AF victory, not only passing Richard but also passing Andrew to take the lead. This epic move, which Barcelona tried to copy in the football yesterday, interrupted Andrew's 211-day reign as Combined Champion, as well as his 4.4 year long unbroken reign as 60Hz No.1. Andrew and Richard currently have slightly better Total Times and ARR compared to Mike, but the ranking is based on AF and Mike found the clinical cuts he needed to score enough wins on Andrew. His improvements were: a new WR in Baby Park 7lap that was beaten by David a day later; from 3rd to 1st in Dry Dry Desert lap; from 6th to 2nd in Mario Circuit 3lap; from 6th to 4th in Daisy Cruiser with a new 60Hz record; from 7th to 3rd in Waluigi Stadium, still struggling to beat Marijn's 60Hz record; from 4th to 2nd in Yoshi Circuit lap with a 60Hz record; from 9th to 5th in Rainbow Road lap to improve his weakest time; from 5th to 3rd in Wario Colosseum lap to score another win on Andrew; from 5th to 3rd in Dino Dino Jungle for another 60Hz WR; and a small cut in Bowser's Castle to stay top-5 in that chart. Since most of these scores were records, you can read about them below.

#2 Andrew Math dropped back to second, although still casually raced a new WR that he said "could be better". Can he counter Mike? Many of their times are separated by hair-thin margins, so surely yes. Yet Mike has been quite profilic lately with the number of PRs he can score in a single week. In a cruel twist, Andrew's 4.4 years as 60Hz No. 1 finished 25 days short of surpassing Marijn's 2008-2012 reign in the same title, which means Marijn will keep the record for longest unbroken reign for the foreseeable future. However, in terms of cumulative days, Andrew equalled Marijn's 1615 total days because he was champion twice and can add his numbers together.

#8 David Gutierrez Pena found his third WR with a Baby Park 7lap that was 0.7s faster than his previous best and 0.5s faster than the old record. Both he and Mike were practicing a new idea by #13 Vincent, with Mike landing a 1'03"3 and David going slightly faster than Mike. He did no favours to neither Mike nor Andrew since he beat both of their times. He also raced a 2'17"3 in Bowser's Castle with a missed MT, fast enough for second place.

#14 Ryan Stevens improved his Baby Park from 8"39 to 8"35, taking fourth place. He thinks that he may be able to even take silver here. Perhaps he can figure out how to do the new 7lap strategy?

#19 Paul Tanney reached Myth+ status and passed #20 David S, professing his happiness with both of these achievements since he expected neither of them when he started his recent 10-year comeback. Paul's latest improvements included a new top-20 time in Mario Circuit with a 1'28"1, an impressive 0.3s cut in Rainbow lap from 58"1 to 57"7, and his first sub-2'57 course time. Paul said he can envisage himself going 2'55 or so, especially considering how much he improved his lap time, but it didn't quite work out.

#44 Guillaume Becard got ahead of countryman Yannick P and is closing in on Xavier V. His 10 PRs included a new top-50 time of 1'08"7 in Peach Beach, another top-50 time of 1'19"6 in Mushroom Bridge, and a 1'46"4 DK Mountain that made it to 49th place. Guillaume has 19/32 top-50 times now, which is past the half-way point. He also improved four of his five 75+ ranked times this week: Daisy Cruiser to 65th, Waluigi Stadium to 53rd, and both Dino Dino Jungles to 69th and 57th. Only Rainbow lap remains with a 75+ ranking, so he may want to attend to it soon. The other balancing act is between his Myths and Titans: the aforementioned Bridge 3lap was his 16th Myth, exactly half-way. He needs another 0.2 points in ARR to receive a big promotion...!

#80 Kai Oliver Meister wants to focus on his weakest times for a bit. He started with Dino Dino Jungle, racing a 1'45"9 and 33"8 lap. The resulting 3.5pt AF cut pulled him ahead of Florian C, Martin R, Thomas L, Yohann G, and Arnaud T in the rankings -- a lot of players! The Jungle was Kai's equally-worst track and ranked 130+ just like his DK Mountain, but his new times are 50 positions higher and quite a bit more impressive. It seems logical that DK Mountain should be his next target.

#106 Jack Whittingham was satisfied to score his 6th and 7th top-100 times in Baby Park 7lap and Waluigi Stadium, but was less impressed with his narrow miss of 101st place in DK Mountain lap. He has many scores ranked 100-110 and is trying to persuade them over the line. A 28"5 Mario Circuit lap and 31"90 Mushroom City lap this week were his 8th and 9th Titans, both narrowly missing out on top-100 positions. Jack is still making his way towards the top-100, but he is also getting closer to the Titans, as well.

#113 Anton Delva did enough to remain top of his rivalry against #127 Jocelyn, #124 Hugh, #137 Dorian, #121 Joseph, and #153 Christophe. Dino Dino Jungle, his weakest track behind Waluigi Stadium, was giving him sleeping troubles and he improved the course time from 150th to 105th and the lap from 124th to 99th. It's now one of his best tracks, which means he can leave it alone for a little while. The lap was his 12th Titan and 4th top-100 time, and unsurprisingly both times were the best among his rivals. However, it's #121 Joseph Armostrong that enjoys the lion's share of rivalry records with 13, five more than second place. Joseph reported 8 cuts this week, including several new Titans -- Dry Dry Desert 28"9, Mario Circuit 28"4, Wario Colosseum 2'02"6, and Colosseum lap 1'00"6 -- and even a Myth in the shape of a 58"4 Rainbow lap. Rainbow was already his best track, with times ranked 48th and 53rd last week, but his new lap reached as high as 37th place. This lap was also Joseph's second Myth time. He was quick to point out that it might even be a UK 60Hz record. Joseph has 15 Titans now, slightly more than Anton, and could challenge Anton for the lead in the new week or two. #153 Christophe Balzeau continued playing catch-up and is quickly approaching Dorian and the other rivals. His 17pt AF cut brought him close to the top-150 barrier, which he should have no trouble getting through. He improved his best track, Wario Colosseum, from 82nd to 70th place with a 1'00"1 lap -- perhaps soon to go sub-1? The other significant milestone set was a 22"4 Peach Beach lap, which was his third Titan and the first one outside the Colosseum. The remainder of his 12 PRs were primarily focused on raising his lowest times, such as promoting the Experts to Hero. Christophe has 25/32 Heroes now, with 7 Experts left.

#152 Dennis Colvin sent in 8 PRs, warning that they may be his last for a while since he would like to move to other games. He times amounted to a 15pt AF cut, narrowly missing out on a top-150 position but enough to maintain a lead on #153 Christophe, who was also moving quickly up the ladder. Out of his 8 PRs, Dennis upgraded 7 Expert times to Hero and left only 2 Experts on DK Mountain. His last PR was an attempt at the DK Mountain lap, but he missed the Hero standards by 0"15.

#342 David Nutt had a few weeks' worth of times to report, accumulating a 36pt AF cut. He has been trying to beat the times of his German friend #359 Steven S and currently leads 21-11 in head-to-head. His timesheet improved from 28/32 Expert D to 21/32 Expert C, so his improvements were spread equally across most tracks to bring them all forward, together. David also became an Expert C player overall.

#479 Sam Smith extended his 3-year comeback from last week, reporting 18 additional new scores to gain 47 positions. He improved Baby Park lap to Advanced level, the only time he failed to upgrade last time, and went a step further by racing his first Experts: two of them in DK Mountain and two more in Wario Colosseum. The Mountain times are both ranked 371st place and are his best times at the moment, yet the Colosseum scores are not all that far behind. Lets see how Sam fares next week.

~607 Anthony Guerrero, still missing a few scores in his timesheet, achieved an impressive sub-1'10 Peach Beach with a 1'09"96. He was previously 0"3 seconds behind the milestone number, which is also the cut-off for the Titan standards. His lap remains Hero A level, not quite ready for Titan just yet. Anthony also improved his Baby Park 7lap to 1'06"0, fast enough for 121st place. However, he has dedicated less time to tracks besides these two, where his average rank is 500+.

#654 Dan Downey dedicated his week to DK Mountain and Dry Dry Desert, two of his four weakest tracks, and crushed them by at least 4 standards each. In particular, his 31"0 Dry Dry Desert lap was his second Expert D time and second time ranked in the top-400. A month ago Dan raced a surprise top-400 Expert lap in Luigi Circuit and just repeated the feat, so perhaps he'll pull more rabbits out of hats like this in the future. Dan gained 41 positions with his 5 PRs.

Also active were #263 Ben Stoneman, #429 Agustin Berrios (first scores since 2009!), and #620 Miyako Morbit.

New Records

Mike took the Dry Dry Desert lap WR record with a 27"560, a frame better than Andrew's 27"59 lap that was set in 2015.

Mike tied Richard's 31"182 Daisy Cruiser lap WR, initially set three years ago. His time was also a new 60Hz record, but it was a record already in his name.

Mike's 1'36"605 Daisy Cruiser was a new 60Hz record, beating Andrew's time by 0"03. The old record was from 13 months ago. Richard, Andreas, and Kouider have slightly faster times in 50Hz.

Mike's 32"157 Yoshi Circuit lap was a new 60Hz record, a 0"002 win over Andrew's lap from two weeks ago. Richard still holds the Combined record at 32"10.

Mike's 1'27"195 Mario Circuit course time was a new 60Hz record, a 0"001 win over Andrew's time from 2014. Richard still holds the Combined record at 1'26"8.

Mike's 1'41"743 Dino Dino Jungle was a new 60Hz record, a 0"01 win over Andrew's time from November.

Andrew captured Sherbet Land once more with a 1'13"872, having briefly lost it to Mike in the last update. Mike's time is 1'13"91.

David P and Mike both improved the Baby Park record. Mike's 1'03"37 stood briefly but David soon raced a 1'03"299. They appear to be using a new tactic that Mike attributed to #13 Vincent vdF, who mentioned some ideas in the chatroom for them to try out and somehow those ideas were excellent and worked very effectively.

Taking these WRs into account, Richard, Mike and Andrew have 10, 9 and 8 records (resp.) in the Combined tally. Mike has taken the lead in the 60Hz tally with 16 WR to Andrew's 12.

New Players

Welcome to...

Sanny Bodnar, Germany (~1212, Newbie)

Sanny has only played Luigi Circuit so far.