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02 March 2017: "Should wii switch over a new leaf?"

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#3 Mike Koehoorn squeezed himself into third place, separating the Swedish pair of Richard and Andreas. Mike is closing in on Richard, too, so he main gain yet another spot in the next few weeks. He reported 6 new scores for the week, all pairs on the Cruiser, Stadium, and Sherbet. He improved both Sherbet scores by one position, which was difficult because he was already second-place. From the other four scores, two were new 60Hz records. Check the records section.

#8 David Gutierrez Pena passed #9 Marijn J after reporting 5 new PRs. He scored a new God time on Waluigi Stadium with a 1'37"5, reaching the top-10 there. His improved his lap to top-10 as well, and raced two further new top-10 times with Sherbet 1'14"3 and Dino Dino 1'42"4. The Dino time was his weakest, previously ranked 15th. This now leaves Luigi Circuit lap as his weakest time. David raised his God tally by 2 to reach 29/32, missing just three scores.

#11 Jacob Purcell reported two new Waluigi Stadium runs, which was enough for him to pass #12 Jean-Christophe L. His 1'38"3 was a gain from 23rd to 15th place, and corresponding 31"0 lap was a gain of 3 positions and 2 standards. Both were previously 20+ ranked times, which Jacob just improved to top-20 level. His Mario 3lap, Yoshi lap, and Castle 3lap are ranked 21st/20th/20th, so they are the most obviously targets if he wants to secure 32/32 top-20.

#15 Ryan Stevens is still entertaining the thought of making a comeback. He continued grinding Baby Park for the second week, landing an 8"39 time that was fast enough for 7th place. It was a win on USA No.1 Andrew, but it fell 0"002 short of getting a win on USA No.3 Jacob. Unfortunately for Ryan, the country record is held by USA No.2 David with a strong 8"35.

#20 Paul Tanney's AF dropped below 20.0 points for the first time since forever, thanks to 8 new PRs. Paul was briefly Champion, so he's seen very low AF scores in the past. He raced two new God times, a 1'15"3 Luigi Circuit and a 1'04"6 Baby Park, to reach 16/32 God times. Both improvements were small cuts since he was already oh-so close. His other cuts included a nice cut in Yoshi Circuit lap 32"4 (from 18th to 11th place) and, if we pretend Dino Dino Jungle didn't exist, you could say that Paul improved his two weakest tracks with a 2'57"5 Rainbow Road and 1'37"8 Daisy Cruiser. Dino Dino, ranked 33rd, is currently Paul's weakest time by six positions and it's one of his extant scores from 2005. Paul's ARR cut puts him very close to a rank promotion, so maybe he should hold off on the Switch for a few days...

#45 Guillaume Becard reached the top-50 by passing Kris W, Mikel N, Mike H, Alejandro H, and Luke M. His 8pt AF cut proved too powerful, and a similar cut -- if he can repeat it -- would place him somewhere in the mid-30s. His favourite time was a 21"8 Peach Beach lap, ranked 25th, which took the crown from BP lap as his best ranked time. His pervious time was 53rd, so you can sense that it was an impressive cut. It was Guillaume's second God time after BP lap. He also invested some time in improving his lowest scores: a jump from 91st to 59th in Mario Circuit, 80th to 68th in Sherbet Land, and 81st to 62nd in DK Mountain. The DK Mountain was his last remaining Hero time, so his 1'46"9 Titan time sealed the deal for reaching 32/32 Titan.

#85 Kai Oliver Meister played Wario Colosseum this week, which was one of his oldest PRs. He passed Francois C and Alejandro L as a result, gaining a couple of ranks. The new times of 2'00"6 and 59"4 were quite a bit faster than his previous 2'01"8 and 1'00"2 lap, especially the lap, which was a milestone sub-minute lap and a jump of 40 positions. It's currently ranked 36th, which is his best performance. With a lap like that, Kai felt that he could go faster on the 2lap -- maybe even sub-2 minutes -- but it refused to budge.

#114 Anton Delva retained the lead in his rivalry with #123 Hugh, #126 Jocelyn, #130 Joseph, and #137 Dorian. His four cuts included two new Titan times: a 1'00"7 Colosseum lap and 26"3 Bridge lap. He now has 11 Titans to his name, although is still closer to Hero than Titan overall. Anton has fewer wins in his rivalry compared to Hugh or Joseph, but his timesheet is consistent enough that he has the lowest AF and Total Times among his rivals. Meanwhile, #123 Hugh Moorhead noticed that he was losing ground and came back strong with a 9pt AF cut. He reported 13 new scores and among them were several new Titans: 24"9 sub Luigi Circuit lap, 1'20"5 Mushroom Bridge, and 31"9 sub Mushroom City lap. He also produced a 26"1 Bridge lap, ranked 65th and hitting the Myth D requirements (it would be his best time if not for his top-10 time in Baby Park lap). Hugh became a Hero A player and hit the same ARR score as Anton, despite being slightly lower in the ranking. And then there is #130 Joseph Armstrong, up 9 positions, whose 0.8pt ARR cut brought him Hero A status as well. He's only one position behind Anton and Hugh in the ARR stakes. Joseph has 11 wins in the rivalry, three more than anyone else, yet is still trailing in AF because he has strong strengths but also very weak weaknesses. He reported 6 new times this week and found a new favourite track in Rainbow Road. The cuts of 2'58"7 and 58"7 were a far cry from the previous 3'00"1 and 59"5, especially the lap. The new times, both near top-50, turned Rainbow from a mediocre track to his best track in a matter of weeks. Joseph's other success was in Mushroom City where he improved his 3lap (1'37"3) by a whole second to reach the top-100, and crushed his 32"2 lap with a 31"6 that hit Myth D territory. This was Joseph's first Myth, even surpassing the impressive Titan As in Rainbow.

#165 Dennis Colvin and #168 Christophe Balzeau have run away with the lead in their rivalry, splitting the victories 16-15-1 and reaching Hero C level while #233 Vincent A and #251 Jean-Christophe L remain two titles behind. This week both Dennis and Christophe scored 30pt AF cuts, widening the gap to the others by 30 positions while staying locked together. Dennis sent in 18 PRs, raising his Titan tally from 3 to 6 and reducing his Experts from 18 down to 9. He also scored a God time on Baby Park lap as he only needed a 0"01 cut to promote his previous Myth+ time. Dennis says that he will focus on beating his remaining Experts and has goals of reaching top-100 sometime this year.Christophe reduced his own Expert count from 20 down to 11, but so far has two Titans compare to Dennis's six. He was particularly happy to score a sub-minute lap on Rainbow with a 59"7, saying it was one his dream times. He hopes to go sub-2 in the Colosseum and sub-3 in Rainbow in the near future. The Colosseum is his best track at the moment, where he raced a 2'01"9 this week, as well as a 1'00"3 lap to go with it. The lap is already his best ranked time, but he'll need to take it sub-minute to make sub-2 a possibility.

#301 Stephen De Winter reported 7 PRs and passed 8 players, getting ever-closer to top-300. Mushroom City was overdue for a new time and he improved both times by around 70 positions. A 1'23"6 in Mushroom Bridge was a similar 70-position cut that brought his course time closer to his lap in terms of quality. Finally, Stephen improved his best course time (on DK Mountain) from 203rd place to 187th, grabbing his second top-200 time and nearly matching his fast-lap there. His lap is Hero, but the course time is still one standard behind. Stephen had an easy time improving it since he used his mushrooms on different laps rather than going for fast-lap each race. He says that he still has potential to go a whole second faster on the 3lap time, even though it's already his best track. Stephen's cuts helped him reached the Expert B title.

#526 Sam Smith, last active 3 years ago, returned with almost a full set of times. His 119pt AF cut nearly rewarded him with a top-500 position and he went from 16/32 to 31/32 Advanced, missing out only Baby Park lap despite cutting it down by three standards. For many players Baby Park is their best standard, while for others its their worst. Some videos may help Sam turn it upside down! Video link is on the left, Sam.

Also active were #108 Jack Whittingham, #180 Gavin Kimpton, #695 Dan Downey, and #874 Meagan Schmidt (friend of #11 Jacob).

New Records

Mike K took both Sherbet Land line honours this week. His course record was 1'13"912 and lap was 23"674. The previous marks, 1'13"919 and 23"72, were set six months ago by Andrew M. Mike acknowledged that his course time was a clutch 0"01 victory on the last lap, so perhaps there is room for improvement by both himself and Andrew. This double-record swap raised Mike's WR tally to 8 and reduced Andrew from 11 to 9. This means they're almost tied! But Mike indirectly helped Richard recapture the lead in the WR tally since Richard still has 10 WRs.

Two of Mike's other PRs were 60Hz records. Daisy Cruiser 31"250 was a 0"07 cut on his old time and a tiny 0"001 win again Andrew's WR from June last year. Waluigi Stadium lap 30"674 was a 0"02 win over Marijn's magical record lap from 9 years ago, although it was 0"03 slower than Kouider's record in 50Hz.

New Players

None this week.