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22 February 2017: "More rivals and records"

#1 Andrew Math scored one new record this week. He also improved his Yoshi Circuit lap from 4th to 2nd place, beating Mike's and Kouider's laps but missing Richard's 50Hz time.

#4 Mike Koehoorn pushed 0.16 points closer to #3 Kouider, and needs another 0.16 to go -- he should reach the No. 3 spot very soon! Mike's 4 PRs this week included one new WR, a 27"7 Mario Circuit lap that was fast enough for 3rd place, and two 5th-placed times in Wario Colosseum.

#9 David Gutierrez Pena devoted his time to Wario Colosseum lap, trying to eke out the last few milliseconds he needed to beat Andreas's record. After succeeding, he raced 10 extra PRs on other tracks that he had been ignoring. They included two subs (sub-1'15 Luigi, sub-1'38 Waluigi) and several new God times, such as 23"8 Sherbet Land lap, 33"5 DK Mountain lap, and 33"1 Dino Dino Jungle lap. The most significant event for David was reaching God-status with an ARR score of -0.003. David joined almost exactly one year ago at rank #561, so it took him less than one year to reach the highest title and the top-10.

#14 Ryan Stevens sent in a new Baby Park lap, his first time in 10 months. The 8"41 lap is fast enough for 10th place, although it was higher ranked when he set it! Let's see if Ryan remains active. He's currently USA No. 4 and roughly 1.5pts behind No. 3 Jacob.

#20 Paul Tanney passed Tristan E and reentered the top-20 for the first time in a decade, calculating that he was last ranked top-20 back in 2007. He reported 6 new times, including his 23rd UK record with a 1'19"0 on Mushroom Bridge. Trystan P formerly held that record for 12 years, and the remaining 9 records are held by ex-champion Jonathan S. Paul also reentered the top-20 in Luigi Circuit lap, Mushroom Bridge lap, and Yoshi Circuit course and lap, with the latter two being substantial cuts since Yoshi Circuit was his weakest course time. Paul's 0.23pt cut in ARR places him 0.3pts away from the next title.

#51 Guillaume Becard passed #52 Rodolphe G and did well to bridge the gap between himself and #50 Gregor F. He looks forward to joining the top-50 soon, and a health 10 PRs this week makes it look likely to arrive next update. His highlights were a 1'04"8 Baby Park (up 15 positions and a sub), a 31"6 Waluigi stadium lap (from 93rd to 59th), a 1'42"1 Yoshi Circuit (from 63rd to 35th), and 2'00"4 Wario Colosseum (63rd to 42nd). Although he still has one Hero time, Guillaume raised his Myth times from 10 to 14 and consequently reached Titan+ status.

#87 Kai Oliver Meister gained three spots in the rankings after racing three new Myths: 22"1 Peach Beach lap, 1'31"8 and 28"4 Dry Dry Desert. He has 7 Myths now, and these cuts were some of his strongest times. The Desert course time was his first top-50 time, ranked 47th, and he was pleased to also score a sub-1'09 on Peach Beach.

#108 Jack Whittingham passed Chevallier F, reporting four new times. The highlight was a 34"1 Dino Dino Jungle lap, ranked 95th, which was Jack's seventh Titan and fifth top-100 time. His other PRs on Bowser's Castle were close to top-100 level, but not quite there.

#115 Anton Delva reached the Belgian No.1 position after passing Tom, and passed a further seven players. He had a spare day to play and dedicated it to his weakest tracks, such as Wario Colosseum, Yoshi Circuit, and Waluigi Stadium. Those tracks harboured his last five remaining 150+ ranked times and he improved all of them, reached 31/32 top-150 with just Waluigi Stadium remaining at rank 159. His best time for the week was a 28"5 Mario Circuit lap, his third top-100 time and 9th Titan. Anton became Hero A and says he will try to reach top-100 next.

#136 Dorian Herniote advanced 7 positions in the rankings, also gaining a little bit in his rival with Anton. He reported 13 times, reaching Hero B status in the process and also reaching 32/32 Hero after eliminating his last Expert on Sherbet Land. His rival #139 Joseph Armstrong did his best to catch up, shedding 12 AF points to closely track Dorian up the ladder. Joseph focused heavily on Yoshi Circuit and Rainbow Road. In Yoshi, he rocketed from 145th to 87th place with a 33"2 lap, half a second better, to claim a new Titan and his fifth top-100 time. In Rainbow, he similarly crushed his lap by half a second (from 1'00 to 59"6) but had trouble transferring the gains to the 3lap, improving by mere hundredths. Later in the week, the stars appeared to align when he raced a 3'00"1, almost three seconds faster and a jump of 4 standards. It is currently his third best-ranked time, ranked 86th. Although Joe is trailing relative to his rivals Anton, Jocelyn, Hugh, and Dorian, he may have untapped potential in two tracks where his times are ranked 200+.

#165 Zack Tabak gained 7 placed this week, well on his way to reaching his goal of top-150. His favourite cut for the week was a 1'34"0 Dry Dry Desert time, improving from 199th to 131st place, which is currently his best position. His 135th place in Luigi Circuit with a 25"0 lap, and 133rd place in Baby Park with 1'06"1 course, were very close behind.

#181 Gavin Kimpton passed Tobias S following two cuts in Baby Park. His 8"53 lap reached the G+10 standard, although his 7lap was 0"2 behind the Titan threshold.

#195 Dennis Colvin and #196 Christophe Balzeau both reached the top-200 at the same time, both with big cuts. Dennis's 49pt cut kept him ahead of his rivals, but Christophe's 64pt cut brought him only one position behind. The pair have a 14-to-13 share of records in their rivalry, with Vincent A and Jean-Christophe L holding the remaining 5 wins. Dennis began the week with 5 Heroes and finished with 14 Heroes, including one Myth in a 8"60 Baby Park lap, and two Titan Ds in Wario Colosseum. His Baby lap and 2'02"5 Colosseum time are both top-100 level. Dennis was promoted to Hero D level for his efforts. Christophe started the week with 7 Heroes and finished with 12. He already had two Titan times in Wario Colosseum and a top-100 course time there, which is perhaps why Dennis tried to beat him there (and did so in the course by 3 positions, but missed the lap by 1 position). Christophe improved all 14 of his Expert C/D to Expert B or better, which did wonders for his ARR: he jumped two standards and joined Dennis on Hero D level.

#234 Vincent Audoore distanced himself from Jean-Christophe with a 15pt AF cut, although lost some ground to Dennis and Christophe. His 12 new times earned him the Expert A title, and his biggest cut was a 1'00"5 Rainbow Road lap, from 301st to 210th place. It's currently his top-ranked time.

#309 Stephen De Winter found some success in Wario Colosseum, improving from 350+ to 245th place in the 2lap and 278th in the lap. He has the single Hero time from before, but scoring an Expert A here on the 2lap might inspire him to push it a little further and aim for another Hero. He moved up four positions in the rankings.

#376 David Nutt raced 13 PRs, including 6 new Expert times to reach 32/32 Expert. He had the most trouble with Baby Park and was relieved to score a pair of Expert Ds there, even though it's still his weakest track. Just prior to that, DK Mountain and Rainbow Road were refusing to surrender, but David learned what to do from some videos.

#531 Marcus Frenje sent 4 PRs in his first week on the site. Three of them, on Peach Beach and Baby Park, were Expert times and joined his previous instance on Sherbet Land for a total of 4/32 Experts. Marcus reached the Advanced B levels in ARR, so he should aim to get another 12 or so Experts to move to the next tier.

New Records

Andrew M improved his own Dry Dry Desert record to 1'28"532 since he wasn't satisfied with a few mistakes in his previous record, which was the 1'28"67 he raced earlier this month.

Andrew also captured the 60Hz Yoshi Circuit lap with a 32"159, beating Mike's lap of 32"185 set two months ago.

Mike K struck a blow back by taking the DK Mountain record with a 1'42"736, improving his own time from third place to a tiny fraction faster than Andrew's previous record of 1'42"75, set one year ago.

David P won the Wario Colosseum lap from the strong hold of Andreas R with a new time of 57"472, a mere 0"005 quicker than Andreas. Andreas's time was from 2013.

Andrew still leads the WR tally with 11, despite forfeiting DK Mountain to Mike. Mike increased his count to 6, still some ways behind Richard. David took Andreas's last remaining record to raise his own count to 2.

New Players

None this week.