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17 February 2017: "Why is everybody active all at once?"

#1 Andrew Math raced a new Dry Dry Desert record, mostly in response to Mike K threatening his record. Check the records section.

#4 Mike Koehoorn made a 0.16 AF cut, slightly reducing the gap between himself and #3 Andreas to 0.4 points. He started the week with a new record in Dry Dry Desert, which forced Andrew to take it back, but also scored two new records in Baby Park and Mushroom City. His other new times were in Dry Dry Desert lap (from 4th to 3rd) and DK Mountain lap (from 7th to 3rd).

#9 David Gutierrez Pena improved his Wario Colosseum record this week, which gained him some glory but no AF cut. He followed through with some new times, such as 44"8 Bowser's Castle lap (from 6th to 4th) and a great 30"98 sub in Waluigi Stadium, which was his 24th God time. Unfortunately he missed the sub on the Stadium course time, finishing with 1'38"02. David is now 2.7 AF points clear of Konsta but needs another 1.4 points to reach #8 Marijn.

#12 Jacob Purcell is potentially once again entertaining the thought of reaching top-10. I believe Jacob's highest rank was 11th, before Mike and David clambered over. A total cut of 0.9 would be enough to pass #11 Jean-Christophe L and #10 Konsta J, and Jacob raced a quarter of that requirement this week with just two PRs. His new times, both on Bowser's Castle, were a continuation of his drills there a few weeks ago. The course time is still his third weakest time, but he managed to reach the God standard in the lap.

#20 Paul Tanney passed Bo G and Tristan E to reach a round figure ranking once more. He played only Waluigi Stadium, trying to beat his 1'39"6 course time set back in 2005. He beat it several times over the week, ending up with a 1'38"8. His lap was 10 years newer than his course time, but he beat the lap by a big margin 0"4 margin as well, ending up with a 30"97 sub. The lap is currently his third best ranked time, so he has turned Waluigi around from one of his worst tracks to one of his best.

#23 Frederic Vernier reported 0.8 AF points of cuts, passing Paul M and Alex H to maintain his distance from Paul. His big wins were a 1'15"4 Luigi Circuit (from Myth C to Myth+) and Baby Park 1'04"8 (Myth D to Myth A), both of them being three standards higher. He also improved the Luigi lap to 24"4 for a new top-25 time, and improved Baby Park from 8"37 to an impressive 8"35 but still remains in 3rd position there behind Mike and David.

#53 Guillaume Becard gained 9 positions following a string of big cuts accumulated over two weeks. Reaching top-50 won't be so easy because there is a sizeable gap between #51 Rodolphe and #50 Gregor. Still, he may be able to reach Gregor by two weeks' time. Guillaume's biggest cuts were Baby Park 8"49 (from 52nd to 26th), Dry Dry Desert 1'31"9 (from 85th to 49th), and Wario Colosseum 59"6 (88th to 53rd). A few PRs were notable subs: the aforementioned 59"6 Colosseum lap, a 1'19"9 Mushroom Bridge 3lap, and 25"9 Bridge lap, as well as 45"6 Bowser's Castle lap. Both his Desert improvements and City lap were also new Myth times, giving Guillaume a 10/32 Myth count. He reached Titan A status in ARR.

#90 Kai Oliver Meister noticed Guillaume going sub-1'32 in Dry Dry Desert and decided to covet his neighbour's sub, so he set to work to try and score the same. He improved to 1'32"3, missing his goal by a little bit. Kai found better luck on Sherbet Land where he crushed his old times, a 1'16"7 and 24"6, with new times of 1'15"8 and 24"3; the new times were 50-60 positions higher and both were upgrades from Hero to Titan. Kai reached Titan C status in ARR and passed Julien B, Alex P, Yoann S, Joost C, Paulo P, and Prashant B in the rankings.

#109 Jack Whittingham can see the light at the end of the tunnel, taking three steps closer to the top-100. He was happy to score a 1'33"4 in Dry Dry Desert, despite missing the top-100 by 4 positions and missing the Titan standards, because it was a big cut for him. The corresponding 28"8 lap was a sub, and also his sixth and fourth top-100 time. Later in the week Jack raced a 1'41"7 in Waluigi Stadium that, like the Desert time, also missed top-100 by a few positions and missed the Titan standards. He's getting close on multiple fronts, though, so persistence will pay off. Jack passed Michael S, Ben Z, and David L in the rankings.

Rivals #123 Anton Delva, #125 Jocelyn Sitek, #129 Hugh Moorehead, #143 Dorian Herniote, and #151 Joseph Armstrong all reported new times, although did not exchange their relative positions. Anton raced two PRs, one of which was his second ever top-100 time. He gained one spot and is still one spot behind his country's top player, #123 Tom S. Meanwhile, Jocelyn reported a sub-1'45 Yoshi Circuit time. More importantly, Jocelyn reported that he will be overseas for five months -- hopefully he can bring his console! Hugh send in a new Colosseum lap but said he will be busy over the next few months and may fall behind. Dorian gained a few positions in the rankings and was frustrated to choke on a few big cuts, particularly Dry Dry Desert, where he improved by 60 positions but wanted something even greater. Dorian reported a fast Colosseum time but it may be a typo -- he should double check it. Joseph made the biggest cut in the rivalry, reporting 8 PRs and a 7pt AF cut to make up some lost ground. His highlights were a 1'16"3 Luigi Circuit (ranked 64th, his best), and upgrading two Experts to Hero C in Dino Dino Jungle, elevating his timesheet to 26/32 Heroes. One of those new Hero times was a 1-shroom lap, so there is more room to grow.

#172 Zach Tabak's 25pt cut may earn him a spot in the above rivalry since he's passed the inactive #180 Brent C. He concentrated on lifting his poor times and, after racing 18 new times, increased his tally of top-200s from 9 to 23. Seven of the new scores were new Hero times. His 24"6 Sherbet Land lap, ranked 132, also became his new top time. Zach was happy to finally execute his shrooms over snow well enough there to take 0"2 off his old lap, and his cut in the 3lap was almost as big.

#246 Dennis Colvin recently took the lead in his rivalry against #249 Vincent Audoore, #250 Jean-Christophe Leger, and #262 Christophe Balzeau. He scored his 5th Hero time this week with a 1'01"9 lap sub in Wario Colosseum, and he leads his rivals in every metric except Total Times. Dennis reported 2 PRs this week. Vincent had a comparatively large 15pt AF cut, enough to reach the top-250, pass Jean-Christophe, and nearly catch Dennis. His 12 PRs included his first ever Hero time -- "Finally!", he said -- in the form of a 33"1 Daisy Cruiser lap. Vincent has 1 Hero compared to Dennis's 5 Heroes, but the floodgates are now open. Christophe sent in 7 new PRs in exchange for a 10pt AF cut. He gained ground on both Dennis and Jean-Christophe and lost some ground on Vincent. His best cuts came on Rainbow Road, particularly the lap, which we improved from 1'01"7 to 1'00"7 and jumped 108 positions. Both of these cuts were Expert A times, missing out on Hero by a little. However, Christophe will still be happy knowing that he has 7 Heroes already, which is more than his rivals.

#313 Stephen De Winter submitted 11pts worth of AF cuts and gained 9 positions. He has been practicing his A-tech lately and it helped him score an impressive 36"0 lap in DK Mountain, his first Hero time and first top-200 time. Stephen was annoyed to miss the sub-36 by only 0"03, but was happy to smash his old time. He also improved his course time to 1'51"7, also a big beating of his old time, and also only 0"03 slower than he would have wanted (it's ranked 202nd). Since he was using his shrooms with intention of getting a good lap, he intends to beat the course time again when he used the shrooms more strategically. He scored 4 other cuts on Luigi Circuit and Peach Beach, and the two cuts in the Beach were both jumps of 100+ positions.

#390 David Nutt feels that he's on track for 32/32 Expert by the end of the month. His 19pt AF cut this week comprised 8 new times, of which 6 were new Experts, for a new total of 26/32 Expert. The six he has remaining are in his least favourite tracks, but four of them are ranked 500+ and would be a boon to topple. His 34"7 Yoshi Circuit lap, currently ranked 339th, is his new best ranked time after taking the reins from Peach Beach lap. David reached the top-400 after passing 21 players with his improvements.

#491 Rob Prittie, roommate of #40 Noah M, sent in his first scores in 10 months and renewed his interest in reaching the top-400. He reached the top-500 for the first time following a 20pt AF cut. A 33"6 Mushroom City lap was a new Expert time -- his 5th so far -- and he eliminated his last two remaining Intermediate times on Baby Park to reach 32/32 Advanced. Let's see if he surges onwards in coming weeks.

#500 Adam Norbury reached the top-500 as well after improving his weakest time, Baby Park lap. It was his last remaining 700+ time and he improved it by more than 100 positions. He still has two 600+ ranked times left, on Luigi Circuit and Baby Park 7lap, that would give him most bang-for-buck to improve.

#586 Adam Roberts reported a 42pt AF cut after he figured out that he can do MTs in mid-air. This helps on several tracks, most notably Wario Colosseum and Waluigi Stadium, and he raced new times on both of these tracks. His cut in the Colosseum lap was as large as 130 positions. At the same time, he improved both Mushroom City times by 200-240 positions, where aerial tricks don't apply, so his racing must be improving more generally. Adam reached 26/32 Advanced after upgrading 8 of his Intermediate times, leaving only 6 remaining for next time.

#700 Dan Downey reached the 700 mark following two strong cuts. One was on Peach Beach, which he improved by 0"7, and the other was a 28"2 lap in Mushroom Bridge, which was his third top-500 time and only 0"1 away from the Expert barrier. Dan said he wants to get sub-28 to catch up to his rivals.

Anthony Guerrero continued to fill in gaps in his timesheet, racing 27 PRs. He managed to improve all except one of his previous PRs and is only missing scores for the Colosseum and the Jungle now. When Anthony joined, he had only played Baby Park and was 438th. He improved to 253rd last time, and sent in a 1'06"2 this week that is ranked as high as 138th place. Not to be a one-hit wonder, he also send in a 1'10"3 Peach Beach time ranked 150th, with a corresponding Hero lap. With such skills he should have little trouble destroying his Advanced and Intermediate times in the other tracks.

#229 Giovanni van Basten was also active, racing his mandatory PR for the month.

New Records

Mike K improved his Baby Park lap record to 8"316, a small shave off his previous 8"318 WR set a few weeks ago.

Andrew M improved the Dry Dry Desert course record to 1'28"678 because Mike raced a 1'28"68 mid-week to briefly hold the WR. Mike expected Andrew to beat it back, which he did, although Andrew said that the time is far from potential. The previous record before Mike and Andrew beat it was Andrew's 1'28"70 set back in 2013, so the gain in four years was relatively small.

Mike K finished the job in Mushroom City lap after missing Andreas's 30"78 lap record by 0"01 last month. He raced a 30"775 this week to beat it by 0"01. Andreas's record was set in 2013.

David P beat his own Wario Colosseum record twice during the week, the faster time being 1'56"384. He initially took this WR last month with a 1'56"5. Despite missing 2 MTs in the new run, he said he doesn't expect to beat it again since he got the "best R-tech ever" on the spirals, which more than made up for any missed MTs.

New Players

Welcome to..

Marcus Frenje, Norway (#551, Advanced C)