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13 February 2017: "So how about those Champions League matches in a few days"

#22 Paul Tanney was the highest active player this week, racing 6 PRs. Two improvements were on Bowser's Castle--a 2'19"6 and 45"5--which were jumps of a dozen positions each. The course time was notable because it was one of Paul's oldest times, dating back to 2005, and his new time was understandably an upgrade from Titan to Myth. Paul now has 29/32 Myths. He also raced new times on Mushroom City, reaching the God standard on the course time with a 1'35"3, and improved both Peach Beach times, getting a sub with a 1'07"9. Paul needs just another 0.3pts to take the #21 position from Bo.

#112 Jack Whittingham gained two positions this week and was pleased to pass John A and capture the UK No. 9 position. His highlight was the 1'05"9 Baby Park 7lap, an improvement from 148th to 106th place and also a desirable sub. Unfortunately he missed the Titan standard there, but managed to score his fifth Titan on Mushroom Bridge instead, with a 26"3 lap.

#124 Anton Delva reported nearly two weeks worth of PRs, some from this week and some from the latter half of last week. There were 16 improvements, all together resulting in a compelling 17pt AF cut. His biggest wins were on DK Mountain where he crushed his old times, ranked 210-225, down by 100 positions each. Both improvements were upgrades from Expert to Hero. A 1'33"8 in Dry Dry Desert secured a 32/32 Hero timesheet for the Belgian. His other highlights were 3 new Titan times: 22"43 Beach lap, 24"95 Luigi lap, and 28"95 Desert lap. The latter was also Anton's first top-100 time, currently ranked 95th place. Anton says that after he returns from a brief ski trip he will try Waluigi Stadium and Yoshi Circuit because they're his weakest times by 30 positions and are looking a little frail. He passed 16 players in the charts (including Cole G, Rob vZ, Hugh M, Piet dD, and Jocelyn S) but didn't quite catch up to the top Belgian player #122 Tom S. Anton has taken the lead in his rivalry but Jocelyn and Hugh still lead in certain stats.

#145 Dorian Herniote reported 6 PRs, cashing in his 30th and 31st Hero times and just waiting on the last one. The two new Heroes were on Rainbow Road, from 3'03"9 to 3'02"4, and Yoshi Circuit, from 1'45"8 to 1'44"9, both big jumps of about 50 positions. His last remaining Expert, and also last remaining 200+ ranked time, is on Sherbet Land. His other improvements were on Wario Colosseum and Daisy Cruiser. At present Dorian has 3 wins in the rivalry (with Anton and others) and will hope to join some of his rivals at Hero B level in the next week or two.

#154 Joseph Armstrong, also in the above rivalry, has 5 rivalry wins right now. Four of those wins came just this week following cuts in Luigi Circuit and Peach Beach. He improved his Luigi scores multiple times over the week to finish on a 1'16"5 (and 24"8 lap), which is 0.5s faster (and 0.15s faster) than the five rivals. His old time was ranked 145th and his new time is 81st. Similarly, his old Peach Beach was 143rd and his new one--a 1'09"5 that also leads the other rivals by half a second--is ranked 98th. Joseph's 22"3 lap in that track, although also a rivalry win, was only slightly faster than Hugh's time. These four wins were all Titans and three of them were new Titans, raising the tally from 2 to 5. On the opposite end of the scale, Joseph managed to upgrade 6 Expert times to Hero level, reaching 24/32 Hero. The last eight that remain are times he raced back in August-October last week and are perhaps worth a revisit. Joseph passed 17 players on the ladder and reached Hero C level in ARR.

#181 Gavin Kimpton reported a 9pt AF cut to pass 10 players and reach #179 Brent C, the final player in the rivalry. Perhaps Gavin should join the rivalry himself? He began the week with three PRs and improved them once again at the end of the week, adding an extra cut. His trump card was a 1'05"99 Baby Park 7lap, a whole second (and 165 positions!) better than his previous time. At rank 114, it's his second best time anywhere. Gavin also improved his Daisy Cruiser times to top-200 level, especially the 32"8 lap, was it was a jump from 230th to 154th. With 3 Experts upgraded, Gavin now has 16/32 Hero times.

#246 Dennis Colvin has another super week, adding a further 71pt AF cut to 127pt cut he got since joining. He improved 28 of his scores and reached 32/32 Expert B. Most of the new times were upgrades within the Expert tier, but also included his first four 4 Hero times: a 1'11"1 and 22"7 in Peach Beach, a 1'06"4 Baby Park, and 32"4 Mushroom City. The Baby time is currently 181st and is his best position, but he also raced a top-200 time in Rainbow Road. Dennis says he will focus on getting more Heroes. His overall title is now Expert A, so reaching Hero level shouldn't take more than two or three weeks, right?

#272 Vincent Audoore reported 15 new times, enough for a 16pt AF cut and enough to overtake rival #275 Christophe B. As we know, Dennis has taken an unexpected sudden lead in their rivalry, even surpassing #249 Jean-Christophe Leger, so Vincent and Christophe are now playing catch-up. Vincent's biggest wins were 32"6 Mushroom City (+68 positions), 1'44"3 Waluigi Stadium (+73 positions), and 30"0 Dry Dry Desert (+83 positions), where he was unlucky to miss the sub-30 lap. No Hero times so far, but he increased his Expert A count from 3 to 8, so a first Hero is looming. #275 Christophe Balzeau was also active and raced new cuts on one of his weakest tracks (Dino Dino Jungle), but couldn't quite prevent Vincent passing him.

#506 Adam Norbury reported 7 PRs, passing 16 players as a result. The best of his cuts were a 28"1 Mushroom Bridge lap (from 592nd to 479th) and 49"9 Bowser's Castle sub (from 501st to 447th). These raised Adam's count of top-500 times to 9/32. He also achieved three new Advanced A standards for a grand total of 5 so far. His first Expert may be calling.

#601 Zack Mosenson submitted 27 cuts in exchange for a 99pt AF chop, enough to pass 104 players. Last week he was Intermediate A with 19/32 Intermediate majority, and now is Advanced D and with only 24/32 Advanced majority. A few tracks frustrated him this time, namely Baby Park and Mushroom City laps, but they were already Zack's best times and hardest to improve. His new Waluigi Stadium times, both ranked 515-520, came very close to becoming his best times. #626 Adam Roberts scaled the cliffs with an 8pt AF cut, but will have to scale harder to regain the lost ground to Zack. Adam raced his first Expert times this week with an impressive showing on DK Mountain, concluding with a 1'56"8 and 37"7 lap. Ranked 395th and 359th, these times are 150 places ahead of any other time raced by either Adam or Zack.

New Players or Records

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