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01 February 2017: "Sixty Hertz is new Best Hertz"
I'm overseas next week: next update will likely be delayed by several days until I get back.


#1 Andrew Math scored his first sub-1'34 in Mushroom City to take the overall course WR, saying that he has not completely happy his race and could have gone quicker. No word yet whether he will fight back for some of the recent WRs he lost to Mike, but Andrew says that we should all consider him active and ready to strike.

#2 Mike Koehoorn has set himself a goal to reach 3rd place this year and made some good progress. Mike's new times were a Dry Dry Desert 1'28"7, a Mario Circuit 1'27"4, Sherbet Land 1'13"9, and Wario Colosseum 1'57"1. All of these were slower than Andrew, and two of them were in second place behind Andrew's WR. So as a result, Mike felt frustrated by being so close to Andrew four times. Still, his 0.15 AF brought him to within 0.75pts away from Andreas and the third spot, and it seems likely that he can reach his goal within a month.

#9 David Gutierrez Pena was also active, improving his Sherbet Land lap, Peach Beach lap, and Mushroom City. Each one hit the next available standard. David is gradually approaching the zero-level in ARR and currently has 0.32 with 23/32 God times.

#12 Jacob Purcell passed #13 Vincent vdF after lowering his Bowser's Castle course time to 2'18"9. His position there improved from 28th to 24th place, and it's still his weakest placement, but he gained just enough spots to make a difference at the top of the rankings.

#22 Paul Tanney has held the UK No.1 spot for some time now since his comeback, and has not mentioned any concrete goals or plans. He reported 4 PRs this week to score a decent 0.7pt AF cut, which takes him closer to #21 Bo G, who in turn is very close to #20 Tristan, so perhaps Paul would can reach top-20 again in the next month. He finally went sub-24 in Sherbet Land with a 23"99 lap, good enough for 14th place, which is new third best rank at the moment. He also subbed the course time, reaching 20th place with a 1'14"9. Paul also raced two new times on Mushroom City, going from Myth B to Myth+ in the course time, but said that his controller was starting to wear and failing to register all SSMTs, which has been costing him runs. He improved his fast-lap to 31"1, already a God time, and hopes to reach the same standard on the course -- perhaps with a new controller. Paul reached Myth A level overall with these cuts.

#25 Frederic Vernier scored his 29th Myth time after taking Rainbow Road down to 2'57"8. He is only missing Myth standards on DK Mountain and Dino Dino Jungle, so expect some focus on those tracks soon.
Frederic also played Baby Park and improved his lap to 8"37, which was fast enough for 3rd place overall.

#62 Guillaume Becard reported a 4.5pt AF cut to pass six players, including three French-speaking players. His best cut was a 32"0 Daisy Cruiser lap, from 100th place down to 55th, which was the only 100+ ranked time that he didn't improve last week. Other notable cuts were a 26"0 Mushroom Bridge lap (Titan to Myth B), 33"95 sub in Dino Dino Jungle, and a 1'39"3 in Daisy Cruiser 3lap. He also raced a 46"0 lap in Bowser's Castle and 32"0 lap in Waluigi Stadium, so unfortunately 4 out of his 5 new lap times missed out on hitting their subs. Guillaume now has 7/32 Myth times after the new Bridge and Cruiser laps.

#96 Kai Oliver Meister broke through the top-100 after passing Nivek N, Jon P, Leo B, Paul R, and Rob C. He spent some time on Mushroom Bridge, one of his weakest tracks, and figured out some new things. With new understanding of what to do, he quickly improved from 132nd to 91st place. The lap improved more drastically, from 112th to 68th, and was Kai's third Myth time. He scored a 4th Myth time on Mushroom City with a 31"5 lap, and went sub-1'37 in the course. Kai also found another sub on Daisy Cruiser with a 1'39"8, which was also a new Titan, and he now has 18/32 Titans.

#114 Jack Whittingham passed Jeff G and Alan D following 6 new times. His 1'10"0 Peach Beach missed the Titan standards and missed the sub-1'10 by three hundredths, so Jack said he might return to it to finish the job. He also beat Daisy Cruiser lap, one of his early PRs, and lowered his weakest time, Sherbet Land, to sub-1'17 for the first time. Finally, Jack improved both Mushroom City times to levels that he was content with (since he beat Hugh's times).

#124 Jocelyn Sitek gained three spots, passing Andrew Manning, Alexis M, and Piet D. He improved his best time, Baby Park lap, from 42nd to 35th place, making it increasing more difficult for his favourite track DK Mountain to catch up. He also achieved his 5th Titan time by making a large cut in Daisy Cruiser, from 182nd to 109th place with a 32"4 lap.

#128 Hugh Moorhead reported two weeks of cuts in exchange for a large 29pt AF cut. He passed Anton and Dorian and nearly caught up to Jocelyn and Jack, so the competition around him is fairly active. Hugh reached 31/32 Hero times after eliminating 7 of his last 8 Experts, missing only Waluigi Stadium 3lap, where he scored a new time but was 0"15 behind the Hero cut-off. He fared far better on the lap, crushing his lap from from 197th to 105th place. His lap is almost 100 positions ahead of his course time, so there's no doubt that he can eliminate his final Expert. Another strong time was a 28"7 Dry Dry Desert lap, fast enough for top-75 and currently his third top-100 time. Hugh also reached 32/32 top-200 times, beating the 8 he needed that were ranked lower, and reached Hero B level.

#140 Anton Delva missed a few subs early in the week, scoring a 1'10"0 Peach Beach and 1'38"1 Mushroom City. He later improved them to 1'09"9 and 1'37"7 to secure the precious subs, although he missed out on Sherbet Land by hitting 1'17"000 exactly. The Beach and City times were his third and fourth Titans, so Anton was satisfied. Like Hugh, he also reached Hero B level.

#148 Dorian Herniote passed four players to enter the top-150 tier. He was most satisfied with finally earning the Hero time in Luigi Circuit with a 1'17"8. He soon after improved Bowser's Castle to sub-2'24 to win another Hero, leaving only 3 Expert times remaining in his timesheet. Rainbow, Yoshi Circuit and Sherbet are the three problem tracks remaining and Dorian said he will try Yoshi first. He managed to improve it to top-200 level with a 1'45"8, but it was still not quite enough for Hero.

#171 Joseph Armstrong reported a 4.4pt AF cut but said that he only had access to the Wii for a couple of days, and could not stage a full comeback. His 6 PRs included his first top-100 time, an 8"67 Baby Park lap, alongside two new Hero times on Mario Circuit. He needs one more PR to reach the next title in ARR.

#196 Zack Tabak's 34pt AF cut pulled him all the way into the top-200, a jump of over 30 positions. He raced new Hero times with a 33"0 Daisy Cruiser and 34"9 Dino Dino Jungle, reaching 12/32 Hero times. These helped him became Hero D overall, with his 20 remaining Expert times being either Exp A or (rarely) Exp B. Even though Zack is now top-200 he has only 9 top-200 times, but a large portion of them are ranked 200-220. He should be able to flip quite a lot of them over the bar in coming weeks.

#273 Christophe Balzeau also reported a large 33pt AF cut. He raced two new Hero times -- 22"7 Peach Beach lap and 32"4 Mushroom City lap -- to boost his tally to 7/32 Hero. His other 17 PRs were in the Expert tier, although so far nothing is threatening to dethrone his recent Colosseum times (which are Titan level). Near the end of the week Christophe reported some rushed PRs that he admitted were below his potential, so expect more news next time.

#312 Dennis Colvin joined three weeks ago and made his first submission since joining. His 127pt AF cut comes out to about 40 positions per week, which is very good. Dennis improved all 32 of his PRs, no doubt perfecting his snaking technique and racing lines. His best time is a 1'39"7 Mushroom City, ranked 228th, which is Expert level. All of his times are now Expert A-D, also earning him an Expert C title.

#358 Steven Schumann improved his already-best time on Mushroom Bridge lap from 26"9 to 26"7, saying that he was very proud of his time. It was previously ranked 250th and now 175th, a long away below his average position of 376th. It was Steven's first Hero time.

#411 David Nutt passed 14 players with a 15pt AF cut. He outgrew the Advanced ranks and became an Expert D, partly because of his 5 new Expert times on Dry Dry Desert lap, Daisy Cruiser lap, Yoshi Circuit 3lap, and Mario Circuit. David now has 20/32 Expert times, passing the half-way mark. His progress this week was less than previous because he was specifically chasing some of these Expert times on tracks that gave him trouble, and took longer than he had wanted. David said that he would like to reach 32/32 Expert eventually.

#522 Adam Norbury had his first taste of Expertise with a pair of Expert D times in Wario Colosseum. They are his new best ranked times, in positions 420-430, and were two out of 12 total PRs for the week; four other cuts were new inroads into Advanced A territory and may be his best chance of a third Expert. Adam's 21pt AF cut took him 15 positions higher in the rankings.

#611 Joey Jackson reported a 33pt AF cut to get ahead of #629 Adam Roberts, who himself reported a 12pt cut. Joey's times were his first since joining a few weeks ago. He focused on some of his weakest tracks, like Sherbet Land, and didn't touch his best track (Rainbow). Joey had 13 Intermediate times and reduced them to 5 remaining, so he should be able to reach 32/32 Advanced very soon. Adam only played DK Mountain, spending enough time to properly learn the track and how to approach the tricky jump. He improved his times substantially, from ranks 700+ to 538th on the course time and 495th on the lap. Both are currently his best course time and best lap, slightly better than his previous best on Bowser's Castle and Baby Park.

#705 Zack Mosenson and #708 Dan Downey both moved up the ladder with speed, although switched positions with Zack taking over. Zack reported a 52pt AF cut compared to Dan's 42pt cut after playing mostly Flower and Star Cups to improve a few neglected tracks. He beat his last Beginner time to reach 32/32 Intermediate, and increased his Advanced times from 3 to 13/32. He didn't get a chance to play much of Special Cup, which is now lagging, and he promised to set it straight next time. Dan's timesheet is much more chaotic at the moment, with a mix of weak Beginner times up to a few very good times (even top-500). Dan's new personal best, a 26"1 Luigi Circuit lap, is ranked 463rd and is close to becoming his first Expert. Both players reached Intermediate A level this week and should reach the Advanced ranks with no trouble.

~745 Alec Kirchberger sent in his first improvements since last August, scoring an impressive set of Experts and even two Hero times: a 1'17"8 Luigi Circuit and 1'22"1 Mushroom Bridge. The Luigi time is ranked as high as 165th place. We encourage Alec to submit his lap times as well and complete his timesheet.

~931 Anthony Guerrero, recently newcomer who had only played Baby Park, decided to give other tracks a shot. He sent in scores for 8 of the 16 tracks, while also improving his debut Baby Park time from 438th place to 253rd place. With snaking skills like that, he should be able to do fairly well on the other tracks. His best times outside Baby Park are a 1'12"9 Peach Beach and a 27"9 Mushroom Bridge lap, both of which are top-500 level.

New Records

Andrew M's 1'33"957 in Mushroom City was 0"08 faster than his personal best, and 0"04 faster than Andreas's old record from 2013. He goes back up to 12 overall WRs. Richard still has 10, Mike has 4, Kouider has 3, Andreas drops down to 2, and David has 1.

Andrew's time is the 17th WR that originates in 60Hz, so 60Hz now has the majority of WRs. I don't remember if 60Hz had a majority before?

Frederic V beat the 50Hz Baby Park lap record with a 8"371, which is 3rd place overall and 0"01 faster than Paul T's lap.

New Players

Welcome to..

Christian Vaughn, USA (#1010, Beginner B)

Christian has some speedrunning experience from other games and wants to try out some Individual Level times for Double Dash. He raced some times for every track so far except DK Mountain.