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25 January 2017: "Tales of Berseria is out"

#4 Mike Koehoorn felt that it had been too long since he beat his Baby Park lap, and so he beat it again. He also improved both Mushroom City times, one of which was a 60Hz record. A small 0.15 AF cut for the week gives him a larger cushion from #5 Kouider but he is still 0.9 points behind #3 Andreas.

#9 David Gutierrez Pena is half-way along the large gap between #8 Marijn and #10 Konsta. His 8 PRs included new top-10 times in Peach Beach and also in Sherbet Land lap, where he went sub-24 for the first time with a 23"95. David scored another milestone sub in Bowser's Castle lap with a 44"98. Overall the Sherbet lap was his biggest improvement, from 16th to 8th place.

#13 Jacob Purcell reported his first PR in 6 weeks, a 45"3 in Bowser's Castle that was a slight jump from 27th to 22nd place. Bowser's Castle 3lap is still Jacob's kryptonite and the lap is still his lowest-ranked lap despite the improvement, so perhaps Jacob will persevere and figure out its secret.

#17 Olivier Peruch sent his first PRs since 2008, when he stopped playing after reaching Myth+ status. Due to the 'swag strat' on Baby Park, his own lap had fallen as low as 46th place and Olivier propped it back up to 34th place with a 8"53. He also improved Mushroom Bridge to 25"78, ranked 18th. Will Olivier make a comeback or was he just snowed-in for a day?

#22 Paul Tanney aimed for a few subs this week. He got the one in Dry Dry Desert, improving his 28"9 lap to 27"94. Unfortunately he missed both Sherbet Land subs, racing 1'15"07 and 24"01, which was particularly frustrating on the lap since he beat his previous time more than once and each time missed the sub by 1-2 frames. Paul is now 0.1 ARR points away from the next rank promotion.

#25 Frederic Vernier reported 12 new times in 60Hz, feeling that his 60Hz timesheet was starting to lag too far behind his 50Hz times. He reached No. 40 in the green charts, just one place ahead of compatriot Guillaume B. Frederic's highlights were an 8"45 Baby Park lap (7th), 28"4 Dry Dry Desert lap (26th), and 31"5 Waluigi Stadium lap (27th), all of which were quite a bit higher than his 60Hz AF score. His reached Titan B level in 60Hz.

#68 Guillaume Becard reported 3 weeks of PRs that he had scored since the near year. His huge 21pt AF cut propelled him from 95th to 68th place ahead of veterans and luminaries such as Kevin S, Francois 'Paco' C, Alejando L, Martin R, Stefan B, Steven Z, Michele S, Koen M, and Jerrol H. Guillaume's biggest cuts were on lap times, which traditionally French players from the French site had not raced very seriously, and his best cut was on Luigi Circuit lap with a 24"57, a jump from 101st to 33rd place. It's his best time by a significant margin. He also found 40+ position cuts on Mario Circuit lap, Sherbet Land course and lap, and DK Mountain course and lap. Out of 12 times ranked 100+, Guillaume improved 11 of them. He didn't play Daisy Cruiser lap, which was and still is ranked exactly 100th, so he still achieved a 32/32 top-100 times milestone even if one of the times is on the border and in danger of falling back out. Guillaume reached Titan B level in ARR and raised his Titan tally from 20 to 30, missing only two scores.

#101 Kai Oliver Meister crushed his worst track, Baby Park 7lap, early in the week and felt very motivated to bring it to Titan level. He hit a 1'05"7 later in the week to secure 85th place, a big jump from his previous 137th. He gained 4 standards in Baby Park 7lap and 4 in the lap (improving from Myth C to God), so Baby Park was very generous to him this week. Kai's other cuts were on Mushroom City, particularly cutting the 3lap from 104th to 76th, but he felt that his laps were still inconsistent and he hopes to do better. Kai passed Max R and Sylvin R in the rankings and needs just 0.1 more to bump Nivek N from 100th position.

#116 Jack Whittingham gave credit to Frederic V and Mike K for his new Wario Colosseum time. Using their tips he improved his 1'01"1 lap to 1'00"5, a jump from 126th to 94th. Initially he only improved it to 1'01"0 but felt confident that he could go earn the Titan standard. The final time was Titan C, and was Jack's third top-100 time. He managed to improve his course time to 2'02"999 as well, hitting the Titan D requirements on the dot and earning a 4th Titan time. These cuts helped Jack become a Hero A player.

#127 Jocelyn Sitek raced his first God time in the game with a 8"56 Baby Park lap. This time took back the crown from DK Mountain as Jocelyn's best ranked time at 42nd place, winning by about ten positions. It was also his first top-50 time. We all know that Baby Park has been a hotbed for God times recently with the new TAS-like strategy, and we know that Jocelyn has been considered a DK Mountain specialist, but he was very happy to score his first Titan times outside of these two tracks this week with a 22"4 in Peach Beach lap. He produced a few other strong cuts such as a 34"2 Jungle lap, a 32"3 Stadium lap (cutting 50 positions), and 1'17"3 Luigi Circuit course time, but they remain at Hero level and Jocelyn will be wondering where he can find the next Titan.

#228 Zach Tabak raced 10 improvements to gain 18 positions, conserving some of his momentum from last week. The most outstanding times were a 25"2 Luigi lap (89 positions higher and Hero D) and a 24"8 Sherbet lap, raising Zach's number of Hero times to 10/32. He improved a few tracks to top-300 level for the first time--Waluigi Stadium, Dino Dino Jungle, and Bowser's Castle--and has three 300+ ranked times remaining. These times are on Waluigi lap, which he didn't play this week, and also on Rainbow lap and Colosseum 2lap, which he played and ranked 300-301st place, missing out on 2xx ranks by just one or two spots.

#248 Jean-Christophe Leger joined the top-250 club a week after Zach, and with a similar 22pt AF cut like Zach's cut last week. He added three new Hero times to his previous two: a 26"8 Mushroom Bridge lap, 34"8 Dino Dino Jungle lap, and 1'00"1 Rainbow Road lap. Each was a jump of between 120-130 positions, so they were very good improvements. The Jungle and Rainbow laps were also top-200 quality, only Jean-Christophe's fourth and fifth times to make the grade. He improved his two weakest times, Baby Park lap and Yoshi Circuit 3lap, to top-300 level and now has 25/32 top-300 times.

#287 Vincent Audoore reached 32/32 Expert and top-300 level at the same time, placing strong focus on raising his entire timesheet to top-300 level. He started with 5/32 times ranked top-300 and finished the week with 20. His cuts included beating his nemesis track Baby Park by more than 100 positions, although it's still his lowest ranked track despite the big cut. Vincent was pleased to reach Expert B level overall, getting over the half-way point of the Expert tier. No Hero times in sight yet, but Vincent's submission contained his first three Expert A times -- all three of them laps -- so he may be able to produce his first Hero in coming weeks.

#305 Christophe Balzeau passed 3 players in the same week, which was a fairly minor accomplishment compared to racing his first Titan times. A few weeks ago, around New Year, he stayed up through the night to earn two very strong Wario Colosseum times ranked 130-150. He improved both of them this week: the 2lap to 2'02"6 and the lap to 1'00"7. Their new positions are 94th and 105th place, so Christophe also got his first top-100 time alongside his first Titan (they were both Titan). He improved the lap twice in the week, both very similar 1'00"7 runs, so it was no accident and looks like a shoe in for being his second top-100 time if he can improve it another 5 positions. He reached Expert B level with these cuts since he was already very close a the promotion last time.

#359 Steven Schumann advanced 23 positions thanks to his first submission since October. He had a wild mix of times, some ranked below 500 and even below 600 when he also had top-300 times. Steven cleaned these up a little and improved everything to at least top-500 level. Mushroom Bridge was already his best track, with a course time ranked 252nd, and Steven managed to improve his lap to 26"9 to earn 250th place. He says that he will keep grinding the lap some more, not fully satisfied with a top-250 time just yet. If he can push it below 26"9 then it would be his first Hero, so that might be on his agenda.

#425 David Nutt was another player with a large cut, passing 34 players. He apologised for recent inactivity due to having to prepare for university, and this week's 9 PRs were his first since Christmas. David increased his Expert count from 9 to 15 and raced a new personal best standard of Expert B with a 23"1 Peach Beach lap. His time is ranked 338th, his best position so far but not by a big margin and there are a number of close contenders in Mushroom Cup. David is just 0.13 ARR points shy of a major promotion. Maybe next updated.

#536 Adam Norbury sent in 9 new times, enough for a 17pt AF and a gain of 14 positions in the rankings. He reached Advanced B level overall despite having only 2 Advanced A times, which tells you how tight his timesheet is, with 27 of his times being ranked Adv B or C and the remaining 5 being just above or just below. To be precise, Adam's Advanced A times were brand new and his timesheet was even tighter last week. He raced both of them on Wario Colosseum. If he can improve his 1'05"5 lap by half a second then he will come very close to the Expert standards and perhaps his first Expert time (which would of course be great, but would also ruin the remarkable consistency of his times).

#748 Dan Downey filled in all blanks in his times to debut in the rankings slightly above #758 Zack M. Zack still leads 18-14 in head to head, similar to the lead he had last week, despite Dan being ranked slightly higher in AF. It's possible that Zack is active and playing but simply didn't submit any times this week, and therefore could make a sudden big jump and take the lead again. However, Dan's newest times were rushed with the intention to fill in blanks, and he can also make big jumps. Surprisingly, Dan's best track is now Peach Beach. He was ranked 1000+ since his first submission in this track and it seemed like a track that he didn't fancy (compared to, say, Mario Circuit or Yoshi Circuit) since they were his weakest times, but Dan has turned that upside-down.

#141 Anton Delva, #191 Gavin Kimpton, and #646 Adam Roberts were also active.

New Records

Mike K improved the Baby Park lap WR to 8"318, a 0"007 shave on his old record. David P is still in second place with 8"35.

Mike also took the 60Hz Mushroom City lap record with a 30"799. The previous record was Andrew M's 30"807 set six months ago. Andreas R's 50Hz record is 30"78, very slightly ahead.

New Players

None this week.