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09 January 2017: "Are the easter bunnies in the shops yet?"

#4 Mike Koehoorn focused on taking the No. 4 position from Kouider this week, having some fairly close last time. He scored two new wins on the former champion that he didn't have before, and improved another 8 times for a total 0.56pt AF cut, which was enough to pass Kouider by 0.03. A 2'17"7 Bowser's Castle time was a small improvement from 8th to 5th, and likewise a 1'40"3 Yoshi Valley, from 8th to 6th. A 1'28"8 Dry Dry Desert fared better, from 5th to 3rd, and a 27"6 lap in the same track was enough for 4th place. A breakthrough 32"8 on Dino Dino Jungle slingshot Mike from 8th to 2nd, which was big help to lowering his AF, and a few small cuts on Daisy Cruiser and Mario Circuit were just enough to tie Kouider. He managed one more PR later in the week, a WR in Luigi Circuit lap, to improve from 2nd to 1st place and score the final tiny AF cut he needed to take 4th place outright. Andrew still has a stronghold on the #1 spot but has been dropping a few WRs to Mike in recent weeks.

#9 David Gutierrez Pena had 6 new times to report, including a pair on his newly favourite track of Wario Colosseum. He new times are unchanged from 4th and 2nd place, although he managed to improve his own 60Hz lap record. David feels that a significant cut may happen any moment now. Apart from two minor cuts on Luigi Circuit, his notable cuts were on Bowser's Castle: his 2'17"8 almost beat Mike and was a big cut from 12th to 7th, whereas his 45"01 lap was faster than Marijn and Aron and also strong enough for 7th. David has to make up a 2.1pt AF deficit to reach Marijn, the next player in the ranking, and each win on Marijn, such as his Castle lap, effectively counts as double.

#119 Jack Whittingham sought help from Mike and Frederic in Yoshi Circuit and it paid quick dividends with Jack improving his lap from 138th to 116th. He cut down his course time to 1'45"1 but feels he may be able to go a whole second faster. Jack moved ahead of Marcel F and Tanguy A in the rankings with these two improvements.

#152 Hugh Moorhead improved his excellent Baby Park to 8"41 but it gain any new position beyond 9th place. His other 10 PRs, however, gained an 8pt AF cut and 8 positions in the rankings. A 29"08 Dry Dry Desert lap was one of his stronger PRs, reaching a high of 108th position and his third best rank. A 28"7 Mario Circuit lap was not far behind, reaching 118th place. Hugh's other cuts on Waluigi Stadium, Sherbet Land, Yoshi Circuit, and Wario Colosseum and were much closer to his average of 165. If one were to only look at Mushroom Cup, they would feel that Hugh should be ranked quite a bit higher.

#191 Gavin Kimpton had time for only 3 PRs during the New Year baton pass but found some time in the last couple of days to extend his tally to 8 PRs. A 5.8pt AF cut resulted in wins against Nick H, Casey M, Yannik B, and a few others in the rankings. His highlights were three new top-200 times in Peach Beach 3lap, Dry Dry Desert lap (a sub-30), and Mushroom Bridge, bring his total to 12/32 top-200 times. They were also new Hero and now part of Gavin's growing collecting of Hero times. In particular, his new 22"5 Peach Beach lap was Hero A level, which is Gavin's best standard outside of Baby Park lap.

#273 Jean-Christophe Leger reported a 7.5pt AF cut to maintain a lead over #274 Zack T. Jean-Christophe submitted 4 new scores in Dry Dry Desert, Wario Colosseum and Bowser's Castle. His Castle times were substantial cuts, particularly the 2'25"2 course time that was previously ranked 337th and now ranked 230th. He also raced a new best 48"0 f-lap in the same race that was fifty positions higher than before. I hope he used both mushrooms? #274 Zack Tabak finished the week with a 27pt cut and one place behind Jean-Christophe, almost a copy of his previous week's cut following his comeback after many years. Zack's new times were clustered around Mushroom and Flower Cups, so he may not have had enough time to focus on all the tracks. There were 4 new Hero times that extended Zack's tally to 7-of-32, although he says that he will first focus on beating his lowest times rather than try to upgrade his best Experts to Hero. Zack's top PR of the week was a 1'06"2 Baby Park 7lap ranked just inside the top-150, which was less than half of his average position. With such momentum behind him, Zack should be able to reach the top-250 before Jean-Christophe.

#310 Christophe Balzeau reached 32/32 Expert following a pair of PRs on his weakest track, Mario Circuit. He new times of 1'33"3 and 29"7 are ranked much closer to his average, although he would still consider the track one of his weakest. Meanwhile, Christophe raced some top-250 times to balance things out and earn his 16pt AF cut, such as a 1'11"3 Peach Beach course and 26"8 Mushroom Bridge lap. His new 8"90 lap in Baby Park ended up 251st, missing out by 1 position, but was still a large jump of more than one hundred places. Apart from Mario Circuit, he only played Mushroom Cup, so let's see where he travels next week.

#325 Stephen De Winter recently heard about A-tech and has been trying to practice and figure out how to included it in his racing style. So far he was been practicing mostly on Baby Park and improved his 7lap from 434th to 291st place. He also gained 60 positions in the lap and went below the 9 second mark. Stephen switched Hertz to 60Hz and scored comparable times, equivalent big cuts and almost identical flap. He said that his A-tech execution is somewhat ineffective at the moment and that he will continue to practice it in the hope of using it on other tracks later. His 6pt AF cut awarded pulled him ahead of 7 players, including Brent W, William L, and Lorenzo F.

#674 Adam Roberts scored a 13pt AF cut following new times in Bowser's Castle and Waluigi Stadium. He beat his previous Castle time by 160 positions despite wiping out on an unavoidable fireball when taking the shortcut, so he hopes to figure out the changing timing requirements for fireball avoidance as his time gets faster. He also improved his f-lap by 130 positions, earning Advanced times in both of the Castle charts. These were his 10th and 11th Advanced times so far and Adam found a 12th one in Waluigi Stadium. His Waluigi times were only his second and third top-600 times, so it's arguably his top track right now.

#777 Zack Mosenson returned after nearly 2 years absence to overhaul his timesheet. He had 29/32 Beginner times during his last bout of activity and now has 1/32 left with a mostly-Intermediate timesheet. He even raced two Advanced times: a 9"30 lap in Baby Park and a 36"8 lap in Waluigi Stadium. It's not clear how long it took Zack to accumulate these PRs, and there are some tracks he said he dislikes and doesn't wish to play, but his progress so far is good. Zack has set a goal for himself to reach Advanced A level. His best time so far is Advanced B, so there is some work to do.

Also active were #105 Kai Oliver Meister, 133 Jocelyn Sitek, #228 Giovanni van Basten, #555 Will Mandrola, and #692 Stephen Weber. Kai improved his Baby Park 7lap and reiterated his promise to reach top-100 soon. Jocelyn beat his last remaining Expert on Waluigi Stadium to reach 32/32 Hero. Giovanni raced top-200 times on both Luigi Circuit course and lap, and was happy to get his fifth Hero time there. Stephen had a couple of improvements he forgot to submit just before the new year. Will didn't want to break his activity streak and raced two quick PRs in Mushroom Cup.

New Records

Mike Koehoorn raced a 24"193 Luigi Circuit lap, 0"01 faster than Andrew's WR set seven months ago. His own previous best was a 24"21 from just before Christmas, which had come super close to Andrew's record.

Mike also raised the stakes in 60Hz Dino Dino Jungle with a 32"885 lap record, a bit faster than Andrew M's two-year old record of 32"95. Mike's previous time was 33"04, so it was a big cut for him. Richard K has the Combined record of 32"83 set in 50Hz in 2014, and Mike's lap is equal second (tied with Andreas).

David Gituerrez Pena improved his own 60Hz Wario Colosseum lap record to 57"545, a fractional improvement but one that indicates he is quite active on the track. Andreas holds the overall WR at 57"47.

New Players

James Farrell-Shaw, Scotland (#714, Intermediate A)
Joey Jackson, USA (#646, Advanced D)
Dan Downey, USA (~1073, Beginner C)

James says he has forgotten how to drift and intends to remind himself and rediscover long-lost skills; he has 8 Advanced times so far. Joey is a little ways ahead of James and has more than half of his timesheet at Advanced level. Dan has only played a few tracks so far; he holds Double Dash dear to his heart and intends to fill his timesheet soon.