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03 January 2017: "And thus 2016 draws to a close. Time for 2017 goals?"

#5 Mike Koehoorn was the highest active player and finished 2016 with 32/32 top-10 times and 32/32 God times. He left the last in both targets until the very end, upgrading his Myth+ to God on Rainbow Road 3lap and pushing his Rainbow Road lap from 12th to 9th. His end-of-year ARR of exactly 5.00 puts him 0.6 points behind Kouider. His other PRs this week included a top-3 time on Mushroom Bridge, a 1'42"8 sub on DK Mountain, and 44'92 sub on Bowser's Castle lap. He also beat Andrew's 60Hz lap on Yoshi Circuit.

#9 David Gutierrez Pena was the second active top-10 player. Following an impressive 17 PRs, he got ahead of Konsta J this week to earn a single-digit ranking. He improved some of his weaker times, such as Luigi Circuit lap (20th to 16th), Dino Dino Jungle 3lap (19th to 15th), and Bowser's Castle lap (20th to 9th) to secure 32/32 top-20 times. His Jungle lap is now his weakest time, ranked 19th. As for his stronger times, David raced a new God with 1'37"3 Daisy Cruiser and a new top-10 time with 32"3 Yoshi Circuit lap. Actually his Bowser's Castle lap was a combination of all of the above. David has 9 Myth times remaining and 0.4 ARR points left to go before joining Mike at sub-zero tier.

#22 Paul Tanney improved his Peach Beach lap to 21"82 and 16th place, making it his third best time. He says he intends to bring it down to 21'7s. He also improved his Baby Park lap from 8th to 3rd with a 8"381, which was actually a new 50Hz record that was previously held by Mikael J at 8"383. Mike and David have slightly faster laps in 60Hz.

#25 Frederic Vernier improved his Baby Park lap to 8"383 to tie Mikael's 50Hz record only to have it beaten by Paul in the same week. It's good enough for 4th place overall, in contrast to his 7lap, which is his worst time that dropped back from 49th to 50th this week. It's ripe for an improvement. Frederic's other cut this week was a 1'38"3 Waluigi Stadium time, hitting the Myth A requirements for the first time and earning his fifth top-15 time.

#95 Guillaume Becard felt inspired to make a mad rush for the top-100 as the year deadline approached, and improved by 11 positions in the final week. He intends to decrease his activity until he can formulate a new goal. He scored a 16pt AF cut and reached Titan C level this week after a number of big cuts, such as 1'08"9 Peach Beach (from 116th to 54th), 28"8 Dry Dry Desert lap (157th to 84th), 31"6 Mushroom City lap (137th to 66th), and 46"1 Bowser's Castle (152nd to 91st). Guillaume upgraded 5 Heroes to Titan and 3 Titans to Myth, resulting in the large 1.0 ARR cut. His new best-ranked time is a 1'05"2 Baby Park 7lap, his first and only top-50 time (ranked 46th), which had a missed SSMT.

#105 Kai Oliver Meister was happy to finally have time to kart in his holidays. He raced improvements on Mushroom Bridge lap, Waluigi Stadium (a 1'41"9 sub), and a pair of new top-100 times on Bowser's Castle. He now has 14/32 top-100 times. He also said that he improved his weakest time (Baby Park 7lap) but forgot to post his improvement. This cut could be the difference between Kai being just a Hero or Kai being a Titan!

#121 Jack Whittingham gained a couple of positions and should be able to catch fellow UK player Dave T within his next set of PRs. Out of 9 PRs, he was most happy with a 32"1 Waluigi Stadium lap (ranked 106th), a 2'22"7 sub on Bowser's Castle, and 59"5 Rainbow Road lap (up 30 positions). He also raced a 3'01"3 on the Rainbow course, making it his second best course time, although he feels certain he can dip below the 3 minute barrier if he strings together three good laps.

#133 Jocelyn Sitek passed 6 players following 4 PRs in Wario Colosseum and Rainbow Road, where he beat his laps in the same runs as his courses. This included his first sub-minute lap on Rainbow with a 59"7. No Jocelyn update would be complete without DK Mountain, and he once again reported a new 34"67 lap that reached Titan C level. It took back the best-ranked-lap crown from Baby Park lap since it was ranked higher by 1 position.

#160 Hugh Moorhead finished 2016 a long way ahead of where he started, back in 847th place just six months ago. He gained 3 positions this week and his showpiece cut was an 8"42 Baby Park lap that reached 9th place. His previous time was 24th, so it was a decent cut. Hugh says he hopes to race 8"3x, and is already quite close. He also scored new Hero times with a 47"1 Bowser's Castle lap and 3'02"3 Rainbow Road. This puts his timesheet at 21/32 Heroes with only Expert As and Bs outstanding.

#230 Giovanni van Basten passed 5 players with three new PRs, the most significant being a 1'45"8 Yoshi Circuit course that that was ranked 195th. It was Giovanni's third top-200 time, and welcome consolation after his Yoshi lap missed out by a few positions.

#299 Zack Tabak, who returned last week after nearly a decade away, fought back to reach the top-300 with a 31pt cut. He credited his 18 PRs to watching Mike K's videos, trying out some of Mike's racing lines and techniques such as A-tech. He beat his last 6 remaining Advanced times by sizeable margins to reach 32/32 Expert, which he initially envisaged as goal for January but ended up completing it the same week. He was happy to race new times on Special Cup tracks that he hadn't touched since 2007, and there is still room to grow.

#334 Christophe Balzeau's 59pt AF cut was commensurate to his large number of submissions and dozens of PRs. He had 21 new times, since of which he improved more than once. His masterstroke track is still Wario Colosseum, which he improved yet again after staying up until the morning: a 2'03"9 and 1'01"4 for his efforts amounted to two top-150 times, very good for someone whose average is 200 less. Mario Circuit remains a major weakness, but Christophe made good progress in pulling his Baby Park and Waluigi Stadium out of the mire. With 11 out of 12 remaining Advanced times just upgraded to Expert, he reached overall Expert C with 31/32 Experts. Besides the aforementioned Heroes in the Colosseum, Christophe found his third Hero on Mushroom Bridge with a 1'22"3, nearly two seconds faster than last week.

#458 David Nutt finished 2016 at 503 positions higher than where he started three months ago. This week he only had enough time for one track and managed to beat his Mushroom City from October, which at the time he felt were 'flawless'. His new 1'42"4 and 33"4 lap were his 8th and 9th Expert times. David is still Advanced A overall, needing a further 0.65 points to reach the Expert levels.

#556 Will Mandrola nearly caught up with #549 Adam N following a 24pt cut. He focused his efforts on only five tracks and succeeded in getting 10 PRs. Waluigi Stadium proved most fruitful, with a 34"7 lap that was good enough for Advanced A and ranked 430th. It was a jump of two standards and Will's first top-500 time, although he says it should have been Expert had he not missed up the aerial MT at the end. So far he has two Advanced A times, and this has been the closest to a first Expert. He also improved his Dino Dino Jungle times after practicing the jump and follow-up MT, but is still having trouble putting together three good laps.

#332 Stephen De Winter, #690 Adam Roberts, and #969 Jordan Fetner were also active. Stephen improved his 60Hz Mario Circuit, trying to get it to the same quality as his 50Hz time. Adam raised his Advanced count to 9 following two PRs on Mario Circuit.

New Records

Mike K's 32"185 Yoshi Circuit lap was a new 60Hz record by 0"009, beating Andrew's lap from 12 months ago. Mike's previous time was 0"06 behind, so it was a decent cut. The Combined record is Richard's 32"10 set in 50Hz, with Mike and Andrew's 60Hz times clocking in at 3rd and 4th place.

New Players

None this week.