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22 December 2016: "Merry Christmas"

#13 Jacob Purcell wanted me to tell you about his Christmas Gift for active players. It's an Excel-based spreadsheet that can automatically get data from the Player's Page and help you compare your times and set your goals. Check the forums for the latest version.


#1 Andrew Math fought off Mike for a record or two this week, while a few others are still hotly contested. He managed to get the Peach Beach course record, but couldn't quite get the lap (he missed Kouider's 2nd place spot by 0"001). He also improved his Baby Park time, and tried to capture the Bowser's Castle WR but is still slightly behind. It was overall a good week for Andrew, improving his AF by .06 and re-capturing a record or two while having time to go after ones he doesn't have.

#5 Mike Koehoorn contends that he briefly beat Andrew's Baby Park WR, which no doubt motivated Andrew to play it and get the new WR this week. Mike submitted his time later, unable to improve on Andrew's improvement. Although he also lost the Peach Beach record, he beat his own Mushroom Bridge lap WR and came very close to winning the Luigi Circuit lap WR (missing by 0"006). He also continued trying Wario Colosseum, his worst track, and made a small gain from 9th to 7th in the 2lap time. He had more luck with the 1lap, going from 12th to 5th. A few other cuts in Bowser's Castle and Rainbow Road ensured a good week with a 0.5pt AF cut.

#10 David Gutierrez Pena is enjoying his newfound top-10 position and is even super close to catching #9 Konsta J, needing just 0.15 additional points. He had 7 PRs to report, including a 1'07"8 Peach Beach, a 1'14"6 Sherbet Land, and his 22nd God time with a 57"69 Rainbow Road lap. He still has the Wario Colosseum 60Hz record from last week -- it wasn't beaten by Andrew or Mike -- but David didn't play the level this week, either.

#22 Paul Tanney passed a few players in the 60Hz ranking, returning to improve his Baby Park lap from 68th from 7th place. His 50Hz time was already quite competitive, so it was more a matter of low-hanging fruit.

#25 Frederic Vernier sent in two new times to break the tie with Jonathan S, taking the 25th spot for himself. His 1'38"6 Waluigi Stadium time was a jump from 22nd to 16th, and nearly went under 2'58 for a Myth time on Rainbow Road but dropped 3 mini-turbos near the end and missed it by 0.1s. Seems like Frederic has lots of potential for a big cut there.

#83 Kevin Sekanor improved his Baby Park lap to 8"44, fast enough for 11th place overall and also his first 60Hz French record. A few of the French players have gone slightly faster in 50Hz, most famously Kouider's 8"399 that was a WR for 5 years. His other highlights were improving both Yoshi Circuit times by 15 positions, from 80 to 64-65th place. His 3lap jumped by two standards even though he said that it was nearly a full second behind his best potential. Kevin's 5pt AF cut was enough to pass 5 players, among them three Frenchmen, and he has four more French players between himself and the top-75.

#106 Guillaume Becard, still fairly new to the site, is accelerating towards a top-100 spot. This week's 11 PRs and 17pt cut were bigger than last week's because he finally managed to crush his neglected Rainbow Road and Dino Dino Jungle times (by about 100 positions each). The good news for his rivals is that Guillaume is running out of neglected tracks. His best performances this week were on Mushroom Bridge, a 1'20"4 and 26"1, that rank close to 80th spot and both were 40-50 positions above his previous. He achieved a Titan+ standard on the lap, equalling his best standard. No Myth times so far, but he reached Titan D level overall and has 15 Titan times compared to 17 Hero times, a balance that will soon flip.

#142 Anton Delva and #151 Dorian Herniote tussled with the top-150 barrier, with Anton going under and Dorian finishing just on the opposite side. Anton's 13pt cut, a product of 13 PRs, included some new Belgian records. He now has 8 such records compared to the 9 held by #144 Ashley O and 15 held by #121 Tom S. Anton passed Ashley to get the No. 2 spot in his country and will need to work a bit more to catch Tom. A 31"9 lap in Mushroom City was Anton's favourite new improvement since it was his second Titan and his new best-ranked time. Unfortunately he will be away for several weeks for the holidays, giving his rivals a chance to catch up. Dorian reported 20 PRs in exchange for a 16pt cut and finished in the same spot where Anton was last week, just ahead of the former champion Cesar M. His best cut was perhaps a 1'06"4 in Baby Park since it was a big jump of 83 positions and a new Hero time. Dorian reduced his remaining Expert times from 11 down to 5, which was a big help in reaching Hero C level.

#164 Hugh Moorhead sent in 11 PRs and also passed several players. Although he improved his impressive Baby Park lap from 30th to 24th place, he was more surprised by his 26"2 Mushroom Bridge lap (111th -> 96th). It was his first top-100 time outside Baby Park and qualified for the Titan B standard. Neither Anton nor Dorian intend to play next, which could give Hugh the opportunity to catch up.

#198 Gavin Kimpton became a Hero and reached the top-200 at the same time. He still has 25 Expert times despite reaching Hero level since his strong times are quite strong whereas his Experts are all just near the border. His best cuts came on DK Mountain, from rank 230-240 down to 175-180, and included a new Hero D lap of 36"0. These are among his top five best times. Gavin noted that the track held some of his oldest PRs and was most in need of improvement. He also slightly improved his Sherbet Land times, another set of old times, but not quite with the same success.

#285 Jean-Christophe Leger scored his second Hero time with a 25"2 Luigi Circuit lap. Ranked 189th, it was his third top-200 time and a jump of 80 positions. He had 6 other new times to report, including a long-awaited 1'01"4 on Rainbow Road that defeated his last remaining Expert D standard. He passed 9 players in the rankings, such as Mark E, Gerardo A, and fellow Canadian player Pascal L.

#312 Vincent Audoore submitted 24 PRs to earn his Expert C status and make good headway towards Expert B. He scored his first and only top-300 race back in October and added 4 new scores of similar quality this week on Mario Circuit 3lap, Sherbet Land lap, Bowser's Castle lap and Rainbow Road lap. Many of his scores are just outside the top-300, so his 5/32 tally could very quickly shift if he can maintain 20+ PRs per week. Vincent beat all 14 of his last remaining Expert D times to push everything to Exp C or higher, except for Baby Park -- his nemesis track -- where he still has Advanced times from August. Perhaps he could give it a few more attempts, or consult with Mike K for some tips.

#324 Zack Tabak, last active in 2007, sent in 24 old PRs. He assures us that none of them were raced very recently. They earned him a 53pt AF cut and a big jump in the ladder, although he would have been ranked much higher back in the day.

#374 Christophe Balzeau's 40pt AF cut from 17 cuts propelled him from Advanced to Expert D. He was most pleased with scoring his first Hero on Wario Colosseum, where he repeatedly improved the lap until taking it down to Hero C. His old lap was ranked 254th and his new lap is 167th. Christophe also smashed his 2lap from 315th to 197th, nabbing a second Hero and second top-200 time. Seven of his other improvements were dedicated to upgrading Advanced times to Expert and he now has 20/32 Experts, passing the half-way point.

#549 Adam Norbury and #583 Will Mandrola were active in the 500-600 region, with Adam submitting 13 PRs to Will's 9 PRs. They both amounted to the same size AF cuts of 19pts. Adam doubled his number of Adv B times from 8 to 16 but is still seeking his first Adv A. Will focused on beating his last remaining Intermediates to reach 32/32 Advanced and already has a single Adv A, but quite a lot more Adv Ds compared to Adam. Both players have their weakest time on Baby Park 7lap (they are 0"001 apart there!) so that may be a good track to beat into submission.

#698 Adam Roberts reached top-700 status following a 22pt AF cut, helped quite a bit by a big cut on Baby Park lap: from 775th to 496th place. Adam says that he really wanted to score his first Expert time there but he fell short by 4/100ths of a second. A top-500 time was his consolation prize and it was also his first top-600 time. He also got a second one on Rainbow Road 3lap, which finished in 603rd place.

New Records

Andrew Math improved his own Baby Park WR to 1'03"784, a decent improvement on his previous record of 1'03"85. Mike K scored a 1'03"789 here this week, so this record could swap hands.

Andrew also beat the Peach Beach record with a 1'07"309, gaining 0"09 on his previous best and surpassing Mike's record from last week by 0"07.

Andrew also improved his 60Hz Bowser's Castle lap from 44"69 to 44"662, with no obvious threats behind him in 60Hz but an obvious target of Kouider's 44"60 WR set in 50Hz.

Mike Kooehorn improved his own Mushroom Bridge lap record from 25"61 to 25"592, reaching the G+10 standard.

New Players

None this week.