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14 December 2016: "Early Christmas Gifts for Mike and Dave"
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Check out, a site Paul is curating to include online videos of times for all MKDD standards. Most of them are YouTube links, so this is also a way for some of you to find and follow certain players.


Andrew 'The Champ' Math was active this week and briefly regained the 60Hz Peach Beach lap record, equalling Mike's lap from last week. Unfortunately Mike slightly improved the record once more to break the tie. It wasn't the only record to slip through Andrew's hands this week..

#5 Mike Koehoorn reported 4 new times, resulting in a 0.4pt AF cut. He is still a long way behind #4 Kouider but is happy to improve where he can, which sometimes means scoring WRs. Three of his PRs were new WRs this week, which is a 75% hit ratio. Check them out below! His fourth PR was a bump on his DK Mountain cut from last week, which is not yet threatening Andrew's WR.

#11 David Gutierrez Pena passed #12 Vincent vdF this week and is right on the heels of #10 Jean-Christophe L. He looks set to join the top-10 very soon. David reached a major milestone this week by racing his first WR, a Wario Colosseum lap that beat Andreas's 60Hz time and came very close to beating Andreas's 50Hz time as well. You can watch his sense of relief here as he played catch-up against a ghost. His other PRs this week included a new God time on Mario Circuit with a 1'27"799 (any lower would not have qualified!), a sub on Peach Beach with 1'07"99, and a sub on Mushroom Bridge with a 1'34"90. He also had additional minor cuts on Dry Dry Desert, Waluigi Stadium, Sherbet Land, and Mushroom City, so David has been busy aiming for that top-10 position.

#88 Kevin Sekanor returned after two weeks silence with a 6 new scores and a 6pt AF cut. He passed 8 players in the rankings, including me, Joost C, Paulo P, and three fellow French players. Three of Kevin's new times (on Baby Park and Dry Dry Desert) were ranked in the 40-60 region, a fair bit higher than his average of 90.2, and he wants to take Yoshi Circuit down that low as well. His new Yoshi times were ranked closer to 80 but Kevin said he sees a lot of potential there and will cut it down further. He is now Titan C.

#121 Guillaume Becard, having recently filled the gaps in his timesheet, decided to give some more attention to the tracks he only played briefly. Waluigi Stadium was first on the agenda since his time was last week was performed in only a few attempts. His new 32"2 lap is quite competitive at rank 113, slightly above his average, and took him only half an hour. He is also still learning and practicing the shortcut jump in Yoshi Circuit without a mushroom and thinks he can improve by at least half a second, despite racing a 1'43"4 (ranked 76th) there this week without it. Guillaume's final improvements were on Sherbet Land, which is a track he still says he still can't quite understand as well the other tracks. This week's effort gained 5 positions in the ladder at, now at Hero A, Guillaume can set himself some goals for reaching Titan level.

#139 Jocelyn Sitek improved his favourite track, DK Mountain, once again. A few months ago he improved the lap and now he improved his 3lap time to 1'46"73, reaching 56th place and Titan C in this level. He also had a 26"5 Mushroom Bridge lap to report, and two cuts on Bowser's Castle that included a sub-47 lap. Jocelyn passed Ashley O, Peter C, Stephen R, and Andrew H in the rankings.

#150 Anton Delva was pleased to submit 16pts of AF cuts, which were just enough to overtake once-champion #151 Cesar M and thereby reach the top-150. Other victims among the 17 players he passed included Michael F, Arnaud P, Alvaro F, and Sylvain A. Between his 8 new scores, Anton felt most pleased with racing a top-150 time in Dino Dino Jungle, a troublesome track, with a 1'47"6. His new 34"7 lap was almost good enough for top-150, too. Anton's Mushroom Bridge, Sherbet Land lap, and Yoshi Circuit 3lap were also new times that tested the top-150 barriers (and Sherbet Land is under it). Belgian No.2 Ashley O and No.3 Christophe C are only slightly ahead, and passing them will let Anton set his sights on the Belgian No.1 spot held by #120 Tom S.

#167 Hugh Moorhead and #168 Dorian Herniote are making their way to top-150 as well. Hugh secured a 9pt AF cut and Dorian a 15pt cut this week, with Hugh finishing slightly ahead. Hugh managed to shave Baby Park to 8"51, reaching a peak ranking of 30th place. He also raced a 29"00 lap in Dry Dry Desert, ranked 102nd and his second-best time after Baby Park, but he was frustrated to miss a top-100 time, sub-29 time and Titan time all by tiny fractions. Meanwhile, half of his remaining PRs, such as Yoshi Circuit 1'46"8 and a Waluigi Stadium pair of 1'44"9 and 32"8, where tackling the opposite end of the spectrum where he still has 200+, and even 250+, ranked times. Dorian's timesheet has only one 250+ ranked time remaining on Baby Park 7lap, which he improved this week to 253rd place, but it refused to go any lower. He other cuts included a 101st-place lap in Mushroom Bridge 26"2 and 122nd-place course time of 1'49"4 in DK Mountain, both among Dorian's best performances so far.

#595 Will Mandrola extended his honeymoon period with an 82pt AF cut, nearly as high as last week's. He beat his DK Mountain times, which he didn't get a chance to play last week, and is still trying to figure out how to effectively approach the canyon jump. He went sub-2 minutes and achieved an Advanced A time for now, which is his top standard. Will shifted focus to Mushroom Cup, as well as Dino Dino Jungle, and beat his residual Intermediate times. This leaves only Rainbow Road lap and Daisy Cruiser lap as his final remaining Intermediate times, which is curious because his 3lap times there are Advanced. Expect another busy week from Will.

#691 Stephen Weber returned after a year and a half break with 14 new PRs, enough to boost his Advanced count to 10/32 and unearth his first Advanced C standard in Peach Beach with a 24"3 lap. This lap was ranked about 30 positions higher than his previous best ranking in Sherbet Land. His 24pt AF cut helped him pass 17 players in the ranking and reach the top-700 level.

New Records

Mike Koehoorn improved both Peach Beach records. His 21"66 lap record in 60Hz last week was tied mid-week by Andrew, and both players were within 0"01 of Kouider's 50Hz record. Mike kept playing it until getting a 21"640, snatching both the 60Hz and Combined record with a 0"014 lead. Kouider's old record was from 2011. Andrew is 0"02 behind Mike's new lap, so the record could exchange hands. In the 3lap, Mike's 1'07"381 edged Kouider's overall record by 0"002, an extremely small margin. He also beat Andrew's 60Hz record by 0"015, also a very small margin. Kouider's time was from 2013 and Andrew's time was from six weeks ago.

Mike's other triumph was in Mushroom Bridge lap, a track he been historically been strong in. A 25"616 lap time was 0"002 faster than the previous record set by Andreas in 2013, and 0"02 faster than the previous 60Hz record by Andrew. Adding Baby Park lap to the mix gives Mike 4 WRs in 60Hz and 4 WRs in Combined.

David Gutierrez Pena raced his first WR with a 57"546 Wario Colosseum lap. The previous record was 57"62 by Andreas set two years ago, and Andrew is close behind with a 57"63 raced a couple of months ago. Andreas still holds the overall WR with a 57"47 raced in 50Hz, with David in second and Andrew in third place.

Despite Andrew losing several 60Hz records this week, he still holds a commanding lead of 26/32 60 Hz WRs. Mike now has four, Marijn has two (one tied) and, for the first time, David joins the leaderboard with 1.

New Players

None this week.