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09 December 2016: "Mike can count his rank on one hand"

#5 Mike Koehoorn passed Hendrik for 5th place following a flurry of 6 PRs, including a 60Hz record that he didn't previous have. He reached new top-5 times in Mushroom Bridge lap and Peach Beach lap and also improved Luigi Circuit and Yoshi Circuit. His biggest cut was a 1'43"3 half-second demolition of his DK Mountain time, where he jumped two standards. Of course, his favourite cut of the week was the new 60Hz record on Peach Beach, which you can check out below.

#12 Jacob Purcell returned to take the USA No. 1 spot back from David P with his first submission in four months. He sent in two small cuts on Dino Dino Jungle and an even bigger demolition of his DK Mountain time compared to Mike: his new time of 1'43"1 was a win on Mike and is ranked 5th compared to his previous 1'44"2 ranked 15th. Jacob said that he missed a sub-44 by being too nervous on the last lap, which ended up 0"43 slower than his second lap and he was 0"42 slower than Andrew's WR, so he was going at WR-pace for most of the race. Jacob is 0.27 AF points behind #11 Vincent, and is a smaller size gap than what he gained this week.

#13 David Gutierrez Pena was barely active because he was working on his final exams. He reported two small cuts on Dry Dry Desert lap 27"9 and Wario Colosseum lap 57"7, but unfortunately lost a spot in the rankings to Jacob. However, David said that one particular Wario run was only 0"03 behind his best lap despite two missed MTs, so he hopes to repeat that speed again and hit a top-3 time. David is 0.03pts behind Jacob and 0.3pts behind Vincent.

#25 Frederic Vernier tied Jonathan S for a top-25 position after making his way past Stacy N, Matt T, and Mikael J. His biggest cuts came on Dry Dry Desert after some tips and help from Mike K: his old times were 1'31"5 and 28"4, whereas his new times are 1'30"0 and 27"9. Both reached their respective God standards and are ranked 12th, almost 30 positions higher than before. What great tip did Mike impart to have such an effect? Frederic made two further cuts -- much smaller in comparison -- with 2'58"2 Rainbow Road and sub-1'28 Mario Circuit. He reached Myth B status overall.

#126 Guillaume Becard completed his final 4 missing times to receive a very good ranking. His new Waluigi Stadium lap is terrible and Guillaume admits that it was a one-shroom opener just to get something, and he'll work on it later. Besides registering Mario Circuit and Waluigi times, he also improved his already-very-good times on Baby Park, getting a 1'05"4 and 8"6 lap. The course time is ranked 59th and is Titan+, which are currently Guillaume's best ranking and best standard.

#167 Anton Delva broke his two-month hiatus in order to fight off the advances of Hugh M, Brent C and Joseph A. His 20pt AF cut was enough to pass of these rivals as well as 19 others. Anton said that his highlights were scoring his first Titan with 8"71 on Baby Park lap, and vanquishing his last remaining Expert B on Dino Dino Jungle. He was also happy to gain fifty positions in both Bowser Castle times. In particular, his 46"6 lap came very close to dethroning Rainbow Road as his best time. Anton enjoyed 90-100 position jumps in Mario Circuit (from 229th to 132nd), Daisy Cruiser lap (from 279th to 189th), and Wario Colosseum (from 247th to 154th). These were three of six new top-200 he raced, which raised his timesheet to 22/32 top-200 times.

#176 Hugh Moorhead reported a 7pt cut, enough to stay ahead of Brent and Dorian. He found his third Titan time on Peach Beach with a 22"49 (which made the cut by <0"01 after previously missing it by <0"01) and improved his existing Titan D to C on Mushroom Bridge lap. Another highlight was a 33"8 lap in Yoshi Circuit, which gained 50 positions and was an upgrade to Hero. Overall Hugh reached Hero C status.

#177 Brent Caldwell reported 6 PRs in exchange for a 9pt AF cut and is currently tied with Matt V and sitting less than 1 point behind Hugh. His best works were exhibited in Daisy Cruiser where he improved from 250th to 161st place with a 1'41"2. The lap fell by similar amounts, even dipping sub-33. Both of these cuts were new Heroes, and two further Heroes were achieved on Rainbow Road lap with 1'00"2 and Yoshi Circuit course with 1'45"2. Brent how has 19/32 Heroes, giving him a majority for the first time.

#182 Dorian Herniote aims to spar with the above trio soon, and almost caught up to them with a 13pt AF cut. Much of Dorian's motivation came from getting tipsy before karting, which perhaps makes snaking seem more natural. Baby Park had been his worst time for a while and he finally went sub-9 there, improving from 343rd place to 207th overnight. This leaves Yoshi Circuit and Baby Park 7lap as his weakest showings. Dorian scored a pair of top-200 times on Sherbet Land, including a sub-25 lap, which had been another track giving him trouble. There was one more notable cut, a 47"1 Bowser's Castle lap, which was a jump from 263rd place to 185th and was Dorian's 15th Hero time.

#206 Gavin Kimpton passed 9 players to creep ever closer to the top-200 barrier. His victims included MKW superstar Shaun Tanney and MK64 superstar Michael Jongerius. He favourite new time was a 26"7 Mushroom Bridge lap that clocked in at 175th place, 76 position higher than before. It was one of two new Hero times Gavin scored this week, the other being a 29"0 Mario Circuit lap. This puts Gavin in an incredible position of being 0.07 ARR points away from Hero despite having only 5 Heroes (most players achieve it when they pass 16/32).

#415 Christophe Balzeau reported an impressive 97pt AF cut to rush past the top-500 barrier and almost challenge the top-400. He dedicated a lot of time to Baby Park, his worst track, but couldn't take it past top-500 and his lap there is now 200+ positions behind his average. Despite this frustration, Christophe felt angry and motivated to smash his other PRs and he ended up with 24 new times. His best was a 1'02"6 on Wario Colosseum, ranked 254th and nearly 200 positions higher than last week. Christophe said that it was a result of learning and practicing R-tech on the spiral, which worked extremely well and almost scored him his first Hero (he missed two MTs and ended up with Expert A). Colosseum is now his best track, with Rainbow being his second best because it has R-tech spirals as well! He also cut a lot of time on Bowser's Castle by improving his timing to weave in and around fireballs, and in Dry Dry Desert after consulting with #5 Mike about racing lines and shroom spots. Christophe reached Advanced A level this week and should have no trouble reaching Expert next week.

#460 David Nutt found his 6th and 7th Expert times this week. A 25"8 lap in Sherbet Land was 3 standards and 181 positions higher than before, and a 3'09"9 course time in Rainbow Road was 4 standards and 196 positions higher than before. Sherbet and Rainbow were the only tracks he played, but it was enough for David to find a 17pt AF cut and pass 19 players. He also reached Advanced A level this week, so each new Expert time bring him a step closer to becoming overall Expert.

#569 Adam Norbury beat his last remaining Intermediate time on Luigi Circuit to reach 32/32 Advanced, and said hopes to score his first Expert sometime before New Year's. He doesn't have any Advanced A times yet, but raced 7 Advanced Bs this week to make it seem fairly likely to happen soon. It will also likely come at the same time as his first top-500 time. So far Adam has been closest on Rainbow Road with a course time ranked 524th, which missed the Advanced A requirements by 0.4 seconds. Lets see how he goes next week. Adam's 44pt AF cut this week boosted his rank by 37 positions and he reached Advanced C status.

#680 Will Mandrola, newcomer from last week, started off strong with a 108pt AF cut. He focused on beating his weakest Beginner times and generally practicing his SSMT spacing. His best time is still his sign-up DK Mountain time, so he clearly didn't have the freedom to play his best track this week and instead focused on the many weaknesses. I assume he is using Barrel Train already, but if not, now is a good time to switch to the best vehicle.

#237 Giovanni van Basten, #502 Jonathan Toole-Charignon, #711 Adam Roberts, and #969 Jordan Fetner were also active.

New Records

Mike Koehoorn beat the 60Hz Peach Beach lap record with a 21"662, edging Andrew's 21"67 record from 6 months ago by 0"009. Mike's time is third in the Combined charts, landing 0"008 behind Kouider's 50Hz WR from 2011 and 0"003 behind second-place Andreas. Mike expects Andrew to fight back just as he did with Mike's previous short-lived record on Dino Dino Jungle.

New Players

None this week.