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22 November 2016: "Alola!"

World Champ Andrew Math was the highest active player, slipping in from 5th place to 3rd on Dino Dino Jungle with a 1'41"75. It's incredible that his old position of fifth place was his second-worst score. Andrew's new time pipped Mike K to the post for the 60Hz record and also beat Hendrik's 50Hz time. Andrew's AF improved by 0.06, extending his lead over second place to 0.37 AF points.

#6 Mike Koehoorn reported his first PRs in two weeks after passing Aron for the Dutch Crown. No surprises that he improved his Baby Park lap record once again, but his Waluigi Stadium and Bowser's Castle were harder to predict. The 1'37"4 in the Stadium was an improvement to 8th place, securing another top-10 slot, and his 2'18"2 in the Castle was 10th place exactly. Mike has four times that are still in the double-digit ranks, which leaves him very close to 32/32 top-10.

#12 David Gutierrez Pena extended his lead over fellow American #13 Jacob P, giving himself some relief and breathing space after recently passing Jacob by a tiny margin. He found his first sub-58 Rainbow lap with a 57"81 and scored two more cuts later in the week: a 1'15"2 Luigi Circuit and 27"9 Dry Dry Desert. The Circuit exercise was his 29th time to rank below 20th place. David said that he spent more time on Baby Park compared to these tracks but, sadly, couldn't improve his time as easily as Mike does.

#30 Frederic Vernier practiced his 60Hz over the week and raced 11 new times, almost wiping out all of his Hero times there. Six of his PRs upgraded a Hero to a Titan and, with 31/32 Titans now, he is missing only Baby Park 7lap. His best cut was a 1'15"2 Sherbet Land, a jump from 44th to 23rd place and it's his second best position in the green charts aside from Baby Park lap. Frederic passed six players in the 60Hz ranking (Michele M, Jonathan E, Paul T, Kevin B, Steven Z, Thomas L) and said that he will resume his regular scheduled 50Hz programming next week.

#98 Kevin Sekanor joined the double-digit ranks this week. Lowering his AF from 100.2 to 98.2 let him pass countryman Nivek Namris and Max Reese, thus going sub-100 in AF and sub-100 in rank. Bowser's Castle 2'21"7 was a fruitful cut from 124th to 97th place, and Kevin found a new Titan and new top-100 time on Dino Dino Jungle lap with a 34"1. His other big cut was a 1'16"5 Luigi Circuit, up by nearby twenty positions, but it was already a top-100 time before. Kevin is very close behind to two more French players, Leo B and Paul R.

#122 Jack Whittingham met several karters this week and, during their meet, raced his third best ranked time with a 24"5 lap in Sherbet Land. It was ranked one place above his Daisy Cruiser and two places above his Wario Colosseum times, so it was a small surprise. He also went sub-8"50 in Baby Park lap and, despite scoring as high as 21st place, he missed Jamie D's 60Hz country record by only 0"001.

#213 Gavin Kimpton reset his inactivity clock by reporting his first PRs of this month. Two out of his four new times were new top-200 times: a 1'35"4 Dry Dry Desert ranked 194th and a 25"24 Luigi Circuit lap ranked 178th. The latter was Gavin's third Hero time and is currently his best ranking outside of Baby Park. He had some more PRs to report in Mushroom City and Luigi Circuit 3lap, which were enough to pass Derek C in the rankings.

#218 Dorian Herniote, slightly behind Gavin, found his 7th Hero time with a 1'34"7 on Dry Dry Desert. It was also his ninth top-200 time and Dorian's AF is steadily approaching 200 average. He improved his Mario Circuit course time from 248th to 197th, but his lap was bumped from 199th down to 200th, so Dorian gained a lost a tenth top-200 time. He also tackled two of his weaker tracks, DK Mountain and Dino Dino Jungle, where he cut about 50 positions from each to bring them in line with most of his timesheet. Rainbow Road, Yoshi Circuit, and Baby Park remain as his only tracks with a 300+ ranked time.

#286 Gerardo Daniel Arroyo decided that it was time to do something about his ailing Peach Beach and dedicated a chunk of his time to improving it. He new times, ranked 260-270, were big improvements over his previous 330-360. Baby Park 7lap and Rainbow Road 3lap similarly surrendered, from 398th to 317th and from 416th to 352nd (resp.). These are still some of Gerardo's weakest tracks, but his spring cleaning rewarded him with a 12.5pt AF cut. Sherbet Land is Gerardo's new weakest track, so some winter cleaning may also be in order.

#499 Jonathan Toole-Charignon and #501 David Nutt kept pace with each other's cuts for another week, albeit the order changed and Jonathan took the lead. Jonathan also reached the top-500 but David will get there very, very soon. Jonathan has been feeling motivated by streaming and receiving track requests from other karters. He already had top-200 times on Mushroom Bridge but, on request to play Mario Circuit, ended up scoring a pair of top-150 times with a 1'30"7 and 28"7. These times are a start contrast to some of his other neglected tracks where he has 700+ ranks. Jonathan says his best splits are sub-1"30 but he feels he is reaching his limit on Mario Circuit for now, and was very happy with earn a third and fourth Hero time. David doesn't have any Hero times yet, but scored 3 new Experts to bring his tally to 5. The best of his new cuts was a 25"8 lap in Luigi Circuit, ranked 341st, which was higher than his impressive 365-375th place times last week on Dino Dino Jungle. David, like Jonathan, has a very bumpy timesheet with many tracks that could potentially fall by hundreds of positions in their respective charts.

#606 Adam Norbury reported 19 AF points of improvements and passed 16 players on the ladder. His best new time was a 32"8 lap in Dry Dry Desert ranked 557th, but his 23"9 Peach Beach lap was very close to that and was an improvement of almost 75 positions. Adam upgraded 3 of his last 4 Intermediates to Advanced level to obtain a 31/32 Advanced timesheet and leave just Luigi Circuit remaining.

#643 Joel Johnson sent in 21 times raced since February and the resulting 71pt AF cut gave him a good boost in the ranks. Like Adam, his best time is also on Dry Dry Desert lap but is 508th, about 50 position higher than Adam's best. Joel also reached Advanced D level overall, but he has 11 Intermediates in his timesheet compared to Adam's single, which gives Adam the upper-hand and a 21-11 win in head-to-head.

New Records

Andrew Math's 1'41"755 in Dino Dino Jungle was a new 60Hz record. The previous record of 1'41"83 was set by Mike last month.

Mike Koehoorn improved his own Baby Park WR once again, this time to 8"325. His previous record of 8"329 was set roughly four weeks ago, and Mike now has a 0"03 lead over second place.

New Players

Welcome to...

Guillaume Becard, France (~303, Expert C)

Guillaume has an incomplete timesheet with some fairly impressive scores, such as top-100 times in Luigi Circuit 3lap, Baby Park 3lap, and Yoshi Circuit 3lap. He is missing a course and lap time in four tracks.