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15 November 2016: "I guess it was "both at the same time" and magnified by a thousand"

#12 David Gutierrez Pena, hungry for silverware, passed both Jacob and Ryan at the same time to reach the USA No. 2. Jacob is now third and Ryan slips to fourth place in the country. All three players are still fairly close but only David has been recently active. His victory comes on the back of 9 PRs, which included a big cut of 1'14"9 on Sherbet Land (from 40th to 19th place), a 24"0 lap on the same track (34th to 20th), and new top-20 times on Bowser's Castle 2'18"6 and Rainbow Road 2'56"7. Sherbet Land was David's weakest track, so finally bring it to an acceptable level was a big contribution to his AF cut. The Bowser's Castle time was 0.6s faster than before, which actually gained David 4 standards even though it only passed 12 players. Besides Sherbet and Bowser's Castle, David scored some more ARR cuts in Waluigi Stadium 3lap and Rainbow Road lap. All of these cuts together pushed his ARR score from 1.4 down to 0.99, certainly a very rare milestone. He already reached 32/32 top-20 times on his timesheet, with half a dozen of them currently sitting exactly on 20th place and could tip either side. The next target on the ladder is #13 Vincent, but will David chase him now that he has already reached his USA goal?

#29 Frederic Vernier reported a 0.5pt AF cut after practicing some Sherbet Land, himself. His 1'14"8 was slightly faster than David's time, although Sherbet Land is now one of Frederic's strongest tracks. His 24"08 lap was also an improvement to top-30 level and was slightly slower than David's lap. Frederic said that he will keep playing this to try and score a sub-24 lap. Frederic needs another 0.03 ARR cut to reach the next level.

#105 Kai Oliver Meister returned after five months absence to continue his unfinished business with chipping away at the top-100 border. His 4 new PRs included some breakthroughs on Peach Beach, where his 1'09"4 and 22"2 were both top-90 times. His previous times were ranked 20-30 positions worse, so it was a nice little jump into the top-100. Kai also improved his Waluigi Stadium lap from 140th to 102nd and his Luigi Circuit 3lap from 142nd to 116th. They missed the top-100 cutoffs but helped his ARR level decrease to 10.65, which means he is a mere 0.16 pts away from joining the Titans.

#233 Tommy Kluver passed Cooper L in the rankings with a new best time on Wario Colosseum. It was Tommy's first submission in over two years, and Colosseum was one of only two Advanced times left. He upgraded it to reach 31/32 Experts, which now leaves only Bowser's Castle 3lap remaining as his last Advanced time.

#295 Gerardo Daniel Arroyo gained 5 positions in the ranks following 4 PRs. His 1'32"4 time on Mario Circuit, a cut of 0.9s, was his biggest improvement and gained him 78 positions. He also gained 68 positions on Baby Park with a new 9"0 fast lap. Two additional cuts on Peach Beach and Sherbet Land helped a little bit as well, and Gerardo reached Expert B level.

#324 Jean-Christophe Leger scored a 29pt AF cut, enough to gain thirty positions. New improvements in Waluigi Stadium 1'48"8, Dino Dino Jungle 1'52"7, Bowser's Castle 2'30"3, and Rainbow Road 3'09"2 ensured that Jean-Christophe is very nearly 100% Expert, missing only Waluigi Stadium 3lap that is preventing him from having a 32/32 Expert timesheet. He thought he also got the Stadium solved, but the time he sent in was still Advanced, so maybe he wrote down the wrong time. Either way, the biggest cuts included a 1'40"7 on Mushroom City, which was a jump from 436th to 303rd; a 37"1 lap in DK Mountain, which was a jump from 404th to 289th; and a similar 100+ position jump on the aforementioned Bowser's Castle time. Jean-Christophe says that he will try to improve his Luigi Circuit times (his strength) and Special Cup (his weakness) next.

#522 David Nutt and #526 Jonathan Toole-Charignon are very close now after David reported a 36pt AF cut compared to Jonathan's 31pt cut. This gave David the lead by 3 points following Jonathan's absence since January, but Jonathan's return may motivate both players to climb faster, higher, stronger. David was particularly happy to crush his Dino Dino Jungle times from 620+ ranks down to a respectable 365-375 each. They were his first Experts and first top-400 times on what is otherwise a difficult track (my worst), so David is showing higher potential than his rank indicates. He also scored some big 100+ position cuts on Luigi Circuit and Daisy Cruiser on his way to reaching Advanced B level. Meanwhile, Jonathan practiced Luigi Circuit to get the feel for the game again after his long break and quickly swooped down onto Daisy Cruiser and Waluigi Stadium for massive cuts, similar to David's 250+ position cuts. Jonathan is ranked a little lower at the moment but has a much more erratic timesheet, with times as good as top-200 on Mushroom Bridge and as not-so-good as rank 800+ on Peach Beach, so he also has much untapped potential. Both David and Jonathan reached Advanced B level this week.

#122 Jack Whittingham was also active following a short break, but is several AF points behind the next position held by #121 Florian V.

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