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04/22/2017: Reminder that Clasico is this weekend
04/16/2017: Happy Easter
04/07/2017: Champions League is back this week, hnng!
04/03/2017: Good thing I didn't update on Apr 1 because you wouldn't believe Mike's time.
03/21/2017: Champions League draw seems to unfortunate! Top teams play each other early.
03/15/2017: #BeLikeMike
03/10/2017: WTF Barcelona, WTF Mike, WTF?
03/02/2017: Should wii switch over a new leaf?
02/22/2017: More rivals and records
02/17/2017: Why is everybody active all at once?
02/13/2017: So how about those Champions League matches in a few days
02/01/2017: Sixty Hertz is new Best Hertz
01/25/2017: Tales of Berseria is out
01/22/2017: I go on vacation for only a week and you guys lose the Bandwidth and elect Trump. What's the world coming to?...
01/09/2017: Are the easter bunnies in the shops yet?
01/03/2017: And thus 2016 draws to a close. Time for 2017 goals?
12/22/2016: Merry Christmas
12/14/2016: Early Christmas Gifts for Mike and Dave
12/09/2016: Mike can count his rank on one hand
12/02/2016: It's advent calendar week!
11/22/2016: Alola!
11/15/2016: I guess it was "both at the same time" and magnified by a thousand
11/08/2016: Tomorrow's vote will either be very interesting, or not interesting at all, or both at the same time
11/02/2016: New strain of Crazy Dutch PR discovered, doctors baffled
10/24/2016: Some shops are already stocking Xmas items and the Pumpkin season hasn't even finished.
10/17/2016: Liverpool v ManU tomorrow!
10/07/2016: New Paper Mario out tomorrow, hopefully it's good
10/02/2016: Mike performs a tax avoidance strategy to do with sandwiches
09/22/2016: There are more Dutch gods than Swedish gods
09/15/2016: Farewell, kitty :/
09/09/2016: New Mario game on iPhone?
09/03/2016: King Andrew and Prince Richard tied on records
08/23/2016: Win some by 0"01, lose some by 0"01
08/15/2016: A second Gold Medal for the Netherlands, this time in the skiing!
08/10/2016: With incredible reflexes in every hertz, meet the Amazing Spider-Math.
08/09/2016: Back from 23hrs of airplane food, on-demand movies, and crying babies
07/20/2016: Creative Title Concerning Mario Kart and/or World Affairs
07/16/2016: Pokemon Stop
07/08/2016: Euro 2016 final: Madrid striker vs. Other Madrid striker. The winner is Madrid.
07/01/2016: Portugal looking to break their streak of five draws in a row in regulation time.
06/22/2016: Breath of The Wild: so much want
06/15/2016: There simply aren't enough hours in the day for two simultaneous international football comps.
06/08/2016: The battle for UK No. 2 continues
06/01/2016: The shortest lap got shorter
05/24/2016: And another year of soccer comes to a clo.... ohnowait, there's a whole month of it in June!
05/16/2016: A whole lot of football finals are fast approaching.
05/09/2016: La Liga coming down to the wire.
05/02/2016: A blast from the past?
04/22/2016: Yet another musician becomes formerly known.
04/15/2016: Liverpool, epic. Kobe Bryant, epic. Atletico, epic. This week is too much.
04/08/2016: You know it: six days until more UCL mayhem.
04/01/2016: Champions League is back in six days' time! Messi should try his luck on Baby Park.
03/21/2016: A newcomer beats one of the oldest records
03/15/2016: A newcomer arrives at the record table
03/07/2016: UCL second leg starts tomorrow!
03/02/2016: Every Tuesday is pretty super. It would be far less super to not have a Tuesday at all.
02/21/2016: Champions League is back in two days' time (again)!
02/14/2016: Champions League is back in two days' time!
02/07/2016: Blast from the past
02/02/2016: One caucus to rule them all
01/21/2016: If there is a new planet out there, we should call it Pluto and avoid having to throw out all the old text books.
01/15/2016: We don't talk about Mario Kart
01/08/2016: XCX is.. surprisingly better than I expected! Worth trying.
01/02/2016: Good news: changing a 5 to a 6 on forms and paperwork is not super hard
12/22/2015: The Falcon has landed.
12/16/2015: May the Force be good for a change.
12/08/2015: UCL this morning: United to Europa!
12/01/2015: December already? Almost time to break out the Easter Bunnies and chocolate eggs.
11/22/2015: Perez: "Suarez is not very good", Suarez: "lol"
11/18/2015: Morons will be morons
11/08/2015: Oh come on, Neymar, stop showing off :)
11/01/2015: Christmas time is between this week and the rest of the year, according to all the shops selling tinsel and chocolate.
10/23/2015: Tales of Zestiria out this week.
10/15/2015: Sure, the Champions League continues this week... but how about a round of gwent?
10/07/2015: I've missed more Oktoberfests than I've not, and that's not very fair.
10/02/2015: Madrid v Madrid, bring it on.
09/23/2015: Lewandowski, the G+10 sub.
09/15/2015: Come on, Nintendo, time to announce Mario Kart Maker
09/08/2015: O summer sun, how I've missed thee.
09/01/2015: While eveyrone's doing it, let's all run for President.
08/21/2015: AM hack saga: the second most common eye colour seems to be... black!
08/16/2015: My quest so far to set a Gwent high score rests at 412 points. Just worked out there's a glitch with the decoys that might get me another 10-20pts.
08/07/2015: Downloading 1.08 right now. That last Crinfrid is mine!
08/01/2015: Final Witcher DLC should be a physical gwent deck, damnit. Gwent is where it's at.
07/23/2015: In today's episode: Andrew, King of the West, wins a decisive battle against former king Kouider to bring his legions closer to King's Landing
07/15/2015: Nobody called to tell New Horizons that it was taking pictures of a random rock (it was launched when Pluto was still officially a planet)
07/09/2015: Time to start printing money on greece-proof paper.
07/01/2015: Rainbows... Rainbows everywhere.
06/22/2015: Jurassic World - a 1995-style movie supposed to have been made in 2005, released in 2015, and making us feel like children again. Not bad.
06/14/2015: E3: 'my body is ready'
06/09/2015: Barca just unstoppable. Copa America starting soon.
06/03/2015: This title is not about FIFA.. unlike everything else on the internet!
05/22/2015: Goodbye, David Letterman
05/15/2015: Wow, Juve, that was neat. But can you do it again?
05/08/2015: After those crazy Champions League first legs, next week will be must-see tv.
05/02/2015: I feel about as young/old as yesterday.
04/21/2015: Bayern on a rampage. Portuguese-speaking teams beware.
04/14/2015: Reminder: Champions League quarter finals today and tomorrow.
04/09/2015: Imagine if MKDD mini turbos were done at 200cc. Could your fingers handle the breakage?
04/01/2015: Updating on time, thanks to LAX wifi between flights. I like the modern world.
03/21/2015: Two epic matches tomorrow: Liverpool ManU and El Clasico
03/14/2015: PSG v Chelsea, what a game!
03/09/2015: 5M
03/01/2015: What do you mean, blue-and-black? Blue maybe, but there's no black.
02/22/2015: Champions League again this week!
02/15/2015: Plant the chocolate, eat the flowers
02/08/2015: Atletico take revenge for CL rout
02/02/2015: A guy passed a ball and now everybody is furious
01/21/2015: Captain Toad is the new Nintendo superhero
01/14/2015: AC Rogue last legendary ship battle is dumb and annoying
01/07/2015: It's hard getting used to writing 5 instead of 4
12/30/2014: Merry 11111011111 (2015 is a sum of ten different powers of two)
12/22/2014: Merry Gaming Week
12/15/2014: The heck, since when are ManU allowed to score three zip against a top team?
12/07/2014: So it only recently clicked in my head that Breloom is actually an umbrella mushroom.
12/03/2014: DexNav! *creep* *creep*
11/22/2014: Richard returns in time for ORAS
11/15/2014: And the Mario Kart DLC era starts...
11/07/2014: New Assassin's Creed out this week?
11/01/2014: Merry Early-Christmas-Warning! Have your shopping malls started decorating yet?
10/22/2014: Liverpool v Real Madrid starts in a few hours!
10/15/2014: Poland over Germany? Iceland over Netherlands? Is this backwards-week?
10/08/2014: Congratulations to Mark's pumpkin
10/05/2014: Sunburn and jet-lag
09/22/2014: When will iMario iKart Phone come out?
09/15/2014: Di Maria's looking pretty good
09/08/2014: Forget the 'new' 3DS. I'd rather have a 'new' pokemon snap.
09/01/2014: The crazy-soccer-scorelines have decided to spill from the World Cup and continue into La Liga and EPL...
08/22/2014: RPG fans take note: ToX2 release is this weekend
08/15/2014: Got punched right in the childhood this week
08/08/2014: Dragon's Dogma is great
08/03/2014: Shiny!
07/23/2014: Still more World Cup news: apparently Germany partied so hard that the players damaged the trophy
07/16/2014: Crazy and unpredictable world cup draws to a close. Now to wait for the new club season.
07/08/2014: According to the MKDD country AF rankings, Netherlands beats Germany beats Brazil
07/01/2014: World Cup continues to excite with 90th minute goals and man-of-the-match goalkeepers
06/22/2014: With Germany, Argentina and Brazil all showing signs of weakness, suddenly Costa Rica is looking much more likely to go all the way!
06/15/2014: Lots of goals so far! And many sleepless nights to come.
06/08/2014: Only days to go! Cue the vuvuzelas!
06/02/2014: MK8 release, Karter Contest and World Cup: time to call in sick for a month?
05/23/2014: Titan Leo!
05/17/2014: Barca v Atletico tonight!
05/08/2014: We don't let this slip!
05/03/2014: Happy birthday to 1/365th of the world!
04/22/2014: Man, united, what a season.
04/15/2014: Try not to overindulge on chocolate or rabbits this week.
04/10/2014: Bayern wins UCL again!!1
04/01/2014: Merry Christmas!
03/22/2014: Got a Wii-U. What to get?
03/07/2014: And the award goes to... Adele Dazeem!
03/01/2014: I would like to see a Twitch Plays Mario Kart
02/22/2014: In Helix we trust
02/15/2014: Lord Andrew knocks out Duke Andreas from the record tally
02/07/2014: New MK64 shortcut found
02/01/2014: Zelda Four Swords free on DS eShop this week
01/22/2014: Federer just won, so it's time for an update!
01/15/2014: Andrew scores more WRs, Mikael catches Jacob, and Man Utd finally win a game
01/11/2014: Both Hz champions start the year with records
01/01/2014: Happy 2014
12/21/2013: Breaking news: Richard becomes top player in his home town!
12/15/2013: Richard quietly takes #1, but remains #2
12/08/2013: Richard quietly takes the lead in several metrics, but remains #2
12/04/2013: 'Tis the season
11/22/2013: Richard's sneak attack is super effective
11/15/2013: Andreas and Richard scramble for records
11/08/2013: 10.00548 years
11/01/2013: 10 Year Anniversary
10/23/2013: 1-50-100 active, and Real v Juve in a few hours! Excitement!
10/18/2013: Tasty world cup qualifiers
10/08/2013: Away next week
10/01/2013: Richard Circuit
09/22/2013: Manchester derby tonight!
09/14/2013: Haack attack
09/08/2013: Three karters focusing on what they are best at...
09/01/2013: Omg Bayern Munich, why are you winning everything?
08/22/2013: Andreas checks in, Ryan continues adventuring.
08/15/2013: First world problems: FedEx delivery guy keeps trying to deliver packages at times he knows nobody is home.
08/08/2013: The answer is penguins
08/02/2013: Mere days left until new Tales. Wheee!
07/23/2013: Will and Kate. Who would have thought?
07/15/2013: Powell and Gay. Who would have thought?
07/08/2013: Murray and Bartoli. Who would have thought?
07/02/2013: I want to see someone do wheelies in Le Tour on the downhill
06/22/2013: 2013 seems to be a good year for great games
06/15/2013: New Mario Kart announced. All the worst-best bits into one, but still likely gentler on the fingers than MKDD.
06/09/2013: Rest assured we aren't leaking all your secret Mario Kart info to the suits
06/01/2013: Anyone have Oculus Rift? Looks interesting.
05/22/2013: This weekend -- the final! Germany vs Germany.
05/16/2013: Let the EuroCircusIdol Games begin!
05/09/2013: Most successful football manager retires
05/02/2013: Crazy Bayern!
04/22/2013: One more night! Expecting epic match.
04/14/2013: Next week: Bayern vs Barcelona!
04/09/2013: Champions League seconds legs tonight!
04/02/2013: April fooled?
03/22/2013: Swedish gods' thunder
03/15/2013: Fresh faces and energy
03/08/2013: The week of Champions League showdowns
03/01/2013: The Swedish cavalry advances
02/22/2013: King Andrew, Emperor Christian and Queen Leyla active
02/15/2013: North Korea thunder stolen by meteor.
02/09/2013: First week of February
02/02/2013: King Andrew takes another overall record
01/25/2013: New Zeldas and Marios announced!
01/15/2013: Mickael should make a movie (Rocky VI?)
01/07/2013: McAfee should make a movie
01/01/2013: 2013, Dawn of the First Day
12/23/2012: Merry Christmas + Happy New Year
12/14/2012: This is around the time your advent calendars should be empty...
12/11/2012: Andreas reaches maximum height, joins King Andrew in becoming King Andreas
11/28/2012: The most impressive player this week
11/21/2012: Andreas neck and neck with Richard
11/15/2012: Zlatanland scores a stunner
11/08/2012: Andreas slips into bronze
11/02/2012: The Coronation of King Andrew II
10/23/2012: Horses and bayonets.
10/16/2012: I wonder if the DKM cannon shoots your kart faster than 1342km/h?
10/08/2012: Andrew takes one back, and Sandra takes a dozen
09/30/2012: Don't forget to keep voting in the Karter Contest 2012
09/21/2012: School taking its toll on activity
09/15/2012: Andrew gives Kouider respite this week :)
09/09/2012: The battle at the top continues!
09/01/2012: Not a good week for people named 'Armstrong'
08/22/2012: The 60Hz action continues
08/15/2012: Gold! A new champion!
08/08/2012: Silver!
08/01/2012: More shuffling and staking positions among the 60Hz top-3...
07/21/2012: A shift among the top ranks!
07/14/2012: I have to update a day early this week because I'll be away tomorrow. Here we go!
07/09/2012: We're in the middle of the sportiest of times: Euro, tennis, Le Tour, and Olympics. How about some kart?
07/03/2012: Spain scored more than 2 goals in a finals game?! Nobody could have predicted that.
06/22/2012: Euro2012 heating up: the teams left are the 3 'big' economies and the 4 'troubled' economies.
06/15/2012: Euro 2012 proving unstable, with Spain, Portugal and Greece racking up unexpected numbers. Just as economists have been saying. Who will get out (of the group stage) first?
06/08/2012: Euro 2012 kicks off tonight
06/01/2012: Get your Euro 2012 predictions in!
05/22/2012: Epic end to the Champions League. Hopefully Coppa Italia or Copa del Rey can deliver similar excitement. Just until the Euro rolls by...
05/15/2012: Error 37: could not stop Man City
05/08/2012: Soccer month
04/30/2012: Man United players forgot to use their mini-turbos this morning
04/22/2012: A classic clasico, now with zero fights and punches thrown
04/14/2012: Jaime flying stronger than Korean rockets
04/09/2012: Happy Easter, and long weekend
04/03/2012: Another April, another fool.
03/22/2012: Diablo gets a date. Now to wait for Torchlight.
03/15/2012: Ides of March
03/08/2012: The week before St Patrick's Day (one week advance notice).
03/01/2012: Happy Leap Day
02/21/2012: Piet vs Jonas?
02/15/2012: Roses are red, violets are blue, Whitney is dead and iiiiieeeiiiiiii will always love youuuuuu
02/08/2012: <3 ?
02/03/2012: Noah's Argh flood
01/30/2012: Back from India
01/13/2012: Namaste
01/08/2012: Tin Tin's a good movie. Much nostalgia.
01/02/2012: Happy new arbitrarily assigned base 10 number that inaccurately counts the number of orbits around the Sun completed by Earth
12/22/2011: Merry Chrismukkwanzivus
12/16/2011: MK7 launched
12/08/2011: Miyamoto announces retirement? Rumours denied by followers. His majesty still sits on the throne.
12/01/2011: Thar be dragonnnnns
11/22/2011: Epic game month coming up: Skyrim, Zelda, Mario and Mario Kart.
11/15/2011: Occupy Skyrim
11/08/2011: 11/11/11, the date RPG fans will take week-long mystery illnesses
11/03/2011: Loads of top-100 action :)
10/22/2011: Population expected to pass 7 billion by the end of this month.
10/17/2011: EPL clash of the leaders on the weekend: Man City v Man Utd!
10/07/2011: Flynn vs Jerrol heating up
10/03/2011: A good end to the month for Jamie, Flynn and Patryk.
09/27/2011: Jamie and Flynn impress again
09/15/2011: Strange UCL start!
09/09/2011: Ten Years
09/02/2011: Spring has arrived in the southern hemisphere
08/24/2011: Little shakes
08/16/2011: Back on schedule!
08/12/2011: Rollercoasters
08/03/2011: From one month named after a Roman dignitary to the next
07/23/2011: Last race of the Tour! It's about to start...
07/17/2011: Quick update
07/13/2011: A few days late, but still timely
07/03/2011: Wild combinations
06/23/2011: So who is the new Spider-man? Is it Mary Jane?
06/16/2011: Starry trio
06/09/2011: No political scandals here. We happy exchange questionable content.
06/01/2011: TIL r/shutupandtakemymoney
05/21/2011: C-right, A, c-down, c-right, A, c-down. [Fade to black]. Dawn of the First Day.
05/15/2011: I didn't know Azerbaijan was part of Europe
05/08/2011: Don't forget to watch the Man Utd vs Chelsea 'decider' tonight.
05/02/2011: Osama gets killed on my birthday and Kouider gives me several other presents? Nice!
04/23/2011: In Australia this week, Easter Monday falls on a Tuesday because Monday was already taken up by a different holiday
04/17/2011: Barca and Real will play 4 times in the new few weeks; so far it's a tie!
04/11/2011: Cyborgs, unite!
04/02/2011: 1/6th of the world is partying today.
03/23/2011: It's Thursday, Thurday, I should have updated on Tuesday.
03/15/2011: I forgot to eat some pie on Pi Day
03/08/2011: Gotta ketchum all
03/02/2011: There's 649 of them...!
02/22/2011: So I was just thinking of visiting Christchurch
02/14/2011: <3? Oh, Survivor starts in 2 days!
02/08/2011: Activityyyyyy
01/31/2011: Kung hei fat choi
01/22/2011: Watched Tangled again. How awesome is the frog!
01/15/2011: Total number of astrologers and fortune-tellers who predicted the recent floods: 0
01/08/2011: Rapunzel's hair in Tangled is like dragging a really long banana bunch behind you.
01/01/2011: Happy New Decade
12/26/2010: Ho ho ho, yo.
12/19/2010: Ho Ho Ho
12/11/2010: LC: lol
12/05/2010: I've sent Wikileaks some proof that the Dutch government is lacing their country's water supply with robo-alien steroids
11/28/2010: Currently eating: mint ice cream on marzipan cake with strawberries.
11/18/2010: Have the shops and malls in your area started putting up Christmas decorations yet?
11/13/2010: So is Metroid Other M any good or not?
11/03/2010: Only 6 months until Easter! Quick, start shipping the easter eggs.
10/15/2010: The rules are: no turbo controllers
10/09/2010: 101010 is 42 in binary.
10/02/2010: Where is Schep?? Sad panda!
09/22/2010: What is the malted liquor / what gets you drunker quicker? / what comes in bottles or in cans?
09/15/2010: Let's all do a mini-turbo for Gregor.
09/08/2010: Rock around the 5:06:07 08/09/10 o'clock tonight.
09/01/2010: The emperor's new apprentice?
08/22/2010: The emperor strikes back
08/16/2010: New EPL season: and we're off!
08/08/2010: It's so quiet... are they fighting or not?
08/02/2010: There can be only 1!
07/23/2010: New #1! And it's his first time!
07/17/2010: It's all good, guys: he bought a new controller. You can sleep easy at night.
07/10/2010: Paul the octopus has made his choice, but in his small aquarium world he has not heard of the crazy Dutch virus
07/01/2010: ...VUZZZZzzzZZZZzzzzZZZZZzzzzZZZZzzzzZZZzzzZzZzZzZzZ...
06/22/2010: ...ZZZZzzzZZZZzzzzZZZZZzzzzZZZZzzzzZZZzzzZzZzZzZzZ...
06/15/2010: BZZZZzzzZZZZzzzzZZZZZzzzzZZZZzzzzZZZzzzZzZzZzZzZ...
06/08/2010: Just 3 more days! Follow the WC prediction competition in the forums.
06/01/2010: Vote Shadow
05/22/2010: Don't forget: UCL final is tonight!
05/14/2010: Super quick update
05/09/2010: Floating oil + floating hay = problem solved?
05/02/2010: Reminder: it's Mother's Day next week.
04/22/2010: Richard's old news
04/16/2010: New #1?
04/10/2010: Kouider scores another and gains another.
03/31/2010: Don't be fooled
03/22/2010: Kouider has almost caught 'em all, now.
03/15/2010: My Pokemans. Let me show you them.
03/08/2010: And the winner is...
03/01/2010: Oh, Canada
02/22/2010: Kouider pushes the pedal down again
02/15/2010: <3?
02/07/2010: 10 seconds during Super Bowl half-time costs about $1m. That means you can buy two big houses with one Baby Park lap.
02/01/2010: The crazy Dutch wild one!
01/22/2010: Reason #5462 why the world is upside down: Up In The Air winning a screenplay Globe over Basterds.
01/14/2010: Apparently the Vatican's movie reviewer thought Avatar was too expensive and grandiose...
01/08/2010: A new decade of kart?
01/02/2010: First post
12/21/2009: Merry Christmas
12/07/2009: New Zelda out?
12/01/2009: On the first day of Happy Holidays...
11/21/2009: I wonder how much money they could make from a Twilight kart racing game?
11/15/2009: I wonder how much money they could make selling luxury 'bottled moon water'?
11/08/2009: New Super Mario Bros Wii comes out next week!
11/01/2009: Weekend headlines: Rafa fumbles, Cesc humbles and Goose likes fairies.
10/22/2009: Milan :)
10/14/2009: Kouider wins one
10/08/2009: A week of repeats
10/02/2009: Awards
10/02/2009: Chelsea v Liverpool this weekend
09/22/2009: M&L3 also out.
09/13/2009: Scribblenauts is out
09/08/2009: Will the return of the Pobre lead to an mkdd return?
09/02/2009: Okami sequel :):):)
08/22/2009: Bolt would be booked for going 2kph above the speed limit if he was running in a school zone.
08/15/2009: I've had your entry up for ages, Scott. Seriously!
08/08/2009: We've identified a new Crazy French Virus, similar to the dangerous Dutch strain. Let's hope it's contagious.
08/01/2009: We could get Speedo to make some new Jaked tyres for the karts, and...
07/19/2009: Big summary
06/15/2009: Gummy Bears bouncing here and there and everywhere
06/09/2009: A new Galaxy, Metroid and Zelda for the Wii in the works.
06/01/2009: GM should start building little red karts -- they'll be super popular.
05/22/2009: Come on Alvaro, you're so close!
05/15/2009: 20/100 sighting.
05/08/2009: Buy some flowers on Sunday.
05/01/2009: May Day, a.k.a. International Labour Day, a.k.a. the bestest day in history
04/24/2009: New champion?
04/20/2009: Math's Gods
04/13/2009: POQ
04/10/2009: Math's myths
04/04/2009: Can we bailout the kart industry?
03/25/2009: Can't believe I failed the Pobre test.
03/17/2009: If you want to be the best that no one ever was, your real test is to catch all 'em mafias.
03/09/2009: Headlines: Math eludes siblings (even the awesome one) and finds time to play.
03/02/2009: Poor Etch. He will never shake off the Luigi image.
02/22/2009: Do we have a stimulus package for karting?
02/14/2009: Are you getting more action tonight?
02/09/2009: Barackhearts
02/02/2009: Barack Monday
01/25/2009: Barack Stage
01/15/2009: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Barack
01/08/2009: Happy Birthday to any Barack Karters, dude... with an Atari!
01/01/2009: Barack Christmas (yes, this is a real movie)
12/17/2008: Went to Coney Island on a Mission from God... Be Barack by Five
12/10/2008: Brokebarack Mountain
12/04/2008: Men In Barack
11/24/2008: The Barack Knight
11/18/2008: Meet Joe, Barack
11/10/2008: Barack to the Future
11/03/2008: Gobama or Nobama?
10/23/2008: It's almost election time and they've stopped pulling off any stunts?
10/15/2008: Terrence doesn't like these headings because they're rarely black-and-white
10/08/2008: Finally got to play MP2.
10/04/2008: Election time
10/01/2008: Last minute action to end the quarter.
09/22/2008: Obama races a new PR in MCT to take the lead
09/15/2008: Brazil, Brazil, Brazil. And Jivago will be back next week.
09/08/2008: Play Unnumbered Zero: Whiskey (DS) on the forum.
09/02/2008: Who wants to try and stop Dave from getting POQ?
08/27/2008: Time Trials should have a 16+ age restriction to avoid exploitation of kids with too much free time.
08/17/2008: Will Phelps or Bolt be any good at kart? One needs the same qualities... reflexes, pace, perseverance, practice, pressure, practice, WRs, practice, retries, rivals, chicks, etc.
08/09/2008: We should have a Mario Kart Olympics, complete with chocolate gold medals and national anthems.
08/02/2008: Olympics next week! But when will Mario Kart be a sport?
07/22/2008: Olympics start in only 2 weeks!
07/15/2008: Contest, Round 3: interesting and unpredictable.
07/08/2008: New Quarter
07/01/2008: Did you buy Okami yet? Don't make me have to buy it for you.
06/23/2008: Russian vs Turkey final? It's been rather unpredictable so far...
06/18/2008: Buy Okami (Wii).
06/11/2008: As predicted by MKDD, defending champs Greece and Italy will have problems with Swedish powers, French armies and Dutchie viruses. German godly discipline still a favourite.
06/01/2008: Euro soon!
05/21/2008: Chelsea vs ManU was a great match.
05/14/2008: MKDD is easier on my fingers than MKWii, despite the fewer MTs. I think I put too much pressure on the gas button, and it leaves a mark.
05/05/2008: 4 updates in a row with a title about MKWii...
04/29/2008: Wii won't rock you
04/25/2008: Database Woes
04/20/2008: MKDD>MKWii
04/14/2008: Well at least this game doesn't have bikes.
04/08/2008: I wonder if Australia will get MKW within the next 6 months...
04/04/2008: Player of the Quarter award
04/02/2008: Nowadays it's all about who makes the best joke, not about fooling anyone. It's almost impossible to be fooled.
03/22/2008: The end of the Quarter is coming up... one more week to make it count.
03/14/2008: Steak, pie and bjs day? Yeah, sounds delicious.
03/07/2008: Three cheers for international women
03/02/2008: Apollo + Justice = winner.
02/21/2008: Zack + Wiki = winner.
02/15/2008: Somebody really ought to buy Cupid new glasses... he's got awful aim.
02/08/2008: Kung Hei Fat Choi
02/02/2008: POY POY POY
01/21/2008: Borojn Borojn Borojn Borojn Borojn Borojn Borojn Borojn Hendrik Hendrik Chaaaamp
01/14/2008: Action packed
01/10/2008: POQ playoff
01/07/2008: So did anyone get my mmviii joke last week? I mean, it was kinda obvious, no?
01/01/2008: Meet My Very Idle Icy Intermission. (AKA the Christmas/NY break, where not much happens)
12/21/2007: No news is good news?
12/02/2007: SMG = game of the ever?
11/21/2007: We don't get turkey days, but it's been Black Friday since, like, July.
11/15/2007: MP3 = gg, bra, gg.
11/07/2007: Okay, so MP3 is now sitting on my bed and waiting to be opened. Now... hurry up stupid Galaxy and come out in Australia already.
11/02/2007: Hurry up stupid Metroid and come out in Australia already.
10/23/2007: .
10/15/2007: I never realised how short Claire Bennet was until they put had next to other people her age.
10/08/2007: So far I'm liking Super Paper Mario.
09/30/2007: I'll put up the POQ vote soon.
09/22/2007: Can you survive the new heroes?
09/15/2007: Did you hear about the new Wii Zelda? I didn't!
09/08/2007: Man, since when does the EPL take two week breaks? Lame.
09/02/2007: Who's Metroiding? I'll just twiddle my thumbs until it comes out here...
08/22/2007: Man U's not off to such a great start, eh?
08/15/2007: So the EPL starts, and the consensus opinion is 'down with any team Oneshot or Clark support!'
08/08/2007: The 40ft fall guy must've felt pretty low. He was Australian, see, and you can't get down under that by much. Yes, I have no idea what to write about.
08/02/2007: Look up the 2:33:12 OoT run on youtube, it's pretty cool.
07/22/2007: Four new Tales games were announced, squeee~~
07/15/2007: Wiiiiiiiiiii (I finally got one)
07/08/2007: Invest in $weden to get rich quick.
07/03/2007: POQ Award
07/02/2007: 132, one of the all-time highs.
06/22/2007: Approaching the Quarter's end... get your hoarded times in!
06/15/2007: Borne again... supreme ultimate identity in the near future?
06/08/2007: So I just noticed that we have a lot of Jeff's and they're all either from the US or Dutchland. Strange, eh?
06/01/2007: I got nothing.
05/23/2007: It'd better be a good final tonight!
05/15/2007: `Sad day for MKDD... but maybe only temporarily'
05/08/2007: I guess Man U were winners after all...
05/02/2007: Go go ManU! I mean, Go go AC! Argh, can't decide.
04/22/2007: POQ Award
04/22/2007: 'PRs', 'greetz', '...'
04/15/2007: This is not shortaaaaaa
04/08/2007: A few comebacks/resurrections
04/02/2007: A new 'number one conqueror'
03/22/2007: A new 'number one contender'
03/15/2007: Yes. I know I could wisecrack on today's Pi-day. (Hmm, looks cleverly concealed)
03/08/2007: POY playoff
03/02/2007: In case you need me to remind you, PLH is imperfect!
02/22/2007: POY 2006
02/22/2007: I've already got evidence that PLH is not perfect, so my 'tests' are no longer important.
02/15/2007: 1 + 1 = <3, actually.
02/08/2007: Hendrik enjoys the process of AMPquot;becoming new champAMPquot; a lot. How long will he defend it this time?
02/02/2007: Round 3?
01/22/2007: Alex vs PLH. Round 2. Fight!
01/15/2007: Just you try it, PLH... it's flawless, I tell you!
01/08/2007: Is Marius going to try 50Hz soon?
01/04/2007: 2006 POQ #4
01/01/2007: Split Ranks
01/01/2007: Baz (...where am I going with these?)
12/22/2006: Wacky
12/15/2006: Garply
12/08/2006: Did you ask Santa for a champion's tie?
12/02/2006: Today's word jumble: IDXA[Y]RMTE
11/23/2006: Wii wiil rock you.
11/15/2006: Wawaweewah! Is good. I like.
11/08/2006: My name is Hiro Nakamura, and I pwn cylon noobs.
11/02/2006: Gah, so many games to play and so little time to pwn them...
10/25/2006: What's with all the players making comebacks?
10/20/2006: POQ
10/18/2006: The top 4 swap their positions too much... It's awesome! =)
10/10/2006: I said Booyah?!?!
10/03/2006: Booyah?
09/27/2006: The night and the silent water
09/22/2006: Updates
09/21/2006: The seven tongues of god
09/13/2006: The drapery falls
09/03/2006: One flew over the remote mind control.
08/22/2006: In the end, He produced the holy image and the sacred scribbled text. And it was good, and the people rejoiced (well, most of 'em).
08/15/2006: Heated battle at the top, but all interests lie with Gaffikin's election promises.
08/08/2006: It's Miller Time... of the MyleStyle variety?
08/03/2006: Mark has a what? o_O We should demand photographic evidence from him, he could be pulling our leg.
07/22/2006: Who likes McNuggets?
07/15/2006: Hmm, don't wanna wait another 4 years... the WC should be every year! Best idea ever.
07/13/2006: Player of the Quarter
07/08/2006: My Prediction... er, no, Meakings' prediction: Cannavaro suffers a penalty, Buffon saves, Barthez blunders, Italy snatch a win, and Holy Moly streaks.
07/05/2006: Karter Contest 2006
07/01/2006: France is going better and better with each game. Maybe they'll score 5 goals in the next match, and 10 in the final?
06/21/2006: Omg Omg, Trinidad... no wait, they're out. Omg Omg, Angola has a chance? Go Angola!
06/15/2006: Omg omg, England vs Trinidad... go Trinidad, you crazy underdog, you!
06/08/2006: No prizes for guessing what half a billion people will be watching on TV in 24 hrs time.
06/01/2006: "But I like the cookie..."
05/23/2006: I'm Late, I'm Late, For A Very Important Date.
05/16/2006: Wii are teh children of teh Revolution
05/09/2006: EEE? Is anyone here.... there?
05/02/2006: HBTM
04/22/2006: Is anyone doing the silly google puzzles for DaVinci code?
04/15/2006: They messed up the AF ladder a little bit, those naughty boys...
04/08/2006: ...And you want us.
04/07/2006: We want you.
04/02/2006: OMG!!! PONIES!!! <3
03/31/2006: Standards
03/22/2006: What is this Paul guy on, and where can I get some?
03/15/2006: He's holding on to it...
03/08/2006: UCL, 2nd leg, tonight. Be there.
03/03/2006: Did you miss us?
02/15/2006: Anyone give out a sack of potatoes?
02/08/2006: Almost time for <3
02/04/2006: Proof call
02/02/2006: Prison Break is cool.
01/22/2006: 6.3
01/08/2006: 6.1
01/02/2006: 6.
12/22/2005: News: Testament for Christmas's removal (a.k.a. prepare for silly religious puns, in the nick of time for the holiday season.. but don't take any offense, or anything)
12/15/2005: Who will be the first to see Easter Eggs on sale?
12/08/2005: Winter-time is so cool... it was only 39.5C (103F) yesterday.
12/02/2005: Jingle Bells
11/22/2005: These things are always so darn long. You guys need to PR less.
11/15/2005: RIP Martio
11/08/2005: Who's the new guy?
11/01/2005: Still magnifying my tiny text? You should be more concerned about putting some pants on... there's a spycam in your room, you know. No, seriously. It's Kevin's.
10/22/2005: if you can read this, you haven't been looking at enough bumper stickers to already know what it says...
10/15/2005: Who will be the first store to start their Xmas displays?
10/08/2005: This is probably my six millionth irrelevant title.
10/03/2005: POQ
10/01/2005: Noooo, no more BSG for months! But yay, new OC and Lost.
09/22/2005: Yarr! Thar'd be a plundering in store for ye lubbers in tha Southern Lands. Avast ye groggery, and flee.
09/15/2005: "O'Malley taught me how to be mean. I just have to concentrate on bad things, like milk." - Caboose
09/08/2005: Bring back the trivia, Drew! Yazzo will be punished appropriately.
09/01/2005: Teehee, Farah is so cute! Oh, right.. jumble. Um.. I I G T E N E G L
08/22/2005: You should be a Scrabble expert by now: IOVNTLAEI
08/22/2005: Standards
08/15/2005: FROCKAWNY?
08/08/2005: More Pobre Target Practice: A I D G Y T R I N
08/01/2005: More target practice: L A O R G I Z E M
07/22/2005: Today's word jumble: C S M O N E E I O
07/21/2005: Changes on the Horizon
07/15/2005: CC is good, you'd better play it.
07/08/2005: Gotta <3 Rutee, she's so cuuute
07/01/2005: In case you didn't notice..
07/01/2005: In Lovely 60Hz
06/26/2005: Proof Call wraps up
06/21/2005: Batman is good, go see it.
06/14/2005: Back and forth..
06/08/2005: Uncertainty continues over the top spot..
06/01/2005: A new Champ?
05/24/2005: Proof Progress
05/21/2005: ...and Bob (the horse) asked for a pint of Sunshine and Butterflies.
05/14/2005: A horse walked into a bar. It hurt.
05/13/2005: Here comes the broom...
05/11/2005: POQ poll
05/08/2005: Martin doesn't have that kind of time, people!
05/02/2005: Hook, Gloom and Bone.
04/22/2005: I'm so wisdomless
04/15/2005: How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood
04/08/2005: Hublo is too hard. Zubaaaaan is better!
04/01/2005: POQ Jan+Feb+Mar 2005
04/01/2005: New Quarter
03/22/2005: Bunnies, bunnies everywhere
03/15/2005: Chocolate Bunnies
03/08/2005: Fred
03/01/2005: Tired and Busy
02/22/2005: Survivor starts today ^_^
02/15/2005: *Yawn*
02/15/2005: Comments
02/12/2005: Back up
02/10/2005: test
02/10/2005: Database Down
02/08/2005: Lost + Desperate Housewives + OC = fun season of TV
02/01/2005: Cutest skit = Poke Poke
01/21/2005: Argh, I don't like ToS comboing
01/15/2005: Sheena has a bikini outfit.. hahahahehehe
01/08/2005: Tales of Symphonia is so darn pretty *drool*
01/06/2005: Last proof call officially over
01/05/2005: Polls
01/01/2005: Happy New Year
12/22/2004: Is it snowing yet?
12/15/2004: All your presents are belong to me
12/09/2004: Sans sujet
12/07/2004: Proof Deadlines are here, guys...
12/01/2004: Jingle Bells
11/23/2004: POQ
11/22/2004: Subject:
11/21/2004: Proof Update
11/17/2004: MKDD Players' Turns 1
11/15/2004: New Poll
11/15/2004: Tra la la
11/07/2004: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
11/07/2004: Proof Call Under Way
11/02/2004: Yo^2^2
10/21/2004: Yo^3
10/15/2004: Yo Yo
10/08/2004: Yo
10/01/2004: New Month
09/26/2004: Poll Results
09/22/2004: Just on time
09/17/2004: Quick Update
09/16/2004: New Poll
09/09/2004: A day late
09/07/2004: POQ Award
09/01/2004: Coming Soon:Favourite Karter Contest
08/31/2004: Hi ho
08/21/2004: News
08/16/2004: Update
08/08/2004: Update
08/01/2004: Long time no see
07/22/2004: Hi ho
07/21/2004: Proof Call #2: Final Results
07/15/2004: "Yawn" its late
07/10/2004: Proof Call #2, drawing to a close
07/07/2004: New's Update
07/01/2004: New Month
06/23/2004: Proof Validation
06/17/2004: News Update
06/16/2004: MKDD Logo Contest Winner!
06/13/2004: Proof Progress
06/08/2004: Proof call Validation
06/04/2004: MKDD Logo Design Contest!
06/02/2004: News Update
06/01/2004: Proof Update
05/30/2004: Standards are up!
05/28/2004: Call Underway
05/26/2004: I'm baaa-aaack
05/18/2004: What's been happening?
05/11/2004: Mario Kart DS
05/03/2004: MKDD Logo and Link-Button Design Contest
05/02/2004: Profiles
05/02/2004: Update
05/01/2004: New Video's
04/28/2004: We're back!
04/22/2004: Testing new configurations
03/26/2004: Status Update
03/18/2004: Kiss me, I'm Irish
03/09/2004: Proof Call #1: Final Results
03/04/2004: Sooo Tired...
02/21/2004: Oversight
02/18/2004: Proof Status
02/17/2004: DomainName Update
02/17/2004: Hell Freezes Over
02/09/2004: Another validation: Paul Regeffe from France!
02/05/2004: Geoff Patterson validated!
02/02/2004: Viva La Revoluci˛n
01/31/2004: Martin's Vids Online
01/30/2004: Martin Cesar validated!
01/29/2004: Last Call....
01/23/2004: All Updated
01/15/2004: New Page Added
01/14/2004: The Board is Set, The Pieces are Moving
01/14/2004: Proof Call!
01/13/2004: The Breath Before the Plunge
01/05/2004: 1st Update of 2004