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Reminder that Clasico is this weekend

Alex @ Saturday, April 22nd 05:04AM   [link]


Champion #1 Mike Koehoorn reported 4 WRs this week. Check them out below! His lead over #2 Andrew remains at roughly 0.3 AF points.

#7 David Pena has his sights set on #6 Hendrik and cut 0.25pts off his AF, needing another 0.6 to catch the German former world champ. Instead of seeing Mike fight back on Baby Park lap, which David captured last week, we instead saw David take another of Mike's records on the 7lap. Mike's AF didn't suffer because he was busy setting new records in other tracks to offset this loss, but for now David is the undisputed mayor of Baby-town. Later in the week, David improved his Mushroom City times (from 9th/10th to 7th/7th) and scored his 30th God time in Dino Dino Jungle. This leaves him with only two Myths remaining.

#75 Joseph Armstrong practiced the 8-MT Baby Park strategy that the top players are using, and found a lot of success with it. He improved his 7lap time from 1'05"7 to 1'04"7 by the end of the week after many PRs along the way. He ended up gaining 58 positions, from 85th to 27th place, and jumped a whopping 8 standards. His other PRs over the week included an 8"51 Baby lap and two small cuts in Bowser's Castle. Joseph reached Titan B level and passed 7 players in the rankings.

#81 Joost Coenen passed 3 players following some cuts on what he described as his weaker tracks. He improved his Dry Dry Desert 3lap to 104th place, narrowly missing on a top-100 time, but found more success on Yoshi Circuit lap where he improved from 110th to 73rd place, his 27th top-100 time. There are only 5 others ranked above 100, and Desert is one of them, so we may see Joost revisit the same track next week.

#115 Hugh Moorehead passed #116 Daniel S thanks to two new PRs. He still trails #75 Joseph in his rivalry (as does everyone else) but made up some ground on runner-up #108 Anton D. #132 Christophe Balzeau and #137 Dorian Herniote also reported new times to keep the rivalry active. Christophe, who has been busy with MK64 and finding it difficult to play both games at the same time, sent in a Titan+ improvement of 2'00"8 in Wario Colosseum -- still not quite the dream run of sub-2 that he would like, but at least the milestone is within his sights. Meanwhile, Dorian doesn't always have access to his Gamecube, and was happy to have it this week. He improved both Peach Beach times, Baby Park lap (by 30 positions), and Mushroom Bridge lap (new top-100 time). Dorian is still 6th in the rivalry, yet should have the opportunity to pass Christophe while he's moonlighting over in MK64. Two players who are not officially in this rivalry but are mingling in the same area are #125 Dennis Colvin and #136 Cole Gilbert. Dennis, who has also recently been charmed by MK64 and MKSC, managed to race 4 new times in Double Dash: a duo in Luigi Circuit and a duo in DK Mountain. His 24"8 Luigi lap was big cut from 191st to 97 place, only his fourth top-100 time to date. His 1'48"8 Mountain course time, an improvement from 161st to 109th place, came close. Colvin's cuts earned him a Hero A title, the last pit-stop before the Titan ranks. Cole, the No. 2 player in All-Kart Combined Ranks, plays all the Kart games. Double Dash is his weakest and Cole was last active 6 years ago, but he reported a formidable cut in Baby Park 7lap to improve from 131st to 71st place there, easily his best ranked time.

#210 Ben Stoneman sent in 10 new scores over the week, culminating in an 11pt AF cut. He improved Peach Beach on three occasions, finding himself 50 positions higher by the end and with a new Hero lap that he didn't have before. He improved Dry Dry Desert five times, saving a total of 89 positions, and Yoshi Circuit four times, saving 69 positions. He also had single cuts in Mario Circuit, Mushroom City, and Bowser's Castle lap, which he only played once over the week. The Beach lap and Yoshi lap were Ben's 8th and 9th Hero times, so he is getting closer and closer to overall Hero level.

#299 Steven Schumann passed 7 players to reach the top-300. His Peach Beach times of 1'10"6 and 22"8 were his third and fourth Hero times, with the course time an especially large cut of 88 positions. Ranking in at 176th place, it was slightly better than his previous best time (178th) on Mushroom Bridge lap. Steven also improved his Waluigi Stadium and Mario Circuit laps by 30-40 positions, both vital to getting him over the line in reaching top-300. Steven also reached Expert B status, although it would play second fiddle to his top-300 milestone.

#601 Dan Downey didn't quite have Steven's fortune and ended up on the wrong side of 600, but he will do it next time. He reported a healthy 20pt AF cut thanks to big cuts in Daisy Cruiser and Rainbow Road, two of his weakest tracks. By improving his Cruiser times from Intermediate to Advanced, Dan now has 16/16 Advanced times in Mushroom and Flower Cups. Unfortunately most of his Star and Special are still Intermediate, and he will need to tackle them head on if he wants to aim for the 32/32.

Douglas Duncan, the player with the epic Baby Park times who joined earlier this month, sent in some improvements. His Baby times were unchanged -- still both top-100 level -- but he improved his Peach Beach lap from 161st to 95th to grab a third top-100 time. Douglas also improved Luigi Circuit lap to 25"0 (Hero B) and Peach Beach 3lap to 1'09"6 (Titan C). Douglas still only has times for 5 of the 16 tracks. Hopefully he will play the remaining tracks at some point because he seems to have a lot of potential to climb high in the charts.

New Records

Mike K's new Luigi Circuit lap of 24"153 was a 0"02 improvement on his record from January.

Mike also raced a 1'07"306 Peach Beach, snatching victory from Andrew by just 0"003. He improved his own time by 0"08, so it was a decent cut for him on such a tight race. Andrew's record was raced back in December.

Mike improved his own DK Mountain record of 1'42"60 from two weeks ago with a new time of 1'42"414. This gives him a lead of 0.3sec over Andrew's time, which was a record as recently as last month.

Finally, Mike improved his own Dino Dino Jungle 60Hz lap record to 32"834, a cut of 0"05 on previous record from January. He missed the Combined record, set by Richard in 50Hz, by just 0"003.

David P took the Baby Park course record with a new time of 1'02"943, adding the course to the lap record he set last week. He beat the former record, set by Mike last week, by just 0"003.

New Players

Welcome to...

Wino Bouwens, Netherlands (#778, Intermediate B)

Wino's best times are in DK Mountain, particularly the lap, which is ranked 425th and is good enough to count as Expert level. His other scores are primarily Intermediate level. Perhaps watching some videos will get him up to speed.

Happy Easter

Alex @ Sunday, April 16th 03:45AM   [link]


#7 David Gutierrez Pena sent in two Baby Park times, a 1'02"9 and a 8"31 lap. David is really making us second-guess who is the best Baby racer. His 1lap is slightly faster than Mike's, and his 7lap is 0"03 behind.

#23 Frederic Vernier continued where he left off last week, focusing on a few weak tracks. He improved his Peach Beach lap from 34th to 23rd place after closely studying Mike's WR strategy, and cut three standards off his course time to upgrade from Myth B to God level with a 1'08"2, no doubt also thanks to careful study. His other improvement was a new top-25 Mushroom Bridge lap, his 19th top-25 time. Frederic is 0.03 points away from a promotion in ARR.

#82 Joseph Armstrong overtook #84 Joost with a strong 13pt AF cut, borne from just 4 PRs. He improved his Peach Beach times twice during the week, going from 1'09"1 (74th) to 1'08"8 (46th) and making a minor cut in the lap. His workhorse was Bowser's Castle, though, which he had last played 6 months ago and had fallen to 250+ ranking in both lap and course. His new times of 2'21"3 and 45"9 were nearly 200 positions higher. The good news for Joseph's rivals is that he doesn't have any such weak tracks left, whereas the bad news is that he's run away with the lead already. Joseph reached 32/32 Hero and Titan B overall this week with 22/32 Titans to his name.

#84 Joost Coenen lost one spot to Joseph but passed 5 players to close in on the top-75. There are four fellow Dutch players ahead of him -- Jerrol, Koen, Bart & Steven Z -- that could motivate Joost to aim for loftier ground. He spent some time practicing Baby Park and the "correct" way to use the shrooms around the turns, which resulted in a jump from 122nd to 88th place there. Three other highlights were three upgrades from Hero to Titan with 1'29"3 Mario Circuit, 1'45"9 Jungle 3lap, and 34"0 Jungle lap. He also improved his Mushroom City and Mario Circuit laps, but they were already Titans. Joost reached 22/32 Titans to equal Joseph's effort, and both need to chase down their last 10 Heroes.

#115 Hugh Moorehead reported his first new times in four weeks, with his free time possibly stolen by either Zelda or study or both. He promised to be "properly playing" in early May, so he's anticipating making a stronger comeback. For now, his new times were a 1'09"9 and 22"2 Peach Beach, 1'06"1 Baby Park, and 59"2 Rainbow lap. The Beach course time was his first sub-1'10 and a new Titan; the lap was a new top-100 time; Baby Park was a jump of 60 positions albeit still Hero level; Rainbow was an improvement from 151st to 99th place. Each cut had its own little story to tell and Hugh passed 4 players in the rankings.

#129 Dennis Colvin spent too much time playing MK64 and MKSC that he only had time for 2 PRs in Double Dash. His 8"45 Baby Park lap was a super cut from 57th to 16th place and his 2'01"7 Wario Colosseum was his first time sub-2'02. Dennis passed #131 Piet dD with these cuts but said that he's not sure if he has it in him to go for top-100.

#221 Vincent Audoore reported 11 new times and a 9pt AF cut, just enough to stay ahead of #223 Ben S. He got a new top-250 times in Luigi Circuit and Mushroom Bridge lap, and new Heroes in Peach Beach and DK Mountain lap. The DK lap of 35"8, ranked 161st, became his new best time and corresponding 1'51"0 3lap (185th) was close behind. They are Vincent's only top-200 times. Previously his top time was Dino Dino Jungle lap, still ranked 204th. Additional cuts in Waluigi Stadium and Bowser's Castle leave him with only 4 remaining Hero Bs, his weakest standard remaining.

#223 Ben Stoneman's 9pt AF cut almost gave him a win on Vincent, finishing 1 AF point behind. Ben passed 9 players with his 10 PRs, and the highlights were a pair on Mario Circuit of 1'31"1 (new top-200 time, new Hero) and 28"8 lap (top-150), and a pair on Mushroom City of 1'38"9 and 32"4 (both top-200 and new Heroes). The Mario lap overtakes Jungle lap as Ben's best time by 11 positions, and was his first Hero B.

#239 Gerardo Arroyo had a few weeks of results to report, condensing 21 PRs into a single cut of 45pt points. He reached Expert A status in ARR and passed 61 players. His success was due to focusing entirely on his weak links and he improved 9 tracks from 300+ level to top-300, leaving only Baby Park and Rainbow 3lap as the only 300+ times left. Gerardo beat a few of these targets by just the required amounts (e.g. 298th in Bowser's Castle, 297th in Wario Colosseum), but a few tracks were crushed by big cuts, most notably Mushroom Bridge lap, which he improved from 337th to 193rd place, and Sherbet Land lap, which he improved from 351st to 214th.

#251 Jean-Christophe Leger took a break from Smash to race his first set of new times since January. His goal was to get back inside the top-250, which nearly worked out except that he didn't account for Gerardo storming ahead of him. Jean-Christohe's 7 PRs amounted to an 8pt AF cut, and he missed #250 Bryan B by a mere 0.2 points. His best cut was in DK Mountain, where he improved from 351st to 222nd with a new 1'52" 3lap time, and he also reached Expert A level overall.

#306 Steven Schumann reported a dozen forgotten PRs from recent weeks for a total 23pt AF cut. This nearly gave him a top-300 position and helped him reduce the gap to #301 Stephen De Winter. Among the 11 PRs was the defeat of his last remaining Advanced time on Dino Dino Jungle to earn 32/32 Expert, as well as large 90+ position cuts with 1'18"9 Luigi Circuit, 1'43"1 Daisy Cruiser, 33"7 Daisy Cruiser lap, and 1'50"6 Dino Dino Jungle. Steven's 0.4pt ARR cut brings him very close to a promotion, and of course he is also on the verge of a top-300 spot.

#344 Oliver Apel completed his timesheet to earn a spot on the ladder and race ahead to an Expert C title. He also beat 8 of his existing times, most notably Sherbet Land lap and both Rainbow Roads since they were all cuts of 100+ positions. His best time appears to be the new Waluigi lap, which is almost top-150 quality, and is followed by his top-250 lap in Wario Colosseum. I guess he likes the villains?

#381 Sam Smith wants to go out with a bang, having initially only aimed for a top-500 place to help his Combined Ranks position. His 44pt AF cut this week pulled him all the way up into the top-400, surpassing his goals. Sam says that he will cut back but may play some more in the future. Among his 23 new PRs, Sam beat his last 6 remaining 500+ ranked times, raised him tally of top-400 times from 6 to 10, and improved his best track, Wario Colosseum, from 363rd to 287th and the lap to 266th. Sam also became an Expert D in the process, permanently outgrowing the Advanced ranks. Since he was racing some of his best times this week, and almost scored a top-250 time, you would have to say that he has lots of potential left. Let's hope he still plays every so often.

#423 Anthony Guerrero reported a humongous 106pt AF cut with first submission in a month. He subsequently beat 10 of his PRs later in the week, so it was a mix of older and brand new scores. Although he has 9 top-300 times now, his Peach Beach and Baby Park times remain far beyond the rest of his efforts since they are each top-100 level: 1'09"0 and 22"2 in Peach Beach are at least Titan A level, and his 1'05"8 course time in Baby Park squeezed into 99th spot. More big cuts like this are sure to come since Anthony still has a number of times ranked 750+.

#591 Russell Horwood gathered four weeks of PRs and reported 29 changes to his timesheet, enough to reach Advanced C level and pass 70 players in the process. Rainbow Road was the only track that didn't receive treatment and is lagging behind at Beginner A level, but the rest of the timesheet is progressing: with 27/32 Advanced right now, Russell has only Rainbow and 4 Intermediate As to nudge across the Advanced line. Russell seems to have spent some effort ironing out anomalies, with almost all times fitting inside the 550-700 high Advanced range. One score that did better was a 1'55"5 Dino Dino Jungle run, ranked 498th, which was his first top-500 time.

#905 Nathan Armstrong, younger brother of #82 Joseph, sent in his first times in 10 months. He filled all holes in his debut timesheet and earned a Beginner A title, which was a welcome upgrade from Newbie. Nathan has a good coach in Jack, but may not be getting enough free time with the Cube to have a serious shot of challenging his brother on any track.

New Records

David P's 8"313 Baby Park lap was a new overall and 60Hz WR. He said he raced it out of the blue, an unexpectedly big cut on his previous second-placed time of 8"34. Mike's 8"316 lap, the former record, was raced exactly two months ago. Frederic V, Ryan S, Paul T, Mikael J, Jacob P, Andrew M, and Kouider B and the remaining players who have also raced sub-8"4 yet David and Mike are the only ones with sub-8"35.

New Players

Welcome to...

Alexandre Dieudegard, France (~1180, Beginner D).
Elizabeth Gjurova, Belgium (#993, Beginner A).

Alexandre has only played Yoshi Circuit, where his times are in the Advanced-Intermediate range. Elizabeth is a friend of #221 Vincent A and completed a full timesheet on his console. She has mostly Beginner times with one break-out Intermediate lap on Peach Beach.

Champions League is back this week, hnng!

Alex @ Friday, April 7th 11:01PM   [link]


#1 Mike Koehoorn reported two new times that were both improvements on his own existing records. Check them out below. His AF didn't change, and with Andrew and David also inactive this week, the top-10 remained static.

#23 Frederic Vernier sent in his first PRs in two months, reinvigorating his campaign for a top-20 place. He revealed that he had been grinding Mushroom Bridge lap for some time with no results until getting a breakthrough this week with a 25"89, a small cut but just enough to score the God standard that he wanted. With that milestone out of the way, Frederic raced 5 more cuts in other places: a new top-25 time in the Bridge 3lap (only Myth+, not quite God level like the 1lap), a 58"2 Rainbow lap, and two new God standards with sub-28 lap in Mario Circuit and a 31"5 lap in Daisy Cruiser. Frederic has 9/32 God times now, but is still overall Myth B due to his Special Cup still having weaker Myths and Titans remaining. That Cup might be next on the agenda.

#88 Joost Coenen extended his comeback after three years away with 3 more PRs. He said that he has been practicing R-tech, which helped him race some big cuts: a 2'01"5 Wario Colosseum time, down from 2'02"8, and a 59"6 lap in the same track, down from 1'00"5. With such a big cut in the lap, Joost may be able to cut even another second from the 2lap. The lap is ranked 53rd and instantly became his best ranked time by dethroning his 61st place in Mushroom Bridge. Soon after Joost raced a 1'08"98 Peach Beach, ranked 58th, to become his second best ranked time and also second ever Myth standard. So it seems like Joost is back to top form. He reached overall Titan C level with these improvements and passed 5 players.

#131 Dennis Colvin reported a small 3pt AF cut, but warned his rivals that next week he is on break and will dedicate more time. This week he was busy and only found time to raced a 32"5 Waluigi Stadium lap and two cuts on Bowser's Castle of 2'22"8 and 46"6. Both of these Castle times were new subs and jumps of 30-40 positions.

#174 Gavin Kimpton had 8 new times to report, totaling a 4pt AF cut. He passed several players, including #175 Brent C who had got ahead of him last week. Gavin was happy to score a Titan on Baby Park 7lap with a 1'05"7, improving his rank from 106th to 93rd and claiming his second ever Titan. Baby Park is by far Gavin's top track at the moment since both scores are top-100 level. Another significant cut was a 24"8 Sherbet Land lap, which was an upgrade from Expert to Hero and finally under 25". Other PRs came from Peach Beach, Yoshi Circuit, and Rainbow Road, although none of them gave Gavin the extra little ARR cut he needed to get the next promotion. He is currently Hero D and needs only a little bit extra for the next title.

#232 Ben Stoneman reported 8 new times and a 6pt AF cut this week, passing a couple of players such as Giovanni vB. His highlights were two new Heroes, a 29"0 Mario Circuit lap and 33"1 Daisy Cruiser lap, which were his 3rd and 4th Hero times. The former was also his fourth top-200 time, so hopefully this becomes the norm. The other cool improvement was a 1.0s cut in Mario Circuit 3lap, saving 97 positions and jumping two standards.

#301 Stephen De Winter was active in 60Hz, reporting an 11pt cut there to reach No. 270. He scored some strong times in DK Mountain, both top-150 level in 60Hz, that surprised him and made him wonder if he needs to revisit that track in 50Hz.

#423 Sam Smith came through with 13 PRs this week, gaining 34 positions and raising his Expert tally from 6 to 11/32 in the process. His Wario Colosseum and Rainbow Road times were the best work we've seen from him, all four of them being top-400 level and three of them dipping down to Expert C, which is Sam's best standard so far and he's achieved it on just these two tracks. Many of his other cuts were Advanced A level, getting close to Expert but not quite ready yet, and with a whopping 15 Advanced A times in his timesheet right now, you can imagine that Sam will be able to push some of them over the line in coming weeks and progress towards 16 Experts. He is overall Advanced A right now and needs 0.3pts in ARR to get the coveted promotion. Dino Dino Jungle may give him the quickest gains because his times are lagging behind there and offer him the chance to eliminate his last remaining Advanced C.

#567 Adam Roberts and #620 were also active. Adam passed 8 players after beating Yoshi Circuit 3lap, which was one of his last four Intermediate times. Dan's 25pt AF gained a lot of ground on Adam and perhaps the duo will be close to each other in coming weeks. Dan was happy to go sub-1'10 in Baby Park for the first time, which has been one of his weaker tracks and giving him troubles for some time. He also reached 32/32 Intermediate after eliminating his last Beginner times in Wario Colosseum and Dino Dino Jungle. Dan's Special Cup is still few hundred positions behind his Mushroom and Flower, so his timesheet is biased towards the earlier tracks and this inequality is something that can help him catch up to Adam reasonably quickly.

New Records

Mike his 1'02"98 Baby Park record from last week with a 1'02"946, a small cut in anticipation of David also going sub-1'03. David's time last week of 1'03"09 was very close to Mike's (and briefly a WR), so Mike suspects that David is still actively playing and wants to push the record out of reach, if possible. David was not active this week, so let's see what happens next time.

Mike also improved the Peach Beach lap record to 21"599, a big cut from his own record of 21"64. Kouider's 21"65 lap from 2011 remains in second place and Andrew's 0"001 behind Kouider for third.

New Players

Welcome to...

Douglas Duncan, USA (~903, Intermediate D)
Oliver Apel, Germany (~424, Advanced A)

Douglas has sent in only a few scores but they include some epic top-100 times in Baby Park -- it would be nice if he can upload a video so that other players trust his incredible ability. Oliver has almost a completely timesheet, missing just Waluigi Stadium without the shortcut, which he says he hasn't tried yet. His best times are in Wario Colosseum and are roughly top-250 level.

Good thing I didn't update on Apr 1 because you wouldn't believe Mike's time.

Alex @ Monday, April 3rd 12:50AM   [link]


#1 Mike Koehoorn reported three scores this week. Two were new records (see below) and the last was a 1'40"1 in Yoshi Circuit, a bump from 6th to 4th place there and approaching the sub. Mike reduced his AF by 0.12 points, building up a lead of 0.28 over #2 Andrew M.

#7 David Gutierrez Pena improved Baby Park down to 1'03"09 before Mike scored a slightly faster time, so overall he lost a small amount of AF on this track despite racing a WR on it. David made up for it by improving his Waluigi Stadium time to 8th place with a 1'37"1, giving himself another single-digit time. He has 3 Myth remaining that are denying him a 32/32 God timesheet.

#93 Joost Coenen, last active 3 years ago, was feeling anxious about getting pushed out of the top-100. He returned with 4 PRs, perhaps as a warm up, or a safety measure. His 1'09"0 Peach Beach course time ranked in 62nd spot, just one position less than his best time (on Mushroom Bridge). It was his second ever Titan+ time. He improved the lap in the same track but missed the Titan+ standard by a mere 0"03. Joost also played Mario Circuit, getting back inside the top-100 on the lap and reaching sub-1'30 for the first time in the course.

#97 Joseph Armstrong, feeling the urge to reach top-100 level, chopped 21 points off his AF this week to power ahead of his rivals #108 Anton, #119 Hugh, #127 Jocelyn, #131 Christophe, and #139 Dorian. He now holds 21 of the 32 rivalry records, in particular all Mushroom and Flower Cup records except Baby Park lap. While he improved his Baby times this week, and they were enough to go top-100 and top-50 in the ranks, his rival Hugh has a top-10 lap that will likely stay as a rivalry record. Joseph gave up on that idea and instead decided to play Daisy Cruiser and DK Mountain, two tracks that he last touched 6 months ago. The results were substantial, going from top-200 to top-100 in Cruiser and from top-250 to top-150 in the Mountain. He then made a strong push in Waluigi Stadium, improving his times from just two months ago by nearly 80 positions. Joseph's goal was 16/16 Titans on Mushroom and Flower Cups; he beat his Baby Parks, Desert lap, Cruiser and Waluigi times to nearly succeed, and is only missing one Titan on Mario Circuit 3lap.

#108 Anton Delva raced new top-100 times on Baby Park lap and Bowser's Castle in preparation of reaching the top-100 himself. So far Anton has 10/32 scores that are ranked top-100, with another half-dozen time being just a few ranks away. Anton's cuts on Waluigi, Sherbet and the Castle also aimed to eliminate his weakest standards. He had 5 times ranked below Hero B and improved 4 of them, leaving only Waluigi lap as his last remaining Hero C. Anton took a few rivalry records in Star and Special Cup, which Joseph does not yet hold a firm grasp on. With only 8 players left ahead of him, top-100 is looking inevitable.

#131 Christophe Balzeau took a break from his rivalry to go on a personal quest to reach sub-3 minutes on Rainbow Road, a dream he says he has had for nearly 15 years. He played it long enough to improve it from 3'01"6 to 2'59"8, so it all worked out. It was a top-100 time and new Titan. In the process, Christophe brought his 1lap down from 59"4 to 59"0 and grab another top-100 time and new Titan. These were his 4th and 5th top-100 times anywhere, so they must have taken some effort. Christophe's other boyhood dream is a sub-2 minutes Wario Colosseum, but his time there is already ranked 64th (his best course ranking) and he is still over 1 second away, so it will be tougher. Christophe gained 5 positions with these cuts.

#135 Dennis Colvin's 12pt AF cut won him 12 positions, and almost brought him to Christophe's heels. He got a 3'01"6 in Rainbow to get to where Christophe was last week, and also a 2'02 in the Colosseum, unfortunately missing a sub on his 1'00"1 lap by failing two MTs. Dennis other forays were in Yoshi Circuit (Hero C to Hero A in both), Dino Dino Jungle (cutting 70 ranks in the f-lap), and slashing his Mario Circuit lap from Hero D all the way down to Hero A. Dennis says he will spend some time ironing his timesheet and getting it more consistent.

#174 Brent Caldwell was on a mission to beat some outdated Expert times. He succeeded in getting new Hero times in Dry Dry 3lap, both Mario Circuits, and both Mushroom Cities. Dino Dino and Waluigi Stadium also saw new cuts, but remained Expert A. Overall Brent erased a few of his last remaining Experts, reaching 24/32 Heroes. The remaining stragglers are all Expert A and primed for an upgrade next time. Brent passed 8 players in the ranks, including Alvin vA, Timur A, Matt F, and Stefan W.

#235 Ben Stoneman reached Expert A level after improving his Mushroom Bridge, Mushroom City and Bowser's Castle times. He improved the City at least four times over the course of the week, going sub-1'40 for the first time and settling to around 70 positions higher than before. He cut 1.5 seconds off Bowser's Castle, enough to raise it to Expert B, which made the difference in him reaching the new level. Ben passed 14 players in the ladder.

#322 Steven Schumann, #457 Sam Smith and #575 Adam Roberts were also active. Steven improved his Bowser's Castle 3lap to sub-2'30, cutting down 80 positions and securing his 31st Expert time -- he is only missing Dino Dino 3lap now. Sam played both 'Mushroom' courses, cutting 80 positions in the Bridge and 95 positions in the City. His new lap times on these two tracks were his 5th and 6th Expert times. Adam played Mario Circuit and Daisy Cruiser, his second and third weakest tracks, and improved the 3laps and laps by at least 100 positions each. Adam increased his Advanced times to 28/32, missing just Yoshi Circuit (his weakest track) and the first and last lap of the game.

New Records

Last week's Baby Park record didn't stand very long, with both Mike and David fighting for it. David took it mid-week with a 1'03"0 before Mike beat it with a 1'03"0 of his own, and hours of attempts later down to 1'02"988. Mike continued to defy the laws of physics, as you can see in his video to make zero left-facing turns while managing to add more MTs than the traditional strat. With David so close behind, it's not guaranteed that this record is safe, and Mike himself said that his first lap was very slow.

Mike also improved the DK Mountain record to 1'42"603, about 0"1 faster than Andrew's record from two weeks ago that broke tradition by using the Barrel Train. I'm not sure if Mike used the Barrel Train or Toad Kart but Andrew suggested Barrel Train has potential for a much faster record.

New Players

Welcome to...

Lucie Moules, UK (#960, Beginner B)
Chris Smith, UK (#967, Beginner C)
Jonathan Carney, UK (#968, Beginner B)

Lucie, Chris and young Jonathan are friends of #15 Paul T. It's always tricky when family members play the same game because everyone wants one controller.

Champions League draw seems to unfortunate! Top teams play each other early.

Alex @ Tuesday, March 21st 11:48PM   [link]


#1 Mike Koehoorn improved his Mushroom City time from 1'34"2 to 1'33"9 this week, scoring a nice cut for himself and passing Andreas R for second place. He was a little slower than Andrew Math's record, although he said that he missed an MT. Mike slightly extended his lead in the rankings to 0.13 AF points.

#7 David Gutierrez Pena reported a 0"4 cut in DK Mountain 3lap to reach the top-10 for the first time there. He devoted the rest of the week to Baby Park, perhaps worried that Mike will reclaim the WR after both of them improved the previous WR last week. Check his time below.

#15 Paul Tanney shot past four tightly grouped players after sending in 5 new times. His 0.9 AF cut wasn't particularly huge, but was enough to get ahead of Christian W, Olivier P, Marius M, and Raphael S -- some pretty famous guys! Paul's big wins were a 27"8 lap in Mario Circuit (from 20th to 10th place), a 30"99 sub lap in Mushroom City to reach 11th, and a half second cut in Dino Dino Jungle with a 1'43"8. He said he had lots of trouble with executing the bridge shortcut without a mushroom and rearranged his laps to do it differently. The Jungle was one of three Titan times Paul had left, and improving it moves him up to 30/32 Myth times with only DK Mountain remaining. His Mountain times are from 2005, so perhaps he can work some 2017 magic there.

#109 Anton Delva kept ahead of his rivals by sending in 7 new PRs and passing the likes of Chevallier F, Mickael S, Ben Z, and David L. Five of his cuts were new top-100 times, giving him a total of 8 so far. His biggest cuts were on Rainbow Road, where he improved 28 positions from 3'01"8 to 3'00"1, and DK Mountain lap, where he improved 45 positions from 35"5 to 34"8. Anton says it's getting harder to score easy PRs and that he has to work hard to get them now. #114 Joseph Armstrong had a Peach Beach lap and two Mushroom Bridge times to show us. The 22"1 Beach lap was a nice jump from 91st to 66th place, scoring a Myth time. The Bridge cuts were relatively small but Joseph wanted to finish-the-job and improved from 1'20"0 to 1'19"9 to get the milestone sub. He also improved his Bridge lap to 26"03, getting even close to the sub but still on the wrong side of 26. Rivals #119 Hugh M and #126 Jocelyn S were inactive this time, giving #136 Christophe Balzeau and #139 Dorian Herniote a chance to catch up. Dorian, being without a Gamecube most days, only managed to race 3 PRs between updates. He improved Wario Colosseum to top-150 level and found some cuts on Dry Dry Desert and Mushroom City. Meanwhile, Christophe managed to pass Dorian after accumulating a 12pt AF cut, which included some fast times for his level such as a 59"7 Colosseum lap (top-60), and 31"8 Mushroom City lap (top-100). He also improved his neglected Experts on Baby Park, Waluigi Stadium, and Sherbet Land to Hero level in order to reach 32/32 Hero. Those cuts were very helpful for reducing his AF and ARR, especially Sherbet, where he beat both lap and course by nearly 100 positions and consequently got the promotion to overall Hero B status.

#147 Dennis Colvin had one of the briefest ever retirements, returning to the game after less than a week because it was too much fun. The first order of business was to race his 31st and 32nd Hero times on DK mountain and reach 32/32 Hero, because those two Expert times had been bothering him. The other cuts on Mushroom Bridge, Mario Circuit, and Yoshi Circuit were all upgrades on Hero D scores to a better standard. Dennis became an overall Hero B and his 8pt AF cut put him close to where Christophe was last week, among the top-150.

#151 Zack Tabak nearly made the top-150 himself after reporting a 20pt AF cut. It was Zach's first submission in 4 weeks and he a few of his 18 new times were from a few weeks back, but that the majority were from just the last couple of days of excitement. Six fo those cuts were upgrades from Expert to Hero, leaving another five Experts left to go. More significantly, Zach raced his first Titan times: a trio of 22"4 Peach Beach, 8"6 Baby Park, and 22"2 Mushroom Bridge. Those are usually the first for many players. His Bridge lap, ranked 99th, was his first top-100 time whereas his previous Dry Dry Desert lap and new Baby Park lap missed out by only a few positions. Zach reached Hero C status in ARR and went most of the the way between B and C, so he should be to score another promotion soon.

#176 Gavin Kimpton passed veterans Lars N, Matt Flees, and Timur Ahmad this week. He said his lack of free time reflected on his low number of PRs, but was happy to go sub-8"5 in Baby Park and improve his time from 31st to 25th place. His others cuts were on Sherbet Land and Mushroom City, where he upgraded an Expert to Hero and now has 18/32 Hero times.

#316 Steven Schumann reported a 14pt cut, including his second ever Hero time on Mushroom Bridge 3lap. He already had his first Hero on the lap there, so the 3lap came naturally. Among his 8 new times were also two upgrades from Advanced to Expert -- one in Waluigi Stadium and the other in Rainbow Road lap -- to reach 29/32 Experts. Bowser's Castle and Dino Dino Jungle, two of the harder tracks, remain elusive.

Also active were #231 Vincent Audoore (first times this month), #249 Ben Stoneman (got top-250 and second Hero), #290 Gerardo Arroyo (first times this year), #466 Sam Smith (returned after two weeks break), #642 Dan Downey and #674 Stephen Weber (both reached the half-way point of 16/32 Advanced times), and #653 Joel Johnson.

New Records

David P beat his own 1'03"3 Baby Park record from last week with a 1'03"205, after also racing a 1'03"26 mid-week. He hopes to race a 1'02 some day, but says that such a time will demand absolute perfection.

New Players

Welcome to...

Christian Bouwense, USA (#378, Expert D)

Christian joins at a reasonably high level and with two Hero times. The current Champion, Mike, also first joined with two Hero times, so Christian can set his aims high.


Alex @ Wednesday, March 15th 02:48AM   [link]


#1 Mike Koehoorn held onto his top position, racing 3 new times. All of them were WRs, so check the details below. His AF stands at 2.71.

#2 Andrew Math raced two new times, both records as well. His AF stands at 2.81, quite close to Mike. So close that even if both were inactive, their positions might change depending on what David does.

#7 David Gutierrez Pena is doing quite well, indeed, reporting 11 new times and taking the No. 7 position from Aron L. He improved both of his Bowser's Castle times, but they remained in ranks 2nd and 3rd and he didn't gain any spots. The 2'17"1 course time is getting closer and closer to the sub, and therefore closer to Andrew's WR. David was also happy to score some "solid" Yoshi Circuit times, clinching 7th place in both. He improved his Baby Park lap to 8"34, still second place behind Mike but perhaps hopeful to take both WRs in that track like he did in Wario Colosseum. His other cuts in Daisy Cruiser, Mushroom City, and both Rainbow Roads were all top-10 times. David worst track is now Luigi Circuit, followed by Mushroom Bridge and then Mario Circuit. He may be allergic to asphalt?

#11 Jacob Purcell pulled a little ahead of #12 Jean-Christophe after dipping down below 1'38" in Waluigi Stadium. It was just under a half-second cut as well as a new Myth+ time. The other active top-20 player was #19 Paul Tanney who felt like beating something old and chose to focus on his 60Hz lap in Luigi Circuit from 2004 (!): he beat it by 7 standards, from Titan A down to God, with a 24"49 although it was slightly behind his recent 50Hz lap, which Paul raced last month.

#106 Jack Whittingham reported a 1.5pt AF cut, often enough to pass someone but not this time. He is getting super close to Titan level, however, and should reach it before he reaches top-100. His best new time was a 35"0 lap in DK Mountain, marking his 8th top-100 time, and his biggest cut of the week was a 27-position improvement in Sherbet Land with a 1'16"6.

#114 Joseph Armstrong reported an 8pt AF cut and caught up to rivalry leader #113 Anton D. Their shared rivals #110 Hugh Moorhead and #126 Jocelyn Sitek were also active, with #137 Dorian losing some ground. Joseph's times were not many in number, but individually they were big cuts: an 8"59 God time in Baby Park (up 33 places), a 1'20"0 Mushroom Bridge (up 65 places) and 26"0 lap (up 59 places), and 24"6 Luigi Circuit lap (up 42 places) were the highlights. The three laps mentioned were Joseph's third, fourth and fifth Myth times, although they weren't ranked top-40 like like Rainbow lap. He also went sub-1'16 in Luigi to at least secure a top-50 time. Joseph reached Titan D status from these cuts. Meanwhile, Hugh lamented his lack of free time because it was all being taken up by Zelda. He wrangled himself free for long enough to score 6 PRs and a 4pt AF cut. His biggest cut was a 32"3 lap in Daisy Cruiser, from 124th to 85th place and his 8th Titan time. The other improvements were in the Hero region. Spending a few months overseas, Jocelyn brought his console in his suitcase and double PRs on Mushroom Bridge and DK Mountain. The Bridge times were good: his lap was his 6th Titan and the course was a gain of nearly fifty positions. His Mountain times were better: his 1'46"5 dipped down to 52nd place and his 34"3 lap dipped down to 44th place, nearly better than his Baby Park ranking. Jocelyn hopes to play some more and catch up.

#148 Christophe Balzeau was proud to get a 59"9 lap in Wario Colosseum, saying it was a dream since he was a kid to be faster than a minute. His two remaining dream times are the 3-min and 2-min marks in Rainbow and Wario, which he is still a second-and-a-half behind. He improved 3 of his remaining Experts to Hero (Luigi 3lap, Desert 3lap, Castle 3lap) to leave only 4 Experts remaining. They are in Baby Park, Sherbet Land, and Waluigi Stadium, and Christophe said he will tackle them next week. The 8pt AF cut this week was enough to reach top-150 and pass 5 players.

#237 Tristan Berezowski reported his first PR since 2013, using a couple of hours of down-time at college to beat his Sherbet Land. Perhaps he will remain active.

#255 Ben Stoneman advanced 8 positions following new times on Mushroom Bridge and Wario Colosseum. The 27"1 lap on the Bridge was a jump from 326th to 278th and scored the Expert A standard. His 2'05"5 and 1'02"1 times in the Colosseum also qualified for Expert A, raising his Expert A count to to 12. So far Ben has managed to bring Sherbet lap to the Hero tier, and some of these Expert times have been close to repeating that feat.

~315 Alec Kirchberger sent in 10 new course times, his first in over a month, and also started submitting laps. He still has a hole in his timesheet but should complete it very soon. Alec is clearly top-300 material since his AF is 307. Luigi Circuit 1'17"8 was previously his best time, ranked 167th, but Alec's new 1'38"7 course time in Mushroom City has taken over the crown since it's ranked a little better, at 153rd. Three cuts were new Heroes, giving Alec 5 Heroes so far.

#341 Steven Schumann had a 16pt AF cut to send in, marking his first submission since January. Three of his times were devoted to upgrading Advanced times to Expert, which leaves him with 5 Advanced left -- almost all of them in tricksy Special Cup tracks. Steven didn't play his top two tracks (Bridge and Mountain) and perhaps focused on weaknesses. His best new time was a 33"0 Mushroom City lap, from 379th down to 308th place, which was near his fourth top-300 time. He reached Expert C status with his cuts.

#658 Russell Horwood sent his first update since November, armed with 30 new times and a 164pt AF cut to show for it. He cut a whole minute from his Total Times and improved his title by three notches, from Intermediate C to Advanced D. Rainbow Road is the only track Russell didn't play and it's now left as his weakest track, around 300 positions below his course average. Russell's best track remains unchanged -- it's still Mario Circuit -- but he scored a new personal best standard there with an Advanced B course time of 1'36"4.

#682 Stephen Weber, last active around Christmas, scored his first times for the year. His 6 PRs resulted in an 11pt cut, enough to pass 15 players but not enough to stay ahead of Russell. He improved his Mario Circuit time by 100+ positions to reach 645th place, equalling his Peach Beach for personal best position.

#701 Tyler Blanchard, last active in November, sent in 14 new times spread over 8 tracks. His best track is now Mushroom Bridge, taking over from Dino Dino Jungle, which Tyler didn't play. With a 44pt AF cut, Tyler nearly caught up to Stephen W.

New Records

Mike Koehoorn improved both Mushroom Bridge WRs this week. He already held the lap at 25"59 and beat it with a 25"546, giving himself a 0"07 cushion over second place. The second record was his course time, advancing from 3rd to 1st, with a 1'18"208; it was 0"14 quicker than his previous time and 0"04 quicker than Andrew's old WR from last June.

Mike took a record from Richard K with a 32"103 Yoshi Circuit lap, 0"002 quicker than Richard's 50Hz time from 2014. He already held the 60Hz record and extended his lead over Andrew's lap to 0"06.

Andrew Math scored two records. One was a 60Hz record in Mario Circuit, down from 1'27"19 to 1'26"949. If you recall, Mike beat Andrew's time by 0"001 earlier this month. Andrew countered this week by cutting 0"2, but Richard still holds the Combined record with 1'26"80.

Andrew's second record was a 1'42"702 DK Mountain time that took the overall WR from Mike by a small 0"03 margin. Andrew did it in usual style by using the Barrel Train. Even after all these years, I believe the preferred vehicle for the Mountain has been the Toad Kart due to the its superior acceleration in the rugged, bumpy downhill section and in the hairpin turns leading up to the canyon jump. The Train is otherwise a faster vehicle if not for these two major sections of track that slow it down. Andrew managed to avoid losing too much time in these sections (did he use R-tech on the turns?) while making up time in the rest of the track with the faster wheels, and overall it amounted to a very similar but slightly faster WR. Although he beat his personal best (and Mike's record) by a small margin, he suggested that it was not a great run and that there's untapped potential left.

New Players

None this week.

WTF Barcelona, WTF Mike, WTF?

Alex @ Friday, March 10th 03:25AM   [link]


New Champion #1 Mike Koehoorn raced 12 PRs in strategic tracks to pull the rug from under Andrew's feet and overturn a (seemingly-comfortable-for-Andrew) 0.85 AF deficit into a 0.1 AF victory, not only passing Richard but also passing Andrew to take the lead. This epic move, which Barcelona tried to copy in the football yesterday, interrupted Andrew's 211-day reign as Combined Champion, as well as his 4.4 year long unbroken reign as 60Hz No.1. Andrew and Richard currently have slightly better Total Times and ARR compared to Mike, but the ranking is based on AF and Mike found the clinical cuts he needed to score enough wins on Andrew. His improvements were: a new WR in Baby Park 7lap that was beaten by David a day later; from 3rd to 1st in Dry Dry Desert lap; from 6th to 2nd in Mario Circuit 3lap; from 6th to 4th in Daisy Cruiser with a new 60Hz record; from 7th to 3rd in Waluigi Stadium, still struggling to beat Marijn's 60Hz record; from 4th to 2nd in Yoshi Circuit lap with a 60Hz record; from 9th to 5th in Rainbow Road lap to improve his weakest time; from 5th to 3rd in Wario Colosseum lap to score another win on Andrew; from 5th to 3rd in Dino Dino Jungle for another 60Hz WR; and a small cut in Bowser's Castle to stay top-5 in that chart. Since most of these scores were records, you can read about them below.

#2 Andrew Math dropped back to second, although still casually raced a new WR that he said "could be better". Can he counter Mike? Many of their times are separated by hair-thin margins, so surely yes. Yet Mike has been quite profilic lately with the number of PRs he can score in a single week. In a cruel twist, Andrew's 4.4 years as 60Hz No. 1 finished 25 days short of surpassing Marijn's 2008-2012 reign in the same title, which means Marijn will keep the record for longest unbroken reign for the foreseeable future. However, in terms of cumulative days, Andrew equalled Marijn's 1615 total days because he was champion twice and can add his numbers together.

#8 David Gutierrez Pena found his third WR with a Baby Park 7lap that was 0.7s faster than his previous best and 0.5s faster than the old record. Both he and Mike were practicing a new idea by #13 Vincent, with Mike landing a 1'03"3 and David going slightly faster than Mike. He did no favours to neither Mike nor Andrew since he beat both of their times. He also raced a 2'17"3 in Bowser's Castle with a missed MT, fast enough for second place.

#14 Ryan Stevens improved his Baby Park from 8"39 to 8"35, taking fourth place. He thinks that he may be able to even take silver here. Perhaps he can figure out how to do the new 7lap strategy?

#19 Paul Tanney reached Myth+ status and passed #20 David S, professing his happiness with both of these achievements since he expected neither of them when he started his recent 10-year comeback. Paul's latest improvements included a new top-20 time in Mario Circuit with a 1'28"1, an impressive 0.3s cut in Rainbow lap from 58"1 to 57"7, and his first sub-2'57 course time. Paul said he can envisage himself going 2'55 or so, especially considering how much he improved his lap time, but it didn't quite work out.

#44 Guillaume Becard got ahead of countryman Yannick P and is closing in on Xavier V. His 10 PRs included a new top-50 time of 1'08"7 in Peach Beach, another top-50 time of 1'19"6 in Mushroom Bridge, and a 1'46"4 DK Mountain that made it to 49th place. Guillaume has 19/32 top-50 times now, which is past the half-way point. He also improved four of his five 75+ ranked times this week: Daisy Cruiser to 65th, Waluigi Stadium to 53rd, and both Dino Dino Jungles to 69th and 57th. Only Rainbow lap remains with a 75+ ranking, so he may want to attend to it soon. The other balancing act is between his Myths and Titans: the aforementioned Bridge 3lap was his 16th Myth, exactly half-way. He needs another 0.2 points in ARR to receive a big promotion...!

#80 Kai Oliver Meister wants to focus on his weakest times for a bit. He started with Dino Dino Jungle, racing a 1'45"9 and 33"8 lap. The resulting 3.5pt AF cut pulled him ahead of Florian C, Martin R, Thomas L, Yohann G, and Arnaud T in the rankings -- a lot of players! The Jungle was Kai's equally-worst track and ranked 130+ just like his DK Mountain, but his new times are 50 positions higher and quite a bit more impressive. It seems logical that DK Mountain should be his next target.

#106 Jack Whittingham was satisfied to score his 6th and 7th top-100 times in Baby Park 7lap and Waluigi Stadium, but was less impressed with his narrow miss of 101st place in DK Mountain lap. He has many scores ranked 100-110 and is trying to persuade them over the line. A 28"5 Mario Circuit lap and 31"90 Mushroom City lap this week were his 8th and 9th Titans, both narrowly missing out on top-100 positions. Jack is still making his way towards the top-100, but he is also getting closer to the Titans, as well.

#113 Anton Delva did enough to remain top of his rivalry against #127 Jocelyn, #124 Hugh, #137 Dorian, #121 Joseph, and #153 Christophe. Dino Dino Jungle, his weakest track behind Waluigi Stadium, was giving him sleeping troubles and he improved the course time from 150th to 105th and the lap from 124th to 99th. It's now one of his best tracks, which means he can leave it alone for a little while. The lap was his 12th Titan and 4th top-100 time, and unsurprisingly both times were the best among his rivals. However, it's #121 Joseph Armostrong that enjoys the lion's share of rivalry records with 13, five more than second place. Joseph reported 8 cuts this week, including several new Titans -- Dry Dry Desert 28"9, Mario Circuit 28"4, Wario Colosseum 2'02"6, and Colosseum lap 1'00"6 -- and even a Myth in the shape of a 58"4 Rainbow lap. Rainbow was already his best track, with times ranked 48th and 53rd last week, but his new lap reached as high as 37th place. This lap was also Joseph's second Myth time. He was quick to point out that it might even be a UK 60Hz record. Joseph has 15 Titans now, slightly more than Anton, and could challenge Anton for the lead in the new week or two. #153 Christophe Balzeau continued playing catch-up and is quickly approaching Dorian and the other rivals. His 17pt AF cut brought him close to the top-150 barrier, which he should have no trouble getting through. He improved his best track, Wario Colosseum, from 82nd to 70th place with a 1'00"1 lap -- perhaps soon to go sub-1? The other significant milestone set was a 22"4 Peach Beach lap, which was his third Titan and the first one outside the Colosseum. The remainder of his 12 PRs were primarily focused on raising his lowest times, such as promoting the Experts to Hero. Christophe has 25/32 Heroes now, with 7 Experts left.

#152 Dennis Colvin sent in 8 PRs, warning that they may be his last for a while since he would like to move to other games. He times amounted to a 15pt AF cut, narrowly missing out on a top-150 position but enough to maintain a lead on #153 Christophe, who was also moving quickly up the ladder. Out of his 8 PRs, Dennis upgraded 7 Expert times to Hero and left only 2 Experts on DK Mountain. His last PR was an attempt at the DK Mountain lap, but he missed the Hero standards by 0"15.

#342 David Nutt had a few weeks' worth of times to report, accumulating a 36pt AF cut. He has been trying to beat the times of his German friend #359 Steven S and currently leads 21-11 in head-to-head. His timesheet improved from 28/32 Expert D to 21/32 Expert C, so his improvements were spread equally across most tracks to bring them all forward, together. David also became an Expert C player overall.

#479 Sam Smith extended his 3-year comeback from last week, reporting 18 additional new scores to gain 47 positions. He improved Baby Park lap to Advanced level, the only time he failed to upgrade last time, and went a step further by racing his first Experts: two of them in DK Mountain and two more in Wario Colosseum. The Mountain times are both ranked 371st place and are his best times at the moment, yet the Colosseum scores are not all that far behind. Lets see how Sam fares next week.

~607 Anthony Guerrero, still missing a few scores in his timesheet, achieved an impressive sub-1'10 Peach Beach with a 1'09"96. He was previously 0"3 seconds behind the milestone number, which is also the cut-off for the Titan standards. His lap remains Hero A level, not quite ready for Titan just yet. Anthony also improved his Baby Park 7lap to 1'06"0, fast enough for 121st place. However, he has dedicated less time to tracks besides these two, where his average rank is 500+.

#654 Dan Downey dedicated his week to DK Mountain and Dry Dry Desert, two of his four weakest tracks, and crushed them by at least 4 standards each. In particular, his 31"0 Dry Dry Desert lap was his second Expert D time and second time ranked in the top-400. A month ago Dan raced a surprise top-400 Expert lap in Luigi Circuit and just repeated the feat, so perhaps he'll pull more rabbits out of hats like this in the future. Dan gained 41 positions with his 5 PRs.

Also active were #263 Ben Stoneman, #429 Agustin Berrios (first scores since 2009!), and #620 Miyako Morbit.

New Records

Mike took the Dry Dry Desert lap WR record with a 27"560, a frame better than Andrew's 27"59 lap that was set in 2015.

Mike tied Richard's 31"182 Daisy Cruiser lap WR, initially set three years ago. His time was also a new 60Hz record, but it was a record already in his name.

Mike's 1'36"605 Daisy Cruiser was a new 60Hz record, beating Andrew's time by 0"03. The old record was from 13 months ago. Richard, Andreas, and Kouider have slightly faster times in 50Hz.

Mike's 32"157 Yoshi Circuit lap was a new 60Hz record, a 0"002 win over Andrew's lap from two weeks ago. Richard still holds the Combined record at 32"10.

Mike's 1'27"195 Mario Circuit course time was a new 60Hz record, a 0"001 win over Andrew's time from 2014. Richard still holds the Combined record at 1'26"8.

Mike's 1'41"743 Dino Dino Jungle was a new 60Hz record, a 0"01 win over Andrew's time from November.

Andrew captured Sherbet Land once more with a 1'13"872, having briefly lost it to Mike in the last update. Mike's time is 1'13"91.

David P and Mike both improved the Baby Park record. Mike's 1'03"37 stood briefly but David soon raced a 1'03"299. They appear to be using a new tactic that Mike attributed to #13 Vincent vdF, who mentioned some ideas in the chatroom for them to try out and somehow those ideas were excellent and worked very effectively.

Taking these WRs into account, Richard, Mike and Andrew have 10, 9 and 8 records (resp.) in the Combined tally. Mike has taken the lead in the 60Hz tally with 16 WR to Andrew's 12.

New Players

Welcome to...

Sanny Bodnar, Germany (~1212, Newbie)

Sanny has only played Luigi Circuit so far.

Should wii switch over a new leaf?

Alex @ Thursday, March 2nd 01:38AM   [link]


If you'd like to chat with other karters, join the Discord room. Here is the link.


#3 Mike Koehoorn squeezed himself into third place, separating the Swedish pair of Richard and Andreas. Mike is closing in on Richard, too, so he main gain yet another spot in the next few weeks. He reported 6 new scores for the week, all pairs on the Cruiser, Stadium, and Sherbet. He improved both Sherbet scores by one position, which was difficult because he was already second-place. From the other four scores, two were new 60Hz records. Check the records section.

#8 David Gutierrez Pena passed #9 Marijn J after reporting 5 new PRs. He scored a new God time on Waluigi Stadium with a 1'37"5, reaching the top-10 there. His improved his lap to top-10 as well, and raced two further new top-10 times with Sherbet 1'14"3 and Dino Dino 1'42"4. The Dino time was his weakest, previously ranked 15th. This now leaves Luigi Circuit lap as his weakest time. David raised his God tally by 2 to reach 29/32, missing just three scores.

#11 Jacob Purcell reported two new Waluigi Stadium runs, which was enough for him to pass #12 Jean-Christophe L. His 1'38"3 was a gain from 23rd to 15th place, and corresponding 31"0 lap was a gain of 3 positions and 2 standards. Both were previously 20+ ranked times, which Jacob just improved to top-20 level. His Mario 3lap, Yoshi lap, and Castle 3lap are ranked 21st/20th/20th, so they are the most obviously targets if he wants to secure 32/32 top-20.

#15 Ryan Stevens is still entertaining the thought of making a comeback. He continued grinding Baby Park for the second week, landing an 8"39 time that was fast enough for 7th place. It was a win on USA No.1 Andrew, but it fell 0"002 short of getting a win on USA No.3 Jacob. Unfortunately for Ryan, the country record is held by USA No.2 David with a strong 8"35.

#20 Paul Tanney's AF dropped below 20.0 points for the first time since forever, thanks to 8 new PRs. Paul was briefly Champion, so he's seen very low AF scores in the past. He raced two new God times, a 1'15"3 Luigi Circuit and a 1'04"6 Baby Park, to reach 16/32 God times. Both improvements were small cuts since he was already oh-so close. His other cuts included a nice cut in Yoshi Circuit lap 32"4 (from 18th to 11th place) and, if we pretend Dino Dino Jungle didn't exist, you could say that Paul improved his two weakest tracks with a 2'57"5 Rainbow Road and 1'37"8 Daisy Cruiser. Dino Dino, ranked 33rd, is currently Paul's weakest time by six positions and it's one of his extant scores from 2005. Paul's ARR cut puts him very close to a rank promotion, so maybe he should hold off on the Switch for a few days...

#45 Guillaume Becard reached the top-50 by passing Kris W, Mikel N, Mike H, Alejandro H, and Luke M. His 8pt AF cut proved too powerful, and a similar cut -- if he can repeat it -- would place him somewhere in the mid-30s. His favourite time was a 21"8 Peach Beach lap, ranked 25th, which took the crown from BP lap as his best ranked time. His pervious time was 53rd, so you can sense that it was an impressive cut. It was Guillaume's second God time after BP lap. He also invested some time in improving his lowest scores: a jump from 91st to 59th in Mario Circuit, 80th to 68th in Sherbet Land, and 81st to 62nd in DK Mountain. The DK Mountain was his last remaining Hero time, so his 1'46"9 Titan time sealed the deal for reaching 32/32 Titan.

#85 Kai Oliver Meister played Wario Colosseum this week, which was one of his oldest PRs. He passed Francois C and Alejandro L as a result, gaining a couple of ranks. The new times of 2'00"6 and 59"4 were quite a bit faster than his previous 2'01"8 and 1'00"2 lap, especially the lap, which was a milestone sub-minute lap and a jump of 40 positions. It's currently ranked 36th, which is his best performance. With a lap like that, Kai felt that he could go faster on the 2lap -- maybe even sub-2 minutes -- but it refused to budge.

#114 Anton Delva retained the lead in his rivalry with #123 Hugh, #126 Jocelyn, #130 Joseph, and #137 Dorian. His four cuts included two new Titan times: a 1'00"7 Colosseum lap and 26"3 Bridge lap. He now has 11 Titans to his name, although is still closer to Hero than Titan overall. Anton has fewer wins in his rivalry compared to Hugh or Joseph, but his timesheet is consistent enough that he has the lowest AF and Total Times among his rivals. Meanwhile, #123 Hugh Moorhead noticed that he was losing ground and came back strong with a 9pt AF cut. He reported 13 new scores and among them were several new Titans: 24"9 sub Luigi Circuit lap, 1'20"5 Mushroom Bridge, and 31"9 sub Mushroom City lap. He also produced a 26"1 Bridge lap, ranked 65th and hitting the Myth D requirements (it would be his best time if not for his top-10 time in Baby Park lap). Hugh became a Hero A player and hit the same ARR score as Anton, despite being slightly lower in the ranking. And then there is #130 Joseph Armstrong, up 9 positions, whose 0.8pt ARR cut brought him Hero A status as well. He's only one position behind Anton and Hugh in the ARR stakes. Joseph has 11 wins in the rivalry, three more than anyone else, yet is still trailing in AF because he has strong strengths but also very weak weaknesses. He reported 6 new times this week and found a new favourite track in Rainbow Road. The cuts of 2'58"7 and 58"7 were a far cry from the previous 3'00"1 and 59"5, especially the lap. The new times, both near top-50, turned Rainbow from a mediocre track to his best track in a matter of weeks. Joseph's other success was in Mushroom City where he improved his 3lap (1'37"3) by a whole second to reach the top-100, and crushed his 32"2 lap with a 31"6 that hit Myth D territory. This was Joseph's first Myth, even surpassing the impressive Titan As in Rainbow.

#165 Dennis Colvin and #168 Christophe Balzeau have run away with the lead in their rivalry, splitting the victories 16-15-1 and reaching Hero C level while #233 Vincent A and #251 Jean-Christophe L remain two titles behind. This week both Dennis and Christophe scored 30pt AF cuts, widening the gap to the others by 30 positions while staying locked together. Dennis sent in 18 PRs, raising his Titan tally from 3 to 6 and reducing his Experts from 18 down to 9. He also scored a God time on Baby Park lap as he only needed a 0"01 cut to promote his previous Myth+ time. Dennis says that he will focus on beating his remaining Experts and has goals of reaching top-100 sometime this year.Christophe reduced his own Expert count from 20 down to 11, but so far has two Titans compare to Dennis's six. He was particularly happy to score a sub-minute lap on Rainbow with a 59"7, saying it was one his dream times. He hopes to go sub-2 in the Colosseum and sub-3 in Rainbow in the near future. The Colosseum is his best track at the moment, where he raced a 2'01"9 this week, as well as a 1'00"3 lap to go with it. The lap is already his best ranked time, but he'll need to take it sub-minute to make sub-2 a possibility.

#301 Stephen De Winter reported 7 PRs and passed 8 players, getting ever-closer to top-300. Mushroom City was overdue for a new time and he improved both times by around 70 positions. A 1'23"6 in Mushroom Bridge was a similar 70-position cut that brought his course time closer to his lap in terms of quality. Finally, Stephen improved his best course time (on DK Mountain) from 203rd place to 187th, grabbing his second top-200 time and nearly matching his fast-lap there. His lap is Hero, but the course time is still one standard behind. Stephen had an easy time improving it since he used his mushrooms on different laps rather than going for fast-lap each race. He says that he still has potential to go a whole second faster on the 3lap time, even though it's already his best track. Stephen's cuts helped him reached the Expert B title.

#526 Sam Smith, last active 3 years ago, returned with almost a full set of times. His 119pt AF cut nearly rewarded him with a top-500 position and he went from 16/32 to 31/32 Advanced, missing out only Baby Park lap despite cutting it down by three standards. For many players Baby Park is their best standard, while for others its their worst. Some videos may help Sam turn it upside down! Video link is on the left, Sam.

Also active were #108 Jack Whittingham, #180 Gavin Kimpton, #695 Dan Downey, and #874 Meagan Schmidt (friend of #11 Jacob).

New Records

Mike K took both Sherbet Land line honours this week. His course record was 1'13"912 and lap was 23"674. The previous marks, 1'13"919 and 23"72, were set six months ago by Andrew M. Mike acknowledged that his course time was a clutch 0"01 victory on the last lap, so perhaps there is room for improvement by both himself and Andrew. This double-record swap raised Mike's WR tally to 8 and reduced Andrew from 11 to 9. This means they're almost tied! But Mike indirectly helped Richard recapture the lead in the WR tally since Richard still has 10 WRs.

Two of Mike's other PRs were 60Hz records. Daisy Cruiser 31"250 was a 0"07 cut on his old time and a tiny 0"001 win again Andrew's WR from June last year. Waluigi Stadium lap 30"674 was a 0"02 win over Marijn's magical record lap from 9 years ago, although it was 0"03 slower than Kouider's record in 50Hz.

New Players

None this week.