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Are the easter bunnies in the shops yet?

Alex @ Monday, January 9th 01:27AM   [link]


#4 Mike Koehoorn focused on taking the No. 4 position from Kouider this week, having some fairly close last time. He scored two new wins on the former champion that he didn't have before, and improved another 8 times for a total 0.56pt AF cut, which was enough to pass Kouider by 0.03. A 2'17"7 Bowser's Castle time was a small improvement from 8th to 5th, and likewise a 1'40"3 Yoshi Valley, from 8th to 6th. A 1'28"8 Dry Dry Desert fared better, from 5th to 3rd, and a 27"6 lap in the same track was enough for 4th place. A breakthrough 32"8 on Dino Dino Jungle slingshot Mike from 8th to 2nd, which was big help to lowering his AF, and a few small cuts on Daisy Cruiser and Mario Circuit were just enough to tie Kouider. He managed one more PR later in the week, a WR in Luigi Circuit lap, to improve from 2nd to 1st place and score the final tiny AF cut he needed to take 4th place outright. Andrew still has a stronghold on the #1 spot but has been dropping a few WRs to Mike in recent weeks.

#9 David Gutierrez Pena had 6 new times to report, including a pair on his newly favourite track of Wario Colosseum. He new times are unchanged from 4th and 2nd place, although he managed to improve his own 60Hz lap record. David feels that a significant cut may happen any moment now. Apart from two minor cuts on Luigi Circuit, his notable cuts were on Bowser's Castle: his 2'17"8 almost beat Mike and was a big cut from 12th to 7th, whereas his 45"01 lap was faster than Marijn and Aron and also strong enough for 7th. David has to make up a 2.1pt AF deficit to reach Marijn, the next player in the ranking, and each win on Marijn, such as his Castle lap, effectively counts as double.

#119 Jack Whittingham sought help from Mike and Frederic in Yoshi Circuit and it paid quick dividends with Jack improving his lap from 138th to 116th. He cut down his course time to 1'45"1 but feels he may be able to go a whole second faster. Jack moved ahead of Marcel F and Tanguy A in the rankings with these two improvements.

#152 Hugh Moorhead improved his excellent Baby Park to 8"41 but it gain any new position beyond 9th place. His other 10 PRs, however, gained an 8pt AF cut and 8 positions in the rankings. A 29"08 Dry Dry Desert lap was one of his stronger PRs, reaching a high of 108th position and his third best rank. A 28"7 Mario Circuit lap was not far behind, reaching 118th place. Hugh's other cuts on Waluigi Stadium, Sherbet Land, Yoshi Circuit, and Wario Colosseum and were much closer to his average of 165. If one were to only look at Mushroom Cup, they would feel that Hugh should be ranked quite a bit higher.

#191 Gavin Kimpton had time for only 3 PRs during the New Year baton pass but found some time in the last couple of days to extend his tally to 8 PRs. A 5.8pt AF cut resulted in wins against Nick H, Casey M, Yannik B, and a few others in the rankings. His highlights were three new top-200 times in Peach Beach 3lap, Dry Dry Desert lap (a sub-30), and Mushroom Bridge, bring his total to 12/32 top-200 times. They were also new Hero and now part of Gavin's growing collecting of Hero times. In particular, his new 22"5 Peach Beach lap was Hero A level, which is Gavin's best standard outside of Baby Park lap.

#273 Jean-Christophe Leger reported a 7.5pt AF cut to maintain a lead over #274 Zack T. Jean-Christophe submitted 4 new scores in Dry Dry Desert, Wario Colosseum and Bowser's Castle. His Castle times were substantial cuts, particularly the 2'25"2 course time that was previously ranked 337th and now ranked 230th. He also raced a new best 48"0 f-lap in the same race that was fifty positions higher than before. I hope he used both mushrooms? #274 Zack Tabak finished the week with a 27pt cut and one place behind Jean-Christophe, almost a copy of his previous week's cut following his comeback after many years. Zack's new times were clustered around Mushroom and Flower Cups, so he may not have had enough time to focus on all the tracks. There were 4 new Hero times that extended Zack's tally to 7-of-32, although he says that he will first focus on beating his lowest times rather than try to upgrade his best Experts to Hero. Zack's top PR of the week was a 1'06"2 Baby Park 7lap ranked just inside the top-150, which was less than half of his average position. With such momentum behind him, Zack should be able to reach the top-250 before Jean-Christophe.

#310 Christophe Balzeau reached 32/32 Expert following a pair of PRs on his weakest track, Mario Circuit. He new times of 1'33"3 and 29"7 are ranked much closer to his average, although he would still consider the track one of his weakest. Meanwhile, Christophe raced some top-250 times to balance things out and earn his 16pt AF cut, such as a 1'11"3 Peach Beach course and 26"8 Mushroom Bridge lap. His new 8"90 lap in Baby Park ended up 251st, missing out by 1 position, but was still a large jump of more than one hundred places. Apart from Mario Circuit, he only played Mushroom Cup, so let's see where he travels next week.

#325 Stephen De Winter recently heard about A-tech and has been trying to practice and figure out how to included it in his racing style. So far he was been practicing mostly on Baby Park and improved his 7lap from 434th to 291st place. He also gained 60 positions in the lap and went below the 9 second mark. Stephen switched Hertz to 60Hz and scored comparable times, equivalent big cuts and almost identical flap. He said that his A-tech execution is somewhat ineffective at the moment and that he will continue to practice it in the hope of using it on other tracks later. His 6pt AF cut awarded pulled him ahead of 7 players, including Brent W, William L, and Lorenzo F.

#674 Adam Roberts scored a 13pt AF cut following new times in Bowser's Castle and Waluigi Stadium. He beat his previous Castle time by 160 positions despite wiping out on an unavoidable fireball when taking the shortcut, so he hopes to figure out the changing timing requirements for fireball avoidance as his time gets faster. He also improved his f-lap by 130 positions, earning Advanced times in both of the Castle charts. These were his 10th and 11th Advanced times so far and Adam found a 12th one in Waluigi Stadium. His Waluigi times were only his second and third top-600 times, so it's arguably his top track right now.

#777 Zack Mosenson returned after nearly 2 years absence to overhaul his timesheet. He had 29/32 Beginner times during his last bout of activity and now has 1/32 left with a mostly-Intermediate timesheet. He even raced two Advanced times: a 9"30 lap in Baby Park and a 36"8 lap in Waluigi Stadium. It's not clear how long it took Zack to accumulate these PRs, and there are some tracks he said he dislikes and doesn't wish to play, but his progress so far is good. Zack has set a goal for himself to reach Advanced A level. His best time so far is Advanced B, so there is some work to do.

Also active were #105 Kai Oliver Meister, 133 Jocelyn Sitek, #228 Giovanni van Basten, #555 Will Mandrola, and #692 Stephen Weber. Kai improved his Baby Park 7lap and reiterated his promise to reach top-100 soon. Jocelyn beat his last remaining Expert on Waluigi Stadium to reach 32/32 Hero. Giovanni raced top-200 times on both Luigi Circuit course and lap, and was happy to get his fifth Hero time there. Stephen had a couple of improvements he forgot to submit just before the new year. Will didn't want to break his activity streak and raced two quick PRs in Mushroom Cup.

New Records

Mike Koehoorn raced a 24"193 Luigi Circuit lap, 0"01 faster than Andrew's WR set seven months ago. His own previous best was a 24"21 from just before Christmas, which had come super close to Andrew's record.

Mike also raised the stakes in 60Hz Dino Dino Jungle with a 32"885 lap record, a bit faster than Andrew M's two-year old record of 32"95. Mike's previous time was 33"04, so it was a big cut for him. Richard K has the Combined record of 32"83 set in 50Hz in 2014, and Mike's lap is equal second (tied with Andreas).

David Gituerrez Pena improved his own 60Hz Wario Colosseum lap record to 57"545, a fractional improvement but one that indicates he is quite active on the track. Andreas holds the overall WR at 57"47.

New Players

James Farrell-Shaw, Scotland (#714, Intermediate A)
Joey Jackson, USA (#646, Advanced D)
Dan Downey, USA (~1073, Beginner C)

James says he has forgotten how to drift and intends to remind himself and rediscover long-lost skills; he has 8 Advanced times so far. Joey is a little ways ahead of James and has more than half of his timesheet at Advanced level. Dan has only played a few tracks so far; he holds Double Dash dear to his heart and intends to fill his timesheet soon.

And thus 2016 draws to a close. Time for 2017 goals?

Alex @ Tuesday, January 3rd 02:07AM   [link]


#5 Mike Koehoorn was the highest active player and finished 2016 with 32/32 top-10 times and 32/32 God times. He left the last in both targets until the very end, upgrading his Myth+ to God on Rainbow Road 3lap and pushing his Rainbow Road lap from 12th to 9th. His end-of-year ARR of exactly 5.00 puts him 0.6 points behind Kouider. His other PRs this week included a top-3 time on Mushroom Bridge, a 1'42"8 sub on DK Mountain, and 44'92 sub on Bowser's Castle lap. He also beat Andrew's 60Hz lap on Yoshi Circuit.

#9 David Gutierrez Pena was the second active top-10 player. Following an impressive 17 PRs, he got ahead of Konsta J this week to earn a single-digit ranking. He improved some of his weaker times, such as Luigi Circuit lap (20th to 16th), Dino Dino Jungle 3lap (19th to 15th), and Bowser's Castle lap (20th to 9th) to secure 32/32 top-20 times. His Jungle lap is now his weakest time, ranked 19th. As for his stronger times, David raced a new God with 1'37"3 Daisy Cruiser and a new top-10 time with 32"3 Yoshi Circuit lap. Actually his Bowser's Castle lap was a combination of all of the above. David has 9 Myth times remaining and 0.4 ARR points left to go before joining Mike at sub-zero tier.

#22 Paul Tanney improved his Peach Beach lap to 21"82 and 16th place, making it his third best time. He says he intends to bring it down to 21'7s. He also improved his Baby Park lap from 8th to 3rd with a 8"381, which was actually a new 50Hz record that was previously held by Mikael J at 8"383. Mike and David have slightly faster laps in 60Hz.

#25 Frederic Vernier improved his Baby Park lap to 8"383 to tie Mikael's 50Hz record only to have it beaten by Paul in the same week. It's good enough for 4th place overall, in contrast to his 7lap, which is his worst time that dropped back from 49th to 50th this week. It's ripe for an improvement. Frederic's other cut this week was a 1'38"3 Waluigi Stadium time, hitting the Myth A requirements for the first time and earning his fifth top-15 time.

#95 Guillaume Becard felt inspired to make a mad rush for the top-100 as the year deadline approached, and improved by 11 positions in the final week. He intends to decrease his activity until he can formulate a new goal. He scored a 16pt AF cut and reached Titan C level this week after a number of big cuts, such as 1'08"9 Peach Beach (from 116th to 54th), 28"8 Dry Dry Desert lap (157th to 84th), 31"6 Mushroom City lap (137th to 66th), and 46"1 Bowser's Castle (152nd to 91st). Guillaume upgraded 5 Heroes to Titan and 3 Titans to Myth, resulting in the large 1.0 ARR cut. His new best-ranked time is a 1'05"2 Baby Park 7lap, his first and only top-50 time (ranked 46th), which had a missed SSMT.

#105 Kai Oliver Meister was happy to finally have time to kart in his holidays. He raced improvements on Mushroom Bridge lap, Waluigi Stadium (a 1'41"9 sub), and a pair of new top-100 times on Bowser's Castle. He now has 14/32 top-100 times. He also said that he improved his weakest time (Baby Park 7lap) but forgot to post his improvement. This cut could be the difference between Kai being just a Hero or Kai being a Titan!

#121 Jack Whittingham gained a couple of positions and should be able to catch fellow UK player Dave T within his next set of PRs. Out of 9 PRs, he was most happy with a 32"1 Waluigi Stadium lap (ranked 106th), a 2'22"7 sub on Bowser's Castle, and 59"5 Rainbow Road lap (up 30 positions). He also raced a 3'01"3 on the Rainbow course, making it his second best course time, although he feels certain he can dip below the 3 minute barrier if he strings together three good laps.

#133 Jocelyn Sitek passed 6 players following 4 PRs in Wario Colosseum and Rainbow Road, where he beat his laps in the same runs as his courses. This included his first sub-minute lap on Rainbow with a 59"7. No Jocelyn update would be complete without DK Mountain, and he once again reported a new 34"67 lap that reached Titan C level. It took back the best-ranked-lap crown from Baby Park lap since it was ranked higher by 1 position.

#160 Hugh Moorhead finished 2016 a long way ahead of where he started, back in 847th place just six months ago. He gained 3 positions this week and his showpiece cut was an 8"42 Baby Park lap that reached 9th place. His previous time was 24th, so it was a decent cut. Hugh says he hopes to race 8"3x, and is already quite close. He also scored new Hero times with a 47"1 Bowser's Castle lap and 3'02"3 Rainbow Road. This puts his timesheet at 21/32 Heroes with only Expert As and Bs outstanding.

#230 Giovanni van Basten passed 5 players with three new PRs, the most significant being a 1'45"8 Yoshi Circuit course that that was ranked 195th. It was Giovanni's third top-200 time, and welcome consolation after his Yoshi lap missed out by a few positions.

#299 Zack Tabak, who returned last week after nearly a decade away, fought back to reach the top-300 with a 31pt cut. He credited his 18 PRs to watching Mike K's videos, trying out some of Mike's racing lines and techniques such as A-tech. He beat his last 6 remaining Advanced times by sizeable margins to reach 32/32 Expert, which he initially envisaged as goal for January but ended up completing it the same week. He was happy to race new times on Special Cup tracks that he hadn't touched since 2007, and there is still room to grow.

#334 Christophe Balzeau's 59pt AF cut was commensurate to his large number of submissions and dozens of PRs. He had 21 new times, since of which he improved more than once. His masterstroke track is still Wario Colosseum, which he improved yet again after staying up until the morning: a 2'03"9 and 1'01"4 for his efforts amounted to two top-150 times, very good for someone whose average is 200 less. Mario Circuit remains a major weakness, but Christophe made good progress in pulling his Baby Park and Waluigi Stadium out of the mire. With 11 out of 12 remaining Advanced times just upgraded to Expert, he reached overall Expert C with 31/32 Experts. Besides the aforementioned Heroes in the Colosseum, Christophe found his third Hero on Mushroom Bridge with a 1'22"3, nearly two seconds faster than last week.

#458 David Nutt finished 2016 at 503 positions higher than where he started three months ago. This week he only had enough time for one track and managed to beat his Mushroom City from October, which at the time he felt were 'flawless'. His new 1'42"4 and 33"4 lap were his 8th and 9th Expert times. David is still Advanced A overall, needing a further 0.65 points to reach the Expert levels.

#556 Will Mandrola nearly caught up with #549 Adam N following a 24pt cut. He focused his efforts on only five tracks and succeeded in getting 10 PRs. Waluigi Stadium proved most fruitful, with a 34"7 lap that was good enough for Advanced A and ranked 430th. It was a jump of two standards and Will's first top-500 time, although he says it should have been Expert had he not missed up the aerial MT at the end. So far he has two Advanced A times, and this has been the closest to a first Expert. He also improved his Dino Dino Jungle times after practicing the jump and follow-up MT, but is still having trouble putting together three good laps.

#332 Stephen De Winter, #690 Adam Roberts, and #969 Jordan Fetner were also active. Stephen improved his 60Hz Mario Circuit, trying to get it to the same quality as his 50Hz time. Adam raised his Advanced count to 9 following two PRs on Mario Circuit.

New Records

Mike K's 32"185 Yoshi Circuit lap was a new 60Hz record by 0"009, beating Andrew's lap from 12 months ago. Mike's previous time was 0"06 behind, so it was a decent cut. The Combined record is Richard's 32"10 set in 50Hz, with Mike and Andrew's 60Hz times clocking in at 3rd and 4th place.

New Players

None this week.

Merry Christmas

Alex @ Thursday, December 22nd 04:32AM   [link]


#13 Jacob Purcell wanted me to tell you about his Christmas Gift for active players. It's an Excel-based spreadsheet that can automatically get data from the Player's Page and help you compare your times and set your goals. Check the forums for the latest version.


#1 Andrew Math fought off Mike for a record or two this week, while a few others are still hotly contested. He managed to get the Peach Beach course record, but couldn't quite get the lap (he missed Kouider's 2nd place spot by 0"001). He also improved his Baby Park time, and tried to capture the Bowser's Castle WR but is still slightly behind. It was overall a good week for Andrew, improving his AF by .06 and re-capturing a record or two while having time to go after ones he doesn't have.

#5 Mike Koehoorn contends that he briefly beat Andrew's Baby Park WR, which no doubt motivated Andrew to play it and get the new WR this week. Mike submitted his time later, unable to improve on Andrew's improvement. Although he also lost the Peach Beach record, he beat his own Mushroom Bridge lap WR and came very close to winning the Luigi Circuit lap WR (missing by 0"006). He also continued trying Wario Colosseum, his worst track, and made a small gain from 9th to 7th in the 2lap time. He had more luck with the 1lap, going from 12th to 5th. A few other cuts in Bowser's Castle and Rainbow Road ensured a good week with a 0.5pt AF cut.

#10 David Gutierrez Pena is enjoying his newfound top-10 position and is even super close to catching #9 Konsta J, needing just 0.15 additional points. He had 7 PRs to report, including a 1'07"8 Peach Beach, a 1'14"6 Sherbet Land, and his 22nd God time with a 57"69 Rainbow Road lap. He still has the Wario Colosseum 60Hz record from last week -- it wasn't beaten by Andrew or Mike -- but David didn't play the level this week, either.

#22 Paul Tanney passed a few players in the 60Hz ranking, returning to improve his Baby Park lap from 68th from 7th place. His 50Hz time was already quite competitive, so it was more a matter of low-hanging fruit.

#25 Frederic Vernier sent in two new times to break the tie with Jonathan S, taking the 25th spot for himself. His 1'38"6 Waluigi Stadium time was a jump from 22nd to 16th, and nearly went under 2'58 for a Myth time on Rainbow Road but dropped 3 mini-turbos near the end and missed it by 0.1s. Seems like Frederic has lots of potential for a big cut there.

#83 Kevin Sekanor improved his Baby Park lap to 8"44, fast enough for 11th place overall and also his first 60Hz French record. A few of the French players have gone slightly faster in 50Hz, most famously Kouider's 8"399 that was a WR for 5 years. His other highlights were improving both Yoshi Circuit times by 15 positions, from 80 to 64-65th place. His 3lap jumped by two standards even though he said that it was nearly a full second behind his best potential. Kevin's 5pt AF cut was enough to pass 5 players, among them three Frenchmen, and he has four more French players between himself and the top-75.

#106 Guillaume Becard, still fairly new to the site, is accelerating towards a top-100 spot. This week's 11 PRs and 17pt cut were bigger than last week's because he finally managed to crush his neglected Rainbow Road and Dino Dino Jungle times (by about 100 positions each). The good news for his rivals is that Guillaume is running out of neglected tracks. His best performances this week were on Mushroom Bridge, a 1'20"4 and 26"1, that rank close to 80th spot and both were 40-50 positions above his previous. He achieved a Titan+ standard on the lap, equalling his best standard. No Myth times so far, but he reached Titan D level overall and has 15 Titan times compared to 17 Hero times, a balance that will soon flip.

#142 Anton Delva and #151 Dorian Herniote tussled with the top-150 barrier, with Anton going under and Dorian finishing just on the opposite side. Anton's 13pt cut, a product of 13 PRs, included some new Belgian records. He now has 8 such records compared to the 9 held by #144 Ashley O and 15 held by #121 Tom S. Anton passed Ashley to get the No. 2 spot in his country and will need to work a bit more to catch Tom. A 31"9 lap in Mushroom City was Anton's favourite new improvement since it was his second Titan and his new best-ranked time. Unfortunately he will be away for several weeks for the holidays, giving his rivals a chance to catch up. Dorian reported 20 PRs in exchange for a 16pt cut and finished in the same spot where Anton was last week, just ahead of the former champion Cesar M. His best cut was perhaps a 1'06"4 in Baby Park since it was a big jump of 83 positions and a new Hero time. Dorian reduced his remaining Expert times from 11 down to 5, which was a big help in reaching Hero C level.

#164 Hugh Moorhead sent in 11 PRs and also passed several players. Although he improved his impressive Baby Park lap from 30th to 24th place, he was more surprised by his 26"2 Mushroom Bridge lap (111th -> 96th). It was his first top-100 time outside Baby Park and qualified for the Titan B standard. Neither Anton nor Dorian intend to play next, which could give Hugh the opportunity to catch up.

#198 Gavin Kimpton became a Hero and reached the top-200 at the same time. He still has 25 Expert times despite reaching Hero level since his strong times are quite strong whereas his Experts are all just near the border. His best cuts came on DK Mountain, from rank 230-240 down to 175-180, and included a new Hero D lap of 36"0. These are among his top five best times. Gavin noted that the track held some of his oldest PRs and was most in need of improvement. He also slightly improved his Sherbet Land times, another set of old times, but not quite with the same success.

#285 Jean-Christophe Leger scored his second Hero time with a 25"2 Luigi Circuit lap. Ranked 189th, it was his third top-200 time and a jump of 80 positions. He had 6 other new times to report, including a long-awaited 1'01"4 on Rainbow Road that defeated his last remaining Expert D standard. He passed 9 players in the rankings, such as Mark E, Gerardo A, and fellow Canadian player Pascal L.

#312 Vincent Audoore submitted 24 PRs to earn his Expert C status and make good headway towards Expert B. He scored his first and only top-300 race back in October and added 4 new scores of similar quality this week on Mario Circuit 3lap, Sherbet Land lap, Bowser's Castle lap and Rainbow Road lap. Many of his scores are just outside the top-300, so his 5/32 tally could very quickly shift if he can maintain 20+ PRs per week. Vincent beat all 14 of his last remaining Expert D times to push everything to Exp C or higher, except for Baby Park -- his nemesis track -- where he still has Advanced times from August. Perhaps he could give it a few more attempts, or consult with Mike K for some tips.

#324 Zack Tabak, last active in 2007, sent in 24 old PRs. He assures us that none of them were raced very recently. They earned him a 53pt AF cut and a big jump in the ladder, although he would have been ranked much higher back in the day.

#374 Christophe Balzeau's 40pt AF cut from 17 cuts propelled him from Advanced to Expert D. He was most pleased with scoring his first Hero on Wario Colosseum, where he repeatedly improved the lap until taking it down to Hero C. His old lap was ranked 254th and his new lap is 167th. Christophe also smashed his 2lap from 315th to 197th, nabbing a second Hero and second top-200 time. Seven of his other improvements were dedicated to upgrading Advanced times to Expert and he now has 20/32 Experts, passing the half-way point.

#549 Adam Norbury and #583 Will Mandrola were active in the 500-600 region, with Adam submitting 13 PRs to Will's 9 PRs. They both amounted to the same size AF cuts of 19pts. Adam doubled his number of Adv B times from 8 to 16 but is still seeking his first Adv A. Will focused on beating his last remaining Intermediates to reach 32/32 Advanced and already has a single Adv A, but quite a lot more Adv Ds compared to Adam. Both players have their weakest time on Baby Park 7lap (they are 0"001 apart there!) so that may be a good track to beat into submission.

#698 Adam Roberts reached top-700 status following a 22pt AF cut, helped quite a bit by a big cut on Baby Park lap: from 775th to 496th place. Adam says that he really wanted to score his first Expert time there but he fell short by 4/100ths of a second. A top-500 time was his consolation prize and it was also his first top-600 time. He also got a second one on Rainbow Road 3lap, which finished in 603rd place.

New Records

Andrew Math improved his own Baby Park WR to 1'03"784, a decent improvement on his previous record of 1'03"85. Mike K scored a 1'03"789 here this week, so this record could swap hands.

Andrew also beat the Peach Beach record with a 1'07"309, gaining 0"09 on his previous best and surpassing Mike's record from last week by 0"07.

Andrew also improved his 60Hz Bowser's Castle lap from 44"69 to 44"662, with no obvious threats behind him in 60Hz but an obvious target of Kouider's 44"60 WR set in 50Hz.

Mike Kooehorn improved his own Mushroom Bridge lap record from 25"61 to 25"592, reaching the G+10 standard.

New Players

None this week.

Early Christmas Gifts for Mike and Dave

Alex @ Wednesday, December 14th 09:54PM   [link]

Video Site

Check out, a site Paul is curating to include online videos of times for all MKDD standards. Most of them are YouTube links, so this is also a way for some of you to find and follow certain players.


Andrew 'The Champ' Math was active this week and briefly regained the 60Hz Peach Beach lap record, equalling Mike's lap from last week. Unfortunately Mike slightly improved the record once more to break the tie. It wasn't the only record to slip through Andrew's hands this week..

#5 Mike Koehoorn reported 4 new times, resulting in a 0.4pt AF cut. He is still a long way behind #4 Kouider but is happy to improve where he can, which sometimes means scoring WRs. Three of his PRs were new WRs this week, which is a 75% hit ratio. Check them out below! His fourth PR was a bump on his DK Mountain cut from last week, which is not yet threatening Andrew's WR.

#11 David Gutierrez Pena passed #12 Vincent vdF this week and is right on the heels of #10 Jean-Christophe L. He looks set to join the top-10 very soon. David reached a major milestone this week by racing his first WR, a Wario Colosseum lap that beat Andreas's 60Hz time and came very close to beating Andreas's 50Hz time as well. You can watch his sense of relief here as he played catch-up against a ghost. His other PRs this week included a new God time on Mario Circuit with a 1'27"799 (any lower would not have qualified!), a sub on Peach Beach with 1'07"99, and a sub on Mushroom Bridge with a 1'34"90. He also had additional minor cuts on Dry Dry Desert, Waluigi Stadium, Sherbet Land, and Mushroom City, so David has been busy aiming for that top-10 position.

#88 Kevin Sekanor returned after two weeks silence with a 6 new scores and a 6pt AF cut. He passed 8 players in the rankings, including me, Joost C, Paulo P, and three fellow French players. Three of Kevin's new times (on Baby Park and Dry Dry Desert) were ranked in the 40-60 region, a fair bit higher than his average of 90.2, and he wants to take Yoshi Circuit down that low as well. His new Yoshi times were ranked closer to 80 but Kevin said he sees a lot of potential there and will cut it down further. He is now Titan C.

#121 Guillaume Becard, having recently filled the gaps in his timesheet, decided to give some more attention to the tracks he only played briefly. Waluigi Stadium was first on the agenda since his time was last week was performed in only a few attempts. His new 32"2 lap is quite competitive at rank 113, slightly above his average, and took him only half an hour. He is also still learning and practicing the shortcut jump in Yoshi Circuit without a mushroom and thinks he can improve by at least half a second, despite racing a 1'43"4 (ranked 76th) there this week without it. Guillaume's final improvements were on Sherbet Land, which is a track he still says he still can't quite understand as well the other tracks. This week's effort gained 5 positions in the ladder at, now at Hero A, Guillaume can set himself some goals for reaching Titan level.

#139 Jocelyn Sitek improved his favourite track, DK Mountain, once again. A few months ago he improved the lap and now he improved his 3lap time to 1'46"73, reaching 56th place and Titan C in this level. He also had a 26"5 Mushroom Bridge lap to report, and two cuts on Bowser's Castle that included a sub-47 lap. Jocelyn passed Ashley O, Peter C, Stephen R, and Andrew H in the rankings.

#150 Anton Delva was pleased to submit 16pts of AF cuts, which were just enough to overtake once-champion #151 Cesar M and thereby reach the top-150. Other victims among the 17 players he passed included Michael F, Arnaud P, Alvaro F, and Sylvain A. Between his 8 new scores, Anton felt most pleased with racing a top-150 time in Dino Dino Jungle, a troublesome track, with a 1'47"6. His new 34"7 lap was almost good enough for top-150, too. Anton's Mushroom Bridge, Sherbet Land lap, and Yoshi Circuit 3lap were also new times that tested the top-150 barriers (and Sherbet Land is under it). Belgian No.2 Ashley O and No.3 Christophe C are only slightly ahead, and passing them will let Anton set his sights on the Belgian No.1 spot held by #120 Tom S.

#167 Hugh Moorhead and #168 Dorian Herniote are making their way to top-150 as well. Hugh secured a 9pt AF cut and Dorian a 15pt cut this week, with Hugh finishing slightly ahead. Hugh managed to shave Baby Park to 8"51, reaching a peak ranking of 30th place. He also raced a 29"00 lap in Dry Dry Desert, ranked 102nd and his second-best time after Baby Park, but he was frustrated to miss a top-100 time, sub-29 time and Titan time all by tiny fractions. Meanwhile, half of his remaining PRs, such as Yoshi Circuit 1'46"8 and a Waluigi Stadium pair of 1'44"9 and 32"8, where tackling the opposite end of the spectrum where he still has 200+, and even 250+, ranked times. Dorian's timesheet has only one 250+ ranked time remaining on Baby Park 7lap, which he improved this week to 253rd place, but it refused to go any lower. He other cuts included a 101st-place lap in Mushroom Bridge 26"2 and 122nd-place course time of 1'49"4 in DK Mountain, both among Dorian's best performances so far.

#595 Will Mandrola extended his honeymoon period with an 82pt AF cut, nearly as high as last week's. He beat his DK Mountain times, which he didn't get a chance to play last week, and is still trying to figure out how to effectively approach the canyon jump. He went sub-2 minutes and achieved an Advanced A time for now, which is his top standard. Will shifted focus to Mushroom Cup, as well as Dino Dino Jungle, and beat his residual Intermediate times. This leaves only Rainbow Road lap and Daisy Cruiser lap as his final remaining Intermediate times, which is curious because his 3lap times there are Advanced. Expect another busy week from Will.

#691 Stephen Weber returned after a year and a half break with 14 new PRs, enough to boost his Advanced count to 10/32 and unearth his first Advanced C standard in Peach Beach with a 24"3 lap. This lap was ranked about 30 positions higher than his previous best ranking in Sherbet Land. His 24pt AF cut helped him pass 17 players in the ranking and reach the top-700 level.

New Records

Mike Koehoorn improved both Peach Beach records. His 21"66 lap record in 60Hz last week was tied mid-week by Andrew, and both players were within 0"01 of Kouider's 50Hz record. Mike kept playing it until getting a 21"640, snatching both the 60Hz and Combined record with a 0"014 lead. Kouider's old record was from 2011. Andrew is 0"02 behind Mike's new lap, so the record could exchange hands. In the 3lap, Mike's 1'07"381 edged Kouider's overall record by 0"002, an extremely small margin. He also beat Andrew's 60Hz record by 0"015, also a very small margin. Kouider's time was from 2013 and Andrew's time was from six weeks ago.

Mike's other triumph was in Mushroom Bridge lap, a track he been historically been strong in. A 25"616 lap time was 0"002 faster than the previous record set by Andreas in 2013, and 0"02 faster than the previous 60Hz record by Andrew. Adding Baby Park lap to the mix gives Mike 4 WRs in 60Hz and 4 WRs in Combined.

David Gutierrez Pena raced his first WR with a 57"546 Wario Colosseum lap. The previous record was 57"62 by Andreas set two years ago, and Andrew is close behind with a 57"63 raced a couple of months ago. Andreas still holds the overall WR with a 57"47 raced in 50Hz, with David in second and Andrew in third place.

Despite Andrew losing several 60Hz records this week, he still holds a commanding lead of 26/32 60 Hz WRs. Mike now has four, Marijn has two (one tied) and, for the first time, David joins the leaderboard with 1.

New Players

None this week.

Mike can count his rank on one hand

Alex @ Friday, December 9th 12:52AM   [link]


#5 Mike Koehoorn passed Hendrik for 5th place following a flurry of 6 PRs, including a 60Hz record that he didn't previous have. He reached new top-5 times in Mushroom Bridge lap and Peach Beach lap and also improved Luigi Circuit and Yoshi Circuit. His biggest cut was a 1'43"3 half-second demolition of his DK Mountain time, where he jumped two standards. Of course, his favourite cut of the week was the new 60Hz record on Peach Beach, which you can check out below.

#12 Jacob Purcell returned to take the USA No. 1 spot back from David P with his first submission in four months. He sent in two small cuts on Dino Dino Jungle and an even bigger demolition of his DK Mountain time compared to Mike: his new time of 1'43"1 was a win on Mike and is ranked 5th compared to his previous 1'44"2 ranked 15th. Jacob said that he missed a sub-44 by being too nervous on the last lap, which ended up 0"43 slower than his second lap and he was 0"42 slower than Andrew's WR, so he was going at WR-pace for most of the race. Jacob is 0.27 AF points behind #11 Vincent, and is a smaller size gap than what he gained this week.

#13 David Gutierrez Pena was barely active because he was working on his final exams. He reported two small cuts on Dry Dry Desert lap 27"9 and Wario Colosseum lap 57"7, but unfortunately lost a spot in the rankings to Jacob. However, David said that one particular Wario run was only 0"03 behind his best lap despite two missed MTs, so he hopes to repeat that speed again and hit a top-3 time. David is 0.03pts behind Jacob and 0.3pts behind Vincent.

#25 Frederic Vernier tied Jonathan S for a top-25 position after making his way past Stacy N, Matt T, and Mikael J. His biggest cuts came on Dry Dry Desert after some tips and help from Mike K: his old times were 1'31"5 and 28"4, whereas his new times are 1'30"0 and 27"9. Both reached their respective God standards and are ranked 12th, almost 30 positions higher than before. What great tip did Mike impart to have such an effect? Frederic made two further cuts -- much smaller in comparison -- with 2'58"2 Rainbow Road and sub-1'28 Mario Circuit. He reached Myth B status overall.

#126 Guillaume Becard completed his final 4 missing times to receive a very good ranking. His new Waluigi Stadium lap is terrible and Guillaume admits that it was a one-shroom opener just to get something, and he'll work on it later. Besides registering Mario Circuit and Waluigi times, he also improved his already-very-good times on Baby Park, getting a 1'05"4 and 8"6 lap. The course time is ranked 59th and is Titan+, which are currently Guillaume's best ranking and best standard.

#167 Anton Delva broke his two-month hiatus in order to fight off the advances of Hugh M, Brent C and Joseph A. His 20pt AF cut was enough to pass of these rivals as well as 19 others. Anton said that his highlights were scoring his first Titan with 8"71 on Baby Park lap, and vanquishing his last remaining Expert B on Dino Dino Jungle. He was also happy to gain fifty positions in both Bowser Castle times. In particular, his 46"6 lap came very close to dethroning Rainbow Road as his best time. Anton enjoyed 90-100 position jumps in Mario Circuit (from 229th to 132nd), Daisy Cruiser lap (from 279th to 189th), and Wario Colosseum (from 247th to 154th). These were three of six new top-200 he raced, which raised his timesheet to 22/32 top-200 times.

#176 Hugh Moorhead reported a 7pt cut, enough to stay ahead of Brent and Dorian. He found his third Titan time on Peach Beach with a 22"49 (which made the cut by <0"01 after previously missing it by <0"01) and improved his existing Titan D to C on Mushroom Bridge lap. Another highlight was a 33"8 lap in Yoshi Circuit, which gained 50 positions and was an upgrade to Hero. Overall Hugh reached Hero C status.

#177 Brent Caldwell reported 6 PRs in exchange for a 9pt AF cut and is currently tied with Matt V and sitting less than 1 point behind Hugh. His best works were exhibited in Daisy Cruiser where he improved from 250th to 161st place with a 1'41"2. The lap fell by similar amounts, even dipping sub-33. Both of these cuts were new Heroes, and two further Heroes were achieved on Rainbow Road lap with 1'00"2 and Yoshi Circuit course with 1'45"2. Brent how has 19/32 Heroes, giving him a majority for the first time.

#182 Dorian Herniote aims to spar with the above trio soon, and almost caught up to them with a 13pt AF cut. Much of Dorian's motivation came from getting tipsy before karting, which perhaps makes snaking seem more natural. Baby Park had been his worst time for a while and he finally went sub-9 there, improving from 343rd place to 207th overnight. This leaves Yoshi Circuit and Baby Park 7lap as his weakest showings. Dorian scored a pair of top-200 times on Sherbet Land, including a sub-25 lap, which had been another track giving him trouble. There was one more notable cut, a 47"1 Bowser's Castle lap, which was a jump from 263rd place to 185th and was Dorian's 15th Hero time.

#206 Gavin Kimpton passed 9 players to creep ever closer to the top-200 barrier. His victims included MKW superstar Shaun Tanney and MK64 superstar Michael Jongerius. He favourite new time was a 26"7 Mushroom Bridge lap that clocked in at 175th place, 76 position higher than before. It was one of two new Hero times Gavin scored this week, the other being a 29"0 Mario Circuit lap. This puts Gavin in an incredible position of being 0.07 ARR points away from Hero despite having only 5 Heroes (most players achieve it when they pass 16/32).

#415 Christophe Balzeau reported an impressive 97pt AF cut to rush past the top-500 barrier and almost challenge the top-400. He dedicated a lot of time to Baby Park, his worst track, but couldn't take it past top-500 and his lap there is now 200+ positions behind his average. Despite this frustration, Christophe felt angry and motivated to smash his other PRs and he ended up with 24 new times. His best was a 1'02"6 on Wario Colosseum, ranked 254th and nearly 200 positions higher than last week. Christophe said that it was a result of learning and practicing R-tech on the spiral, which worked extremely well and almost scored him his first Hero (he missed two MTs and ended up with Expert A). Colosseum is now his best track, with Rainbow being his second best because it has R-tech spirals as well! He also cut a lot of time on Bowser's Castle by improving his timing to weave in and around fireballs, and in Dry Dry Desert after consulting with #5 Mike about racing lines and shroom spots. Christophe reached Advanced A level this week and should have no trouble reaching Expert next week.

#460 David Nutt found his 6th and 7th Expert times this week. A 25"8 lap in Sherbet Land was 3 standards and 181 positions higher than before, and a 3'09"9 course time in Rainbow Road was 4 standards and 196 positions higher than before. Sherbet and Rainbow were the only tracks he played, but it was enough for David to find a 17pt AF cut and pass 19 players. He also reached Advanced A level this week, so each new Expert time bring him a step closer to becoming overall Expert.

#569 Adam Norbury beat his last remaining Intermediate time on Luigi Circuit to reach 32/32 Advanced, and said hopes to score his first Expert sometime before New Year's. He doesn't have any Advanced A times yet, but raced 7 Advanced Bs this week to make it seem fairly likely to happen soon. It will also likely come at the same time as his first top-500 time. So far Adam has been closest on Rainbow Road with a course time ranked 524th, which missed the Advanced A requirements by 0.4 seconds. Lets see how he goes next week. Adam's 44pt AF cut this week boosted his rank by 37 positions and he reached Advanced C status.

#680 Will Mandrola, newcomer from last week, started off strong with a 108pt AF cut. He focused on beating his weakest Beginner times and generally practicing his SSMT spacing. His best time is still his sign-up DK Mountain time, so he clearly didn't have the freedom to play his best track this week and instead focused on the many weaknesses. I assume he is using Barrel Train already, but if not, now is a good time to switch to the best vehicle.

#237 Giovanni van Basten, #502 Jonathan Toole-Charignon, #711 Adam Roberts, and #969 Jordan Fetner were also active.

New Records

Mike Koehoorn beat the 60Hz Peach Beach lap record with a 21"662, edging Andrew's 21"67 record from 6 months ago by 0"009. Mike's time is third in the Combined charts, landing 0"008 behind Kouider's 50Hz WR from 2011 and 0"003 behind second-place Andreas. Mike expects Andrew to fight back just as he did with Mike's previous short-lived record on Dino Dino Jungle.

New Players

None this week.

It's advent calendar week!

Alex @ Friday, December 2nd 12:18AM   [link]


#6 Mike Koehoorn is rapidly approaching #5 Hendrik Bunde, largely thanks to a 0.7 AF cut this week. This puts him only 0.3 points behind the German No. 1, which is a gap that Mike can overcome in one or two weeks. His new times included his first sub-1'04 in Baby Park, which was good enough for 4th place, a 1'18"6 Mushroom Bridge and 27"8 Mario Circuit that both jumped a couple of positions, and two top-5 times in Mushroom City where his previous times were 8th/9th. His biggest win was on Bowser's Castle with a 45"03 lap, which was his worth time (15th) and he improved it to 8th. This gives Mike 30/32 top-10 times.

#12 David Gutierrez Pena was the second highest active player. He improved his Sherbet Land lap to 16th place with a 24"002, unfortunate to miss the sub. David insists that he will be active next week in preparation to enter the top-10. He needs to cut 0.4pts in AF to reach #11 Vincent and 1.1pts to reach #10 Jean-Christophe.

#96 Kevin Sekanor raced his first (non-Baby Park) Myth time this week with a 24"6 lap in Luigi Circuit. It was a big jump from 83rd to 51st, becoming his best (non-Baby Park) ranked time; his next best is his DK Mountain lap at 62nd place. Kevin has two more cuts to report and both were impressive: his first sub-1'21 Mushroom Bridge and first sub-1'33 Mario Circuit, both reaching Titan C standards. He passed Jon P and Leo B in the rankings this week.

#179 Hugh Moorhead's 8pt AF cut was largely a result of focusing on a few of his poor tracks. Peach Beach 3lap, previously his fourth weakest time, improved by 80 positions and three standards to 183rd spot. Hugh's lap in that track was already quite good -- and he even improved it to top-150 this week -- so the 3lap blitz was just a matter of time. He similarly improved his worst track, Sherbet Land, by roughly 60 positions on both the course and lap time; his 1'18"0 was an upgrade to Expert A and corresponding 24"8 lap was a new Hero time. Hugh also slightly improved two of his best time, Mushroom Bridge lap to 26"3 and Mushroom City lap to 32"1. The Bridge lap was Hugh's first (non-Baby Park) Titan time and he said that his next immediate goal is to push Peach Beach to Titan level as well, which he missed this week by 0"01.

#186 Brent Caldwell also reported an 8pt AF cut, doing enough to pass a handful of players that included Anton D and Markus H. It was a return from two months' break for Brent and he found 8 PRs in a matter of days. He also raced a 29"6 Dry Dry Desert lap and 1'22"0 Mushroom Bridge 3lap, which were his 14th and 15th Hero times, bringing him on the cusp of a majority. All of Brent's remaining Expert times are Expert A and need a little nudge to cross the line.

#193 Dorian Herniote was perhaps the busiest player this week, reporting times nearly every day and reaching Hero level in the process. In total he improved 18/32 times, enough to reach the top-200 with a 24pt AF cut. His biggest cuts were a 29"4 Desert lap (from 257th to 141st), a 1'50"3 Mountain time (from 211th to 160th), and a 1'00"0 Rainbow lap (from 324th to 160th). For the last one, Dorian said that he was happily racing small 1'00"9 incremental shaves and suddenly scored a huge 0"9 drop, so it was unfortunate that he missed the sub-minute barrier by so little.

#236 Giovanni van Basten resumed his activity, reporting three new PRs. His 35"4 lap in Dino Dino Jungle was a jump of 40 positions and his 29"2 lap in Mario Circuit, ranked 216th, is one of his best ranked times.

#294 Jean-Christophe Leger raced a 37pt AF cut and thought that it was not enough and that he should have done even more. A cut that big is enviable, but Jean-Christophe was instead happier to score his first Hero time with a 24"8 lap in Sherbet Land. It was one of two top-200 times that he reported -- his first ones so far -- with the other score being a 36"2 lap in Yoshi Circuit. His other 14 PRs included some similarly big cuts, such as 1'45"5 Waluigi Stadium (up 155 positions), 32"9 Mushroom City lap (up 167 positions), and 1'50"1 Dino Dino Jungle (up 116 positions). Jean-Christophe reached the top-300, passing 30 players, and also became Hero B.

#328 Stephen De Winter pushed his Mario Circuit times even further, reaching as high as 217th place with his 1'31"6 course time. This was about 50 positions higher than his last PR and a new top position for him, better than his 220-230 ranked times on DK Mountain. Just like the Mountain, his Mario times were both Expert A and likely candidates for a first Hero time.

#345 Vincent Audoore reported an 8pt AF cut, passing 9 players. His highlights were definitely on DK Mountain, including a 37"5 lap that is now his best time outside Dry Dry Desert. Vincent also beat his Yoshi Circuit time from August, one of his last Advanced times, which leaves him with 2 remaining.

#479 David Nutt's 21pt AF cut was a result of only 6 PRs, albeit he felt that his week was too busy and that he didn't have enough time to apply himself fully. He improved his Mario Circuit quite substantially, from Advanced D to A, and scored a top-500 time. He improved Yoshi Circuit by a long way, too, from ~680 down to ~530 and eliminating two more Advanced D times. His last remaining Advnaced Ds are on Rainbow Road, which he didn't get a chance to tackle this week.

#513 Christophe Balzeau joined a month ago and reported his first batch of PRs raced over the past three weeks. With a 53pt AF cut, he moved up over 40 positions. He said that he couldn't play on the weekdays since he was away from home, but managed to play during weekends. Christophe's favourite cuts among his 21 PRs were on Dino Dino Jungle where he smashed his Advanced D times by about 300 positions. The 1'52"8 course time and a 36"4 lap were both new Expert times and ranked top-400, slightly better than his best times last week on Sherbet Land. Just yesterday, he improved his Rainbow Road times using R-tech to top-400 level as well, reaching as high as 316th place on 3lap with a 3'07"1. The Rainbow times were his 5th and 6th Experts and Christophe progressed to Advanced B level in ARR.

Guillaume Becard filled in 4 holes in his timesheet, needing just 4 more to go. He seems destined to be ranked between 100th-150th place when he finalises his timesheet and already progressed to Hero D level with his latest cuts. They included an 8"6 lap in Baby Park ranked 96th and 1'00"5 lap in Wario Colosseum ranked 92nd, both new top-100 times. Guillaume now has 7 top-100 times, the best of which is Luigi Circuit ranked 89th, but he seems capable of making big cuts in many tracks such as his recent jump from 160 to 97th in Bowser's Castle. His Sherbet and Rainbow times this week were among his weakest ones because he is filling the empty gaps, but perhaps with some dedication he can bring those to top-100 level as well.

New Records

None this week.

New Players

Welcome to...

Russell Horwood, UK (#808, Intermediate C)
Bart Rooijmans, Netherlands (~804, Intermediate B)
Will Mandrola, USA (#779, Intermediate B)
Jordan Fetner, USA (#969, Beginner C)

Lots of new players and all in the same general area of the ladder. Maybe they'll pick up some advanced techniques from watching our top players' streams and videos?


Alex @ Tuesday, November 22nd 12:13AM   [link]


World Champ Andrew Math was the highest active player, slipping in from 5th place to 3rd on Dino Dino Jungle with a 1'41"75. It's incredible that his old position of fifth place was his second-worst score. Andrew's new time pipped Mike K to the post for the 60Hz record and also beat Hendrik's 50Hz time. Andrew's AF improved by 0.06, extending his lead over second place to 0.37 AF points.

#6 Mike Koehoorn reported his first PRs in two weeks after passing Aron for the Dutch Crown. No surprises that he improved his Baby Park lap record once again, but his Waluigi Stadium and Bowser's Castle were harder to predict. The 1'37"4 in the Stadium was an improvement to 8th place, securing another top-10 slot, and his 2'18"2 in the Castle was 10th place exactly. Mike has four times that are still in the double-digit ranks, which leaves him very close to 32/32 top-10.

#12 David Gutierrez Pena extended his lead over fellow American #13 Jacob P, giving himself some relief and breathing space after recently passing Jacob by a tiny margin. He found his first sub-58 Rainbow lap with a 57"81 and scored two more cuts later in the week: a 1'15"2 Luigi Circuit and 27"9 Dry Dry Desert. The Circuit exercise was his 29th time to rank below 20th place. David said that he spent more time on Baby Park compared to these tracks but, sadly, couldn't improve his time as easily as Mike does.

#30 Frederic Vernier practiced his 60Hz over the week and raced 11 new times, almost wiping out all of his Hero times there. Six of his PRs upgraded a Hero to a Titan and, with 31/32 Titans now, he is missing only Baby Park 7lap. His best cut was a 1'15"2 Sherbet Land, a jump from 44th to 23rd place and it's his second best position in the green charts aside from Baby Park lap. Frederic passed six players in the 60Hz ranking (Michele M, Jonathan E, Paul T, Kevin B, Steven Z, Thomas L) and said that he will resume his regular scheduled 50Hz programming next week.

#98 Kevin Sekanor joined the double-digit ranks this week. Lowering his AF from 100.2 to 98.2 let him pass countryman Nivek Namris and Max Reese, thus going sub-100 in AF and sub-100 in rank. Bowser's Castle 2'21"7 was a fruitful cut from 124th to 97th place, and Kevin found a new Titan and new top-100 time on Dino Dino Jungle lap with a 34"1. His other big cut was a 1'16"5 Luigi Circuit, up by nearby twenty positions, but it was already a top-100 time before. Kevin is very close behind to two more French players, Leo B and Paul R.

#122 Jack Whittingham met several karters this week and, during their meet, raced his third best ranked time with a 24"5 lap in Sherbet Land. It was ranked one place above his Daisy Cruiser and two places above his Wario Colosseum times, so it was a small surprise. He also went sub-8"50 in Baby Park lap and, despite scoring as high as 21st place, he missed Jamie D's 60Hz country record by only 0"001.

#213 Gavin Kimpton reset his inactivity clock by reporting his first PRs of this month. Two out of his four new times were new top-200 times: a 1'35"4 Dry Dry Desert ranked 194th and a 25"24 Luigi Circuit lap ranked 178th. The latter was Gavin's third Hero time and is currently his best ranking outside of Baby Park. He had some more PRs to report in Mushroom City and Luigi Circuit 3lap, which were enough to pass Derek C in the rankings.

#218 Dorian Herniote, slightly behind Gavin, found his 7th Hero time with a 1'34"7 on Dry Dry Desert. It was also his ninth top-200 time and Dorian's AF is steadily approaching 200 average. He improved his Mario Circuit course time from 248th to 197th, but his lap was bumped from 199th down to 200th, so Dorian gained a lost a tenth top-200 time. He also tackled two of his weaker tracks, DK Mountain and Dino Dino Jungle, where he cut about 50 positions from each to bring them in line with most of his timesheet. Rainbow Road, Yoshi Circuit, and Baby Park remain as his only tracks with a 300+ ranked time.

#286 Gerardo Daniel Arroyo decided that it was time to do something about his ailing Peach Beach and dedicated a chunk of his time to improving it. He new times, ranked 260-270, were big improvements over his previous 330-360. Baby Park 7lap and Rainbow Road 3lap similarly surrendered, from 398th to 317th and from 416th to 352nd (resp.). These are still some of Gerardo's weakest tracks, but his spring cleaning rewarded him with a 12.5pt AF cut. Sherbet Land is Gerardo's new weakest track, so some winter cleaning may also be in order.

#499 Jonathan Toole-Charignon and #501 David Nutt kept pace with each other's cuts for another week, albeit the order changed and Jonathan took the lead. Jonathan also reached the top-500 but David will get there very, very soon. Jonathan has been feeling motivated by streaming and receiving track requests from other karters. He already had top-200 times on Mushroom Bridge but, on request to play Mario Circuit, ended up scoring a pair of top-150 times with a 1'30"7 and 28"7. These times are a start contrast to some of his other neglected tracks where he has 700+ ranks. Jonathan says his best splits are sub-1"30 but he feels he is reaching his limit on Mario Circuit for now, and was very happy with earn a third and fourth Hero time. David doesn't have any Hero times yet, but scored 3 new Experts to bring his tally to 5. The best of his new cuts was a 25"8 lap in Luigi Circuit, ranked 341st, which was higher than his impressive 365-375th place times last week on Dino Dino Jungle. David, like Jonathan, has a very bumpy timesheet with many tracks that could potentially fall by hundreds of positions in their respective charts.

#606 Adam Norbury reported 19 AF points of improvements and passed 16 players on the ladder. His best new time was a 32"8 lap in Dry Dry Desert ranked 557th, but his 23"9 Peach Beach lap was very close to that and was an improvement of almost 75 positions. Adam upgraded 3 of his last 4 Intermediates to Advanced level to obtain a 31/32 Advanced timesheet and leave just Luigi Circuit remaining.

#643 Joel Johnson sent in 21 times raced since February and the resulting 71pt AF cut gave him a good boost in the ranks. Like Adam, his best time is also on Dry Dry Desert lap but is 508th, about 50 position higher than Adam's best. Joel also reached Advanced D level overall, but he has 11 Intermediates in his timesheet compared to Adam's single, which gives Adam the upper-hand and a 21-11 win in head-to-head.

New Records

Andrew Math's 1'41"755 in Dino Dino Jungle was a new 60Hz record. The previous record of 1'41"83 was set by Mike last month.

Mike Koehoorn improved his own Baby Park WR once again, this time to 8"325. His previous record of 8"329 was set roughly four weeks ago, and Mike now has a 0"03 lead over second place.

New Players

Welcome to...

Guillaume Becard, France (~303, Expert C)

Guillaume has an incomplete timesheet with some fairly impressive scores, such as top-100 times in Luigi Circuit 3lap, Baby Park 3lap, and Yoshi Circuit 3lap. He is missing a course and lap time in four tracks.

I guess it was "both at the same time" and magnified by a thousand

Alex @ Tuesday, November 15th 01:51AM   [link]


#12 David Gutierrez Pena, hungry for silverware, passed both Jacob and Ryan at the same time to reach the USA No. 2. Jacob is now third and Ryan slips to fourth place in the country. All three players are still fairly close but only David has been recently active. His victory comes on the back of 9 PRs, which included a big cut of 1'14"9 on Sherbet Land (from 40th to 19th place), a 24"0 lap on the same track (34th to 20th), and new top-20 times on Bowser's Castle 2'18"6 and Rainbow Road 2'56"7. Sherbet Land was David's weakest track, so finally bring it to an acceptable level was a big contribution to his AF cut. The Bowser's Castle time was 0.6s faster than before, which actually gained David 4 standards even though it only passed 12 players. Besides Sherbet and Bowser's Castle, David scored some more ARR cuts in Waluigi Stadium 3lap and Rainbow Road lap. All of these cuts together pushed his ARR score from 1.4 down to 0.99, certainly a very rare milestone. He already reached 32/32 top-20 times on his timesheet, with half a dozen of them currently sitting exactly on 20th place and could tip either side. The next target on the ladder is #13 Vincent, but will David chase him now that he has already reached his USA goal?

#29 Frederic Vernier reported a 0.5pt AF cut after practicing some Sherbet Land, himself. His 1'14"8 was slightly faster than David's time, although Sherbet Land is now one of Frederic's strongest tracks. His 24"08 lap was also an improvement to top-30 level and was slightly slower than David's lap. Frederic said that he will keep playing this to try and score a sub-24 lap. Frederic needs another 0.03 ARR cut to reach the next level.

#105 Kai Oliver Meister returned after five months absence to continue his unfinished business with chipping away at the top-100 border. His 4 new PRs included some breakthroughs on Peach Beach, where his 1'09"4 and 22"2 were both top-90 times. His previous times were ranked 20-30 positions worse, so it was a nice little jump into the top-100. Kai also improved his Waluigi Stadium lap from 140th to 102nd and his Luigi Circuit 3lap from 142nd to 116th. They missed the top-100 cutoffs but helped his ARR level decrease to 10.65, which means he is a mere 0.16 pts away from joining the Titans.

#233 Tommy Kluver passed Cooper L in the rankings with a new best time on Wario Colosseum. It was Tommy's first submission in over two years, and Colosseum was one of only two Advanced times left. He upgraded it to reach 31/32 Experts, which now leaves only Bowser's Castle 3lap remaining as his last Advanced time.

#295 Gerardo Daniel Arroyo gained 5 positions in the ranks following 4 PRs. His 1'32"4 time on Mario Circuit, a cut of 0.9s, was his biggest improvement and gained him 78 positions. He also gained 68 positions on Baby Park with a new 9"0 fast lap. Two additional cuts on Peach Beach and Sherbet Land helped a little bit as well, and Gerardo reached Expert B level.

#324 Jean-Christophe Leger scored a 29pt AF cut, enough to gain thirty positions. New improvements in Waluigi Stadium 1'48"8, Dino Dino Jungle 1'52"7, Bowser's Castle 2'30"3, and Rainbow Road 3'09"2 ensured that Jean-Christophe is very nearly 100% Expert, missing only Waluigi Stadium 3lap that is preventing him from having a 32/32 Expert timesheet. He thought he also got the Stadium solved, but the time he sent in was still Advanced, so maybe he wrote down the wrong time. Either way, the biggest cuts included a 1'40"7 on Mushroom City, which was a jump from 436th to 303rd; a 37"1 lap in DK Mountain, which was a jump from 404th to 289th; and a similar 100+ position jump on the aforementioned Bowser's Castle time. Jean-Christophe says that he will try to improve his Luigi Circuit times (his strength) and Special Cup (his weakness) next.

#522 David Nutt and #526 Jonathan Toole-Charignon are very close now after David reported a 36pt AF cut compared to Jonathan's 31pt cut. This gave David the lead by 3 points following Jonathan's absence since January, but Jonathan's return may motivate both players to climb faster, higher, stronger. David was particularly happy to crush his Dino Dino Jungle times from 620+ ranks down to a respectable 365-375 each. They were his first Experts and first top-400 times on what is otherwise a difficult track (my worst), so David is showing higher potential than his rank indicates. He also scored some big 100+ position cuts on Luigi Circuit and Daisy Cruiser on his way to reaching Advanced B level. Meanwhile, Jonathan practiced Luigi Circuit to get the feel for the game again after his long break and quickly swooped down onto Daisy Cruiser and Waluigi Stadium for massive cuts, similar to David's 250+ position cuts. Jonathan is ranked a little lower at the moment but has a much more erratic timesheet, with times as good as top-200 on Mushroom Bridge and as not-so-good as rank 800+ on Peach Beach, so he also has much untapped potential. Both David and Jonathan reached Advanced B level this week.

#122 Jack Whittingham was also active following a short break, but is several AF points behind the next position held by #121 Florian V.

New Records or Players

None this week.