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More rivals and records

Alex @ Wednesday, February 22nd 12:33AM   [link]


#1 Andrew Math scored one new record this week. He also improved his Yoshi Circuit lap from 4th to 2nd place, beating Mike's and Kouider's laps but missing Richard's 50Hz time.

#4 Mike Koehoorn pushed 0.16 points closer to #3 Kouider, and needs another 0.16 to go -- he should reach the No. 3 spot very soon! Mike's 4 PRs this week included one new WR, a 27"7 Mario Circuit lap that was fast enough for 3rd place, and two 5th-placed times in Wario Colosseum.

#9 David Gutierrez Pena devoted his time to Wario Colosseum lap, trying to eke out the last few milliseconds he needed to beat Andreas's record. After succeeding, he raced 10 extra PRs on other tracks that he had been ignoring. They included two subs (sub-1'15 Luigi, sub-1'38 Waluigi) and several new God times, such as 23"8 Sherbet Land lap, 33"5 DK Mountain lap, and 33"1 Dino Dino Jungle lap. The most significant event for David was reaching God-status with an ARR score of -0.003. David joined almost exactly one year ago at rank #561, so it took him less than one year to reach the highest title and the top-10.

#14 Ryan Stevens sent in a new Baby Park lap, his first time in 10 months. The 8"41 lap is fast enough for 10th place, although it was higher ranked when he set it! Let's see if Ryan remains active. He's currently USA No. 4 and roughly 1.5pts behind No. 3 Jacob.

#20 Paul Tanney passed Tristan E and reentered the top-20 for the first time in a decade, calculating that he was last ranked top-20 back in 2007. He reported 6 new times, including his 23rd UK record with a 1'19"0 on Mushroom Bridge. Trystan P formerly held that record for 12 years, and the remaining 9 records are held by ex-champion Jonathan S. Paul also reentered the top-20 in Luigi Circuit lap, Mushroom Bridge lap, and Yoshi Circuit course and lap, with the latter two being substantial cuts since Yoshi Circuit was his weakest course time. Paul's 0.23pt cut in ARR places him 0.3pts away from the next title.

#51 Guillaume Becard passed #52 Rodolphe G and did well to bridge the gap between himself and #50 Gregor F. He looks forward to joining the top-50 soon, and a health 10 PRs this week makes it look likely to arrive next update. His highlights were a 1'04"8 Baby Park (up 15 positions and a sub), a 31"6 Waluigi stadium lap (from 93rd to 59th), a 1'42"1 Yoshi Circuit (from 63rd to 35th), and 2'00"4 Wario Colosseum (63rd to 42nd). Although he still has one Hero time, Guillaume raised his Myth times from 10 to 14 and consequently reached Titan+ status.

#87 Kai Oliver Meister gained three spots in the rankings after racing three new Myths: 22"1 Peach Beach lap, 1'31"8 and 28"4 Dry Dry Desert. He has 7 Myths now, and these cuts were some of his strongest times. The Desert course time was his first top-50 time, ranked 47th, and he was pleased to also score a sub-1'09 on Peach Beach.

#108 Jack Whittingham passed Chevallier F, reporting four new times. The highlight was a 34"1 Dino Dino Jungle lap, ranked 95th, which was Jack's seventh Titan and fifth top-100 time. His other PRs on Bowser's Castle were close to top-100 level, but not quite there.

#115 Anton Delva reached the Belgian No.1 position after passing Tom, and passed a further seven players. He had a spare day to play and dedicated it to his weakest tracks, such as Wario Colosseum, Yoshi Circuit, and Waluigi Stadium. Those tracks harboured his last five remaining 150+ ranked times and he improved all of them, reached 31/32 top-150 with just Waluigi Stadium remaining at rank 159. His best time for the week was a 28"5 Mario Circuit lap, his third top-100 time and 9th Titan. Anton became Hero A and says he will try to reach top-100 next.

#136 Dorian Herniote advanced 7 positions in the rankings, also gaining a little bit in his rival with Anton. He reported 13 times, reaching Hero B status in the process and also reaching 32/32 Hero after eliminating his last Expert on Sherbet Land. His rival #139 Joseph Armstrong did his best to catch up, shedding 12 AF points to closely track Dorian up the ladder. Joseph focused heavily on Yoshi Circuit and Rainbow Road. In Yoshi, he rocketed from 145th to 87th place with a 33"2 lap, half a second better, to claim a new Titan and his fifth top-100 time. In Rainbow, he similarly crushed his lap by half a second (from 1'00 to 59"6) but had trouble transferring the gains to the 3lap, improving by mere hundredths. Later in the week, the stars appeared to align when he raced a 3'00"1, almost three seconds faster and a jump of 4 standards. It is currently his third best-ranked time, ranked 86th. Although Joe is trailing relative to his rivals Anton, Jocelyn, Hugh, and Dorian, he may have untapped potential in two tracks where his times are ranked 200+.

#165 Zack Tabak gained 7 placed this week, well on his way to reaching his goal of top-150. His favourite cut for the week was a 1'34"0 Dry Dry Desert time, improving from 199th to 131st place, which is currently his best position. His 135th place in Luigi Circuit with a 25"0 lap, and 133rd place in Baby Park with 1'06"1 course, were very close behind.

#181 Gavin Kimpton passed Tobias S following two cuts in Baby Park. His 8"53 lap reached the G+10 standard, although his 7lap was 0"2 behind the Titan threshold.

#195 Dennis Colvin and #196 Christophe Balzeau both reached the top-200 at the same time, both with big cuts. Dennis's 49pt cut kept him ahead of his rivals, but Christophe's 64pt cut brought him only one position behind. The pair have a 14-to-13 share of records in their rivalry, with Vincent A and Jean-Christophe L holding the remaining 5 wins. Dennis began the week with 5 Heroes and finished with 14 Heroes, including one Myth in a 8"60 Baby Park lap, and two Titan Ds in Wario Colosseum. His Baby lap and 2'02"5 Colosseum time are both top-100 level. Dennis was promoted to Hero D level for his efforts. Christophe started the week with 7 Heroes and finished with 12. He already had two Titan times in Wario Colosseum and a top-100 course time there, which is perhaps why Dennis tried to beat him there (and did so in the course by 3 positions, but missed the lap by 1 position). Christophe improved all 14 of his Expert C/D to Expert B or better, which did wonders for his ARR: he jumped two standards and joined Dennis on Hero D level.

#234 Vincent Audoore distanced himself from Jean-Christophe with a 15pt AF cut, although lost some ground to Dennis and Christophe. His 12 new times earned him the Expert A title, and his biggest cut was a 1'00"5 Rainbow Road lap, from 301st to 210th place. It's currently his top-ranked time.

#309 Stephen De Winter found some success in Wario Colosseum, improving from 350+ to 245th place in the 2lap and 278th in the lap. He has the single Hero time from before, but scoring an Expert A here on the 2lap might inspire him to push it a little further and aim for another Hero. He moved up four positions in the rankings.

#376 David Nutt raced 13 PRs, including 6 new Expert times to reach 32/32 Expert. He had the most trouble with Baby Park and was relieved to score a pair of Expert Ds there, even though it's still his weakest track. Just prior to that, DK Mountain and Rainbow Road were refusing to surrender, but David learned what to do from some videos.

#531 Marcus Frenje sent 4 PRs in his first week on the site. Three of them, on Peach Beach and Baby Park, were Expert times and joined his previous instance on Sherbet Land for a total of 4/32 Experts. Marcus reached the Advanced B levels in ARR, so he should aim to get another 12 or so Experts to move to the next tier.

New Records

Andrew M improved his own Dry Dry Desert record to 1'28"532 since he wasn't satisfied with a few mistakes in his previous record, which was the 1'28"67 he raced earlier this month.

Andrew also captured the 60Hz Yoshi Circuit lap with a 32"159, beating Mike's lap of 32"185 set two months ago.

Mike K struck a blow back by taking the DK Mountain record with a 1'42"736, improving his own time from third place to a tiny fraction faster than Andrew's previous record of 1'42"75, set one year ago.

David P won the Wario Colosseum lap from the strong hold of Andreas R with a new time of 57"472, a mere 0"005 quicker than Andreas. Andreas's time was from 2013.

Andrew still leads the WR tally with 11, despite forfeiting DK Mountain to Mike. Mike increased his count to 6, still some ways behind Richard. David took Andreas's last remaining record to raise his own count to 2.

New Players

None this week.

Why is everybody active all at once?

Alex @ Friday, February 17th 01:08AM   [link]


#1 Andrew Math raced a new Dry Dry Desert record, mostly in response to Mike K threatening his record. Check the records section.

#4 Mike Koehoorn made a 0.16 AF cut, slightly reducing the gap between himself and #3 Andreas to 0.4 points. He started the week with a new record in Dry Dry Desert, which forced Andrew to take it back, but also scored two new records in Baby Park and Mushroom City. His other new times were in Dry Dry Desert lap (from 4th to 3rd) and DK Mountain lap (from 7th to 3rd).

#9 David Gutierrez Pena improved his Wario Colosseum record this week, which gained him some glory but no AF cut. He followed through with some new times, such as 44"8 Bowser's Castle lap (from 6th to 4th) and a great 30"98 sub in Waluigi Stadium, which was his 24th God time. Unfortunately he missed the sub on the Stadium course time, finishing with 1'38"02. David is now 2.7 AF points clear of Konsta but needs another 1.4 points to reach #8 Marijn.

#12 Jacob Purcell is potentially once again entertaining the thought of reaching top-10. I believe Jacob's highest rank was 11th, before Mike and David clambered over. A total cut of 0.9 would be enough to pass #11 Jean-Christophe L and #10 Konsta J, and Jacob raced a quarter of that requirement this week with just two PRs. His new times, both on Bowser's Castle, were a continuation of his drills there a few weeks ago. The course time is still his third weakest time, but he managed to reach the God standard in the lap.

#20 Paul Tanney passed Bo G and Tristan E to reach a round figure ranking once more. He played only Waluigi Stadium, trying to beat his 1'39"6 course time set back in 2005. He beat it several times over the week, ending up with a 1'38"8. His lap was 10 years newer than his course time, but he beat the lap by a big margin 0"4 margin as well, ending up with a 30"97 sub. The lap is currently his third best ranked time, so he has turned Waluigi around from one of his worst tracks to one of his best.

#23 Frederic Vernier reported 0.8 AF points of cuts, passing Paul M and Alex H to maintain his distance from Paul. His big wins were a 1'15"4 Luigi Circuit (from Myth C to Myth+) and Baby Park 1'04"8 (Myth D to Myth A), both of them being three standards higher. He also improved the Luigi lap to 24"4 for a new top-25 time, and improved Baby Park from 8"37 to an impressive 8"35 but still remains in 3rd position there behind Mike and David.

#53 Guillaume Becard gained 9 positions following a string of big cuts accumulated over two weeks. Reaching top-50 won't be so easy because there is a sizeable gap between #51 Rodolphe and #50 Gregor. Still, he may be able to reach Gregor by two weeks' time. Guillaume's biggest cuts were Baby Park 8"49 (from 52nd to 26th), Dry Dry Desert 1'31"9 (from 85th to 49th), and Wario Colosseum 59"6 (88th to 53rd). A few PRs were notable subs: the aforementioned 59"6 Colosseum lap, a 1'19"9 Mushroom Bridge 3lap, and 25"9 Bridge lap, as well as 45"6 Bowser's Castle lap. Both his Desert improvements and City lap were also new Myth times, giving Guillaume a 10/32 Myth count. He reached Titan A status in ARR.

#90 Kai Oliver Meister noticed Guillaume going sub-1'32 in Dry Dry Desert and decided to covet his neighbour's sub, so he set to work to try and score the same. He improved to 1'32"3, missing his goal by a little bit. Kai found better luck on Sherbet Land where he crushed his old times, a 1'16"7 and 24"6, with new times of 1'15"8 and 24"3; the new times were 50-60 positions higher and both were upgrades from Hero to Titan. Kai reached Titan C status in ARR and passed Julien B, Alex P, Yoann S, Joost C, Paulo P, and Prashant B in the rankings.

#109 Jack Whittingham can see the light at the end of the tunnel, taking three steps closer to the top-100. He was happy to score a 1'33"4 in Dry Dry Desert, despite missing the top-100 by 4 positions and missing the Titan standards, because it was a big cut for him. The corresponding 28"8 lap was a sub, and also his sixth and fourth top-100 time. Later in the week Jack raced a 1'41"7 in Waluigi Stadium that, like the Desert time, also missed top-100 by a few positions and missed the Titan standards. He's getting close on multiple fronts, though, so persistence will pay off. Jack passed Michael S, Ben Z, and David L in the rankings.

Rivals #123 Anton Delva, #125 Jocelyn Sitek, #129 Hugh Moorehead, #143 Dorian Herniote, and #151 Joseph Armstrong all reported new times, although did not exchange their relative positions. Anton raced two PRs, one of which was his second ever top-100 time. He gained one spot and is still one spot behind his country's top player, #123 Tom S. Meanwhile, Jocelyn reported a sub-1'45 Yoshi Circuit time. More importantly, Jocelyn reported that he will be overseas for five months -- hopefully he can bring his console! Hugh send in a new Colosseum lap but said he will be busy over the next few months and may fall behind. Dorian gained a few positions in the rankings and was frustrated to choke on a few big cuts, particularly Dry Dry Desert, where he improved by 60 positions but wanted something even greater. Dorian reported a fast Colosseum time but it may be a typo -- he should double check it. Joseph made the biggest cut in the rivalry, reporting 8 PRs and a 7pt AF cut to make up some lost ground. His highlights were a 1'16"3 Luigi Circuit (ranked 64th, his best), and upgrading two Experts to Hero C in Dino Dino Jungle, elevating his timesheet to 26/32 Heroes. One of those new Hero times was a 1-shroom lap, so there is more room to grow.

#172 Zach Tabak's 25pt cut may earn him a spot in the above rivalry since he's passed the inactive #180 Brent C. He concentrated on lifting his poor times and, after racing 18 new times, increased his tally of top-200s from 9 to 23. Seven of the new scores were new Hero times. His 24"6 Sherbet Land lap, ranked 132, also became his new top time. Zach was happy to finally execute his shrooms over snow well enough there to take 0"2 off his old lap, and his cut in the 3lap was almost as big.

#246 Dennis Colvin recently took the lead in his rivalry against #249 Vincent Audoore, #250 Jean-Christophe Leger, and #262 Christophe Balzeau. He scored his 5th Hero time this week with a 1'01"9 lap sub in Wario Colosseum, and he leads his rivals in every metric except Total Times. Dennis reported 2 PRs this week. Vincent had a comparatively large 15pt AF cut, enough to reach the top-250, pass Jean-Christophe, and nearly catch Dennis. His 12 PRs included his first ever Hero time -- "Finally!", he said -- in the form of a 33"1 Daisy Cruiser lap. Vincent has 1 Hero compared to Dennis's 5 Heroes, but the floodgates are now open. Christophe sent in 7 new PRs in exchange for a 10pt AF cut. He gained ground on both Dennis and Jean-Christophe and lost some ground on Vincent. His best cuts came on Rainbow Road, particularly the lap, which we improved from 1'01"7 to 1'00"7 and jumped 108 positions. Both of these cuts were Expert A times, missing out on Hero by a little. However, Christophe will still be happy knowing that he has 7 Heroes already, which is more than his rivals.

#313 Stephen De Winter submitted 11pts worth of AF cuts and gained 9 positions. He has been practicing his A-tech lately and it helped him score an impressive 36"0 lap in DK Mountain, his first Hero time and first top-200 time. Stephen was annoyed to miss the sub-36 by only 0"03, but was happy to smash his old time. He also improved his course time to 1'51"7, also a big beating of his old time, and also only 0"03 slower than he would have wanted (it's ranked 202nd). Since he was using his shrooms with intention of getting a good lap, he intends to beat the course time again when he used the shrooms more strategically. He scored 4 other cuts on Luigi Circuit and Peach Beach, and the two cuts in the Beach were both jumps of 100+ positions.

#390 David Nutt feels that he's on track for 32/32 Expert by the end of the month. His 19pt AF cut this week comprised 8 new times, of which 6 were new Experts, for a new total of 26/32 Expert. The six he has remaining are in his least favourite tracks, but four of them are ranked 500+ and would be a boon to topple. His 34"7 Yoshi Circuit lap, currently ranked 339th, is his new best ranked time after taking the reins from Peach Beach lap. David reached the top-400 after passing 21 players with his improvements.

#491 Rob Prittie, roommate of #40 Noah M, sent in his first scores in 10 months and renewed his interest in reaching the top-400. He reached the top-500 for the first time following a 20pt AF cut. A 33"6 Mushroom City lap was a new Expert time -- his 5th so far -- and he eliminated his last two remaining Intermediate times on Baby Park to reach 32/32 Advanced. Let's see if he surges onwards in coming weeks.

#500 Adam Norbury reached the top-500 as well after improving his weakest time, Baby Park lap. It was his last remaining 700+ time and he improved it by more than 100 positions. He still has two 600+ ranked times left, on Luigi Circuit and Baby Park 7lap, that would give him most bang-for-buck to improve.

#586 Adam Roberts reported a 42pt AF cut after he figured out that he can do MTs in mid-air. This helps on several tracks, most notably Wario Colosseum and Waluigi Stadium, and he raced new times on both of these tracks. His cut in the Colosseum lap was as large as 130 positions. At the same time, he improved both Mushroom City times by 200-240 positions, where aerial tricks don't apply, so his racing must be improving more generally. Adam reached 26/32 Advanced after upgrading 8 of his Intermediate times, leaving only 6 remaining for next time.

#700 Dan Downey reached the 700 mark following two strong cuts. One was on Peach Beach, which he improved by 0"7, and the other was a 28"2 lap in Mushroom Bridge, which was his third top-500 time and only 0"1 away from the Expert barrier. Dan said he wants to get sub-28 to catch up to his rivals.

Anthony Guerrero continued to fill in gaps in his timesheet, racing 27 PRs. He managed to improve all except one of his previous PRs and is only missing scores for the Colosseum and the Jungle now. When Anthony joined, he had only played Baby Park and was 438th. He improved to 253rd last time, and sent in a 1'06"2 this week that is ranked as high as 138th place. Not to be a one-hit wonder, he also send in a 1'10"3 Peach Beach time ranked 150th, with a corresponding Hero lap. With such skills he should have little trouble destroying his Advanced and Intermediate times in the other tracks.

#229 Giovanni van Basten was also active, racing his mandatory PR for the month.

New Records

Mike K improved his Baby Park lap record to 8"316, a small shave off his previous 8"318 WR set a few weeks ago.

Andrew M improved the Dry Dry Desert course record to 1'28"678 because Mike raced a 1'28"68 mid-week to briefly hold the WR. Mike expected Andrew to beat it back, which he did, although Andrew said that the time is far from potential. The previous record before Mike and Andrew beat it was Andrew's 1'28"70 set back in 2013, so the gain in four years was relatively small.

Mike K finished the job in Mushroom City lap after missing Andreas's 30"78 lap record by 0"01 last month. He raced a 30"775 this week to beat it by 0"01. Andreas's record was set in 2013.

David P beat his own Wario Colosseum record twice during the week, the faster time being 1'56"384. He initially took this WR last month with a 1'56"5. Despite missing 2 MTs in the new run, he said he doesn't expect to beat it again since he got the "best R-tech ever" on the spirals, which more than made up for any missed MTs.

New Players

Welcome to..

Marcus Frenje, Norway (#551, Advanced C)

So how about those Champions League matches in a few days

Alex @ Monday, February 13th 02:10AM   [link]


#22 Paul Tanney was the highest active player this week, racing 6 PRs. Two improvements were on Bowser's Castle--a 2'19"6 and 45"5--which were jumps of a dozen positions each. The course time was notable because it was one of Paul's oldest times, dating back to 2005, and his new time was understandably an upgrade from Titan to Myth. Paul now has 29/32 Myths. He also raced new times on Mushroom City, reaching the God standard on the course time with a 1'35"3, and improved both Peach Beach times, getting a sub with a 1'07"9. Paul needs just another 0.3pts to take the #21 position from Bo.

#112 Jack Whittingham gained two positions this week and was pleased to pass John A and capture the UK No. 9 position. His highlight was the 1'05"9 Baby Park 7lap, an improvement from 148th to 106th place and also a desirable sub. Unfortunately he missed the Titan standard there, but managed to score his fifth Titan on Mushroom Bridge instead, with a 26"3 lap.

#124 Anton Delva reported nearly two weeks worth of PRs, some from this week and some from the latter half of last week. There were 16 improvements, all together resulting in a compelling 17pt AF cut. His biggest wins were on DK Mountain where he crushed his old times, ranked 210-225, down by 100 positions each. Both improvements were upgrades from Expert to Hero. A 1'33"8 in Dry Dry Desert secured a 32/32 Hero timesheet for the Belgian. His other highlights were 3 new Titan times: 22"43 Beach lap, 24"95 Luigi lap, and 28"95 Desert lap. The latter was also Anton's first top-100 time, currently ranked 95th place. Anton says that after he returns from a brief ski trip he will try Waluigi Stadium and Yoshi Circuit because they're his weakest times by 30 positions and are looking a little frail. He passed 16 players in the charts (including Cole G, Rob vZ, Hugh M, Piet dD, and Jocelyn S) but didn't quite catch up to the top Belgian player #122 Tom S. Anton has taken the lead in his rivalry but Jocelyn and Hugh still lead in certain stats.

#145 Dorian Herniote reported 6 PRs, cashing in his 30th and 31st Hero times and just waiting on the last one. The two new Heroes were on Rainbow Road, from 3'03"9 to 3'02"4, and Yoshi Circuit, from 1'45"8 to 1'44"9, both big jumps of about 50 positions. His last remaining Expert, and also last remaining 200+ ranked time, is on Sherbet Land. His other improvements were on Wario Colosseum and Daisy Cruiser. At present Dorian has 3 wins in the rivalry (with Anton and others) and will hope to join some of his rivals at Hero B level in the next week or two.

#154 Joseph Armstrong, also in the above rivalry, has 5 rivalry wins right now. Four of those wins came just this week following cuts in Luigi Circuit and Peach Beach. He improved his Luigi scores multiple times over the week to finish on a 1'16"5 (and 24"8 lap), which is 0.5s faster (and 0.15s faster) than the five rivals. His old time was ranked 145th and his new time is 81st. Similarly, his old Peach Beach was 143rd and his new one--a 1'09"5 that also leads the other rivals by half a second--is ranked 98th. Joseph's 22"3 lap in that track, although also a rivalry win, was only slightly faster than Hugh's time. These four wins were all Titans and three of them were new Titans, raising the tally from 2 to 5. On the opposite end of the scale, Joseph managed to upgrade 6 Expert times to Hero level, reaching 24/32 Hero. The last eight that remain are times he raced back in August-October last week and are perhaps worth a revisit. Joseph passed 17 players on the ladder and reached Hero C level in ARR.

#181 Gavin Kimpton reported a 9pt AF cut to pass 10 players and reach #179 Brent C, the final player in the rivalry. Perhaps Gavin should join the rivalry himself? He began the week with three PRs and improved them once again at the end of the week, adding an extra cut. His trump card was a 1'05"99 Baby Park 7lap, a whole second (and 165 positions!) better than his previous time. At rank 114, it's his second best time anywhere. Gavin also improved his Daisy Cruiser times to top-200 level, especially the 32"8 lap, was it was a jump from 230th to 154th. With 3 Experts upgraded, Gavin now has 16/32 Hero times.

#246 Dennis Colvin has another super week, adding a further 71pt AF cut to 127pt cut he got since joining. He improved 28 of his scores and reached 32/32 Expert B. Most of the new times were upgrades within the Expert tier, but also included his first four 4 Hero times: a 1'11"1 and 22"7 in Peach Beach, a 1'06"4 Baby Park, and 32"4 Mushroom City. The Baby time is currently 181st and is his best position, but he also raced a top-200 time in Rainbow Road. Dennis says he will focus on getting more Heroes. His overall title is now Expert A, so reaching Hero level shouldn't take more than two or three weeks, right?

#272 Vincent Audoore reported 15 new times, enough for a 16pt AF cut and enough to overtake rival #275 Christophe B. As we know, Dennis has taken an unexpected sudden lead in their rivalry, even surpassing #249 Jean-Christophe Leger, so Vincent and Christophe are now playing catch-up. Vincent's biggest wins were 32"6 Mushroom City (+68 positions), 1'44"3 Waluigi Stadium (+73 positions), and 30"0 Dry Dry Desert (+83 positions), where he was unlucky to miss the sub-30 lap. No Hero times so far, but he increased his Expert A count from 3 to 8, so a first Hero is looming. #275 Christophe Balzeau was also active and raced new cuts on one of his weakest tracks (Dino Dino Jungle), but couldn't quite prevent Vincent passing him.

#506 Adam Norbury reported 7 PRs, passing 16 players as a result. The best of his cuts were a 28"1 Mushroom Bridge lap (from 592nd to 479th) and 49"9 Bowser's Castle sub (from 501st to 447th). These raised Adam's count of top-500 times to 9/32. He also achieved three new Advanced A standards for a grand total of 5 so far. His first Expert may be calling.

#601 Zack Mosenson submitted 27 cuts in exchange for a 99pt AF chop, enough to pass 104 players. Last week he was Intermediate A with 19/32 Intermediate majority, and now is Advanced D and with only 24/32 Advanced majority. A few tracks frustrated him this time, namely Baby Park and Mushroom City laps, but they were already Zack's best times and hardest to improve. His new Waluigi Stadium times, both ranked 515-520, came very close to becoming his best times. #626 Adam Roberts scaled the cliffs with an 8pt AF cut, but will have to scale harder to regain the lost ground to Zack. Adam raced his first Expert times this week with an impressive showing on DK Mountain, concluding with a 1'56"8 and 37"7 lap. Ranked 395th and 359th, these times are 150 places ahead of any other time raced by either Adam or Zack.

New Players or Records

None this week.

Sixty Hertz is new Best Hertz

Alex @ Wednesday, February 1st 11:30PM   [link]

I'm overseas next week: next update will likely be delayed by several days until I get back.


#1 Andrew Math scored his first sub-1'34 in Mushroom City to take the overall course WR, saying that he has not completely happy his race and could have gone quicker. No word yet whether he will fight back for some of the recent WRs he lost to Mike, but Andrew says that we should all consider him active and ready to strike.

#2 Mike Koehoorn has set himself a goal to reach 3rd place this year and made some good progress. Mike's new times were a Dry Dry Desert 1'28"7, a Mario Circuit 1'27"4, Sherbet Land 1'13"9, and Wario Colosseum 1'57"1. All of these were slower than Andrew, and two of them were in second place behind Andrew's WR. So as a result, Mike felt frustrated by being so close to Andrew four times. Still, his 0.15 AF brought him to within 0.75pts away from Andreas and the third spot, and it seems likely that he can reach his goal within a month.

#9 David Gutierrez Pena was also active, improving his Sherbet Land lap, Peach Beach lap, and Mushroom City. Each one hit the next available standard. David is gradually approaching the zero-level in ARR and currently has 0.32 with 23/32 God times.

#12 Jacob Purcell passed #13 Vincent vdF after lowering his Bowser's Castle course time to 2'18"9. His position there improved from 28th to 24th place, and it's still his weakest placement, but he gained just enough spots to make a difference at the top of the rankings.

#22 Paul Tanney has held the UK No.1 spot for some time now since his comeback, and has not mentioned any concrete goals or plans. He reported 4 PRs this week to score a decent 0.7pt AF cut, which takes him closer to #21 Bo G, who in turn is very close to #20 Tristan, so perhaps Paul would can reach top-20 again in the next month. He finally went sub-24 in Sherbet Land with a 23"99 lap, good enough for 14th place, which is new third best rank at the moment. He also subbed the course time, reaching 20th place with a 1'14"9. Paul also raced two new times on Mushroom City, going from Myth B to Myth+ in the course time, but said that his controller was starting to wear and failing to register all SSMTs, which has been costing him runs. He improved his fast-lap to 31"1, already a God time, and hopes to reach the same standard on the course -- perhaps with a new controller. Paul reached Myth A level overall with these cuts.

#25 Frederic Vernier scored his 29th Myth time after taking Rainbow Road down to 2'57"8. He is only missing Myth standards on DK Mountain and Dino Dino Jungle, so expect some focus on those tracks soon.
Frederic also played Baby Park and improved his lap to 8"37, which was fast enough for 3rd place overall.

#62 Guillaume Becard reported a 4.5pt AF cut to pass six players, including three French-speaking players. His best cut was a 32"0 Daisy Cruiser lap, from 100th place down to 55th, which was the only 100+ ranked time that he didn't improve last week. Other notable cuts were a 26"0 Mushroom Bridge lap (Titan to Myth B), 33"95 sub in Dino Dino Jungle, and a 1'39"3 in Daisy Cruiser 3lap. He also raced a 46"0 lap in Bowser's Castle and 32"0 lap in Waluigi Stadium, so unfortunately 4 out of his 5 new lap times missed out on hitting their subs. Guillaume now has 7/32 Myth times after the new Bridge and Cruiser laps.

#96 Kai Oliver Meister broke through the top-100 after passing Nivek N, Jon P, Leo B, Paul R, and Rob C. He spent some time on Mushroom Bridge, one of his weakest tracks, and figured out some new things. With new understanding of what to do, he quickly improved from 132nd to 91st place. The lap improved more drastically, from 112th to 68th, and was Kai's third Myth time. He scored a 4th Myth time on Mushroom City with a 31"5 lap, and went sub-1'37 in the course. Kai also found another sub on Daisy Cruiser with a 1'39"8, which was also a new Titan, and he now has 18/32 Titans.

#114 Jack Whittingham passed Jeff G and Alan D following 6 new times. His 1'10"0 Peach Beach missed the Titan standards and missed the sub-1'10 by three hundredths, so Jack said he might return to it to finish the job. He also beat Daisy Cruiser lap, one of his early PRs, and lowered his weakest time, Sherbet Land, to sub-1'17 for the first time. Finally, Jack improved both Mushroom City times to levels that he was content with (since he beat Hugh's times).

#124 Jocelyn Sitek gained three spots, passing Andrew Manning, Alexis M, and Piet D. He improved his best time, Baby Park lap, from 42nd to 35th place, making it increasing more difficult for his favourite track DK Mountain to catch up. He also achieved his 5th Titan time by making a large cut in Daisy Cruiser, from 182nd to 109th place with a 32"4 lap.

#128 Hugh Moorhead reported two weeks of cuts in exchange for a large 29pt AF cut. He passed Anton and Dorian and nearly caught up to Jocelyn and Jack, so the competition around him is fairly active. Hugh reached 31/32 Hero times after eliminating 7 of his last 8 Experts, missing only Waluigi Stadium 3lap, where he scored a new time but was 0"15 behind the Hero cut-off. He fared far better on the lap, crushing his lap from from 197th to 105th place. His lap is almost 100 positions ahead of his course time, so there's no doubt that he can eliminate his final Expert. Another strong time was a 28"7 Dry Dry Desert lap, fast enough for top-75 and currently his third top-100 time. Hugh also reached 32/32 top-200 times, beating the 8 he needed that were ranked lower, and reached Hero B level.

#140 Anton Delva missed a few subs early in the week, scoring a 1'10"0 Peach Beach and 1'38"1 Mushroom City. He later improved them to 1'09"9 and 1'37"7 to secure the precious subs, although he missed out on Sherbet Land by hitting 1'17"000 exactly. The Beach and City times were his third and fourth Titans, so Anton was satisfied. Like Hugh, he also reached Hero B level.

#148 Dorian Herniote passed four players to enter the top-150 tier. He was most satisfied with finally earning the Hero time in Luigi Circuit with a 1'17"8. He soon after improved Bowser's Castle to sub-2'24 to win another Hero, leaving only 3 Expert times remaining in his timesheet. Rainbow, Yoshi Circuit and Sherbet are the three problem tracks remaining and Dorian said he will try Yoshi first. He managed to improve it to top-200 level with a 1'45"8, but it was still not quite enough for Hero.

#171 Joseph Armstrong reported a 4.4pt AF cut but said that he only had access to the Wii for a couple of days, and could not stage a full comeback. His 6 PRs included his first top-100 time, an 8"67 Baby Park lap, alongside two new Hero times on Mario Circuit. He needs one more PR to reach the next title in ARR.

#196 Zack Tabak's 34pt AF cut pulled him all the way into the top-200, a jump of over 30 positions. He raced new Hero times with a 33"0 Daisy Cruiser and 34"9 Dino Dino Jungle, reaching 12/32 Hero times. These helped him became Hero D overall, with his 20 remaining Expert times being either Exp A or (rarely) Exp B. Even though Zack is now top-200 he has only 9 top-200 times, but a large portion of them are ranked 200-220. He should be able to flip quite a lot of them over the bar in coming weeks.

#273 Christophe Balzeau also reported a large 33pt AF cut. He raced two new Hero times -- 22"7 Peach Beach lap and 32"4 Mushroom City lap -- to boost his tally to 7/32 Hero. His other 17 PRs were in the Expert tier, although so far nothing is threatening to dethrone his recent Colosseum times (which are Titan level). Near the end of the week Christophe reported some rushed PRs that he admitted were below his potential, so expect more news next time.

#312 Dennis Colvin joined three weeks ago and made his first submission since joining. His 127pt AF cut comes out to about 40 positions per week, which is very good. Dennis improved all 32 of his PRs, no doubt perfecting his snaking technique and racing lines. His best time is a 1'39"7 Mushroom City, ranked 228th, which is Expert level. All of his times are now Expert A-D, also earning him an Expert C title.

#358 Steven Schumann improved his already-best time on Mushroom Bridge lap from 26"9 to 26"7, saying that he was very proud of his time. It was previously ranked 250th and now 175th, a long away below his average position of 376th. It was Steven's first Hero time.

#411 David Nutt passed 14 players with a 15pt AF cut. He outgrew the Advanced ranks and became an Expert D, partly because of his 5 new Expert times on Dry Dry Desert lap, Daisy Cruiser lap, Yoshi Circuit 3lap, and Mario Circuit. David now has 20/32 Expert times, passing the half-way mark. His progress this week was less than previous because he was specifically chasing some of these Expert times on tracks that gave him trouble, and took longer than he had wanted. David said that he would like to reach 32/32 Expert eventually.

#522 Adam Norbury had his first taste of Expertise with a pair of Expert D times in Wario Colosseum. They are his new best ranked times, in positions 420-430, and were two out of 12 total PRs for the week; four other cuts were new inroads into Advanced A territory and may be his best chance of a third Expert. Adam's 21pt AF cut took him 15 positions higher in the rankings.

#611 Joey Jackson reported a 33pt AF cut to get ahead of #629 Adam Roberts, who himself reported a 12pt cut. Joey's times were his first since joining a few weeks ago. He focused on some of his weakest tracks, like Sherbet Land, and didn't touch his best track (Rainbow). Joey had 13 Intermediate times and reduced them to 5 remaining, so he should be able to reach 32/32 Advanced very soon. Adam only played DK Mountain, spending enough time to properly learn the track and how to approach the tricky jump. He improved his times substantially, from ranks 700+ to 538th on the course time and 495th on the lap. Both are currently his best course time and best lap, slightly better than his previous best on Bowser's Castle and Baby Park.

#705 Zack Mosenson and #708 Dan Downey both moved up the ladder with speed, although switched positions with Zack taking over. Zack reported a 52pt AF cut compared to Dan's 42pt cut after playing mostly Flower and Star Cups to improve a few neglected tracks. He beat his last Beginner time to reach 32/32 Intermediate, and increased his Advanced times from 3 to 13/32. He didn't get a chance to play much of Special Cup, which is now lagging, and he promised to set it straight next time. Dan's timesheet is much more chaotic at the moment, with a mix of weak Beginner times up to a few very good times (even top-500). Dan's new personal best, a 26"1 Luigi Circuit lap, is ranked 463rd and is close to becoming his first Expert. Both players reached Intermediate A level this week and should reach the Advanced ranks with no trouble.

~745 Alec Kirchberger sent in his first improvements since last August, scoring an impressive set of Experts and even two Hero times: a 1'17"8 Luigi Circuit and 1'22"1 Mushroom Bridge. The Luigi time is ranked as high as 165th place. We encourage Alec to submit his lap times as well and complete his timesheet.

~931 Anthony Guerrero, recently newcomer who had only played Baby Park, decided to give other tracks a shot. He sent in scores for 8 of the 16 tracks, while also improving his debut Baby Park time from 438th place to 253rd place. With snaking skills like that, he should be able to do fairly well on the other tracks. His best times outside Baby Park are a 1'12"9 Peach Beach and a 27"9 Mushroom Bridge lap, both of which are top-500 level.

New Records

Andrew M's 1'33"957 in Mushroom City was 0"08 faster than his personal best, and 0"04 faster than Andreas's old record from 2013. He goes back up to 12 overall WRs. Richard still has 10, Mike has 4, Kouider has 3, Andreas drops down to 2, and David has 1.

Andrew's time is the 17th WR that originates in 60Hz, so 60Hz now has the majority of WRs. I don't remember if 60Hz had a majority before?

Frederic V beat the 50Hz Baby Park lap record with a 8"371, which is 3rd place overall and 0"01 faster than Paul T's lap.

New Players

Welcome to..

Christian Vaughn, USA (#1010, Beginner B)

Christian has some speedrunning experience from other games and wants to try out some Individual Level times for Double Dash. He raced some times for every track so far except DK Mountain.

Tales of Berseria is out

Alex @ Wednesday, January 25th 03:32AM   [link]


#4 Mike Koehoorn felt that it had been too long since he beat his Baby Park lap, and so he beat it again. He also improved both Mushroom City times, one of which was a 60Hz record. A small 0.15 AF cut for the week gives him a larger cushion from #5 Kouider but he is still 0.9 points behind #3 Andreas.

#9 David Gutierrez Pena is half-way along the large gap between #8 Marijn and #10 Konsta. His 8 PRs included new top-10 times in Peach Beach and also in Sherbet Land lap, where he went sub-24 for the first time with a 23"95. David scored another milestone sub in Bowser's Castle lap with a 44"98. Overall the Sherbet lap was his biggest improvement, from 16th to 8th place.

#13 Jacob Purcell reported his first PR in 6 weeks, a 45"3 in Bowser's Castle that was a slight jump from 27th to 22nd place. Bowser's Castle 3lap is still Jacob's kryptonite and the lap is still his lowest-ranked lap despite the improvement, so perhaps Jacob will persevere and figure out its secret.

#17 Olivier Peruch sent his first PRs since 2008, when he stopped playing after reaching Myth+ status. Due to the 'swag strat' on Baby Park, his own lap had fallen as low as 46th place and Olivier propped it back up to 34th place with a 8"53. He also improved Mushroom Bridge to 25"78, ranked 18th. Will Olivier make a comeback or was he just snowed-in for a day?

#22 Paul Tanney aimed for a few subs this week. He got the one in Dry Dry Desert, improving his 28"9 lap to 27"94. Unfortunately he missed both Sherbet Land subs, racing 1'15"07 and 24"01, which was particularly frustrating on the lap since he beat his previous time more than once and each time missed the sub by 1-2 frames. Paul is now 0.1 ARR points away from the next rank promotion.

#25 Frederic Vernier reported 12 new times in 60Hz, feeling that his 60Hz timesheet was starting to lag too far behind his 50Hz times. He reached No. 40 in the green charts, just one place ahead of compatriot Guillaume B. Frederic's highlights were an 8"45 Baby Park lap (7th), 28"4 Dry Dry Desert lap (26th), and 31"5 Waluigi Stadium lap (27th), all of which were quite a bit higher than his 60Hz AF score. His reached Titan B level in 60Hz.

#68 Guillaume Becard reported 3 weeks of PRs that he had scored since the near year. His huge 21pt AF cut propelled him from 95th to 68th place ahead of veterans and luminaries such as Kevin S, Francois 'Paco' C, Alejando L, Martin R, Stefan B, Steven Z, Michele S, Koen M, and Jerrol H. Guillaume's biggest cuts were on lap times, which traditionally French players from the French site had not raced very seriously, and his best cut was on Luigi Circuit lap with a 24"57, a jump from 101st to 33rd place. It's his best time by a significant margin. He also found 40+ position cuts on Mario Circuit lap, Sherbet Land course and lap, and DK Mountain course and lap. Out of 12 times ranked 100+, Guillaume improved 11 of them. He didn't play Daisy Cruiser lap, which was and still is ranked exactly 100th, so he still achieved a 32/32 top-100 times milestone even if one of the times is on the border and in danger of falling back out. Guillaume reached Titan B level in ARR and raised his Titan tally from 20 to 30, missing only two scores.

#101 Kai Oliver Meister crushed his worst track, Baby Park 7lap, early in the week and felt very motivated to bring it to Titan level. He hit a 1'05"7 later in the week to secure 85th place, a big jump from his previous 137th. He gained 4 standards in Baby Park 7lap and 4 in the lap (improving from Myth C to God), so Baby Park was very generous to him this week. Kai's other cuts were on Mushroom City, particularly cutting the 3lap from 104th to 76th, but he felt that his laps were still inconsistent and he hopes to do better. Kai passed Max R and Sylvin R in the rankings and needs just 0.1 more to bump Nivek N from 100th position.

#116 Jack Whittingham gave credit to Frederic V and Mike K for his new Wario Colosseum time. Using their tips he improved his 1'01"1 lap to 1'00"5, a jump from 126th to 94th. Initially he only improved it to 1'01"0 but felt confident that he could go earn the Titan standard. The final time was Titan C, and was Jack's third top-100 time. He managed to improve his course time to 2'02"999 as well, hitting the Titan D requirements on the dot and earning a 4th Titan time. These cuts helped Jack become a Hero A player.

#127 Jocelyn Sitek raced his first God time in the game with a 8"56 Baby Park lap. This time took back the crown from DK Mountain as Jocelyn's best ranked time at 42nd place, winning by about ten positions. It was also his first top-50 time. We all know that Baby Park has been a hotbed for God times recently with the new TAS-like strategy, and we know that Jocelyn has been considered a DK Mountain specialist, but he was very happy to score his first Titan times outside of these two tracks this week with a 22"4 in Peach Beach lap. He produced a few other strong cuts such as a 34"2 Jungle lap, a 32"3 Stadium lap (cutting 50 positions), and 1'17"3 Luigi Circuit course time, but they remain at Hero level and Jocelyn will be wondering where he can find the next Titan.

#228 Zach Tabak raced 10 improvements to gain 18 positions, conserving some of his momentum from last week. The most outstanding times were a 25"2 Luigi lap (89 positions higher and Hero D) and a 24"8 Sherbet lap, raising Zach's number of Hero times to 10/32. He improved a few tracks to top-300 level for the first time--Waluigi Stadium, Dino Dino Jungle, and Bowser's Castle--and has three 300+ ranked times remaining. These times are on Waluigi lap, which he didn't play this week, and also on Rainbow lap and Colosseum 2lap, which he played and ranked 300-301st place, missing out on 2xx ranks by just one or two spots.

#248 Jean-Christophe Leger joined the top-250 club a week after Zach, and with a similar 22pt AF cut like Zach's cut last week. He added three new Hero times to his previous two: a 26"8 Mushroom Bridge lap, 34"8 Dino Dino Jungle lap, and 1'00"1 Rainbow Road lap. Each was a jump of between 120-130 positions, so they were very good improvements. The Jungle and Rainbow laps were also top-200 quality, only Jean-Christophe's fourth and fifth times to make the grade. He improved his two weakest times, Baby Park lap and Yoshi Circuit 3lap, to top-300 level and now has 25/32 top-300 times.

#287 Vincent Audoore reached 32/32 Expert and top-300 level at the same time, placing strong focus on raising his entire timesheet to top-300 level. He started with 5/32 times ranked top-300 and finished the week with 20. His cuts included beating his nemesis track Baby Park by more than 100 positions, although it's still his lowest ranked track despite the big cut. Vincent was pleased to reach Expert B level overall, getting over the half-way point of the Expert tier. No Hero times in sight yet, but Vincent's submission contained his first three Expert A times -- all three of them laps -- so he may be able to produce his first Hero in coming weeks.

#305 Christophe Balzeau passed 3 players in the same week, which was a fairly minor accomplishment compared to racing his first Titan times. A few weeks ago, around New Year, he stayed up through the night to earn two very strong Wario Colosseum times ranked 130-150. He improved both of them this week: the 2lap to 2'02"6 and the lap to 1'00"7. Their new positions are 94th and 105th place, so Christophe also got his first top-100 time alongside his first Titan (they were both Titan). He improved the lap twice in the week, both very similar 1'00"7 runs, so it was no accident and looks like a shoe in for being his second top-100 time if he can improve it another 5 positions. He reached Expert B level with these cuts since he was already very close a the promotion last time.

#359 Steven Schumann advanced 23 positions thanks to his first submission since October. He had a wild mix of times, some ranked below 500 and even below 600 when he also had top-300 times. Steven cleaned these up a little and improved everything to at least top-500 level. Mushroom Bridge was already his best track, with a course time ranked 252nd, and Steven managed to improve his lap to 26"9 to earn 250th place. He says that he will keep grinding the lap some more, not fully satisfied with a top-250 time just yet. If he can push it below 26"9 then it would be his first Hero, so that might be on his agenda.

#425 David Nutt was another player with a large cut, passing 34 players. He apologised for recent inactivity due to having to prepare for university, and this week's 9 PRs were his first since Christmas. David increased his Expert count from 9 to 15 and raced a new personal best standard of Expert B with a 23"1 Peach Beach lap. His time is ranked 338th, his best position so far but not by a big margin and there are a number of close contenders in Mushroom Cup. David is just 0.13 ARR points shy of a major promotion. Maybe next updated.

#536 Adam Norbury sent in 9 new times, enough for a 17pt AF and a gain of 14 positions in the rankings. He reached Advanced B level overall despite having only 2 Advanced A times, which tells you how tight his timesheet is, with 27 of his times being ranked Adv B or C and the remaining 5 being just above or just below. To be precise, Adam's Advanced A times were brand new and his timesheet was even tighter last week. He raced both of them on Wario Colosseum. If he can improve his 1'05"5 lap by half a second then he will come very close to the Expert standards and perhaps his first Expert time (which would of course be great, but would also ruin the remarkable consistency of his times).

#748 Dan Downey filled in all blanks in his times to debut in the rankings slightly above #758 Zack M. Zack still leads 18-14 in head to head, similar to the lead he had last week, despite Dan being ranked slightly higher in AF. It's possible that Zack is active and playing but simply didn't submit any times this week, and therefore could make a sudden big jump and take the lead again. However, Dan's newest times were rushed with the intention to fill in blanks, and he can also make big jumps. Surprisingly, Dan's best track is now Peach Beach. He was ranked 1000+ since his first submission in this track and it seemed like a track that he didn't fancy (compared to, say, Mario Circuit or Yoshi Circuit) since they were his weakest times, but Dan has turned that upside-down.

#141 Anton Delva, #191 Gavin Kimpton, and #646 Adam Roberts were also active.

New Records

Mike K improved the Baby Park lap WR to 8"318, a 0"007 shave on his old record. David P is still in second place with 8"35.

Mike also took the 60Hz Mushroom City lap record with a 30"799. The previous record was Andrew M's 30"807 set six months ago. Andreas R's 50Hz record is 30"78, very slightly ahead.

New Players

None this week.

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Alex @ Sunday, January 22nd 07:23AM   [link]

Sorry about the late update: just got off the plane this morning. This update includes times sent up until Jan 15th.


#4 Mike Koehoorn improved both of his Luigi Circuit times and raced a 1'14"05 in Sherbet Land, getting ever-closer to the sub there. Unfortunately he didn't gain any new positions, and his Luigi and Sherbet course times are still 4th place as before. His Luigi Circuit lap was a new record, however.

#9 David Gutierrez Pena dedicated his week to Wario Colosseum and it paid off with the World Record. He also reduced his lap to 57"50, still in second-place as before but very close to a second record.

#22 Paul Tanney couldn't quite stretch his Peach Beach to 1'07 yet, but still made a solid improvement to 20th place with a 1'08"18. It was his 9th God time and one he expected to get. He says he is more than capable of a 1'07 but that it just didn't work out. A 1'30"7 Dry Dry Desert later on was his 10th God time, and a jump of 11 positions. Paul needs only another 0.16 pts in ARR to reach Myth A level.

#34 Jordan Haack reported his first 7 PRs in twelve months. Good to have him back. The biggest cut was a 34"2 DK Mountain lap, a jump from 60th to 33rd place. His Yoshi Circuit cuts, nominally his weakest track, were about the same size. The Yoshi course time was a new Myth, taking him to 17/32 Myths, just past the half-way point. Jordan passed five players in the rankings including Jamie D, Kevin B, and Cedric W.

#103 Kai Oliver Meister scored his first Myth times -- two in one week! The first was a 1'09"0 Peach Beach, a new high of 61st rank, and the second was an 8"62 Baby Park lap. The Baby lap achieved a higher standard but lower ranking, perhaps due to the intense competition in Baby Park. Kai said that he got some tips from record-holder Mike K and now feels convinced that he go much higher, perhaps even beyond Myth level, so he will keep playing Baby Park. A nice 50-position cut in Rainbow Road, his weakest time, was a big contributor to his 4pt AF cut for the week. In addition, Kai graduated from the Hero ranks and reached Titan D status, so it was a good moment to also find his first Myth times.

#116 Jack Whittingham reached the UK No. 10 position after passing Dave Taylor, one of three players he passed this week. The deciding PR was a 1'44"8 Yoshi Circuit, which was his first sub-1'45 there. Jack managed several other PRs over the week that included beating one of his last 3 remaining 150+ ranked times. His last two remaining 150+ times are both on Mushroom Bridge; despite being only a month old, those PRs may be worth a revisit since he is very close to top-150 there.

#246 Zack Tabak reached the top-250 cut following a strong 27pt cut from 16 improvements. He focused on beating his last remaining Expert D times and reached 32/32 Exp C. He said his next target will be 32/32 Exp B. Zack's favorite track recently has been Mushroom Bridge, where he's been spending much time, and he feels addicted to beating his times there. This week's PRs paid off: a 1'21"3 and 26"4, both ranked 133rd, are now both Zack's best times. They are Hero A level, not quite Titan yet, but the lap is only 0"02 from being potentially his first Titan time.

#655 Adam Roberts reported a 19pt AF cut, most notably improving both Bowser's Castle times to top-600 level. He made inroads into the Castle last week but had to accustom to new fireball positions, hence his desire to persevere with the track. Adam's new course time was 132 positions higher than last week, which itself was 160 higher than the week prior, so he's making big jumps there. Thanks to additional improvements in Peach Beach and Dry Dry Desert, Adam elevated himself to Advanced D level.

#757 Zack Mosenson continued his two-year comeback with a modest 20 position climb. He still believes he can reach his goal of Advanced A eventually but is finding some tracks much harder to improve than others. One of his 13 PRs was a new Advanced time while the remaining cuts were progress within the Intermediate tier. Zack may find some motivation in challenging newcomer Dan Downey. Dan has many blanks in his timesheet but is gradually filling in the blanks, and Zack leads Dan only 10-8 in their head-to-head for the times Dan has submitted. When Dan completes his timesheet I expect he will be fairly close to Zack.

#133 Jocelyn Sitek, #151 Dorian Herniote, #308 Christophe Balzeau, and #322 Stephen De Winter were also active this week. Jocelyn crushed his Dino Dino Jungle lap by 34 positions, although it was his only PR for the week. Dorian returned after three week away from home to score two Luigi Circuit cuts, including his tenth top-150 on the lap. Christophe cleaned up some his weakest time dragging down his timesheet, particularly on Yoshi Circuit. Stephen made substantial cuts in Rainbow Road thanks to A-tech, narrowly missing out on the Expert standards, but is still trying to master the technique.

New Records

Mike K improved the Luigi Circuit lap record to 24"175, nearly 0"02 faster than his record from last week. It was also a 60Hz record, naturally.

David P won the Wario Colosseum record for the first time with a 1'56"538, a 0"3 cut on his personal best and 0"02 clear of Andreas's 1'56"56 raced in 2013. David was very happy to finally get this after coming close many times. He is very close to the lap record as well, so it's possible that he will keep playing this track.

New Players

Welcome to...

Dennis Colvin, USA (#429, Advanced A)
Anthony Guerrero, USA (~1190, Newbie).

Dennis has some impressive times for a newcomer, including 12 Experts and several top-400 ranked times. Anthony likewise has an Expert D in Baby Park, but it's the only track he's played in time trials so far.

Are the easter bunnies in the shops yet?

Alex @ Monday, January 9th 01:27AM   [link]


#4 Mike Koehoorn focused on taking the No. 4 position from Kouider this week, having some fairly close last time. He scored two new wins on the former champion that he didn't have before, and improved another 8 times for a total 0.56pt AF cut, which was enough to pass Kouider by 0.03. A 2'17"7 Bowser's Castle time was a small improvement from 8th to 5th, and likewise a 1'40"3 Yoshi Valley, from 8th to 6th. A 1'28"8 Dry Dry Desert fared better, from 5th to 3rd, and a 27"6 lap in the same track was enough for 4th place. A breakthrough 32"8 on Dino Dino Jungle slingshot Mike from 8th to 2nd, which was big help to lowering his AF, and a few small cuts on Daisy Cruiser and Mario Circuit were just enough to tie Kouider. He managed one more PR later in the week, a WR in Luigi Circuit lap, to improve from 2nd to 1st place and score the final tiny AF cut he needed to take 4th place outright. Andrew still has a stronghold on the #1 spot but has been dropping a few WRs to Mike in recent weeks.

#9 David Gutierrez Pena had 6 new times to report, including a pair on his newly favourite track of Wario Colosseum. He new times are unchanged from 4th and 2nd place, although he managed to improve his own 60Hz lap record. David feels that a significant cut may happen any moment now. Apart from two minor cuts on Luigi Circuit, his notable cuts were on Bowser's Castle: his 2'17"8 almost beat Mike and was a big cut from 12th to 7th, whereas his 45"01 lap was faster than Marijn and Aron and also strong enough for 7th. David has to make up a 2.1pt AF deficit to reach Marijn, the next player in the ranking, and each win on Marijn, such as his Castle lap, effectively counts as double.

#119 Jack Whittingham sought help from Mike and Frederic in Yoshi Circuit and it paid quick dividends with Jack improving his lap from 138th to 116th. He cut down his course time to 1'45"1 but feels he may be able to go a whole second faster. Jack moved ahead of Marcel F and Tanguy A in the rankings with these two improvements.

#152 Hugh Moorhead improved his excellent Baby Park to 8"41 but it gain any new position beyond 9th place. His other 10 PRs, however, gained an 8pt AF cut and 8 positions in the rankings. A 29"08 Dry Dry Desert lap was one of his stronger PRs, reaching a high of 108th position and his third best rank. A 28"7 Mario Circuit lap was not far behind, reaching 118th place. Hugh's other cuts on Waluigi Stadium, Sherbet Land, Yoshi Circuit, and Wario Colosseum and were much closer to his average of 165. If one were to only look at Mushroom Cup, they would feel that Hugh should be ranked quite a bit higher.

#191 Gavin Kimpton had time for only 3 PRs during the New Year baton pass but found some time in the last couple of days to extend his tally to 8 PRs. A 5.8pt AF cut resulted in wins against Nick H, Casey M, Yannik B, and a few others in the rankings. His highlights were three new top-200 times in Peach Beach 3lap, Dry Dry Desert lap (a sub-30), and Mushroom Bridge, bring his total to 12/32 top-200 times. They were also new Hero and now part of Gavin's growing collecting of Hero times. In particular, his new 22"5 Peach Beach lap was Hero A level, which is Gavin's best standard outside of Baby Park lap.

#273 Jean-Christophe Leger reported a 7.5pt AF cut to maintain a lead over #274 Zack T. Jean-Christophe submitted 4 new scores in Dry Dry Desert, Wario Colosseum and Bowser's Castle. His Castle times were substantial cuts, particularly the 2'25"2 course time that was previously ranked 337th and now ranked 230th. He also raced a new best 48"0 f-lap in the same race that was fifty positions higher than before. I hope he used both mushrooms? #274 Zack Tabak finished the week with a 27pt cut and one place behind Jean-Christophe, almost a copy of his previous week's cut following his comeback after many years. Zack's new times were clustered around Mushroom and Flower Cups, so he may not have had enough time to focus on all the tracks. There were 4 new Hero times that extended Zack's tally to 7-of-32, although he says that he will first focus on beating his lowest times rather than try to upgrade his best Experts to Hero. Zack's top PR of the week was a 1'06"2 Baby Park 7lap ranked just inside the top-150, which was less than half of his average position. With such momentum behind him, Zack should be able to reach the top-250 before Jean-Christophe.

#310 Christophe Balzeau reached 32/32 Expert following a pair of PRs on his weakest track, Mario Circuit. He new times of 1'33"3 and 29"7 are ranked much closer to his average, although he would still consider the track one of his weakest. Meanwhile, Christophe raced some top-250 times to balance things out and earn his 16pt AF cut, such as a 1'11"3 Peach Beach course and 26"8 Mushroom Bridge lap. His new 8"90 lap in Baby Park ended up 251st, missing out by 1 position, but was still a large jump of more than one hundred places. Apart from Mario Circuit, he only played Mushroom Cup, so let's see where he travels next week.

#325 Stephen De Winter recently heard about A-tech and has been trying to practice and figure out how to included it in his racing style. So far he was been practicing mostly on Baby Park and improved his 7lap from 434th to 291st place. He also gained 60 positions in the lap and went below the 9 second mark. Stephen switched Hertz to 60Hz and scored comparable times, equivalent big cuts and almost identical flap. He said that his A-tech execution is somewhat ineffective at the moment and that he will continue to practice it in the hope of using it on other tracks later. His 6pt AF cut awarded pulled him ahead of 7 players, including Brent W, William L, and Lorenzo F.

#674 Adam Roberts scored a 13pt AF cut following new times in Bowser's Castle and Waluigi Stadium. He beat his previous Castle time by 160 positions despite wiping out on an unavoidable fireball when taking the shortcut, so he hopes to figure out the changing timing requirements for fireball avoidance as his time gets faster. He also improved his f-lap by 130 positions, earning Advanced times in both of the Castle charts. These were his 10th and 11th Advanced times so far and Adam found a 12th one in Waluigi Stadium. His Waluigi times were only his second and third top-600 times, so it's arguably his top track right now.

#777 Zack Mosenson returned after nearly 2 years absence to overhaul his timesheet. He had 29/32 Beginner times during his last bout of activity and now has 1/32 left with a mostly-Intermediate timesheet. He even raced two Advanced times: a 9"30 lap in Baby Park and a 36"8 lap in Waluigi Stadium. It's not clear how long it took Zack to accumulate these PRs, and there are some tracks he said he dislikes and doesn't wish to play, but his progress so far is good. Zack has set a goal for himself to reach Advanced A level. His best time so far is Advanced B, so there is some work to do.

Also active were #105 Kai Oliver Meister, 133 Jocelyn Sitek, #228 Giovanni van Basten, #555 Will Mandrola, and #692 Stephen Weber. Kai improved his Baby Park 7lap and reiterated his promise to reach top-100 soon. Jocelyn beat his last remaining Expert on Waluigi Stadium to reach 32/32 Hero. Giovanni raced top-200 times on both Luigi Circuit course and lap, and was happy to get his fifth Hero time there. Stephen had a couple of improvements he forgot to submit just before the new year. Will didn't want to break his activity streak and raced two quick PRs in Mushroom Cup.

New Records

Mike Koehoorn raced a 24"193 Luigi Circuit lap, 0"01 faster than Andrew's WR set seven months ago. His own previous best was a 24"21 from just before Christmas, which had come super close to Andrew's record.

Mike also raised the stakes in 60Hz Dino Dino Jungle with a 32"885 lap record, a bit faster than Andrew M's two-year old record of 32"95. Mike's previous time was 33"04, so it was a big cut for him. Richard K has the Combined record of 32"83 set in 50Hz in 2014, and Mike's lap is equal second (tied with Andreas).

David Gituerrez Pena improved his own 60Hz Wario Colosseum lap record to 57"545, a fractional improvement but one that indicates he is quite active on the track. Andreas holds the overall WR at 57"47.

New Players

James Farrell-Shaw, Scotland (#714, Intermediate A)
Joey Jackson, USA (#646, Advanced D)
Dan Downey, USA (~1073, Beginner C)

James says he has forgotten how to drift and intends to remind himself and rediscover long-lost skills; he has 8 Advanced times so far. Joey is a little ways ahead of James and has more than half of his timesheet at Advanced level. Dan has only played a few tracks so far; he holds Double Dash dear to his heart and intends to fill his timesheet soon.

And thus 2016 draws to a close. Time for 2017 goals?

Alex @ Tuesday, January 3rd 02:07AM   [link]


#5 Mike Koehoorn was the highest active player and finished 2016 with 32/32 top-10 times and 32/32 God times. He left the last in both targets until the very end, upgrading his Myth+ to God on Rainbow Road 3lap and pushing his Rainbow Road lap from 12th to 9th. His end-of-year ARR of exactly 5.00 puts him 0.6 points behind Kouider. His other PRs this week included a top-3 time on Mushroom Bridge, a 1'42"8 sub on DK Mountain, and 44'92 sub on Bowser's Castle lap. He also beat Andrew's 60Hz lap on Yoshi Circuit.

#9 David Gutierrez Pena was the second active top-10 player. Following an impressive 17 PRs, he got ahead of Konsta J this week to earn a single-digit ranking. He improved some of his weaker times, such as Luigi Circuit lap (20th to 16th), Dino Dino Jungle 3lap (19th to 15th), and Bowser's Castle lap (20th to 9th) to secure 32/32 top-20 times. His Jungle lap is now his weakest time, ranked 19th. As for his stronger times, David raced a new God with 1'37"3 Daisy Cruiser and a new top-10 time with 32"3 Yoshi Circuit lap. Actually his Bowser's Castle lap was a combination of all of the above. David has 9 Myth times remaining and 0.4 ARR points left to go before joining Mike at sub-zero tier.

#22 Paul Tanney improved his Peach Beach lap to 21"82 and 16th place, making it his third best time. He says he intends to bring it down to 21'7s. He also improved his Baby Park lap from 8th to 3rd with a 8"381, which was actually a new 50Hz record that was previously held by Mikael J at 8"383. Mike and David have slightly faster laps in 60Hz.

#25 Frederic Vernier improved his Baby Park lap to 8"383 to tie Mikael's 50Hz record only to have it beaten by Paul in the same week. It's good enough for 4th place overall, in contrast to his 7lap, which is his worst time that dropped back from 49th to 50th this week. It's ripe for an improvement. Frederic's other cut this week was a 1'38"3 Waluigi Stadium time, hitting the Myth A requirements for the first time and earning his fifth top-15 time.

#95 Guillaume Becard felt inspired to make a mad rush for the top-100 as the year deadline approached, and improved by 11 positions in the final week. He intends to decrease his activity until he can formulate a new goal. He scored a 16pt AF cut and reached Titan C level this week after a number of big cuts, such as 1'08"9 Peach Beach (from 116th to 54th), 28"8 Dry Dry Desert lap (157th to 84th), 31"6 Mushroom City lap (137th to 66th), and 46"1 Bowser's Castle (152nd to 91st). Guillaume upgraded 5 Heroes to Titan and 3 Titans to Myth, resulting in the large 1.0 ARR cut. His new best-ranked time is a 1'05"2 Baby Park 7lap, his first and only top-50 time (ranked 46th), which had a missed SSMT.

#105 Kai Oliver Meister was happy to finally have time to kart in his holidays. He raced improvements on Mushroom Bridge lap, Waluigi Stadium (a 1'41"9 sub), and a pair of new top-100 times on Bowser's Castle. He now has 14/32 top-100 times. He also said that he improved his weakest time (Baby Park 7lap) but forgot to post his improvement. This cut could be the difference between Kai being just a Hero or Kai being a Titan!

#121 Jack Whittingham gained a couple of positions and should be able to catch fellow UK player Dave T within his next set of PRs. Out of 9 PRs, he was most happy with a 32"1 Waluigi Stadium lap (ranked 106th), a 2'22"7 sub on Bowser's Castle, and 59"5 Rainbow Road lap (up 30 positions). He also raced a 3'01"3 on the Rainbow course, making it his second best course time, although he feels certain he can dip below the 3 minute barrier if he strings together three good laps.

#133 Jocelyn Sitek passed 6 players following 4 PRs in Wario Colosseum and Rainbow Road, where he beat his laps in the same runs as his courses. This included his first sub-minute lap on Rainbow with a 59"7. No Jocelyn update would be complete without DK Mountain, and he once again reported a new 34"67 lap that reached Titan C level. It took back the best-ranked-lap crown from Baby Park lap since it was ranked higher by 1 position.

#160 Hugh Moorhead finished 2016 a long way ahead of where he started, back in 847th place just six months ago. He gained 3 positions this week and his showpiece cut was an 8"42 Baby Park lap that reached 9th place. His previous time was 24th, so it was a decent cut. Hugh says he hopes to race 8"3x, and is already quite close. He also scored new Hero times with a 47"1 Bowser's Castle lap and 3'02"3 Rainbow Road. This puts his timesheet at 21/32 Heroes with only Expert As and Bs outstanding.

#230 Giovanni van Basten passed 5 players with three new PRs, the most significant being a 1'45"8 Yoshi Circuit course that that was ranked 195th. It was Giovanni's third top-200 time, and welcome consolation after his Yoshi lap missed out by a few positions.

#299 Zack Tabak, who returned last week after nearly a decade away, fought back to reach the top-300 with a 31pt cut. He credited his 18 PRs to watching Mike K's videos, trying out some of Mike's racing lines and techniques such as A-tech. He beat his last 6 remaining Advanced times by sizeable margins to reach 32/32 Expert, which he initially envisaged as goal for January but ended up completing it the same week. He was happy to race new times on Special Cup tracks that he hadn't touched since 2007, and there is still room to grow.

#334 Christophe Balzeau's 59pt AF cut was commensurate to his large number of submissions and dozens of PRs. He had 21 new times, since of which he improved more than once. His masterstroke track is still Wario Colosseum, which he improved yet again after staying up until the morning: a 2'03"9 and 1'01"4 for his efforts amounted to two top-150 times, very good for someone whose average is 200 less. Mario Circuit remains a major weakness, but Christophe made good progress in pulling his Baby Park and Waluigi Stadium out of the mire. With 11 out of 12 remaining Advanced times just upgraded to Expert, he reached overall Expert C with 31/32 Experts. Besides the aforementioned Heroes in the Colosseum, Christophe found his third Hero on Mushroom Bridge with a 1'22"3, nearly two seconds faster than last week.

#458 David Nutt finished 2016 at 503 positions higher than where he started three months ago. This week he only had enough time for one track and managed to beat his Mushroom City from October, which at the time he felt were 'flawless'. His new 1'42"4 and 33"4 lap were his 8th and 9th Expert times. David is still Advanced A overall, needing a further 0.65 points to reach the Expert levels.

#556 Will Mandrola nearly caught up with #549 Adam N following a 24pt cut. He focused his efforts on only five tracks and succeeded in getting 10 PRs. Waluigi Stadium proved most fruitful, with a 34"7 lap that was good enough for Advanced A and ranked 430th. It was a jump of two standards and Will's first top-500 time, although he says it should have been Expert had he not missed up the aerial MT at the end. So far he has two Advanced A times, and this has been the closest to a first Expert. He also improved his Dino Dino Jungle times after practicing the jump and follow-up MT, but is still having trouble putting together three good laps.

#332 Stephen De Winter, #690 Adam Roberts, and #969 Jordan Fetner were also active. Stephen improved his 60Hz Mario Circuit, trying to get it to the same quality as his 50Hz time. Adam raised his Advanced count to 9 following two PRs on Mario Circuit.

New Records

Mike K's 32"185 Yoshi Circuit lap was a new 60Hz record by 0"009, beating Andrew's lap from 12 months ago. Mike's previous time was 0"06 behind, so it was a decent cut. The Combined record is Richard's 32"10 set in 50Hz, with Mike and Andrew's 60Hz times clocking in at 3rd and 4th place.

New Players

None this week.