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What do you mean, blue-and-black? Blue maybe, but there's no black.

Alex @ Sunday, March 1st 07:16PM   [link]


#32 Mikael Johansson and #34 Stacy Needham continued their runs from last week, both moving up equal amounts. Mikael passed Scott D, Jake S and Jamie D to get a few steps closer to top-30 in AF. He played Sherbet Land once again and improved on both of last week's times with Titan+ times. His 24"15 lap was a jump from 56th to 32nd place, giving him a nice cut, while his 1'15"4 course time was a 0"2 cut but had an equally fast 24"18 final lap in it where Mikael must have made up a lot of time on his ghost. Stacy likewise passed Scott and Jake (almost catching Jamie) after racing three new times: a 1'31"4 on Dry Dry Desert, which was a new top-30 time and new Myth time; a 24"5 Luigi Circuit lap, which as also a new top-30 and new Myth time; and 1'15"96 Luigi Circuit to score a difficult sub. The new Myth times tipped the scales and Stacy now has a majority of Myth times.

#103 Noah Murad finally raced a Peach Beach lap he was happy with. His 22"18 reached Titan+ level and, ranked 69th, is his second best position after Mushroom Bridge (58th). Noah also continued practicing Bowser's Castle's tricky final lap obstacles and managed two new times, a new top-100 lap and a 0.9s cut on the 3lap that turned the Castle from his second worst time into one of his highest ranked course times. The Special Cup continues to give Noah some worry since his weakest tracks are there, especially Dino Dino.

#150 Matt Wills raced two new times on Luigi Circuit that ended up helping him achieve several of his immediate goals: first Titan time, first top-100 time, and reaching top-150 overall. His 1'16"7 and 24"9 (down from 1'18"3 and 25"3) were actually both Titan times and both top-100 times, and the 3lap was even Titan C. Matt also races two Yoshi Circuit times, the highlight of which was his 33"6 lap ranked 127th, his fourth best time at the moment. Together, these 4 PRs gave him the 7pt AF cut he needed to pass eight players standing in his path to #150. There remain 9 Expert times that Matt can try to convert to Hero level, but he says he may take a break and play a different Kart game.

#458 Mark Vizza advanced 5 positions and had 6 PRs to report, including a new top-500 time on DK Mountain that tipped the balance in favour of top-500 times with 17 against 15. His biggest PR was a 1/3sec cut on Peach Beach, racing a 1'14"4 to improve what was otherwise his third weakest time. His next weakest time is Baby Park 7lap where, incidentally, he has an Expert-level lap ranked 150 positions ahead of his course time. Perhaps it's due for a reboot?

#565 Matt Piper completed his timesheet and debuted slightly ahead of a couple of active players. He filled in his 8 missing times and scored another 7 improvements on his existing times to progress from Intermediate C to Advanced D. He also raced 3 Advanced A times, his best standard to date, and looks poised to get an Expert time soon. His best time at the moment is 1'40"3 Dry Dry Desert, ranked 416th, and he has six top-500 times, but he also still has a number of times ranked 700+ and therefore Matt could spring many rungs up the ladder if he improves them.

#570 Chance Mewherter did a good job minding his own progress by scoring a 54pt AF cut, not noticing that Matt was about to emerge a few positions ahead of him. He particularly focused on his 7 remaining Intermediate B times, and upgraded five of them to Int A and two of them to Advanced, which gave him 20/32 Advanced and 12 Intermediate A time remaining. Chance also raced his first Expert D time this week: a 9'12 Baby Park lap ranked 385th and almost half the rank of his Yoshi Circuit times. Chance's 25 PRs are too many to list, but we can tell you that they resulted in a 0.8 ARR cut that allowed him to finally reach Advanced D status.

Both Matt and Chance should be wary of newcomer #584 Luke Hubbard, who is moving quite quickly behind them. Armed with an 87pt AF cut, Luke's first week on the site saw him score 20 PRs and shift weight to 21/32 Advanced times, enough to jump from his Intermediate B debut to Advanced D level already. He cut about 7 seconds on both DK Mountain and Dino Dino Jungle, so perhaps he starting taking risks with the shortcuts knowing now that he has to go for the shortcuts or fall behind on those levels. Luke's best time, by a good margin, is his 31"8 Dry Dry Desert lap ranked 438th. The Desert is his best course time anyway (536th), but his lap is Advanced A and perhaps his best chance at locating his first Expert time.

#636 Martin Stevenson ended his first month on the site with a 39pt AF cut, report 10 new scores for the week. He raised his Advanced tally from 6 to 11, and in the process managed his first Advanced B time (and so far his best ranked time) with a 39"6 lap on DK Mountain ranked 543rd. His previous lap was a few seconds slower, so no doubt this was a case of Martin getting the hang of the shortcut. It's only a matter of time before he makes some equally big cuts on his 3lap time. Martin's 0.7pt ARR cut now places him quite close to the Advanced-Intermediate border and he should be seeking a title upgrade soon.

New Records or Players

None this week.

Champions League again this week!

Alex @ Sunday, February 22nd 09:29PM   [link]


#4 Andrew Math set a new WR this week -- currently his third Combined record that was set in 60Hz. Check it out below! His AF improved by 0.06, bringing him a little closer to #3 Kouider B.

#15 David Schiering improved his 60Hz Baby Park time, a 1'05'"6, from Titan D to Titan B. It was enough to take him past Gregor F and Jacob P in 60Hz, where he moved up to No. 24 and one position behind his fellow countryman Kris Will.

#35 Mikael Johansson scored a pair of new Sherbet Land times: a new Titan A 3lap of 1'15"6 and a new Titan B lap of 24"29. They resulted in a 0.1 ARR cut to bring Mikael to a milestone ARR of 5.000. He said that he was not completely happy with either time and thinks he can go faster. Mikael cut 0.41 pts in AF and needs another 0.1 to pass Scott D. #36 Stacy Needham, one place behind Mikael, was also active and improved his Wario Colosseum lap to 59"60, but needs a little more to close the gap with Mikael.

#104 Noah Murad returned to the Bridge and Beach, as promised last week, but couldn't manage a PR. Then he tried Dry Dry Desert and cut down his time from 1'34"2 to 1'33"8 on his second attempt. Later in the week, Noah made a big improvement to his Bowser's Castle lap -- 46"9 down to 46"4 and 45 positions faster -- but said he was struggling with the 3lap because he was not yet accustomed to the positions of the obstacles on the last lap. Although still outside the top-100, Noah's 1.7pt AF cut got him ahead of Alan D and a few steps closer.

#146 Ashley O'Hara returned from a year away to score some new PRs on Mushroom City and Peach Beach. His 1'39"0 in the City was half a second quicker than before, and converted one of his 11 remaining Experts into Hero D. Meanwhile, Ashley's Beach times were quite large cuts: 3lap from 1'11"2 to 1'10'01 was a jump of 90 positions, 4 standards, and oh-so-close to the sub; and lap from 22"74 to 22"39 was a jump of 70 positions, 5 standards, and is now his fourth best-ranked time. Ashley passed seven players thanks to a 6pt AF cut to move back into the top-150 (although he didn't reach #144 Zach B, who had passed him last month), and he also became a Hero C player.

#158 Matt Wills had a 10pt AF cut to report and moved 11 positions up the ladder as a result of some large cuts in Daisy Cruiser. He slashed his lap from 33"4 to 32"7 (up 110 places) and his 3lap from 1'43"2 to 1'40"5 (up 153 places). Both times were Hero B and big jumps from their former Expert selves. The 3lap is ranked 113rd and is currently Matt's best ranked time by twenty positions, and he commented on how close it was to the top-100. Matt also improved his Yoshi Circuit from 1'46"3 to 1'45"4, up nearly 50 places and his 22nd Hero time. He has 10 Experts remaining, but they are all Expert A and not far from the Hero cut offs. Matt's victims this week included #160 Alvin v. A, #161 Lars N, #162 Matt F, #163 Timur A, and #166 Matt V.

#463 Mark Vizza made three submissions over the week, gathering 12 PRs. His highlights were a 39"0 lap in DK Mountain (a 0.8s cut) that was 68 positions higher, a 1'02"2 Rainbow Road lap (a 0.4s cut) that was 58 positions higher and his 4th Expert D time, and his 5th Expert D time on Baby Park with a 9"1 lap. He also increased his number of top-400 times from 1 to 3, and his number of top-500 times to 16/32.

#628 Chance Mewherter reported 11 new times and a 17pt AF cut, advancing 19 positions. He increased last week's 11 Advanced times to 15 and is getting very close to reaching Advanced level in ARR: still Intermediate A, but only 0.12pts remaining. Chance appeared to focus on his weak tracks this week because he improved 6 of his scores ranked lower than 700, leaving only 5 of them. Perhaps he will hunt them down next week.

#712 Anna Moon had a 5pt AF cut to report, taking a few steps closer to top-700. She played Peach Beach and Dry Dry Desert only, and really wanted the Advanced time in the Desert but had trouble keeping the mini-turbos straight in the end section with the bumpy dunes. Anna scored an Advanced D time in Peach Beach, her fourth so far, but had to settle for an Intermediate A in the Desert until she figures out how to get through the dunes without losing too much time.

New Records

Andrew improved his Bowser's Castle time from 2'17"56 to 2'17"337, improving his own 60Hz record but also scoring a new overall record. He beat Kouider's 2'17"45 and Richard's 2'17"40 (from 1.25 years ago) 50Hz times to get the overall record, and extended his 60Hz record lead over Richard to just over half a second. Andrew felt that his time was good but improvable, and he can see a 2'16 being possible.

New Players

Welcome to...

Luke Hubbard, UK (#672, Intermediate B).

Luke joins half-way between Chance and Anna. He has a full timesheet and his seven best times are ranked 500-600, but his eight worst times are ranked 800-900, so it looks like he has not played some tracks to his full potential.

Plant the chocolate, eat the flowers

Alex @ Sunday, February 15th 02:37AM   [link]


#43 Jacob Purcell scored two powerful PRs to pass USA rival Gregor F in the overall ladder, and take the No. 25 spot from David S in 60Hz. Gregor is still one position ahead of Jacob in the pure 60Hz ladder, but the difference between them is only 0.1 points. Peach Beach was already Jacob's strongest track and he improved his lap from 20th to 16 place with a 21"85. He also sliced 0.5s from his Daisy Cruiser to go sub-1'39 and clinch his sixteenth top-50 time.

#169 Matt Wills advanced 4 positions this week, making his way past Bill S, Jonas P, Roman T and Leandro C. He raced a 1'39"1 on Mushroom City 3lap, cutting almost 0.7s, and lowered his lap to 32"3. Both were new Hero times and the lap, ranked 154th, is among Matt's top five times to date.

#212 Will Dykstra is gradually closing in on the top-200, scoring 6 new times leading up to Valentine's. He had new times on Dry Dry Desert and Yoshi Circuit but his biggest cut was a 1'50"6 on DK Mountain, over two seconds quicker than before. It was also Will's new best-ranked time at 154th place, marginally ahead of his Mush Bridge lap, and he also improved his lap from 254th to 185th. Although he missed out on the Hero times in both cases and had to settle for Expert A times, Will already has three Hero times to his name.

#478 Mark Vizza raced 8 PRs and passed 5 players this week by reducing his AF to 498.4, his first time under 500. He also scored his second ever top-400 time, a 30"2 Mario Circuit lap ranked 391st, which was slightly behind his Wario Colosseum lap from last month (378th). This week's update also included his third Expert time, which somewhat surprisingly came from Baby Park, one of Mark's weakest tracks. Perhaps he will be able to improve his 7lap next

#647 Chance Mewherter powered ahead to a 55pt AF cut, passing 48 players. Chance said that he was trying to race smarter rather than harder, and thinking more about his mushrooms and racing lines. It paid off with 25 new PRs across the board. One of his biggest cuts was Baby Park lap 9"27, an improvement from 676th to 508th place and also an Advanced B time, his best standard. He scored similarly large 100-150 position cuts on Peach Beach, Dry Dry Desert, Sherbet Land, Wario Colosseum, and Bowser's Castle. Chance also became Intermediate A, partly thanks to increasing his Advanced times from 2 to 11.

~769 Matt Piper had 19 new times to report, filling in most of his missing timesheet and having only a few tracks to go. His ARR improved by three notches to Intermediate C, and his newest scores included 5 new Advanced times. Matt's best time is still his Dry Dry Desert 3lap (ranked 567th) from last week, but he submitted some new times very close behind it and should be able to beat it when he returns to the Desert.

New Records or Players

None this week.

Atletico take revenge for CL rout

Alex @ Sunday, February 8th 10:49PM   [link]


#4 Andrew Math improved two of his 60Hz WRs this week, which also helped his Combined AF a little bit and he is now 0.4 AF points behind #3 Kouider. Check his new records further down.

#35 Mikael Johansson passed both Xavier V and Stacy N this week. He had two new cuts on Wario Colosseum, both new Titan+ times: a 2'00"5 on the 2lap and a 59"71 lap. The lap was a top-50 time and beat Jacob's lap from last week, while Mikael's course time was a large 0.7s cut and a jump from 53rd to 39th place.

#105 Noah Murad forgot about the Bridge and Beach this week (maybe next time?) and took to the Road instead by racing new RR times of 3'02"5 and 59"29. I think these were part of his beat-all-my-2012-times quest, since his previous 3lap was a second behind and his previous lap was half a second slower. His new improvements rank in at 140th and 90th place, so the lap is better than expected but the 3lap is still below Noah's average rank of 111.5. Either way, the lap was Noah's 11th top-100 time and he is getting ever closer to reaching the overall top-100.

#217 Will Dykstra scored a 7pt AF thanks to 8 new PRs. Some were quite small but he also had a few highlights, most prominently four new top-250 times: a 33"49 lap on Daisy Cruiser (from 33"8), a 1'46"8 Yoshi Circuit (down 0"6), a 35"5 Dino Dino Jungle lap (down 0"4), and a 1'49"5 on the 3lap. Will's weakest standards were 4 Exp Cs and 1 Exp D last week, but his new cuts reduced that to just 2 Exp Cs. He became an Expert A this week and already has three Hero times under his best, so focusing on more Hero times will help him rush through the Expert As.

#482 Mark Vizza slightly pulled ahead of #511 Luke Mendel again this week, with the latter playing DK Mountain exclusively. Luke's new 1'52"7 was almost 2 seconds quicker than last week and, as a jump from 276th to 222nd place, is by far Luke's best time. He mentioned that he intends to play other courses in desperate need for attention soon. Meanwhile, Mark raced a dozen small new PRs and increased his AF lead over Luke by two positions. His biggest cut was 0.9 seconds in Waluigi Stadium (34 positions), but his best time of the week was a 2'34"0 in Bowser's Castle ranked 446th, his sixth best rank.

#665 Martin Stevenson joined last week and scored 20 new times to begin his quest for glory. He managed a 51pt AF cut to climb over 51 players. Martin already had 3 Advanced times -- two on Rainbow Road and one on Mushroom Bridge lap -- and doubled the size of his growing collection with Advanced C on Baby Park lap and double-advanced on Mario Circuit. His many cuts carried him to Intermediate A level in ARR, and a repeat of this week's cut next week might even take him up and over the Intermediates.

#695 Chance Mewherter was motivated to race 13 new PRs following the activity in his vicinity. His 23pt AF was good enough to reach the top-700, even though it was not enough to hold off Martin taking a small lead. Still, Chance was pleased to finally beat his thorn-in-the-side Baby Park times with a 1'09"2 and 9"4. They were Chance's first ever Advanced times. The lap was actually Advanced C, skipping over D, and is currently his best ranked time at 629th place. Chance's other improvements were mostly on elevating his Intermediate C times: he improved 6 of his Cs to Bs and has only 4 Cs remaining.

#842 Rudy Weitze has set a goal for himself to reach the top-500. He reported 7 new times this week to score a 21pt AF cut and is on the cusp of passing over the Beginner ranks, since he increased his number of Intermediate times from 4 to 8 and needs merely another cut anywhere to push past Beginner A and onward to Intermediate.

~957 Matt Piper, newcomer with still many missing times, had 8 new times to report. They were a mix of Advanced and Intermediate times, the best of which was ranked Advanced C. Matt's ARR improved from Beginner C to B but there is still a lot of upside and big moves to be made when he submits his other missing scores.

New Records

Andrew improved his 60Hz Mushroom City lap record from 30"892 to 30"823, a 0.07 cut. His old record was from just over a year ago and he extended his lead over Andreas's 30"92 to a tenth of a second. He also improved his 3lap to 1'34"222, a similar 0.08 cut on his old record from just over a year ago. Kouider is second place in that course and is half a second behind.

New Players

None this week.

A guy passed a ball and now everybody is furious

Alex @ Monday, February 2nd 01:39AM   [link]


#4 Andrew Math, the current 60Hz champion, reported 7 new times and they were all new WRs in 60Hz! Check them out in the records section. Andrew slightly improved his 60Hz AF to 1.34. His Combined AF also decreased by 0.25 to 3.9, giving him decent breathing room from #5 Hendrik B and taking him 0.5pts behind #3 Kouider B.

#15 David Schiering scored two 60Hz PRs, a 2'59"1 on Rainbow Road and a speedy 31"69 lap on Daisy Cruiser. He is still not happy with his Rainbow expedition, but the Cruiser lap hit the Myth A standard and passed a couple of players. David has also motivated his family to play: his wife Vanessa and little brother Patrick. Vanessa joined this week for the first time, while #694 Patrick, who last played in 2009, scored 3 new PRs and David reported that he will try to get more. Patrick's new times included two top-600 times, which are now among his 4 best PRs.

#37 Mikael Johansson reported 3 PRs this week. Mikael improved his Wario Colosseum lap from 1'00"33 to 59"95, gaining a new Titan A time and the sub. He also improved his Yoshi Circuit 3lap and Colosseum 2lap to score a 1.2pt AF cut. His nearby rival #44 Jacob Purcell reported 3 PRs this week. Jacob improved his Wario Colosseum lap from 1'00"25 to 59"85, getting a new Titan A time and the sub. He also prevented Mikael from stealing a win on him, despite being down 11-20-1 in match-ups at the moment. Jacob also scored some big cuts on Mario Circuit -- about 20 positions in both 3lap and lap -- to get a large enough AF cut to pass Jordan H in the rankings.

#107 Noah Murad pushed ahead of six players this week and aims to reach the top-100 in the next few weeks. With his 8 latest PRs, Noah has beaten half of his old times from 2012 since returning two months ago. This week's PRs included a new top-100 Peach Beach 3lap of 1'09"7 and a big 0.5s cut on Mushroom Bridge, from 1'20"9 to 1'20"4, that is currently Noah's third best-ranked time at 73rd place. He also improved his Mushroom City to 1'37"7, claiming his ninth Titan and tenth top-100 time. His 0.25 ARR cut was enough to ascend him to Hero A status this week, and he is confident of improving Beach and Bridge times further next update.

#173 Matt Wills passed three players this week thanks to two strong PRs on Peach Beach. His 22'64 lap, in particular, is ranked 154 and is his third best time to date. On the opposite side of the top-200 barrier, other-Will #288 Will Dykstra was frustrated by MK8 and 'returned to his original love' by hooking up his GameCube for the first time in twelve months. Will raced 18 new times, the highlights of which were a 32"5 Waluigi Stadium lap (his third Hero) and a full second cut on Rainbow Road lap 1'01"1 (up 120 positions). Will's 17pt AF cut saw him jump 17 positions, although it would take some work to reach Wills.

Closer to the top-500 area, #484 Mark Vizza and #511 Luke Mendel passed 7 and 5 players, respectively. Mark increased his top-500s count from 9 to 13 thanks to new times on Baby Park lap, Bowser's Castle and Dino Dino Jungle. These included Mark's fourth and fifth Advanced A times and Baby Park was only 0.06 away from being his first Expert time. In constrast, Luke focused purely on his strengths by continuing to play DK Mountain, the location of his only Expert times, and managed to improve both from Exp D to Exp C. Luke's new 3lap of 1'54"4 is ranked 276th and is far ahead of his AF score of 544, while his new 37"5 lap was itself a cut of 79 positions to reach rank 300. Despite Luke's impressive cuts, Mark slightly pulled away in AF and there are now 26 players between them.

#712 Anna Moon raced a 1'16"8 on Peach Beach this week, continuing building up her MT skills and trying to fit more MTs in each lap. She said she will continue playing the course in hopes of going a full second quicker. A few positions behind her, #715 Chance Mewherter found some free time from a busy schedule to score a 5pt AF cut and keep up with Anna. Both are gaining on #694 Patrick Schiering, who returned this week and may play more very soon, and all three are joined by newcomer #716 Martin S.

#859 Rudy Weitze had his exams delayed thanks to the snow storms, and invested his time wisely into some karting. He had 4 new times to report, particularly a big cut on Mario Circuit lap that earned him his first Advanced D time.

New Records

Andrew raced a number of new 60Hz records, many of them improvements on his own. The mark on Dry Dry Desert is 27"592, 0.03 quicker compared to Andrew's previous record from 2014, and also a G+10 time. In Mushroom Bridge, Andrew surpassed Kouider's 25"68 lap from 2012 with a 25"673, bumping up to a new G+6 standard. Sherbet Land lab 23"794 was a large 0.07 improvement on Andrew's old record from 2013, and is currently 0.1 ahead of second place. Andrew also improved both of his existing Yoshi Circuit records: 1'40"099 and 32"248, beating his own records by 0.1 and 0.01, respectively. Dino Dino Jungle 32"959 was a move from 3rd place to 1st, passing Richard and Kouider's times to score the first sub-33 lap in 60Hz. Finally, Andrew improved his own Bowser's Castle record to 2'17"565, up 0.06 and now 0.30 ahead of second place. Andrew now holds 24 of the 32 records in 60Hz.

New Players

Welcome to...

Vanessa Schiering, Germany (~1092, Beginner D)
Matt Piper, Canada (~1017, Beginner C)
Martin Stevenson, USA (716th, Intermediate B)

Vanessa has a few Beginner times in her blank timesheet but may receive some Myth-level tuition from #15 David. Matt has a few strong Intermediate times but is also mostly blank at the moment. Martin joins in an area with several active players to motivate him.

Captain Toad is the new Nintendo superhero

Alex @ Wednesday, January 21st 10:03PM   [link]


#15 David Schiering was again the highest-ranked active player, and improved his Rainbow Road lap once more to 58"7 in 60Hz. David says that his next immediate goals are to sub-2'59 on the 3lap and 58'7 on the lap, and maybe improve his times to top-25 level. Both of new recent times are Titan B and not as quick as his Myth times from 50Hz, but David seems determined to improve them to below his AF score of 27.1.

#35 Stacy Needham played Mushroom Bridge this week, improving both of his times. His new lap was a little quicker, a 25"94 (down from 25"99) and Stacy's fourth Myth+ time to date. His new 3lap of 1'19"5 was also a nice improvement from 45th place to 28th place, chopping off 0.3 seconds. Stacy passed #36 Xavier V in the rankings with this.

#45 Jacob Purcell sent in his first times of the year, reporting 3 new PRs. He reduced to gap between himself and fellow countrymen #44 Jordan H and #43 Gregor F by 1.3 points, and he needs only 0.4 more to sneak ahead of Jordan. Jacob's new times were on Sherbet Land and Luigi Circuit. In the former, he improved from 1'16"2 to 1'15"8 to get a minor sub and a new Titan B time, which was two standards' improvement. His Luigi times were even better: a new top-50 and Titan+ lap of 24"68, and a half-second cut on the 3lap from 1'16"7 to 1'16"2. This was a jump from 81st to 56th place and also two standards better than before. From just those three PRs Jacob cut 0.16 from his ARR and became a Titan+ player, making it over the line by only 0.006 points. Nicely done.

#113 Noah Murad switched tracks to Peach Beach and raced a new 22"20 lap, ranked 78th. It's Noah's fourth best ranked time at the moment, and was barely 0.01s slower than the Titan+ standard. Perhaps he will return here soon and try it again? Noah didn't gain positions in the rankings but closed in on #112 Florian V.

#176 Matt Wills was glad to be a catalyst in Jocelyn's return last week, but was sad that his DK Mountain time got beaten so quickly. He may try the track again after a while but maintained that his current focus was to improve all of his times to top-200 level and erase his remaining Experts. This week's 4 PRs were in that direction: two new Sherbet Land times improving from 200+ to around 180th place, and two new Bowser's Castle times. The BC 3lap of 2'24"4 was a full second quicker than Matt's old PR and was also a new top-200 time, but he came up short on the lap with a 47"58 ranked 207th. Meanwhile, Matt struggled with converting these Expert A times to Hero level, and even said that his best BC splits aren't quite Hero material yet. Matt already reached Hero level overall and has 17/32 Hero times, just enough to neutralise his remaining Experts, and he is likely to continue playing these same tracks to push them to the next standard.

#491 Mark Vizza had 15 PRs to report as he ascended to the top-500, scoring an 11pt AF cut to finally make it over the line. He continued his quest for a second Expert time in Wario Colosseum 2lap and ended up attaining it, as well as improving what was already his best time on the 1lap from 398th to 378th. Mark's other highlights included improving his Luigi Circuit, Sherbet Land, and Bowser's Castle courses times by 47-50 positions each. He reached Advanced B in ARR and also reduced his remaining Adv D times from 4 down to only 2 left.

New Records or Players

None this week.

AC Rogue last legendary ship battle is dumb and annoying

Alex @ Wednesday, January 14th 10:22PM   [link]


#15 David Schiering was the highest active player this week, reporting three new PRs in 60Hz. David says that he's been practicing over the past two months and trying to get his skills back. So far he managed to improve his Mushroom Bridge lap to 25"9, and improve both Rainbow Road times: 2'59"1 and 58"8. His 50Hz times from many years ago are still quicker, but both of these new 60Hz times were top-30 quality. The lap, in particular, was his second worst time but he improved it by 11 positions and scored a Titan B standard. We hope we hear more from David soon. He is currently the #3 German player after Hendrik and Marius, the latter being only 1 AF point ahead in the ladder.

#113 Noah Murad shaved off 2 AF points this week after scoring 3 PRs. He reported being frustrated with "third lap curses" in Daisy Cruiser and failing to best his old 1'40"99 from three years ago, but managed to smash his lap from 32"7 down to 32"28, nearly half a second quicker. His new time was 4 standards higher (to Titan B), a jump from 121st to 75th place, and is currently his best time ranked time after Mushroom Bridge lap and Mushroom City lap. Noah says he will continue to work on the 3lap in hopes of overcoming third lap blues, and also looks forward to finding his eighth top-100 time on Yoshi Circuit.

#177 Matt Wills was pleased to score his 16th and 17th Hero times on Mario Circuit and claim more than 50% Hero times. He has already reached Hero D level in ARR but it focusing on erasing all of his Experts, from which he has 14 remaining Exp As and a single Exp B on Daisy Cruiser 3lap, the same track Noah has been struggling with. Matt's Mario Circuit times of 1'31"1 and 29"09 were ranked around 170th place, or 40 positions higher than before. Matt also improved his Bowser's Castle 3lap to 2'25"3 with three almost identical laps in a row but said that he was disappointed with his middle lap not being much faster since he saved both shrooms for it. His Bowser's Castle times are still both Experts and both ranked outside the top-200, so Matt will be hoping to pull a repeat of Mario Circuit there.

#311 Jocelyn Sitek had lost much ground on Matt since Matt passed him last year, but still held pride on having faster DKM times and having a Hero time before Matt. That joy lasted until last week when Matt beat his prize 36"05 DKM lap with a 35"97. This caused Jocelyn to set aside his PC games and return to the Gamecube this week, where he managed an excellent 35"81 to once again pull ahead of Matt. He also scored a 1'49"7 on the 3lap, getting the sub-1'50 goal that he had been promising for some months. His old time of 1'50'1 was already faster than Matt, so Jocelyn is happy once again to be ahead. However, he remains realistic and admits that he won't be able to hold off his higher-ranked rival for long. Meanwhile, Jocelyn also scored a handful of other PRs such as 9"09 Baby Park (up 52 positions), 1'11"9 Peach Beach (up 98 positions), and even tried to challenge Mushroom Bridge--one of Matt's strongest courses--with new times of 1'24"1 and 27"4 (up 86 and 101 positions). All up Jocelyn sliced 17 AF points and make a top-300 finish a realistic prospect.

#336 Chadsworth Silver went on an Expert spree this week, scoring 19 PRs to increase his number of Expert times from 10 to 27. He has only 5 Adv A times remaining before he becomes a 32/32 Expert. Chad's highest ranked time until this week was his 1'07"1 Baby Park (284th) from back when he joined two years ago, but he now improved it to 280th thanks to a 25"7 Luigi Circuit lap. However, Chad reiterated that he's focusing on pulling his worst times up rather than stretching his best times, so we would expect him to hunt for the last few Experts before he goes for his first Hero time. His other highlights this week were Luigi Circuit 1'19"3 (up 117 positions), Peach Beach 23"1 (up 107), Mushroom City 33"3 (up 162), and DKM 1'56"6 37"7 (both up 100+). He became Expert D this week and amassed an 48pt AF cut, which gives him enough momentum to chase Jocelyn next week.

#504 Mark Vizza scored a 10pt AF cut this week thanks to a dozen small PRs, some of which were subs (e.g. sub 1'15 Peach Beach). His stand-out time of the week was a 1'04"68 Wario Colosseum lap, an improvement of 68 positions over his 1'05"4 from last month. It was Mark's first Expert D time and, currently ranked 398th, is his best ranked time and first top-400 time. Mark also improved his 2lap on the same track and came within 0.3s from the Expert standard, so perhaps he will find a second Expert time soon.

#517 Luke Mendel is back in semester and has access to his Gamecube again. He reported 16 new PRs in exchange for a 20.5pt AF cut, focusing on improving his weaker times. His highlights included subtracting 64 positions from Mushroom Bridge 3lap, 91 positions from Mario Circuit 3lap (and 129 on lap!), and almost 80 positions on both Daisy Cruiser times. The gap between himself and Mark is now much smaller, and so is the gap between himself and the top-500.

New Records or Players

None this week.

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#113 Noah Murad scored a new 22'2 Peach Beach lap this week, racing his third ever Titan A time. It's also currently his fifth best score, ranked 87th place. Noah says he has been practicing Peach Beach as well as Wario Colosseum and Yoshi Circuit (two of his weaker tracks), but also Mushroom Bridge (his best track).

#144 Zach Brubaker found a GameCube over the new year's break and raced 6 new PRs, including three new Hero times. His 1'06"3 on Baby Park was an improvement from 200th to 144th place and a Hero C time -- Zach's sixth best time by standard. He also slashed both Sherbet Land times from Hero D to Hero B, improving the 3lap to 1'16"7 (0.7s cut) and lap to 24"6 (0.24s cut). Both times are ranked 100-110th place, which makes them Zach's best times. His last cuts were upgrading his Wario Colosseum times from Expert to Hero, and the 1'01"3 lap was an especially large cut of 1.2s and 99 positions. Zach reached Hero C level in ARR and passed 13 players on the AF ladder, including Arnaud P, Alvaro F, Ashley O, and many other letters of the alphabet.

#179 Matt Wills struggled with DK Mountain this week and managed to improve his 3lap from 1'51 to 1'50"4, but it was not enough to score the Hero time he desired. However, he managed to sub 36 with a 35"97 lap, which was a 0.4s cutthat pushed his position from 184th to 155th, and importantly gave Matt a win against #326 Jocelyn on Jocelyn's best course. Jocelyn's 36"05 from November is also Hero, and he still has a faster 3lap compared to Matt's new time, but Matt intends to keep playing the track and hopes to both score the Hero time and to see Jocelyn return.

#509 Mark Vizza is on the brink of reaching the top-500 after racing 19 new PRs this week. He is still looking for his first Expert time, but managed to reduce his weakest-standard Advanced D times from 10 down to only 4 remaining. The remainder of his times are all in the low Advanced levels, so there are many tracks he could attack in order to get his first Expert. His highlights this week include a 23"8 Peach Beach lap, which was an improvement of 52 positions and his eight top-500 time; a 30"3 Mario Circuit lap, improving his best ranked time to 403rd place; and a 26"4 Luigi Circuit lap, a new Adv B time and Mark's ninth top-500 time. Mark passed 14 players in the charts, including Jacob M and Michael L.

#719 Chance Mewherter scored a 79pt cut to make a strong start to his first full month on the site. He improved 31 of his times, some by over 100 positions, and scored his first Intermediate A times: last week he had 4 Int B times but now has 4 Int As (and 16 Int Bs). His best score is currently on Mushroom Bridge 3lap, rankge 673rd. In ARR, Chance jumped from Int D to Int B and looks set to climb higher, if he can figure out new strats and hit some of the high-risk moves like the DK Mountain canyon jump.

New Records or Players

None this week.