Snow Day

Jazzy @ Wednesday, February 15th 04:05PM   [link]

Holiday season is over and it's back to school or work for most of us. North America has got some snowy winter storms; winter's in full gear now! The cold weather keeps many of us inside with time to play MK8...it's been a busy month-and-a-half to start off the year!

This month's news incoming! This time we'll cover activity from January 1 to February 14, 2017.

New Players

Since the last news, we've had an impressive influx of new players joining the site. Altogether, 8 newcomers have brought their skills to the Players' Page. First up is BrandonWF84 from the USA, who started off ranked pretty high at #68. Gamer Blue, also from the USA, was next to join, starting just outside the top 50, with a starting rank of #55. Another American, Azuza Isinski also subimtted a full timesheet, debuting at an impressive #61. Batboo, yet again from the USA, started off unranked but filled his timesheet since. Moving on, we have William Mach 8, also from the United States. William started off at #110, leaving lots of room to move up the ranks. German karter Mustafa Taskiran joined with an incomplete timesheet, which is still lacking many times. Hopefully Mustafa will continue to work on his scores. Blake 64, coming from the USA, is our highest-ranked newcomer, with a starting rank of #49. Our eigth and final new player is Count, joining from the USA with an incomplete timesheet.


Since the beginning of the new year, we've had 38 active karters. Let's see what's up with them!


#1 Danny Z was active yet again, continuing to improve on his world-class times and defending his champion status. Danny cut 0.18 AF, bringing his score to just under 3.8 points. #2 Alex E, our Canadian champion, pressures Danny with an incredible 1.75 cut, bringing him less than 1 point away from the #1 spot. Are we witnessing a new champion in the making? Only time will tell.

#7 David Batke submitted a number of improvements to his times. He didn't move up or down any spots; however, his AF slipped by about a tenth of a point. #10 Retla did some amazing work this period, moving up 9 spots to secure a top 10 position! With a 6-point cut, Retla's AF score is now under 20 points. #11 Matt Piper moved up 2 positions this time around, putting him just outside the top 10. Matt improved his AF score by over 1 whole point, bringing him very close to the top 10 barrier.

#15 WilliamtG continues to work on his timesheet, improving by over 3 AF and moving up one position. #16 Joel Bresser improved by 0.8 points, swapping spots with William. #18 Up2000 reduced his AF by an impressive 3.6 points, which raised him 2 points up the ladder. #19 Doodle is our newest top 20 member, coming from #22 with a big 4-point cut. To close out the top 20, we have #20 Zakkk, who drove home a 1-point cut, enough to keep him from falling outside the top 20.


#21 Ethan Laing sent in a few new times, although he still lost AF this month. #22 Roberto Ramirez had the same fortune as Ethan, however, it's nice to see both of them active.

#39 Vector is our next active player, sending in 6 new times to start off the year. However, Vector dropped about half a point despite making progress. #47 Blake 64, one of our newcomers, jumped up 2 spots and 2.6 AF, with a strong start to his career on the Players' Page. #49 Floena showed similar aptitude, cutting 3.3 points.


The news continues with new joiner #55 Gamer Blue, who was able to maintain his starting position with a 0.4 AF cut. #60 BrandonWF84, also a new member, moved up 8 spots since joining, owing to a 14-point cut. #63 Azuza Isinski, yet another newcomer, was active, but unfortunately dropped 2 spots since joining.

#68 Nick Prear made some time to play, improving by 1.3 AF. Despite the nice work he put in, Nick dropped 2 spots on the ladder this period. #71 Sam Smith sent in a number of new times to begin the new year, but unfortunately lost AF. #72 Sparks also worked hard at karting, but, like Sam, lost AF too. #77 Stacy Needham, although most active in the older MK games, made some time to play MK8. Stacy's lone Yoshi Valley time wasn't enough to gain any AF, however.

#90 Greg Howard continues to shine, moving up 3 spots and shaving 6 AF. #97 Kyle Wadley also stood out, securing his top 100 position with an incredible 23-point cut. Congrats!


#101 Steven Quincy +3.8750
#110 Willam Mach 8 -1.5630
#123 Nick Cahall +/- ???
#126 Mac Leoli +3.7500
#127 Batboo +3.2560
#144 Christos Karamanos +6.5840
#149 Stephen Weber +4.5000


Unranked karters Adam Bellion, Count, Emilia Rodriguez, Jaden dela Cruz, Mustafa Taskiran, Sofie Wimmer, and Viserion all found some time to play this time around.

Site Records

Since the start of the year, we've had 8 new site records!

Alex E set three new site records: 1'55"383 on Electrodrome, 1'41"261 on DS Tick Tock Clock, and 1'43"945 on Dragon Driftway.
Danny Z set two new site records: 1'48"215 on Sweet Sweet Canyon and 1'43"254 on GBA Cheese Land.
David Batke set the GBA Ribbon Road site record with a time of 1'45"009.
Matt Piper set the Mario Circuit site record with a time of 1'42"953*.
Retla set the Wii Wario's Gold Mine site record with a time of 1'52"298*.

And that's it! Thanks for reading, and good luck for next time!

Happy New Year, 2017!

Jazzy @ Sunday, January 1st 06:17PM   [link]

Well here we are, another new year! 2017 is the fourth year of MK8 activity, meaning that we're starting to see the strats mature and competition get even tighter. 2016 has come to a close now, with plenty of karting action—this news update will summarize the last 2 months and a bit.

Cheers to the new year! Here's the news for October 24 to December 31, 2016.

New Players

Like last time, this news update brings 3 new karters. We begin with Australian Christos Karamanos. Starting out with an incomplete set of times, Christos has now submitted scores for all 48 tracks, and ranks at #139. Moving forward, we have Ronan Pomme joining us, from France. Ronan started out at #68, a solid position, but unfortunately slipped to #72, which is still quite an impressive rank. Our final new player is Bryton Daniels from New York, who joins with two times on Thwomp Ruins and DS Cheep Cheep Beach.


This time around, we saw a total of 46 active players. Let's get right to it!


We begin with #1 Danny Z, who maintains his title as World Champion by continuing his activity, although lost 0.6 points to competiton. In part, this was due to the work of #2 Alex E, who made an astonishing cut of over 3.8 points to his AF. Coming up from #5, Alex surpassed Christian Côté to become the reigning Canadian champ. Congrats Alex! #6 Daniel Starxlx from France, while staying put at 6th, contiuned to shave away at his already amazing times, cutting 1.2 points as he nears sub-10 AF. #7 David Batke cut about a fifth of a point, maintaining his position on the charts.

#9 JoeHDG, our UK champion, continues to play away, improving by 0.8 points and jumping up 2 spots into the top 10. Closing out the top 10 is American #10 Darren Woods, who cut an impressive 1.8 points, moving up a total of 4 spots to clinch top 10 by the end of the year. Congratulations!

Moving on, we have #13 Matt Piper, who wasn't active enough to cut any AF. However, he was able to maintain his position despite all the activity around him. #15 Joel Bresser follows, boasting a nice cut of over 4 points. Joel secured his top 20 position by moving 5 spots up the ladder. #16 WilliamtG finally decided to submit his entire hoarded timesheet, giving him an extraordinary cut of 214 points, and bringing him into the top 20. #17 Zakkk also made it into the top 20, by cutting 2 AF and moving upwards 4 positions.

#18 Ethan Laing is next up. He managed to maintain his position amongst the competition by improving by 1.25 AF. #19 Retla played as well, with a 2.6-point cut and made his way up 3 spots, also making him a new top 20 player. #20 Up2000 improved by a very impressive 6 points, which brought him up 7 spots right into the top 20.


#21 Roberto Ramirez continued to play MK8, cutting nearly 2 points and likewise moving up 2 spots, just short of the top 20. #22 Doodle cut 2.6 AF, bringing him 3 spots closer to the top. #23 Power was active, although lost 2 points and dropped 7 spots.

#28 Kyle Wade worked incredibly hard to play MK8 alongside school, showing off a massive cut of 16 AF. #30 Cynda follows, staying put at 30th while cutting just about 2 points. Continuing down the list, we have #33 Vantox Dudemeister, who made a tiny cut of just 0.02 points, but jumped up 2 spots on the charts.

#49 Jacob is next up. Although losing AF, Jacob was able to hold his position this time around. #50 Floena wraps up this section, cutting 9 points, and leaping 5 positions into the top 50. Congratulations!


The second half of the top 100 was the less active half this time around, but we still saw plenty of karting from a number of players. We begin with #66 Nick Prear, who made a nice cut of 7 spots and 18 AF. #67 Sam Smith follows right behind. Unfortunately, Sam lost AF and dropped down 3 spots this time.

#69 Sparks played a little bit this time, with a small improvement of 0.2 AF. However, Sparks dropped 2 spots even though active. #70 Max Legend updated loads of his times that he had been saving, cutting 65 points! This brings his AF score right below 100. Great job!

#72 Ronan Pomme, one of our newcomers, is next. Although active after joining, Ronan still lost AF and dropped four spots from his original position. #82 Magnus Nicolaysen was quite active this time, cutting about 4 points and hopping up one spot. #84 Drake is right up next, with an impressive cut of 17 AF, enough to move up 6 positions up the ranks.

#93 Greg Howard continues to show great potential, landing a cut of exactly 8 points, however dropping one spot in wake of competiton. #97 Steven Quincy set some new records, although he dropped two spots despite a cut of 2.6 AF. We end the top 100 on a strong note with #100 Kyle Wadley, who cut a massive 28 points and made his way into the top 100! Congratulations!


#101 Hollend78 -6.9790
#103 DelYoshi -7.3750
#107 Bram Meulendijks +1.4790
#120 Mac Leoli +3.2090
#134 Ben Stoneman +2.7710
#139 Christos Karamanos -79.4270


Unranked players Adam Bellion, Bryton Daniels, Emilia Rodriguez, LeoMK, Jaden dela Cruz, Joseph Gurneck, ORANGE, and Viserion all submitted times for the end of the year.

Site Records

This time, 22 new site records were set!

Kyle Wade set ten new site records: 1'34"757 on Mario Kart Stadium, 1'52"084 on Shy Guy Falls, 1'20"709 on Wii Moo Moo Meadows, 1'39"323 on N64 Toad's Turnpike, 1'53"334 on GCN Dry Dry Desert, 1'54"999 on N64 Yoshi Valley, 1'34"849 on Excitebike Arena, 1'44"196 on Dragon Driftway, 1'36"089 on Animal Crossing, and 1'45"046 on GBA Ribbon Road.
Alex E set three new site records: 1'44"359 on DS Cheep Cheep Beach, 1'44"697 on Ice Ice Outpost, 1'36"187 on Super Bell Subway.
Danny Z set two new site records: 1'55"290 on Sunshine Airport, 1'48"699 on Mute City.
Christian Côté set the Wii Grumble Volcano site record with a time of 1'53"110.
Darren Woods set the Dolphin Shoals site record with a time of 1'57"203.
Daniel Starxlx set the DS Tick Tock Clock site record with a time of 1'42"600.
David Batke set the Toad Harbor site record with a time of 1'55"239.
Doodle set the Big Blue site record with a time of 1'23"183.
Joel Bresser set the 3DS Neo Bowser City site record with a time of 1'43"779.
Viserion set the GBA Mario Circuit site record with a time of 1'20"381.

Well, that's a wrap for 2016! Good luck for 2017, and happy new year to everyone!


Jazzy @ Monday, October 24th 05:14PM   [link]

The new Nintendo Switch was unveiled a few days ago, shown with a game that bears much resemblance to MK8. While we're waiting for more news about a potential Mario Kart 8 rerelease, the Wii U version of the game is still seeing active competition.

Let's a-go! Here's the news for September 6 to October 24, 2016.

New Players

We had 3 new players time. Firstly, we have a very strong contender, Retla from USA. He debuted at #36 and has moved up to #22 already! Our second new player is Jaden dela Cruz, joining us from California. He hasn't submitted a full timesheet, but his Mount Wario time, ranked 19th, shows potential. Lastly, let's welcome Viserion from Ireland, joining with nine times, including two site records!


Since the last news update, we had 37 players who were active. Here they are!


Our reigning champion, #1 Danny Zhu, made a return this last while. He cut one-sixth of an AF point, in an effort to maintain his lead. #4 Christian Côté, our Canadian champion, continued to improve his times, however slipping a fraction of a point.

#6 Daniel Starxlx updated his times with 12 new scores, amounting to a 1.8 AF improvement, which was enough to move him up a spot. Moving out of the top 10, we have #11 JoeHDG, who cut just over one point to move up three spots! Nice work!

#16 Power is next up, with a 2 AF improvement to show. Closing out the top 20 is #18 Ethan Laing. Ethan climbed 3 points, bringing him up five spots and into the top 20 players.


#21 Zakkk starts this section out, sending in a single time on Dragon Driftway. Next, our newcomer #22 Retla cut an incredible 12 points since he joined, moving him way up the ladder since his start. #23 Roberto Ramirez follows, sadly moving down two spots despite being improving his AF score overall.

#25 Doodle continued to improve on a number of tracks, earning him a 1.2 AF cut since the last time around. However, that wasn't enough to prevent him from slipping one spot.

With an improvement of 1.8 points, #27 Up2000 showed more of his skills. #30 Cynda trails a bit further down, with his one-point cut enough for him to move up 4 places on the rankings, into the top 30!

Continuing on, we head down to #39 to meet Anthony Caiulo. Although active, Anthony lost some AF and one spot on the ladder.

#47 Sniper continues to work on his scores, with a sizeable 1.5-point cut. Closing out this section, we look to #49 Jacob, who unfortunately moved down two spots this time around.


To begin the second half of the top 100, we start with #64 Sam Smith. Sam made a small improvement of about a quarter of a point, moving up one spot. Following closely is #67 Sparks. Though active, Sparks sadly moved down a spot on the charts.

Nick Prear, now ranked at #73, showed us some serious improvements, earning him a 7 AF cut. Nick's effort moved him up 3 spots since the last time. #83 Magnus Nicolaysen played during this period as well, and moved up two spots! Congratulations to both of them!

#90 Drake didn't disappoint this time, landing a 3-point cut and climbed one spot. Closing in is #92 Greg Howard, whose impressive effort resulted in an improvement of 9 points and moved him up 4 spots!

To close out the top 100, we have #95 Steven Quincy, who continues to show potential with an improvement of nearly 7 AF. He moved up two spots in his continued effort to stay in the top 100.


#101 DelYoshi -5.1670
#103 Bram Meulendijks -2.8960
#105 Ayden -19.1040
#110 Kyle Wadley -12.5420
#132 Ben Stoneman +0.9790
#135 Scott Dossey -0.3750
#146 Nicholas Kwiecien +2.1670


Although not ranked, Adam Bellion, Bradon, Emilia Rodriguez, Jaden dela Cruz, Jinoh Kim/ Yoyo, Joseph Gurneck, ORANGE, and Viserion worked on their times.

Site Records

This time, 9 new site records were set!

Danny Zhu set two new site records: 1'44"601 on Wild Woods and 1'55"324 on Toad Harbor.
Doodle also set two new site records: 1'13"577 on SNES Donut Plains 3 and 1'23"350 on Big Blue.
Viserion set two new site records as well: 1'20"480 on GBA Mario Circuit and 1'43"859 on 3DS Neo Bowser City.
Christian Côté set the Thwomp Ruins site record with a time of 1'46"782.
Cynda set the N64 Royal Raceway site record with a time of 1'51"623.
Matt Piper now holds the Water Park site record with a time of 1'39"909.
Roberto Ramirez set the GCN Sherbet Land site record with a time of 1'44"025.

Congratulations to all our active players! Good luck to everyone for next time!

Better Late Than Never

Jazzy @ Monday, September 5th 07:26PM   [link]

Welp, looks like this took waaaay longer than a week to write. But as the saying goes, better late than never! It's clear a weekly news schedule is unmanageable for me. I don't want to promise any schedule just yet, but I still want to stay dedicated to this.

Let's get to it! This news covers activity from August 16 to September 5, 2016.

New Players

We had 3 new players join since the last update! First to join is Scott Dossey from the USA. Scott ranks at #139, which is coincidentally the same position Guymane joined at the week before. Drake, from France, joined a couple weeks later, debuting at #97. Drake shows great potential, improving a ton since joining. Our third and final newcomer is Adam Bellion, who submitted 11 times, all of which rank in the top 100 or come close. If Adam submits all 48 times at this level, he could potentially reach the top 50!


We had 25 active players this time around. Let's take a look at how they played.


#4 Christian Côté leads the pack, cutting a third of one AF point. Edging ever closer to the top, this improvement was made possible by him submitting a ton of new times, including some site records!

#6 David Batke is next up. He submitted 12 new times, also including some site records, amounting to an improvement of 1.9 AF, which brought him up one spot on the overall rankings.

Over at #13 is Darren Woods, who submitted massive improvements to his times. He reduced his score by 11 AF, bringing him up ten spots! That was just enough to pass #14 JoeHDG, who slipped one spot despite submitting 4 new times and cutting 0.2 points.

To finish off the top 20, we have #18 Zakkk, who submitted a plethora of new scores. Improving by 2 AF, Zakkk moved up one spot since the last news update.


#21 Roberto Ramirez submitted five new times lately. Sadly, even though he didn't lose AF, he dropped one spot, out of the top 20. #24 Doodle was also active this week, cutting about one point, yet moving up two spots.

The list of scores that #27 Up2000 submitted looks a gazillion items long. Well, maybe not, but he sent improvements on the majority of his times, putting him up 8 spots since last time. Great work!

#34 Cynda played five tracks this time around, to shave off about one point -- but unfortunately this wasn't enough to prevent him from dropping one spot on the ladder.

#38 Anthony Caiulo from Australia continues to chip away at his times, improving 0.9 points, which was enough to prevent #39 Mike Bachiller from passing him. Mike did, however, get closer to Anthony, as he cut 1.5 points this news period.

To finish off the top 50, we have #47 Jacob64. Jacob moved up two spots by submitting a few new times, solidifying his top-fifty position.


Our highest ranked active player in this section is #66 Sparks, who unfortunately lost AF since the last news, despite being active. Moving further downwards, we have #76 Nick Prear. Nick worked away at his timesheet enough to cut 1.1 points, which still wasn't enough to move him up a spot.

Following Nick is #91 Drake. Wait, #91!? Yep, Drake cut a massive six spots -- improving by 13 AF -- since joining at #97 last week. Great job!

#96 Greg Howard and #97 Steven Quincy continue to battle both each other, and the rest of the players, as they fight to both stay in the top 100. Neither of them moved anywhere on the charts, but both cut over 4 AF since the last update. Only time will reveal their fate...

Last but definitely not least, we finish this section with #99 Hollend78, who moved up 2 spots and cut an enormous 13 points! Good work there!


#103 Bram Meulendijks -1.000
#114 Kyle Wadley -6.479
#136 Scott Dossey -6.449
#146 Carlo Meulendijks +2.000


Adam Bellion, Emilia Rodriguez, and ORANGE were all active this week.

Site Records

This time, 9 new site records were set!

Christian Côté set three new site records: 1'58"248 on Bowser's Castle, 1'53"345 on GCN Dry Dry Desert, and 1'16"532 on N64 Rainbow Road.
Darren Woods also set three new site records: 1'57"368 on Dolphin Shoals, 1'56"662 on Cloudtop Cruise, and 1'45"125 on GBA Ribbon Road.
David Batke set two new records this time around: 1'55"956 on Toad Harbor and 1'21"149 on GBA Mario Circuit.
Finally, Doodle set the SNES Donut Plains 3 Record with a time of 1'13"610.

Well there we go, I (finally) did it! Thanks for reading, and see ya 'round!

Podium Finish

Jazzy @ Tuesday, August 16th 01:24AM   [link]

Seems like the whole world is tuned in to watch the Olympics, hoping their country wins more medals than ever before. While the athletic pros are competing in the Games in Rio, the Mario Kart pros are continuing to perfect their game.

Just a note, this week's news covers a bit less than a full week. I'd like to get the news schedule to be around the weekends, which will be more manageable for me. If I can, I'd like to write news weekly -- this will allow me to go into more detail about people's accomplishments than simply listing the amount of points people gained and lost.

So, let the games begin! This week's news covers activity from August 10 to 15, 2016.

New Players

We had one new player join this week: Guymane from the United States of America. Guymane submitted all 48 times and debuted at #139, with times consistently ranking in the 300s for non-DLC, 200s for DLC 1, and 100s for DLC 2. There's a lot of potential for improvement at this point, so let's wish Guymane the best of luck at the game!


A total of 17 players were active this week. Let's see how they did!


#13 JoeHDG pushed really hard this week, improving by 4.4 AF. Not only did he move up two spots, but he is the new UK champion! He submitted 16 new times this week, thus improving on a third of his timesheet! Standout times of his include a bronze-medal 1'46"270 on Hyrule Circuit and a new site record on Animal Crossing. Big congrats to him for his outsanding effort!

#17 Joel Bresser submitted five times this week, cutting 0.3 points, which wasn't enough to move up a spot. All five times were in the top 40, with his Neo Bowser City being another new site record!

#20 Roberto Ramirez cut exactly one-sixth of a point this week, which may not seem significant, but it was enough to break the tie at 21st and enter the top 20! Roberto submitted two times this week: 1'45"493 on Tick-Tock Clock, and 1'43"617 on Cheese Land, the latter of which is ranked at shiny silver second!


#26 Doodle maintains his position by cutting 1.5 AF on four tracks. All of his new times are ranked around 50th except for 1'44"017 Neo Bowser City, which is another second-place finish! Joel better watch out...

#37 Harmonia played Bowser's Castle, N64 Rainbow Road, and Big Blue this week, cutting half a point. He scored a new site record with his N64 Rainbow Road time, with his other two times ranking inside the top 50.

Australian champ #38 Anthony Caiulo moved up one spot this week, playing two tracks and improving by just about 0.9 AF. His new times are 1'40"874 on Water Park, ranked 23rd, and 1'51"677 on Music Park, finishing 40th.


For this section we jump all the way down to #96 Greg Howard, who submitted a streak of seven times this week, and shaved off a nice 1.6 points. Perhaps his best new time is 1'49"615 on Ribbon Road, which is ranked 79th. Even though he made considerable effort, it wasn't enough to move him up any spots on the ladder.

#97 Steven Quincy got down and dirty at Wario Stadium this week, managing a time of 1'55"272, ranked in the top 200. This one new record alone was enough to cut 0.9 AF and maintain his position.

#99 DelYoshi closes out the top 100 with four new times, cutting 1.3 points -- again not enough to move up a spot. He played Mount Wario, Wario Stadium, Tick-Tock Clock, and Neo Bowser City, with his 1'48"344 on that last track being ranked in the top 100. Good job!


#103 Bram Meulendijks -2.0210
#114 Kyle Wadley -7.3330
#134 Brian Burchett -4.8540
#139 Guymane -0.1880


Bradon, Emilia Rodriguez, Jinoh Kim/Yoyo, and ORANGE all worked on filling their timesheets this week. Good luck!

Site Records

We have three gold medals to award this week:

Harmonia set the N64 Rainbow Road record with a time of 1'16"682.
JoeHDG set the Animal Crossing record with a time of 1'36"425.
Joel Bresser set the 3DS Neo Bowser City record with a time of 1'43"862.

So that wraps up the news for this week. Too bad I missed out on watching the Olympics to write this...

Enjoying the Sun

Jazzy @ Wednesday, August 10th 05:01AM   [link]

Summer's well under way for the northern half of the globe, which means a lot of us don't have school to keep us from karting. For those who work, well, I guess it's business as usual. I for one just finished my semester at university. Well, I have one more exam to write soon, but I'm not worried about that -- right now I'm focusing on getting this news all caught up smile

New Players

Plenty of new players joined since the last update, but it's unfortunately tricky to hunt down all those names. Rather than spend time delaying an already-overdue news update looking for the new players, I'm just gonna welcome all those who joined lately smile



#1 Danny Zhu sent in some new times since the last update, being enough for him to remain the site champion. However, he slipped nearly 0.4 AF -- not too much, but some.

#4 Christian Côté sent in plenty of new times, cutting 1.2 AF, to maintain his No. 1 Canadian spot, although that title is starting to be threatened by #5 Alex E, who cut over 5 AF, quite a lot considering how close he is to the top.

French karter #6 Daniel Starxlx set some new records as well, but barely enough to maintain his AF, as he improved by less than a tenth of a point. Challenging him is #7 David Batke, who completed his timesheet to debut at #9 but, shortly after, sent in some new times to move him up two spots.

Moving downwards, #12 Matt Piper continued to push his times, improving by 5 AF in the process. UK Champ #14 Toby McDonald cut 2.6 AF recently, enough -- but barely -- to fend off #15 JoeHDG from becoming the top player in the country, as he made significant cuts, amounting to 20 points, lately.

#17 Joel Bresser sent in a ton of strong times lately, earning a top 20 spot. #18 Tyler Barrett also submitted some new scores, but sadly, still lost AF. Closing out the top 20 is #19 Zakkk, who cut about 3 AF to gain a few spots.


Tied at #21, Ethan Laing and Roberto Ramirez both sent in times, with Roberto shaving off 5 AF, but Ethan losing a quarter of a point, despite his new records.

#26 Doodle not only impressed the world with his first world record on Donut Plains 3, but also managed to cut an astonishing 27 AF. #28 Bryce Aero also managed significant cuts to his AF score, amounting to a total of over 12 points.

#30 Vantox Dudemeister and #31 Xytheon improved by a few AF each, with Vantox earning a top 30 spot, and Xytheon coming close. #33 Ethan R is also a serious top 30 contender, improving by nearly 10 AF this time around. None of these players could top #35 Up2000's improvements, who cut an impressive 23 AF and moved up significantly.

#37 Harmonia took part in this summer's action by improving by a nice 8 points. Our top-ranked Australian player, #39 Anthony Caiulo was active this month (despite it not being summer!), cutting 4 AF, which was just enough to keep #40 Mike Bachiller from passing him, as he cut 13 AF.

French players #42 Dragnir and #44 Simon/Shack were both active recently. Dragnir cut 27 points -- enough to earn a top 50 spot -- while Simon improved by 5. #47 Sniper, #48 Pyrus, and #49 Jacob64 all entered the top 50 -- congratulations to them! -- while #50 Jimmy Benson's new records were just enough to keep him his top 50 spot, even though he lost some AF.


#53 Toxy Locks begins this section, cutting almost 10 AF, getting ever closer to the top 50. #54 Floena is also making great progress, improving by nearly 20 points.

#59 Athaway jumped up a few spots by sending in enough times to cut 12 points. Meanwhile, #61 Tynan Johnson made a return to the Players' Page, updating his timesheet with all his new times from the past several months.

#65 Sam Smith sent in some times this summer, but not enough to improve his score, as he lost AF since the last news update. Right behind him, #66 Sparks had some time this summer to play, improving by 5 AF. Further down, #71 Blaze made a sizeable improvement of about 19 points, bringing him a number of spots up the charts.

Nearly all of #76 Nick Prear's times were updated since the last update, as he made a big, 26 point cut. #84 Nicola Torre of Italy made a similar 28 AF improvement, fending off Norwegian racer, #85 Magnus Nicolaysen, who draws close with a 22 point cut.

#96 Greg Howard cut a massive 33 AF while he takes a break from classes, putting him one spot ahead of #97 Steven Quincy, who needs to put more effort in if he wants to keep his top 100 spot for the time to come. #99 DelYoshi made it (barely!) into the top 100, with a nice big 31 point improvement.


#101 Hollend78 -19.9580
#103 Joel De La Rosa -10.0620
#105 Jake Evans -7.1040
#106 Samuel G. -1.6050
#108 Bram Meulendijks -9.5620
#110 Michał Kupecxa -29.6360
#113 Ayden -43.0830
#116 Kyle Wadley -40.7710
#118 Silph Spectre -4.8750
#124 Evan Wiseman -15.9790
#126 Jacob Desmond-Hooper -17.4250
#137 Stephen Weber -13.6250

Site Records

Plenty of site records were set since the last update to the news. I'm just gonna dump them all here:

Alex E is the most active here with six new site records: Sunshine Airport 1'55"530, N64 Royal Raceway 1'51"831, DS Wario Stadium 1'47"521, GBA Cheese Land 1'43"321, Animal Crossing 1'36"507, and Super Bell Subway 1'36"844.
Christian Côté is also doing very well with five site records: Thwomp Ruins 1'47"042, Shy Guy Falls 1'52"543, Bowser's Castle 1'58"363, GCN Dry Dry Desert 1'54"007, and Hyrule Circuit 1'45"287.
Danny Zhu also set five new site records: Mount Wario 1'40"683, Bone-Dry Dunes 1'47"447, Rainbow Road 1'59"655, N64 Toad's Turnpike 1'39"842, and Wild Woods 1'45"029.
David Batke set three site records since the last update: 3DS DK Jungle 1'57"788, Excitebike Arena 1'36"275, and GBA Ribbon Road 1'45"355.
Doodle set two site records: SNES Donut Plains 3 1'13"667 and Big Blue 1'23"483.
Matt Piper set two site records as well: Water Park 1'39"909 and GCN Baby Park 1'02"502.
Jamie Skepper set the GCN Yoshi Circuit record with a time of 1'39"770.
Joel Bresser set the 3DS Neo Bowser City record with a time of 1'44"074.
Jordan Groff set the Cloudtop Cruise record with a time of 1'57"041.
Roberto Ramirez set the GCN Sherbet Land record with a time of 1'44"402.
Tyler Barret tied Danny Zhu's Mount Wario time of 1'40"683.

Well, that took longer than expected. It's 5 AM here and I still haven't slept. Just a few more minutes and the summer sun will be out...

I'm a Slacker

Zept @ Wednesday, March 16th 09:34PM   [link]

Lots of movement has happened lately. Prepare for a truckload of information to be thrown at you.



#1 Danny Zhu remained at the top, and improved his AF by just 0.5. #7 Daniel Starxlx jumped up 2 positions due to cutting over 2 AF. #10 Alex E has been improving like crazy. He cut 9 AF and moved up 6 spots, landing in the top 10. #15 Darren Woods also moved up 6 spots, but he only needed to cut 4.5 AF in order to do so.


#21 Ethan Laing, #22 Kyle Guyer, and #23 Zakkk cut over 5 AF each, and moved up over 5 spots each as well. #29 Vantox Dudemeister made a pretty solid improvement of 4 AF, allowing him to move up 4 spots on the charts. It was no match for #32 JoeHDG though, who cut around 12 AF and quickly moved up 9 spots. #34 Cynda Quil is now being mentioned because he wanted me to write about him. He cut a solid 7 AF and moved up 5 spots. #46 Up2000 and #47 Sniper both made drastic improvements, hopping 5 spots up each and cutting large amounts of AF.


#52 Jesse PGM cut 9 AF, but sadly failed to move around on the charts at all. How sad. #54 Jacob64 is definitely the highlight of this update. He moved up a massive 12 spots by cutting over 30 AF! #56 Joël Codina Poquet moved up 3 spots and cut a nice 7 AF. #96 Steven Quincy closes out the activity portion, as he moved up 3 spots.

Site Records

Christian Côté tied the Mario Kart Stadium record with a time of 1:34.798.
Christian Côté improved the Thwomp Ruins record with a time of 1:47.250.
Matt Piper improved the Mario Circuit record with a time of 1:43.406.
Danny Zhu improved the Twisted Mansion record with a time of 1:54.515.
Jordan Groff improved the Cloudtop Cruise record with a time of 1:57.273.
SuperFX beat the Wii Moo Moo Meadows record with a time of 1:21.175.
Christian Côté beat the GBA Mario Circuit record with a time of 1:21.594.
Doodle improved the SNES Donut Plains 3 record with a time of 1:14.073.
Kyle Guyer beat the DS Wario Stadium record with a time of 1:47.873.
Danny Zhu beat the DS Tick-Tock Clock record with a time of 1:43.238.
Christian Côté beat the N64 Rainbow Road record with a time of 1:16.703.
SuperFX beat the Animal Crossing record with a time of 1:36.541.

Whew. That took forever.


Still Living

Zept @ Saturday, January 23rd 12:13AM   [link]

I guess it's been more than just 2 weeks. Apologies for that.



#1 Danny Zhu cut .2 AF to remain on top as he extends his lead. By cutting 2.5 AF, #4 Christian Côté moved up 2 spots, putting both him and his Wiimote D-Pad into the top 5. #8 Jordan Groff cut 1 AF, which was enough to let him pass one player. Moving down from there, #19 Tim McGraw jumped up 2 spots while cutting over 3 AF.


#21 Darren Woods cut exactly 4 AF, but he's still too lazy to update anyone's timesheet. #25 Roberto Ramirez removed around 4 AF, allowing him to pass a few players. #26 ElZak moved up 8 spots, into the top 30. #31 Bryce Aero moved down a spot, even though he cut a bit of AF this month. Poor guy. #34 Ryan Collins and #37 Harmonia both finished their timesheets, getting themselves some decent spots on the leaderboard. Despite the new players ahead of him, #39 Cynda Quil still managed to move up 2 spots. #48 Doodle came out of nowhere and jumped up 4 spots, passing me and a few others in the process. He also set a very nice rDP3 time, but nobody cares about that, right? #50 Sniper cut almost 5 AF, staying deadlocked in the same spot as he was a month ago.


#59 Joël Codina Poquet finished their timesheet, and cut 10 AF afterwards. #66 Jacob 777 cut a massive 15 AF but only moved up 2 spots, due to all of the new players ahead of him. #74 Blaze on the other hand, wasn't as lucky as Jacob. He cut 4 AF but moved down 4 spots. To finish things off, #91 Troy Howard stunningly cut 91 AF, which placed him into the top 100.

Site Records

5 site records were improved/set in the past month.

Chonko3 improved the Mario Circuit record with a time of 1:43.603.
Doodle set a new SNES Donut Plains 3 record with a time of 1:14.134.
Mehdi PY set a new Wii Wario's Gold Mine record with a time of 1:52.610.
Danny Zhu set a new SNES Rainbow Road record with a time of 1:24.213.
Darren Woods set a new GBA Ribbon Road record with a time of 1:45.587.

Thanks for reading. Sorry for taking forever with this. Laziness is a thing.