04/03/2017: Don't Switch please
03/03/2017: Mushroom Gorge Month III!
02/04/2017: ORANGE Gives the News a Hint of Citrus
01/03/2017: 2017 - A Year For 7?
12/02/2016: Bradon puts the "B" in B Dasher!
11/01/2016: IsaaK puts the "K" in Kart
10/07/2016: Matthew Joins the Battle!
09/02/2016: Back 2 School!!
08/01/2016: Bananas
06/14/2016: News
05/20/2016: Glitch Standards are a Thing Now
04/20/2016: Aaron is back!
04/11/2016: Presenting you: A new site champion
03/15/2016: Hello fellow karters!
02/16/2016: The Glitchiest News Update Yet!
02/08/2016: Behold the glitch charts!
02/03/2016: Leedah Takes The Lead In This News
01/10/2016: The Long-Awaited Final News Update!
10/28/2015: Oh hello procrasination, what are you doing at my doorstep?
10/09/2015: Last News Update Hero, And I'll Go Out In Style
09/14/2015: September is Gold Wheels Month! #GWM
09/09/2015: While I Still Have Free Time..
08/31/2015: Weather's Been Nice
08/23/2015: Summer always goes by way too fast....
08/19/2015: Ultimate News Update Of Doom
07/28/2015: News Going Up...
07/21/2015: The Activity Here is Like 2012!
07/09/2015: No, I didn't forget about Mk7!
06/24/2015: Hi My Name Is Late
06/15/2015: Prime League goes into the next round!
06/04/2015: First News Of June! Man, Time Flies.
05/25/2015: I've been doing news updates every 2 weeks for half a year now
05/19/2015: 300 Full Timesheets!
05/11/2015: Mother of All News Articles
05/03/2015: 200cc Is Amazing
04/28/2015: I guess nobody expected this to be late again...
04/20/2015: RR Joins The Battle!
04/13/2015: Giraffes
04/06/2015: Thank You Internet
03/30/2015: Missing awards
03/29/2015: Today Is Create Your Own Title Day!
03/25/2015: hi
03/14/2015: Newbies, Comebacks, And Just Plain Old Regulars
02/22/2015: Start of the Prime League
02/14/2015: Mushroom Gorge Month Is Upon Us
02/08/2015: Quick Update
01/31/2015: Super Bowl Tomorrow HypeHypeHype
01/27/2015: Prime League Comeback?!
01/16/2015: My 2nd try at this...
01/11/2015: Happy New Year!
12/31/2014: MK8 Can't stop me
12/21/2014: Boi
12/14/2014: Christmas comes closer...
12/07/2014: It's The Holiday Season
11/30/2014: And Another News-Updater!
11/22/2014: The News Is Back
10/27/2014: Beautiful Weather Outside
10/13/2014: 100th News!
10/05/2014: Short Week Means Short Update
10/01/2014: Round Two!
09/21/2014: New Writer in Town
08/18/2014: My Last News Update
08/10/2014: Summer has really passed by quickly...
08/02/2014: Quick Update
07/28/2014: Wait... Who is this wonderful person writing the news this week?
07/21/2014: We have newcomers!
07/13/2014: I'm probably the only person not watching World Cup right now
07/07/2014: Hello
07/01/2014: I haven't forgot about MK7!
05/25/2014: This is the first time I've delivered an on time update since January!
05/21/2014: MK8 Hype Intensifies
05/05/2014: Mario Kart 8 In T Minus 25 Days
04/28/2014: Is This A Good Title Zap??
04/13/2014: Let It Go, Let It Go...
04/06/2014: just 2 more months
03/18/2014: Reminder For People Using Yahoo Groups
03/17/2014: If I Were Irish, I'd Be Drunk Right Now
03/05/2014: No Title
02/23/2014: I Went Out On Valentine's Day...Alone
02/11/2014: I Hate Kalimari Desert
02/02/2014: Flappy Bird Has Taken Over The World
01/26/2014: abcdefg
01/19/2014: I Was Hoping To Build A Snowman This Month
01/12/2014: That Typical Boring Update
01/05/2014: Happy New Year Everyone!
12/30/2013: The Last Update of the Year
12/03/2013: Is it too early for Jingle Bells?
11/17/2013: Hi my name is Rookie
11/10/2013: Mario Kart Episode VI: Return Of The News
10/07/2013: Oh Look, It's Already October
09/22/2013: Let's Broaden Our Horizons With Colour
09/19/2013: It's Getting Cold Again
09/03/2013: Insert Clever Title Here
09/01/2013: Quick Note on Time Updates
08/26/2013: And So, The Holidays Come To An End
08/19/2013: Wow I have school tomorrow
08/13/2013: Summer Days, Driftin' Away...
08/06/2013: Amazing Ultra Turbo Mega Update Extreme 7000
07/29/2013: Summer, A Time For Fun And Games
07/22/2013: I don't have any ideas for a title so this is your title
07/16/2013: Wait, News Already?
07/07/2013: Sorry we kept you waiting!
05/16/2013: Boring news update
05/02/2013: I am Nicola and I love to write a news update!
04/03/2013: Easter!
03/21/2013: I'm a Sloth in Space.
03/05/2013: Why Are They Climbing a Mountain?
02/17/2013: Those February Blues
02/06/2013: Inactivity in preparation for Valentines Day.
01/27/2013: News is late hurr hurr
01/13/2013: The End-of-the-Holidays Depression
01/06/2013: A New Year, But Not Really Happy If You Want #1...
12/30/2012: Christmas time, mistletoe and wine...
12/23/2012: Back on Track for the Holidays
12/15/2012: Brazilian Fever
11/25/2012: Happy Turkey Day
11/18/2012: Manly Colours, Or Colors As You Americans Would Say
11/11/2012: Remembrance Day
11/05/2012: Oppan Gangnam Style
11/01/2012: Mario Kart Wii v2.0
10/28/2012: Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala.
10/21/2012: Awards! Well...one...for now
10/14/2012: This is the best title you will ever read
09/30/2012: Why does every update need a title?
09/23/2012: Eco Friendly News
09/09/2012: School = Activity Increase. No typos were made in that statement.
09/01/2012: Active? Nope.avi
08/26/2012: The Post-Summer Activity Diminution?
08/22/2012: Proof Call Being Reinforced
08/20/2012: The Late Addition~
08/11/2012: As the London 2012 Olympics begin to come to a close…
08/04/2012: The long awaited dethronation! Is that even a word?
07/29/2012: London 2012 Kicks Off!
07/21/2012: Another Writer?
07/14/2012: A news update? In what universe does this blasphemy exist?
05/02/2012: Insert title here
04/18/2012: New kid on the block?
04/15/2012: Last week's update
04/03/2012: Fresh quarter, let them WRs come!
03/23/2012: First cracks in the shell
03/19/2012: Time and dedication
03/15/2012: Ultra-belated update? What is this kind of sorcery?
03/04/2012: TvK is a lazy ass
02/25/2012: Who's da boss? Mick's da boss!
02/21/2012: Proof requirements - February 2012
02/14/2012: I'm having a date with my 3ds on Valentine's Day
02/08/2012: Activity needs a chillpill
01/30/2012: New news updater, new motivation?
01/16/2012: New Proof Policies
01/10/2012: Snow, Y U NO SNOW ?!
01/02/2012: Onward to a new year of competition !
12/19/2011: Would you like some pasta strat?
12/06/2011: In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I've been turning over in my mind ever since.
12/06/2011: Hello, World!