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IsaaK @ Monday, April 3rd 08:00AM   [link]

Hi again, it's IsaaK! I have been quite inactive this month both on the MB and for TTs, so I thought I'd make up for that by volunteering to do the news. The Switch has rolled around and we have so many games coming that I can't wait for.
This update will cover activity from 1 March- 31 March.

New Players

CameMK (USA, #127)
Andrew Blechinger (USA, #305)
Jake Evans (USA, #321)

Welcome to them all! Hope you like the PP.

Site Records

Three were submitted this month; two were made this month.

Randy Mangar beat the old Rainbow Road site record (1:36.170) with a time of 1:36.163.

Yacine Wind Waker beat the old Retro Mario Circuit 2 site record (1:08.327) with a time of 1:08.313. (This was made in December)

Weisse beat the old Retro Daisy Cruiser site record (1:26.407) with a time of 1:26.397.


We had 42 active players this month. Impressive.


#1- Weisse is unheard of. At the end of the month, he achieved something even the highest players dream of; Top 10 times on 32/32 tracks. It is something to be proud of, go Weisse!
#5- Karmakas made an anticipated comeback to MK7 after 12 months! Despite 2 TTs, he gained a little bit of AF.
#6- Miracle is approaching the top 5! He cuts just 0.06 AF, and his new times are ranked 6th and 16th. He sure loves the number 6.
#10- Wouter Mulders cut 0.15 AF on a rWP PR, which is a lot for someone his standard.
#16- Attract or 'MW master' as I call him, produced 2 times, both in the top 15. This guy is amazing, I bet he'll be in the top 10 this year!
#18- Thomas S. clocked up 2:11.235 on rWP and another top 10 on MC. Amazing!
#20- Samuel Klein shaved a colossal 1.3 seconds for a Top 10 WW on rDDJ. But be careful, Lun is right behind your back!
#22- LunMK7: two top 10s, three Titan As, and the rest King A or better. You've had a good month, congrats!
#28- Nozea only had time for a couple of PRs; nevertheless, he cut 1 AF from that alone. That's quite impressive.
#36- X.Dark.x rises a couple of places on tracks such as Koopa Cape and Cheep Cheep Lagoon. His rLM stands out though, ranked Titan A!
#40- Martijn Veldhuis still hasn't broken the 56 minute barrier, but he's close! The flapmaster also sent in a rKC flap SR as well as four normal times.
#46- Paradox is consistent every single month. He's going towards the pro ranks and getting their fast!
#48- Etienne had a rather promising Q4 last year, but he's only submitted one time in 2017, that being a 1:56 on rCM. Nice job on the sub though!
#50- Lumi Heart rounds off the top 50. Lever is going for the overtake, tread carefully!


#51- Lever continues his record spree with a whopping 9 times including top 3s on WS and NBC! It takes a lot to do well on such hard tracks.
#57- Tate Jet took off last month and is now flying over everyone! He cruises past 14 people, cutting nearly 10 AF!
#61- White likewise cut nearly 10 AF, but all in the space of one week. Crazy.
#67- Randy Mangar submitted a few old times. The exception of this was his amazing WR on RR, ranked Myth B!
#68- Adam Roberts made a couple of PRs on MC and RIW. He's close to subbing 2:00 on MC, good luck!
#72- Evan Wiseman let down the horrors of MGM by "switching" to Zelda. He did however race on BC, which is a solid 35th.
#80- Yacine Wind Waker also sent in old times like Randy, which included his rMC2 WR from December.
#84- Chris Pye cuts over 3 AF this month on a variety of tracks such as MP and WS.
#96- Shine brings his light into the top 100, subtracting 12 AF with 14 times
#99- Kyle H. is also a new edition to the top 100. One of his best times is a 1:49 PPS!


#101- Retro is no longer in the top 100! I guess when someone enters it, someone else has to leave it. In his style, he made a time on a retro track, being rKC.
#106- Ghost returned from the underworld with a small improvement on TC.
#108- Frederiek Warreyn slithers up a place with a sub on NBC and a 1:51 on PPS. Stop teasing us, get to top 100 already!
#124- Kyle Stoeger made 10 records ranging from #150 to #60. Nice rDDJ man.
#127- CameMK is the highest ranked off the new players, and I hope to see more of him in the future!
#172- Jaden Figueroa had a decent third week in March, making an insane sub 2 minute on MC placed at 35th!
#173- Albert Batts aced March, improving more than half his timesheet. If only I had such motivation :/
#193- Noah R. pumped out 5 PBs, the best being his WS ranked #126! He's nearly under 200 AF as well.

200 and beyond

#216- "Zac" improved his rMG, but luckily it doesn't beat mine lol. I need to pick up my 3DS and catch up to you!
#231- SkyfangSSB is too close for comfort from me! His mini PR spree allows him to slice 18 AF.
#232- Ben Stoneman, the MKDS PRB champ, sends in a solitary time on rKTB, ranked Advanced D.
#302- Christos Karamanos TTed 25 hours a day, 8 days a week last month. His activity died down in March, where he submitted times on rDDJ and BC. Come back and get to the top 300!
#305- Andrew Blechinger is new and debuts just outside the top 300. Make your first achievement to get inside it!
#311- Count has been sending in "countless" PBs. Nice work! I even thought he joined this month bacuse of it🙃
#321- Jake Evans joined last week and has managed to shave 40 AF. Just keep doing that every month, you'll go far!
#332- Aaron Triplett now has an AF score of 360 (a triplet), his best time on rLR is ranked #297 (a triplet), and well he set all of this in the 3rd month (also a triplet). Coincidence? I like to think not.
#340- Alex Garcia rounds off our news. This month saw him get to work and improve every track apart from PPS!


Esa Esa


They say the best part comes last.

Player of the Week 1, March:
Tate Jet set 7 PRs including a #2 time on rDC, well done!

Player of the Week 2, March:
Paradox further improved his rAF to 1:54.400 with another 3 consistent times. rAF is painful man, you make it seem so easy!

Player of the Week 3, March:
Weisse did well but it goes to Randy Mangar for his improvement of the RR WR! You've had that crown for more than 1000 days now!

Player of the Week 4, March:
Weisse deserves this one. Every single one of his times is now top 10 on the PP. This is an amazing goal that he has set only a year into his site champion reign!

Player of the Month, March:
So many consistent players impress. However Tate Jet claims the POM. Passing 14 players and cutting 10 AF is no easy feat, it shows a lot of dedication. Huge congrats to you Tate Jet!

That's all for now. The end of March is also POQ time; get yourselves over to the forum and vote! Nothing much is happening next month, I turn 14 and MK8D releases. Stay karting (here and not on the Switch)!

~IsaaK razz razz

Mushroom Gorge Month III!

Evan @ Friday, March 3rd 05:52AM   [link]

Hello karting community, it’s Evan back again for another news update. Long time no see, eh? I actually haven’t written the news in awhile, but that’s because of all the help we’ve been getting recently from Matt, IsaaK, Bradon and ORANGE! So a big thank you to them for chipping in. However, you’re stuck with me this time! So, how was your Mushroom Gorge Month? Did you set a new record on rMG? I can tell you one person who didn’t, his name starts with “m” and ends with “e”. Hmm, I wonder who this “me” person could be…?

In any case, if you did manage a PR on Mushroom Gorge, you’ll be on our (not so) fancy and (not so) one of a kind leader board! Only the coolest of the cool kids are featured on it.

Anyways, this news will cover activity from February 1st to February 28th. Let’s do this.

New Players

Three this time, say hello to:

Count (USA)
Shine (Japan)
Master KEK (USA)

KEK is that one guy without a complete time set, we’d love to see you on the AF chart. Get to work playing the other 31 tracks! kek

Site Records


#MGM Leader board

Christian Connally............1:35.736
Adam Roberts..................1:36.132
Martijn Veldhuis...............1:36.362
Kyle H............................1:36.681
Frederiek Warreyn............1:36.913
Christos Karamanos..........1:44.530
Alex Garcia.....................1:45.414

Congrats to LunMK7 for taking the top spot! You win…….absolutely nothing!! Hey at least you got the bragging rights, right? And a job well done to the other karters here for improving their rMG records for Mushroom Gorge Month!


There were 42 of you that played this month!

Ranks 1-50

#1 Weisse- remained site champ with two great improvements on rAF and rMT G. He achieved a 1:54.333 on Airship Fortress (4th WW) and a 1:48.977 on Maple Treeway Glitch (3rd WW).
#6 Miracle- made two new PB’s on TC and rDKP. His TC was a Titan C 1:19.6 while his DKP was a Myth D 1:57.961, just .062 from 10th WW...
#17 Attract- posted 7 PR’s for February, very impressive considering his high rank. His best was a sub 1:56 DKJ NG which is ranked 9th!
#18 Thomas S.- played two courses, rDKP and rWP. His Waluigi Pinball is crazy, it’s ranked 3rd WW with a 2:11.246. Good luck for the world record!
#26 LunMK7- our MGM winner scored three new records on CCL, MW and rMG. His 1:34.151 on rMG is 6th world wide, congrats!
#28 Liure- set one new record on rWP, a top ten 2:11.925! It’s Myth B, great work!
#29 Nozea- moved up three spots with the help of five PR’s, ALL ranked at least Titan D! His highest ranked track was a 1:50.983 on rDDJ which is 9th on the charts!
#31 Toy Onehundredandone- hasn’t played much recently. The bulk of his times are from 2013 and 2014, but he decided to send in two PR’s this month: a 1:11.598 rMC2, and a 2:12.696 rWP!
#38 X.Dark.x- got new records on Mushroom Gorge, Mario Circuit 2, and DK Pass and cut 1.375 AF to move him up one spot this time.
#40 Martijn Veldhuis- spent his time improving his rMG and rCM records, while also beating his scores on both the Wuhu tracks. He’s also currently sitting at 56:01 for his total time, the elusive 55 minute mark is near! You can do it….Marty!!
#48 Saserema- went swimming on three water tracks: CCL, WS and RIW. All three improvements were solid top 100 times that netted him a 1.9 AF cut. Nice job.
#50 Lumi Heart- rounds out the top 50 with five PR’s, one of which was a 1:12.035 on rBC1 NG! Get that sub!!


#53 Paradox- jumped up 7 spots and cut an awesome 6.8 AF. He achieved this with 6 new improvements throughout February. His best record of the 6 was a 1:55.030 on Wario Shipyard, ranked 15th and Hero A. Good luck for the sub!
#56 Lever- completed his timesheet this month, welcome to the AF charts! On top of that, he managed a whopping 10 PR’s!! 3 of them are top 10 on TC, DH and NBC, impressive!
#62 Joshua O.- found the time for just one PR on Koopa Cape, a 2:09.744. Where have you gone Joshua?
#68 Adam Roberts- spread some rMG cheer during #MGM. His 1:36.132 was his only new time, other than 2 flaps he sent in as well on DKJ and PPS.
#70 Evan Wiseman- is still searching for his first WR on Mushroom Gorge, but MGM brought him no luck this year. He did however set a 1:27.354 on MW NG to ease the pain a little. (not really)
#71 Tate Jet- flew his jet up 10 positions and cut 14.8 AF since the last update, with 9 PR’s fueling his progress! His best PR was a 1:26.540 on rDC which is 3rd world wide! Congrats!
#72 White- revamped exactly half of his timesheet, 16 new records! I’m not sure if all of those are from February, but great work anyway! White cut an astounding 21.2 AF as a result!
#91 Chris Pye- my fellow Canadian made 10 improvements and slid up 2 spots! His ARR has reached a 15.5312, just .0313 away from Hero C overall!
#95 Hawaado- shared 6 PR’s with us and dropped 9.3 average finish, which in turn put him up 5 spots from last time! The one record that stood out to me was his 1:45.222 on NBC, ranked 26th!
#99 Retro- got 2 times, a 1:37.544 on rMG and a 2:13.117 on rWP which is his best ranked track at 47th!
#100 Sinmk- had 3 improvements near the beginning of the month, one was a 1:34.912 on rKD (Hero A). Teach me how to play this course, please….


#105 Kyle H.- gets us rolling in this section with 7 nice PR’s in total, 5 of them were in the top 100. You had a really solid month, keep it up!
#106 Matthew Carini- likely sent in some old PR’s of his, 7 to be exact. Matthew hasn’t been active since 2013, but we’d like to see you return! Top 100…?
#109 Frederiek Warreyn- dropped 3 spots. UNACCEPTABLE. Get your act together man, you’re teasing us all by hovering just outside the top 100! He also got 4 PR’s...nice 74th rMG.
#110 Shine- starts out just behind Frederiek. Currently, his fastest time is a 1:27.117 on rDC! Can you 1:26?
#172 Jaden Figueroa- played some TC and NBC and got a 1:20.490 and a 1:47.419 respectively, nice NBC man.
#174 Christian Connally- did some shrooms on Mushroom Gorge. He is now ranked 6th American with 1:35.736! Glad you got the sub.
#180 Albert999999- is Albert Batts. He played MK7. 10 PR’s were made. His sub 1:51 on PPS was the best of the bunch, ranked 90th. Good job.
#195 Noah R.- cut two and a half AF with six improvements this time. Nice DKJ by the way, you’re now 80th with 1:56.934!


#217 “Zac”- had one record to submit, an Adv C 2:00.677 on Coconut Mall. No rMG this month? sad
#220 Omar Martinez Ramirez- cleaned up two of his times on rMT and rDC, his 1:29.063 on Daisy Cruiser made it into the top 200, something he’s done only twice before.
#226 InfinMK- also known as one of our new news updaters: IsaaK! He played rDC and rKC this month and got 2 PR’s. How he managed to do so with his messed up 3DS screen? I don’t know.
#230 Ben Stoneman- is the current MKDS champ, though for whatever reason, he felt the need to get a 1:34.922 on rKTB.
#244 SkyfangSSB- submitted 6 PR’s. His sub 2:04 on RRM was good enough for 184th and is one of his best ranks.
#304 Christos Karamanos- has been very active and is working hard on virtually every course in the game. He leaped up 28 spots for his efforts and I’m sure we’ll see him in the top 300 very soon!
#328 Finlay J-W- recorded 5 new times with 2 of them being in the top 300: 2:19.967 rKC and 1:32.801 MW. Keep up the improvements!
#340 Count- debuts at this position. Let’s count his PR’s shall we? 1 PR, ah ha ha, 2 PR’s ah ha ha...3 PR’s ah ha ha...
#343 Alex Garcia- from Spain, sent a big overhaul to his timesheet and hopped up 6 positions overall.


Esa Esa
Master KEK


Player of the Week 1, February:
Nozea for two Titan ranked times on rKD and rCM! Congrats!

Player of the Week 2, February:
Weisse for his progress on Maple Treeway and Airship Fortress, 3rd and 4th world wide respectively.

Player of the Week 3, February:
Lever got 8 new records for the week ranging from a Titan B Toad Circuit, to a King C Wuhu Loop and DK Pass, and to a Hero B Mario Circuit and Airship Fortress. Nice variety!

Player of the Week 4, February:
Attract for 3 amazing times on MP (11th), WS (17th) and DKJ (9th). Way to go!

Player of the Month, February:
Lever for finally getting on the AF ranks! He had 10 PR’s in total and 3 of them were in the top 10! 10th on TC, 8th on NBC and 6th on DH. Great work.

Congratulations to the karters above! I’d like to remind everyone that picking the award winners is no easy task for us! There were many more players on our radar that came out empty handed this month. Just thought I’d put that out there. Anyway, I should wrap this up. Hopefully my Nintendo Switch arrives tomorrow so I can play Breath of the Wild all weekend! hype

See ya next time,


ORANGE Gives the News a Hint of Citrus

Evan @ Saturday, February 4th 04:09AM   [link]

Hey karters! It’s ORANGE, your favourite (and only) fruity karter. This month’s news will be a new milestone - it’s our first news written in the Southern Hemisphere!

This update will cover activity from the 1st of January - 31st of January.

New players

Jamie Skepper joins this month at #310
Japanese legend Saserema makes his debut at #49
Tate Jet another amazing Japanese player, debuts at #81

Site Records

We had two new site records this month:

Esa Esa beat the old Shy Guy Bazaar site record (2:02.686), with a time of 2:02.587

Weisse beat the old Retro Maple Treeway site record (2:16.989), with a time of 2:16.832


We had 46 active players this month!


#1-Weisse continues his reign as site champion with another World Record! This time on Maple Treeway, which he’s never done before!
#6-Miracle decided to only work on glitch tracks this month, getting 1:12.058 on rDC G. The sub is in sight.
#10-Wouter Mulders joined the trend of playing SGB this month, subbing 2:03 to get 4th on the PP!
#17-Thomas S. gets in 2 PR’s this month on WL and rDKP, which rank 11th and 23rd.
#19-Samuel Klein shaves off 1.9375 AF and is now tied up with Leo!
#21-Attract is starting to attract some attention with a whopping 13.5AF cut, which is very hard to pull this high up in the rankings.
#24-Murray Wright submits 3 amazing top 20 times on both CCL, rLM and rDKP, but unfortunately gained AF
#27-LunMK7 gets 2:08.576 on rKC, that is all.
#28-Liure submits only 1 PR this month - a 3rd PP on CCL! Maybe you’ll “lure” in a WR here...
#32-Nozea is rapidly climbing the charts going from 39th - 32nd. He also got 1:26.546 on MW, ranked Titan A. Keep up the good work!
#35-Aaron Morton gets in two PRs this month, but moves down two places. Strange...
#39-X.Dark.x Like many others, decided to test their luck on SGB this month. He managed to get 2:03.445, which is his 4th Titan time!
#41- Martijn Veldhuis has cut 2.125 AF this month. In doing so he’s now under 50 AF! He also gets in a flap on rCM, which is .007 off the WR!
#49-Saserema makes his debut this month. His best times include a 4th on BC and 3rd on rKC.


#52-Lumi Heart got in 3 times and drops 3 AF. He also got another Titan time on rBC1, which ranks 13th. Your heart must have been pounding when you got that.
#60-Paradox has perhaps had the greatest month of us all, passing well known Adam, Evan and Joshua. Not to mention that he got his first top 10 WW on rAF, which is also Australia’s first top 10 WW!
#63-Joshua O. h no, gets in 3 PRs this month, but for the first time ever, gains AF. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?!
#65-Hugo de Moya shows the power of Kleenex with a PR and flap on both CCL and TC. He also gets his 3rd King A time! Gotta get that Titan.
#68-Adam Roberts gets in 4 Pr’s this month, including an amazing 1:37.713 on RR, but has Evan hot on his heels. Better “XL” your performance this month!
#69-Evan Wiseman subbed on 4 tracks this month, while only submitting 4 PR’s. He’s also 1 spot behind the XL himself, Adam.
#74-Matthew Huinker is only 1 spot away from making the top 100 on rRR with a nice 1:14.292.
#81-Tate Jet makes a flying start with 1:26.620 on Daisy Cruiser, which ranks 3rd WW!
#92-White Improves his already legendary rLR to get within .2 of the WR. He also made a top 5 on CCL, noice.
#93-Chris Pye has been very hard at work this month, managing to beat 15/32 of his times. At this rate he’ll be in the top 50 in no time! But do make sure you take a break to have some pie.
#94-Stacy Needham returns after a long break since October to deliver 2 nice PR’s on PPS and rMT, ranking 123rd and 104th.
#98-Retro got in 1 PR this month, a 1:13.823 on rRR, which is also a Retro track. Coincidence?
#100-Hawaado Is one spot away from breaking the top 100 barrier with a 6.469 AF cut. He also got his first WW top 10 on rBC1 which ranks #5, awesome job!


#106-Frederiek Warreyn our main lad from Belgium is edging closer to the top 100 with a sweet 5.657 AF cut. Nice work!
#108-Meteor plays 1 track this month - rRR, getting into the top 100.
#110-Sinmk submits a hoard of PRs after being under the radar for 8 months! He’s also moved up 8 spots.
#113-Kyle H.’s dream of being top 100 is real, cutting 10.688AF. He’s also very close to subbing rAF.
#114-Shoryu unleashed his jurassic side this month with a PR and flap on rDDJ, that is all.
#119-ORANGE moves up 11 spots on CCL while only cutting .086. Now that’s what you call luck o the ol’ Orange.
#130-Kyle Stoeger gets his first PR in over half a year, a 1:59.512 on Bowser’s Castle which ranks 32nd! Welcome back.
#174-Jaden Figueroa gets in 2 top 100 times, on Bowser’s Castle and Waluigi Pinball.
#183- Albert Batts batts his times out of the park with 7 PRs this month, cutting 1.718 AF. He’s still pushing for his first Hero time, you’ll get there Wink
#195-Noah R. is slowly but surely climbing the charts with a 1.438 AF cut driven by 3 PR’s, most notably his Maka Wuhu, which ranks 180th.

200 and beyond

#217-”Zac” gets his first top 100 time on rBC1, and is very close to subbing! Keep at it.
#225-InfinMK gets in 2 flaps and 2 PRs this month. He’s also very close to subbing rKD.
#303-Joseph Armstrong cuts 30 AF thanks to an astonishing 19 PRs this month! 0___0
#309-Kyle Wadley shaves off 20 AF thanks to 13 PRs, his best being 1:45.261 on rLR!
#310-Jamie Skepper debuts at 310th. His best time is an amazing 1:55.423 on rAF, which is well beyond his level!
#326-Christos Karamanos the pocket rocket from Australia has had a very busy month, cutting an amazing 44.219 AF!
#335-Aaron Triplett went on a TT’ing spree this month with 13 PRs, including a 1:15 on rMC2!
#337-Jack Whittingham submitted 3 times this month, including a 1:36 on rKTB!
#349-Alex Garcia our lowest ranked player for the month has a lot of potential. He also got a new highest ranked time - 358th on rDC, try to get all your times top 400 Alex!

Esa Esa


Drum roll please...

Player of the Week 1, January:
Attract, for improving from #36 to #25 on the charts in one week! (-10.7 AF)

Player of the Week 2, January:
Esa Esa, for his first world record on Shy Guy Bazaar! Nicely done!

Player of the Week 3, January:
Martijn Veldhuis stood out to us the whole month, but especially this week. He got three great PR's: 30th on SGB, 32nd on PPS and 48th on rCM.

Player of the Week 4, January:
Paradox, for his four new top 50 times and his first worldwide top 10 on Airship Fortress! Great job.

Player of the Month, January:
Attract sent us 9 new times this month, that was good enough to cut 13.5 AF and catapult himself to 21st on the main charts from 36th.

Thank you all for reading the news and good luck all on improving your Mushroom Gorge record! Yes, it's February and it's Mushroom Gorge Month, so get that PR and post it to Miiverse with the #MGM!


2017 - A Year For 7?

Evan @ Tuesday, January 3rd 05:27AM   [link]

Hi Karters! What a year it has been. From new site champions to new record-breakers, 2016 was far from quiet. Right now though, I'm gonna talk about December.
This update will cover activity from 1 December - 31 December.

New Players

A couple of Japanese legends, and some familiar faces arrived to the site this month. Good for the PP, but bad for people like me, who had to withstand big AF rises🙃

LunMK7, the very well known French pro, starts here in the top 30!

Chris Pye, a well known Canadian, also joined this month, with a rank of #98. Welcome to the site!

The Japanese legend Attract arrived at #36. In case his name doesn't ring a bell, this is tdz, the MW master!

Lever is the only person this month not to join with a full time sheet. Most of his times are out of the top 100, but he has some staggeringly good times on RIW and WS!

Finally, we have Alex Garcia and Christos Karamanos, two players from Spain and Australia. They start fairly low, at #351 and #361 respectively.

Site Records

A couple this month:

Thomas S. beat the old Rock Rock Mountain site record (1:58.986) with a time of 1:58.844.

Attract beat the old Maka Wuhu site record (1:26.277) with a time of 1:26.219.


We had 36 active players this month.


#1- Weisse has arguably had the best year of us all. 23 WRs. December saw him become the 2nd person ever to sub rMT NG, and make a time just 4 milliseconds behind the WR!
#3- Okami is defending his top 3 position, with top 10 times on rLM and rBC1.
#6- Miracle was yet again consistent this month, and passed the legendary player Alexony. It's a miracle how much you've improved this year!
#19- Thomas S.: 2 Gods, 2 King Bs, very first WR, and top 20. I didn't think you could beat Octobers performance, very well done!
#24- Murray Wright broke into the top 25, and subbed 1:31 on Koopa Troopa Beach.
#26- LunMK7 has made a cracking debut. I hope you continue into the new year!
#33- Aaron Morton cut 1.2 AF with 4 new times. The top 30 is close!
#36- Attract only joined in the middle of the month, but he has already submitted new times left right and centre!
#39- Nozea completed his time sheet this month, which has times ranging from #130 to #25.
#40- X.Dark.x stretches forward 6 places with more batches of PRs.
#45- Martijn Veldhuis focused less on flaps and more on his ranking. It payed off; he shaved 2 AF even with the likes of Nozea and Attract ahead of him!
#47- Etienne improves his WS again to a 1:54.647 ranked Titan C. This time is amazing, well done!


#63- Joshua O. started this year in the top 200. After months of effort, he is in this spot now. December saw him make even more times including a DH ranked 23rd! Incredible!
#66- Hugo de Moya made 3 PRs, but somehow, gained 3 spots. Strange.
#67- Adam Roberts sits just behind Kleenex. He may not have XLed in the amount of PRs he made, but he cut an average of 22 spots on the tracks he did!
#72- Paradox provided a big cut of 8.5AF this month. His cut was fuelled by very nice times on rWP and rAF.
#73- Evan Wiseman or 'Supy' made a few times on a mixture of tracks. Probably still attempting the rMG WR.
#98- Chris Pye submitted all 32 of his times on Christmas Day. His best time is 2:09.565 on rKC, just short of the top 50!


#107- Meteor has had a great month, cutting 7 AF with new records on 15 tracks! The top 100 is within touching distance, keep going!
#114- Frederiek Warreyn cut nearly 1 AF point. But he also celebrated his 1000th day on the MB. Thanks for everything you do for the PP Frederiek!
#116- ORANGE is on summer break and kicked it off with a 2:14.006 on rWP! Remember to put sunscreen on, you might peel.
#119- Kyle H. has become hot on the citrus king's heels, with an 8 AF reduction. Your rivalry is gonna start getting interesting Tongue
#177- Jaden Figueroa submitted one single time, a 2:20.337 on rMT ranked 117. Nice!
#188- Albert Batts is one of the few people in the upper ranks to cut AF. This was due to his 13 track spree.
#196- Noah R. played the Luigi family tracks, being rLR, rLM, and rWP. He cuts just under 1 AF.

200 and beyond

#226- InfinMK somehow found the motivation to improve his rDDJ by nearly a second. Nothing else, that's all.
#227- Ben Stoneman crept right up my tail without me noticing at all! His activity in December was a solitary PR on rKC.
#303- GS_Dark shaves 11 AF and climbs the charts by 6 positions. His WL stands out, ranked 180th.
#314- Greg Howard made a BIG comeback in December! He also got his first top 300 time on NBC.
#322- Potato only found time to submit one PR. This was presumably because of all those fun polls he was creating.
#325- Finlay J-W created times on rKD and rKC. This wasn't enough to make him move down a few places.
#332- Aaron Triplett made a return from his November debut. I'm running out of things to say..... here have a cookie, does it taste good?
#335- Jack Whittingham made 2 times, but unfortunately lost 2 places. Dejavu anyone?
#336- Hugh Moorhead went on a roll with a whopping 14 PRs. His best time was a 1:36 on rKTB!
#351- Alex Garcia made the biggest AF cut of them all; 20.7 AF! Although this was largely down to him joining, it's impressive nonetheless.
#361- Christos Karamanos joined this month! You have a huge amount of potential, stay karting and have fun!


Esa Esa
Joseph Armstrong


You're not the only one to go straight to here.

Player of the Week 1, December:
Miracle for a Top 10 on the tricky BC and another 2 strong PRs. I can only imagine how hard it is to PR at your level, very good!

Player of the Week 2, December:
Meteor raced his way to 8 PRs, cutting 5 AF. Great!

Player of the Week 3, December:
Murray Wright for going on a small PR spree and joining the elite squad on rKTB with a sub 1:31 time!

Player of the Week 4, December:
Sorry Weisse, this goes to Thomas S.! He made his very first WR this week, with an incredible 1:58.844 on RRM, ranked God. Congrats!

Player of the Month, December:
Another tough decision to make but it goes to Paradox! One of the most consistent players of the month, he cut huge AF points, bounced into the top 75, and made an exceptional time on rAF. Congratulations on all your achievements!

Thanks for reading through my news. Hope you had a good Christmas and stay karting in 2017! Until next time,


Bradon puts the "B" in B Dasher!

Evan @ Friday, December 2nd 03:43AM   [link]

Hey guys! It’s Bradon! one of the the MK twins. This month I’m going to be doing the news. ;3
This update will cover activity from the 1st of November - 30th of November.

New Players

GS_Dark, Potato, Aaron Triplett, and Jack Whittingham all joined this month with 32/32 times debuting at 309th, 324th, 329th, and 331st respectively.

Good luck on climbing the AF charts guys!

Site Records

Only 1 this time:

Aaron Morton beat the old Neo Bowser City site record (1:42.766) with a time of 1:42.688 and then lowered it to 1:42.637! Amazing!


We had 35 active players this Month!


#1 - Wiesse stayed site Champion and also made 1 new PR on rMT.

#3 - Okami posted one new record on rBC1. This allowed him to get a huge .4 AF cut which kept SunMK from getting 3rd place.

#4 - SunMK joined the 1:34 sub group in rMG! He cut .875 AF in the process of doing so. Watch out Okami!

#9 - Miracle posted two new records on RRM and rAF cutting over 1 AF and passing Syaru Eve to get the 9th spot. Great Job!

#21 - Thomas S. finally got WW tops on rKTB with 1:30.628 (6th WW). He also PR’d on rLM.

#34 - Aaron Morton also posted only one new record. That record was his new NBC WR: 1:42.637. Amazing!

#36 - Jojomk7 made 3 records including a 30th place TC time. He cut a total of 1.8438 AF this month.

#41 - Tsuca beat almost half of his timesheet by posting all his hoarded times just like Wata-Z. Tsuca cut a total of 17.3750 AF.

#43 - Etienne posted a 37th place MP time and a 35th place RR time. He cut exactly .5 AF.

#44 - Wata-Z Cottingham almost created a whole new timesheet for himself with all his hoarded times! He lost over 63 AF and climbed the AF charts by a bunch! O.O He even got the CCL AR!

#46 - x.Dark.x made 7 PR’s this month including a 24th place WL time! He cut a total of 7 AF.

#47 - Martijn Veldhuis posted 4 new PRs and MANY flaps. He overtook Kleenex and LeoMK in flap AF moving into 4th place! Keep on climbing Martijn!

#56 - Sorata Posted one new PR this month. It was Sorata’s ONLY WW tops time: DH 1:38.713(8th WW!). Sorata still gained a bit of AF this month.

#63 - Hugo De Moya AKA Flap lover Kleenex got all his times under top 100 this month and lost 3.1250 AF. He didn't have any new flaps though...

#64 - Joshua O. after getting closer and closer to Kleenex he is now practically breathing down his neck. Joshua beat MANY records this month and lost 7.1875 AF. Here comes Josh, Hugo!

#70 - Matthew Huinker broke the trio and made 2 PRs and MANY flap PRs this month. The most notorious flap being his 1st place rBC1 NG flap.

#72 - Adam Roberts made 8 PRs this month. One of his times being 30th PP and 7th American rWP! Wow!

#73 - Evan Wiseman posted 3 new PRs including the long awaited 3/3 NBC turncut.

#77 - Paradox, ORANGE’s #1 Australian rival made 5 PR’s this month, his best being his SGB time which is 55th place.


#107 - Shoryu cut 8.3750 AF placing him at exactly 116 AF. He also finished up his glitch timesheet!

#111 - Meteor made only 3 Prs this month. Fighting off Frederiek from taking his spot, Meteor cut 2.1570 AF.

#112 - Frederiek Warreyn played TC and worked on both RRs (which i’m still better on). He cut almost 4 AF with his times.

#128 - Kyle H. made 7 new PRs and cut 8.5620 AF edging him closer and closer to top 100 AF.

#176 - Jaden Figueroa got 4 new records this month that allowed him to lose 3.5310 AF. He even got a 127th place NBC time.

#184 - Bradon learned 3 things. 1.He learned his 3DS’s R button doesn’t work correctly anymore 2. He learned 3rd Person 3. He learned how to gap skip without stopping on rMG. He made 2 PRs and cut 1.3750 AF.

#187 - Albert Batts made only 2 records on rWP and rAF which allowed him to cut a total of 1.4690 AF reaching ever so slightly closer to me.

200 and beyond

#214 - “Zac” made 5 new PRs. His most noticeable is his 88th place rBC1 time. He also got an 8th place flap on rBC1 too! He got all his times under 300 and cut 5.6870 AF from from all of this. Great job bro!

#223 - InfinMK got new times on both Mario Circuits. He cut a total of 1.9070 AF!

#232 - Bryton Daniels beat only 1 record this whole month. It was his rDKP. This made lose him over 2.1 AF!

#309 - GS_Dark was the best newbie to join this month! He has mostly top 300+ times but the ones that stick out are his WL and rMC2 which both are 275th place. Best of luck climbing the boards GS_Dark!

#322 - Finlay J-W made a few records including a top 300 rKC time! Congrats! Finlay lost 3.4060 AF.

A nutritious food joined this month to take place of ORANGE’s inactivity! It was #324 - Potato! All of his times are low 300 and we’re all waiting for his first top 300. You can do it you vegetable!

#326 - Russell Horwood made 5 new PRs this month but still lost a bit of AF.

Another new player #331 - Aaron Triplett joined this month being our 500th player to join. He has already lost 3.5 AF and failed to sub rAF with exactly 2 minutes!

Again, another new player joined this month! It was #333 - Jack Whittingham! The AF charts are ready for you to climb!


Player of the week 1, November:
Joshua O. wins this week's POW for beating 6 records and getting a 2:12 rWP in the process.

Player of the Week 2, November:
Hugo de Moya wins the second POW this month because of the astounding achievment of getting all records to top 100!

Player of the week 3, November:
The winner for the third POW is again Joshua O. for another 5 PR’s, his best one being his rBC1 NG 1:13.261 which is 8th american.

Player of the week 4, November:
Aaron Morton wins the final POW because of his new NBC WR, beating the old WR by over one tenth of a second.

Player of the Month, November:
The POM goes to x.Dark.x for being active throughout the whole month and losing over 7 AF. He would’ve moved up more spots if it wasn’t for the hoarded times of Tsuca And Wata-Z.

I wrote this with a neck wanting to kill the person using it!


IsaaK puts the "K" in Kart

Evan @ Tuesday, November 1st 04:40PM   [link]

Hi everybody, here is IsaaK's news masterpiece:

Hey guys! It's IsaaK here, writing the news for the first time. Now as you know, it's Halloween, so I'm expecting as many .666 times as July. Only joking,
This update will cover activity from 2 October- 31 October.

New Players

Three new people joined, which means 499 MK7 PP accounts have been made. Just one more until that magical mark of 500! Anyway,

Ducks and DelYoshi each join with 31/32 times submitted.

Hugh Moorhead also joins, but with a full timesheet, debuting at #337!

Site Records

Only one this month;

SunMK beat the old Daisy Hills site record (1:38.426) with a time of 1:37.897.


We had 36 active players this month. School really plummets the numbers!


#1- Weisse is now over 6 months into his reign as site champion and he is a full 3 AF ahead of Diogo! Nice PRs, keep it up!
#4- SunMK is slowly chasing down Okami for third place; all of the times he set are top 10 including that godly DH time!
#10- Miracle only sent in 1 time; a 2:00.134 on RRM. Go for the sub!
#18- LeoMK stays put with his rank, but cuts 0.8 AF. However Leo is very consistent, and that is important in the charts.
#21- Thomas S. only sent in 2 times, but what times they were! His rWP is ranked God and his rKTB is not short of WW top 10. Also RIP rBC1 because that strat that Thomas found is unbelievable!
#23- Fants submitted 4 PRs, the best being a 1:11.552 on rDC G, which is 4th WW!
#28- Murray Wright has enjoyed 4 very good times. His BC is a standout; he is .016 away from the already strong SR!
#39- JojoMk7 breaks into the top 40, beating his oldest PR and cutting 0.8 AF in the process!
#41- Shy Guy was a little less active, only submitting times on MP and NBC. Etienne is hot on your heels, keep going man!
#42- Etienne however has been very active this month with 10 PRs!!! He also gets three exclamation marks from Frederiek for finally accomplishing a correct time submission😀
#45- Martijn Veldhuis sent in 7 PRs, and even more flaps. Just watch out for Matthew!
#48- X.Dark.x was October's biggest AF cutter, shaving off 11.4 points. Although I don't know if all the times were set this month, it's impressive nonetheless.


#68- Hugo De Moya kicks Supy out of this 'trio', cutting 0.1875 AF.
#69- Matthew Huinker is going strong on the flaps, but still cut 1.75 AF. Noice.
#70- Adam Roberts is no longer XL, but remains in the triad. He also achieved the legendary 1:50 sub on MP. Well done!
#72- Joshua O. as usual PRed like crazy. I particularly like your rMG! I wonder if he'll kick someone off the trio next month?
#84- Nathan P. made a mini comeback to MK7 with a 1:13.336 on rBC1 ranked 44th. Very good!
#87- Paradox cut 6.8 AF but only moved up 4 spaces. His WS particularly stands out, ranked #18.
#90- Stacy Needham also made a comeback this month! The 2nd best all-around MK player's only top 100 time was a 1:52.863 on rDDJ.
#93- Retro plays for the first time since July, with times on TC, MP and rDDJ.


#112- ORANGE's fruit friends say that Apple + Pen= Apple Pen. The king of the citrus was too busy playing MK7 to notice their annoying singing. His MC is within touching distance of the Top 100, and his rCM is also good!
#116- Frederiek Warreyn, everyone's favourite time updater, took some ground off ORANGE with a very impressive 1:11.580 on rMC2. It's now his best track, congrats!
#134- Kyle H. squeezed in a couple of times at the end of the month, and passed 2 people because of this.
#182- Jaden Figueroa TTed only on RRM on rMC2. Nevertheless, he cut 2.2 AF, which is considerable bearing in mind he only PRed twice.
#185- Bradon made a 1:59.296 on RIW and subtracts 0.1880 Average Finish. But I guess I now have a broken screen buddy!
#195- Noah R. only played rDKP at the start of the month, and cuts a small 0.2 AF!

200 and beyond

#217- "Zac", who is probably my biggest rival, cut 5.5 AF, and got a top 200 time on PPS. WUT is all I can say.
#223- InfinMK learned a new strat on RR to get the 1:43 sub. He also learned how to talk about himself in third-person.
#232- Bryton Daniels is getting closer to me, help! His surge of 7 PRs improves his AF by 4 points.
#323- Russell Horwood sent in 7 PRs on the 7th October, playing MK7! How wierd.
#325- Finlay J-W played rMC2, rDDJ and rAF but still gained AF. Stay optimistic, I remember when I was there in the charts!
#337- Hugh Moorhead is new to the site! The charts are there to climb, have fun!


Esa Esa
Joseph Armstrong


Don't worry, I don't blame you for scrolling down to here.

Player of the Week 1, October:
Thomas S. for an impressive 2:11.473 on rWP which is 5th WW!

Player of the Week 2, October:
Another impressive time on rKTB and finding an OP shortcut that has broken rBC1? It's none other than Thomas S. again! Well done!

Player of the Week 3, October:
Murray Wright: for 3 PRs one of which is a 1:58.298 on BC (just 0.016 from the SR)! Go Murray!

Player of the Week 4, October:
SunMK for setting his third WR on DH with a 1:37.897 which is ranked God, amazing!

Player of the Month, October:
This was very close, but we thought Etienne deserved the POM! He was very consistent throughout the month, cutting 5.6 AF. He also achieved two amazing things; a WW top 10 on WS, and a correct date format in his submission. Congrats!

Thanks for reading through my news update! Hope you had a great Halloween (and stayed away from those killer clowns lol). Until next time,


Matthew Joins the Battle!

Evan @ Friday, October 7th 05:27AM   [link]

Hi everybody! Here is Matt's edition of the news, enjoy!

Hey guys, Matt here. It has finally reached one of the best times of the year here in the Northern Hemisphere, the weather is not too hot, not too cold, and there is always a slight breeze to keep you feeling good. It's a shame it can't be like this all year round.

Alright, this news update will cover the month of September, August 31st - October 1st. Unfortunately, there are quite a few time submissions that didn't quite make it for this time update again this month.

New Players

We have 1 new player this month. Paradox, who comes in at #92 and has already begun sending in even more times, watch out for Paradox, everybody!

Site Records

We have 3 site records this month.

Randy Mangar beat the old Rainbow Road site record with a time of 1:36.170

Yacine Wind Waker beat the old Retro Mario Circuit 2 site record with a time of 1:08.327

Prunus Mume beat the old Retro Bowser Castle 1 Glitch site record with a time of 1:10.737


This month we had a slightly underwhelming 39 active players, 12 of which gained instead of losing AF. I don't know whether or not to include those who lost AF, but were still active on 1 track or sent in only flaps, or not. I never noticed if we had done it before, so I only wrote about those who cut AF.

Top 20

#1- Weisse, our fearless leader, sent in 3 PRs this month, including a short-lived rBC1 Glitch WR.

#7- Prunus Mume continues to make me jealous by setting a new WR on rBC1 Glitch immediately after Weisse this month, as well as sending in a #8 BC time.

#9- Syaru Eve retained his position by sending in 6 PRs himself. Watch out for Miracle!

#10- Miracle broke into the Top 10 in style, cutting 3 AF and setting 5 PRs!

#19- LeoMK finally broke into the Top 20 this month by sending in 4 PRs, as well as 1 flap. Congratulations, Leo, I'm proud of you!


#34- Fants has impressed me by sending in 6 new PRs this month, including a #6 rKTB time.

#42- Shy Guy has solved the answer of life and the universe by cutting an impressive 3.7187 AF. Good luck on POQ!

#45- Martjin Veldhuis made 4 new PRs and 1 new flap, including a new MP time, ranked #5.

#46- Etienne sent in 4 PRs but somehow managed to cut less than half an AF point. Keep up the good work, Etienne! We know you are trying your best.

#53- Sorata only sent in 1 PR, but managed to cut a bit of AF, the reason being it was a very impressive #23 WS!

#70- Evan Wiseman starts off a triad of players with 3 PRs and a solitary flap.

#71- Matthew Huinker is not used to talking to himself out of first person and has been focusing on getting all Top 10 flaps, cutting only .9687

#72- Adam Roberts ends off our trio with a sweet 1.4668 AF cut.

#75- Yacine Wind Waker continues to crawl up the rankings, not to mention his amazing rMC2 WR! Amazing job, Yacine!

#77- Joshua O. continues his monstrous rise through the rankings, cutting a big 9.3750 AF. His rise through the rankings reminds me of someone else who used to play MK7 hehe

#78- Stephane Comodi sent in only 1 PR, being a time on TC ranked #107. I guess one is better than none!

#82 Zeko Z. sent in 5 PRs this month, the best being an amazing #58 WS time!

#91- Paradox enters the ranking at a mind boggling #92! Looks like ORANGE has some new competition, as Paradox is a fellow Australian.


#110- Shoryu has been silently, yet effectively, climbing the rankings this month. He has set 7 PRs and a few flaps this month, his best time being a #91 CCL.

#114- ORANGE continues his juicy climb to Top 100 with a great 7.0630 AF cut and 5 PRs, and has finally passed the all knowing Frederiek Warreyn. Keep it up my man!

#118- Frederiek Warreyn seems to have been listening to The Who lately like many others, setting a PR on rWP, as well as a PR on rKC.

#136- Kyle H. continues to cut decent amounts of AF as always, sending in some flaps and impressive times on rDKP and NBC.

#188- Albert Batts rounds off our 101-200 list with a 10.8120 AF cut, making continued progress on his rise through the rankings, cutting an additional 5 spots since last month.


#219- Omar Martinez Ramirez cut a minuscule amount of AF this month, only .5630, but still jumped 3 spots.

#222- "Zac" cut a bit of AF, with a cut of only 2.0940. Playing only RIW and rBC1.

#237- Bryton Daniels cut considerably more AF than anyone in the +200 rankings, with an AF cut of 26. He played a few tracks, his best being rBC1, and PPS, ranked at #143 and #180 respectively. Great job, Bryton!

#326- Russel Horwood played DKJ, MW, NBC this month for a small .7810 AF cut. His best time out of the three being DKJ ranked #282

Keep up the good work guys!


Courtesy of the wonderful Frederiek Warreyn.

Player of the Week 1, September:
Yacine Wind Waker of course! For his rMC2 world record, congrats Yacine!

Player of the Week 2, September:
Joshua O.: for 5 PR's in one week. His rWP and rBC1 are his best ranked times, nice job!

Player of the Week 3 September:
Syaru Eve: He got 3 top 10 PR's in a week! His 2:02.912 on SGB is especially impressive, he was outside the WW top 10 but jumped up to 4th there!

Player of the Week 4, September:
Miracle: For entering the legendary top 10, talk about an amazing achievement! Congrats, we're all very happy for you!

Player of the Month, September:
10 PR's in a month and two of them are top 10? Yep, let's give it to Shy Guy again.

Thanks for reading everybody! Maybe I'll end up writing the news again someday. See you on the forums, bye-bye!


Back 2 School!!

Evan @ Friday, September 2nd 07:26AM   [link]

Oh’s that dreaded time of year again. The back to school season is upon us, summer vacation is coming to a close, and karting activity usually drops a little. I know most of you are already back in school, but if you aren’t, savour your last bit of summer while you can!!

Alright, this update will cover the month of August, July 31st - August 31st. (Note: there are a couple submissions on the 31st that didn’t quite make it in time for this update)

New Players

There are 3! Say hello to Doodle, Flo_Mk and X.Dark.x! The first two players have incomplete timesheets while Dark joins with 32/32 times. We look forward to seeing more from them!

Site Records

Only 1 this time:

Samuel Klein beat the old Retro Maple Treeway Glitch site record with a time of 1:48.938


We had 50 active players this month!


#1 Weisse- only played 2 tracks: a 1:56.562 on rCM and a 1:11.704 on rBC1. With these two improvements, he has subbed 4 AF on the rankings!
#3 Okami- sent 3 records on rAF, BC and rWP. His 2:11.640 on rWP is 7th WW while his 1:54.355 on rAF is 4th worldwide! Great job Okami!
#9 Wouter Mulders- TT’d Koopa Cape earlier this month and achieved a 2:08.362 which is a top 10 time!
#12 Miracle- passed 2 players with a 1.8 AF cut. He submitted 5 PR’s, the best being a 1:53.964 on RIW which is ranked 10th!!
#16 Nicola Torre- sent 3 PR’s from June and cut .5 AF. They were: a 1:43.607 rLM, a 2:11.911 rWP and a 1:23.332 on WL.
#20 Samuel Klein- remembered to send in his rMT Glitch WR this time! Congrats again buddy!
#21 LeoMK- currently sits at just over 30 AF. He didn’t cut any, but was still active with 3 PR’s and 2 flaps. His rBC1 NG is an astounding 1:11.752, 6th on the charts and 7th worldwide!
#22 Thomas S.- had a #1 ranked RRM flap (37.605), a 1:43.415 rLR and a 1:59.841 BC to share with us this month. Nice PR’s!
#29 Murray Wright- improved his NBC record to a 1:45.700, it’s Hero C and 30th on the site!
#32 MK7Jack- jumped up 3 spots with 8 improvements! His DKJ was the best of his NG submissions ranking at 26th with a 1:56.367. He’s also 8th WW on rBC1 Glitch with 1:11.131!
#34 Aaron Morton- had one PR for us: a 1:52.252 on rDDJ. hehe
#37 Valentin Vilas Boas- also had a single PR, but on rBC1. His 1:12.156 is a site top 10 and Titan C standard.
#40 JojoMk7- cuts 5.2 AF and improves 2 spots on the rankings. He played 4 tracks including a 2:18.357 rMT. Nice work!
#44 Shy Guy- has quietly been moving up the ranks, he was 51st last update, and 63rd the one before that! He set another 12 PR’s this month and those had a 1:34.467 rMG which is 7th PP and 10th WW! Great job!
#46 Etienne- was another 12 PR player this month and leap frogged 11 karters! Great work Etienne! P.S your 1:55.387 on Wario Shipyard makes me jealous!!
#47 Martijn Veldhuis- sent in a heaping pile of flaps, 21 to be exact! And 7 3laps too! The best of those 3laps was a 1:56.362 on DKJ, ranked 25th. Nice!
#52 Lumi Heart- squeezed in a quick 1:57.155 on Coconut Mall to get a mention in this news update!
#54 Sorata- slipped past 6 players with 7 new records and cut 3.8 AF in the process. Solid progress, keep it up!
#62 X.Dark.x- is up next. He joins at this position so be careful everybody above him! It looks like he’s got some serious potential!
#68 Hugo De Moya- TT’d some Wuhu Loop and got a 20th ranked 1:23.571 and a 2nd ranked 22.766 flap! You’re so close to the worldwide top 10...JUST DO IT!! razz
#71 Matthew Huinker- sent 11 flap records. Both his rBC1 flaps are site records and he also sent 4 3lap records. The best was a 1:31.755 rKTB which is ranked…..69th. Ha.
#72 Adam Roberts- had 5 PR’s this month, his most recent being a 2:13.054 on rWP to defend his 10th American spot from….
#73 Evan Wiseman- He tried for the American Top 10 on Waluigi Pinball but fell just short of Adam’s time. However he improved his record from 2:13.709 to 2:13.245 and got a 43.429 flap. Not bad I guess.
#77 Stephane Comodi- posted 4 PR’s. His rAF is AMAZING, 1:54.255 is unbelievably good! He’s 3rd in the world just behind Ray and Adro.
#85 Zeko Z.- randomly cut 22.5 AF cut and breaks into the top 100 from 106th. He made 14 new PR’s to do so. Where the heck did that come from?!
#88 Joshua O.- continues to climb the ranks quite hastily. He dropped 9.9 AF with the help of 12 PR’s! Good job with your NBC, rKTB, rKD, rLM, rDC and rDKP, they all beat mine haha.


#119 Shoryu- sent in a 124th ranked Wario Shipyard time of 1:57.752 and a 38.566 fastest lap. GG.
#120 Frederiek Warreyn- Freddy Found the Free time to Finally Finish his First PR on Koopa Cape (2:11.340) in Forever. FFFFFFFFFantastic!
#121 ORANGE- got four fruity PR’s this month on rDKP, RRM, rKTB and rBC1. His rDKP was the fastest of the group with a 1:59.874! NOICE.
#145 Kyle H.- had 8 PR’s and a handful of flaps to show for this month. Congrats on beating me out of the American top 10 for rBC1. Your 1:13.655 is safe for now…
#146 Francis Antepim- submitted a big batch of new times for a 21.5 AF cut. His Koopa Cape is a 2:10.494 which is really great for his rank!
#166 Syx Wolf- has made some great progress from when we saw him last. He was #180 in the last update! Two of the times he sent: PPS and rBC1, are in the top 100! Grrreat!
#167 Christian Connally- got a 1:31.916 Hero B time on Koopa Beach, one of his best tracks along with rMG and WS.
#182 Jaden Figueroa- made a 1:58.734 DKJ and a 2:05.697 SGB which are both top 200 times
#184 Bradon- did the same as Christian and PR’d on Koopa Beach with a 1:32.326, good enough for a Hero D standard. He also sent some flaps with his 11th ranked WL being the fastest.
#193 Albert Batts- had another solid cut of 16 AF points as he keeps up his activity and enters the top 200 this month. Congrats!
#194 Noah R.- didn’t cut much AF, but nonetheless got improvements on rRR and PPS. His 1:51.609 PPS is among his fastest records ranking in at 112th!


#203 Jacob Desmond-Hooper- has a long name. He got a bunch of PR’s this time, around 11 + some flap records too. His best submission was his 1:28.324 Maka Wuhu, Expert C and ranked 148th!
#215 MariosMZ- cut a hearty 9.4 points this time. Keep climbing the ranks man, the top 200 is getting close!
#218 Siana- shared 8 new records with us this month and took off 3.3 average finish.
#220 Omar Martinez Ramirez- is gaining ground on the above 2 karters. He cut some time on 14 tracks which gave him a nice 9.5 AF drop.
#221 InfinMK- got 10 PR’s in August while also cutting 3 AF. I’m running out of things to write to be honest….here, have a cookie. Does it taste good?
#224 “Zac”- played PPS, rMC2 and rKTB. Of the three, his 1:54.202 PPS is in the top 200! Good work Zac.
#261 Bryton Daniels- is smack dab in the middle of an AF graveyard. It was very difficult to locate him amongst all of the inactive people! Anyway, he did send 2 PR’s on MC and RRM, but it wasn’t enough to prevent him from gaining AF.
#317 Greg Howard- made some tweaks to his timesheet with 8 PR’s to ultimately subtract 2.1 points.
#319 Anthony Caiulo- hasn’t been active since January of 2015. He may have decided to pick up his 3ds again, or perhaps he just unloaded all of his old PR’s from long ago. Either way, we’re glad you shared them with us!
#321 Kyle Wadley- gave us a 1:58.811 on Airship Fortress, that’s not too shabby.
#327 Russell Horwood- finishes us off with 10 PR’s and a just under 1 AF cut.




Did you skip to this section…?

Player of the Week 1, August:
Shy Guy: For a 5 point cut and his 1:34.467 on rMG which made it into the WW top 10! <3 rMG

Player of the Week 2, August:
ORANGE: His persistence on rDKP paid off! He achieved an awesome 1:59.874 which is 74th, and he also got a really solid 1:13.976 on rBC1 NG!

Player of the Week 3, August:
Zeko Z.: For a strong week of mostly top 100 PR’s, which included a 1:38.506 RR and a 2:01.740 RRM to name a couple

Player of the Week 4, August:
Okami: put up some outstanding PR’s this week. He got his rAF to 4th worldwide and his 1:58.968 BC is also approaching 10th WW.

Player of the Month, August:
Shy Guy: I scrolled through his Miiverse posts to see many improvements all throughout August, he worked very hard this month! Congrats Shy Guy!

Thanks again for reading (or skimming) everybody! See you all next time, Bye-bye!



Evan @ Monday, August 1st 06:37PM   [link]

Hey everybody! I’m back with another news update! The plan is to have the news at the beginning of each month, but we’ll see how long that lasts lol. Alright, let’s get to it. This huge update will cover activity from June 13th - July 30th.


New Players

We have 6 newbies this time: Syx Wolf, Mauro Deketelaere, Brock, Jigglypuff, Nathan Allen, and Albert Batts.

Full timesheets from: Syx Wolf, Jigglypuff and Albert Batts.

Welcome to the site guys!

Site Records

6 new SR’s!

Weisse beat the old Shy Guy Bazaar site record with a time of 2:02.686

Aaron Morton beat the old Neo Bowser City site record with a time of 1:42.766

SunMK beat the old Retro Luigi Raceway site record with a time of 1:42.876

Prunus Mume beat the old Retro Bowser Castle 1 site record with a time of 1:11.215

Weisse beat the old Retro Luigi’s Mansion site record with a time of 1:43.281

Weisse beat the old Retro Koopa Cape Glitch site record with a time of 2:07.397


67 karters played some MK7! Don’t be surprised if I start to get lazy by the end of this section. wink


MK7 Champ Weisse- is still #1. He PR’d 8 tracks, 2 of them are World Records on SGB and rLM and 1 is a SR on rKC Glitch. Weisse only has 1 time that isn’t top 10, 11th on PPS. All hail the King!
#3 Okami- got a 2:02.969 SGB and a 1:57.900 rDKP, Myth C and D respectively.
#4 SunMK- improved his Luigi Raceway WR to 1:42.876 and scored 2 more awesome times: 1:19.385 on TC (4th WW) and 1:49.350 on rMT G (3rd WW)
#8 Prunus Mume- discovered a new rBC1 NG strat to further his WR to an amazing 1:11.215. (seems a lot of people played rBC1 because of this) He played some other tracks, but I thought this was the highlight.
#9 Syaru Eve- enters the top 10 with a 1.8750 AF cut. That’s a significant amount considering where he’s ranked!
#10 Wouter Mulders- sets an amazing record on BC. He’s 5th WW with 1:58.629! Teach me your ways, BC has not been kind to me.
#14 Miracle- makes a 3.7 AF cut with 8 improvements. His best was a 1:11.666 rBC1 NG…..gasp! shocked
#20 Samuel Klein- Dat boiii submitted times on PPS, DH, rBC1 and SGB. His PPS is the AR with 1:48.123 and his rBC1…… way…….1:13.666. I’m scared.
#21 Michael D’errico- didn’t PR. He instead sent us an old 1:04.811 MW G, 12th on the carts. We all await your return…
#22 LeoMK- cut off 3.4 AF points on 5 tracks and jumps up 6 spots. His best time was a 10th ranked 1:12.230 on rBC1. Wait….HUH??! You’re kidding me right? He also got a 1:34.666 on CCL.
#23 Thomas S.- was decently active. We got a great 2:12.313 rWP and 1:11.365 rBC1 G from him along with a few other times. Keep it up!
#24 Liam David- Vexus played DH, DKP and BC. I’m especially jealous of his 1:59.210 BC.
#29 Murray Wright- one of the great BC masters sent a lot of PR’s including a 1:58.338 on you guessed it, Bowser’s Castle. I wish you luck for further improvements! (WR…?)
#32 DracoRom- has been grinding PPS. He managed a really good 1:48.263, ranked 5th and Myth A standard! Go for God!
#33 Aaron Morton- made a great cut of exactly 8 AF, and moved up 7 spots! And he pushed his NBC WR down to a 1:42.766! Nice work Aaron.
#34 Zepple- PR’d for the first time since Dec 2015. He got new records on rRR and rKC. It’s nice to see you back!
#35 MK7Jack- made so many new records that I got a lpl. I’m most impressed with his rBC1 times: 1:11.748 NG and 1:11.305 G.
#38 Valen Vilas Boas- PR’d 3 tracks including a 12th ranked rBC1. Nice!
#42 JojoMk7- goes fom #48 to #42 with 6 new personal records with his best being a 1:31.2 on rKTB.
#46 Martjin- sends 16 new records, and a huge pile of flaps. And he chops off 5.5 AF as a result, noice.
#51 Shy Guy- also got 16 PR’s which moved him up 12 spots! Great work!
#57 Etienne- cut 10 AF off of 9 new PR’s. That’s a nice improvement, keep going!
#60 Sorata- hasn’t been around since April, but decided to send in 6 PR’s this month. One of which was the ever popular rBC1.
#66 Elekk- 9 new records. 2 were rBC1 (1:12.934 NG, 1:11.455 G) So much rBC1. Lol
#71 Adam Roberts- Who is this guy? It looks as though ADAM-XL has fled the country to join the anti caps lock movement. Anyhow, he managed 11 PR’s and has passed yours truly. GG.
#72 Evan Wiseman- is very mad at Bowser. His castle has been trolling Evan for 7 weeks and counting. He got a 1:59.581 and a 1:43.490 on rLR. No rBC1 here!
#74 Matthew Huinker- made an 8 AF cut with 11 PR’s. He has an awesome 1:49.044 PPS and 1:11.711 rBC1 NG (now .541!) I wish you luck for the WR man!
#84 White- failed to cut any AF, but holy moly his 1:43.076 on rLR blows my mind! Ranked 4th on the PP and 8th in the world!
#86 Stacy Needham- the #2 combined rankings legend got a 2:02.192 run on RRM. Not bad!
#90 Retro- sent us 3 new times on MP, SGB and RIW. He’s got a 1:49.994 on MP which is good enough for 75th on the page! Great, now DONT DLT it!
#96 Joshua O.- ??? That’s right! This is the same Joshua that was ranked 162nd in our last update. He has broke his way into the top 100 with ease and shows no signs of slowing down with a 65.6 cut on virtually his entire timesheet. Skill.
#98 Hawaado- also cracked the top 100 with 10 PR’s. Congrats!


#106 Zeko Z.- PR’d a handful of courses. The most notable in my opinion were his 1:57.084 rCM and 1:46.503 NBC NG. Those both beat mine!
#119 Shoryu- played a bit and drove a 1:37.362 top 100 time on Mushroom Gorge. That’s pretty good man.
#126 ORANGE- continues to give the site a hint of citrus with his hoard of new records. He now has 2 top 100 times on rAF and rLR. Nice work!
#136 Aatu Hahto- the fin, precisely made a 7 point cut of AF with lots of improvements. None were better than his FINALLY sub 1:20 on TC. (1:19.999 lol) Great job, you worked very hard for it!
#147 Kyle H.- pretty much improved his entire timesheet for an awesome 36.1 AF cut! I’d also like to congratulate him on his sub 1:51 PPS! I’m sure he worked his butt off for it, now it’s time to beat my record...
#164 Christian Connally- submitted a lonely 1:14.971 on rRR and gained AF. I cri evrytiem. sad
#170 Francis Antepim- sent in 3 new times. That is all, move along now.
#180 Syx Wolf- our first newcomer of this update makes his MK7 debut at #180. Let’s see what he’s made of!
#182 Jaden Figueroa- has a really good Mario Circuit record. 2:00.231 is superb for where he sits in the AF ranks.
#185 Bradon- got a big 24 AF cut and continues to stay ahead of his brother Zac. Go for top 150!
#195 Noah R.- hops up 4 spots thanks to 9 PR’s by him. Good work.


#204 Albert Batts- starts us off with an astounding 46 AF explosion! He played every track in the game except for rLM and TC. Get dat top 200 Albert.
#210 Jacob Desmond-Hooper- has an AF score of 231.0000, he cut 30.0940. How much did he have to begin with? Math.
#219 Rudy Weitze- had a decent 12.6 AF cut this time around. His best of the batch he sent us was a 187th ranked PPS!
#223 MariosMZ- improved his position by 27.9 average finish points.
#225 InfinMK- had a whole bunch of new PR’s and subtracted 3.5660 from his AF.
#226 “Zac”- “cut” 3.5 “AF” with a “good” amount of “personal” records. Did you know that “Zac” is a NARWHAL? The more you know.
#229 Omar Martinez Ramirez- played SGB and got a 2:06.948. The end.
#233 Jeff Ferenc-Nagy- gave us 5 PR’s including an Expert B 1:45.136 Luigi Raceway!
#237 SkyfangSSB- sent in a huge mountain of new times. He has one newbie time left on rKC so let’s hope he takes care of that!
#258 Jayden Bartlett- had only 1 new time: 1:31.600 on Daisy Cruiser.
#261 Bryton Daniels- made 11 improvements to his timesheet and took off 24.3 AF.
#272 Aedilis- formerly known as Toadfan, got a 221st ranked 1:21.555 on TC which is his best time! .555… least it wasn’t .666 again.
#280 Chuck Foster- #90 on the combined MK ranks decided to pick up MK7 once again for the first time since 2013. He got 3 PR’s including a top 300 on MW. Don’t leave us so soon!
#318 Kyle Wadley- had a big 51 AF cut, let’s see a bigger cut next time!
#319 Greg Howard- cut 2.8 AF and is hot on Kyle’s tail, but he’ll fall behind quick if he doesn’t get a bigger cut!
#320 Jigglypuff- is in 3rd place behind Kyle and Greg. This is Jigglypuff’s debut position so it’s time to get some PR’s...
#325 Russell Horwood- shared 3 new times with us but unfortunately gained AF.
#370 Zachary H.- last but not least, sent us a 2:18.347 MC and a 1:23.478 rRR.


Nathan Allen
Mauro Deketelaere
Page L.
Joseph Armstrong
Esa Esa


Lot’s to hand out this time!

Player of the Week 3, June:
Weisse, for his 2 world records on rLM and SGB within a day of each other! Both records are God standard as well. Congrats Weisse!

Player of the Week 4, June:
Aaron Morton! He played well this week with his top 20 rKD, top 10 rLR and his new NBC WR.

Player of the Month, June:
Joshua O.! His rapid climb up the ranks scares us! He jumped up to #135 this month!

Player of the Week 1, July:
Kyle H. For 11 PR’s in one week, not including flaps. He’s made some great progression lately!

Player of the Week 2, July:
Albert Batts is a new face around here and managed 10 PR’s this week. He’s been really active since joining and has cut lots of AF. Nice work!

Player of the Week 3, July:
Miracle, for 5 top 25 PR’s including his #2 ranked rBC1.

Player of the Week 4, July:
Prunus Mume, his efforts on rBC1 NG were incredible! He discovered a new strat and used it to improve his WR to a God 1:11.215! Just watch out for Matthew though…

Player of the Month, July:
Joshua O. That’s right, 2 POM’s in a row. He landed his spot in the top 100 at #96 with an endless amount of PR’s. I really think he deserves this award as well. Congratulations!

Congrats to all the award winners above! Some of them were really hard decisions…

And with that this edition of the news concludes. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it!

Until next time, happy karting everybody!



Frederiek @ Tuesday, June 14th 08:42AM   [link]

Okay, let’s hit it!

This update will cover activity from May 18 - June 12.

New Players

We have 3 new players:

SkyfangSSB, Teddy Bomber and Joseph Armstrong

Only Teddy bombed us with a full timesheet.

weissesgb (146k image)
 Weisse SGB WR

Site Records

We have 9 new site records!
(Note that Diogo’s new site records are old PR’s that were submitted recently.)

Weisse beat the old Shy Guy Bazaar site record with a time of 2:02.738

Diogo Dos Santos Costa beat the old Music Park site record with a time of 1:47.562

Aaron Morton beat the old Neo Bowser City site record with a time of 1:42.843

Prunus mume beat the old Retro Bowser Castle 1 site record with a time of 1:11.626

Prunus mume beat the old Retro Waluigi Pinball site record with a time of 2:11.141

Weisse beat the old Wuhu Loop Glitch site record with a time of 1:18.201

Weisse beat the old DK Jungle Glitch site record with a time of 1:52.504

Diogo Dos Santos Costa beat the old Retro Daisy Cruiser Glitch site record with a time of 1:11.138

Diogo Dos Santos Costa beat the old Retro Koopa Cape Glitch site record with a time of 2:07.696

weissedkj (176k image) 
Weisse DKJ G WR


We had 52 active players in the past 4 weeks!

#1 Weisse played like a true boss. He achieved 3 world records (!), got 2nd place on Daisy Hills and 8th on Retro Luigi Raceway. Epic times.
#2 Diogo Dos Santos Costa didn’t play! He only gave permission to Hugo to submit his Music Park and his glitch times.
#5 SunMK accomplished a 3rd place on DKJ, but didn’t improve anywhere else.
#8 Prunus mume sent us 5 new PR’s. They ranked 1st, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 32nd. He also played SGB and benifited from the new stall boost strat to sub 2:03. And he finally passed Wouter. Pretty amazing.
#9 Wouter Mulders had 1 PR: 1:23.468 on Wuhu Loop. He has been trying to improve it further because it’s annoyingly 0.001 slower than 10th worldwide. But he had no success this far.
#11 Syaru Eve brings us more Japanese amazingness with 4 new top times on SGB, rWP, NBC and DH. Especially his 2:11.361 on rWP stands out.
#18 Miracle has 5 new PR’s and cuts more than 2 AF. He is close to passing Gaspard now.
#22 Thomas S. got 1:19.816 on TC. Otherwise we haven’t seen much activity from him lately because he is still playing a lot of Mario Maker. Great game, Thomas, but we all want you to come back and get that RRM world record!
#26 Liam David got us all excited with his return. He has 3 new times and his MC even ranks top 10.
#28 LeoMK is talented and active as always. He played Stall Boost Bazaar like almost everyone else and 4 other tracks, and entered the top 30. Congrats Leo!
#37 Valentin Vilas Boas improved on RIW and rDKP. They rank 54th and 44th, and that confirms his consistency.
#38 MK7Jack cuts another 5 AF thanks to 9 new PR’s. Congrats on entering top 40, and shout out to his 1:38.604 on DH that ranks 4th!
#40 Aaron Morton played rLM, rKD and WL to reduce his AF score, and played NBC to improve his world record once more. Nice job, Aaron!
#48 JojoMk7 improved on rMG (12th PP now) and rLM (43rd) and they both ranked above his average. So congrats on that.
#49 Lumi Heart has a beautiful name, and is now 27th on MP and 28th on rDKP, what is a beautiful result. <3
#55 Martijn is back with 7 new PR’s and a Music Park time that even ranks top 10. I know he also achieved some other PR’s recently but nobody submitted them yet. When will you make your own forum account, Martijn?
#63 Shy Guy is now 18th on rMT NG and 4th on DKJ G. Great PR’s! :o
#65 Hugo De Moya subbed 1:53 on rDDJ and subbed 2:00 on BC. His new rDDj flap and BC flap are even better because they ranked 1st and 2nd. For those who don’t know this, Hugo and Leo are in a battle for 2nd place total time laps-only. And Hugo just passed Leo. Congrats Hugo!
#68 Sakito cuts 2.4 AF with only submitting an rMG time that ranks 116th? Is that correct?!
#69 Elekk has a nice 4.5 AF cut, he also conquered the coveted 69th place, and achieved a very nice Rainbow Road time that ranks 6th! Watch out for this one, Gogoku!
#73 Evan Wiseman crushed me on MC with his 2:00.063. Great time, Evan! He also got his WL NG into the top 100.
#76 adam-xl played nbc, pps, rmc2 and yes; sgb. this comment is sponsored by the anti-caps lock-movement.
#80 Yacine Wind Waker submitted a bunch of PR’s, probably from the past couple of months. His 1:44.721 on NBC with turncut stands out to me.
#83 Matthew Huinker climbed 17 spots! Piranha Plant Slide is now his best track and ranks 22nd, and his PPS flap is even 1st! It’s great to have you back, Matthew.
#85 White has a lot of potential. His 1:26.575 on MW and his 2:03.397 on SGB are proving it. He also achieved 11 other PR’s this past month, and has cut 10 AF points. The only way is up! (unless you brake your 3DS)
#90 Ghost broke his 3DS. But he is happy to have reclaimed his top 100 spot. His last exploit with his 3DS was a 1:41 sub troll on DH. :p But anyway, GGs Ghost! And maybe you will return some day?

#104 Hawaado cuts 2.6 AF with 2 PR’s. Top 100 is within reach!
#107 Meteor submitted only 1 PR, a 1:51.281 on PPS that ranks 93rd.
#117 Frederiek Warreyn also sent only 1 PR. An improvable 2:11.512 rKC. At least I climbed 2 spots.
#149 ORANGE improved on 8 tracks, and as a result he entered the top 150! But he is even happier that he now became the highest ranked Australian. Nice achievement, congrats!
#150 Lachlan Young is our second highest ranked Australian. :p His 3 PR’s weren’t good enough to thrash the orange. That would have been juicy though!
#162 Joshua O. has a -65.656 AF cut?! And climbed 50 spots?! 0_0 What an achievement! @Everybody: There is a new Jack in town.
#182 Kyle H. moved up 4 spots with 5 PR’s. His best new time is a 2:12.735 on rKC. And he did that with Barrel train, if I remember correctly.
#198 Bradon is clearly enjoying the game and he is now in the top 200. He submitted 13 new times. His RR stays his best time by far and ranks 54th.
#199 Noah R. loses 2 spots, also due to Bradon that passes him. But Noah’s new DKJ time is top 100, so he’s happy nevertheless.

#219 Sarah Soungie has 7 new times and she could be our next top 200 player. That 1:58.529 is a nice WS.
#224 InfinMK sent us 12 new PR’s and they all rank between 200 and 300.
#227 ”Zac” could be a good rival for InfinMK as he is closing in on him.
#230 Rudy Weitze has 3 new times after a one year drought.
#232 Jeff Ferencz-Nagy finally completed his timesheet and is thereby our 232nd best.
#239 Andy Lundeen submitted a couple of average PR’s but even so, we are thrilled every time that the MKSC God picks up his 3DS. And he is now tied with Aron Langerak in our rankings, who is another god but from SMK and MKDD. I find that amusing. big grin
#255 Jayden Bartlett improved half of his timesheet and cuts 42 AF. Nice!
#267 Bryan Hall is trying to get all his times to Intermediate D at least. Only Koopa Cape left! But that one isn’t easy, I know.
#272 Aedilis TC 1:22.275, nice improvement. Thumbs up!
#273 Marco van Turner’s circumstances of his new submission are doubtful. Marco, if you read this; we would like some confirmation on those new times please. Thanks.
#291 Bryton Daniels improved on 15 tracks and got his first top 200 time on Wario Shipyard.

#320 Russell Horwood has 4 new times. But nothing top 300. Come on, Russell!
#342 MK7Manu sent in 14 new times. His rWP is really good for him.
#354 Teddy Bomber likes to bomb teddy bears? Or will he bomb us with teddy bears? I don’t know. Nice name, lol.

Esa Esa, Joseph Armstrong and SkyfangSSB

weissewl (211k image) Weisse WL G WR


These guys deserve a medal:

Player Of the Week 3, May:
Joshua O. for cutting over 20 AF in 1 week!

Player Of the Week 4, May:
Matthew Huinker who got his total AF score below 100 points thanks to 8 PR’s in one week. (-9.6AF, #90)

Player Of the Month, May:
Weisse. for the DK Jungle (Glitch) WR, for the DK Jungle WR, for the Wuhu Loop (Glitch) WR and for the Shy Guy Bazaar WR 0_o

Player Of the Week 1, June:
Aaron Morton for his new NBC NG WR of 1'42"843 what is now a Myth A standard. Aaron also subbed 1’35 on rKD this week.

Player Of the Week 2, June:
Joshua O. for another huge AF cut with 12 new PR’s and a #80 DH time.

Congrats to all of you!

aaronnbc (167k image) 

Well, that was it for this time. I also want to tell you that I will work a lot during July and August. And I want to do less for the Players’ page during those months. I will still organize the POQ awards during the first days of July, but after that I hope some other staff members take over most of my work. I’m sure we will work something out.

Happy karting everybody!


Glitch Standards are a Thing Now

Evan @ Friday, May 20th 06:38AM   [link]

Hey everybody! Evan here, and it’s that time again…. Are you ready kids? I can’t hear you! It’s time for another edition of the MK7 news! Please excuse my horribly unfunny Spongebob references as we move along here. Glitch standards have been added to the site! Give a big thank you to Alex, Frederiek, TvK, Diogo, Kleenex, Will, Ray and Nicola for the awesome addition. Also, the 7th biennual Karter Contest is taking place on the message board right now as I type this. Who will be the victor this year? Be sure to check it out! (especially my campaign thread *wink*) Ok, this update will cover everything from April 20-May 17. Oh boy, here we go.

New Players

We had 8 new players join since last time! Bryton Daniels, AMcoEva, Joshua O, Sarah Soungie, Iguil jr, Esa Esa, Maik G. and Jayden Bartlett.

4 of them sent us 32/32 times: Joshua, Sarah, Iguil and Jayden. As for the rest of you, get to work!

Site Records

I’ve got 6 new site records to tell you guys about!

Esa Esa beat the old Daisy Hills site record with a time of 1:38.426

Syaru Eve beat the old Piranha Plant Slide site record with a time of 1:47.941

Weisse beat the old DK Jungle site record with a time of 1:55.317

Weisse beat the old Retro Dino Dino Jungle site record with a time of 1:49.773

Ray Parsons beat the old Retro Airship Fortress site record with a time of 1:54.140

Weisse beat the old DK Jungle Glitch site record with a time of 1:52.635


We had a whopping 60 active players since last update!


#1 Weisse- Whaaaaa?! Weisse is still #1?? No surprises here folks, all he did was set 3 new WR’s on DKJ, DKJ G and rDDJ. He also set an amazing 1:53.284 on RIW. And I think it’s worth pointing out that his rDDJ is God standard!
#5 SunMK- The fantastic frenchman got new records on RR, DKJ and DKJ G (4th WW). His DKJ is 4th on the site and 7th WW!!
#8 Wouter Mulders- He played some good ol’ PPS and got a 1:48.240 that’s ranked #3 on the site, and good enough for 4th best in the world.
#9 Prunus mume- got 4 PR’s and cut .2 AF. One of his improvements was a 1:52.949 on RIW that’s 2nd WW. Just over .2 away from the WR…
#11 Ray Parsons- The Canadian champ sent us 1 time, but it was a new rAF WR of 1:54.140, as mentioned above. Go Canada!
#13 Syaru Eve- set a new WR on PPS with a 1:47.941 and got a 1:58.856 on rDKP as well.
#19 Miracle- cut .4 AF on 3 tracks. His best being a #13 rRR time of 1:13.482!
#20 Michael D’Errico- has been missing for a very long time, but has sent us a 1:37.377 on RR! However it is an old PR from 2014, looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer for the comeback. He seems to be back on the MB though!
#21 Samuel Klein- played 4 tracks and cut .25 AF. He achieved an AR on rDC G with a 1:12.382, and finally submitted his rMG flap which beat my only site record. RIP…
#23 Thomas S.- cut 1.6 AF on 6 PR’s. He also got a WR….on my Mushroom Gorge level in Super Mario Maker. GG, I can’t beat it.
#27 Liam David- another Canadian has also appeared as if from nowhere and played some RIW (1:54.153) and MC (1:59.850). Good to see you back Vexus!
#31 LeoMK- shaved 1.25 AF points with the help of 5 PR’s. One of those is a 1:11.667 on rDC G which is 4th WW! Congrats!
#37 Valentin Vilas Boas- moves up one spot with 3 PR’s and a 2 point AF cut. One of his times was a 1:51.382 on rDDJ which is 13th on the page.
#41 MK7Jack- jumped from #49 to #41 with a 6.1 AF improvement on 15 new records!! Keep up the great work, you’ve got serious potential!
#42 Aaron Morton- PR’d on rLR, BC, RR and DKJ. His best ranked being 12th on rLR with 1:43.219. Well done.
#48 JojoMk7- sent in one PR on rMG. A 1:35.188, ranked 19th on the site. Have fun getting 1:34, it certainly wasn’t easy for me.
#49 Lumi Heart- is wrapping up this first section with a .5 cut on 2 PR’s at rDKP and MC.


#52 Tsuca- sent in a single time on rDKP. 1:58.952, that gets him 35th on the site.
#58 Sorata- got a 2:00.410 on Mario Circuit. Short and to the point!
#63 Shy Guy- PR’d a bunch of tracks to drop 5.4 AF points. He’s King C standard on rLM and is 38th on rBC1. Great job!
#66 Hugo De Moya- Facial Tissues cut 4.5 AF and moved up 3 spots on the rankings. He’s been working hard on rDDJ lately so I wish him luck with that!
#70 Sakito- cuts an astounding 17.5 Average Finish points on improvements to half of his timesheet. His MC stands out to me, it’s #17 on the page with a 1:59.543! Wow.
#74 Elekk- also scores a great AF cut of 11.5 with 10 personal records. His best was on MC as well with a 2:00.270, that stands at 51st. Nice!
#77 Evan Wiseman- is your Mushroom Gorgeous news writer that must now speak in the 3rd person about himself. Evan subbed 4 tracks: rKTB, rDKP, RIW and MC, with the most recent being 2:00.920 on MC. He surprisingly didn’t play ANY rMG, but still desperately wants the WR…
#79 ADAM-XL- sent 4 PR’s on rDKP, RIW, rAF and RRM. For an XL sized cut of 1.3 AF. I CAN’T THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE TO TYPE SO YOU GET CAPS LOCK. smile
#89 Ghost- sent us over a dozen PR’s which was good enough for a 7.7 cut of AF. BOO! Did I scare you? Ah, I didn’t think so.
#92 Retro- climbs 5 spots with a 4.4 AF cut. He sent in a load of times to do so. rMT is the best of the bunch ranked at #72 with 2:19.417.
#94 White- cut just under 9 AF and springs into the top 100! rLR was his best submission, 1:43.080! Unbelievable time, congrats on the top 100!
#100 Matthew Huinker- made a comeback and got 8 PR’s. Welcome back Matt!


#105 Hawaado- starts this section off with a big 11.7 AF cut. He improved almost half of his timesheet, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the top 100 next time. Good luck!
#107 Meteor- is heading toward the top 100 with a 5.5 cut and a #62 time on rCM. Everyone ranked above him should brace for impact!!
#119 Frederiek Warreyn- our beloved time updater, has been grinding Mario Circuit for quite a while now. He started with a 2:01.9 and has since improved by over 1 second to his current 2:00.816. He gained AF, but I’m sure he’s got other important things to do. Right?
#121 Kyle Stoeger- got a bug cut of almost 18 AF! He made massive improvements on almost all tracks. He also has a 1:17 flap time on rWP, I sure hope that’s a mistake wink
#126 Shoryu- made 5 PR’s and is sitting at 18.500 ARR points. One more new record should get you Expert B title! Go go go!
#161 ORANGE- the Australian wonder submitted a hoard of new PR’s. So many that I’m too lazy to count them all. But I must ask, are oranges your favourite fruit?
#164 Christian Connally- my fellow rMG player has returned to send improvements on 6 tracks. He also cut a solid 5.25 AF, keep going!
#181 Jaden Figueroa- sent us a 140th ranked rWP: 2:14.999, and a 44.569 flap.
#185 Zekhai Meadows- played 6 tracks to get rid of 2.2 AF points!!!!
#186 Kyle H.- cut 9.4 AF with a lot of new times. He’s currently sitting at 201.5 AF, so I’m hoping to see you sub 200 next time!
#197 Noah R.- made a 4 point AF cut with 10 new PR’s. GG.

201 and beyond

#207 Bradon- takes off 6.9 AF points with 9 NG records. Top 200 is getting close!
#209 KSM Zach- sheds a huge 26 AF and closes in on Bradon. Who will reach top 200 first ?
#212 Joshua O.- one of our newcomers, storms his way up the rankings with a 16.9 AF cut. The potential is there, keep going!
#215 Siana- another new player, made a 4.7 cut and climbed the charts. One of Siana’s PR’s was a 2:02 on MC, not bad!
#221 Omar Martinez Ramirez- is a cool name, I like it. Omar sent in 7 PR’s, however he still gained a small amount of AF.
#226 Sarah Soungie- joined the rankings and cut exactly 41 AF! Holy moly. She also got a 2:21 on rMT which is her 1st time in the top 200!
#230 InfinMK- made a cut of 4.4 AF with 11 new PR’s. Nice work.
#234 “Zac”- one of our Canadian twins, cut 11.1 AF on 9 personal records. You better catch up to your bro!
#249 MariosMZ- a karter from Greece, got this update’s biggest AF cut…..70.4. Oh how I wish could magically cut 70 AF.
#282 Bryan Hall- cut a good amount of AF for his position: 16.6. Top 250 seems like a good goal to start out with, go for it!
#287 Iguil jr.- one of the newbies from France joins at this position. You shouldn't have any problems climbing the ranks. Go get some PR’s!
#295 Jayden Bartlett- joins at 295. Good luck improving!
#313 Finlay J-W- posted 6 new records but unfortunately gained some AF.
#322 Russell Horwood- got 9 improvements but did the same as Finlay.


Jeff Ferencz-Nagy
Jonas Liedtke
Esa Esa
Maik G.
Bryton Daniels


POW Week 3, April: Kyle Stoeger had 15 PR's in the span of a week and cut a bunch of AF as a result.

POW Week 4, April: "Zac" for winning the random rBC1 war that broke out on the message board with a 1:14.323!

POM April: Weisse became our new site champ, made some amazing PR's and reclaimed the WR on rDDJ with a 1:49.773 god time! Congrats!

POW Week 1, May: Liam David made an unexpected return to MK7 with his PR's on RIW, my Canadian bias forced you in here Liam!

POW Week 2, May: MK7Jack made 8 PR's and has jumped to #41 with the likes of 1:51 rDDJ and 1:48 MP. Well deserved Jack.

Well that's it for this time! I should make this short, it seems my dog has thrown up all over the floor. No joke lol. razz

Happy Karting everyone!


Aaron is back!

Frederiek @ Wednesday, April 20th 10:15AM   [link]

Hello there Mario karting world it is me, Aaron again making a return for another piece of news. It has been a little while since I last did the news but here I am again. There have been quite a few things that have happened recently in MK7 which will make a great piece of news. Enough of the chat this news covers all activity from 11th to 19th April with a couple of times submitted on the 10th after the last news.

New players

NONE?! What is this madness?

Site records

2 new site records since the last update

Okami beat the old Retro Dino Dino Jungle site record with a time of 1:49.816

Aaron Morton beat the old Retro Rainbow Road site record with a time of 1:12.948


We had 36 active karters since the last update

#1 Weisse- Weisse is breaking away from everyone else by sending in 2 PRs ranked #9 and #2 to cut 0.25 af and extend his lead as the champion
#3 Okami- despite gaining af and only sending in 1 PR, this was an astonishing PR being a 1:49.816 on rDDJ reclaiming the WR there. Congrats!
#5 Sunmk- Sun is making himself known in the top 5 by sending in 2 new PRS. These were a 1:13.320 on rRR and a 1:50.630 on rDDJ, both very impressive times if you ask me
#9 Wouter Mulders- Wouter sent in just 1 PR which was a 1:19.637 on TC which ranked at #20 to solidify his place in the top 10
#10 Prunus Mume- Mume sent 2 times to us including a 1:50.817 on rDDJ to help him cut 0.5 af and solidify his place in the top 10
#13 Syaru Eve- Eve sent in 6 new times! Very good for his rank. The best of these was a 1:34.876 on rMG ranked at #11. I’m sure he will be in the top 10 very soon.
#20 Miracle- Miracle joined the top 20 this week by sending in 3 PRs which were on RR, BC and rAF. The best of these being #20 on BC. Congrats on becoming top 20
#32 Leomk- Leo sadly gained AF but it was reduced by the 1 PR he sent in on WL which is an impressive 1:23.567 ranked at #18. Hopefully he can reach the top 30 soon.
#38 Valentin Vilas Boas- Valentin sent well… 1 PR, this being a 1:57.381 on rCM to edge him into #38 on the site. Not too much else to say here but I hope Valen can one day make the top 30
#43 Aaron Morton- Aaron sent a few times this week. A 1:09.833 on rMC2 but that doesn’t matter, nor does his top 25 time on rLR. But he managed to finally get the rRR WR with a time of 1:12.948, something he wanted for a very long time. Congrats!
#47 Jojomk7- Jojo cut an impressive 3.3 af to move up to #47 and did this with 4 PRs the best being 1:12.830 on rBC1 which is #28 on the site. Now please stay where you are and don’t overtake me.
#49 Mk7 Jack- Jack cut 1.5 af this week to move into the top 50 on the site. This week he sent in just 3 PRs but it was enough to get into the top 50. With these PRs he now has top 100 on every track, something I need to consider if I want to move up the ranks.

#58 Sorata- Sorata managed to cut 7.6 af this week! This amazing cut was done with 5 PRs the best being a 2:03.748 on SGB which is #40 on the site and very good for his standards. Maybe we’ll see you in the top 50 soon
#64 Etienne- Etienne made a small af cut of 0.3 this week, but hey it’s better than gaining af. This came from 1 PR which was a 1:11.983 on rMC2, about average for him.
#86 Elekk- Elekk gained 55.7 AF this week, must be a massive noob. Just kidding it’s because he sent in the last of his times in to complete his timesheet. The best time he submitted was a 1:23.722 on WL which is #30 on the site, which is very good for his placement.
#97 Retro- Retro powers his way into the top 100 this week by cutting a very solid 8.25 AF. Well he only submitted the times this week but he did some of them a while back, at least he was honest about it. The best of these times was a 1:13.829 on rRR ranked #39. Congrats on making the top 100
#98 Ghost- like retro, Ghost managed to creep his way into the top 100 on the site. He sent in 6 new times this week to cut 3.8 af. The best of the times he sent in was a 1:56.093 on RIW which ranks #68 and is very good for his position.

#103 White- a fairly new player to the site has already managed to make his way just outside the top 100. White sent in a bunch of PRs to help make his very nice af cut including an outstanding time of 1:43.096 on rLR ranked #4 on the site. Good luck on 1:42 and for top 100 I’m sure you can do both.
#119 Frederiek Warreyn- Frederiek like a few others only sent in 1 PR, this being a 2:01.273 on MC just making it to the top 100 for that course. He only cut 0.4 af but it is better than gaining af. I’m probably not the only one that wants Frederiek to make the top 100 af so keep going for it!
#120 Hawaado- Hawaado sent in 2 PRs to cut 0.5 af. These weren’t huge cuts but he did manage a 2:00.203 on MC which is very good for his position. If he can get other times like his MC then he can climb up the rankings in no time.
#129 Shoryu- Shoryu cut 1.2 af with 3 PRs. The best of the 3 was a 1:28.066 on MW ranked #127 which is above average for his position so good job.
#137 Kyle Stoeger- Kyle cut an impressive 5.2 af by sending in 7 new times, very nice. One of these was a 1:59.661 on BC which made it into the top 10 American. This is a very good time for Kyle’s position and good luck if he plans to improve it.
#141 Aatu Hahto- Aatu managed to cut 4.4 af with 7 PRs. He improved some of his weaker times and now has all of his times in the top 200. Congrats I hope you continue to improve.
#157 Jackson V. - Jackson sent us a 2:03.723 on RRM to cut 0.25 af. Not really a lot to say here but I hope he continues to TT and to keep improving.
#178 ORANGE- ORANGE made a very solid 5 af cut and did so with 7 PRs. The highest ranked time he sent in this week was #146 on rRR. The rate ORANGE improves he’ll be up the ranks in no time.
#184 Jaden Figueroa- Jaden only cut 0.03 af … but as I’ve said a couple times already it is certainly better than gaining af considering there has been a lot of activity. The time he sent in was a 1:58.637 on RIW which is above average for him. Nice job
#187 Zekhai Meadows- Zekhai made a return by cutting 3.8 af with 4 PRs. The best time being a 1:39.277 which is quite good for his position. I hope Zekhai will become more active again.
#195 Kyle H- Kyle cut 3.8 af with 6 new PRs, the best of these times was a 1:51.389 on PPS which is ranked #96 on the site. This is an incredible time considering Kyle’s position and I wish him luck for improving it further.

200+ Sorry due to my laziness these people aren’t getting a comment but will still receive a mention in this news
#211 Bradon - (-4.7810)
#239 InfinMK- (-9.4060)
#249 “Zac” - (-4.4060)
#310 Finlay J-W- (-3.5)
#324 Vincent Kwiecien- (-0.3440)
#357 Zachary H

Page L.
Steven Quincy

AWARDS TIME (drum roll please)

Only 1 POW award to go out for this news update and it goes to…. Aaron Morton! After over 2 years of working or the rRR WR he finally managed to achieve it. His determination to get the WR finally paid off after all this time.

That’s all for this news update it felt really nice to do it again after a little while but hopefully you all liked it. On a personal note to end I would like to thank all people for support and congratulatory messages on my rRR WR. As you probably knew it did take over 2 years to get it and it felt so good to get it. Once again thanks a lot and I’ll see you guys next time.

Happy Karting

Presenting you: A new site champion

Frederiek @ Monday, April 11th 10:25AM   [link]


weissecrown (101k image)

We are all trying to climb the same ladder but only one of us can be on top of it. And from now on, the person on top will be Weisse. So congrats, Weisse! We all admire your talent and dedication to the art of mk7 time trial.

So yes, he is the new champ and we can’t congratulate him enough for it. But you can also ask yourself: “Where is Diogo in all this?”. So we had the idea of asking Diogo a couple of questions about it and publish it as an interview in the news. Our former champion agreed to do this and here it is:


-So Diogo, why didn’t you try to battle Weisse for the 1st spot?
I don't play Mario Kart anymore.
-How do you feel about losing your #1 position?
I feel free.This community felt absolutely amazingly trash towards me for a long time, there's definitely nothing I could do and I wanted to be beaten.Thank god.
-You were always very active in mk7 or mk8, but now it seems that you play a lot less. What changed?
The community changed. I don’t want to explain it.
-So what do you do or play now?
I play other games. And I play way less than I used to.
-You started playing Music Park again, after you lost your WR to Doco. What happened to that? How is that going?
I gave up. And I didn’t want to bother about the 10-0-0 coin strat either.
-What do you think of Weisse as a player?
I don't really care about it myself. All I know is that he has no limits. He can do anything.
-Do you think that you will ever make a comeback on Mario Kart 7? And would it be to regain the throne or do you have other goals?
Nope, sorry.
-And suppose that mk9 gets released, would you buy it and play time trials competitively again?
Also no.
-Who do you see as a possible candidate for being the next mk7 champ?
Bastien. I don't want anyone else to be #1.
-Final question: to all of us out there who wants to become good at mk7, can you give us some tips/advice?
Thank you Diogo and good luck on whatever you do next.

Alright. Now where is that news?

This update will cover activity from March 15th to April 10th.

New Players

I could have been mistaken, but I encountered 7 new players. All of them have full timesheets:

Liure (also known as kisk), Tsuca, Sinmk, White, Hawaado (also known as N or Zansetsu), Siana, Finlay J-W

Site Records

Syaru Eve beat the old Retro Coconut Mall site record with a time of 1:56.339

Tyler Christian beat the old Retro Maple Treeway site record with a time of 2:16.989

Wouter Mulders beat the old Maka Wuhu Glitch site record with a time of 1:04.344


We had 55 active players in the past month!

#1 Weisse is number one. He improved his MP and DKJ, but especially his big improvement on RIW (one of his “weakest” tracks) gave him the title. Weisse is now the best MK7 player in the world and maybe in the universe, but we didn’t get confirmation about that yet.
#3 Okami took back the third spot thanks to 7 PR’s. All of them were extremely good times.
#4 Bastien Antoniazzi only improved his rLM. He has a special bond with that track and I still secretly hope that one day he will get his first WR on that track. sorry FF :p
#5 SunMK announced on Miiverse that he will play less because of, well, real life. He seems like a smart guy and we know that he will be good at whatever he does. Hopefully he sends in a PR regularly, like his 2:11.7 rWP now.
#9 Wouter Mulders got a top 10 WW time on DKJ NG, he sent in 5PR’s, and he made it into the top 10! Congrats Wouter! Top 10 on the Players’ Page was his 2016 goal. And the fact that he suddenly felt the urgence to make it so fast, has probably something to do with the next player:
#11 Prunus mume should be the fear of everyone in the top 10. It seems like the sky is the limit for this player. Mume cut 5 full AF points thanks to 5 PR’s. Top 10 for him is now only a matter of days.
#16 Syaru Eve is another Japanese superhero. His cut was 6,5 AF points. His RIW, rAF and especially his RRM were very strong. But most of all: he wrote another chapter in the WR history of Retro Coconut Mall. Congrats Eve!
#21 Liure joined on a very high position, but we are still waiting on his first new PR.
#22 Miracles happen. How else could he climb so fast? Or maybe it’s because of his 10 new times. Nice sub on rDC and rLM, Elcarim! (y)
#24 Toy Onehundredandone sent in a new PR?! Is this a comeback???
#31 DracoRom showed his skills on PPS. 1:48.877!
#32 LeoMK is now 32nd, passing Zepple. I’m still impressed by his talent. It looks so easy for him! D: Among his 4 nice PR’s is a 22nd ranked TC.
#39 Valentin Vilas Boas also ranks so high these days. But he gives me another impression; one of hard work and grinding tracks. This time rLM, rLR and NBC NG. Nice job on all three, Valen!
#43 Aaron Morton must be the person that played rRR the most. He is trying to beat one of the strongest world records in the game, and he is closer than ever. 1:12.961 now. We all wish you good luck, Aaron!
#49 Lumi Heart is very enterprising on our forum and we appreciate it a lot. But I never dare to ask if he/she is a boy or a girl. :3 Lumi improved on 9 tracks, cut 7 AF and achieved a 1:26.7 on MW NG. Nice!
#50 Tsuca improved on Wario Shipyard and Wuhu Loop NG . Both ranked top 30, what is very good for his position!
#51 MK7Jack almost cut 9 AF and climbed 9 spots. Yes, he did it again and is 51st! :o
#53 JojoMk7 must know it by now: Once you get passed by Jack, you will never beat him back. But I don’t know if that worries him. Jojo improved his RIW again, and ranks 17th now on that course. I think it’s his favorite track.
#64 Sorata sent in a bunch of PR’s all at once. It’s his style to do so, and he cut 2 AF with it. Don’t forget; that would be a lot more if there wasn’t so much activity and new players. People around him who didn’t play, all lost around 3 AF points.
#65 Etienne stayed cool and improved 4 of his times. But he gained AF :/
#69 Hugo De Moya is the newest asset of the mk7 staff. We are happy to have him, and we congratulate him with his awesome WS Flap record. Too bad that he entered the wrong date of that flap in his submission big grin
#78 Evan Wiseman played some rMG but it was no cigar. He also ameliorated some of his weaker times. Why did I choose to write this news instead of beating your 2:01.4 Mario Circuit?
#79 ADAM-XL probably has a lot of caps lock records on the site. But he should watch out for ORANGE BRO. Maybe there could be a rivalry in this? ;p Real nice rWP by the way, ADAM. Congrats!

#104 Sinmk must not be confused with SunMK. Sin is a veteran in the game but new on the Player’s Page. He is especially known for his rBC1. Sin already sent in 1 new PR, being a top 50 time on Wuhu Loop NG.
#107 White is also from Japan, like Weisse. And for those who don’t know: “weisse” is the German word for white. I don’t know if there is some sort of a connection… Anyway, White is a likeable guy on Miiverse and is extremely good at rLR. Welcome to the site!
#114 Meteor is a bit of a rival for me. He sent in 7 PR’s. I like his inactive periods more. Nah, just kidding! Congrats Meteor! And a nice rKTB! But it doesn’t beat mine! Just kidding again!
#118 Frederiek Warreyn maybe isn’t the best player in the world yet, but he definitely is the most handsome. I bet he will beat Weisse next week!
#120 Hawaado is also new to the site, with a 22nd ranked time on MW NG and 11th on CCL!
#142 Kyle Stoeger is playing MK7 again. How is KSM these days, Kyle? And welcome back!
#144 Arlabunakti didn’t send in anything. But he used to be my buddy and rival and now ranks 144th. He made it into the top 100, early 2015. Just saying.
#146 Aatu Hahto cuts 23 AF, what is more pretty decent. All his times are top 200 now, and his TC and MP are even top 100 now.
#157 Jackson V. sent in 1 PR, on RRM. Get 2:03, Jackson!
#169 Paulo Ferreira sent in his first PR this year. I guess he’s playing more MKDS at the moment.
#171 Christian Connally is back? With a VERY good WS time that ranks at #69. <3 His new rMG is even better (39th) but he has been grinding that track for as long as I know him.
#178 Tyler Christian sent in 1 PR. And it’s a… WAIT WHAT?! 2:16.989 on rMT??!!! Unbelievable. Even after I have seen the video proof.
#179 ORANGE BRO cuts 13 AF, improved on 19 tracks and is getting some decent PR’s! You go, bro!
#195 Kyle H. played BC and rLR. Both a bit below his pace, in my opinion. But he’s next submission will be a kickass PPS time.

#204 Noah R. sent in a bunch of PR’s. His PPS is pretty good!
#214 Bradon is very active. He is climbing the AF charts fast and is specializing himself on RR at the same time. His RR is 87th now.
#217 Siana is new to the site, and she is the newest member of RR too if I’m correct. Go top 200, Siana!
#223 Blaze improved half of his timesheet, but still gained AF. Sad story sad
#225 Sam Fairless only played Mario Circuit and got 2:04.0.
#248 InfinMK is very motivated. He played 26 tracks, and even more flaps. His harvest is a 20 AF cut. If I can give you one tip: Just don’t rage or brake your 3ds screen or anything.
#253 “Zac” managed the biggest AF cut of all: -29 AF. Congrats Zac! Now get yourself a top 200 time!
#265 Aedilis, TC 1:23.3. I’ve been there, buddy. TC is so hard at that point, but that is where you learn to master the game techniques.
#281 Daniel Pabst plays all Mario Kart games. But he has to admit that all the coolest players are at MK7. 8)
#291 Bryan Hall got the 2 minute sub on Music Park.
#298 Daniel Fox played a lot of tracks and got himself top 300.

#306 Adam Maynard only played rMG and MW. Come on, Adam! Train that thumb!
#309 Greg Howard, 5 PR’s. Keep going, Greg!
#311 Finlay J-W is new. How nice must it be to have all those beatable players above you…
#313 Stephen Weber is playing again and improved on 11 tracks.
#319 Russell Horwood may have submitted times with the wrong year. Doesn’t matter. You will beat them!
#324 Vincent Kwiecien stopped by with 5 new times.
#356 Zachary H. is Kyle H.’s brother and maybe our youngest member. He played NBC NG.

Page L. is a pretty good player and it astounds me that he doesn’t have a full timesheet.


Here they come (music):

Player Of the Week 3, March:
Aatu Hahto. Aatu was able to cut 15 AF in one week. In his position, this means you are talented or that you just played a lot. But in both cases you would deserve this POW. Congrats!

Player Of the Week 4, March:
Tyler Christian. A lot of things has been said about rMT NG, one of the oldest world records, if it was possible to beat or not. But Tyler, he just did it. And he got the sub on top! Truly deserved, Tyler!

Player Of the Month, March:
Tyler Christian. He gets this one too. For only that one track, yes. But he played it the whole month and even longer. And Tyler may not be the most gifted player, but his perseverance was unseen. That’s why he deserves this award too.

Player Of the Week 1, April:
Okami. Sorry Weisse and Wouter, but Okami gets it. He got 6 PR’s in one week and they all made it into the European top 10. Congrats Okami!


Hello fellow karters!

Frederiek @ Tuesday, March 15th 05:21PM   [link]

Yes it's me, Frederiek! I got myself a news updating account because I thought that it could be useful to have one of my own. I'm not planning to write news articles in the future, but however I will post one now thanks to our very own Evan -Mushroom Gorgeous- Wiseman who was so kind to "volunteer" to write the news this time. Enjoy!

Hey guys! Evan here (Supy on the forum) with my first news update! A bit about myself: I’ve been playing MK7 since Christmas of 2011, although I didn’t start playing competitively until January of 2012. I’ve been on and off of this game ever since, however I keep coming back to set new PR’s from time to time. I also recently turned 21 this month! Alright, let’s get down to business. This update will cover activity from February 16th - March 14th.

New Players

We had 11 new players join the site this past month!

Prunus Mume joins with a full timesheet and ranks at #17
Syaru Eve joins with a full timesheet and ranks at #23
Miracle joins with a full timesheet and ranks at #29
Lumi Heart joins with a full timesheet and ranks at #59
Beck Burnett joins with a full timesheet and ranks at #202
Bradon joins with a full timesheet and ranks at #229
Lolzac joins with a full timesheet and ranks at #281
Russel Horwood joins with a full timesheet and ranks at #312

Aatu Hahto, MK7Manu, and Elekk join with incomplete timesheets.

Come on guys, fill those timesheets! All the Kool Kids have full sheets...

Site Records

SunMK beat the old Mario Circuit site record with a time of 1:58.455

Prunus Mume beat the old Piranha Plant Slide site record with a time of 1:47.947

Prunus Mume beat the old Retro Bowser Castle 1 site record with a time of 1:11.694

Syaru Eve beat the old Retro Coconut Mall site record with a time of 1:56.353

Prunus Mume beat the old Retro Waluigi Pinball site record with a time of 2:11.157

Prunus Mume ​beat the old ​Retro Bowser Castle 1 Glitch ​site record with a time of 1:10.794

Prunus Mume ​beat the old ​Retro Daisy Cruiser Glitch ​site record with a time of 1:11.302

Prunus Mume ​beat the old ​Retro Koopa Cape Glitch ​site record with a time of 2:07.828



We start off this section with #2 Weisse. He sent in a 1:47.732 on MP and a 2:17.958 on rMT. He didn’t cut any AF, but those are 2 amazing times! This guy continues to impress. Next we have #3 Bastien Antoniazzi, one of our beloved time updaters. He PR’d rDDJ, rMC2 and rBC1 and cut .5 AF. I’m especially jealous of his rDDJ, 1:50.331! Then there’s #6 SunMK, although he gained AF, he set a new WR on MC with his 1:58.455. That’s his second WR, congrats! Now we skip not far down to #17 Prunus Mume. He finally joined our site and has cut 1.1 AF already with a 1:34.989 on rKD. He also has WR’s on PPS, rBC1 and rWP. I’m looking forward to seeing you climb the ranks! (only 16 ahead of you lol) Just below Mume is #19 Samuel Klein He sent us a single PR on PPS, but it’s one hell of a record. He got a 1:48.294 which is 3rd WW, 2nd on the site, and Myth A standard! You did well mah boiii! #31 DracoRom played rKC and got a respectable 2:09.820. Good job! At #32 we have LeoMK who cut 1.3 AF on 6 PR’s, one of which is a 1:35.010 on rMG. That’s good enough for 15th on the site. Well done! 8 spots down is #40 Valentin Vilas Boas. He played SGB (2:03.668) and rLM (1:44.669). Those are some great PR’s dude! #45 Aaron Morton played his favourite track: rRR. He now has a 1:12.971 which is 2nd WW and only .022 from the WR. I can’t wait until you finally get it, GL! JojoMk7 sits at #51, one spot lower from last update. He played 4 tracks and unfortunately gained .4 AF, but he did get a 1:44.862 on NBC which is ranked 18th! Nice! Just a bit further down is #59 Lumi Heart. Lumi joined on the 8th of March, and has since made 2 PR’s on rDC and SGB. Go for top 50! #60 MK7Jack is hot on Lumi’s trail, he has made a substantial cut of 16.1 AF on 18 PR’s! You are a machine! #63 is Etienne. He played some good ol’ Luigi’s Mansion and has a 1:44.541 which is King A and ranked 46th! Next is #66 Sorata, he played some MC, BC and rKTB. Keep on karting! Starting off the 70’s we have #73 Hugo De Moya aka Kleenex. He cut just over 1 AF with 3 new records on PPS, DKJ and rWP. He also played DKJ G and rKC G. #77 is yours truly, Evan Wiseman. Evan played A LOT of rMG. He set a 1:33.742 which is 3rd WW and is trying to get the WR (sorry Samuel). He also improved his TC and rMT G times along the way. At #80 is the one and only ADAM-XL. Adam PR’d on 5 tracks, one of which was a 1:37.857 on RR7 which is his best time at 34th! GG! And last but not least of this section is #98 Ghost. He PR’d rLM with a 1:45.628 and sent us 4 glitch times on MW, WL, rDC and rBC1.


So sorry but I can’t write something for everyone, you will simply be mentioned in this section.

#104 Cole Gilbert (-12.5620 AF)

#117 Frederiek Warreyn (+2.3130 AF)

#148 Caleb Tran (+2.4060 AF)

#151 Jackson V. (+2.8750 AF)

#158 Francis Antepim (+0.9690 AF)

#176 Jaden Figueroa (+4.4370 AF)

#188 ORANGE BRO (-3.0940 AF)

#191 Kyle H. (-2.0000 AF)

#200 Noah R. (-1.2810 AF)

#202 Beck Burnette (-13.3750 AF)

#229 Bradon (-52.5980 AF)

#257 Aedilis (+2.1870 AF)

#271 InfinMK (-13.2810 AF)

#281 Lolzac (-18.2180 AF)

#284 Bryan Hall (+5.2500 AF)

#299 Daniel Fox (-3.3750 AF)

#304 Greg Howard (+6.4060 AF)

#309 Stephen Weber (+6.0000 AF)

#311 Russel Horwood (+2.3750 AF)

#347 Zachary H. (+7.9380 AF)


It’s time for the awards ceremony!

POW Week 3, Feb: Evan Wiseman: For being the 4th person ever to achieve 1:33 on Mushroom Gorge and getting 3rd WW, congratulations! Frederiek and Samuel insisted on this one razz

POW Week 4, Feb: MK7Jack: For tons of PRs and getting 10th WW on Daisy Hills, well done Jack!

POM, February: Sorata: For cutting 12 AF and improving on 18 tracks! He went from 74th to 61st!

POW Week 1, Mar: Samuel Klein: For his 1:48.294 PPS site record + 3rd WW! Congrats Samuel!

POW Week 2, Mar: Lumi Heart: For sending in PRs and adding 3 legendary Japanese players to the site! Thank you Lumi!

I hope you enjoyed my first news update, I am sorry in advance if I got something wrong or I missed you entirely. I’m very tired. Anyway, keep those PR’s coming, MK7 will never die!!


The Glitchiest News Update Yet!

Samuel @ Tuesday, February 16th 12:41PM   [link]

Hi everyone! I'm Samuel, bringing you the first news update with the newly integrated glitch charts! I've been anticipating these charts for a while because people had been talking about them for quite a long time now, but they were finally made a reality by Frederiek Warreyn and Alex Penev, a big THANK YOU to them both! Anyways, this update will cover all of the activity from February 2nd - February 15th .

New Players

We start off the fresh mea-- new players section with MK7Atki who lives in the land of the Brits. He has all but three tracks submitted, and his current times range from under 100 to over 350, so who knows where he could land on the AF?

Next up for slaughter is ORANGE BRO who comes from the country continent of Australia. He starts off at an AF position of #189. He is sure to bring lots of orangeness to the page.

Site Records

There were an astounding 13 new Site Records in the last 14 days.

Weisse beat the old Wuhu Loop site record with a time of 1'23"139.

SunMK beat the old Retro Luigi Raceway site record with a time of 1'42"891.

Daniel Pena beat the old Retro Luigi Mansion site record with a time of 1'43"471.

Weisse beat the old Retro Daisy Cruiser site record with a time of 1'26"475.

Weisse beat the old Wuhu Loop Glitch site record with a time of 1'18"251.

Ray Parsons beat the old Neo Bowser City Glitch site record with a time of 1'21"970.

Valentin Vilas Boas beat the old Maka Wuhu Glitch site record with a time of 1'04"508.

Ray Parsons beat the old DK Jungle Glitch site record with a time of 1'52"880.

Tom van Kessel beat the old Retro Bowser Castle 1 Glitch site record with a time of 1'10"896.

Long John Marv beat the old Retro Luigi Mansion Glitch site record with a time of 1'41"589.

Weisse beat the old Retro Daisy Cruiser Glitch site record with a time of 1'11"883.

Samuel Klein beat the old Retro Maple Treeway Glitch site record with a time of 1'48"993.

Long John Marv beat the old Retro Koopa Cape Glitch site record with a time of 2'08"642.


#2 Weisse has had a groundbreaking two weeks, making #2 times on NBC and WS, and #1 times on WL and rDC of course. On the way he cut .13 AF, inching ever closer to that #1 spot, and achieved #1 in total times! At this rate, Weisse could become our site champion at any time!
#3 Okami seemed to play the Shell cup especially, getting #15 #13 and #10 times on rLR, rBC1, and rMG respectively. However these improvements allowed him to cut .9688 AF, which was enough to not only move him past #5 Thomas Gonda, but it also pushed him past #4 Alejandro Muhsen! Passing anyone in the top 10 is hard enough, but naturally Okami managed to pass two of the best MK7 players in two weeks. What else would we expect?
#6 Bastien Antoniazzi has just been blazing through that pesky AF! Just like Okami, he only improved on three tracks, MP, rMG, and rDC, but these improvements allowed him to cut an incredible 1.0275 AF, which is incredibly incredible! Incredibly enough, his rMG and rDC were also site top 10s!
No matter how incredible Bastien did, he couldn't cut enough AF to prevent the rLR champ #6 SunMK from TYING him at their now shared #6 spot. Sun played many tracks in these last two weeks: WL, PPS, MW, rLR, rMC2, rDKP, and rAF, all of which are top 10 times with the exceptions of rMC2 and rDKP. Sun's flurry of activity has cut 1.4375 AF, but the question is: will he be able to keep it up and put up a good fight against Bastien for #5? We shall see...
#16 Daniel Pena gained AF this week, however... he also gained something much more important... his first WR! Daniel has been working on getting a WR for years, and this week he finally accomplished his goal with a 1'43"471 on rLM! A huge congratulations to him!
#23 Thomas S. did get a #18 time on MC, unfortunately he gained AF, probably due to so much activity from our top players. There's always next week though Thomas!
Although #28 DracoRom was active, he only played rMG and achieved a #4 time there, which resulted in him gaining .3437 AF. But don't expect to hear him complain; his rMG time is the ER, and this is his first ER, so an AF gain is a small consequence of the reward of being the best rMGer in Europe.
Our next active player is #32 LeoMK, who cut .5 AF by playing a single track, CCL. If he can cut this much AF on one track, he will be able to span the 1.5 AF gap separating him from the top 30 with ease.
#40 Valentin Vilas Boas cut 1.5937 AF to rise one spot on the AF, which earned him his membership to the top 40 club. To earn his membership to this prestigious club he played DH, SGB, and rKD, which he managed to achieve 1'34 on. Happy Valentin's Day!
That embarrassing pun brings me to #42 Aaron Morton who wrote our last news update. He's been spending his time on TC, where he pushed his time down to a beautiful 1'19"657, but he didn't only play TC. He also played RRM and rLR. His activity has resulted in a 1.0624 AF cut, which has resulted in him passing two people from #44. Will he soon be the next member of the prestigious top 40 club?
#50 JojoMk7 is in that magical position of #50, incidentally my starting position for the PP. He played PPS, WS, and MW, and cut 2.4063 AF to enter the top 50 in a quick blaze of glory! Hopefully he will continue to cut AF to maintain his top 50 spot and progress even further.
#57 Shy Guy has cut a full 10 AF spots with his improvements on many tracks! TC, DH, WL, MC, MP, rLR, rBC1, rLM, rKTB, rMC2, rCM, rKC, rDDJ, and rAF all got improved upon (gosh 14 tracks, Shy Guy is on some good stuff) to cut 8.1875 AF. 8.1875... wow...
Our next player, #63 Sorata started out February at spot #74, but managed to jump a huge distance of 11 AF spots with improvements on 17 tracks! He was able to cut an astounding 10.0313 AF these last two weeks! You and Shy Guy really need to hook me up...
#71 Hugo De Moya was able to use his BOS skills to move up 4 AF spots! He improved on SGB and rMT to cut off 2.0938 AF, they must've been some BOS times to be able to get him that far up the chart.
#72 Evan Wiseman was very wise indeed this week. Although he gained AF, he made a 1'34"043 3/3 bj run on rMG, the second person so far to do so other than mwah. Hopefully he can sub 1'34 and even possibly WR? (scared)
This brings us to #77 MK7Jack who has had a good two weeks. Well that's an understatement if I ever saw one! MK7Jack has cut an unfathomable 10.4063 AF so far, by improving on 11 tracks, who knows what the rest of the month could bring? Could he be the next person to enter the top 60 or even top 50?
One spot below MK7Jack is #78 ADAM-XL who cut 5.6250 AF with some XL sized improvements on DH, SGB, MW, DKJ, rMG, and rCM. Let's hope the XL improvements that only ADAM-XL can bring continue to lift him on the AF.
Starting off our 3 digit AF players is #108 Meteor. He only played rCM, but he still managed to cut .8120 AF on this one track. It must've been some improvement, do it on more tracks and top 100 is yours in no time flat!
Our glitchiest player yet, #113 Frederiek Warreyn only played rKTB and rMT, but that doesn't mean he didn't cut any AF. Frederiek was able to cut 5.157 AF on these two tracks, which is incredible in itself, but even better considering all that he does for the site, especially these glitch charts as of late!
#131 Baptmario played 3 tracks this week to cut .8760 AF. But more importantly, he accomplished something he has been trying to get for quite a long time: 1'48 on PPS! It has always been his best time on the PP, and he's been working to get 1'48 ever since I've known him, so huge congrats on achieving that time!
#148 Jackson Visser submitted only one time, a TC PR, which unfortunately not enough to prevent him from gaining AF... But at least it's a 2016 PR!
Now we skip all the way down to the low 100s to look at #194 Kyle H.. Just this month he has cut 13.344 AF, which has allowed him to not rise 10, 20, or even, 30 spots, but an insane 40+1 spots! Kyle H. has the potential to be in the top 150 for sure, and he will have no problem getting there at this rate, congrats to you Kyle!
#198 Noah R. has cut 16.3750 AF by playing TC, RRM, PPS, and rMG. This is the first news that he has had a full timesheet, and his improvements on these tracks and others will bring him into the top 150 soon, especially when he cuts such massive amounts of AF.
Starting off the 200s is #260 Aedilis who cut 4.4060 AF by playing RR, rMT, and rRR. He will be able to get in the top 250 soon, especially with that lucky Irish blood of his. Good luck!
#279 InfinX has been very active these last two weeks! He cut 10.3750 AF so far this month by playing a variety of tracks: TC, DH, SGB, RRM, WS, rLR, rMG, rKTB, rCM, rDDJ, rAF, and rRR (phew). Big improvements + variety of tracks = large AF cuts, don't forget the formula!
Our first 300er #339 Zachary H. is a fairly new member to the PP with most of his times being made in 2016, and he's off to a good start, improving many of his times to cut 3.8440 AF. Keep going Zach!


Here we are at what many of you have been waiting for: the awards! We have two POWs to give out, so without any further adieu...

Week 1, Feb: Daniel Pena: For working years to achieve his goal of holding a WR, congratulations Daniel!

Week 2, Feb: Weisse: For his continuing activity, for achieving WRs on both WL and rDC, and for becoming #1 in total times! Congratulations Weisse!

I'm much too tired to write a proper conclusion, but I really hope you guys enjoyed reading my first news update, I worked very hard on it!

Until next time, Happy Karting!


Behold the glitch charts!

TvK @ Monday, February 8th 11:24AM   [link]

Dear karters,

4 years and 3 months ago, the first glitch of this game was found. And now, 4 years and 3 months later, we introduce to you: the glitch charts. Thanks to some slick behind-the-scenes work by our favorite admin Alex, our favorite updater Frederiek and our favorite ex-rDC WR holder Nicola (go get that one back, Nicola) you are now all able to submit your times using glitches. Here comes a brief introduction of the glitch charts as written by Frederiek:

"Anytime soon, we will add glitch charts to MK7. I have been discussing this with Nicola and Alex. We really lack them and we hope it will be a step forward for the mk7 page.
They will not count for any overall rankings or total times, because we think we are way too late for that and so it would be unfair to all the players who have quit mk7 by now.

We will add 9 glitch tracks, they correspond to the WR history site:

WL G = Wuhu Loop Glitch
NBC G = Neo Bowser City Glitch
MW G = Maka Wuhu Glitch
DKJ G = Donkey Kong Jungle Glitch
rBC1 G = Retro Bowser Castle 1 Glitch
rLM G = Retro Luigi Mansion Glitch
rDC G = Retro Daisy Cruiser Glitch
rMT G = Retro Maple Treeway Glitch
rKC G = Retro Koopa Cape Glitch

We would also add 8 flaps for these tracks (there will be no WL G flap chart, because everyone will have 00:000 anyway)

On the bottom of each player’s timesheet, we add 17 tracks (9 tracks + 8 flaps). No totals mentioned below it.

The 9 glitch tracks will also appear on a charts page and on the site records page.

The overall rankings will stay non glitch only. Glitch times don’t count there.

We don’t have any glitch standards for now. We will try to implement them soon.

When Alex succeeded in adding these changes to the site, we would announce it in a special news article. From then on, all players must specify G when they submit any of the glitch tracks and flaps mentioned here above. All the rest of time submitting should stay the same as it is now. However we recommend to specify NG for all your nonglitch times too, so time updaters wouldn't have any doubts about your time being a possible glitch time.

This example would be a correct submission:

Date: Fri Feb 12, 2016 6:00pm
Name: Willy Whatever
rMT NG 2:20.148
rMT G 2:04.758
RR 1:40.365
WL G 1:20.871
rDKP 2:02.456
rAF 1:57.423
rAF flap: 39.591
rBC1 G flap 23.549
rKC NG flap 43.823

The glitch charts will start empty. We will ask not to post your NG times as G times. We will try to keep it completely separate.

Of course it’s allowed to send us your glitch PR’s that you obtained in the past. And it’s not necessary to submit them with the correct date of when you achieved them, but you can do that if you want to. If your name is Wouter, and your MW G will be Site record, then we prefer you use the correct date.

It will be okay to send in a glitch time that is slower than a no glitch time. For example: If your rKC NG time is 2:13, and you are playing rKC G and you got 2:14, you can still send it in.

There, I think I mentioned the most important things. I hope you are all excited about this. If you have questions, please post them here below.

Big thanks to Alex for doing all the work and making this happen."

Any remarks and/or questions can be posted in this topic on the message board:

As always, submit your times in this topic, using the correct format, obviously:

Now go and submit your times if you want an early Site Record to add to your karting resume.


Leedah Takes The Lead In This News

Samuel @ Wednesday, February 3rd 07:15AM   [link]

Hello everyone in the world of MK, bet some of you lot weren’t expecting a news update from someone like myself. It has been a while since the last news update and this happens to be only the second news update in 2016. Quite a bit has happened since the last update varying from huge AF cuts to a new champion!! Well… sort of… not really… Anyway this news covers all activity from January 7th-1st February.

New Players

We had 3 new players join us since the last update. Mike N.E, Light and finally Jeff Ferencz-Nagy. None of these newcomers sent in full timesheets so won’t be making a huge appearance in this news but I’m sure they will be in future news.

As for new Site Records there weren’t any, maybe I should try and change that soon.


32 players were active in the past month. Apologies to some people for not writing a comment but as there has been quite a lot of activity to cover so not everyone has a comment.


#2 Weisse has been playing some WS and rDC recently and has got them both into the top 3. He is now 1st in the ARR and is slowly making his way to being the champion

#5 Okami only submitted 1 track, this being a 2:17.636 on rMT which allowed him to maintain his top 5 status

#6 Bastian Antoniazzi has been extremely active lately sending in a few very strong PRs including a 1:23.502 on WL and 2:03.289 on SGB. I see a future top 5 place for Bastien soon

#7 SunMK sent in 1 time being a 2:00.517 on RRM, one of his weaker PRs. This wasn't enough to stop him gaining AF

#28 DracoRom has managed to cut over 2 AF with just a couple of PRs. The main one being his 1:34.342 on rMG which is 4th on the site. With PRs like this he should be able to get into the top 25 easily

#32 LeoMK sent in 2 PRs in the last month, which were 57th on rBC1 and 53rd on rKC, which allowed him to cut around 0.7 AF to edge himself closer to the top 30.

#41 Valentin Villas Boas cut 4.1 AF in the last month from 4 PRs. The best of these being a 1:23.589 on WL. I expect him to be in the top 40 very soon

#44 Aaron Morton has only submitted 1 time over the past month however this was a 1:12.998 on rRR, something he had been working on for an extremely long time.


#54 Jojomk7 cut 1.9 AF with 4 PRs including an impressive 2:00.628 on RRM and 1:39.967 on DH. Top 50 is the next stage for Jojo and I'm sure he'll be able to get there soon enough

#57 Etienne cut 3.2 AF and did this with 3 PRs including a 1:59.736 on rDKP which is 54th on the site. However Etienne is stuck in an AF graveyard so it will be harder for him to reach the top 50, i know the feels

#72 Stacy Needham only sent in 1 PR which was a 2:00.877 on MC. Despite this PR he still gained 0.5 AF

#75 Hugo De Moya cut a very decent 6.1 AF in the past month to propel himself into the top 75. He managed to do this with 4 PRs including a very impressive 1:43.491 on rLR which is 38th on the site.

#79 ADAM-XL cut a respectable 2.5 AF last month due to a few good PRs for his standards which included a rank 60 on rLR and 78 on rMT.

#87 MK7Jack cut an incredible 30 AF to take 87th place overall. This huge burst of activity saw him overtake over 20 people. He did this with an incredible 17 PRs in the last month with the best of these being a 2:00.309 on MC which is ranked 42nd.


#107 Meteor (-1.4860)

#114 Frederiek Warreyn (-3.9060)

#119 Shoryu (-1.5620)

#194 Kyle H (-9.2500)


#202 Noah R (-10.3340)

#217 Nicholas Joseph Renzetti III (-18.6560)

#242 Yasten (0.8760)

#251 Sam Jones (-1.3750)

#260 Aedilis (-5.2650)

#265 Daniel Pabst (-7.3440)

#278 Alex Burnett (-)

#279 Bryan Hall (0.0940)

#288 InfinX (-0.3750)

#297 Greg Howard (-5.4690)

#337 Zachary (-5.5630)


Mike N.E


Jeff Ferencz-Nagy


Time for the awards ceremony now (guarantee that a load of people skipped straight here). Our one and only Frederiek looked through the activity and picked out the award winners.

POW awards

Week 1, Jan (From the last news): Jojomk7: Jojo was very active this week sending in the most times and cutting a good amount of AF. Nice job Jojo

Week 2, Jan: MK7Jack: Like Jojo, Jack was extremely active and sent a lot of times in resulting in a massive AF not to differently to when someone like Bastien was cutting AF very quickly

Week 3, Jan: Aaron Morton: After not PRing on rRR for 272 days Aaron made a return and managed to secure a 1:12 here becoming only the 2nd person ever to do so

Week 4, Jan: Bastien Antoniazzi: Bastien has made a very solid return to MK7 this week sending in a few very strong times to get himself just outside the top 5

The player of the month award goes to MK7Jack! The reason for this is that he cut an astonishing 30 AF this month, sending him to a very solid 87th place on the site. The only person I remember cutting this much AF in a month was Bastien, so this is a great achievement. Congratulations Jack!

That’s all for this update. It felt really good doing this news update for everyone and I hope I can do this again sometime in the future. I don’t have much else to say so I’ll (hopefully) see you all again sometime soon.

Happy Karting

The Long-Awaited Final News Update!

Elias @ Sunday, January 10th 05:54PM   [link]

Hello out there and welcome to the first News in 2016 (Happy new year to all of you!) and the first update after more than 2 months of inactivity! So many things happened the past weeks and I hope I can cover everything important. Our 2nd updater Jackson somehow disappeared mysteriously, which delayed this update a little more, but now I found some free time and with the help of Frederiek I was able to cover all the activity. There are also sad news for you, this will be my last news update and I'll basically quit Mk7 or at least the TTing part of it. I may get a PR from time to time out of boredom or play some WWs with friends, so maybe we'll meet sometimes soon! Well, this update will cover activity from October 26th - January 8th. (holy moly)

New Players & Site Records

There were 4 new players without a full timesheet (Ben Jamin, Feint, Toad252 and Zachary) as well as 4 newcomers with full timesheets (Greg Howard, JojoMk7, MK7Jack and VishYoshi).

There also were new site records in the past 75 days.

Okami beat the old Mario Circuit site record with a time of 1'58"568.

Aaron Morton beat the old Neo Bowser City site record with a time of 1'42"915.

Toad252 beat the old Rosalina's Ice World site record with a time of 1'52"796.

SunMK beat the old Retro Luigi Raceway site record with a time of 1'42"896.

Samuel Klein beat the old Retro Mushroom Gorge site record with a time of 1'33"637.

Ray Parsons beat the old Retro Koopa Troopa Beach site record with a time of 1'30"314.

Weisse beat the old Retro Waluigi Pinball site record with a time of 2'11"452.

SunMK beat the old Retro Kalimari Desert site record with a time of 1'34"326.

Okami beat the old Retro Koopa Cape site record with a time of 2'07"534.

Ray Parsons beat the old Retro Airship Fortress site record with a time of 1'54"173.


Sorry people but I won't write a comment for every active player, that would just be far too much work, so I'll just show the AF change of every karter. There were 59 active karters the past weeks.

Top 25

#2 Weisse(0.4375), #5 Okami(0.2187), #6 SunMK(-1.5938), #7 Bastien Antoniazzi(0.0938), #9 Ray Parsons(0.9688), #11 Wouter Mulders(-2.5625), #16 Daniel Pena(-0.1563), #18 Samuel Klein(0.3124), #19 Fants(-0.6250), #22 Luisv(-1.5624), #24 Thomas S.(0.8438), #25 Murray Wright(-10.9375)


#27 Zepple(0.8437), #28 Elias Rack(0.4063), #31 DracoRom(-4.0938), #33 LeoMK(-6.3126), #43 Aaron Morton(-1.8126), #44 Florian Gadrois(0.5937), #47 Valentin Vilas Boas(-2.9062), #53 Olivier Luyckx(1.3750), #55 JojoMk7(-2.7056), #60 Etienne(-12.6250), #68 Nathan.P(0.1874), #74 Sorata(-4.4062), #78 Night.(-4.0937), #79 Sakito(-17.0005), #80 Hugo De Moya(-17.3440), #83 ADAM-XL(-13.9378)


#109 Meteor(-8.2190), #114 MK7Jack(41.3619... lol?), #118 Frederiek Warreyn(-8.0630), #121 Shoryu(-11.5320), #132 Baptmario(2.2190), #145 Caleb Tran(-3.9060), #148 Jackson V.(2.3440), #156 Francis Antepim(-3.1880), #160 Christian Connally(-0.6250), #162 Paul F.(3.0940), #171 Jaden Figueroa(-3.3430), #200 Kyle H.(-20.2810)

201 and further

#205 Omar Martinez Ramirez(-4.9690), #213 Noah R(-38.9060), #233 VishYoshi(-7.6660), #264 Toad1(-7.0940), #271 Daniel Pabst(-8.7810), #278 Alex Burnett(-10.5620), #279 Bryan Hall(-11.3440), #283 Mark Vizza(5.6560), #288 InfinX(6.8000), #301 Greg Howard(-13.8750), #310 Vincent Kwiecien(4.5320), #321 Stephen De Winter(5.3750)


These players remain unranked yet: Zachary, Ben Jamin, Jonas Liedtke, Feint, Steven Quincy, Toad252, Derek Maguire


And now we'll get to the best part of the news: The Awards.
Frederiek basically looked up all the activity and picked out the best players of the past weeks! Without him this update would've taken much more work so I'd like to thank our favourite Time Updater a lot!

Here are the POW Awards:

Week 4, Oct: Aaron Morton: He was single-handedly responsible for improving the Neo Bowser City site standard from Titan C to Myth B. He didn’t do it all this week but what an achievement!

Week 1, Nov: Fant’s: We have a new top 20 player and his name is Fants! Congrats #18!
Week 2, Nov: Valentin Vilas Boas: Valen entered the top 50 this week and he really deserves this POW. He is one of our most consistent players and he does it all in gyro view!
Week 3, Nov: Weisse: He didn’t only join the select club of 1'58’s on MC but he also improved the Waluigi Pinball site record in the same week!
Week 4, Nov: Ray Parsons: Thanks to Ray, the Airship Fortress WR looks now as sharp as a samurai blade! And he achieved a 1'47"685 on Music Park too!

Week 1, Dec: Samuel Klein: For beating the over-500-days-old Mushroom Gorge WR! We love your BJ’s, Samuel! ;D
Week 2, Dec: Aaron Morton: He had 4 strong PR’s this week and his new rMC2 and rAF times even made it into the worldwide top 10s. Congrats Aaron!
Week 3, Dec: Hugo De Moya: Hugo is working hard on his timesheet lately and it is paying off. 1'47"1 on NBC, 1'55"7 on rAF and 1'23"6 on WL are strong improvements for him. He’s git’n gud!
Week 4, Dec: Ray Parsons: For that big cut on his Retro Koopa Troopa Beach World Record. That run looks so perfect, Ray! Congrats!

Here are the POM Awards:

October: SunMK: Sun had 7 PR’s this month and all seven ranked in the top 10 on the site! And one of them was a major improvement of the rLR world record. Yep, this is POM-worthy wink

November: Etienne: Etienne had another fast climb in the rankings, and with 11 new times he was able to cut 10 AF in one month. He now ranks #66. Congrats!

December: Murray Wright: For being so active, for improving on 15 tracks in one month and for reaching the top 25 with it!

Yeah that's it, I'm done with my last News Update. The time I had with you guys was amazing and I not only improved my English a lot with you, my time in the Mk7 community also influenced me and my life in many ways. All you people helped me a lot with karting and I really enjoyed the evenings I played clanwars with you or just had funny conversations. Special shoutouts to: Nebs, Jonas, Jut (Klatscheier), the KSM team, the whole banterous DY squad, the POW leedahs Aaron and Sarger, FinalFight, Nicola, Samuel, Wouter, Okami and Aiguille for helping me with tricky strats, the almighty RR god Gogoku7, Murray for being the best rival ever, all the funny baguettes (especially Fant's, Kleenex and Bapt), Bastien, Frederiek, Jackson and Darren for working on the PP together and all the karters I forgot mentioning right now!

Thanks for being such a big part of my life for so long and happy karting to all of you out there!


Why is Vappy? - Elias 2014
Jackson V

Oh hello procrasination, what are you doing at my doorstep?

Jackson V @ Wednesday, October 28th 07:14PM   [link]

The title basically sums up why this update is so late. Anyway, I apologize for that, but I'm here now to bring you the news. I'm Jackson if you didn't already know, and I'm just gonna get into it because there really is no time to waste, right? I'll be covering events from October 7th to October 25th .

New Players / Site Records

There were 4 new players this week, Alex Burnett, Will Dykstra, Magnus Nicolaysen and Derek Maguire. Best of luck to them!

There were 3 new site records this week.

Ray Parsons beat the retro Airship Fortress site record with a time of 1'54''208
Aaron Morton beat the Neo Bowser City site record with a time of 1"43''723
Weisse beat the retro Waluigi Pinball site record with a time of 2'11''626


There were 30 active players this fortnight, so to speak.

Top 25

#2 Weisse did well this week, playing some rWP to take the SR there, and also some NBC too. I can’t help thinking if one day he’ll be #1.
#8 SunMK can’t complain, as he sent in 4 top ten PRs to cut 2 spots. Congrats on breaking into the top 10 man!
#9 Ray Parsons improved the already strong rAF WR SR AR CR, but still gained AF due to the struggle that setting WRs doesn’t do a ton to your AF. Hopefully he can stay in the top ten though.
#15 Wouter Mulders submitted 3 new times, including a #7 ranked RIW. I can definitely see him sliding into the top 10 sometime this year if he keeps it up.
#21 Fants sent in a solid amount of PRs, and like Wouter got a #7 time, but on rDDJ.
#24 Thomas S. made his one PR count, it being a #3 RRM. That’s a pretty amazing time, hopefully he pushes this lower in the coming weeks.
#25 Luisv went on a PR spree and made his way into the top 25. Nicely done!


#31 Murray Wright spent his time on BC, getting a #2 time there. Would love to see him grind this down to an SR, but we’ll see. Still very well done!
#34 DracoRom got the sub 2 minutes on MC, along with a couple other PRs. Not bad, not bad.
#40 LeoMK did some nice flaps, along with a few PRs to cut some AF.
#45 Florian Gadrois has some nice times for being new here. Curious to see what the future holds for this player.
#48 Aaron Morton got the SR on NBC, so big props to him. He also played a couple other courses to hold onto his spot.
#52 Valentin Vilas Boas had a nice week, submitting 4 PRs including a #22 PPS. Nice!
#53 Olivier Luyckx made a special appearance this week, PRing on rKD and making me mention him. Good job though, I wonder if more MK7 is in your future!
#56 AntoMK got 3 PRs, but it wasn’t enough to keep him from moving back a spot.
#66 Nathan.P improved some weaker times, which is a solid way to cut AF. This showed,as he cut 7 of those points!
#70 Evan Wiseman did the same, cleaning up two times that are below average for him. It has to be done at some point I guess.
#75 Etienne played quite a lot this fortnight, and his efforts were rewarded, allowing him to cut nearly 10 AF! Well done man!
#76 Tsurigi managed to slice off a couple PRs, and a couple AF points too.
#77 Sorata is right on the tail of Tsurigi, choosing to send in a lot of PRs on the 21st to cut 11 or so AF. These three ranked in the mid 70s will hopefully have an interesting rivalry in the coming weeks!
#83 Night. sent in a few PRs, the best being a DH time ranked in the 50s.
#96 Hugo de Moya sent in a lot of times along with some flaps. to join ADAM in the top 100! Congrats!


#117 Meteor had a pretty solid week, sending in 5 or so PRs to keep moving up the charts. Honestly I won’t be surprised if this guy’s in the top 100 sooner rather than later!
#126 Frederiek Warreyn showed up decently this week, with 4 PRs to cut him a little AF. Also, a special shout out to him for keeping all the times updated, it really is appreciated.
#133 Shoryu had one hell of a run, sending in more PRs than I can count and cutting 15 AF in the process. Well done!
#145 Jackson V. conquered WS this week, getting a top 100 time there. Maybe he’ll play more next week.
#149 Caleb Tran, the guy I always think is going to pass me because I’m sitting on my metaphorical behind with this game, sent in some PRs, none really felt up to his rank though.
#163 Francis Antepim got things going, completing his time sheet and cutting a whopping 30 AF! Props to you man, now keep it going!
#171 Jaden Figueroa sent in a couple times, including a close to top 100 one on NBC. Nice going!

200 and beyond:

#222 Kyle H. submitted a couple times to move up an AF point or so.
#259 Noah R bothers me because he doesn’t have a period after his last initial, but he sent in 5 PRs to cut a couple AF.
#268 Toad1 got 8 PRs, but they didn’t help him move up much. Every little bit counts I guess.
#284 Alex Burnett is new, but has already cut over 20 AF by sending in time after time. I’m afraid to tell you, but it only gets harder from here..
#315 Magnus Nicolaysen is also new, hailing from Norway. Only time will tell what he does next, the only way is up from here.


Derek Maguire, Jonas Liedtke, Steven Quincy, Page L. and Will Dykstra don’t have full timesheets yet, but they all did things so good job!


The first POW goes to Shoryu. He put in a lot of effort at the beginning of the fortnight to cut 15 AF and move up a lot of spots, even passing me! Props, maybe we’ll see your name in the top 100 soon!

The second POW goes to Aaron Morton. After getting the NBC site record which he very recently made his first world record, I can’t really give this elsewhere. Congrats man, now do it on rRR!

Well thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it even though it was late. Have a happy Halloween and stay safe, and keep karting!

Until next time,

- Jackson V.


Last News Update Hero, And I'll Go Out In Style

Darren @ Friday, October 9th 08:31PM   [link]

First off, flashback to 10 months earlier, when I did my first News update here. Man was I excited:

The news is back with a brand new updater! If you don't know me, I'm Darren. I've been here for a couple of months now. Before I begin, I would like to thank Escher and Elias. Escher is updating times very frequently, and Elias will be doing the news along with me. Now let's get this show on the road! This update will cover events from October 26th to November 20th

Now we are here, the final update from me. Time seems to go really fast sometimes, but hey, it's what you have to deal with in life. Anyways, just gonna say that I enjoyed my time as a news updater (mostly) for now. I'll say more later. I'll cover all of the activity from September 14th-October 7th. (Yeah I was only a bit late)

New Players/Site Records

Yeah new players again like always. This time I won't say how many to keep you guys in suspense.

Here we go!

Well first we had Noah R who hails from Iowa USA. His only top 200 time is a #178 on MW, but it could be a glitch time :kappa:

Next we have Etienne who is a promising player with a #24 time on WS. However his sheet isn't full yet, but I'm sure he will be top 100 when he does.

We also have Cameron. His time sheet isn't even half full yet, but he has some decent times, including some top 100s. Hope you do well!

Jonas Liedtke is next, and I definitely spelled his last name wrong. Jonas only sent in a #19 time on RR, but I think he will get more.

Swinger is the lat new player. He sent in 4 PRs so far but since he is very new here I think he will send more!

As for site records, we had 3! Yikes!

Ray Parsons beat the old Retro Coconut Mall site record with a time of 1:56.399.

SunMK beat the old Retro Luigi Raceway site record with a time of 1:42.918.

Weisse beat the old Retro Waluigi Pinball site record with a time of 2:11.701.


Of everyone on the AF Charts, 33 were active.

Not gonna segregate by sections this time because I'm just that lazy razz

#2 Weisse still continues to try to be #1, and now he is only 1.1 AF from the champ! Weisse has sent in 3 PRs since the last update, and besides his rWP SR, he got #4 times on rDC and NBC. This is probably just typical Weisse, though.
#5 Okami sent in 3 PRs, all on 9/20. 2 of these were top 3 times, which were on RR and rWP. I think he can SR rWP if he puts in enough time!
#7 Bastien Antoniazzi sent in 2 times this week and got one top ten, that being on rWP. Think this is the end of rWP? Well, I'll just tell you it's not.
#8 Ray Parsons only sent in his rCM SR WR AR CR PR this week, bit besides that he remained isolated from getting a PR. He's actually improved his own rAF WR, but too recent to be mentioned.
#10 SunMK continued his rLR dominance this week, but also got other good times, such as #4 times on WL and rWP. Why are so many people playing rWP?
#16 Wouter Mulders only sent in 1 PR, which was on RR. However this time lies at #4 PP, which is pretty impressive alright.
#23 Thomas S sent in just one PR this week, that being a 2:13.2 on rWP. However he has been playing Super Mario Maker, so I can see why he's not playing MK7.
#24 Fants sent in 4 PRs, and managed to get 2 top 20 times, the tracks being CCL and rRR. I sott of want to see him and Thomas battle it out, let's see who wins!
#25 Luisv is already in the top 25 thanks to his strong activity. The best time he got was a 1:34.333 on CCL, which is .005 ahead of Fants! Luis got some more top 20s too this week, so nice work!
#31 Murray Wright still needs that top 30. He sent in 4 times this week, and the strongest one was a #26 time on rBC1. Gotta go fast man, the top 30 is calling your name.
#35 DracoRom got 5 PRs this week, even a top 5 time on rKD! Maybe he will get French CR there ! If he does, good luck!
#41 LeoMK sent in a few times since the last news, and his #17 time on WL certainly is news! That's a pretty good time for Leo, considering his AF rank.
#47 Aaron Morton sent in a nice 1:54.8 on rAF this week, but that was all we got from him. Aaron is pretty unpredictable, tting at random times.
#53 Valentin Vilas Boas is much better from what I remember! Boas sent in 5 PRs since the last news, which included a #36 time on RRM. However he's at 2:01.0, so go get that 2:00!
#55 AntoMK sent in some times these week, mainly just average PRs for him, but hey, they are still PRs, so nice work!
#72 Yacine Wind Waker sent in a lot of times since the last news and moved up quite some spots! The best time he sent was on MC which ranks at #31.
#73 Nathan.P is right behind YWW, but who knows if he will get ahead of him. Nathan sent in several times this week, but the best one was s #45 time on RIW. He also got a #47 time though, on TC.
#78 Tsurigi is now in the top 80, along with the help of the many PRs he sent in. He even got a #31 on PPS, a track he is pretty dedicated to.
#82 Night sent in several PRs as well, even getting a top 40 time on rLR! He also top 50'd TC in the process. Overall good work!
#95 Fly-MK is flying on the charts, getting top 100 this week! Among the PRs he sent the best one was a #26 time, that being on rLR. rLR is such a French track lol...
#105 Hugo De Moya came back to MK7 I suppose, sending in 6 PRs this week. He even got a top 50 on MW, so I suppose the rust wasn't much.
#122 Meteor played some MK7 as well, sending in his first times since June! Of all the PRs he sent, the best one was a #58 time on rKD.
#126 Frederiek Warreyn actually sent more than 1 PR this time, how neat. The best time out of his 3 was a #114 time on BC. Get top 100 so I can be happy!
#151 Shoryu is close to top 150 at the moment, and I think he will get there by next week. He also managed to get some times in the 130s, which isn't too shabby.
#157 Paul F managed to get a top 100, finally! This time is a #93 time on rWP, which he was very excited about, and I can see why! Congrats!
#171 Zekhai Meadows is back to MK7 as he was before. This time he got a top 150 time, this being on PPS. He's done this before though, but not too bad for him.
#175 Jaden Figueroa sent in a few times this week, and even got a second top 100 time, this being on rKC. Pretty nice time for where he stands.
#180 Francis Antepim is trying to get better I think, as he sent in 29 times this week! This caused him to move up a lot in the AF ranks, unless he wasn't on the ranks before, I forget
#223 Kyle H sent in a lot of times as well. The time that is quite clearly his best is a #153 time on rMG. I wonder if he will lower that....
#261 Noah R I already told you about, so let's move on to the next player.
#270 Toad1 is still getting there I guess. He's a pretty active player though, so don't doubt him due to his skill!


I don't feel like doing awards right now, but Frederiek had some nice award ideas, so he could just put them on the awards page if he wants razz

Anyways, this will be the final time I conclude an update I think. From baguettes to fun worldwide to getting WW Top 10s to Dynamite, I had a good time with MK7. I got to meet some really good people who I had good conversations with (they can still message me if they want, anytime). You guys were the ones who helped me get a good time karting, and have inspired me to be a competitive karter. Special shoutouts to Evan, Wallace, Samuel, Frederiek, Elias, the entirely of DY MK7, Nicola, Flinbi, and others for being some of the best people I know. Although I've made many friends in the MK8 community you guys still mean a lot to me and I won't forget you guys. Also a special good luck to Elias and Jackson for keeping the news alive, as well as any other person who becomes a news updater. Thank you all for making me feel like someone special, and motivating me to become who I am. That's all i have to say.

Happy karting!


P.S. Screw your intro and conclusion Frederiek I can think if my own too :kappa: razz

September is Gold Wheels Month! #GWM

Elias @ Monday, September 14th 11:05AM   [#GWM">link]

In this news I'd like to nominate the month September as the official Gold Wheels Month, not only because our favourite time updater Frederiek posted a Hashtag on Miiverse, also because already 2 WRs got set with these beautiful and shiny wheels, on tracks where slicks were ussually used to grind good times! So I would like to appeal all of you guys to get a PR with gold wheels and post it with the hashtag #GWM! This basically works on most of the tracks, where slicks were considered as the perfect wheels, good luck!
Anyway, let's start with this weeks News. I'll cover activity from September 9th - 13th.

New Players & Site Records

There were 2 newcomers this week!
First one was a quite well-known guy from the states, ADAM-XL. He was active in the online scene for a long time now, similar to Luisv, and finally joined the PP with a solid timesheet ranked on #118!
Second new player was Leyla Hasso, the sister of last week's newbie Maia Hasso I assume. I really like when siblings join the site, there's always potential for a nice rivalry!

There was also a site record:

Ray Parsons beat the old Retro Coconut Mall site record (1'56"453) with a time of 1'56"436.


There were 26 active players this week, which is a fairly small amount, compared to the past weeks!

Top 25

#2 Weisse had an incredibly strong week, as he cut more than 0.5 AF, while Diogo's AF got pushed down to 4,0! He's slowly approaching to the world champion and might take down Diogo some day, basically the only thing he needs to do now is focussing on his weaker tracks, as he still has some PRs outside the Top10 or even Top20.
#7 Bastien Antoniazzi visited Cheep Cheep Lagoon and got a good low 1:34 here. His time is like "030 away from the Top10 EU, so he might not be done here yet.
#8 Ray Parsons managed to get the site record on rCM this week, unfortunately only a few days after Eve from Japan got the WR and pushed it down to a "404, using gold wheels! But maybe we'll see him WR soon, Ray was always one of these players who managed to do things that seemed impossible at first!
After entering the Top10 last week, #10 SunMK still keeps pushing his AF down! This week, he played Wuhu Loop and ended up with a mid 1'23, not too far away from the worldwide Top10! He may not be done yet, good luck!
#17 Wouter Mulders is still busy with Rainbow Road, basically the only track he played the past weeks. He now got a 1'36"810 and according to him, there's still a lot of potential left. Good luck improving!
It seems like #23 Thomas S., the Austrian TT-beast, now focusses on improving his weaker tracks. He got a #50 on Neo Bowser City, without using the turn-cut. Maybe he comes up with a turn-cut time next week, learning strats fast was always one of the things he's good at!
#24 Fant's had a very strong week, 4 out of his 5 PRs were in the European Top10s, his Maka Wuhu time even ranks #10 Worldwide! He cut 1.5 AF, which is very much for his position. Maybe he'll overtake Thomas next week?


Internal sources claim, that #28 Elias Rack was pretty lazy this week. However, he managed to pull of a 1'43"3 on Luigi Raceway, which made his day. He also tried some Daisy Cruiser but that rather made him mad, because he doesn't like that track at all. Luckily his PR on rLR saved him from being overtaken by...
...#29 Luisv, who had a really good week! After joining the site last week with an absolutely stunning timesheet for a newcomer, he sent a deluge of times. His best PR was a 1'54"5 on Rosalina Ice World, which is only milliseconds away from my time.
#32 Murray Wright slowly creeped up to me this week, I guess he's planning on passing me again. I'm surrounded by 2 really good players right now, who could both whoosh past me with only one good week, HALP! However, Murray got a low 1'59 on DK Pass this week, some time ago he announced, that he's going for the sub there. Good luck!
#58 AntoMK set 3 PRs, of which one sticks out a bit. Anto got a #33 time on Rosalina Ice World, a very challenging track! Well done, we may see him entering the Top50 soon, so good luck for that!
#87 Night. keeps up his consistent activity with small cuts and managed to move up one spot, he cut almost 2 AF, which is quite much compared to this weeks activity.


#105 Fly-MK keeps up the great activity from last week and moved up 6 spots. We'll probably see him in the Top100 next week, I'd say that boi's fly.
#115 Hugo de Moya continued with Coconut Mall and managed to sub 1'58, which makes it his 2nd best track! His best one is a #53 on Wuhu Loop, if he improves his weaker tracks next, he definitely has a lot of potential for the Top100!
#118 ADAM-XL one of our newcomers, starts his journey close to the Top100. He mainly plays online as far as I know, but he may become really decent with TTs, as the same happened with Luisv the last weeks! Good luck reaching the Top100!
#129 Frederiek Warreyn had some golden days, as he was the one who founded the #GWM and started off with shiny improvements on Cheep Cheep Lagoon and Daisy Cruiser! He managed to move up 2 spots with an AF cut of 0.7!
#162 Shoryu played Koopa Troopa Beach, such as Waluigi Pinball, which is now his 2nd best track! I saw him using slicks there, maybe try gold wheels next? wink
#176 Jaden Figueroa set 2 PRs this week, one on Kalimari Desert and one on DK Pass! The 2nd one is ranked #144, quite above his average. More PRs like this will probably push him into the Top150 soon!
#190 Ben Stoneman set 6 PRs, mostly on tracks with gold wheels-potential. He cut 2.8 AF and as a result of that passed 3 karters!

201 and further

Starting of this section is #226 Kyle H., who sent a few PRs, best of which was a sub 1'40 on rMG! A really really good time for his position, keep it up!
#276 Toad1, who ranks a few spots behind Kyle, only had time for one track: Wario Shipyard. In my opinion, this is one of the hardest tracks in the game and Toad managed to set a time there, which ranks slightly above his average! Keep it up and you'll be in the Top250 soon!
#299 Vincent Kwiecien wasn't active the past 5 months and now made a nice comeback by sending us 15 PRs!
#318 Leyla Hasso joined us close to the Top300 and a few spots above her sister Maia. Their first goal will be the Top300, which is not very far away. Good luck getting there!


Steven Quincy sent us his 3rd time this week, ranked 230th. With a full sheet on this level, he'll enter the Top200 in no time, but first he should try filling his missing times


It wasn't easy deciding a POW this week, but I think Fant's deserved it the most! He set 5 PRs, of which 3 are in the Top10. Congratulations!

That's it with this week's news, thanks for reading! School starts for me tomorrow and for some of you guys it already did, so I hope you all have a succesful school year and still find the time to play some Mk7 occasionally!
Have fun karting and good luck!

Jackson V

While I Still Have Free Time..

Jackson V @ Wednesday, September 9th 03:08AM   [link]

Well, school was supposed to start tomorrow, but apparently the teachers have decided to strike. I feel sorry for them, they must be so overworked after a 3 month vacation. Anyway, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my extra 24 hours of summer then to write a news update for you guys? Also, I need something to do, because I’ve been having unusual complex dreams so I have something to spend my lazy summer days analyzing. So, to take my mind off of that, I’ll write this news update, which will cover activity from August 30th to September 8th.

New Players / Site Records

There were two new players this week, #318 Maia Hasso, who joined this PP in addition to the other handheld ones, and #29 Luisv, a well known player from Belgium who begins his journey in the top 30.

There were no new site records this week.


There were 34 active players this week.

Top 25

#2 Weisse scored a #2 time on rMC2, but stayed put otherwise due to being ranked, you know, #2!
#5 Okami is still holding on to his top 5 spot, and he helped his case for that by getting a #3 time on RR. Nicely done!
#7 Bastien Antoniazzi played WS, got a #14 time there, and kept his #7 spot.
#8 Ray Parsons played rCM, and set a #2 time there that is very close to the SR. Could he be going for yet another SR?
#10 SunMK submitted 3 PRs this week, which despite cutting him half an AF point, didn’t advance him any spots. To be fair though, it’s difficult to improve when you’re that far up on the rankings!
#14 Gaspard Fournioux got 1 PR at the beginning of the week, this being a #20 on rKTB. Curious to see if he’ll improve this further.
#18 Samuel Klein improved his DKJ time, and then sent two #3 ranked flaps. Not a bad week if you ask me!
#23 Thomas S. had a 1 PR week, and this #28 time on rDC wasn’t enough to move him anywhere.


#28 Elias Rack set 3 PRs, the best of which was the rWP, coincidentally around the time when mume improved the WR to a .1.
#33 Murray Wright was very active this week, sending in a boatload of PRs (mostly flaps) to move up a spot. Let’s see if he’ll keep this activity going into next week.
#39 DracoRom was definitely active, sending in a good amount of PRs, two of which were top 10 times! Very impressive for his rank.
#44 LeoMK sent in 2 PRs that didn’t do him much, but it’s worth noting that one of these was the flap SR for MW. Congrats!
#48 Aaron Morton got a #5 time on rMC2 this week, and that was all we saw of him. Congrats, that’s a pretty impressive time if you ask me!
#56 Valentin Vilas Boas visited the circuits this week, and got #47 times on both of them. He also played a couple other tracks, to cut almost 4 AF.
#61 AntoMK sent in several PRs, but none of these however felt up to his standard. Good luck if you choose to improve these more next week!
#64 Shy Guy got several PRs this week, the most notable being the rKTB time, ranked #34. Well done!
#82 Nathan.P set a couple PRs, the best of these was #70 on rDDJ. Nice work!
#85 Sorata MK made his monthly appearance, sending in a handful of PRs to cut nearly 10 AF, and moved up some spots too.
#88 Night. improved 5 of his weaker times to round out his timesheet and move up a spot.
#93 ArmMK sent in a lone PR on MP, but it wasn’t enough to keep him from gaining AF.


#111 Fly-MK had a strong showing this week, sending in many PRs including a very unexpected #37 time on rKD, which is insane considering he’s not in the top 100!
#117 Hugo de Moya just played rCM this week, and got a mid 1:58 there. It looks like he can definitely improve this, so good luck on doing that!
#131 Frederiek Warreyn played 2 of the water tracks this week, and got decent times on both, including a low 1’58 on WS.
#142 Jackson V. took advantage of all of the free time summer break provided (sarcasm), and only sent in 1 PR, an improvement on a weak MW time.
#149 Caleb Tran went on a PR spree, sending in lots of times, including a rDKP that’s in the top 100! In addition to this, he’s motivating to get off my Wii and play this game, because he’s creeping up on my spot!
#155 MarkoKart was active, sending in 7 PRs, but they were only strong enough to cut him around 3 AF.
#156 Paul F. played some rBC1, but this didn’t help him out much on the charts. Still a decent time though!
#162 Shoryu played rKD, both 3lap and flap, but this was only really enough to get him mentioned on the news.
#174 Zekhai Meadows sent in a TC time for kicks and giggles, which didn’t really move him up at all. However, it was enough for him to get 2 sentences in the news about him.

200 and beyond:

#230 Kyle H. didn’t waste any time improving, setting loads of PRs and dabbling in flaps, which cut him 8 spots. Keep grinding and you’ll be in the top 200 soon!
#234 Yasten sent in 1 PR to cut 1 AF.
#275 Toad1 went on a flap craze, however this didn’t do anything to his overall rank. Maybe if he does the same thing with 3laps next week..?


The POW goes to Fly-MK for sending in lots of PRs this week including the #37 on rKD, and moving up 8 spots. A couple more weeks like this, and he's in the top 100!

The POM for August goes to SunMK for being active throughout the month, making 2 improvments on the rLR WR, and setting strong times on other tracks, like BC and rWP. He also made his way in the top 10, and still has much more potential. Congrats, and good luck in your future karting!

Well, that's it for me, I hope you enjoyed this news update and the fact that while MK7 is less active as compared to MKW and MK8, the MK7 news updates are more frequent and consistant wink

Peace, and take care of yourselves as we head into September and the fall.

- Jackson
Jackson V

Weather's Been Nice

Jackson V @ Monday, August 31st 02:45AM   [link]

Well, since I feel obliged to offer a little banter before diving straight into the news, I thought I’d use the most overused and cliché filler topic of all, the weather. Interestingly enough, it hasn’t been so nice in my home state of Washington as of late. There have been ongoing wildfires, and just yesterday two people were killed in Seattle due to high winds. But I’m writing for the Player’s Page, not the times, so I’ll talk about Mario Kart now. This update will cover events from August 23rd to August 30th (with the exception of a couple time submitted late on the 30th).

New Players / Site Records

We had one new player this week, and that was Kyle H. , who currently ranks at #238. He’s from Seattle like me, I’d ask him how he feels about the weather, but he may not have even noticed because he’s sending in PRs like crazy! Good luck getting up the charts.

There was also one new site record this week, Randy Mangar beat his old Rainbow Road Site Record (1’36”261) with a time of 1’36”217. Way to go!


32 players were active this week.

Top 25

#2 Weisse sent in 2 strong PRs on rAF and rMC2, ranked #5 and #3 respectively.
#7 Bastien Antoniazzi set 3 PRs near the end of this week to take the #7 spot. Nice job!
#9 Ray Parsons, fresh off beating one of the strongest WRs in the game, sent in a #4 time on rCM, but he still gained a little AF. Maybe he’ll WR there next?
#10 SunMK sent in 2 PRs (not including the flap) to make his way into the top 10, tying Sam L. in the process. He’s notorious for improving quickly, so I’m curious to see how many more spots he will cut in future weeks.
#14 Gaspard Fournioux waited til the end of the week like Bastien to send in his PRs, but it was worth the wait as one of them was a #6 on rBC1. Nice job, I can see you getting top 10!
#23 Thomas S. submitted 2 times (NBC and RR) this week. His RR is a very low 1:38, perhaps he can sub there in the coming weeks!
#24 Fants is right on the tail of Thomas, and he sent in 4 PRs to close that AF gap between more. Like Thomas, he also played RR, and got 1:37.2. Well done!


#28 Elias Rack had a good week, submitting 7 PRs to move up a spot in the rankings. He also did some flaps, which he hadn’t done for a while until now.
#38 DracoRom sent in 6 PRs this week, and by doing so cut over 3 AF. Nicely done!
#43 LeoMK got a strong #4 time on rMC2, which although impressive, didn’t do much to his AF. Still a nice time though!
#45 Randy Mangar, also known as Gogoku7, made a surprise comeback, and beat his RR world record time with a low .2! I hear he’s going for more, so best of luck!
#61 AntoMK posted a few PRs, the strongest of which was rMC2 at #21. His Toad Circuit is pretty close to mine, hehe..
#62 Valentin Vilas Boas went all in on rBC1, getting a #10 time there! He also cut a litle AF in the process, maybe if he goes ham on some other tracks we’ll see him in the top 50 soon.
#63 Shy Guy was pretty fly for a shy guy, sending in a spree of PRs to cut him one spot. Hopefully next week for him is just as nice, I see a lot of potential in his times.
#83 Nathan.P sent in a couple times, including (surprise, surprise) a strong for his rank rMC2 time. Perhaps new shroom strats on this track are to account for players choosing to TT here.
#89 Night. continues to push further into the top 100 with some new PRs this week, none that were too noteworthy but they helped him regardless.
#91 ArmMK had a good day on the 27th, as he set several PRs that day, but most of them are far below his rank. It’s nice to see he’s working on his weaker tracks though, that will definitely help him cut spots and possibly even catch Night.


#124 Baptmario got a few PRs this week, including some top 100 times on rMG and rBC1. Keep up the good work!
#129 Kyle Stoeger stuck to his usual trend of waiting to send in a hoard of PRs all at once. Out of these, he was able to get a top 100 time on MC, and cut 5 AF to cut 9 spots. At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if he see him in the top 100 soon!
#134 Frederiek Warreyn, aside from helping me write this news by keeping times updated, got a couple PRs to move up a spot. Well done!
#143 Jackson V. played his favorite track, TC, and made it his strongest time at #79. He also learned how to write in the third person about himself.
#149 Caleb Tran had a solid week, sending in more PRs than I can count on my hands to cut over 8 AF and the same number of spots. Very well done, props!
#157 MarkoKart also challenged my counting abilities, and had a very similar week to Caleb’s, cutting over 8 AF, but only 3 spots. Still a solid week though!
#163 Shoryu played a lot of different courses this week, and also did some flaps, which cut him 5 AF.
#173 Zekhai Meadows kept some activity going even with school starting for him, sending in times on rDKP and rKD, which cut him 2 AF.
#193 Ben Stoneman came back after a couple months of inactivity, setting a time on RRM. Let’s hope he keeps playing to improve this more!

200 and beyond:

#234 Yasten sent in 3 PRs to cut as many AF.
#238 Kyle H. just joined this week, but he’s been posting like crazy in the times updating thread enough PRs to cut 5 AF.
#276 Toad1 sent in lots of times this week, but they were only able to cut him a small amount overall.


This week’s POW goes to Caleb Tran, for having an outstanding week across the board by cutting a solid amount of AF and entering the top 150 with a bang! Honorable mention to Randy Mangar for improving RR, good luck pushing that down further.

Well, as always, thanks for reading my news. I’ll be back next time a regular can’t do the news, and if you have problems with my POW choice, get at me on Skype. Until next time, peace and happy karting!


Summer always goes by way too fast....

Darren @ Sunday, August 23rd 09:23PM   [link]

Well I start school in less than 3 weeks, isn't that just lovely? Although some people are already in school, some for as long as 3 weeks, I am absolutely dreading the day school starts. Anyways, it's MK7 news time, so it's time to see what happened in the MK7 world. I am covering activity from August 17-23rd, but not all of the 17th.

New Players/Site Records

4 rookies this week! Let's meet them, shall we?

Nathan.P is yet another French player added to this site. Nathan has a full timesheet with a starting point at #83! (Spoiler:That's a higher rank than any other new player this week)
Sakito is another French addition, also having a full timesheet, ranking at #87, not too far from Nathan. Let's see how these two battle it out!
KSM Zach sent in a full timesheet and currently ranks at #204. I think he will make good progress!
Stephen Quincy comes last, and he has only sent in 1 time. However unlike our other 3 rookies, he entered his actual full name, which is an oddity these days.

As for site records:

Ray Parsons beat the old Retro Airship Fortress site record with a time of 1:54 232


23 people in the AF ranks were active this week

Top 25

#5 Okami sent in a couple of top 10 runs this week. He is getting closer to getting an SR again, but on rKC, where he is only .182 away from it! Let's root him on! He also got a #6 time on rDKP, which is also quite amazing.
#8 Ray Parsons has got major bragging rights now that he has got the rAF WR, which was already ridiculously strong. Congrats to him! I believe that's all he did this week, though.
#20 Darren Woods sent in 1 PR this week on rBC1, and it'll probably be his last. I hope I don't lose my top 20 spot too fast, or else I might play again rolls eyes
#23 Thomas S is the deciding factor to this it seems. He continues to be plenty active, sending in 3 PRs, with top 10s on rMC2 and rKD. Nice work!


#26 Toma hasn't had his pp updated in more than 1 year, but this week, 4 new times were added, including an RIW timr that ranks at #2! I'm not exactly sure how old these PRs are, but they are still impressive.
#29 Elias Rack is back for more, sending in 1 PR on rKC that ranks at #34, quite nice, better than what I could pull off.
#34 Murray Wright sent in 5 PRs this week, including a #4 time on BC that he finally managed to send. He's still making progress, maybe he will top 30 soon.
#43 LeoMK sent in a couple of PRs this week, including an rMC2 time that ranks at #6! Top 5 there shouldn't be hard for him, good luck!
#62 Valentin Vilas Boas sent in 1 PR this week, but it's a good one, an rBC1 time of 1:12 8 that ranks at #17. Grats on the sub!
#64 Shy Guy isn't too far from Valen, so maybe we'll see him ahead of him next week. Shy Guy sent in several PRs this week, topping them all was a #16 time on rMT. Well done!
#83 Nathan.P is still getting started here, but has some decent times, such as a #20 time on rMC2. The pasta is too OP it seems.
#87 Sakito is also new but has good times as well such as a #23 time on MC, also a 1:59. This guy has some potential!
#91 Night may have been a little busy celebrating his top 100, he only sent in 1 PR, which coincidentally ranked at #91! Where do you really come from Night, and who really are you?


#119 Fly-MK sent in 3 PRs, and the only one that wasn't mediocre was s #67 time on DKJ. He also passed 4 people.
#135 Frederiek Warreyn sent in a PR on SGB this week, but that was all from him due to his continuously busy summer.
#138 Kyle Stoeger sent in 3 PRs this week but non were eeally up to his standards. His best time was a #156 on rLR this week.
#145 Jackson Visser sent in one PR this week which was a #93 time on TC. I assume he's busy playing MKW, but that makes sense.
#155 Paul F sent in 2 PRs this week, the better one being a #163 time on MP. It seems though that he can go lower, so good luck on that.
#157 Caleb Tran sent in 8 times this week, even achieving a #113 time on TC, even with a 1:20.7. Times really have changed...

201-Bruno DanTAS

#204 KSM Zach is just outside top 200, so let's see if he can imitate his clan mate Acro and get top 200...
#275 Toad1 sent in some PRs but moved down 3 spots.
#277 Paixtis is close behind Toad1. He is also our 5th new player apparently, but I didn't think he was new. I'm too lazy to edit this to put him in new players, so welcome and good luck.


POW for this week goes to Ray Parsons. He managed to beat one of the strongest WRs in the gane, now that's something.

By the way I may continue doing MK7 news, in case you heard otherwise.



Ultimate News Update Of Doom

Elias @ Wednesday, August 19th 03:48PM   [link]

Hello Guys, Elias here after 3 long and painful weeks without a news update. I don't really know why there was nobody doing it, I was on vacation for one week and when I came back, there were still no news. So now it's my turn to clean up this mess! Prepare for the ultimate update, probably the most activity I've ever covered. Please be kind, I won't be able to write much about every player, but I'll do my best!
This update will cover events from July 27th - August 17th.

New Players

We had 4 new players in the past weeks, that being INFERNO, InfinX and Logan Owens, who don't have a full timesheet yet, such as MarkoKart, who started his journey on the PP in the Top200!

Site Records

There also were new site records!

SunMK improved the Retro Luigi Raceway site record (1'42"965) with a time of 1'42"961.

Yacine Wind Waker improved the Retro Mario Circuit 2 site record (1'09"502) with a time of 1'09"132.

Samuel Klein improved the Retro Mushroom Gorge flap site record (29"987) with a time of 29"781.


We had 38 active players in the past three weeks, of which 6 are not ranked yet.

Top 25

#8 Ray Parsons only played rAF the past weeks and pushed his #5 time down to #2! He's only a few hundreds away from the WR and could already get it this week!
SunMK had some nice activity and now ranks #11 in the AF chart. He managed to tie with Lee Robbins and with an AF cut of 0.6 he could be in the Top10 next update!
Apparently Gaspard Fournioux had much motivation to TT, as he moved from #22 to #14. His best PR was a low 1'56 on DK Jungle!
Wouter Mulders kept his position on #16, by submitting 3 PRs, the best one was a very impressive #12 on Koopa Cape!
#19 Samuel Klein was active on 2 tracks the past weeks, that being Rock Rock Mountain and Mushroom Gorge. He set a #23 time on RRM and a #4 on rMG, such as the flap SR!
#23 Thomas S. managed to enter the Top25, with an AF cut of almost 4 this week! He got maaany PRs, the best were on RIW (#6) and on rMC2 (#5).
#25 Fant's set 2 nice PRs, that being a sub 2'00 on Bowser's Castle and a 2'12"4 on rWP, which is ranked #9!


First player in this section is #29 Elias Rack, aka me. I had some nice 3 weeks, even though I wasn't active most of the time. My best PR was a nice sub 1'35 on Kalimari Dessert, which also happens to be my 2nd Germad CR!
I also managed to finally get some air between me and #37 Murray Wright, who (luckily hehe) wasn't very active. He still got some nice PRs, for example a sub 1'20 on Toad Circuit, or a low 2'00 on Mario Circuit!
Close behind Murray is #41 DracoRom, who passed 5 players since his last appearance in a news update! Draco could easily be Top25, his main problem seems to be his consistency, as he has times that are in the Top10 but also serveral #80s.
#43 LeoMK only moved up one spot, as he got passed by DracoRom. He set serveral PRs, for example a nice mid 1'39 on DH and a 1'45"4 on Neo Bowser City! He's also one of these players, who could definitely cut really much AF by improving his weaker tracks!


#62 Valentin Vilas Boas, the gyro-guy, had some really nice activity, as he moved up 5 spots! His best records were a really low 1'13 on Bowser's Castle 1 and a 1'34"6 on Cheep Cheep Lagoon! He also has an AF score of 69 (giggity).
#66 Evan Wiseman got scared by Jackson's jokes and quickly moved up 3 spots as fast as possible! He did so by PRing on many tracks, such as DH (sub 1'41!), or RRM (sub 2'02, which annoyingly beats mine).
#70 Shy Guy managed to pass 7 players the past weeks and now happens to be the 3rd best German player. Yesterday he even managed to get a German CR on Maple Treeway!
#78 Matthew Huinker only set 1 PR, but that one was really good for his rank! He got a #36 time on PPS, a low 1'50 to be more specific!
Many things happened in the last 3 weeks, one of the most exciting things for me was the new strat on Mario Circuit 2! #86 Yacine Wind Waker, #3 WW on this track, managed to push his mid 1'09 down to a 1'09"1 by using 2 shrooms Lap1. This strat was found by the Japanese player Akamaru I think, who now set the WR with a time of 1'08"6! Anyway, with his new SR and serveral improvements, Yacine passed 12 karters!
Sorata MK joined us in early July on spot #131 and now already climbed down to #91! Last week, he cut 17.5 AF, an impressive amount! His best time was a 1'27"4 on Maka Wuhu, ranked #59.
Night, formerly known as Sebastian Derbre, moved from #120 down to #92 in the past weeks! He cut almost as much AF as Sorata, seems like this section is really active!
Last player in this section is #95 Samuel Deblois, who only had time for rMG lately. He subbed 1'38 there, his PR is ranked #89, a bit above his average.


#121 Robert Lee made a small comeback to the site, as he sent 4 PRs after about 1 year of inactivity. He cut a small amount of 1.5 AF and moved up a few spots.
#123 Fly-MK set serveral PRs, off which one caught my attention: Fly managed to get a 1'43"5 on Luigi Raceway, a PR far above his average! If he manages to push more of his times on that level, he could be in the Top100 soon!
Close behind Fly comes #124 Baptmario, who's still the best deaf TTer. I guess he will keep his title for a while, the competition is rather small. Anyway, Bapt played 5 tracks and flew past 8(!) players. Nice one!
#133 Frederiek Warreyn keeps sending PRs consistently, this time he passed 2 players! Fred had 3 nice weeks, he worked on 3 tracks, that being TC (1'20"9), SGB (2'04"9!) and rLR (1'44"2!) and got a few really nice records all above his average!
#136 Kyle Stoeger had some solid activity, as he passed 3 players! He played serveral tracks, but by far his best PR the last weeks was a 1'59 on Bowser's Castle, which is far above his average!
Even though #143 Jackson V. is now proud owner of a Wii, he managed to push serveral of his PRs into the Top100 and pass 7 players! Good job!


#153 Paul F. got 2 PRs, both a bit above his average, and passed 2 karters. He's really close to the Top150 now and will probably enter these this week!
#156 Caleb Tran is, just like Paul, really close to the Top150 and now "only" needs to keep his activity of the recent weeks up, to enter these. This week he cut 10 AF!
#160 MarkoKart, one of our new members, joined on #169 (giggity) and already moved up 9 spots! He has a few very promising times and will probably be in the Top150 in no time.
#163 Shoryu recently was one of the most active players. The last two weeks he even cut 27 AF! That's one of the biggest cuts I've seen so far, very impressive!
#172 Zekhai Meadows, or Acro, keeps up his consistent activity and passed 8 players by cutting over 10 AF points. I bet he will be in the Top100 some day!
Jaden Figueroa got 3 PRs the past weeks, all average for him. Jaden moved up one spot and now ranks #173, close behind Zekhai.
Last player here is #272 Toad1, who recently cut 17 AF! This is really nice, based on the fact that he joined almost one month ago and already plays really active. I assume he will enter the Top200 soon!


INFERNO sent us 7 times so far, the best one was a mid 1'40 on Mushroom Gorge! Not a bad way to start.
InfinX submitted only 4 PRs, all ranked around #300. He still needs to fill up a big part of his timesheet, just like INFERNO.
Logan Owens's timesheet is only missing out one PR and that's on Maka Wuhu. He will probably rank somewhere in the 300's and I hope we'll see him climbing the ranks soon!
TitanMK sent us 13 times so far, most of them are in the Top200. His best record was a 1'56 on Airship Fortress, which is pretty nice! I hope we'll see more from him in the future as his times seem promising so far!
Page L. only has a quarter of his timesheet filled so far, but the best of his times is a 1'20 on TC, so I'm quite excited to see more from him soon!
RRNetsabes is almost done with filling his timesheet! The only times missing out are the typical glitch tracks, for example Maka Wuhu or Wuhu Loop! Go for it!


This time I'll award 4 players! Three POWs and one POM:

The POW for the last week of July goes to DracoRom! Draco improved on many tracks, but also got a Top10 WW time on Kalimari Desert, which is a really nice achievement, as rKD is one of the hardest tracks in my opinion!

The POW for the first week of August goes to Aiguille, who made a comeback to the site and managed to move up 8 spots, which is a really hard thing to do when you're so close to the top!

The POW for the second week of August goes to Night. This guy burst into the Top100 and now ranks #92! A really big cut and for sure worth an award!

Last but not least, the POM of July goes to Wouter Mulders! Wouter not only fulfilled his dream of the double WR on Maka Wuhu (glitch + no-glitch), but also set a Top10 WW time on Cheep Cheep Lagoon! A really nice achievement, which is definitely worth a POM.

That's it with this news update! I hope you enjoyed reading, it was really a lot of work. Have fun karting and good luck!

Jackson V

News Going Up...

Jackson V @ Tuesday, July 28th 11:12PM   [link]

On a Tuesday. Other than groaning at the bad joke, I’ll bet you’re thinking “Wait what? You’re not Elias or Darren, what are you doing writing the news?” Whether or not I accurately read your thoughts, my name is Jackson, also known as Aech, and this is my very first news update for you guys! That’s enough about me, so I’ll just get right to the news. I’ll be covering the activity from July 21st - 26th.

New Players/Site Records

There were no new players this week.

There were some new site records however (4 to be specific):

Diogo Dos Santos Costa beat the old Wuhu Loop site record with a time of 1:23.171 (although this was a older time, it was not submitted until this week).

SunMK beat the old Cheep Cheep Lagoon flap site record with a time of 29.966.

Weisse beat the old Retro Dino Dino Jungle site record with a time of 1:49.949.

Wouter Mulders beat the old Maku Wuhu site record with a time of 1:26.277.


33 players were active this week.

Top 25

#1 Diogo Dos Santos Costa was technically active, as Ray sent in 2 PRs that he forgot to submit. These were on Wuhu Loop and Retro Daisy Cruiser, and they were both slim improvements that didn’t cut him any AF. It appears his heart is with MK8 right now..
#2 Weisse only played one course this week, but it was a good one, as he got the sub 1:50 on rDDJ and the site record there too. Congrats!
#9 Bastien Antoniazzi played rAF this week, and got a #7 time there. He also held on his #9 spot, maybe he’ll seize #8 next week!
#13 SunMK sent in 3 PRs this week that were all at a very high standard. #2 on CCL, #1 CCL flap, and #4 on rWP! This didn’t cut him much AF, but it’s hard to cut AF when you’re so close to the top I guess.
#16 Wouter Mulders improved on his MW site record, pushing it to a high .2. He also snagged the glitch record there as well! I think it should be called Maka Wouter now, congrats!
#18 Samuel Klein sent in 2 PRs this week to cut a spot and .5 AF. Nice job, go for top 15!
#22 Gaspard Fournioux cut a little AF with 2 nice PRs, a triple 8 sub 1:19 on TC, and a #27 ranked time on RRM. These are his first new times in almost half a year, maybe if he stays active he can get top 20!


#34 Murray Wright did well this week, despite only moving up around 1 AF, he set 6 PRs, including a #19 time on rRR. Nice job!
#44 LeoMK was very active this week, sending in 12 PRs! He cut just over 1 AF and 4 spots in the process. Nice work, I can definitely see you getting in the top 25 if you keep the activity up!
#49 Aaron Morton sent in 2 PRs this week, including a 1:55.0 on rAF. Go for 1:54 here, you can do it!
#61 AntoMK played BC and rMG this week, and cut .8 AF. I wonder if we’ll see him in the top 60 next week.
#67 Valentin Vilas Boas cut a spot with 2 nice PRs, including a #26 time on Maka Wuhu. Nice work!
#69 (giggity) Evan Wiseman sent in 2 PRs, which included a #69 (giggity) time on Maka Wuhu. Nice job, but please improve because otherwise I’ll make the same joke again next time I do the news razz
#84 Zeko Z. played this week, setting 2 PRs that included a #38 time on rCM. Nice work!
#89 Tsurigi sent in 3 PRs this week, including a nice #72 on rWP. He also moved up 8 spots, and he’s really moving his way up through the charts!
#91 ArmMK sent in 5 PRs this week, to cut around 2.8 AF. This included a #34 time on PPS, which is very good for his rank!
#98 Yacine Wind Waker burst into the top 100 this week, cutting 10 AF and improving on 7 of his times to achieve this. Congrats, and keep going!


#109 Sebastien Derbre jumped up a solid 11 spots, and cut 12.5 AF to do so. He submitted 14 PRs, and at this rate I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the top 100 next week!
#111 Sorata MK had a very strong week, cutting an outstanding 20 AF by basically re-doing his time sheet with 25 PRs! That’s worth an award in my book!
#129 Fly-MK was pretty fly this week, sending in 3 solid PRs for where he’s at. He only cut 1 spot though, he’ll have to work on his weaker times to move up the charts more.
#132 Baptmario played only Cheep Cheep Lagoon, and got a time that ranks #120 there. Nice! However, this only cut him 1.4 AF. Go for top 125, you can do it!
#135 Frederiek Warreyn, close behind Bapt, kept up his 1 PR trend, getting a 1:44.4 on rLR. This wasn’t enough to cut him any AF however, but that’s still an alright time for where he’s ranked.
#139 Kyle Stoeger came back to TTs and cut an impressive 13.7 AF this week, moving up a whopping 15 spots! Nice work, maybe top 100 is in your future if you keep playing!
#150 Jackson V. got a Wii this week, so his focus was elsewhere. However, he did manage 1 PR on BC to cut 1 spot, and he plans to play more MK7 next week, according to an inside source.
#155 Paul F. played this week, with 2 PRs and a nice #124 time on rMC2 to show for it.
#163 Caleb Tran moved up 5 spots. He submitted a bunch of PRs, including a #116 on TC, to cut around 6 AF. Nice job!
#174 Jaden Figueroa had a good week, setting 10 PRs and cutting almost 13 AF. I can see him moving higher up the charts with more weeks like this!
#180 Zekhai Meadows sent in 5 PRs that all ranked around #160 in order to cut a spot. He can definitely improve more, maybe he needs to put down the cheerleader films though razz
#183 Shoryu had a nice week, with 7 PRs and a 7 AF cut as proof. He was able to move up 2 spots, so I hope he keeps this momentum going into next week.


#243 Sam Jones played this week, cutting around 3 AF with 4 PRs. He has a lot of room to improve, so hopefully he keeps it up next week!
#284 Toad1 sent in 7 PRs to cut 9 spots. He certainly has a lot of potential for improvement, I’m looking forward to seeing him get up the charts!


RRNetsabes is almost finished with his time sheet, maybe he’ll finish it next week.


This week you guys made it really tough to pick just one person that deserves POW, but I’ll have to go with Sorata MK for cutting 20 AF and climbing up the charts at an insane pace. Good luck keeping it up!

Well, that’s it! Thanks for reading my first news update, and I’ll hopefully be back in a couple weeks to do it again!

- Jackson

The Activity Here is Like 2012!

Darren @ Tuesday, July 21st 09:50PM   [link]

Welp, I'm finally going to write this news article that I could have written last week but Elias's news was late, so sorry for the suspense. Well this week (or fortnight I should say) the activity was strong again this time, probably because we get several new players almost every week, which helps out a lot on our activity. I remember when I would cover 15 or less people, and now I'm covering 30+. MK7 was supposed to die, right? I guess not, and it truly amazes me. Anyways, let's get into the real magic. I'll be covering players' activity from July 6th-21st.

New Players/Site Records

This week we had 3 new players

TitanMK was the first. So far he's submitted little times, so let's see how he does filling his timesheet.

Daniel Crutcher came next, sending in a full timesheet. He currently ranks at #258, so we should see him improve.

Toad1 then came along as a third, also sending in a full timesheet. He's at #293 for now, so he should improve as well.

Also this guy was new last week but was never mentioned I think, or Elias mixed up his dates for player activity. Anyways, welcome to Fly-MK who joins with a full timesheet at #130. Good luck!

Also we had 3 new site records:

SunMK tied the Retro Luigi Raceway site record with a time of 1:42.965.

Weisse beat the old Retro Waluigi Pinball site record with a time of 2:11.733.

Wouter Mulders beat the old Maka Wuhu site record with a time of 1:26.306.


35 players were active this week.

Top 25

#2 Weisse sent in 4 PRs this week that were all Top 3 worthy! Thrse times were a #1 on rWP, #2 times on rDDJ and rKTB, and a #3 on rCM. Weisse impresses all of us every week!
#5 Okami got 2 times this time, cutting him around .1 AF. He got a top 5 time on MP, but also managed to get a #7 time on PPS as well, both really good times. I wonder if he will get top 10 WW on any of the 2 tracks...
#8 Ray Parsons only sent in 1 PR this week, that being a #5 on rAF. He has improved since this time, but he didn't submit in time. Nice job regardless!
#10 Sam Laryea hasn't submitted in quite a while, but this week he sent in a #3 time on MP. He plans to go for WR, so good luck on getting it!
#11 Lee Robbins submitted 5 PRs this week to move him up 2 spots on the AF charts. Of these PRs were #3 times on rLR and rDC, which are pretty impressive.
#13 SunMK sent in 2 PRs this week, which obviously included his SR tie on rLR, as well as a #10 time on rCM. Sun will be probably be in top 10 soon, he just needs to be more active.
#16 Wouter Mulders or should I say WouTAS, sent in 3 PRs this week, including his SR time on MW which he worked for on and off since 2013, so huge hats off to him! He also got a #4 time on CCL, which is also really impressive.
#18 Darren Woods is currently at his peak spot, sending in 2 PRs this week to cut him around 1 AF. He got a Top 10 on NBC this week as well as a nice rRR improvement.
#19 Samuel Klein sent in a few of his PRs, which included a top 5 time on rMG. He also got a #13 time on rMC2, which is not too bad for the pasta strat. If he could pass me next time though he wouldn't be a noob!
#23 Zepple sent in 3 PRs this week, including an impressive 2:00 sub on RRM. He also got a #18 on PPS which is pretty decent, so nice work.
#24 Fants sent in 5 PRs this week including a PPS improvement that ranks at #6. He also got a #10 time on RLR with 1:43.254.


#26 Thomas S sent in some PRs this week which got him closer to the prestigious top 25, including an RRM time that ranks at #3. I wonder if he will WR there, maybe in the future.
#32 Elias Rack made a nice 5 point AF cut by sending in 11 PRs. I guess vacation does a lot to people's activity! Anyways, Elias's best time was a #16 time on rRR, which is one of his best times overall.
#48 LeoMK moved up 2 spots this week by sending in 3 PRs, including a #24 time on RRM, which is pretty nice. He also got a #26 time on rKD, which is also really good. Nice improvements Leo!
#49 Aaron Morton achieved top 50 this week by sending in several PRs including a #37 time on TC and a #44 time on rKD. Aaron just gets stronger every week it seems.
#66 Enzo Mouyeten sent in 2 PRs this week. However, they may be his last 2 PRs ever, as he broke his game system and can't get a new one at the moment. Farewell to Enzo, maybe.
#68 Valentin Vilas Boas sent in a PR or two this week, but either way he managed to get a #34 time on MW, which is pretty impressive for his rank.
#69 Evan Wiseman made up for lost time this week, sending in 6 PRs to move up several spots. He also got his AR back on rMG, beating me in the process. Nice work though!
#77 Shy Guy sent in 3 PRs this week including a #56 time on rCM, which is a pretty decent time for him. He also managed to move up 3 spots from last time, not bad!
#90 Samuel Deblois finally came back from his 1 month absence by sending in a PR on rDDJ. The PR ranks at #68, which is pretty decent for him.
#92 Armand D continues his activity by sending in 6 PRs, including a #58 time on PPS. He also may have achieved top 100 this week, so congrats!
#97 Tsurigi changes his name again this week, but also made a 7 point AF cut to get him back in the top 100. His best PR this week was a #38 time on PPS, which is pretty impressive, so congrats!


#120 Sebastien Derbre sent in 12 PRs this week, enough to get him an 11 point AF cut and a spot in the top 120. Of all his PRs, the best one was a #52 time on TC. He will hopefully get 1:19 there, I know he's been trying.
#130 Fly-MK is looking ok so far, but has room for improvement. For example his times range from #61-233. Maybe you just need more practice, good luck!
#132 Baptmario sent in 6 PRs this week including a top 100 time on WS. He also managed to pass 6 people on the AF charts.
#134 Sorata MK sent in all of his 3lap times this week. So far his best time is a #71 time on MW. I've mentioned MW a lot though.
#135 Frederiek Warreyn sent in only 1 PR this week, that being a #130 time on rDKP. He's still busy since it's summer though, so he'll be back to being decently active in a couple of months.
#151 Jackson Visser sent in 5 PRs this week including a #83 time on rKTB as well as 2 other top 100 times. Let's hope that Jackson gets more of those.
#154 Kyle Stoeger decided to compete with Jackson this week, but came up short to him. However he did send in 6 PRs, including a #82 time on rRR.
#155 Paul F sent in 1 PR this week, that being a #153 on rMC2. Linda wish you were more active Paul, in my opinion you have more potential.
#168 Caleb Tran sent in several PRs this week, but the beat one was a #133 time on RIW. Caleb also made a 5 point AF cut which is pretty decent.
#181 Zekhai Meadows sent in 3 PRs this week, including his new best #138 time on rMC2, which was also a sub 1:13. Nice work!
#185 Shoryu sent in many PRs this week like Caleb, and his best was a #137 time, also on RIW! I wonder if Shoryu is an alt of Caleb....only joking!


The only 2 players here were 2 of our newcomers, #258 Daniel Crutcher and #293 Toad1. Both of you have a lot of room for improvement so good luck to both of you!


POW for this clearly goes to Wouter Mulders. After working 1 year+ for a WR and finally getting it, I don't see how he doesn't deserve this. Congrats! You've truly made a name for yourself this week!

I shall now end the news with this very inspiring quote:

"Both Mario map and red young Americans voices are good, but still must be familiar with the rules, but it's not over yet."

No, I didn't forget about Mk7!

Elias @ Thursday, July 9th 07:54PM   [link]

Hi guys, Elias here after no news update for a while covering the activity of the last two weeks. There was no news update last week, as my connection went completely down and I had no internet for a few days, but I'm back again. I won't be able to write much about every player this time as there was much activity in the past 2 weeks and this would just be far too much work. As promised, this update will cover events from June 23rd - July 6th.

New Players/Site Records

There were 3 new players this week, that being Sorata MK, Shoryu and Kyle Wadley, which all joined with full timesheets.

There also were two new Site Records:
Nicola Torre improved the old Retro Daisy Cruiser site record (1'26"607) with a time of 1'26"576.

Ray Parsons improved the old DK Jungle site record (1'55"402) with a time of 1'55"366.


There were 34 active players with full timesheets in the past 2 weeks.

Top 25

Okami kept up his good work of the last few weeks and ends up on spot #5 this time, as he passed Marv with an AF cut of 0.5!
#8 Ray Parsons managed to improve his DKJ WR, which unfortunately didn't change anything in his AF score, but he was also active on rAF and got a high standard pr of 1'54"7, which allowed him to cut 0.0625 AF, just like #9 Bastien, who cut exactly the same amount of points with the submission of a nice 1'48 on MP. He also got a #5 on rCM earlier, to be more specific a 1'56"7!
#11 Nicola Torre's main achievement these two weeks was his improvement of the Daisy Cruiser world record. Nicola also played some other tracks, for example Waluigi Pinball, on which he got a sub 2'13!
#12 SunMK is coming closer to the Top10 faster and faster! This week he cut almost 1.5 AF and a similar amount last week, yesterday he even tied the world record on Luigi Raceway! He's for sure the next player to get into the Top10, as he learns how to play tracks incredibly fast.
#17 Wouter Mulders focussed on his weaker tracks recently, after he played Maka Wuhu some time ago and got a #2 WW time, and got a #21 on TC, such as an EU top on rRR (1'13"510!). With these improvements he managed to tie Koche with a total score of exactly 24.0000 AF!
#23 Zepple improved on his best track Mushroom Gorge and got a time ranked #2 on the site and somewhere in the Top10 wws. Unfortunately he wasn't active on other tracks.


#27 Thomas S. keeps on firing out one strong PR after another and already skipped 12 players in four news updates so far! He sent us around 7 solid high-standard times and he recently got a #3 time on RRM as well.
#38 Murray Wright still keeps up his Gandalf-like position right in front of me, according to the motto "You shall not pass!". I'm not sure how, but he manages to get back in front of me every time i get a decent time to pass him...
Exactly one spot behind Murray is me, #39 Elias Rack. This is my first week being in the Top40, which i managed to enter by pushing down my rRR time to a 1'13"595. This time annoyingly is around 0.03 seconds away from the EU tops, so I think my job isn't done here yet.
#46 DracoRom focussed on his strong tracks this time and improved his 1'59 on RRM, such as his rCM time which is now a really nice 1'56"9. He also played some Maple Treeway and entered the Top20 on this track, so I think his chances for a Top25 spot at some time are quite high, as he shows potential on many tracks!
#50 LeoMK entered the Top50 this week with many improvements on serveral tracks. There are still a few tracks he needs to focus on as he still has a few #90 spots left, but his two Top15 tracks compensate most of his weaker times. There's still much room for improvements left though!
#52 Aaron Morton recently got two really nice records, the one was a sub 1'20 on TC, the other one a really impressive Top10 WW on Neo Bowser City with a time of 1'44"0, which is also ranked #2 on the site! His timesheet looks similar to Leo's, as he has some really strong times, as well as some rather weak tracks he apparently just doesn't like.
#61 AntoMK came up with a bunch of improvements, partially on his weaker tracks, but he also got some higher standard times, for example a low 1'50 on Music Park, which is a bit above his average! He by the way passed one player during the last 2 weeks.
#66 Enzo Mouteyen sent us 8 PRs (I'm not the best at counting but i think it was 8.) and moved from #67 to
#66. This may not seem like a huge cut, but it's better than nothing and he got some nice times, for example a #29 on rKTB, which annoyingly beats mine.
The Gyro-Guy #68 Valentin Vilas Boas submitted about 5 records and cut a solid amount of 3,1 AF points this week. This was unfortunately not enough to pass anyone, yet he is still close behind Enzo and could easily catch up a little.
#72 Evan Wiseman appeared on the site again with 5 nice new records, of which the best time was a mid 1'11 on rMC2, ranked #19. Since his last appearance, he moved up from #79 down to #72!
Unlike Zeko, #80 Shy Guy had some motivation to play and passed 3 players since joining last time. He keeps expanding the distance between him and his German rival Zeko Z. and it could get an exciting battle, if only his opponent would play a bit more...
#82 Ghost submitted 7 PRs these two weeks, but still didn't get into the Top80. He's now really close to it and with another strong week he may get there soon. Good luck!
#97 Armand D. was this week's most active player with an AF cut of 13.8! In the last two weeks he moved up almost 20 spots, from #115 down to #97! This guy shows a lot of potential for the future, I'm sure we'll see him in the Top50 some day.


Starting of this section is #109 Yacine Windwaker, who's currently the best African player! Yacine got a row of nice PRs, with one really noticeable #30 time on TC, allowing him to cut 5 people after he joined us last week.
#113 Hugo de Moya, also known as Kleenex, came up with a bunch of regular PRs and a few flaps. He passed 3 karters and is now only 2-3 strong weeks away from the Top100!
Sorata MK, one of our new players, starts his journey on the Player's Page from spot #131. His most promising times are a #71 on Maka Wuhu (1'27"6) and a 1'38 on Rainbow Road, which is ranked #74!
Next one is #134 Frederiek Warreyn, who's leading on this one heap of regularly active players, that's currently poring over it's way into the low 100's. His most noticeable record this time was an extremely low 1'40 on Rainbow Road, hopefully he will get this sub soon!
#136 Sebastian Derbre got a nice amount of PRs, two of them are even in the Top70s (Toad Circuit and Daisy Cruiser!), which is far above his average. Sebastian passed 3 players since the last update, which is pretty nice and he's one of the people who have good chances for a future Top100 spot in my opinion!
#137 Meteor had a really strong week, as he managed to cut 9 AF points! He did that by improving on 5 tracks, such as sending serveral flap records, good job!
The next player is #138 Baptmario, also known as Bapt the best deaf TTer, sent two average and one really good time this week, a 1'57"0 on Rosalina's Ice World, which is ranked #83! Unfortunately, he couldn't pass players since his last submission.
#152 Paul F. sent something around 4 PRs this time and moved up 2 spots. He's now closer to the Top150 than ever before and he'll probably enter it next update. Good luck!
Only one spot behind Paul is #153 Jackson Visser. He played 2 tracks, that being Wario Shipyard (respect for tting this, I hope I will never need to play this track again) and Airship Fortress. Due to the three newcomers his AF didn't vary at all and he stays on his spot.
Caleb Tran had some really active two weeks and sent 16 PRs! This allowed him to move from #178 down to #171. Caleb passed a remarkable amount of players, he even got a #109 on DK Pass, which is quite impressive for his rank.
#180 Jaden Figueroa only played Rosalina Ice World this week and endet up with a solid time of 1'59"3, which is a little above his average! Unfortunately he couldn't cut any AF and as a result of that didn't pass any players.
The last player in this section was #185 Zekhai Meadows, who's also known as Acro. He sent a bunch of 3lap and flap records, which let him pass 3 karters on the Average Finish rankings!


There were only two active karters in this section, that being two of our newcomers!
#202 Shoryu starts off directly in front of the Top200 and with only 1-2 strong PRs, he could already enter it this week!
Last player for this news update and also the 3rd newcomer was #305 Kyle Wadley. He begins his journey close to the 300s and his first goal for the next weeks on the Player's Page will be to enter these. Good luck!


This time, I'll award 3 people, first week's POW, second week's POW and the POM of Juny! There was also a poll about the next Player of the Quarter, but Darren will mention this one in his next update.

The first POW goes to Okami! He entered the Top5 and caused the first real variation in the top spots in a long time!

The second POW goes to Armand D.! He cut almost 13.8 AF points and managed to bounce into the Top100!

The POM of July goes to Okami! He moved from #8 down to #5, which may not look much, but is extremely hard due to the really high standard of the players up there. Congrats!

That's it for this time, sorry for the late news, I didn't have much time recently, but this year of school is finally over and I'll have holidays soon, so the next news will probably be on time! As a nice ending and apologize, have a kitten fighting a derpy lizard.

Have fun karting!

Hi My Name Is Late

Darren @ Wednesday, June 24th 08:37PM   [link]

Hello, Darren back again with another news! Sorry for the wait though, it was a very selfish thing to do, not being motivated and all. Oh well, I think I'm just going to start this news, which covers activity from Jun 14th-22nd.

New Players/Site Records

This week we had a grand total of 3 new players, all with full timesheets.

Zeko Z. was the first, submitting his timesheet and ranking at #85 already. Good luck getting up the charts!

Yacine Wind Waker was the second to join, adding to the long lost of french people who have joined in the past half year. He ranks at #114, but also has a site record on rMC2! That's pretty impressive for a newcomer!

Shy Guy made the new player section a crowd, sending in yet another full sheet. He is also the best out of all the new players here, ranking at #83 to start. Good luck to him as well!

There were also 2 new site records

Ray Parsons beat the old Retro Koopa Troops Beach site record with a time of 1:30.383.

Yacine Wind Waker beat the old Retro Mario Circuit 2 site record with a time of 1:09.502.


28 players were active this week

Top 25

#2 Weisse is becoming active again, this week sending in a single PR on rDKP. This time however is a god standard time, making Weisse the 3rd person to reach God on this track. Congrats!
#6 Okami played as well, as usual, but this week was pretty strong for him. He sent in 4 PRs this week, all top 20 worthy, and even cut .9 AF! This also moved him up to the #6 spot, and top 5 seems like a possibility for him!
#8 Ray Parsons wasn't too active this week, but his little activity got him a site record improvement on rKTB! He even achieved god standard there, which is even more incredible!
#9 Bastien Antoniazzi is right on Ray's tail, sending in 2 PRs this week. One of these PRs was also a top 10 time on rCM, which is impressive to say the least. But what do you expect from a top 10 player?
#13 SunMK was active once again, moving up 2 spots on the AF charts due to sending in 2 PRs. He got another top 10 time on RR as well, so congrats on that achievement.
#25 Fants played a bit as well, helping him maintain top 25. He PRd on 2 of his weak tracks this week, his best time being a #34 on RR.


#30 Thomas S starts off this loooong section today. He sent in 5 PRs this week, and even got another top 10 time this week, that being in rDDJ. I'm hoping he didn't knock me out!
#40 Elias Rack decused to recover his top 40 position, and he did so this week by sending in PRs on 2 tracks. He also got a #42 time on NBC, which is average for him, but still not too bad.
#41 Murray Wright just trails Mr. Rack at the moment. However he isn't going down without a fight, sending in 3 PRs, the best one being on rLR at #35. Also, it's .001 from Elias' time, I think, which is pretty funny.
#47 DracoRom was also active, sending in some times, including yet another really above average time for him, that being a #21 on rCM. If only all his PRs were like this!
#51 LeoMK is doing pretty well for his 2nd week here, delivering several times, including a top 10 on rMC2! I guess he orders pasta for his main course.
#53 Aaron Morton is on another rampage, this week sending in 9 PRs, including another top 10 time for him on NBC! Wouldn't be suprising to see him in the top 50 next week!
#62 AntoMK got some pretty impressive PRs out of the several he sent this week, including an rMC2 time that ranks at #29! Pasta or no, that is the question.
#67 Enzo Mouteyen was pretty active too, sending in about 5 or 6 PRs. He also got a #51 time on rDC, so I'm wondering if he will top 50 there.
#68 Valentin Vilas Boas is tight behind Enzo, as he sent in 2 PRs, including a pretty decent one on the track popular amongst frenchies, rMC2. That PR ranks at #76.
#79 Evan Wiseman hasn't played for quite a bit, and he sure has quote a bit to make up! Right now he's working on a sub 1:14 on rBC1, which will probably take time, but good luck.
#82 Ghost could go for top 80, as he sent in 5 PRs, and even top 50d on rLR! Hopefully he continues this strength.
#83 Shy Guy so far looks decent, already being here and all. His best PR is a #17 on rMC2. Hopefully he keeps climbing...
#85 Zeko Z. looks about as good as Shy Guy, as he is pretty close to him. His best PR is a #47 on rCM, which seems to prove he's more consistent.
#93 Tonio Samuel came back this week with 1 PR. The PR was a 1:12.2 on rMC2 and he seemed to cut decent AF off of the PR.


#114 Yacine Wind Waker is mentioned yet again. Besides his SR, his best time is a #59 on TC. Hopefully he gets better, he still seems a bit inconsistent.
#115 Armand D sent in 4 PRs this week, and even got a top 50 time on RIW! However, he didn't do much on the charts thanks to the 3 new players.
#116 Hugo De Moya is falling down but doesn't seem to cate, as he only sent in a flap. I guess he doesn't play for AF.
#136 Frederiek Warreyn sent in only 1 PR this week due to his bust life, but his improvement was a pretty decent one on rWP. Hopefully he's not too busy, he's starting to fall behind.
#139 Sebastian Derbre played a little bit this week, but he managed to get a PR in the 60s. That's pretty nice considering he ranks outside the top 100.
#178 Caleb Tran PRed on 13 tracks this week, and his best PR was an rDKP time that ranks at #120. I think Caleb will be a pretty active person at the moment, let's see if I'm right.
#182 Jaden Figueroa only played 3 tracks this week, and even managed to get his MC PR down to #37! That's his strongest time by far, not even sure if I believe it's real to be honest.
#188 Zekhai Meadows was also active and stuff, sending in a total of 4 PRs, all not in the top 200 though. By the end of next week I want to see 1 of those PRs in the top 200, unless you want the belt.


Okami snags amother POW for his solid activity this week, especially at such a high level. He's inching closer to top 5, and he'll probably be able to pull it off.

Well, that is all.