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Last updated: April 24th 2017

MarioKart 64 World Records

On this page we list the best times achieved in both Non-Shortcut and Shortcut racing.Whilst we endeavor to have proof vids for every record, in some cases this is not possible. To see the fastest available videos for both systems, please go to this link.
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Non-Shortcut World Records
Luigi Raceway

NtscMatthias Rustemeyer

1'38"311'58"2132"85 - 31"94 - 33"52

Luigi Raceway

NtscMatthias Rustemeyer

0'31"320'37"66Shrooms 2nd Lap
Moo Moo Farm

NtscJohn Dude

Moo Moo Farm

NtscBeck Abney

Koopa Troopa Beach

NtscMatthias Rustemeyer
Daniel Burbank

1'19"671'35"8026"65 - 26"53 - 26"49
26"63 - 26"54 - 26"50

Koopa Troopa Beach

NtscMatthias Rustemeyer

0'25"730'30"94Shrooms 2nd Lap
Kalimari Desert

NtscBeck Abney

Kalimari Desert

NtscMatthias Rustemeyer

0'32"490'39"07Shrooms 1st Lap
Toad's Turnpike

NtscMatthias Rustemeyer

2'28"842'58"9749"79 - 49"49 - 49"56
Toad's Turnpike

NtscMatthias Rustemeyer

0'49"090'59"03Shrooms 2nd Lap
Frappe Snowland

NtscDaniel Burbank

1'40"272'00"5633"46 - 33"38 - 33"43
Frappe Snowland

NtscDaniel Burbank

0'31"980'38"45Shrooms 2nd Lap
Choco Mountain

NtscTroy Ullman

1'36"681'56"2532"33 - 32"18 - 32"17
Choco Mountain

NtscMatthias Rustemeyer

0'31"720'38"14Shrooms 2nd Lap
Mario Raceway

NtscDaniel Burbank

Mario Raceway

NtscLuke Barnard
Daniel Burbank

0'23"050'27"72Shrooms 1st Lap
Shrooms 1st Lap
Wario Stadium

NtscDaniel Burbank

Wario Stadium

NtscDaniel Burbank

1'11"961'26"52Shrooms 1st Lap
Sherbet Land

NtscMatthias Rustemeyer

Sherbet Land

NtscDaniel Burbank

0'31"600'38"00Shrooms 2nd Lap
Royal Raceway

NtscMatthias Rustemeyer

2'23"102'52"0647"76 - 47"69 - 47"65
Royal Raceway

NtscTroy Ullman

0'46"420'55"82Shrooms 2nd Lap
Bowser's Castle

NtscMatthias Rustemeyer

1'50"612'13"0036"86 - 36"82 - 36"93
Bowser's Castle

NtscJamie White

0'36"040'43"33Shrooms 2nd Lap
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway

NtscDaniel Burbank

D.K.'s Jungle Parkway

NtscJamie White

0'35"270'42"41Shrooms 1st Lap
Yoshi Valley

NtscMatthias Rustemeyer

1'25"531'42"8428"51 - 28"70 - 28"32
Yoshi Valley

NtscDaniel Burbank

0'26"140'31"43Shrooms 1st Lap
Banshee Boardwalk

NtscMatthias Rustemeyer

1'43"852'04"8734"68 - 34"59 - 34"58

Banshee Boardwalk

NtscMatthias Rustemeyer

0'34"070'40"97Shrooms 2nd Lap
Rainbow Road

NtscBeck Abney

Rainbow Road

NtscMatthias Rustemeyer

1'37"331'57"03Shrooms 1st Lap

Shortcut World Records
Luigi Raceway

NtscBeck Abney

Luigi Raceway

NtscBeck Abney

Kalimari Desert

NtscBeck Abney

Kalimari Desert

NtscBeck Abney

Toad's Turnpike

NtscBeck Abney

Toad's Turnpike

NtscKarlo Tomazelli

0'28"910'34"76Shrooms 2nd Lap
Frappe Snowland

NtscJohn Dude

0'21"520'25"88 9"73 - 6"05 - 5"74
Frappe Snowland

NtscMarcos Vinicius Alves

Choco Mountain

NtscBeck Abney

Choco Mountain

NtscBeck Abney

Mario Raceway

NtscKarlo Tomazelli

0'50"981'01"3016"96 - 17"00 - 17"02

Mario Raceway

NtscSteven Gutierrez

0'15"460'18"59Shrooms 1st Lap
Wario Stadium

NtscJohn Dude

0'12"410'14"924"01 - 4"14 - 4"26
Wario Stadium

NtscJohn Dude

0'02"090'02"51Shrooms 2nd Lap
Royal Raceway

NtscKarlo Tomazelli

1'40"252'00"5433"96 - 33"80 - 32"49
Royal Raceway

NtscMyles Bukrim

0'31"080'37"37Shrooms 1st Lap
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway

NtscJohn Dude

0'19"410'23"349"26 - 6"07 - 4"08
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway

NtscJohn Dude

Yoshi Valley

NtscGreg Ihnatenko
Beck Abney

0'27"760'33"389"27 - 9"26 - 9"23

Yoshi Valley

NtscBeck Abney
Myles Bukrim

0'05"750'06"91Shrooms 2nd Lap
Rainbow Road

NtscBeck Abney

Rainbow Road

NtscBeck Abney


Ntsc Non-Sc Records
1 Matthias Rustemeyer
2 Daniel Burbank
3 Beck Abney
4 Jamie White
4 Troy Ullman
6 Luke Barnard
6 John Dude

Ntsc Shortcut Records
1 Beck Abney
2 John Dude
3 Karlo Tomazelli
4 Myles Bukrim
5 Steven Gutierrez
5 Greg Ihnatenko
5 Marcos Vinicius Alves


October 6 2016: After a days break, Matthias Rustemeyer is back fighting the fight at Wario Stadium 3lap, lowering the World Record by a big chunk down to 4'20"48 (3'36"63), laying a huge blow to Dan's hopes here. But he wouldn't be done there. Matthias goes a step further and hits Dan where it hurts, by taking his Mario Raceway 3lap WR from him by a mere hundredth. The new time of 1'27"85 (1'13"06) shows much potential for a NTSC sub in the near future.

October 4 2016: Daniel Burbank ruins one of the greatest potential memes ever by going too fast. His Wario Stadium 3lap World Record of 4'20"67 (3'36"79) beats out the dankest of timelines by a few hundredths, showing that Dan's just ruin all the fun :(

October 3 2016: The champ strikes back! Matthias Rustemeyer would take no prisoners on this date, as he would set both 3lap and flap World Records at Wario Stadium. The new times of 4'20"70 (3'36"82) and 1'26"04 (1'11"56) beats out Dan by a considerable amount of time, but something tells me this war isn't over yet…

October 2 2016: New month, same old track. The battle of Wario Stadium rages on, as Daniel Burbank again pushes his own 3lap World Record down to 4'20"75 (3'36"86). Maximum dankness is getting closer and closer.

September 27 2016: There's a lot of debate about when this time was set, as it was completed just after midnight, but the one thing not up for debate is that Daniel Burbank set a new Wario Stadium flap World Record with a time of 1'26"12 (1'11"65).

September 26 2016: If the day before was the first shot, this is the all out war. A total of 6(!!!) World Records would be set today, all at the same track. First up was Wario Stadium 3lap, where Daniel Burbank set a pair of World Records with times of 4'21"11 (3'37"16) and 4'20"90 (3'36"98). The real fight, however, was on the flap side, where two competitors traded blows. First up was Matthias Rustemeyer getting his World Record back, as he set tied the record at first with a 1'26"24 (1'11"72) and then beat it with a 1'26"21 (1'11"70). Daniel Burbank wasn't happy to see his time fall, so he responded with 1'26"19 (1'11"68) before finally settling on a 1'26"15 (1'11"65) to end the day. Whew, that was a lot for 24 hours.

September 25 2016: After a month and a half with no WRs, Daniel Burbank decides to break that trend with a 1'26"24 (1'11"72) at Wario Stadium flap. This appears to only be the beginning of a potentially long battle, as he feels this can be pushed even farther relatively soon…

August 10 2016: August was a light month, but both World Records came in the same day. First up was Greg Ihnatenko getting his first World Record in a while. He would tie the controversial Yoshi Valley SC 3lap time of 27"76 (33"38). Congrats to him on that! The other WR was a time set by Daniel Burbank. He would also be at Yoshi Valley, but this time on the non-sc flap. His time of 31"33 (26"06) would beat out MR by a hundredth and give him yet another solo WR.

July 31 2016: WOW. That's the only way to describe this time. Beck Abney with a historic cut at Royal Raceway SC 3lap, as he nails an amazing run with a time of 1'59"49 (1'39"38). Not only was this time a World Record, but it made Abney the new Shortcut champion by a fraaaaaaaame. :)

July 30 2016: Two days after the 3lap was untied, the same would happen on Mario Raceway flap. Daniel Burbank made sure people knew he was the king of Mario Raceway, as he uses a small (but extremely difficult) "01 cut to set the new time at 27"67 (23"01). Slowly, we are creeping towards one of the more unthinkable subs in the game, the NTSC sub 23. One day we'll see it, but if recent history is an indicator I wouldn't hold my breath ;)

July 28 2016: Daniel Burbank is the record setter this time around, and he went for a track he was playing quite a bit. Mario Raceway 3lap is the track, and 1'27"86 (1'13"07) is the new untied World Record! His splits of 29"25 - 29"32 - 29"29 shows some incredible consistency, as Dan holds another strong World Record. But will this be all for this track, only time will tell…

July 21 2016: After just over a week of no new from him, Matthias Rustemeyer decides beat his (at the time) oldest World Record. Choco Mountain 3lap was pushed a few hundredths lower this time around, as the new time is now a 1'56"08 (1'36"54). His splits of 38"74 - 38"68 - 38"66 leave a bit more to be desired, as they're all a few hundredths away from his best splits on each lap. Will he push this to try and get the sub?

July 17 2016: Vincent Tolhuis is back at it again, setting a crazy World Record at Royal Raceway 3lap as he tries to hold onto his number 1 overall spot. The new time is at 1'59"53 (1'39"41) as he pushes an already difficult World Record to a new incredible barrier.

July 13 2016: Matthias Rustemeyer decided to stick with the snowy theme in the dog days of summer, as he moved over to Frappe Snowland 3lap and set yet another World Record. The new time is at 2'00"06 (1'39"85). His splits of 40"04 - 39"98 - 40"04 show just how close he is to breaking the insane 2 minute barrier, but a "poor" finish on lap 3 cost him this time around.

July 9 2016: Another day, another 2 World Records. The usual suspects were out in full force today, as Matthias Rustemeyer decided he didn't like sharing his World Records and took back Sherbet Land 3lap with a strong 1'55"47 (1'36"03), and he's now so close to that sub 1'36 on NTSC! Daniel Burbank didn't take to kindly to that, so he decided to attack a different time, going after Sherbet Land flap. He would pull even with Matthias, putting in a time of 37"88 (31"50). These two just keep pushing each other further and further!

July 8 2016: Marcos Vinicius Alves wasn't quite satisfied with his World Record he set a few days earlier, so he decided to beat it! Continuing to push a track that some thought was maxed out, Marcos beat his Frappe Snowland SC flap time and improved the new mark to 4"80 (5"77).

July 2 2016: The battle at Sherbet Land rages on, as the 3lap continues to be pushed. First up, we had Matthias Rustemeyer would beat Dan back, pushing the new record down to 1"55"53 (1'36"08). However, Daniel Burbank didn't enjoy seeing his WR broken, so he responded with his own… and it wound up being a tie! It'll be interesting to see how long that lasts…

June 30 2016: The last day of the quarter would prove to be a very eventful one, with 4 separate instances of World Records. We start the day with Matthias Rustemeyer fighting back on SL 3lap, setting 2 separate new times of 1'55"60 (1'36"14) and later a 1'55"57 (1'36"12). Feeling safe here, Matthias decided to stop. However, he wouldn't be as safe as he assumed, because Daniel Burbank would strike back later in the day with a 1'55"56 (1'36"11) to give him the untied World Record here by the slimmest of margins. For such a cool track, the battle here is sure heating up! But while Dan was fighting to take SL 3lap, Matthias Rustemeyer was busy on KTB 3lap beating his own World Record. With a time of 1'35"63 (1'19"53), Matthias would see some problems with the water on lap 3, but he was just relieved to strengthen his lead here.

June 29 2016: Another day, another World Record. Wait… this track?!?! That's right, Marcos Vinicius Alves set his 2nd ever World Record, but this one would be without a doubt his most impressive. FS SC flap, he beat his own tied WR with an un-be-lieve-able 4"86 (5"84), beating what was once thought to be a maxed out track.

June 28 2016: I almost thought you guys forgot about setting World Records! After realizing he has tons of potential during his NTSC tour, Daniel Burbank went back to PAL and decided he'd crush his SL 3lap time and set his first World Record at the track, with a time of 1'55"65 (1'36"18) to tie MR here. His splits of 38"63 - 38"48 - 38"54 show a bit more room to improve, but Dan has to be happy about this one for now.

April 27 2016: After multiple days of grinding, Beck Abney finally gets the controversial World Record he set out for at YV SC 3lap. His time of 27"76 (33"38). This time is hotly debated because it turns out NTSC gets a slight advantage at this time point due to frames and conversions or something idk. Hopefully people forgot about this by now, so… yeah. (Seriously if you want to learn more, there's a topic about it on the forums that can explain it better than I can in this space).

April 20 2016: Not quite satisfied with his World Record from a week and a half ago, Matthias Rustemeyer is back at it again on FS 3lap, this time pushing it down by 0"01 to bring the time down to 2"00"16 (1'39"93). His splits this time around were 40"19 - 39"99 - 39"98 and that shows how much more consistent Matthias is getting at the last 2 laps. If he could one of those God openers, we might be on to something…

April 9 2016: A pair of World Records on this fine day! First we have Beck Abney continuing his SC tour by beating his own KD SC 3lap time on PAL - that he set almost a year ago on NTSC - with a time of 2'02"82 (1'42"15). Beck keeps pushing this farther, with the goal of beating the train on lap 3 for an insane time! On the other end of the spectrum, Matthias Rustemeyer decided to stay pure and got a FS 3lap World Record, with a time of 2'00"17 (1'39"94).Matthias keeps pushing this track closer and closer to PAL sub, as is evident by his 39"99 lap 3. It's going to take a near perfect run, but these guys are showing how close we are getting to perfection.

April 5 2016: He's finally done it! Matthias Rustemeyer would go back to FS 3lap and achieve the NTSC sub! His time of 2'00"21 (1'39"98) makes him the first person on either console to do so. With splits of 40"08 - 39"99 - 40"14 shows some more room for improvement, maybe even a sub 2? Only time will tell, but for now, congrats on the big achievement!

April 4 2016: A pair of World Records today, one from an old name and another from a fairly new one. First up, we had Vincent Tolhuis coming back to the SC side to get his first World Record in over a year. His time of 25"67 (21"35) on LR SC flap trims a bit over a tenth of a second from the old record, as he nails a quick Myleystyle for this time. The other World Record would come at the hands of Beck Abney. Beck would also get a Shortcut World Record at a track with a tricky jump. Beck nails another Weathertenko and cuts a few hundredths to improve his CM SC lap time to 3"14 (3"78).

April 3 2016: Daniel Burbank was back in action on this date, this time at MR 3lap. He would tie Matthias for the World Record with a time of 1'27"89 (1'13"10), giving them yet another tie at this track 7 months since Matthias broke away.

March 30 2016: As if his recent World Record wasn't enough, Beck came back and tied the TT SC flap time of 34"66 (28"83). Beck continues his tear through the rankings.

March 24 2016: You know the thing I said about 3/3 Mylestyle from Beck Abney? Yeah… it happened. Beck completely skipped 1'13 with his insane pace and got a 1'12"73 (1'27"45) with splits of 24"60 - 23"99 - 24"14. This may be the strongest world record on the site, mostly because 3/3 Mylestyle is just that hard. Beck is killing the game now, who knows what he'll do next.

March 23 2016: In an attempt to keep his monthly PR streak, Matthias Rustemeyer did some attempts at FS 3lap… and he would break his own World Record! It took a killer lap 3, but with a time of 2'00"24 (1'40"00!), Matthias finally hit the 1'40 barrier. Splits were 40"16 - 40"13 - 39"95. His next PR here will break through the NTSC sub, something only few have envisioned to be possible.

March 22 2016: Once again, Beck Abney hits a historic World Record, this time at LR SC 3lap. A day after coming so close to 3/3 Weathertenko, he went for another tough achievement… and got it! The first ever 2/3 Mylestyle with a regular SC gives him a 1'14"80 (1'29"94), and a huge lead over Vincent. The splits of 24"28 - 26"24 - 24"28 indicate that this is a strong record, but can be beaten with the legendary 3/3. Stay tuned here.

March 21 2016: Beck Abney gets another one, this time at CM SC 3lap. Beck's time of 43"72 (52"57) was interesting because not only was it the first 2/3 on NTSC, but it was actually a 3/3 attempt that failed only because Beck didn't get the lap skip to trigger on the 2nd shroom! We're so close to seeing that perfect run…

March 9 2016: Beck Abney is back at it again, this time taking the TT SC 3lap World Record with a nice time of 1'49"07 (1'30"71). His splits were 38"45 - 35"33 - 35"29, as Beck continues to fly up the SC charts.

March 6 2016: After a long hiatus, William Lacey is once again the record holder at DKJP 3lap. Just under a year after losing it, William drives a 2'12"69 (1'50"35) with splits of 44"16 - 44"29 - 44"24. The lap 1 shows much potential here, we'll see if William decides to push this farther.

February 29 2016: A week after getting the flap, Matthias Rustemeyer is back again with a new YV 3lap time of 1'42"35 (1'25"12). The huge cut of 0"17 over Dan's time saw splits of 33"98 - 34"91 - 34"06. This will be a tough time to beat in the future!

February 22 2016: Matthias Rustemeyer wouldn't let Dan hold onto his record for long, as he sets a new YV flap World Record with a time of 31"35 (26"07), once again showing why he's the champ.

February 16 2016: Daniel Burbank would be back in action today, and he would come through with an impressive haul. He started the day by getting back YV 3lap with a time of 1'42"59 (1'25"32), splits of 34"06 - 34"38 - 34"15. Not quite satisfied with the 0"02 cushion, Daniel would beat it a few hours later with a 1'42"52 (1'25"26)! Splits this time were 34"06 - 34"34 - 34"12, as Daniel improved the 2nd half of his run to get this time down to a more comfortable lead. Still not done, Daniel would move over to the flap and was successful (thanks to switching to Yoshi as his driver) with a 31"37 (26"09), tying Matthias atop the rankings here. Quite a day for Daneil, we'll see if he can ride the momentum to get more World Records.

February 12 2016: Back we go to KD 3lap, with Matthias Rustemeyer would snag the World Record back once again with a time of 2'04"30 (1'43"38). His splits this time were 41"41 - 41"34 - 41"55. This wouldn't last too long, as Beck Abney would play this later that night and wound up taking his record back with a time of 2'04"24 (1'43"33). His splits would be 41"39 - 41"32 - 41"53 beats each of Matthias' laps by 0"02, showing how close these 2 are here.

February 9 2016: Another double dip for the champ. Matthias Rustemeyer would set World Records on 2 different tracks today, each within the span of about an hour! First up, he took back his record on YV 3lap with a time of 1'42"61 (1'25"34), splits of 34"09 - 34"41 - 34"11. He would then move on the RRd 3lap and quickly set a new record with a time of 5'52"75 (4'53"37), beating Beck by a decent margin. His splits of 1'57"41 - 1'57"51 - 1'57"83 came with a poor tran on lap 3, so we'll see if he decides to push this farther. He did have the speed to beat the last chomp on lap 3, so maybe that will be his motivation.

February 6 2016: Daniel Burbank is back, setting his first World Record of the year at YV 3lap. After some insane runs that would unfortunately miss, he would break through with a time of 1'42"66 (1'25"38). His splits of 34"16 - 34"40 - 34"10 are a bit off from his best, but this time is strong nonetheless.

January 29 2016: Matthias Rustemeyer was on a tear in this last week of January, as he breaks yet another record. This time he moved over to BC 3lap and took his record back from Beck with a time of 2'12"40 (1'50"11), splits of 44"24 - 44"11 - 44"05. The thwomp cycles are proving to be problematic the faster these guys go, so it may take an insane run to beat this time.

January 25 2016: Looks like he wasn't satisfied with his previous session, as Matthias Rustemeyer would again grind down the WS 3lap time, pushing it down to 4'21"16 (3'37"20) with splits of 1'27"11 - 1'26"91 - 1'27"14. 4 WRs in 2 days, not too shabby.

January 24 2016: Matthias Rustemeyer just goes crazy today at WS 3lap, breaking his own World Record 3 times! First, he got a 4'21"49 (3'37"47) before beating it a few minutes later with a 4'21"41 (3'37"41). Not too long after that, he would beat it again with a 4'21"22 (3'37"25) which he would decide is good enough for now. His splits on the final run were 1'27"11 - 1'26"94 - 1'27"17. Crazy progress on a single day!

January 23 2016: Beck Abney takes a break from setting non-SC World Records to set a new RRd SC flap record with a time of 1'17"63 (1'04"56) to tie Zoran. We'll see if he tries to break the tie or leaves it be.

January 20 2016: Matthias Rustemeyer strikes back at WS flap with a time of 1'26"29 (1'11"76). Matthias used one different shroom spot compared to Beck, showing that this track has a lot of options for how to attack it.

January 16 2016: Beck Abney continues his streak of World Records, this time finding a new battleground. WS flap goes down to 1'26"34 (1'11"81) with a lap 3 run as Beck experiments with some new shroom spots.

January 14 2016: Only one World Record today, and that one was by Beck Abney at BC 3lap. The time of 2'12"46 (1'50"16) had splits of 44"30 - 44"15 - 44"01. The crazy thing about this run is that it was done on his first try, incredible things from Beck.

January 13 2016: Another day, another bunch of World Records being set. First we have Matthias Rustemeyer, who set a new RRd flap World Record with a time of 1'56"65 (1'37"01), a huge cut of 0"19 over the old record. Staying at RRd, this time the 3lap Beck Abney set a pair of World Records. First he drove a 5'53"00 (4'53"58), and he would promptly beat that less than 2 hours later with a 5'52"88 (4'53"48), getting the nice sub. His splits were 1'57"75 - 1'57"42 - 1'57"71.

January 12 2016: The battle heats up! RRd flap sees a trio of World Records today, first by Matthias Rustemeyer with a time of 1'56"91 (1'37"23), and the other not too long after by Beck Abney with a 1'56"84 (1'37"17). Beck's record was actually done on lap 2 (while Matthias did his on lap 1), so expect to see this pushed even farther soon, even though it'll be annoying to set up.

January 10 2016: Matthias Rustemeyer takes back his BC 3lap World Record with a time of 2'12"49 (1'50"19). Splits this time were 44"34 - 44"08 - 44"07. Matthias crushed those last 2 laps, although part of that could be chalked up to a slower lap 1 making the thwomp cycles better.

January 8 2016: Beck Abney sets another World Record, this time a new one at RRd flap. The time of 1'56"95 (1'37"26) ties him with Matthias.

January 4 2016: It didn’t take long for Beck Abney to set the first World Record of 2016 as he takes back BC 3lap with a 2'12"54 (1'50"23). The splits are 44"09 - 44"34 - 34"11 as Beck picks up right where he left off last year.

December 14 2015: The battle for RRd 3lap continues, as Matthias Rustemeyer takes back his crown with a time of 5'53"12 (4'53"68). His splits of 1'57"86 - 1'57"70 - 1'57"56 leaves us with more questions than answers. Will we see the sub? Will Beck respond? Will someone else from the field (Dan, Zoran, Vincent, William, etc…) challenge these guys? If one things for certain, it's that we can expect this rivalry between the top 2 players to continue into 2016.

December 6 2015: Insane World Record by Matthias Rustemeyer today, this time at KTB flap with a 30"84 (25"65). Insane cut for a track that is so tight at the top, Matthias broke a tie with Vincent and has separated himself from the pack by decent margin.

December 5 2015: Picking up where he left off last month, Beck Abney comes back and gets the RRd 3lap record again, this time with a 5'53"20 (4'53"75) and splits of 1'57"65 - 1'57"82 - 1'57"73.

November 30 2015: Yet again, the champ responds from losing a World Record fairly quickly. Matthias Rustemeyer takes back his RRd 3lap with a time of 5'53"25 (4'53"79) and splits of 1'57"88 - 1'57"72 - 1'57"65. He also took back the FS 3lap record with a time of 2'00"28 (1'40"03). With splits of 40"15 - 40"10 - 40"03, he was able to finish off the most active month of 2015 with a bang.

November 28 2015: Another World Record for Beck Abney, this time a new one for him at RRd 3lap. The time of 5'53"39 (4'53"90) beats Matthias by a good margin.

November 26 2015: Daniel Burbank also helping the cause to stop Matthias from perfection, getting back his old FS 3lap record with a time of 2'00"33 (1'40"07). His splits of 40"17 - 40"05 - 40"11 show just how much progress this track has seen over the past few years, as it's gone down by 0"37 since Feb. 2013.

November 24 2015: Beck Abney once again tries his luck at KD 3lap and comes away with the World Record by the slimmest of margins. A nice 0"01 cut breaks the tie between him and Matthias, and the record now stands at 2'04"32 (1'50"24). Beck had splits of 41"38 - 41"38 - 41"56, and it almost looks like we've hit a bit of a wall at this track, with the 1st train of lap 3 being tougher and tough to pass as this time continues to go up. Maybe we'll see a run that goes between the 1st 2 carts but until then, this is a tough one to beat.

November 23 2015: But Matthias Rustemeyer strikes back! BC 3lap is his again, as well as 31/32 WRs, with a time of 2'12"55 (1'50"24) and splits of 44"22 - 44"01 - 44"32. A rough lap 3 shows that this time can still be pushed farther, although there will be more problems the faster these guys go.

November 22 2015: When the Anti-1.000 Alliance needed a hero to fend off Matthias, Beck Abney steps up. This time, he set a World Record on BC 3lap with a time of 2'12"61 (1'50"29). Beck proving he can compete with the best of them on multiple courses, which surprises no one at this point in his career.

November 20 2015: If there were an equivalent to the doomsday clock with the perfect 1.000 AF, Matthias Rustemeyer would have it at 23:59. Go after a tough World Record at MR flap, Matthias would tie Dan with a 27"68 (23"02), pushing himself up to a record high 31/32 WRs. Will he be able to get the MMF flap before anyone can respond?

November 17 2015: While everyone is waiting for Beck to set another KD 3lap record, Matthias Rustemeyer sneaks in and ties it. Another 2'04"33 (1'43"40), Matthias does just enough to bring himself back to 30/32

November 16 2015: 6th time in 2 weeks, Beck Abney once again pushes his World Record down a bit more, this time a smaller cut, to 2'04"33 (1'43"40). Odds are this isn't the last time he'll beat this record, so let's just wait a few hours for a new one.

November 10 2015: In what is surprising to no one at this point, Beck Abney once again improves his KD 3lap record with a time of 2'04"35 (1'43"42) with splits of 41"38 - 41"36 - 41"61. Another solid cut, as we approach a potential wall with the train on lap 3 being in the way. But knowing Beck, he'll probably just beat it soon enough.

November 7 2015: Woah, what a quick response! Beck Abney comes back after a solid cut by Matthias at KD 3lap with a time of 2'04"45 (1'43"50). Beck showing no fear going up against the champ!

November 6 2015: Not to be outdone by the new guy on the block, Matthias Rustemeyer strikes back with an incredible cut 2'04"48 (1'43"53). Splits this time were 41"61 - 41"39 - 41"48, those last 2 laps being ridiculous.

November 5 2015: For a guy who set his first non-SC World Record a few days before, he certainly doesn't act like it. In only 2'04"67 (1'43"68), Beck continues to push his own record at KD 3lap, this time with splits of 41"53 - 41"48 - 41"66. Something tells me this is only a sign of things to come.

November 2 2015: Not satisfied with his run from the day before, Beck Abney improve his KD 3lap time by a few hundredths, and the new time is a 2'04"79 (1'43"68). Something tells me he won't quite be complacent here, we'll see what happens.

November 1 2015: Another guy is able to join the World Record hunt on the non-SC side, however this person is no stranger to setting crazy times. Beck Abney, KD 3lap, 2'04"84 (1'43"83), pure insanity. With splits of 41"59 - 41"47 - 41"78, Beck is proving he's another challenger for Matthias to worry about.

October 21 2015: Another day another World Record, this time being set by (surprise surprise) Matthias Rustemeyer. He took the DK flap record from Vincent with a time of 42"26 (35"15),thanks to a crazy 3rd shroom that left him speechless. Once again, Matthias is back up to 30/32 WRs. Is this the time he breaks all the way through? Only time will tell…

October 19 2015: Matthias Rustemeyer is at it again, setting yet another World Record, this time taking the FS flap from Dan. The time of 38"29 (31"84) was a byproduct of Matthias refining his micro-strats, and shows again his undoubtable skill.

October 12 2015: Again, he strikes back! Matthias Rustemeyer, after losing his World Record last month, takes back MMF 3lap with an impressive time of 1'26"14. After tons of attempts, the run with splits of 28"87 - 28"64 - 28"63 would prove to be relieving to Matthias, as this track nearly got the best of him.

October 4 2015: Not to be forgotten, Beck Abney sets yet another World Record, this one at KD SC flap. The time of 37"84 (31"47) is one of his better ones, and shows his future potential.

September 19 2015: Trying to keep his PR streak alive, Matthias Rustemeyer sets a new MR 3lap World record, break the tie between him and Dan, with a time of 1'27"89 (1'13"10). With splits of 29"28 - 29"30 - 29"31, Matthias inches closer to yet another NTSC sub. Thomas Jordet Larsen also drove a World Record, this one at MMF 3lap with a time of 1'26"19 (1'11"68) with splits of 28"94 - 28"69 - 28"56. Those lap 2 and 3 splits saved his run, and that lap 3 split is just crazy. Maybe Thomas can push this farther sometime soon?

September 18 2015: Vincent Tolhuis sets a new DK flap World Record using the 4 MT method with a time of 42"28 (35"16). Not much else can be said of this World Record as there is no video of it, but it's a crazy huge cut by Vincent.

September 16 2015: Well that didn't take long! 1 day after Dan set this World Record, Matthias Rustemeyer took it right back. With a time of 1'42"68 (1'25"40) and splits of 34"11 - 34"48 - 34"09, Matthias was able to push this down by a bit more, could still see more though.

September 15 2015: Daniel Burbank again takes another World Record from Matthias, this time at YV 3lap. Showing great improvements over the weeks leading up to this, Daniel was able to turn in a 1'42"80 (1'25"50), with splits of 34"08 - 34"60 - 34"12. Dan said himself this is very improvable, citing a rough ending to lap 2, so we'll see if this can get pushed even farther in the near future.

July 31 2015: Both Frappe Snowland Records go down, both improved by their respective holders! First up was Matthias Rustemeyer, getting the 3lap World Record to break a tie between him and Dan with a new time of 2'00"34 (1'40"08). The NTSC sub is less than a tenth away now, so close! Meanwhile, Daniel Burbank was busy improving the flap by turning in a time of 38"34 (31"89). Dan may have lost a World Record today, but he strengthened this one to the point where his lead over the pack is over a tenth!

July 19 2015: After a month without a World Record, William Lacey comes out of nowhere (more literal than you'd think) and shows the world a crazy new shroom strat on DK flap. Instead of double shrooming after the jump, William shrooms on the turn before the bridge part, allowing him to cut some track. This led to a 42"39 (35"25) as Lacey continues to fight for World Records on non-SC

June 18 2015: Matthias Rustemeyer keeps up the snowy theme, but this time at a different track, getting a new SL 3lap World Record. This time was a 1'55"65 (1'36"18) to push his own record down by a few hundredths. His splits here were 38"71 - 38"45 - 38"49, showing there is still some room for improvement here. We'll see if Matthias choses to take advantage of that in the future.

June 13 2015: Another FS World Record, this time on the flap. Daniel Burbank pushes his own time WR down by 0"03 and the new time is 38"37 (31"91).

May 28 2015: Matthias Rustemeyer doesn't like to see his World Records beat, and he had to fight to get this one back. With splits of 40"12 - 40"12 - 40"15, Matthias has pushed this time down to 2'00"39 (1'40"12). Look for this battle to continue in the future.

May 16 2015: FS 3lap continues to be improved, this time by Daniel Burbank by the slimmest of margins. An "01 cut brings this time down to 2'00"44 (1'40"17), although this is still an NTSC tie. Splits this time around were 40"18 - 40"10 - 40"16. Dan is proving to be quite a thorn in Matthias' side, as this pushes Dan up to 4 World Records.

April 30 2015: Beck Abney would set 2 World Records on this day, both improvements from his own times. First up was KD SC 3lap, which he would beat on NTSC this time with a 1'42"37 (2'03"09) as he continues to separate from the pack here. The other time was a CM SC flap record - that's right, he's still grinding those Weathertenkos - where he would again beat his PAL time on NTSC with a 3"16 (3"80) on lap 3. We'll see if he has it in him to push this down even more.

April 28 2015: After nearly 9 months, Greg Ihnatenko would take back his World Record at RRy SC 3lap with a time of 1'59"63 (1'39"49). Splits were 40"12 - 40"29 - 39"22 as Greg reclaims his throne atop Royal Raceway with the rare sub 2 minutes.

April 19 2015: Back to Mario Raceway, and Daniel Burbank would tie the MR 3lap World Record held by Matthias with a time of 1'27"96 (1'13"15). His splits were 29"25 - 29"36 - 29"35, giving him both World Records here.

March 31 2015: On the last day of the first quarter, Beck Abney continues to tear through World Records, this time beating Vincent's RRd SC 3lap with a time of 3'56"36 (3'16"57). It's beginning to be less of a surprise to see Beck set these new World Records, and he has a bright future in store if he can keep it up.

March 20 2015: Not done with the Weathertenkos, Beck Abney continues to set World Records with a new CM SC flap time of 3"88 (3"23), breaking the tie between him and Vincent. The craziness at Choco Mountain continues.

March 18 2015: WOAH! Daniel Burbank set an incredible MR flap time of 27"68 (23"02), which is a crazy cut considering how short the course is. As we inch closer to that NTSC sub, look for Matthias to fight back here.

March 17 2015: A double feature of World Records today, first with Beck Abney as he continues to push this game to new limits, this time with a 3/3 hit at KD SC 3lap for a 2'03"11 (1'42"39), splits of 40"99 - 40"94 - 41"18, which included him going under the train on lap 3 to open up a huge lead over the next closest time. Matthias Rustemeyer would also be in action, turning in a nice DK flap time of 42"41 (35"27), tying him with Jamie and pushing his World Record counter to 30/32.

March 10 2015: As quickly as William got his World Record back, Matthias Rustemeyer would take it away again. Setting a new DK 3lap time of 2'12"74 (1'50"40) with splits of 44"08 - 44"34 - 44"32, Matthias hopes he is done fighting here as he continues his pursuit of perfection.

March 7 2015: William Lacey would not go quietly at his favorite course, and he would fight back to secure a new DK 3lap World Record with a time of 2'12"77 (1'50"42). His splits were 44"14 - 44"28 - 44"35, proving to MR that he's still the King of the JungleTM.

March 4 2015: DK 3lap is the course this time, and Matthias Rustemeyer takes another World Record back, this time from William, with a time of 2'12"78 (1'50"43). With splits of 44"24 - 44"31 - 44"23, Matthias pushes his WR counter back up to 29/32.

February 21 2015: Not satisfied with his time from a day earlier, Daniel Burbank continues the FS flap grind, and pushes the time down a bit more to 38"40 (31"94). A very clean looking run, Dan is opening up a bigger and bigger lead over the pack by the day.

February 20 2015: Staying at Frappe, Daniel Burbank decides to attack FS flap and is able to improve his own World Record, this time setting it on PAL, with a time of 38"44 (31"97).

February 17 2015: Not wanting to let Dan hog the spotlight on FS 3lap, Matthias Rustemeyer comes back takes the World Record by 0"01 with a new time of 2'00"45 (1'40"17) with splits of 40"20 - 40"15 - 40"10. Will we see a response?

February 16 2015: Beck Abney continues the Shortcut trend and goes to YV SC flap, becoming only the 2nd person to hit 5"75 (6"91), a time thought to be the max here.

February 11 2015: Looking to get in on the FS SC flap action, Vincent Tolhuis ties Myles and Marcos with a nice 5"88(4"89), and is the only one on PAL to do so.

February 10 2015: Daniel Burbank does it again! He fights back on FS 3lap, and sets a new record with a time of 2'00"46 (1'40"18). With splits of 40"23 - 40"11 - 40"12, Dan put forth a pretty even run. We'll see if he can push this farther as we inch closer to the NTSC sub.

January 26 2015: Vincent Tolhuis is back, this time setting a new WS SC 3lap World Record with a time of 14"70 (12"23), showing the world why he's the SC champ.

January 16 2015: Very historic day for World Records! First we have Beck Abney on CM SC 3lap, getting the first 2/3 Weathertenko run ever! His time would be 53"18 (44"23), such an incredible accomplishment to push this time to new limits. Speaking of pushing to new limits, Matthias Rustemeyer would do unthinkable as well. Responding to Dan's MR flap time a few days earlier, Matthias would tie Dan at 27"71, and then beat him the same day! The new World Record is now at 27"70, which breaks the 3-way NTSC tie, knocking Luke from the ranks of World Record holders after 2501 consecutive days.

January 11 2015: The (at the time) oldest standing record has been broken! Well… technically. MR flap is the course, 27"71 is the time, Daniel Burbank is the driver. Although still an NTSC tie with Luke, Dan beats MR's time by 0"01.

December 29 2014: Fitting that the last World Record of 2014 would be a Weathertenko hit. This time, Beck Abney tied Vincent’s time with a lap 3 hit, but with NTSC this time around. 3”26 (3”92) is the time, and a nice way to end the year.

November 27 2014: Not happy with his time from a few days earlier, Matthias Rustemeyer decided to pursue his WS 3lap World Record, and managed to push it down a bit more to 4’21”54 (3’37”51) with splits of 1’27”35 – 1’27”08 – 1’27”11.

November 25 2014: 2 days in a row for the champ! Matthias Rustemeyer decided to move onto WS 3lap and turned in an impressive 4’21”68 (3’37”63). He managed splits of 1’27”45 – 1’27”15 – 1’27”08 to help him push his own World Record down by a few hundredths.

November 24 2014: Matthias Rustemeyer is back, looking for another World Record, and he’d find it today with SL 3lap. The time was 1’55”70 (1’36”22) with splits of 38”69 – 38”43 – 38”58, as he beat his then oldest World Record.

November 10 2014: Realizing his time could easily be improved, Beck Abney continued on CM SC 3lap and was able to improve his own World Record to 1’03”18 (52”54) with a slower Weathertenko hit but a much cleaner laps 2 and 3, splits of 6”26 – 29”64 – 27”28. Insane progress here in a matter of days, and there’s still more potential in the track.

November 9 2014: Another historic day at Choco Mountain, with today marking the first 3lap World Record with a Weathertenko hit. The time of 1’11”54 (59”50) was achieved with splits of 5”86 (WT hit) – 38”06 – 27”62.

November 7 2014: Today saw the World Record battles move back over to the non-sc front, FS 3lap the new war zone. Daniel Burbank started things off with a nice 2’00”55 (1’40”26), but the champ would not be outdone. Matthias Rustemeyer responded the same day with a nice 2’00”49 (1’40”21). Something tells me we’ll see more from these 2 in the near future, stay tuned.

November 6 2014: And finally, a lap 2 Weathertenko hit! CM SC flap gets pushed down to 3”26 (3”92) by Vincent Tolhuis. This time is insane, he was able to beat the TAS. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to check this out!

November 5 2014: What a day for Weathertenko, 3 World Records set by 2 different people on CM SC flap. First up was Pat Bertovich, who set his first World Record with a 5”44 (6”54). But Beck Abney would not be outdone, first setting the World Record on PAL with a 6”19 (5”15) and following that up on NTSC the same day (!!!) with a 4”88 (5”87). These were all still done on lap 1, so there is much more room to improve this, but still was a crazy day!

November 4 2014: FINALLY! Matthias Rustemeyer, 1 week after improving his own World Record, gets the unthinkable sub! The time is 1’57”99 (1’38”13) with splits of 39”41 – 38”38 – 40”20. What an incredible milestone!

October 31 2014: Not to be outdone by Myles, Marcos Alves comes in and sets another 4”89 (5”88). Not sure this one was set in 8 minutes, but still impressive.

October 28 2014: Matthias Rustemeyer breaks a short drought and is able to beat out the LR 3lap time, coming in at 1’58”00 (1’38”14) with splits of 39”39 -38”27 -40”24. That sub is so close, will he get it?

September 15th 2014: Sc champion Vincent Tolhuis improves his DK SC lap even more. The new time is 3"38. VAJ increased his lead from his nearest challenger to 0.07 which is a lot on such a short track. Will anyone be able to catch him here?

September 14th 2014: It was just a matter of time when this was going to happen. Matthias Rustemeyer hits his 1st SC WRs. 1st he took TT Sc 3lap. Time was 1'30"77 and the splits were 32"12 - 29"34 - 29"31. Then he switched to TT lap and tied Zoran on 28"83. Will Matthias try to get more SC WRs in the future or he just wanted to get a few?

September 6th 2014: FS lap goes down, but this time it is on SCs. Myles Bukrim is the one who surprised us with a new WR. The time is 4"89.

September 1st 2014: Finally we have a sub on Fs lap and Daniel Burbank is the one who did it. New WR is now 31"98. Where is the limit here???

August 29th 2014: We didn't have to wait long for William Lacey to take his DK 3lap Wr back again. With splits of 36"71 - 37"03 - 36"80 new WR is now 1"50"54. Is this safe from Matthias? Matthias Rustemeyer was also busy. He made sure his WR count doesn't go down as he grabbed FS lap again with 32"00.

August 23rd 2014: Fs lap WR goes down again. This time Daniel Burbank improved his own WR down to 32"01. It is just a matter of time when we will see a sub here.

August 19th 2014: After 4176 days of continuously holding DK 3lap WR, William Lacey lost is to Matthias Rustemeyer. New WR is 1"50"59 and the splits are 36"89 - 36"72 - 36"98. Matthias is back to 29 WRs again.

August 16th 2014: Matthias Rustemeyer decided to get his 2 RRd WRs back. 1st he went for the lap where he gave Zoran a taste of his own medicine passing him by 0.01. Wr is now at 1'37"26. Then he went for 3lap where he just missed the sub with time of 4'54"04. Splits were 1'38"03 - 1'37"89 - 1'38"13. Will we see a sub here soon?

August 12th 2014: 3/4 WRs for Zoran Tintor on RRd. This time the target was RRd 3lap where Zoran passed Matthias by 0.01 again. Splits were 1'38"13 - 1'38"04 - 1'38"06 and the time was 4'54"23. Zoran also improved his RRd SC lap by another 0.03 and the time is now 1'04"56.

August 11th 2014: Another big cut from Zoran Tintor gets him a WR on RRd lap. Zoran passed Matthias by the smallest of margins and brought this Wr down to 1'37"27.

August 9th 2014: Sc madness continues. First Vincent Tolhuis got a new Wr on RRy 3lap and is the 1st person to go sub 2 minutes PAL. Time is 1'39"69 with splits of 33"29 - 33"86 - 32"54. 15 minutes later, Zoran Tintor improved his RRd SC lap down to 1'04"59 running away a bit more from VAJ.

August 7th 2014: As predicted, Vincent Tolhuis went to play RRd SC, but he improved his 3lap instead of the lap securing his own WR. Splits were 1'04"41 - 1'04"57 - 1'05"73 which gives us a new WR of 3'16"71.

August 5th 2014: RRd Sc lap tie is broken and Zoran Tintor is the one who did it. New time is only a 0.02 improvement and the new WR now is 1'04"66. Surely this battle will continue...

August 2nd 2014: Matthias Rustemeyer doesn't show signs of stopping. Once again he improved RRy lap to 46"27. This was the last unachieved Halford 10 standard. Matthias is now only missing DK 3lap which Lacey already drove.

August 1st 2014: Amazing day!!! Beck Abney got his 1st WR and he did it in style. Beck is the 1st person to get Weathertenko Sc lap skip on CM which was only done with TAS before. He beat everyone by 10 seconds and the time now stands at 5"89. Over on non-sc, Matthias Rustemeyer had another busy day like one 48 hours ago. 1st he improved his RRy 3lap by another tenth to 2'22"84 (splits were 47"65 - 47"65 - 47"54) and then he decided to go for the lap where he first got 46"30 and ended up with 46"29.

July 31st 2014: William Lacey gets his 2nd ever SC WR. He is only the 2nd person to go into 1'00"xx PAL territory on MR SC 3lap. However, Lacey got that sub at least 10 times before he finally beat the WR which now stands at 50"57. Splits were 16"77 - 16"92 - 16"88. This Wr is now only 0.05 away from the old Japanese claim of 50"52...will anyone ever reach it?

July 29th 2014: Last year after the European MK64 meet, a lot of WRs fell in a short period. Matthias made sure this tradition is continued as he improves 2 of his WRs only 2 days after the meet. 1st he wnt to TT 3lap where he got 2'28"56 with splits of 49"77 - 49"02 - 49"78. Next in line was RRy 3lap where Matthias first got 2'23"00 and later went sub '23 with 2'22"94. Splits were 47"71 - 47"62 - 47"60. He did all this in 3 hours :o.

July 12th 2014: Matthias was not worried without a reason. Daniel Burbank strikes again on FS lap with 32"03 WR. He is definitelly ready for a big battle with the champ here. Can this be pushed even more, will we see a sub?

July 8th 2014: This time we had to wait only one day for Matthias to retake the FS lap with time of 32"04. As the battle gets more intense, Matthias decided to switch back to his primary system (PAL). This is his 1st WR on PAL since March.

July 7th 2014: Yes he can!!! Exactly one month after Matthias took it from him, Daniel Burbank gets his FS lap back. He improved it by 0.01 and the new WR now is 32"06.

June 7th 2014: We didn't have to wait long to see the response from Matthias Rustemeyer on FS lap. Matthias improved the WR on NTSC system to a new time of 32"07. Can Daniel continue this battle?

June 1st 2014: New month, New WR, new WR holder. His name is Daniel Burbank and he was able to challenge Matthias on FS lap. New WR stands at 32"09. Hopefully, this is just a beginning for Daniel.

May 29th 2014: 4 months have passed since anyone other then Matthias got a non-sc WR. This negative trend is broken by William Lacey on his favourite track. After a few minor cuts, Lacey ended up with 1"50"60 and is the 1st person who got into 2'12"xx PAL territory. The run was very consistent as the splits indicate... 36"88 - 36"83 - 36"89.

May 26th 2014: After getting the FS lap WR on NTSC, Matthias Rustemeyer adds FS 3lap WR to his NTSC overall WR collection. With splits of 33"41 - 33"37 - 33"51, the new Wr now stands at 1'40"29. Does this mean we can expect more overall WRs from the champ on NTSC console?

May 18th 2014: WS SC 3lap goes down, but it wasn't the champ who did it. Zoran Tintor cut almost 1 second (NTSC) from his old PR and jumped from 6th place all the way to a nice WR with time of 12"28. Splits were 3"88 - 4"25 - 4"16. Can VAJ strike back on one of his favourite courses?

April 28th 2014: Historic moment on MK64!!! Matthias Rustemeyer got his 1st WR on the NTSC system. He broke a tie with VAJ on FS lap and improved it by 0"01. New WR now stands at 32"10.

March 28th 2014: SC champ Vincent Tolhuis was in the action again. VAJ tied Zoran's new RRd SC lap at 1'04"68. Are they happy with a tie or will someone push this down even more?

March 23rd 2014: For a 10th month in a row Matthias Rustemeyer gets a WR and he did it at NLG meet. Not sure it that is a record, but it has to be close. He did it on TT 3lap with splits of 49"78 - 49"28 - 49"60. New WR now is 2'28"67.

February 24th 2014: Matthias Rustemeyer does it again. This time he improved his LR 3lap WR by 0"02. 1'38"15 is the new WR and the splits are 32"86 - 31"88 - 33"42. PAL 1'57"xx territory is just 0"03 away, but it won't be easy to get.

February 13th 2014: CM SC lap goes down once again. Greg Ihnatenko is the biggest expert for this shortcut at the moment and he used his skill to take it back again. New WR is now at 15"88. PAL sub is close...

February 10th 2014: 2nd person to land a new CM shortcut is Zoran Tintor. He made a small cut from Greg's time so the new CM SC lap now stands right on 16"00. The battle here has just began.

February 7th 2014: Greg Ihnatenko improves CM SC lap with his new shortcut down to 16"04. Expecting a sub soon.

February 6th 2014: After 10 years we have a new shortcut on MK64. Greg Ihnatenko found it on CM and landed on a new WR at 16"41 which is more then 1 second faster then the old WR. However, prediction is this will end up more then 2 seconds in front of the old WR.

February 3rd 2014: Finally some WR activity on the shortcuts. Zoran Tintor lowered RRd SC lap WR down to 1'04"68.

January 23rd 2014: As we know, Matthias Rustemeyer won't sit back and watch people take his WRs, especially MJ. This is why he decided to take back KD 3lap. Matthias made a nice cut and with splits of 34"57 - 34"52 - 34"74 new WR now stands at 1'43"83.

January 22nd 2014: Just for fun as Michael Jongerius said, he broke a KD 3lap WR finally getting that sub with 1'43"93. Splits are unknown since MJ wants to improve this, all we know he was not happy with 1st and 2nd lap.

January 13th 2014: A day for the history books, Matthias Rustemeyer takes the last remaining WR from MJ. Matthias improved MR 3lap by 0"01 and broke a tie between the top 2 with 1'13"15. Splits were almost perfectly consistent, 24"39 - 24"38 - 24"38.

January 7th 2014: First WR of 2014 goes to the Champ. Matthias Rustemeyer broke a tie with VAJ on RRy lap and got a new time of 46"33. Will anyone be able to improve a little more here to get one of the last unreached Halford 10 standards?

December 31st 2013: In the last moments of 2013 Matthias Rustemeyer decided to improve only WRs he didn't go for yet this year and of course, he got both of them. First one is SL lap which now stands at 31"50 and the second one is a PAL sub on RRd lap with 1'37"28.

December 29th 2013: After what happened on KB and LR we expected the same on DK lap, but the opposite happened. Jamie White improved his lap WR by 0"07 all the way to 35"27.

December 28th 2013: The champ didn't like what was happening to his WRs so he took his LR lap back with an amazing 31"29 run.

December 27th 2013: Zoran Tintor joins the battle with an unexpected WR on LR lap pushing MR back on 28 WRs. 31"31 is the new time.

December 23rd 2013: Just like VAJ did on KB, Jamie White untied his WR tie with the champ on DK lap. New WR now stands at 35"34. Will we see a swift answer from Matthias once again?

December 19th 2013: Record 30th WR for Matthias Rustemeyer is in the bag. He just managed to beat TJL on his strongest course and got a nice 1'11"82 MF 3lap WR. Splits were 23"98 - 23"95 - 23"89. Only MF lap and DK 3lap are left.

December 9th 2013: The hunt continues, Matthias Rustemeyer took the last solo WR from MJ. New TT lap WR is 48"93.

December 8th 2013: As expected, there was an imminent answer from the champ Matthias Rustemeyer on KB lap. Matthias and VAJ are tied again here at 25"68.

December 7th 2013: Wait what! Someone else then top 2 got a non-sc WR? Vincent Tolhuis got a WR on KB lap with 25"68 and broke his tie with the champ here.

December 5th 2013: This was a tough one to beat, but Matthias Rustemeyer did it. Familiar scenario, 0"01 in front of MJ, this time on KD lap with 32"47. This is a pretty strong WR, but could a PAL 38"xx ever be achieved?

December 1st 2013: Year is near the end and Matthias Rustemeyer still has some work to do. 1st on his list was CM 3lap were he managed to beat MJ by 0"01 again. With splits of 32"19 - 32"17 - 32"24 new WR now stands at 1'36"59.

November 17th 2013: Matthias Rustemeyer gets a new WR on CM lap with a time of 31"70. This is a record 26th WR for Matthias. The question now is can he go all the way to 32?

November 16th 2013: We have another tie. Matthias Rustemeyer caught MJ on MR 3lap and with it on highest number of WRs at 25. Splits were 24"42 - 24"36 - 24"38 what sums it up to 1'13"16.

November 11th 2013: Oldest non-sc WR on the site is tied. We are talking about MR lap at 23"05 and it is Matthias Rustemeyer who did it.

October 28th 2013: RRy 3lap WR goes down. Matthias Rustemeyer improved his own record and is the 1st person to get a PAL sub. However, he just missed a NTSC one as the new WR stands at 2'23"02. Splits were very consistent, 47"69 - 47"65 - 47"68. Will we ever see a Halford 10 run here?

October 24th 2013: As expected, we didn't have to wait long for a response from Matthias Rustemeyer. Matthias beat MJ's new KD 3lap by 0"01 and it now stands at 1'44"02. Matthias did this with a 1-1-1 strat passing through the train on lap 3. Splits were 34"61 - 34"64 - 34"76. Who will get the sub first?

October 16th 2013: Michael Jongerius got a double on KD with a very impressive lap of 32"48 pushing Matthias back to 22 WRs.

October 15th 2013: It took Michael Jongerius 1 week to react and get some of his WRs back and at least protect that 25 WRs high. With splits of 34"66 - 35"72 - 33"66 Michael improved KD 3lap WR to 1'44"03.

October 9th 2013: Business as usual for Matthias Rustemeyer, 1 day after a tie on FS lap he got a tie with Jamie on DK lap at 35"35.

October 8th 2013: 6th WR in as many days, this has possibly been the most impressive week by the champion Matthias Rustemeyer we have ever seen. He got his new WR on FS lap and tied VAJ for the 3rd time on the top with 32"11. Matthias now stands at 23 WRs, closing on highest MJ total of 25.

October 6th 2013: Matthias Rustemeyer gets a WR 4th day in a row, this must be a record. It is another tie with VAJ, this time on KB lap and the time is 25"70. Seing Matthias went on a WR rampage, William Lacey decided to improve his own DK 3lap WR. New WR now stands at 1'50"68. Splits were 36"74 - 36"97 - 36"97. I have a feeling we will see a sub 2'13"xx PAL here sooner or later.

October 5th 2013: Since he got a double on BB in 2 days, why not get a double on KD in 2 days? Champ Matthias Rustemeyer adds another WR to his collection with a very nice run on KD 3lap beating the tied dutch duo at the top. With splits of 34"70 - 35"65 - 33"72 Matthias ended up his run at 1'44"07. Will we see a sub here?

October 4th 2013: Same as MJ did, Matthias Rustemeyer takes BB lap one day after 3lap. Matthias is only the 3rd person to get this hard sub with a very nice time of 33"96. Matthias also drove a 2nd lap WR today. He improved his own KD lap a little more down to 32"52.

October 3rd 2013: We didn't have to wait long for Matthias Rustemeyer to strike back on BB 3lap. Splits were very consistent and similar to his last PR with improved last lap. Splits are 34"52 - 34"50 - 34"51 and the time is 1'43"53.

September 29th 2013: Another strong WR goes down. Michael Jongerius gets his 2nd WR in 2 days acting like his old self again. He added BB lap to his 3lap and improved it by 0"01 to 33"98. 2 very nice WRs, can Matthias get those as well?

September 28th 2013: Michael Jongerius maybe lost a lot of WRs lately, but he can still fight on BB 3lap. Michael made a very nice cut here with new WR time of 1'43"54. Splits were 34"62 - 34"49 - 34"43.

September 19th 2013: 4th WR in 5 days for Matthias Rustemeyer. Matthias decided to stay on RRy a little longer to get the lap as well. He tied VAJ here with 46"37. Matthias is only 1 WR short of 20 and it now looks like he secured his #1 spot for good.

September 18th 2013: Back to business as usual for Matthias Rustemeyer. He gets MJ again and this time by the smallest margin on RRy 3lap. Splits were 47"75 - 47"71 - 47"65 and with those, new WR time is 2'23"11.

September 16th 2013: Amazing!!! This might be one of the best WRs on the site and it is driven by the champ Matthias Rustemeyer. He cut 0"06 on YV lap from VAJ's time which was already considered very strong. This WR now stands at 26"09.

September 15th 2013: Matthias Rustemeyer continues with taking MJ's WRs. This time it is KB 3lap with time of 1'19"55. Splits were 26"57 - 26"44 - 26"54.

September 5th 2013: Just 1 day after his MR SC 3lap WR, Zoran Tintor gets another WR. This time it is TT SC lap and the time is 28"83. Looks like Euro meet had some positive effects on top players.

September 4th 2013: We have a first PAL 1'01"xx sub on MR SC 3lap. Greg did come close but Zoran Tintor is the one who did it. With laps of 16"76 - 16"93 - 16"97 Zoran closed the gap on Japanese claim from the past and is now only 0"14 behind it with time of 50"66. Can this WR be improved and Japanese claim caught?

September 1st 2013: Finally someone got a WR on the 1st Euro MK64 meet in Europe. Matthias Rustemeyer untied KD lap with 32"54 hitting MJ once again.

August 22nd 2013: Just 2 days. This is how long the champ Matthias Rustemeyer needed to retake BB 3lap once again. He made a 0"04 cut from MJ's WR and ended up with 1'43"63. Splits were 34"52 - 34"48 - 34"63. 1st lap shows there is still room for improvement here. Who will use this first?

August 20th 2013: Michael Jongerius showed us he is not willing to let go of BB 3lap without a fight. With splits of 34"66 - 34"56 - 34"46 Michael made a nice cut and landed on 1'43"67. A few weeks after his new RRy SC lap WR, Myles Bukrim showed us once again that he is truly a SC lap specialist. After VAJ and Greg he is the 3rd person to beat the "perfect" 5"78 lap on YV SC with an amazing time of 5"75.

August 3rd 2013: WR madness continues! 5th person in as many days gets a WR. His name is Myles Bukrim and he drove a new WR on RRy SC lap. Myles cut 0"05 from the old WR and got a very strong time of 31"08 on one of the hardest SCs.

August 2nd 2013: Just 1 day after MJ took his WR, Matthias Rustemeyer showed who is the new boss in town. He beat MJ's new PR by his favorite 0"03 seconds and got 1'43"74. Laps were 34"64 - 34"59 - 34"50. Can MJ fight back?

August 1st 2013: He is the 4th person to get a WR in 3 days and his name is Michael Jongerius. Former champ gets his 1st WR after losing his #1 spot. With splits of 34"62 - 34"55 - 34"60 MJ finished the race at 1'43"77. Is this a comeback? Can MJ attack MR and get that overall #1 spot back?

July 31st 2013: We have 2 new WRs just before end of this month. 1st one was done by Matthias Rustemeyer who took YV 3lap from MJ by another small margin - 0"03. With splits of 28"36 - 28"73 - 28"48 WR now stands at 1'25"58. 2nd WR of the day was work of Greg Ihntenko who managed to get a perfect (?) run on YV SC 3lap and join 2 others for 3 way tie. Laps were 9"27 - 9"26 - 9"23 and the time is 27"77.

July 30th 2013: TT SC 3lap goes down. Zoran Tintor showed he can still get WRs. It was a tricky ride between cars which ended in 1'30"81. Zoran made a nice 0"12 cut from the old WR. Laps were 32"07 - 29"34 - 29"40.

July 16th 2013: Vincent Tolhuis does it again. This time he improved his DK SC 3lap WR down to 18"74 with splits of 8"59 - 5"90 - 4"24. How far down can VAJ push this WR?

July 13th 2013: There are not many new WRs to hunt down for Vincent Tolhuis so he decided to improve one of his own. VAJ improved his RRd SC lap by another 0"02 and it now stands strong at 1'04"73.

July 2nd 2013: After his success on BC, Matthias Rustemeyer decided to visit Rainbow Road. With a very consistent run on the longest course of the game Matthias improved his own RRd 3lap WR by 0"03 which gave him 4'54"24. Splits were all sub 1'58"xx PAL --> 1'38"06 - 1'38"12 - 1'38"06. Perhaps they will all go sub 1'38"xx NTSC one day?

June 25th 2013: 2 days after a great 3 lap performance, Matthias Rustemeyer added BC lap to his WR collection. He is only the 2nd person to go sub 36"00 with time of 35"93 which is a 0"03 improvement over the old WR.

June 23rd 2013: WR activity slowed down a little but who better then our new champion Matthias Rustemery to put it back on track. With laps of 36"97 - 36"72 - 36"66 Matthias pushed BC 3lap down to 1'50"35. With that WR his AF went into territory.

May 15th 2013: The champ was challenged in last few weeks and he decided to get another WR. Vincent Tolhuis took TT SC 3lap with time of 1'30"93. He took it from MJ showing him that he has no business here on VAJ's territory. Laps were 32"11 - 29"47 - 29"35.

May 9th 2013: This is insane!!! Another "unbeatable" SC lap WR goes down and it is Greg Ihnatenko again who did it. Greg pushed WS SC lap down to 1"92 to claim the fastest WR of this game.

May 3rd 2013: If anyone thought YV SC lap couldn't go lower he was wrong, and Greg Ihnatenko is the one who showed it can. Greg cut another 0"01 to land at 5"76. Is this it or will we see another surprise in the future on this one?

April 22nd 2013: To put it in his own words - after 3 years of trying, Vincent Tolhuis gets a FS SC lap WR. Vincent improved his worst ranked SC time and tied 2 guys at the top with 4"90. SC champs now looks unreachable with worst ranked SC time at 3rd place.

April 15th 2013: Another 4 way tie broken by specialist in that area Vincent Tolhuis. Most people including myself never thought this one will ever be broken but Vincent did it. He improved YV SC lap by 0"01 and it now stands at 5"77. With this new WR from VAJ, one of the greatest karters of all time Karlo Tomazelli lost his last WR.

April 12th 2013: He became the champ but he will not stop here. Another WR by Matthias and it is a tie with his greatest rival on KD lap. Time is 32"55.

March 27th 2013: WOW, just WOW, That is all i can say for time Thomas Jordet Larsen drove on MF lap. Time is 23"14 and this is one of best WRs (if not the best WR) we have on the site. Thomas made a 0" 07 cut on the shortest lap in the game, insane!!!

March 26th 2013: Vincent Tolhuis gets one more non-sc WR. He was always strong on MF and he decided to revisit his past strongest nsc course. It was a great choice since he tied TJL on the lap with 23"21.

March 22nd 2013: One strong WR now becomes even stronger. Vincent Tolhuis break a tie with our new champion on YV lap. VAJ cut another 0"03 to end up on 26"15.

March 1st 2013: He continued where he stopped last month, only difference is that after this 2 new WRs he is the champ. The new #1 after 10 long years of MJ rule is Matthias Rustemeyer and he passed MJ in style with 2 new WRs, both on WS. 1st he got 3'37"65 on 3lap with splits of 1'12"41 - 1'12"71 - 1'12"53. After that came the one which made MR the champ. Matthias beat the dutch duo by 0"03 on WS lap with 1'11"85. He did it on lap 1. Big congratz Matthias!!!

February 24th 2013: This has to be a WR. Mathias got his 6th WR this month, 5th 3lap and his 10th overall. Course was LR and time was 1'38"17 . Matthias just missed PAL sub by 0"05, however i'm sure he will get if sometime in future or can MJ get there 1st? Splits were 32"74 - 31"94 - 33"49.

February 14th 2013: 5th WR for Matthias Rustemeyer in 11 days!!! Matthias got another 3lap to his name. This time it was TT and of course, he took it from Mj. Time is 2'28"69 with splits of 49"73 - 49"37 - 49"59, strat was 0-2-1. Making sure that nsc and MR doesn't get all the attention, Greg Ihnatenko gets his first WR of 2013. Greg made a huge cut on LR SC lap, driving a new WR of 21"47 on lap 2.

February 9th 2013: It was just a matter of time when someone will break DK lap again. Making sure that NTSC is represented on overall WR list is Jamie White who drove a very nice 35"35 here on DK lap.

February 6th 2013: Amazing day for Matthias Rustemeyer, nit only that he got another WR, but he got 2 of them and on different courses. 1st one was on FS 3lap with very consistent splits of 33"47 - 33"46 - 33" 45 which adds up to 1'40"38. The other one was also 3lap and he also took it from his greatest rival MJ. Matthias passed in front of the penguin and beat SL 3 lap by 0"02 which now stands at 1'36"36. Splits were 32"29 - 31"97 - 32"10. Crazy 2nd lap there!!

February 5th 2013: In an attempt to improve one of his worst times, Matthias Rustemeyer gets another WR. This time he tied VAJ on YV lap with 26"17.

February 3rd 2013: As expected Matthias Rustemeyer strikes again on BB 3laps. This time with splits of 34"58 - 34"63 - 34"61 Matthias landed on 1'43"82. Very strong lap 1 but there is still room for improvement on 2 and 3.

January 28th 2013: Pure evil, that is all i can say :). 4-way DK lap tie is broken by Vincent Tolhuis who transfered some of his amazing skills from SCs to non-sc. VAJ broke the tie by 0"01 and the time now stands at 35"39. To be honest, we know how most of ties end up here, and a 4-way one just showed there is more potential here. Question is what will other old WR holders do now?

January 27th 2013: Another great non-sc WR for our SC champion. Vincent Tolhuis tied his countryman on WS lap with time of 1'11"88. VAJ did this WR on lap 2 unlike MJ who used lap 1.

January 23rd 2013: Looks like BB 3lap was finally taken seriously. It was one of the weakest WRs and now it became a mini version of a overall battle for #1. Michael Jongerius takes BB 3lap back from Matthias, again with 0"04 cut like on RRy. Time now stands at 1'43"83 with splits of 34"68 - 34"58 - 34"57. Who will blink 1st and lose this one?

January 15th 2013: He makes sure we see some WR action on SCs as well. It is of course Vincent Tolhuis who took CM SC lap from his old rival Karlo, the time is 17"59. They were once great rivals on SCs and now VAJ took almost all of Karlo's WRs. Can anyone challenge the champ???

January 14th 2013: We didn't have to wait long to see a response from Matthias Rustemeyer. He maybe lost RRy but he took BB 3laps from MJ. With splits of 34"65 - 34"62 - 34"60 Matthias lowered this WR to 1'43"87. We had a great battle last year and it looks like it will continue this year.

January 11th 2013: Michael Jongerius gets his 1st WR of the year on RRy 3lap. MJ takes his this WR back from Matthias by 0"04 with a time of 2'23"12. Splits were 47"83 - 47"60 - 47"69.

January 4th 2013: Just a few days after MR tied the oldest WR on the site Vincent Tolhuis broke it. It only took VAJ 4 days to the first WR of year 2013 with an amazing KB lap of 25"70. Everyone are close but every 0"01 is hard to gain here, will anyone ever get this?

December 31st 2012: In the last hours of 2012 and for a 3rd week in a row, Matthias Rustemeyer got a new WR. He tied the oldest WR on the site, KB lap which was set way back in 2004. Time is 25"72.

December 24th 2012: He joined this WR madness and brought us a WR for 4th day in a row. His name is Thomas Jordet Larsen and he secured his MF 3lap even more. Thomas got an amazing time of 1'11"84 which will be very hard to beat. Laps were 24"05 - 23"86 - 23"93.

December 23rd 2012: He may have lost SL, but Matthias Rustemeyer strikes on RRd again. He stole RRd 3lap from MJ with a nice run of 4'54"27. All laps were sub 1'38"xx PAL and translated into NTSC they are 1'38"06 - 1'38"10 - 1'38"10. Can he get all laps sub NTSC barrier next time? Not only that he beat MJ on 3lap but Matthias improved his RRd lap time by impressive 0"14 and it now stands at 1'37"31.

December 22nd 2012: Champ decided to show he still got it, but he did it on another course. Michael Jongerius finally passed in front of penguin on lap 3 of SL and with it in front of Matthias. With splits of 32"24 - 32"13 - 32"01 WR now stands at 1'36"38.

December 21st 2012: Matthias Rustemeyer continues to attack MJ. This time he chose RRd lap and brought it down to 1'37"45.

December 12th 2012: All those ties lately, it was just a matter of time before someone breaks one. Just 1 day after he caught up with MJ, Matthias Rustemeyer bet him on RRy 3lap. First he improved by 0"02 and then finally stopped at 2'23"16 with splits of 47"73 - 47"70 - 47"72.

December 11th 2012: Amazing day for WRs, or better to say for WR ties. Jamie White and William Lacey got 35"40 on DK lap today and joined another 2 players here for a 4 way tie. It has been a long time since we saw NTSC player get a WR so well done Jamie. A person responsible for the 3rd tie of this day is Matthias Rustemeyer who tied mj on RRy 3lap with 2'23"29. Laps were 47"75 - 47"83 - 47"81.

November 23rd 2012: More then 2 month after the last WR, Vincent Tolhuis hits another SC WR. This time he tied Greg's 21"51 on FS 3lap. Splits were 9"68 - 6"10 - 5"73. Looks like both players are happy with this tie.

September 19th 2012: Looks like Vincent Tolhuis wasn't happy with his new RRd SC 3lap time so he decided to imrpove it once again. This spiral master brought it down to 3'16"78. Splits for this run are 1'05"47 - 1'05"86 - 1'05"45. Vincent didn't stop here today, he also added Sc lap to his 3lap and it now stands at 1'04"75.

September 16th 2012: We got 3 new WRs today. 1st and 2nd were done by Michael Jongerius who came back to retake his TT WRs. On 3lap he did just enough to pass Matthias and improved his WR by 0.04 to get a time of 2'28"72, splits are 49"70 - 49"32 - 49"70. 2nd WR is a very impressive one, and one of the strongest on the site. Michael is the 1st person to get 49"xx sub and he did it by a good margin. TT lap WR now stands at 48"94. 3rd one is work of Vincent Tolhuis who continues to improve his SC WRs.New RRd SC 3lap WR now stands at 3'16"93 with some very nice splits, especially on lap 1, 1'05"22 - 1'05"66 - 1'06"05.

September 7th 2012: With all MR SC action lately, Greg decided to improve his 3lap WR. Time is 50"75 with splits of 16"84 - 16"91 - 17"00 which shows a little slower last lap. Greg missed the very last MT and PAL sub with it so the hunt is still on. Can anyone do it? Another WR was broken today and it is work of Vincent Tolhuis. He decided to improve his RRd Sc lap to 1'04"78 which beats a time he and MJ set together a year ago.

September 4th 2012: Greg Ihnatenko grabs another SC WR. This time it is MR 3lap. With splits of 16"89 - 17"03 - 16"91 Greg improved old WR by 0.01 and ended up on 50"83.

September 3rd 2012: Another very old and very strong WR goes down, and with it another player goes out of WR lists. Vincent Tolhuis broke YV lap by 0.01 and it now stands at 26"17.

September 2nd 2012: Oldest WR goes down. Steven held it since 2004 but on this day Zoran Tintor broke it and brought it down to a very nice 15"42.

August 31st 2012: Just one day after Alex got it, Vincent Tolhuis answered the challenge and and improved LR SC 3lap almost by another second. Time is now 1'16"20 and the splits are 26"26 - 25"95 - 23"99. This WR looks very strong but there is still room for improvement. Can anyone land this even cleaner?

August 30th 2012: New SC 3lap WR for Alex Griessing and this time it is LR. Splits of 26"46 - 26"22 - 24"49 gave Alex a time of 1'17"17 which is a nice improvement on Karlo.

August 27th 2012: After a great performance on 3lap, Matthias Rustemeyer added SL lap WR back to his name. WR now stands at 31"52.

August 24th 2012: Matthias Rustemeyer decided to join in on August WR action with an amazing SL 3lap WR. With splits of 32"29 - 32"04 - 32"09 WR now stands at 1'36"42. Matthias is the 1st person to get infront of the penguin on lap 3 and complete the run which gave him the 1st PAL sub.

August 21st 2012: 2nd WR in as many days for Vincent Tolhuis. After a great DK lap WR Vincent decided to visit RRy, and with a new strat got a time of 46"37.

August 20th 2012: Just 3 days after Zoran got it, Vincent Tolhuis tied DK lap WR. Will this battle continue and can anyone else beat this? For now WR stands at 35"40.

August 17th 2012: Another lap WR by Zoran Tintor who managed to cut another 0.02 from the old DK WR. Time now stands at 35"40.

August 14th 2012: Today, Vincent Tolhuis got his 1st non-sc 3lap WR. He got it on KD with time of 1'44"10 which is a tie with MJ. Splits were 34"80 - 34"70 - 34"61.

August 13th 2012: Mayles Bukrim came out of nowhere with a new WR. He tied Greg on FS SC lap with time of 4"90. This one looks safe, but will Myles go for more?

July 27th 2012: TT lap goes down, but this time it is a shortcut lap. Who else can be responsible for it then our champ Vincent Tolhuis who lowered it to 28"85. This WR is very strong now so the question is can anyone get this?TT SC lap WR wasn't enough for VAJ so he decided to improve his KD SC 3lap as well today. With splits of 34"09 - 32"78 - 36"04 VAJ is the 1st person to get sub 1'43"xx with time of 1'42"90.

July 24th 2012: After a great lap 2 days ago, Matthias Rustemeyer added a 3lap WR on TT to his name. With splits of 49"76 - 49"33 - 49"68 new WR now stands at 2'28"77.

July 23rd 2012: FS lap goes down again but this time it is Vincent Tolhuis who got it. VAJ cut another 0.04 so the time of a new WR is now 32"11.

July 22nd 2012: After a short break from WRs and MK64, Matthias Rustemeyer showed up with a great time. He just missed the NTSC sub but got a PAL one. Time is 49"04, can NTSC sub be reached?

July 19th 2012: 4th player got a WR this week and his name is Greg Ihnatenko. Once again he takes back FS SC 3lap back from VAJ. After coming close many times, Greg got 21"51 with splits of 9"51 - 6"24 - 5"76. As you can see by the splits, this is also a battle of strats here on FS. For now it looks like Greg's is better.

July 18th 2012: MK64 WR madness continues this month where it stopped in April. We had 2 new WRs today. First one is by Thomas Jordet Larsen who once again showed that he is the king of MF. He cut another 0.02 to break a tie and he now holds MF lap on 23" 21 alone. Another king, the SC one, maybe lost his MF WR but he responded in the best way he knows. Vincent Tolhuis lowered his KD SC 3lap WR to 1'43"10 with splits of 33"90 - 35"96 - 33"24. He did get a PAL sub but can he get the NTSC sub as well?

July 13th 2012: After 3 months break, we have another non-sc WR. Zoran Tintor first tied MJ's FS lap yesterday, and today he decided to lower it by another 0.02 to 32"15. Top 3 are very close here and 2 of those 3 have been active here a lately. Will this stay like this or can someone break away?

July 9th 2012: 4 in a row for Vincent Tolhuis and this one is very strong. He is the 1st person to go sub 38"xx PAL on KD SC lap. Vincent took this one from his greatest SC rival Karlo and he did it in style. He made a 0.13 PAL cut so the new WR now stands at 31" 53.

July 2nd 2012: Just 2 days after he broke FS SC 3lap WR, Vincent Tolhuis improved his DK SC 3lap WR down to 18"81. Splits are 8"77 - 5" 88 - 4"16.

June 30th 2012: After 1 year FS SC 3lap goes down again. With splits of 9"71 - 6"05 - 5"77 Vincent Tolhuis retook this WR and now it stands at 21" 52.

June 5th 2012: Vincent Tolhuis got another SC WR. As expected, based on his top 5 times, he tied Alex on YV SC 3lap. Time is 27"77 with splits of 9"27 - 9"26 - 9"23.

April 8th 2012: After he got the lap, Michael Jongerius decided it was time to hunt for the other CM WR, also a very strong one. Time now stands at 1'36"60 and the splits are 32"27 - 32"18 - 32"15. Troy's CM WRs were considered one of the strongest and Michel has made them even stronger now.

April 5th 2012: He maybe lost DK lap to Lacey, but Michael Jongerius improved another WR. He broke a 3 way tie on CM lap and he did it in style. With 0.04 NTSC improvement, CM lap now stands strong at 31" 72.

April 4th 2012: DK specialist William Lacey now holds both WRs on that course. After 3 long years he got the lap again. William just passed MJ with his new WR time of 35" 42.

April 1st 2012: New WR on an unexpected track, SL lap. Zoran Tintor broke this strong WR from Matthias with a different driving strat and brought it down to 31" 55 which is 0.02 NTSC improvement.

March 24th 2012: Michael Jongerius obviously didn't like how Matthias beat his RRd 3lap by 0.01 so he decided to retake it. He is the 1st person to get 5'54"xx PAL sub with time of 5'53"99. Time in NTSC is 4'54"40 and the splits are 1'38"12 - 1'37"95 - 1'38"33. Will NTSC sub be reached?

March 22nd 2012: Matthias Rustemeyer gets his march WR. This is 5th month in a row in which he get at least 1 WR. This time it is CM lap 31" 76. With this, CM lap became only non-sc 3 way WR tie.

March 8th 2012: SC Champ gets another WR. Vincent Tholuis improved his RRd SC 3lap even more. Time is 3'17"13 with splits of 1'05"33 - 1'05"83 - 1'05"97. Can VAJ get the sub?

March 1st 2012: New SC WR by Vincent Tolhuis. Not only that he beat Karlo, but he beat the time him and MJ set together. WR now stands at 1'04"82.

February 24th 2012: After a short break from WRs, Matthias Rustemeyer decided to strike again. After he attacked RRd lap before, now it is time for 3lap. New WR now stands at 4'54"68 with splits of 1'38"00 - 1'38"17 - 1'38"51. Judging by the splits Matthias can improve this by some margin. Will he do it and can MJ get it back again?

February 7th 2012: The SC Champ decides to take down his own fresh RRD SC 3LAP WR down even more. The new time now is 3'17"26. Can somebody stop the SC champ?

February 5th 2012: Vincent Tolhuis took another WR from Karlo. This time it was Karlo's RRD SC 3lap. The time from VAJ was very impressive he cut 0"35 off Karlo's old WR to a nice time of 3'17"56. With this Karlo lost 2 WR's within a week.

February 4th 2012: Vincent Tolhuis finally beat Karlo's strong RRD sc flap by 0"01. The new time is now 1'04"85.

January 30th 2012: Our DK specialist William lacey came up with an amazing new WR. He improved his already strong DK 3lap WR to a nice 1'50"76. Now he is very close to the PAL barrier of sub 2'13'xx. Lets hope he will make it in the future!

January 27th 2012: And again it is nobody else then MJ who strike back again. It was a great day for Michael Jongerius. MJ was able to take back both BC WR's from Matthias. His fresh new times are BC 3lap 1'50"39 and a very strong BC flap of 35'96. 4 WR's in 1 week. It shows ones again why he is the champ. Great performance MJ.

January 23rd 2012: Today there where put 2 WR's on 1 stage. First Matthias Rustemeyer took over MJ's KD 3lap, he was able to take it down to a nice 1'44"19. To bad for the number 2 in the world that the champ Michael Jongerius strike back ones again and took back his KD 3lap. He was able to get a even better time of 1'44'10. Could this be another great battle going on between the 2 best of the world? Lets hope so.

January 22nd 2012: Michael Jongerius took down his KTB 3lap down to a nice 1'19"57. It's his first WR of this year. Lets hope he will keep up and make some more great movements. Congrats MJ.

January 17th 2012: It was about time this was going to happen, YES! SC champ VAJ finally got the unreachable PAL sub on DK SC 3laps. His Jungle WR broke the sub PAL barrier of 23.xx standing at 22"92 PAL19"06. Even more interesting is that VAJ got a 1 second lead over number 2 Karlo now on this short track. Just amazing.

January 3rd 2012: Happy new WR year, yes people it is Zoran Tintor who drove the 1st WR of the year. And how? Zoran broke the tied BB flap WR by almost a tenth and is the first person to break the NTSC barrier. His fresh new BB WR stands at 33'99. This way the years starts with one of the strongest flap WR's we have.

December 26th 2011: Last word of this year belongs to champ Michael Jongerius. He took back LR 3lap with 0"01 cut from Matthias. Splits are 32"78 - 31" 97 - 33"44 and the time is 1'38"19. 5 players got a WR in the last days of 2011, that promises an interesting 2012.

December 21st 2011: Great day on the WR MK64 scene and a bad day for MJ since he lost 3 WRs today. He lost both BC WRs to Matthias Rustemeyer who have attacked MJ on more then half courses this year. First he brought down BC 3lap to 1'50"43 with splits of 36"92 - 36"70 - 36" 81, and then he took the lap as well. Matthias just missed the sub with 36"01. Zoran Tintor is reponsable for loss of MJ's 3rd WR. Actually, Zoran beat it on PAL, but on NTSC it is a tie on 34" 07 so MJ didn't lose any spots here.

December 16th 2011: Just 1 day after he lost another WR to Matthias, Michael Jongerius again shows that he won't just watch Mathias take his WRs. New WR from Matthias was impressive, but MJ was able to bring it down even more. Splits are 33"55 - 33"40 - 33"45 and the time is1'40"45.

December 15th 2011: Another strong WR goes down by Matthias Rustemeyer. He added LR 3lap to his lap WR. New WR is 1'38"20 with splits of 32"85 - 31" 89 - 33"45.

December 3rd 2011: Good for Thomas that he improved MMF lap because Vincent Tolhuis just tied it at 23"23. Will both guys be satisfied with this tie or will someone brake it? Anyway congratz to SC champ for getting on non-sc WR list.

November 30th 2011: MMF specialist Thomas Jordet Larsen improved his MMF lap time by another 0"01. New WR now stands at 23"23.

November 27th 2011: 0"01 advantage didn't satisfy Matthias Rustemeyer so he decided to improve his new WR. With his new time - 1'40"48, Matthias made a nice improvement. Splits are 33"51 - 33"45 - 33"52.

November 23rd 2011: After 2 months without any WRs, Matthias Rustemeyer strikes again. This time he attacked MJ on FS 3lap and beat him by 0"01. New WR now stands at 1'40"61, with splits of 33"52 - 33"42 - 33"66.

September 7th 2011: Another impressive WR by SC champ. VAJ took his DK SC 3lap down to 19"37 with splits of 9"03 - 6"19 - 4"15. Same question as for MJ and non, can anyone stop VAJ on SC?

September 5th 2011: Hardest SC WR goes down. VAJ is also the 1st person to sub 26"xx pal on LR SC lap. New WR is 21" 59.

August 19th 2011: First person to get MR 3lap PAL sub 1'28"xx is MJ. He did it by 0.03 so the new WR now stands at 1'13"16 with splits of 24"41 - 24"37 - 24"38. He is still able to defend most WRs from Matthias, he beat Lucas and Zoran and tied Troy all in 1 month. Can anyone stop MJ?

August 16th 2011: It is maybe not the oldest, but it is one of the strongest WRs and MJ tied it. It is CM lap of 31" 76.

August 1st 2011: This is his 3rd WR in that many days and 8th overall WR in last 15 days. After a battle with Matthias on RRD lap, MJ decided to return to BB and take BB lap for himself this time. He broke his tie with Zoran by 0.01 to take the WR down to 34" 07.

July 31st 2011: Just 1 day after he reclaimed it, MJ lowered his RRd lap to 1'37" 53. Can this go down even more?

July 30th 2011: MJ switched his tactics and defended his RRd lap WR. He brought it down to 1'37"56. What will Matthias do next? To make sure MJ and Matthias don't get all the attention, Vincent Tolhuis broke his tie with Greg on DK SC lap. VAJ is now alone on the top with a new WR of 3"42.

July 26th 2011: This time RRd lap goes down. Matthias Rustemeyer decided to strike on another stage, and beat MJ's lap by 0.01. RRd lap now stands at 1'37"62.

July 21st 2011: Battle between MJ and Matthias continues. This time MJ decided to take BB 3lap from Matthias. He is the 1st person to get under 2'05"xx PAL and 1'44"xx NTSC. New WR now stands at 1'43"95 with splits of 34"77 - 34"59 - 34"59.

July 17th 2011: Matthias Rustemeyer wasn't happy with a NTSC tie, so he decided to broke the oldest WR in MK64. New time is 31" 32. Congratz to MJ who held LR WR for 2831 days before anyone tied it and 2842 days before anyone broke it. Also congratz to Matthias who was able to break this strong WR.

July 6th 2011: It was 2003 when MJ drove 31" 35 on LR lap. Until today, no one came close. Matthias Rustemeyer was 0.01 slower on PAL, but when converted to NTSC, time is the same.

June 19th 2011: With all those big battles lately on the WR scene, somehow secretly, Thomas Jordet Larsen keeps improving his MF lap WR. This time he improved it by 0"01, but since it is on the shortest track on non-sc, it is the most valuable 0"01. New WR now is 23"24.

June 18th 2011: For the 1st time, SL lap WR goes sub 38 PAL and it now stands at 31"57. Matthias Rustemeyer added it to his BB 3lap and now he holds 2 WRs. This is 5th course on which Matthias took a WR this year. On first 3 MJ retook his WRs, but last 2 still stand. Can MJ keep up with Matthias?

June 6th 2011: Two weeks have passed since Matthias broke MJ's BB 3lap WR and the record is broken again. The exact same thing happend 3 times before in recent history but with 1 big difference this time. This time it is not MJ who broke the WR but it is Matthias. With very consistent splits, 34"69 - 34" 72 - 34" 69, Matthias drove a new WR which now stands at 1'44"10. Will we see a sub here and by who?

May 22th 2011: Matthias Rustemeyer breaks another one of MJ's WRs. He attacked MJ on another stage and this time it is BB 3lap. Time is 1'44"18, splis are 34"79 - 34" 68 - 34"71.

May 9th 2011: Challenged by some fake WR claims, VAJ showed who is the real master of DK SC 3lap. He destroyed his old WR and now, with splits of 9"19 - 6"17 - 4"22, new DK SC 3lap WR stands at 19"58.

May 3rd 2011: He broke the 2nd WR from 25th April and he continued his tradition of quickly defending his WRs. We are talking about KD lap and MJ ofcouse. MJ lowered KD lap by 0"03 NTSC to 26"55.

May 2nd 2011: We didn't have to wait long to see a response to VAJ's new FS SC 3lap WR. One of the 3 former WR holders, Greg Ihnatenko, decided to take this WR back. Splits are 9"51 - 6"26 - 5"77, so the new WR stands at 21"64.

April 25th 2011: Once again, Matthias Rustemeyer attacks MJ's WRs. This time, KD lap goes down by just 0"01 so WR now stands at 32"58. Can Matthias improve it more? Over on SC, VAJ was busy with FS 3lap again. He improved his WR from 2 days ago by 0"02, so now it stands at 21"56. Splits are 9"62 - 6"17 - 5"76.

April 23rd 2011: First WR from SC champ this year. VAJ broke a 3-way tie between Greg, Karlo and Zoran on FS SC 3lap. New WR now stands at 21"57 with splits of 9"71 - 6"13 - 5"74. Can any of now former WR holders strike back?

March 15th 2011: No one was surprised when they saw a new KB 3lap WR. As so many times before, MJ waited for someone to challenge him and then he stroke. Wr is now at 1'19"70 and the splits are 26"65 - 26"56 - 25"50 , great last lap there by MJ. MJ won first two chapters of this battle, could a 3rd one also be a lucky one for Matthias?

March 13th 2011: Matthias Rustemeyer strikes again on KB 3lap. Most people would be happy with a tie but Matthias wanted more and he got it. With splits of 26"61 - 26"60 - 26"56 he lowered a WR tie by 0"01 and now WR stands at 1'19"75.

March 9th 2011: Matthias Rustemeyer gets another WR. He left WS for now and switched to KB. He tied MJ's 1'19"76 3lap. Splits are 26"65 - 26"56 - 26"56.

February 19th 2011: Greg Ihnatenko decided to add FS SC lap WR to his 3lap WR. New WR went down by 0.01 and is now at 4"90. This is Greg's 4th WR which puts him in 4th place on WR list.

February 18th 2011: Another SC WR and another tie. This time it is Mayles Bukrim who got 4"91 on FS SC lap. Myles missed a shroom so this can go down even more!

February 16th 2011: We have a new SC WR after some non-sc madness. Greg Ihnatenko gets 21" 60 on FS SC 3lap which is now a 3 way tie. Splits are 9"54 - 6"29 - 5"78.

February 3rd 2011: After 3lap, MJ decided to secure his WS lap. He did that by getting 1'11"88. It looks like this battle is over for now with MJ on top once again, but some new powers are coming.

February 2nd 2011: After taking WS lap, MJ reclaimed WS 3lap as well. He showed that he is still the best by breaking both NTSC and PAL barriers. 1'12"66 - 1'12"61 - 1'12"48 are the splits which gave MJ a new WR of 3'37"76.

February 1st 2011: Great start of a new month as Matthias Rustemeyer lowers his WS 3lap. New Wr now stands at 3'38"22 with splits of 1'12"69 - 1'12"99 - 1'12"55. Both NTSC and PAL subs are close now.

January 28th 2011: After a short break, MJ joins the party once again. He brought WS lap down to 1'11"94. How much further down can this go?

January 27th 2011: For a third day in a row WS battle continues and it is expanding. William Lacey joined the battle with WS lap of 1'12"06 only to be beaten by Matthias Rustemeyer who is the first person to got the sub with a new WR time of 1'11"98. To his ne lap, Matthias also added a 3lap WR with time of 3'38"45. Splits are 1'12"65 - 1'12"70 - 1'13" 10.

January 26th 2011: Once again Matthias Rustemeyer and Thomas Jordet Larsen are in action and this time they added WS 3lap. First Matthias broke both lap and 3 lap. While he lowered the lap to 1'12"08, Matthias tied MJ on 3 lap with 3'38"73. Splits are 1'12"80 - 1'13"08 - 1'12"85. Then Thomas showed what he can do on WS 3lap with a consistent run. With time of 3'38"65 and splits of 1'12"88 - 1'12"90 - 1'12"86, he is the first persom tu sub 4'23"xx on PAL.

January 25th 2011: WS lap battle continues. Thomas Jordet Larsen wasn't happy with a tie so he broke it again. It is now at 1'12"13 and it is clear that this is becoming a race for sub 1'12"xx or is it?

January 23rd 2011: New player joins the WR holders list. It is Matthias Rustemeyer who joins the WS lap battle.He lowered the lap by another 0.02 to 1'12"16. Unfortunately for Matthias, response came quick. This is MJ style but this time it was Thomas Jordet Larsen who ties the WR one hour later. Despite beeing 0.01 faster on PAL, time is the same on NTSC so WR stands at 1'12"16.

January 15th 2011: We didn't have to wait long for MJ to try the new start and reclaim WS lap WR. Wr is now at 1'12"18. This looks like a beginning of a big battle.

January 14th 2011: Thomas Jordet Larsen strikes again but this time on WS. With his new strat he now holds WS lap woth time of 1'12"21.

January 5th 2011: We didn't have to wait long for the 1st WR of 2011. This time it is William Lacey who lowered his DK 3lap. With time of 1'50"84 he is the 1st person to go sub 1'51"xx. Splits are 36"91 - 37"03 - 36"89. How much lower can this go? PAL sub is not far.

December 28th 2010: After a litlle break from WRs, VAJ broke his 2nd one in just over 10 days. He broke 15 second PAL barrier on WS SC 3lap and got 14"87. Translated to NTSC, new WR now stands at 12"37 with splits of 3"82 - 4"17 - 4"37. Seems that people are specializing at certain courses lately, and we can call VAJ WS SC specialist.

December 19th 2010: Zoran Tintor adds a new WR to his small collection which is geting bigger slowly. This is 3rd WR tie for Zoran. This time it is with Karlo on FS SC 3lap. With splits of 9"51 - 6"28 - 5"81, he is the 2nd person to get 21"60.

December 17th 2010: Looking at all those WRs falling lately, VAJ decided to join the show. He beats his big rival Karlo on KD SC 3lap. Splits are 34"56 - 35"94 - 33"10 which gives VAJ a new WR of 1'43"59.

November 27th 2010: Alex Griessing wasn't happy with a tie, so he decided to break it. New YV SC 3lap WR now stands 27"77. Splits are 9"26 - 9"24 - 9"26 with great 2nd lap. Can this go any lower and will Karlo be able to strike back?

November 4th 2010: YV SC battle continues. Alex Griessing showed he will not be intimidated by Karlo and that he is ready to defend his WR. With splits of 9"27 - 9"26 - 9"26 Alex tied Karlo's WR and they are now both at 27"80 now.

November 2nd 2010: King of MMF returns. Thomas Jordet Larsen lowers his 3lap even more. He is now even further ahead of everyone with his new time of 1'11"89. Splits are 24"14 - 23"92 - 23"83.

October 29th 2010: We didn't have to wait long for Karlo Tomazelli to break YV SC 3lap again. New time is 27"80 and the splits are 9"27 - 9"26 - 9"27.

October 27th 2010: YV SC 3lap: Alex Griessing gets his 1st WR. He did it on YV SC 3lap, beating Karlo by 0"02. New WR now stands at 27"84 with splits of 9"27 - 9"30 - 9"26.

October 15th 2010: After his new LR SC lap, Zoran Tintor got another WR. He did it on TT SC lap with time of 34"73. This time is actually 0.01 slower then MJ's WR on PAL , but on NTSC it is a tie.

August 18th 2010: Another old WR is broken. After more then 5 years Zoran Tintor breaks LR SC lap. This is his 1st SC WR and 2nd overall. Time is 21" 64 which is 26" 02 in PAL. Will 26 seconds barrier be broken and by who?

August 11th 2010: Both YV WRs are broken and both by our new SC champ Karlo Tomazelli. He turns his worst course in one of his best in just 8 days. After he tied Myles on 3lap, Karlo has this WR just for himself. New time is 27"86 and splits are 9"27, 9"29, 9"30. Karlo added flap WR to his 3lap and is now tied with 3 others on 5" 78.

August 6th 2010: MMF WR is broken once again and by who else then Thomas Jordet Larsen. He is the 1st person to go under 1' 12 with time off 1' 11" 98. Splits are 24" 13 - 23" 92 - 23" 94. Thomas now has over half a second PAL lead over everyone else on the shortest course in MK64.

August 3rd 2010: Oldest SC WR is tied by Karlo Tomazelli. It is YV SC 3lap and the time is 27"93. It was a consistent run with splits off 9"26, 9"34, 9"33.

July 19th 2010: Karlo gets a new WR. He maybe did lose MF but he got FS SC lap and in style. Karlo beats the old WR by 0.03 which gives him insane time - 4"91. Can this go down even more or did Karlo hit the Jackpot?

July 15th 2010: Same as he did with 3lap , Thomas does with the lap. He doesn't stop when he gets the WR but continues to play. He improved his MF lap by another 0.02 seconds so the new WR now stands at 23"25

July 11th 2010: New MF WR from Thomas Jordet Larsen but this time he takes the lap. He beats Karlo's only non-sc WR by 0.01 and now holds the WR with 23"27. Thomas is now in very impressive 5th place on the # of WRs list and he is the true king of MF. Will Karlo strike back?

June 5th 2010: Thomas continues to impress. He improved his MF 3lap once again and now he has a good lead over MJ who is in 2nd place. Time is 1'12"11 with nice splits of 24"11 - 24"07 - 23"93. Record is a strong one now, but wil we see a sub here in the future?

May 25th 2010: Just one day after his 1st WR Thomas broke the 1'27"xx PAL barrier. His new WR now stands at 1'12"31. Splits are 24"17 - 24"14 - 24"00. It is great to see a new face on the WR lists so once again congratz Thomas.

May 24th 2010: After 4.5 months we have a new non-sc WR, and it is a special one. Thomas Jordet Larsen gets his 1st MK64 WR. He did it on MF with 1'12"36 with next laps: 24"04 - 24"31 - 24"01. Just 2.5 months ago his MF 3ap was around 80th place in the world what was enough for LEG F but Thomas showed what can be accomplished if you are patient and dedicated. Great work Thomas.

March 15th 2010: Another WR on SCs but this time it is Myles getting his 3rd WR. After Karlo and VAJ both went under 5 seconds it looked like this WR was unbeatable but Myles thought otherwise. He cut 0.03 from the old WR which gives him a very impressive 4"94.

February 22nd 2010: Great battle on SCs continues. Karlo takes his KD sc 3lap back from VAJ just 2 days after VAJ stole it. Time is 1' 43" 60 with splits of 35"89 - 34"80 - 32"91. Karlo is maybe a little far away on AF but he doesn't like to see VAJ stealing his WRs. They are both at 9 WRs now. Will this epic battle ever end? Let's hope it won't.

February 21st 2010: VAJ improves KD SC 3lap once again. This time he got both PAL and NTSC subs with 1'43"72 Splits are 34"84 - 35" 99 - 32" 88.

February 20th 2010: VAJ strikes back but on other track.He takes KD 3lap with time of 1'44"08 and with it he is on 10 WRs again. Splits are 34"96 - 35"84 - 33"28.

February 19th 2010: It is CM SC lap again but this time it is Karlo. He beats VAJ's WR with time of 17"63. This is becoming a habbit for Karlo, taking WRs VAJ got just a few days before.

February 15th 2010: CM SC lap goes down by just 0.01. VAJ got his 10th WR with a time of 17"67. Can Myles strike back?

February 4th 2010 MR SC 3lap battle continues. VAJ takes that WR from Maurice once again with a nice cut and time of 50"84. Splits are 16"89 - 16"98 -16"97. It is a good improvement but the PAL sub is still not reached.

January 9th 2010: MJ gets the first WRs of 2010. He improved both of his TT WRs. 3lap is now 2' 28" 80 with laps of 49"87 - 49" 28 - 49"65. MJ is the 1st person to break 2'59"xx PAL barrier. He improved his lap by 0.03 so now it stands at 49" 07.

December 31st 2009: Zoran Tintor gets his 1st WR in the last hours of 2009. He tied MJ's BB lap of 34" 08. He is only the 2nd person to go sub 41 in PAL here.

December 11th 2009: MJ now holds 2 SC WRs adding TT SC lap to his 3lap. Time is 28" 88. He now holds all 4 TT world records. Karlo Tomazelli showed he will not sit back and watch people take his WRs. He maybe lost his TT SC lap but he got back his FS SC lap. Once again he tied VAJ here on top with 4" 97. Will he strike back on TT as well???

December 5th 2009: VAJ takes back FS SC lap which Myles took from him. Myles was 1st to do NTSC sub but VAJ menage to go sub in PAL. WR now stands at 4" 97.

November 9th 2009: Myles takes FS SC lap from VAJ and Karlo with a very nice sub , time is 4" 99. On the same day VAJ showed why he is the champ. Despite losing his FS lap he tied Greg's 3" 45 DK SC lap and with this he kept his total number of WRs on 7.

October 16th 2009: After 5 long years MJ holds a SC WR again. He is the first person to go sub 1'31" xx on TT SC 3lap. Time is 1' 30" 96, unfortunately MJ forgot his splits.

August 4th 2009: We all knew this was going to happen, VAJ breaking 20"xx barrier on DK SC 3lap. He is only the 2nd person to that. Time is 19"84 with laps of 9"41 - 6"17 - 4"25.

July 19th 2009: MJ is not done with WS just yet. He tied Lacey's 1' 12" 25 lap on WS. Will this battle continue or are they happy with a tie???

July 18th 2009: Maurice takes back his WR from VAJ showing he won't be intimidated by anyone, not even by the SC champion. He took his WR back with style going under 51"xx. New WR is 50" 95 with laps of 17"04 - 16"95 - 16"96. WRs and great battles for them just keep on coming J.

July 11th 2009: VAJ takes back his 2nd WR in 3 days. It is RRy SC lap from Myles who took it 3 days earlier. VAJ made a 0.03 cut from the "old" WR and lowered it to 31" 13.

July 8th 2009: MR SC 3lap goes down once again. VAJ got his WR back with time of 51" 09 and he pushed Maurice off WR list. Splits are 16"97 - 17"21 - 16"91. He may have won on MR but VAJ lost his RRy SC lap WR. Myles got a very nice lap of 31" 16.

July 6th 2009: Just 1 day after losing the 3lap WR Lacey improved his lap by 0.01. It now stands at 1' 12" 25. It is still done on lap 1.

July 5th 2009 MJ got his WS 3lap WR back from Lacey. The time is 3' 38" 73 with laps of 1'12"91 - 1'13"10 - 1'12" 72. This looks like a replay of their BC 3lap fight.

July 3rd 2009 Maurice Fleer gets his 1st WR and he takes it from the SC champ. MR SC 3lap is now 0.01 faster and it stands at 51" 13 with laps of 16"98 - 17"07 - 17"08.

June 28th 2009 After 4.5 months we have a WR. Lacey got a nice 3' 38" 83 on WS 3lap with 2-1-0 strat. Laps are 1'12"77 - 1'12"85 - 1'13"21. He didn't stop there adding WS lap to his 3 lap. It now stands at 1'12"26 with shrooms on lap 1.

February 13th 2009 Myles got his 3rd WR for a 3 way tie on YV SC lap. Only difference is that he has done it on lap 2 unlike Ben and VAJ. Time is 5" 78 and it is the only 3 way tie we have at the moment.

January 27th 2009 Everyone is playing KD and one of them is MJ. For the 1st WR of the year MJ improved his KD lap by 0.05 and it now stands at 32" 58.

December 15th 2008: MJ takes another WR from Lacey with DK lap of 35"43. This is a 0.03 cut from Lacey's time. Is this the start of a war???

December 12th 2008 Changes on BC 3lap again. MJ added a new WR to his collection with 1' 50"53. Splits are 37"03 - 36"74 - 36" 76. There is still room for improvement here according to MJ so this record might go down even more.

August 7th 2008 This is the 3rd WR for Greg in a row and another very impresive one. He is the 1st person to sub the 20"xx barrier on DK SC 3lap with a time of 19" 99. Laps are 9"54 - 6"05 - 4"40.

July 26th 2008 Insane new WR on DK SC lap. The author is Greg with a new strat and a time of 3" 45. He said this is his best WR ever and i have to agree. Well done Greg!

July 14th 2008:> We have another sub. Greg got 1'39"81 on RRy SC 3 lap with laps of 33" 89 - 33"61 - 32"31. Unfortunately he just missed the PAL sub.

July 14th 2008: Fastest record in MK64 history is improved by who else then VAJ. Fastest WR is now at 1"95. He is 1st to sub 2 seconds, well done VAJ.

April 14th 2008 Karlo gets another WR. This time it is FS SC 3lap and the time is 21" 61. He is now the 1st person to go sub 26"xx in PAL. Splits are 9"77 - 6"06 - 5"78.

April 12th 2008: Lacey beats MJ and gets a WR on BC 3lap. He is 0.03 faster than MJ and the WR stands at 1'50"64 now. He didn't send us splits but you can see them on his vid. In NTSC they are 37"02 - 36" 79 - 36"83.

April 10th 2008: DK SC 3 lap goes down again. Karlo takes back his WR which VAJ stole not so long ago. Time is 20"19 with laps of 9"21 - 6"17 - 4"81. Will VAJ try to retake this WR again and will we see sub 20"xx here soon???

March 14th 2008: Michael Jongerius improoved his FS 3lap WR. 1'40"62*. With this small cut he broke the 2'01"xx barrier in PAL. Well done MJ.

March 12th 2008: Luke Barnard is back again on the wr page. He hit back, breaking the old MR flap WR by cutting 0"02 seconds. Now it stands on 23'05*. He was in a long standing fight for the WR with Lucas now the victory is his again. Congratulation Luke on getting the first NTSC WR of the year.

March 8th 2008: Michael Jongerius came up with his 3rd WR this month. He made a big cut on the old WR of Karlo's YV 3lap. MJ finished on 1'25"61*. Now he holds 23 WR's OVERALL. Impressive MJ.

March 5th 2008: Michael Jongerius broke the old RRy flap today It's now 46"41**. Can anyone stop MJ.

March 3rd 2008: Michael Jongerius Ties Troy Ullmans RRy 3lap 2'23"29**.

February 28th 2008: Michael Jongerius broke another WR, this time on BB. He broke Marcelo's BB 3lap WR and cut off "04 to 1'44"22*. On the same day he even improoved his own BB flap 34"08*. He is the only person who breaks the 41'xx barriere in PAL. Congratulations MJ!

February 25th 2008: Michael Jongerius made a comeback after a year of inactivity. He gets the first NON-SC WR of the year 2008. He improoved his own KD 3lap WR. Now it's down to 1'44"23*. He did this by going trough the weels of the train in the last lap and used a 1-1-1 strat. This was Impossible with the old 1-0-2 strat he said. Congratulations MJ.

January 25th 2008: Vincent Tolhuis Ties Ben Millers strong YV sc flap 5"78**.

January 15th 2008: Vincent Tolhuis who just become number 1 in SC's. Got the first WR of the year 2008. He took over Greg's WR on WS sc flap to cut 0"02 seconds. So now THE FASTEST WR in MK64 HISTORY is 2"11* (2"54* PAL). Well done VAJ!

September 19th 2007: Vincent Tolhuis stole another Wr from Karlo, He Went into the jungle to make sure he'll came back with a nice WR. After a couple hours he broke Karlo's old Wr by just a couple houndreds. This time nobody could stop VAJ. DK sc 3lap went down by more then 0"30 seconds, now standing on 20'29*. A bigger cut this time. Congatulations VAJ.

August 26th 2007: Lucas Oliver also took the MR 3lap WR again. Now the WR is 1'13"20*. Congraulations Lucas. Will he make it under 1'28'xx in PAL?

August 22nd 2007: Vincent Tolhuis grab another 3lap sc WR this time it's FS sc 3lap. He only cut 0"01 off Karlo's old WR. To bring it down to 21"69*. Congatulations VAJ.

August 4th 2007: Karlo Tomazelli took back his WR on RRy sc 3lap He used the Glitch on the last lap to bring down the WR to 1'40"25*. Well done Karlo!

May 28th 2007: Lucas Oliver shows the world MR is his area and get a new flap time. Now he lowered the WR down to 23"07*. Congratulations Lucas.

May 21st 2007: Vincent Tolhuis Ties Karlo Tomazelli on FS sc flap 5"01**.

May 13th 2007: Vincent Tolhuis Ties Greg Ihnatenko's DK sc 3lap WR 20"92**.

May 8th 2007: Vincent Tolhuis went back to Choco Mountain to battle Karlo again in a long standing WR fight. He took back his CM sc 3lap and smashed Karlo's old WR. A nice 1'00"30* on the timer. See if he can break the 1 minute barriere. Congratulations VAJ.

April 29th 2007: Vincent Tolhuis Glitched to another WR. He broke Karlo's wr on RRy flap. It's now down to 31'28*. He thinks it's a strong WR this time.

April 28th 2007: Karlo Tomazelli followed VAJ's foodsteps, and broke the CM sc 3lap WR. He bring it down to 1'00"70* With the new 5/5 strat he almost cut another 2 seconds. Congratulations Karlo!

April 15th 2007: Vincent Tolhuis was the 1st to hit 5/5 sc's on CM. This way he hit a very nice 1'02"46* cutting more then 2 seconds from the old WR. Congratulations VAJ!

April 9th 2007: Michael Jongerius improved his own MR 3lap WR. He lowered it by "09, but on MR is enough to turn this WR a lot better then the previous one. It is now 1'13"28*.

April 4th 2007: Lucas Oliver made it! After much effort put on MR flap, Lucas lowered that flap "01 and broke the 4 way tie. The WR is now 23"10*, congratulations on your 1st WR!

March 7th 2007: Michael Jongerius finally hits back on the MF WR, he broke Karlo's WR by "11. Now it stands at 1'12"41* with great splits of 24"21, 24"06, 24"14.

March 3rd 2007: Karlo Tomazelli afraid of a possible lost of his WR on MF flap resolved to play again the track and managed to hit 23"28*. It's a big cut for a not long track, what a impressive time!

March 2nd 2007: Vincent Tolhuis hit his 1st non-sc WR! He tied Karlo and Former Member's MF flap time, making it a 3 way tie at 23"40**,congratz on your 1st WR VAJ!

December 8th 2006: Karlo Tomazelli finally broke the 3'18 barrier, beating his RRd sc 3lap WR again, this time it's a very respectfull time of 3'17"91*. The splits were 1'05"75, 1'05"88 and 1'06"28. He said that it can still go down, lets wait and see.

December 8th 2006: Karlo Tomazelli likes to beat his own RRd sc 3lap time. Now he did it by only "01, the WR is now 3'18"21*.

December 10th 2006: Karlo Tomazelli again beat his WR at RRd, now lowering it more then before,"42, making the WR stand at 3'18"22*.

December 8th 2006: Karlo Tomazelli improved his own WR at RRd sc 3lap by "19. The WR is now 3'18"64*.

September 9th 2006: Vincent Tolhuis followed Gregs steps and also beat a WR from Karlo. This time the victim was his MR sc 3lap, witch stands now at 51"15* with splits of 16"93, 17"01 and a bad last lap, 17"21. Karlo Tomazelli on the same day managed to get 2 WRs back for him. RRy sc flap and TT sc flap, with the times 31"34 and 29"91 respectively.

August 23rd 2006: Greg Ihnatenko steals a WR from Karlo. He got a new TT sc flap time of 28"92*.

August 22nd 2006: Vincent Tolhuis broke the tie with Karlo on RRy flap, he pushed the WR down to 31"40* making this WR fight be even more hotter.

August 6th 2006: William Lacey set another WR on DK, this time on flap, breaking Jamie White's only WR by "01. The WR stands now at 35"46*

August 5th 2006: William Lacey again improved his DK 3lap, now he is satisfied with his WR, 1'51"10*. Splits were 36"88, 37"17 and 37"05, can anybody else get 3 nice laps on the same run like him?

July 15th 2006: William Lacey strenghten his DK 3lap WR by cutting 0"12 off it. The new WR is 1'51"38*. He brokes the 2'13 barrier on PAL system! He thinks the 1'51 NTSC barrier can be broken too. Let's see if he or someone else can achieve this.

July 12th 2006: Karlo Tomazelli lowered Michael Jongerius MMF 3lap WR to 1'12"52*.

June 27th 2006: Karlo Tomazelli improved his own WR on CM sc 3lap twice! First time pushing it down to 1'05"31 then later on it gots down to 1'04"59*.

June 26th 2006: Karlo Tomazelli managed to beat Louis-Phillippe Sabbagh last WR that had seen Greg Ihnatenko tying it. He lowered it by 0"02 to 21"70*.

June 20th 2006: Karlo Tomazelli tied Tolhuis RRy sc flap WR. So we have two persons holding the WR at 31"46*. Karlo Tomazelli also made another WR today. And amazingly it was on first try! His new WR is for FS sc flap where he got 5"01*. He even missed the shrooming so this could go under 5 seconds!

June 14th 2006: Greg Ihnatenko ties Myles Fs sc flap WR with a 5"04**.

June 12th 2006: Vincent Tolhuis grab another WR he got the fastest time on RRy sc Flap beating Myles time there. The new lap record is 31"46*.

May 25th 2006: Vincent Tolhuis gets his first World Record! He managed to beat Karlo's fresh WR on WS sc 3lap. It's now down to 12"57*.

May 23rd 2006: Karlo Tomazelli beats Ben Miller 2002 World Record on WS sc 3lap with a time of 12"83*.

April 16th 2006: Marcelo Almeida dos Reis improve his WR on BB 3lap again. This time it's by 0"05. So now the WR is 1'44"26*.

April 14th 2006: Marcelo Almeida dos Reis improve his WR on BB 3lap by 0"08. It's down to 1'44"31*.

April 13th 2006: Marcelo Almeida dos Reis gets a WR on BB 3lap beating Michael Jongerius previous WR by 0"02. His WR time is 1'44"39*.

April 12th 2006: Karlo Tomazelli gets a WR on N-SC again. This time he broke the tied WR between William Lacey and Michael Jongerius with a new time of 1'12"30*.

April 4th 2006: Karlo Tomazelli ties the MR flap WR. He even made his 23"11** twice! Karlo Tomazelli also made a new RRy sc 3lap WR by being the first to go under the 1'41s and that was without using the warp glitch at all. His incredible time is 1'40"67*.

March 17th 2006: Karlo Tomazelli grab his 9th sc WR on TT sc 3lap where he lowered Eddis's time by just "02. His 1st lap was "04 faster second lap was "05 faster but final lap was "07 slower but the faster you go the slower the final lap will be I've been told :). Anyway the new WR time is 1'31"22*.

March 11th 2006: Myles Bukrim fought again against Karlo but he went to RRy sc Flap where he lost his WR about a month ago. He could get his WR back by cutting a nice "19 off Karlo's Flap WR. His new WR stands at 31"53*.

March 10th 2006: Myles Bukrim is back with a WR. He lowered Karlo's WR on CM 3lap. His splits were 23"82 - 23"85 - 18"12. It now stand at 1'05"79*. But Karlo Tomazelli didn't take too long and got his WR back on that track. His splits were 23"09 - 23"81 - 18"78. He made a way better first lap then a pretty tied 2nd lap but lost some on the dual SC but the time gained on 1st lap was enough to beat Myles time. The new WR is 1'05"68*

February 19th 2006: Karlo Tomazelli managed to lower his previously made RRo sc 3lap WR under the 3'19s. He used a 1-0-2 strats with splits of 1'05"87 - 1'06"86 / 1'06"10 for a new WR of 3'18"83*.

February 17th 2006: Karlo Tomazelli break another sc WR! This time it's RRo sc 3lap where he managed to beat Michael Fried. His new WR time is 3'19"12*.

February 16th 2006: Karlo Tomazelli lower Gutierrez brothers RRo sc Flap WR under the 1'05 with a 1'04"98*. He then lowered it again down to 1'04"86*.

February 13th 2006: Karlo Tomazelli takes beat Myles RRy sc Flap time. It's down to 31"72*.

February 2nd 2006: Michael Jongerius takes the new WR done by Karlo on FS Flap. He lowered it to 32"17*.

February 1st 2006: Michael Jongerius lower his own RRo 3lap WR under the 4'55s to 4'54"69* with splits of 1'38"19 - 1'38"40 - 1'38"10.

January 31st 2006: Karlo Tomazelliget a new WR on FS Flap he pushed that lap time down to 32"19*.

January 29th 2006: Trystan Pugh grab a WR! He managed to tie the RRd Flap time with a 1'37"96**. He even had a 1'38"02 with 2 missed MTs so maybe he could try to push it down some more. But Michael Jongerius made a nice cut to that Flap and claimed the untied WR there with a time of 1'37"63* then he went to the 3lap where he got another WR with a 4'55"07* his splits were 1'38"30 - 1'38"49 - 1'38"28.

January 26th 2006: Michael Jongerius set another WR this time it's "only" a tie but it's on MR Flap so his time there is 23"11**.

January 22nd 2006: Michael Jongerius set 2 WRs today the first one was on MR 3lap where he lowered the WR to 1'13"37*. The other one is an improvment on Eddie's WR on SL again but the 3lap this time. His new WR is 1'36"60*.

January 20th 2006: Karlo Tomazelliis also back and setting a new WR on MMF Flap where he tied the previous WR so his time is23"40**.

January 19th 2006: Eddie Taylortake SL aagin but this time it was the 3lap. His new time and the new WR is 1'36"69*.

January 18th 2006: Michael Jongerius took over Eddie WR on SL Flap and lowered it to 31"64*.

January 15th 2006: Michael Jongeriusmade a comeback WR on FS 3lap where he lowered previous WR to 1'40"65*.

January 12th 2006: Eddie Taylortakes a WR on SL Flap where he lowered the WR to 31"67*.

December 19th 2005: Karlo Tomazelli managed to beat Penev's CM sc 3lap time from 2002. He pulled the dual SC on second lap so even if his 2 other lap were slower then Penev's ap that one more then make up for it. The new WR is 1'06"71*. The laps were 23"33 / 19"81 / 23"57. This could go own even further in the futur if someone would go for a 5 or 6 on 6 SC landed.

December 16th 2005: Myles Bukrim improved his own CM sc Flap again. He was the first under the 19 seconds well now he's the first under 18 as well since he cut almost a full seconds off his yesterday's lap! New WR is 17"68*.

December 15th 2005: Myles Bukrim beat Penev old CM sc Flap WR by a nice 0"34. It's now down to 19"03*. Myles Bukrim improved his own CM sc Flap WR some more it's now under the 19 seconds at 18"66*. He says he's pushing this down further soon.

November 16th 2005: Myles Bukrim improved his own RRy sc Flap by 0"03. It's now down to 31"76*.

November 14th 2005: Karlo Tomazelli improved his WR on KD sc 3lap to 1'44"09* (35"02 / 35"94 / 33"13).

November 12th 2005: Karlo Tomazelli gets the KD sc Flap WR down to 31"64*

November 9th 2005: Eddie Taylor grab another WR on TT sc 3lap this time getting 1'31"24* (32"24 / 29"63 / 29"37)

October 21th 2005: Myles Bukrim improved his WR on DK sc Flap to break the tie with Greg Ihnatenko. He even cut "13 off his old time on such a fast lap. The new WR stands at 3"60*

October 9th 2005: Greg Lewis copy Eddie Taylor and get his first WR on nothing else then MR Flap! He tied the old WR with a nice 23"11** Well done.

September 29th 2005: Eddie Taylor managed to hit his first WR time on FS 3lap where he managed a 1"40"79* The splits were 33"61 - 33"62 - 33"56. Congratulation!

September 19th 2005: Karlo Tomazelli beats the longest standing WR (other then the 0 glitch) which was made by Penev all the way back in 2000 on LR sc 3lap. He lowered it a lot to 1'17"53* The splits were 26"79 - 26"34 - 24"40.

September 10th 2005: Karlo Tomazelli beats Jongerius YV 3lap WR by 0"07 with a time of 1'25"73* The splits were 28"44 - 28"74 - 28"55.

September 5th 2005: William Lacey lowered the MR 3lap WR to 1'13"44* The splits were 24"42 - 24"55 - 24"47 with peach. On this WR he cut the final curve in the grass on lap 1 and 2 and went on the road for the final lap.

August 28th 2005: Karlo Tomazelli beat one of Steven Gutierrez WRs. He lowered the MR sc 3lap WR down to 51"26* with splits of 16"96 - 17"06 - 17"24 hitting a wall on final lap. The main thing to this WR is the usage of the new final turn strat which is why he hit a wall and missed the following MT. So expect this to go down sooner or later.

August 8th 2005: Ben Miller gets out of inactivity and improve his YV sc Flap time by a lot and it ends up at a new WR time of 5"78*. Yoshi again and on third lap.

August 6th 2005: Martin McMullan gets a surprise WR with his YV sc Flap time of 5"79**. He mades it with Yoshi as well but on 3rd lap this time :).

August 1st 2005: William Lacey improved his DK 3lap WR some more. It's now 1'51"50*. The splits were 36"93 / 37"31 / 37"26.

July 29th 2005: Greg Ihnatenko gets another sc WR, this time it's DK sc 3lap where he got a time under 21 seconds! The new WR is 20"92*. The splits were 10"09 / 6"38 / 4"46.

July 22nd 2005: Jamie White strenghten (yet again) his WR on DK Flap! It's now below the 35"50 mark at 35"47*. Well done!

July 20th 2005: Jamie White strenghten his WR on DK Flap by 0"01 to 35"50*. Will he takes it below the "50 mark?

July 20th 2005: Jamie White claims back DKJP Flap WR by lowering MJ's time by 0"01 to 35"51*. Done with Yoshi this time.

July 13th 2005: Michael Jongerius gets Jamie WR back from him by improving it down to 35"52*. Seems Jamie had a good reason to be afraid.

July 12th 2005: Jamie White improves the WR he just tied on DK Flap and get it down to 35"54* but he fears what MJ will do :)

July 11th 2005: Jamie White gets his first WR on Mario Kart 64! He got a tie with Michael Jongerius on DK with a lap of 35"60* done on first lap.

July 10th 2005: Michael Jongerius finally made it, he beats out Zwartjes WR on LR. But by only "01 so let's see if Steven will fullfil what he said and defend that WR. The new time as I said is 0"01 so it's 1'38"24* (32"03 / 32"73 / 33"48) done with Yoshi.

July 9th 2005: Myles Bukrim ties Greg WR on YV sc Flap. So they both have the WR at 5"79*. He made it with Yoshi.

June 30th 2005: Greg Ihnatenko make an impressive new WR at WS sc Flap using a strat no one could do yet to get his 2"13* lap with Bowser . That beat the previous fastest lap WR by 0"31!

June 29th 2005: Michael Jongerius is playing again today setting some more WRs he started by getting the SL WR to 1'36"92 then 8 minutes later got it down again by 0"01 and finally 20 minutes later got a 3lap time of 1'36"81*(32"33/32"19/32"30). Michael Fried also got the YV Flap WR down, breaking the tie with Jongerius and Karlo with a new Flap WR of 26"18* done as always on the first lap.
Michael Jongerius improved yet again his SL 3lap time getting it down to 1'36"70* with splits of 32"30/32"14/32"26.

June 28th 2005: Michael Jongerius ties the WR on YV Flap getting a 26"25* lap.

May 16th 2005: Karlo Tomazelli beats KD sc 3lap. He took the SC on the third lap to get the new WR of 1'44"31*(34"87/36"06/33"38)

May 8th 2005: Steven Gutierrez beats LR sc Flap WR which was standing since 2002 and on top of that he cutted 0"16 off it! It's now standing at 21"70*

May 8th 2005: Karlo Tomazelli is still on TT sc this time making a new WR for the Flap by barelly beating Lacey's time by 0"01. That WR is now 28"94* With that WR he's the first karter to have all his Flap in both SC and N-SC time at GOD!

May 3rd 2005: Steven Gutierrez beats the fresh WR Karlo set just a few days ago on TT sc 3lap with a new WR of 1'31"43*(32"22/29"59/29"62)

May 2nd 2005: Jeffrey Gutierrez broke a nice barrier being the firs below the 1'37"00 barrier on SL 3lap! The WR now stand at 1'36"97*(32"42/32"26/32"29)

April 29th 2005: Michael Fried get the WR on YV Flap with a nice 26"25* shortly after on the same day Karlo Tomazelli was tying it as well!

April 28th 2005: Karlo Tomazelli got a WR run on TT sc 3lap with a new time of 1'31"43*(32"50/29"64/29"34)

April 14th 2005: Michael Jongerius got back his WS 3lap WR as well where he beat "Former Member" latest WR by 0"07 for a time of 3'38"87*(1'12"96/1'13"00/1'12"91) he even made a close to 0"20 error on lap 2 according to him!

April 9th 2005: Jeffrey Gutierrez made an attack on MJ as well today taking both YVs WR with a new 3lap of 1'25"97 a 0"01 improvment and lowering the Flap by 0"05 thus removing Karlo's single WR. But later this day we saw Michael Jongerius getting back both of those WRs the Flap now is 26"29* a nice sub 26"30 and the 3lap got down to 1'25"80* (28"49/28"78/28"53)

April 6th 2005: "Former Member" takes a WR from MJ with his sub 3'39 WS 3lap time of 3'38"94* (1'12"95/1'12"94/1'13"05)

March 27th 2005: Greg Ihnatenko gets another SC WR this time it's FS sc 3lap where he tied Louis time with a 21"72* his splits were (9"70/6"33/5"70)

March 22nd 2005: Greg Ihnatenko gets a new WR by beating Myles RRy sc 3lap time by just 0"01! so the WR now stands at 1'41"24* splits being (34"21/34"22/32"81).

March 21st 2005:Jeffrey Gutierrez make a three way tie with Karlo and MJ with his new YV Flap time of 26"37* done on first lap. Later that day he also tied MJ's 3lap on the same track so his 1'25"98* splits were (28"50/28"82/28"66).

March 19th 2005: "Former Member" improve again his CM 3lap WR to a really great 1'36"68* splits were (32"33/32"18/32"17)

March 17th 2005:Michael Jongerius getting another WR this time it's YV 3lap where he got under the 1'26 barrier with a new time of 1'25"98* with this time we have to say good bye to Sami who just last his last WR.

March 14th 2005: Michael Jongerius takes another WR from "Former Member" this time it's MMF 3lap which is now 1'12"65* splits were (24"45/24"12/24"08) with this WR he gets his Avg Fin to an incredible 1.281!

March 13th 2005: Karlo Tomazelli gets his first ever WR on YV with a solid lap of 26"37* done on first lap

March 9th 2005: Michael Jongerius took over one of "Former Member" WR with a new FS Flap of 32"21* done on 2nd lap

March 4th 2005: "Former Member" is going at CM once again getting both WR down. He improved the 3lap by 0"01 down to 1'36"90 then improved it again later during that day to 1'36"85*splits were (32"30/32"25/32"30). Then his Flap was a "04 improvment from his previous time, the new WR is 31"76* done on 2nd lap.

March 3rd 2005: Michael Fried take back his WR on RRo sc 3lap with a time of 3'19"65* the splits this time were (1'06"00/1'06"60/1'07"05) driven with Yoshi

March 1st 2005: Jeffrey Gutierrez take the RRo sc 3lap lap below the 3'20 with a time of 3'19"86 and later the same day he lowered it to 3'19"83* splits were (1'06"74/ 1'06"69/1'06"40).

February 17th 2005: MJ is after those Lacey records. He tied Laceys ws flap for a 1'12"33*

February 16th 2005: Michael Jongerius also beats Laceys flap wr. Its gone to 36"05*

February 14th 2005: William Lacey gets an overal World record again. This time he beats the ws flap to: 1'12"33*. MJ breaks Laceys recently made BC 3lap to 1'50"67*. Michael Fried lower his wr yet again this time getting it close to the 3'20 barrier with a new time of 3'20"22*

February 10th 2005: MJ gets 3 wr's on a day! First of all he broke a nice barrier on Ws flap with a 1'26"99(1'12"35)*. After that he went to Rainbow road and got a new 3lap of 4'55"91*. He also tied Tims flap wr there: 1'36"96*

February 9th 2005: MJ attacks "Former Member" Ws 3lap for a 3'39"00*. "Former Member" did some karting too today and broke that barrier of 1:37. on cm which is pretty sick. cm 3lap is now: 1'36"91*

February 8th 2005: Michael Jongerius started playing again and the first thing he does is taking back that KTB 3lap. 1'19"77*

February 1st 2005: William Lacey make the wr on TT sc Flap and he's the first to get the GOD time on that Flap the time is 28"95*

January 30th 2005: Michael Fried improves his wr!!!. He hit the spiral on rainbow road 3 times with Yoshi this time! The new 3lap is 3'22"76*

January 21th 2005: Jesse Hristovski clears the tie with Greg as he gets a perfect jump at YV Sc flap. The new flap is 5"76*!!

January 20th 2005: Greg Inhatenko gets an overall Sc wr on yv flap of 5"81*. Quickly after Jesse Hristovski heard about this wr he also played some Yv and tied the wr! of 5"81**

January 19th 2005: William Lacey focussed on BC these days and got a new 3lap wr of 1'50"78*. "Former Member" did something great today. He managed to beat Penevs longstanding Cm flap record with 0.04!!!. Its now 31"80*

January 17th 2005: Lacey beats "Former Member" Bc flap with 0.01!. The new lap is 36"11*

January 8th 2005: "Former Member" gets that KTB 3lap back with 0.03 to 1'19"79*.

December 4th 2004: Michael Jongerius beats his own flap with 0.01 On TT flap. Its now down to 49"09*.

December 1st 2004: Michael Jongerius wanted to try that DK flap again and took the WR from Lacey again with 35.60*. Will Lacey have an aswer?

December 1st 2004: William Lacey strikes back with a new DK flap of 35.70*

November 30th 2004: Michael Jongerius takes away Lacey's WR on DK flap with a 35.72*.

November 29th 2004: Michael Fried gets a wr!!! He did the spiral 3 times on rainbow road with Bowser!. The new wr is 3'25"60*

November 18th 2004: William Lacey is back! and his first pr was a improvement on his own flap. The DK flap goes to 35"74*.

November 12th 2004: The FS flap falls. Cetin and Lacey have to make room for "Former Member" who takes the down with a pretty big margin. The flap now stands at 32"25*.

November 9th 2004: "Former Member" ties Penev's long standing CM flap of 31"84**. "Former Member" didn't break the mysterious Penev Wr yet, but I think he eventually will do it.

October 30th 2004: Michael Jongerius returns to TT to improve his 3lap. After a short time of playing he already set a new Wr three times. He decided to stop at his 2'28"95*, since that was his goal. Further he also made a flap of 49"10*.

October 26th 2004: "Former Member" ties MJ's Ws flap of 1'12"39** and decided a tie was enought here.

October 14th 2004: Greg Ihnatenko makes a tie on DK SC flap with his 3"73**. He still says he has room for improvement, so lets see what he can do.

October 9th 2004: Alex Penev ties Martin's new YV SC flap of 5"87* for the next three hours and 32 minutes, cause after that time Myles Bukrim posted the new WR for this one. The wr now stands at 5"82*.

October 8th 2004: Martin McMullan takes the YV SC flap WR with a 5"87*!!!

October 2nd 2004: Steven Gutierrez is getting more and more wr's. This time stealing Ben Miler's DK SC by 0.01. The 3lap goes down to 21"26*. Myles Bukrim got a new YC SC flap wr still using the old strategy. He made a new WR of 7"40*. Later on Alex Penev sent in the new WR for this course using the new strategy that was discovered by Martin McMullan on an emulator. He got the wr down to 6"15*. However, Alex Penev didn't settle for that record or he just thought it wasn't good yet(or whatever) and pushed it down a bit more to a 5"90*!!

September 15th 2004: Steven Gutierrez steals his brothers KD SC 3lap and gets it to 1'44"33*.

September 15th 2004: "Former Member" gets his WS 3lap wr back. This time he used a 1-1-1 shroom strat. The new WR stands at 3'39"20*.

September 13th 2004: Michael Jongerius takes down TT 3lap with 2'29"22*.

September 10th 2004: Michael Jongerius knocks down those WS Wr's. He took the flap by only 0.01, going to 1'12"39*. He took the 3lap down to a 3'39"34*.

September 9th 2004: Steven Gutierrez gets Michael Jongerius out of the SC tables and takes the TT SC 3lap to 1'31"56*. Furter he hit the spiral twice!!. He will get in the history books, with "the first karter ever to hit the spiral twice in one race". The new wr is 3'30"30*.

September 6th 2004: Michael Jongerius takes 3 WR's this day(In American time). First of all he got back his MR 3lap with 1'13"47*. He had a bad first lap in this race, but still managed to take out the WR. Then he went to do some KTB. He took both WR's down. Flap gone to 25"72* and 3lap going down to 1'19"82*.

September 5th 2004: Michael Jongerius gets the KD flap back from "Former Member". It's 32"63* now!.

September 5th 2004: Alex improves his own YV SC flap to 7"44*.

September 4th 2004: Alex Penev beats Myles Bukrim on YV SC flap with 0.01. It's 7"47* now.

Septmeber 3rd 2004: "Former Member" improves 1 of his wr's. Royal Raceway 3lap is down to 2'23"29*

September 1st 2004: Tim Everett gets his first WR!!!. He beats Sami Cetins old wr on RRd flap with 0.02 to 1'57"96*. He's been  busy on this track for quite a while and i think he now got what he deserves. Congrats Tim!

August 29th 2004: Jeffrey ties his brother 2 days later on TT sc flap: 29"04*

August 27th 2004: Kevin Booth gets kicked off the WR page! without any mercy. Steven Gutierrez gets the TT sc flap wr down to 29"04*.

August 24th 2004: Steven Gutierrez breaks down his brothers RRo SC 3lap. It's down to a 3'35"95*. Furter he tied his brothers flap of 1'05"06**.

August 17th 2004: Myles Bukrim takes back that FS SC flap from Steven Gutierrez with a 5"04*. After all, Myles made the Shortcut possible and therefore I think he deserves to keep that wr, at least for a while.....

August 13th 2004: "Former Member" goes sub 1:51 on Bowsers Castle. The new World Record is now 1'50"89*. His laps were nice and consistent: 37"00, 36"98, 36"91. "Former Member" makes also set another new World record today, this time beating Jongerius' Toads Turnpike 3lap. He puts the new WR down at 2'29"34* with laps of: 49"76, 49"65, 49"93. He missed a mt in that last lap, which was too bad. For the rest it was a good race. Myles Bukrim did some nice SC-ing and improved the DK SC flap wr. This way Alex Penev loses again and is only on 5 WRs now. The new Wr from Myles is 3"73*, which is 0.02 from the previous wr.

August 11th 2004: "Former Member" went back to KD flap after a slight changement in his strat. He got this tip from Myles Bukrim. This resulted in a new Wr that now stands at 32"67*.

August 10th 2004: "Former Member" beats BC flap with 0"07! The new Wr stands at 36"12*. Jeffrey Gutierrez takes away the KD 3lap that was in the hands of Alex Penev for 4 years!. The new WR stands at 1'44"54 with the laps: 34"94, 36"21, 33"39. Further Jeffrey also takes away RRo 3lap from Alex!. The new WR is 3'36"04*(1'05"38, 1'15"19, 1'15"47).

August 9th 2004: Jeffrey Gutierrez improves his RRo flap to a very satisfying1'05"06*.

August 9th 2004: Jeffrey Gutierrez get his second WR on the shortcuts and again there's one picture less on the page for Alex Penev. The RRd SC flap goes down a little bit further to 1'05"25*. Jeffrey sais this still is far from his potential, so we can expect more from him here soon. I think this day was a Mk64 day for the Gutierrez brothers, cause Steven Gutierrez also did quite some action today. Firstly he broke the tie with MJ on MR sc flap and is now dominating the course in SC. He got the flap down to 15"46*. Then he asked Myles Bukrim about his strat for FS SC flap and after some practice he broke Myles' wr and put it on a 5"09*! I think we can expect a new battle on this course soon.

August 8th 2004: Myles Bukrim discovered a new FS SC flap strat and with that strat he broke the long standing wr of 5"40, which was held by more and more people over the years. He gets the WR down to a 15"15* and breaks the tie he had with three others!

August 6th 2004: "Former Member" beats MR 3lap. The WR now stands at 1'13"49* with the following laps: 24"51, 24"47, 24"51. I'd (MJ) better watch out for my #1 spot!. "Former Member" is getting really close now. 

July 31st, 2004: "Former Member" gets his 9th Non-sc WR, beating MJ's Mario Raceway fastlap pr by 0"02. A year ago most people thought beating God there (23"15) was impossible, and now the record stands at 23"11* (27"79).
And we also have a new entry on the WR holders' table: Jeffrey Gutierrez joins his brother Steven by beating Alex Penev's Kalimari desert fastlap WR in the shortcuts section, with a new WR of 31"85* (38"30).

July 15th, 2004: Yep, Choco Mountain again, with "Former Member" almost going sub-1'37: 1'37"07* (1'56"72), which is a nice 0"23 improvement from the previous WR. "Former Member" opted for a 0-2-1 shroom strat, which yielded the following splits: 32"75-32"08-32"24.

July 6th, 2004: Choco Mountain goes down once again, but this time by Michael Jongerius. It is again a small improvement, just 0"01 off the previous WR, but that's enough to go below 1'57 in PAL. The new time is 1:37.30* (1:56.99), the splits were 32.46-32.36-32.48 and it was driven with Toad.

July 3rd, 2004: Slight improvement by "Former Member" on CM: 1'37"31* (1'57"01).

June 27th, 2004: Michael Jongerius further improves the KD flap WR he set 14 days ago, taking 0"05 off it. The new pr (32"69*, that's 39"31 in PAL) puts him 0"07 ahead oh his closest rival.

June 20th, 2004: "Former Member" continues to kart on CM and breaks the tie with Jongerius, using a 0-1-2 shroom strat that resulted in the following splits: 32"60 - 32"46 - 32"28. Adding those up gives a new WR of 1'37"34* (1'57"04). He says he might try to get it under 1'37, so this page could very well be updated very soon again.

June 18th, 2004: Update by Tuomas; Thomas was busy with his school work so he let me do the update. I tried to do it carefully but there still might be small errors. If you see one contact Thomas and he will correct it. Well anyways, there has been loads of WR action lately. Michael Jongerius beat both of "Former Member"'s KD WR's with times of 1'44"42* and 32"74*. "Former Member" compensated the loss by crushing Sami Cetin's old WS 3lap by nearly half a second and taking Ben Miller's MMF flap by nearly a tenth. Those WR's stand now at 3'39"55* and 23'40*. He also improved his own WS flap WR to 1'12"40*. The greatest thing about those WS records is that "Former Member" set them on the same run! These are currently the only WR's that have been set during one single run. "Former Member" also tied MJ's CM 3lap WR at 1'37"48**. Myles Bukrim came out of inactivity about a month ago and is making some huge SC WR's. He is the first karter to make God in YV SC flap with a new WR time of 7"48*. Now TT SC flap is the only unachieved God time. He also improved his old DKJP SC flap pr by 0"01 making it a WR tie with Alex Penev at 3"75**.
Myles Bukrim made the biggest leap in the WR holder's chart. He broke a tie with Ben Miller and passed Sami Cetin to become 4th on the list with 6 WR's. MJ took away two of "Former Member"'s WR's and now has 16 non-sc WR's. "Former Member" lost those two records but still increased his number of WR's from seven to eight.

June 10th, 2004: Just a day after the course, "Former Member" also gets the fastlap at the Desert: 32"76* (39"39). That's a hundredth of a second better than MJ's time.

June 9th, 2004: He's been practicing that course for quite some time, and has now earned what he was looking for: "Former Member" gets a new WR on Kalimari Desert, doing just enough to pass Jongerius with a 0'04 improvement on the previous WR. It now stands at 1'44"46* (2'05"60), with laps of 34"87, 35"73 and 33"86.

June 4th, 2004: At last! New overall world records! The last time this page was updated was 3 months ago, when Jongerius got his TT sc WRs. The man responsible for those new WRs is Myles Bukrim, a player who had been inactive for many years prior to last month. He lowered his own YV sc 3lap WR (thereby breaking the tie with Greg Ihnatenko) just one day after returning to kart (May 11th). The new time is 27"93* (33"58) and the splits were 9"27-9"33-9"33. Doesn't get much faster than that. Myles also got 2 other WRs on RRa sc, the fastlap on May 19th and the 3lap 9 days later. Fastlap is also an improvement from his own previous WR, and now stands at 31"79* (38"22) (0"09 improvement). The 3lap WR is probably the most impressive, as he destroyed Ben Miller's previous mark of 1'41"62 (2'02"19) with a new time of 1'41'25* (2'01"74). The difference was made on laps 1 and 2 (the ones with no warp glitch): 34"28-34"22-32"75 for Myles against 34"44-34"39-32"79 for Ben.
On the WR holders' table, Myles moves up a rank while Ben goes down to #5, having lost his RRa record.

March 3rd, 2004: As anyone could have predicted, MJ has grabbed a few more shortcut WRs. Kevin Booth almost got kicked out of the WR holders' table today, as MJ got 2 of those WRs on TT, taking the course down to 1'31"60* (1'50"14) with laps of 32"73, 29"62 and 29"26. As for the fastlap, he managed to pull a 29"07** (34"95), tying Kevin's pr.

February 28th, 2004: Michael Jongerius has decided to expand his skills to the shortcut ranks, and makes an immediate impact by tying Steven Gutierrez's MR fastlap of 15"52** (18"66). This is really amazing considering the fact that it only took him a few hours of play; it would take at least a few days for most people just to get the shortcut to work. He now extends his lead on the WR holders list to 17 WRs.

February 26th, 2004: Wow! That was unexpected. Just a few days after entering the King ranks in shortcuts, Ryan Duescher claims a WR on Frappe Snowland's fastlap (5"40**). This is in fact a 4-way tie between Ryan, Moritz dos Santos, Steven Gutierrez and Myles Bukrim. Will someone ever break that 5'40 barrier?

February 9th, 2004: It goes down again, and again Steven is responsible for it: 15"52* (18"66).

February 7th, 2004: Penev and Miller no longer jointly hold the MR flap WR: Steven Gutierrez has taken it down to 15"55* (18"70). Ben did try to take it back, and almost did with a 15"57 (18"72). Steven is now 6th on the WR rankings, with 3 WRs.

February 2nd, 2004: After several weeks of inactivity, "Former Member" is back in action, and once again makes the headlines on this page with his fifth WR, set on KTB's fastlap: 25"79* (31"01), which is 3 hundredths faster than the previous WR held by MJ. He now holds both 3lap and fastlap WRs on KTB.

January 5th, 2004: First World Record of 2004 is brought to you by Steven Gutierrez, tying Bukrim and Moritz's Frappe Snowland flap of 5"40* (6"49).

December 17th, 2003: And indeed he has: 51"39, and now 51"32* (1'01"71), making sure this one is out of anyone's reach. 17"04, 17"15 and 17"13 were the splits.

December 14th, 2003: Steven has already improved the WR he set 4 days ago, getting Mario Raceway SC down to 51"47* (1'01"89). Looking at his best splits (16"93!), he could well improve it further in the next few days.

December 10th, 2003: Believe it or not, shortcut specialist Steven Gutierrez has just earned his first ever World Record!! He came very close on Luigi Raceway a few days ago, (0'04 off the WR), but this time made sure to earn the #1 rank on Mario Raceway. The record is now 51"53* (1'01"96), with very consistent splits of 17"19, 17"16, and 17"18. There are now 13 WR holders.

November 27th, 2003: A hundredth of a second was enough for "Former Member" to claim sole ownership of the Wario Stadium flap WR: 1'12"54* (1'27"22), still on lap 1. He's now just one WR away from tying Sami Cetin in the WR rankings.

November 25th, 2003: Kevin Booth is back on the WR rankings! Not only that, he also managed to get 2 WRs in one day!! He now totally dominates Toad's Turnpike in shortcut, with a course time of 1'31"87* (1'50"46) and a lap time of 29"07* (34"95). Not a particularly good day for our 2 Australian stars, as Alex Penev lost 2 WRs in the process and Ben Miller one.

November 23rd, 2003: "Former Member" shows no sign of slowing down, as he ties Cetin's Wario Stadium 1-lap WR of 1'12"55* (1'27"23). This was set on lap 1! He says it's too much of a hassle to practice flaps on lap 2 on that course, but how about giving it a try using the double shortcut on lap 1? Should take less than 30 seconds to start a flap attempt that way...

November 18th, 2003: "Former Member" improved his KTB World Record further with a 1'19"88* (1'36"05) (0"05 improvement). First lap wasn't too good compared to the other ones, so this could still go down.

November 14th, 2003: Two WRs in one day by two different karters! Both were 0"02 improvements. "Former Member" had a very spectacular day, getting plenty of prs, including a 1"19"93* (1"36"11) on Koopa Troopa Beach with laps of 26"67, 26"57 and 26"69. Michael Jongerius improved his Banshee Boardwalk World Record to 1"44"41* (2"05"54). Laps were 34"87, 34"86 and 34"81.

November 12th, 2003: Michael Jongerius is still very much focused on MK64, despite the upcoming release of Double Dash, as he takes away another one of Cetin's WRs, this time on Toad's Turnpike flap, with a time of 49"18* (59"14).

November 9th, 2003: No new WRs this week, but a few mistakes have been corrected. Last week we failed to notice Jongerius' new Sherbet Land WR: 1"37"00* (1"56"63). It's just a 0'01 improvement, but it's a WR nonetheless. The exact dates when Alex Penev got his CM and YV shortcut flaps have been added, as well as his tied WR on Toad's Turnpike shortcut flap.

November 3rd, 2003: This was a special WR, since it was set by a Legend B player (Matt Batastini) and was thought to be the strongest NTSC WR for a long time. It lasted more than 3 years and has finally been beaten: Michael Jongerius takes Koopa Troopa Beach down to 1"19"95* (1"36"13).

October 30th, 2003: Well "Former Member"'s WR on KTB flap didn't last very long, as Michael Jongerius takes it down to 25"82* (31"05).

October 26th, 2003: "Former Member" gets a new WR on Koopa Troopa Beach, with a fast lap of 25"85 (31"08), driven by Yoshi on lap 2. He's now 5th on the WR rankings, with 3 WRs.

October 8th, 2003: The fastest WR in the history of kart64 has fallen, thanks to Fernando Moritz Dos Santos and his fantastic 2''44 on Wario Stadium!! That's a 0"13 improvement on the previous WR held by David Wonn.

October 5th, 2003: After a long period of inactivity, Michael Jongerius retakes the WR at Luigi Raceway, with a 31"35 flap.

September 26th, 2003: 5 days later, "Former Member" gets another WR, this time on Luigi Raceway flap (31"37), with a 0"01 improvement on the previous WR. Alex Penev was also active that day in the SC ranks, and when that happens, a WR is usually not far away: TT 1'31"92, with a 2-0-1 shroom strat, taking away Kevin Booth's last overall remaining WR.

September 21st, 2003: "Former Member" takes back his WR on Royal Raceway, with an amazing 2'23"36! Flaps were 47"84, 47"82 and 47"70. Can Jongerius catch him again this time?

September 18th, 2003: Well "Former Member" bettered his Royal Lap to 46"42, and he says it's slow, and should be in 30s. Just think.. most people are nearly a second slower!

September 14th, 2003: Before Michael could take his last WR, "Former Member" takes the fastlap down to 47"50 on 2nd lap. He says 40s at least are definitely possible.

September 14th, 2003: Michael Jongerius retorts by going 2'23"52 on the 3lap with laps of 47"89, 47"88 and a clutch 47"75, after a missed SSMT on 2nd lap.

September 12th, 2003: "Former Member" gets his 2nd WR by securing Royal lap with a 46"60 on 2nd lap.

August 31st, 2003: Jongerious got the 3rd lap right, but the rest slow in his 1'45"50 with laps of 34"90, 35"81, and a clutch 33"79.

August 29th, 2003: Michael Jongerius takes down KD to 1'44"55 with a bad 3rd lap. Laps were 34"80, 35"81 and 33"96.

August 23rd 2003: Miller also has a surprise too! He has taken down an even older WR of Greg Ihatenko's on Royal SC 3lap! 1'41"62 with laps of 34"44, 34"39 and a transport glitch lap of 32"79 to successfully seal the deal.

August 21st 2003: We got a new WR holder. Myles is no longer invincible in FS SC lap, cause Fernando Moritz Dos Santos has now tied his long standing WR.

August 18th, 2003: Lacey also beat Cetins old WR with a 35"75 lap on DK Jungle too. August 18th, 2003: Lacey finally did it. He beat Gallo's old claim on DK, and even taped it too, unlike Gallo. 1'51"58 with laps of 37"18, 37"31 and a great closing lap of 37"08.

August 13th, 2003: Louis took out SImmons for good on the WR charts! NR SC 3lap Mario Raceway SC 3lap: 51"54* (17"19-17"11-17"24)

August 12th, 2003: Louis ties Simmons on MR SC 3lap. He missed an MT on road reentry after jumping wall :( Mario Raceway SC 3lap: 51"56** (17"13-17"17-17"26)

August 12th, 2003: "Former Member" got HIS FIRST WORLD RECORD TODAY!!!!!!! We all knew it was going to happen eventually, and here it is. Royal Raceway 2'23"64 with laps of 47"90, 80, and 94. With one shrooms in the 70s, this can go lower, but it's great that he finally got that monkey off his back, and got that first overall world record! Palie WR dominance has now went out the door.

August 9th, 2003: WRs are slowing down, but Steven Zwartjes is down to his last WR, and he holds nothing from the old days currently, as MJ gets him by .01 with a 31"38 on the 2nd lap, with Yoshi.

August 1st, 2003: Michael Jongerius got close to breaking that sub 1'37 mark by going 1'37"01 on SL with laps of 32"38, 32"25, and a minor choke of 32'38.

July 29th, 2003: WRs starting to slow down, cause MJ has established the domination. 26"37 on first lap on YV lap.

July 21st, 2003: MJ Takes out Cetin with 2'23"74 by .05 with laps of 47"96,85, and 92. He bounced uncontrolably in the grass at the end, costing him at least .1, so still room for improvement for sure.

July 19th, 2003: MJ finally hits the fastlap of Royal solidly with 46"65 on 2nd lap.

July 16th, 2003: and Lacey did break the MJ WR Barache, but MJ starts a new one by beating Brian Gallo's last WR with 1'37"48 on CM with laps of 32"58, 32"42, and 32"49. I have no idea why those don't add up either, but hey, finally the pal players hit CM. Are there any NTSC guys with WRs in Non-sc anymore? Yep, Batastini, so we all know where he's going next! laps: 39.17 (32.58) >:o(, 38.98 (32.42), 39.06 (32.49)

July 14th, 2003: Lacey finally does it. 1'51"76 with laps of 37"21, 37"26 and 37"29. BUt he's had 36s, so he'll surely go after Gallos claim of 1'51"63 soon.

July 13th, 2003: MJ makes BB a dual catch with 1'44"43 with laps of 34"82 - 34"77 - 34"84.

July 10th, 2003: WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 34"12 on BB on 2nd lap. That has to make the top 10 for sure, and it's definitely the best lap ever set in history. That is just sick Michael! What planet are you from anyhow?

July 10th, 2003: MJ Hits FS 3lap for a sweet WR. 1'40"82 with laps of 33"70 - 33"56 - 33"56

July 8th, 2003: Keeping the WR talk hot, William Lacey closes in on sub 1'52 with 1'52"02 with laps of 37"43, 37"24 and 37"34. It's consistent, but as Lacey says, consistant annoyance as he fails to reach potential.

July 7th, 2003: The 2nd best WR set in history goes down to Sami Cetin. Michael Jongerius and "Former Member" got close to getting it first, but Cetin gets the honors with laps of 47"99 - 47"95 - 47"85.

July 7th, 2003: MJ really owns that MR track with 1'13"55 with laps of 24"57,24"49,24"49!

July 3rd, 2003: Cetin promptly takes FS 3lap himself with 1'40"89 with laps of 33"59,75, and 55. Just think if that 2nd lap wasn't so much slower!!!!

July 3rd, 2003: Lacey hits DK lap a bit better for 1'52"13, with a safe lap. Splits unknown.

July 3rd, 2003: MJ makes history, and becomes the 2nd god ever with 23"13 on MR lap.

July 3rd, 2003: Here starts the explosion. MJ breaks 1'40 on FS with 1'40"96 with laps of 33"73,56 and 67.

July 2nd, 2003: Cetin continues to get that championship back with 1'13"66 on MR 3lap, with laps of 24"56, 57, and 53! Very consistent, and even with potential for 40s on all laps, he was able to at least salvage this.

July 1st, 2003: Cetin has other ideas about this, so he breaks the Jongerius/Zwartjes tie with 49"23 on TT lap.

July 1st, 2003: With PRs at the end of the month, Michael is now #1 in the Non-sc world. However, he wants to make sure it sticks, so he gets 46"71 on Royal lap.

June 26th, 2003: Lacey also gets 32"31 on FS lap!

June 26th, 2003: Cetin Takes Booths last Non-sc wr by going 32"31 on FS lap.

June 25th, 2003: Micahel Jongerius also gets 36"19* BC Lap, on 2nd lap with Toad.

June 25th, 2003: Michael Jongerius craps out 2 of the 3 laps, but he breaks the Tie he had with Lacey on Bc 3lap. 1'51"05 with laps of 37"15,36"77!!, and 37"13, with toad.

June 24th, 2003: What is so hard about BC? Michael Jongerius Tied the mark with 1'51"33 with an awesome first lap of 36"93, as well as a pretty strong lap of 36"99, but a missed stair MT that caused air time ruined his line, as well as a missed MT on the spiral area, made the fence bump very slow with a lap of 37"41.

June 24th, 2003: William Lacey gets in the action, as he chases after the unvalidated Gallo Mark with 1'52"28 with laps of 37"19, 37"33, and the classic, "play it safe" or was it CHOKE, of 37"75. Well if that's a choke, I'd love to have it, met me tell ya. VID PLEASE!?!?!!?!?!?

June 22nd, 2003: Michael Jongerius beat a lap that I just thought was amazing back in the day of Zwartjes' (2/13/99). The record goes from 31"74 to 31"68!!!!

June 19th, 2003: Wonder Women takes another hit, as Kart's MJ (Michael Jongerius) finally hits a pretty nice mark on Sherbet Land, with a 1'37"14 with laps of 32"44, a great 32"28, and lastly a survival 32"42, with Yoshi.

June 11th, 2003: Somebody didn't teach Sami about the importance of sharing when he was in kindergarden, so he told Michael... MINE, THE WR IS MINE, AND YOU CAN'T HAVE IT!!!!! 46"84 on 2nd lap with peach, with room for improvement. He did play this event all night, so that's enough for him for now. Time to remember to breathe, and bring those boarers!

June 11th, 2003: You didn't think Sami was done, right? Well he did struggle with this, but he managed to tie MJ on this event, after falling ..01 short of him the previous day, with 46"90, with peach, on 2nd lap.

Jone 10th, 2003: The pain continues for Jong, as he loses his 2nd WR of the day to Sami Cetin, and Mike Simmons has no Non-sc WRs anymore, unless the Gallo proof fails and nobody else takes his CM 3lap. Yoshi Valley lap is now 26"41, set on first lap, with Peach as always for Sami.

June 10th, 2003: Sami Cetin notices MJ moving up to the 2nd spot in the world, and immediately counterattacks him on Yoshi Valley with an amazing 1'26"08, with laps of 28"50, 29"08 and a personal best 3rd lap by far of a 28"50! With Peach, as always with Cetin.

June 8th, 2003: good old MJ is going after people his own size, as he aggressively takes the Royal lap away from Sami with a 46"90 with Yoshi, on the 2nd lap.

June 2nd, 2003: Michael Jongerius nearly killed Kevin Booth's only Non-sc WR, but instead with 25 minutes of play, decided to end it in a draw of 32"38 with Toad on Frappe Snowland Lap on 2nd lap.

May 31st, 2003: Well, if you'd like more suprises, lets have some real chaos, by breaking the 6 year drought of Heavyweight WRS!!! YES!!!! That's right, Bowser gets a WR in care of David Wonn on WS SC lap. Only a .02 break, but this one proves valuable.

May 27th, 2003: WTF!!!!! Pardon, but that I wasn't expecting. Last time I did hear that Steven did plan on karting again, but not for something as big as this. LR 1'38"25 with laps of 33"55 (not the best, but strong), 31"87! Probably the best I've ever seen for a 2 shroom, and a strong 32"83 one shroom to close the deal.

May 8th, 2003: Michael J is now on a limited schedule, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't defend your WRs. Penev is down to one lone Non-sc wr now, cause KD lap went from 32"79 to 32"77 with MJ's new mark.

May 5th, 2003: Heck, don't stop there Jongerius. Lets just slaughter another awesome Zwartjes time by taking TT to 2'29"39 with strong laps of 50"05, 49"53, and 49"82. I think that first lap was a bit underpaced, but the rest of those laps were pretty golden IMO.

May 4th, 2003: Well Jongerius would like to make history himself. Just when you thought those Zwart WRs were impossible, he ties that mighty TT fastlap of 49"28!

May 1st, 2003: HISTORY IS MADE!!!! 32/32 GOD!!!! MR LAP OF 23"14!!!!!!!!!! Lacey did it!!!!!!!! A day all players will remember. Quality racing the whole way in.

April 30th, 2003: I think Jongerius is very serious about his karting. He hits a quality KD WR of 1'44"79 with laps of 34"93, 35"89 and 33"97. With Steven getting 34"60s on first laps, he's got a ways to go to put this one out of reach of the other pal players, once they figure out this course.

April 28th, 2003: WOW, Jongerius hits LR for .02 less. 1'38"65 with laps of 33"67, 32"03, and 32"95. Nothing spectacular splitwise compared to other palies, but it's about finishing the race, so the honors go to him.

April 28th, 2003: Ben Miller delivers on his promise and breaks 1'13 mark on MMF with a 1'12"90, with laps of 24"31, 24"35, and a chokeless 24"24. Not his best stuff, but enough to get the job done, and make history, so that is all that counts.

April 25th, 2003: William Lacey fell .01 short of being the first Kart 64 GOD ever! Well Szwartjes and Simmons were put at the god rank once for 3 days, but that was during the Kretschmer ruling time, so that is that. Anyhow 23"16 on MR lap is still strong, but I have a feeling Lacey won't quit til he gets what he wants out of this.

April 24th, 2003: Michael Jongerius is starting to catch fire as he surprises Lacey with a new mark on MR with 1'13"79 with great consistency at 24"61, 24"60, and a great finish with 24"58. Makes Lacey wish he had a better 2nd lap.

April 21st, 2003: Well we knew that Sami wasn't gonna let Lacey violate Cetin Stadium, so WR goes from 1'12"66 to an insane 1'12"55. The fastlap is now done on the 2nd lap.

April 19th, 2003: Cetin starting a counterattack by breaking the tie on Banshee Boardwalk with an excellent 1'44"50 that yeilded laps of 34"86,85 and a great 79 finish. Quite a strong time, but Zwartjes says 34"60s are very possible, so maybe BB will see sub 1'44!

April 19th, 2003: William Lacey is really hitting Cetin where it hurts with a first lap on WS with 1'12"66. Now Lacey has 31/32 GOD, so if he gets MR lap, he'll be Karts first God Non-sc player!

April 18th, 2003: Just when you thought Lacey was done, he really wanted to get that FS god time that nobody has gotten yet with a 1'40"98 with laps of 33"70,80 and an out of this world 33"48! I guess FS has more potential than we thought. So much for this never reaching god Mr. Gallo! 30/32 GOD for Lacey.

April 14th, 2003: William Lacey fights back again, since he feels Cetin is an upstart at DK, and he's the real thing. He still fails to kill the milestone, but never the less, a new world record at 1'53"15 with laps of 37"62,83, and 80. More consistent, but just lack of quality that you'd expect out of Lacey for all 3 laps with his potential.

April 10th, 2003: Cetin strikes back by hitting DK for a 1'53"27 with laps of 37"66,65, and blowing a sub 1'53 with a 37"96 ending.

April 10th, 2003: William Lacey ties up Cetin on BB 3lap with a 1'44"73 as well, but with laps of 34"98, 81, and 94.

April 8th 2003: William Lacey improves his own Mario Raceway record with 1'13"86 with laps of 24"53,80 and lastly 53 again. Way to newb up that 2nd lap, huh?

April 5th, 2003: William Lacey takes out Gallo's long standing WR on MR lap to the Horwitz claim of 23"19 on first lap.

April 5th, 2003: Finally, no WRs on 4th, but we left off right where we started here with Cetin taking back Banshee with 1'44"73 and laps of 34"92,86 and 95. Sort of a bummer last lap, but that is Banshee for you. It's such a tight-cornered track.

April 3rd, 2003: To close the insane world record runs, Ben Miller nearly pulls off a sub 1'13 by going 1'13"03* on MMF with 24"44,30 and 29. It's just so hard to tame that stinking track, you know, with heavy risk.

April 3rd, 2003: Michael Jongerius continues to inch YV even faster by going 1'26"46 (28"71,28"93 and 28"82) Lacey still feels he sux at 3rd lap, but we don't see him beating Jongerius, so who cares ;0

April 2nd, 2003: Michael Jongerius gets on the board again, for a tie of 26"42** on first lap of YV with Mike Simmons.

April 2nd, 2003: Michael Jongerius wants to make sure nobody beats back his time on YV by taking it to 1'26"53 with laps of 28"67,28"95 and 28"91. Still not quite to potential, but it's getting faster.

April 2nd, 2003: Ben Miller gets revenge on Marcelo finally, by beating his fastlap by only .01 (23"49) for now, but he'll take it to a new level if need be at a later time.

April 1st, 2003: Looks like world record changes are getting pretty chronic here. Michael Jongerius really wants to be on the charts again, so he beat YV for a 1'26"78 and laps of 28"76,29"00 and 29"02. Sami goes down in PAL, but not in NTSC conversion, cause it's a tie. The same day, he takes down the Tie with a 1'26"69 effort with laps of 28"72, 28"99 and 29"98.

March 31st, 2003: As Expected, Sami got revenge, and nearly reached a new milestone. 4'56"27 with laps of 1'38"71, 1'38"68, and he messed up that last tran go, but still got a 1'38"88. Either way, revenge has been dealt out. Gotta teach those newbs, ya know ;)

March 30th, 2003: We have another new world record holder. Michael Jongerius comes out of nowhere, and kills Rainbow Road for 4'56"55 with laps of 1'38"86 1'38"71 and a semi-choke at 1'38"97. You know that Cetin won't take too lightly to his amazing time going down to a newcomer to the world record charts.

March 28th, 2003: Ben Miller gets all pumped up cause of Marcelo, so he takes MMF down to 1'13"23. He Later set, in the same day, a new time, with laps of 24"54, 24"22, and 24"57. As you can tell, way below Millers potential, but he is on a mission.

March 22nd, 2003: William Lacey edges Cetins BC 3lap by .01 with a 1'51"33* Laps of 37"13,07 and 13 are clearly not the best that Lacey can do, and he even played this course 2 more hours thinking he didn't have the world record yet, however it appears he did it!

March 20th, 2003: WHAT?? MARCELO?? Yes, it's true. On this day, Marcelo Almeida Dos Reis achieves his first world record. He takes one of 2 of Ben's Non-sc WRs down from 23"53 to 23"50*. He has been working on this for awhile, taking this to the 80s, 70s, 60s, then out of nowhere, this WR. Ben Miller guarratees revenge soon.

March 15th, 2003: William Lacey starting to race closer to potential with a monsterous cut in DK 3lap Non-sc! The Previous Mark of 1'53"62 is now 1'53"35* with laps of 37"77, a off paced lap of 37"97 and a strong finish with a lap of 37"61. He has had 37"40s I believe, so 1'52s should be happening, I imagine. Still, it doesn't explain how a 1'51 or less by Gallo could have ever been possible in the old days.

Feburary 22nd, 2003: Louis does it again! he takes yet another .05 off his FS SC 3lap time. However, he still will not be happy until he takes this down to the 21"50s, as Weatherton predicts it should go. 21"72* (9"74 - 6"24 - 5"74)

February 15th, 2003: Belated Valentines world records. Gotta love those, ya know. Anyhow, Louis takes down Miller by .04 on FS with at 21"77* that had laps of 9"78 - 6"24 - 5"75 with Peach. That strategy of Andrew Weatherton's is yielding a new world record, as promised.

October 14th, 2002: Simmons is now down to one world record in non-sc, but now Booth has a world record Non-scwise! FS lap went from 32"39 on 3/5/00 to 32"38 on this date. Booth does say that he can get 20s, but will stay put until somebody takes this time away from him.

September 16th, 2002: Well on the 14th, Penev revealed a new shortcut on Choco Mountain! The one SC that Wonn was only able to do in GP can now be done in Non-sc, but you must use a different tactic. Go 3 kart lengths from wall, than turn yourself so your straight onto the wall that is on the outside line of the track. You will want your back on the inside line of the track. Than, use a shroom and than try to get stuck at the top of the summit. >From here, you will warp to the end of the underpass area, which will save you over 3 seconds and nearly 4 seconds. I'm sure as time passes by, people will learn how to clear the whole thing, and save even more time, but time will tell. Penev landed 2 times in the 19's including a new WR of 19"37.

September 13th, 2002: I updated some times of Penev that he finally got to releasing. I really feel sorry for Lars, cause Penev beat him to the WR by 2 days, and cause Lars didn't know that, he didn't try to get that extra .05 needed. Now if you ask me, that is just cowardess! Penev did beat a over old standing WR of Simmons that was set at 5/01/00 and he beat it on 8/23/02. goes from 1'07"50s to 1'07"32. Will it break into the 1'06s... We think so!

September 5th, 2002: Lars Nouwen sets his first world record in his career at CM SC lap with 21"62 vs Millers 21"66. Still not at GOD level, but I really think it will be reached, now that somebody finally dared to go on the 2nd lap for this SC lap.

August 26th, 2002: Alex Penev released his DK SC lap that beat Myles by .01 from the 3rd of this month.

August 22nd, 2002: Ben Miller gets 12"87 beating Bukrims long standing WR in the high 13s that was set back on 6/20/00. Looks like Wario Stadium SC 3lap finally has been taken to the next level.

August 17th, 2002: Created New Design, that includes driver and player faces, and updated Ben Millers 29"09 which Penev previously held at 29"10. Penev held this world record from 2/26/01 til 8/9/02.