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Last updated: April 24th 2017

Non-Sc Stats
Name: Steven Gutierrez
Non-Sc rank: 68th
Best Time:Kalimari Desert flap
Worst Time:D.K.'s Jungle Parkway 3lap
Cup Skill: Mushroom, Star, Flower, Special
ARR1.937500 (Legend B) (66th)
Avg Finish71.281250 (67th)
PR/WR:0.976868 (68th)
3lap Total: 32'56"58 (69th)
flap Total: 10'39"00 (68th)

Shortcut Stats
Name: Steven Gutierrez
Sc rank: 9th
Best Time:Mario Raceway flap
Worst Time:Choco Mountain flap
ARR0.000000 (God) (1st)
Avg Finish11.590909 (9th)
3lap Total: 13'10"60 (11th)
flap Total: 3'52"71 (13th)

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Non-Shortcut CourseNTSCPALRankStandardPR/WR
Luigi Raceway 3lap 1'38"70 1'58"6822God0.9942
Luigi Raceway flap 0'31"47 0'37"8439God0.9940
Moo Moo Farm 3lap 1'14"82 1'29"96105Legend F0.9575
Moo Moo Farm flap 0'24"00 0'28"8694Legend B0.9642
Koopa Troopa Beach 3lap 1'20"91 1'37"2960God0.9827
Koopa Troopa Beach flap 0'26"12 0'31"4163God0.9820
Kalimari Desert 3lap 1'45"28 2'06"5940God0.9814
Kalimari Desert flap 0'32"75 0'39"3822God0.9915
Toad's Turnpike 3lap 2'30"49 3'00"9554Legend B0.9864
Toad's Turnpike flap 0'49"65 0'59"7063Legend A0.9855
Frappe Snowland 3lap 1'43"10 2'03"97139Legend F0.9685
Frappe Snowland flap 0'32"89 0'39"55100Legend C0.9681
Choco Mountain 3lap 1'38"29 1'58"1857Legend A0.9822
Choco Mountain flap 0'32"36 0'38"9195Legend D0.9796
Mario Raceway 3lap 1'14"19 1'29"2148God0.9836
Mario Raceway flap 0'23"24 0'27"9441Legend B0.9897
Wario Stadium 3lap 3'40"83 4'25"5333God0.9810
Wario Stadium flap 1'12"84 1'27"5837Legend A0.9823
Sherbet Land 3lap 1'38"61 1'58"5775Legend A0.9738
Sherbet Land flap 0'32"34 0'38"8984Legend B0.9740
Royal Raceway 3lap 2'24"94 2'54"2852God0.9850
Royal Raceway flap 0'47"07 0'56"6051God0.9830
Bowser's Castle 3lap 1'52"74 2'15"5672Legend C0.9767
Bowser's Castle flap 0'36"87 0'44"3390Legend D0.9745
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway 3lap 1'56"77 2'20"40114Legend F0.9437
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway flap 0'36"86 0'44"32139Legend F0.9536
Yoshi Valley 3lap 1'29"49 1'47"60114Legend F0.9505
Yoshi Valley flap 0'26"49 0'31"8539God0.9830
Banshee Boardwalk 3lap 1'45"69 2'07"0865Legend A0.9791
Banshee Boardwalk flap 0'34"63 0'41"6474Legend B0.9807
Rainbow Road 3lap 5'01"73 6'02"80112Legend F0.9723
Rainbow Road flap 1'39"42 1'59"5488Legend C0.9758

Shortcut CourseNTSCPALRankStandardPR/WR
Luigi Raceway 3lap 1'18"54 1'34"449God0.9260
Luigi Raceway flap 0'21"70 0'26"095God0.9839
Kalimari Desert 3lap 1'44"33 2'05"457God0.9791
Kalimari Desert flap 0'31"92 0'38"3811God0.9859
Toad's Turnpike 3lap 1'31"43 1'49"9410God0.9921
Toad's Turnpike flap 0'28"99 0'34"8611God0.9945
Frappe Snowland 3lap 0'21"84 0'26"2612God0.9849
Frappe Snowland flap 0'05"09 0'06"1215God0.9430
Choco Mountain 3lap 1'07"52 1'21"1912God0.6475
Choco Mountain flap 0'20"09 0'24"1622God0.1518
Mario Raceway 3lap 0'51"32 1'01"7111God0.9854
Mario Raceway flap 0'15"46 0'18"593God0.9974
Wario Stadium 3lap 0'14"31 0'17"2112God0.8546
Wario Stadium flap 0'02"83 0'03"4018God0.6784
Royal Raceway 3lap 1'41"69 2'02"2710God0.9773
Royal Raceway flap 0'31"93 0'38"3912God0.9734
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway 3lap 0'21"26 0'25"567God0.8815
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway flap 0'03"82 0'04"5916God0.8848
Yoshi Valley 3lap 0'28"06 0'33"7412God0.9893
Yoshi Valley flap 0'05"82 0'07"0015God0.9880
Rainbow Road 3lap 3'30"30 4'12"8619God0.9347
Rainbow Road flap 1'05"06 1'18"236God0.9923