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Last updated: April 16th 2017

Non-Sc Stats
Name: Rami Qafisheh
Non-Sc rank: 257th
Best Time:Toad's Turnpike flap
Worst Time:Yoshi Valley 3lap
Cup Skill: Flower, Star, Mushroom, Special
ARR12.625000 (Elite B) (268th)
Avg Finish277.562500 (259th)
PR/WR:0.945490 (262nd)
3lap Total: 33'58"28 (264th)
flap Total: 10'59"60 (260th)

Shortcut Stats
Name: Rami Qafisheh
Sc rank: 135th
Best Time:Toad's Turnpike flap
Worst Time:
ARR14.909091 (Elite F) (134th)
Avg Finish142.636368 (134th)
3lap Total: 25'33"58 (129th)
flap Total: 13'05"57 (149th)

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Non-Shortcut CourseNTSCPALRankStandardPR/WR
Luigi Raceway 3lap 1'40"92 2'01"35247Elite B0.9724
Luigi Raceway flap 0'32"37 0'38"92310Elite C0.9663
Moo Moo Farm 3lap 1'17"91 1'33"68358Pro B0.9195
Moo Moo Farm flap 0'24"86 0'29"89275King F0.9308
Koopa Troopa Beach 3lap 1'23"79 1'40"75247Elite A0.9489
Koopa Troopa Beach flap 0'26"97 0'32"43276King F0.9511
Kalimari Desert 3lap 1'49"51 2'11"67315Elite D0.9435
Kalimari Desert flap 0'34"00 0'40"88287Elite A0.9550
Toad's Turnpike 3lap 2'34"07 3'05"25246Elite B0.9635
Toad's Turnpike flap 0'50"44 1'00"65203King D0.9701
Frappe Snowland 3lap 1'44"49 2'05"64240King F0.9556
Frappe Snowland flap 0'33"89 0'40"75250King F0.9395
Choco Mountain 3lap 1'41"41 2'01"94279Elite F0.9520
Choco Mountain flap 0'33"26 0'39"99306Elite C0.9531
Mario Raceway 3lap 1'15"99 1'31"37213King F0.9603
Mario Raceway flap 0'24"26 0'29"17340Elite B0.9481
Wario Stadium 3lap 3'51"84 4'38"76355Master A0.9344
Wario Stadium flap 1'15"87 1'31"23288Elite C0.9431
Sherbet Land 3lap 1'41"29 2'01"79221Elite A0.9481
Sherbet Land flap 0'33"24 0'39"97243Elite A0.9477
Royal Raceway 3lap 2'28"60 2'58"68252Elite A0.9607
Royal Raceway flap 0'48"52 0'58"34251King F0.9536
Bowser's Castle 3lap 1'55"48 2'18"85229Elite C0.9535
Bowser's Castle flap 0'37"64 0'45"26233King F0.9546
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway 3lap 2'01"53 2'26"13321Master C0.9068
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway flap 0'38"11 0'45"82306Elite D0.9223
Yoshi Valley 3lap 1'35"87 1'55"27361Pro C0.8872
Yoshi Valley flap 0'28"95 0'34"81356Elite D0.8995
Banshee Boardwalk 3lap 1'49"04 2'11"11289Elite B0.9490
Banshee Boardwalk flap 0'35"59 0'42"79278Elite B0.9542
Rainbow Road 3lap 5'06"54 6'08"58236Elite A0.9570
Rainbow Road flap 1'41"63 2'02"20271Elite A0.9545

Shortcut CourseNTSCPALRankStandardPR/WR
Luigi Raceway 3lap No Time No Time1660.5885
Luigi Raceway flap No Time No Time1990.4478
Kalimari Desert 3lap No Time No Time550.1661
Kalimari Desert flap No Time No Time730.0594
Toad's Turnpike 3lap 1'42"36 2'03"08147No Rank0.8862
Toad's Turnpike flap 0'29"88 0'35"9386King C0.9649
Frappe Snowland 3lap 0'26"13 0'31"42122No Rank0.8232
Frappe Snowland flap 0'05"58 0'06"71204Elite F0.8602
Choco Mountain 3lap No Time No Time1930.3154
Choco Mountain flap 0'25"80 0'31"02165Elite C0.1182
Mario Raceway 3lap 0'53"97 1'04"8955King D0.9370
Mario Raceway flap 0'16"33 0'19"64101King C0.9443
Wario Stadium 3lap 0'23"89 0'28"73150Elite C0.5119
Wario Stadium flap 0'05"65 0'06"79198Elite D0.3398
Royal Raceway 3lap 1'51"20 2'13"71168No Rank0.8937
Royal Raceway flap 0'36"51 0'43"90207No Rank0.8513
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway 3lap 0'45"98 0'55"29156No Rank0.4076
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway flap 0'07"34 0'08"83193No Rank0.4605
Yoshi Valley 3lap 0'54"33 1'05"33131No Rank0.5110
Yoshi Valley flap 0'09"60 0'11"54167Elite B0.5990
Rainbow Road 3lap 3'58"61 4'46"90136No Rank0.8238
Rainbow Road flap 1'11"02 1'25"3966God0.9090