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Last updated: March 24th 2017

Non-Sc Stats
Name: Marc Geraghty
Non-Sc rank: 256th
Best Time:Luigi Raceway 3lap
Worst Time:Yoshi Valley flap
Cup Skill: Mushroom, Flower, Star, Special
ARR12.062500 (Elite B) (252nd)
Avg Finish276.062500 (257th)
PR/WR:0.945896 (257th)
3lap Total: 33'56"40 (260th)
flap Total: 11'00"09 (264th)

Shortcut Stats
Name: Marc Geraghty
Sc rank: 160th
Best Time:Toad's Turnpike flap
Worst Time:
ARR15.227273 (Elite F) (145th)
Avg Finish163.227280 (154th)
3lap Total: 28'28"64 (159th)
flap Total: 13'25"90 (161st)

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Non-Shortcut CoursePALNTSCRankStandardPR/WR
Luigi Raceway 3lap 2'00"47 1'40"19161King D0.9794
Luigi Raceway flap 0'38"46 0'31"99206King C0.9778
Moo Moo Farm 3lap 1'33"04 1'17"38312Elite F0.9258
Moo Moo Farm flap 0'29"76 0'24"75251King D0.9349
Koopa Troopa Beach 3lap 1'41"30 1'24"25286Elite B0.9437
Koopa Troopa Beach flap 0'32"38 0'26"93264King F0.9525
Kalimari Desert 3lap 2'09"61 1'47"79221Elite A0.9585
Kalimari Desert flap 0'40"78 0'33"92276Elite A0.9573
Toad's Turnpike 3lap 3'05"67 2'34"42267Elite C0.9613
Toad's Turnpike flap 1'01"20 0'50"90287Elite A0.9613
Frappe Snowland 3lap 2'07"52 1'46"05330Elite D0.9415
Frappe Snowland flap 0'41"40 0'34"43320Elite B0.9248
Choco Mountain 3lap 2'01"82 1'41"31268Elite D0.9529
Choco Mountain flap 0'39"47 0'32"83216King D0.9656
Mario Raceway 3lap 1'32"10 1'16"60274Elite B0.9526
Mario Raceway flap 0'28"65 0'23"83247King D0.9652
Wario Stadium 3lap 4'34"38 3'48"19234Elite B0.9493
Wario Stadium flap 1'31"43 1'16"04312Elite D0.9410
Sherbet Land 3lap 2'03"70 1'42"88302Elite D0.9334
Sherbet Land flap 0'40"38 0'33"58301Elite C0.9381
Royal Raceway 3lap 3'00"51 2'30"12328Elite C0.9510
Royal Raceway flap 0'58"76 0'48"87299Elite B0.9468
Bowser's Castle 3lap 2'19"76 1'56"23267Elite D0.9473
Bowser's Castle flap 0'45"87 0'38"15323Elite D0.9418
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway 3lap 2'24"94 2'00"54274Elite D0.9142
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway flap 0'45"49 0'37"83268Elite B0.9292
Yoshi Valley 3lap 1'52"89 1'33"89305Elite F0.9060
Yoshi Valley flap 0'34"75 0'28"90347Elite D0.9010
Banshee Boardwalk 3lap 2'10"37 1'48"42243Elite A0.9544
Banshee Boardwalk flap 0'42"90 0'35"68300Elite C0.9518
Rainbow Road 3lap 6'10"51 5'08"14289Elite B0.9521
Rainbow Road flap 2'01"99 1'41"46256King F0.9561

Shortcut CoursePALNTSCRankStandardPR/WR
Luigi Raceway 3lap 1'39"50 1'22"7549King D0.8789
Luigi Raceway flap 0'29"89 0'24"8642God0.8588
Kalimari Desert 3lap No Time No Time540.1661
Kalimari Desert flap No Time No Time720.0594
Toad's Turnpike 3lap 2'33"99 2'08"07200No Rank0.7083
Toad's Turnpike flap 0'35"86 0'29"8282King C0.9668
Frappe Snowland 3lap 0'34"93 0'29"05184No Rank0.7404
Frappe Snowland flap 0'06"64 0'05"52152Elite C0.8696
Choco Mountain 3lap No Time No Time1930.3154
Choco Mountain flap No Time No Time2210.0801
Mario Raceway 3lap 1'06"77 0'55"5388Elite B0.9107
Mario Raceway flap 0'20"77 0'17"27171Elite D0.8929
Wario Stadium 3lap 2'39"23 2'12"43297No Rank0.0924
Wario Stadium flap 0'06"84 0'05"69201Elite D0.3374
Royal Raceway 3lap 2'16"69 1'53"68199No Rank0.8742
Royal Raceway flap 0'43"83 0'36"45200No Rank0.8527
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway 3lap 1'20"66 1'07"08209No Rank0.2794
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway flap 0'16"54 0'13"76238No Rank0.2456
Yoshi Valley 3lap 2'10"88 1'48"85188No Rank0.2550
Yoshi Valley flap 0'29"66 0'24"67238No Rank0.2331
Rainbow Road 3lap 4'45"78 3'57"67128Elite F0.8271
Rainbow Road flap 1'34"50 1'18"59185No Rank0.8215