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Last updated: April 24th 2017

Non-Sc Stats
Name: Dave Hines
Non-Sc rank: 100th
Best Time:Luigi Raceway flap
Worst Time:Moo Moo Farm flap
Cup Skill: Flower, Star, Special, Mushroom
ARR4.343750 (Legend D) (101st)
Avg Finish108.343750 (102nd)
PR/WR:0.970217 (106th)
3lap Total: 33'06"94 (98th)
flap Total: 10'43"76 (106th)

Shortcut Stats
Name: Dave Hines
Sc rank: 42nd
Best Time:Toad's Turnpike flap
Worst Time:
ARR6.909091 (King B) (43rd)
Avg Finish56.636364 (40th)
3lap Total: 22'27"35 (58th)
flap Total: 12'32"70 (87th)

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Non-Shortcut CourseNTSCPALRankStandardPR/WR
Luigi Raceway 3lap 1'39"42 1'59"5479Legend D0.9870
Luigi Raceway flap 0'31"61 0'38"0181Legend A0.9896
Moo Moo Farm 3lap 1'15"43 1'30"70134King B0.9498
Moo Moo Farm flap 0'24"49 0'29"45184King B0.9449
Koopa Troopa Beach 3lap 1'21"69 1'38"2298Legend D0.9733
Koopa Troopa Beach flap 0'26"31 0'31"6493Legend C0.9749
Kalimari Desert 3lap 1'46"49 2'08"04114Legend F0.9702
Kalimari Desert flap 0'33"28 0'40"02136Legend F0.9757
Toad's Turnpike 3lap 2'31"21 3'01"8182Legend D0.9817
Toad's Turnpike flap 0'49"81 0'59"8986Legend D0.9823
Frappe Snowland 3lap 1'42"82 2'03"63114Legend D0.9711
Frappe Snowland flap 0'33"17 0'39"88156Legend F0.9599
Choco Mountain 3lap 1'39"25 1'59"34101Legend F0.9727
Choco Mountain flap 0'32"35 0'38"9091Legend D0.9799
Mario Raceway 3lap 1'14"92 1'30"08115Legend D0.9740
Mario Raceway flap 0'23"53 0'28"29140King A0.9775
Wario Stadium 3lap 3'44"73 4'30"22115King B0.9640
Wario Stadium flap 1'14"17 1'29"18124King A0.9647
Sherbet Land 3lap 1'39"36 1'59"47107Legend D0.9665
Sherbet Land flap 0'32"49 0'39"07109Legend D0.9695
Royal Raceway 3lap 2'25"78 2'55"2979Legend C0.9793
Royal Raceway flap 0'47"51 0'57"13102Legend B0.9739
Bowser's Castle 3lap 1'53"50 2'16"47116King A0.9701
Bowser's Castle flap 0'37"02 0'44"51113Legend F0.9706
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway 3lap 1'56"12 2'19"6291Legend D0.9490
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway flap 0'36"97 0'44"45151King A0.9508
Yoshi Valley 3lap 1'29"05 1'47"0793Legend D0.9552
Yoshi Valley flap 0'27"06 0'32"54123Legend D0.9623
Banshee Boardwalk 3lap 1'45"95 2'07"3979Legend B0.9767
Banshee Boardwalk flap 0'34"68 0'41"7085Legend C0.9792
Rainbow Road 3lap 5'01"22 6'02"1996Legend D0.9739
Rainbow Road flap 1'39"31 1'59"4180Legend C0.9768

Shortcut CourseNTSCPALRankStandardPR/WR
Luigi Raceway 3lap 1'20"35 1'36"6131Legend C0.9052
Luigi Raceway flap 0'25"50 0'30"6663Legend D0.8373
Kalimari Desert 3lap No Time No Time550.1661
Kalimari Desert flap No Time No Time730.0594
Toad's Turnpike 3lap 1'33"68 1'52"6458Legend F0.9683
Toad's Turnpike flap 0'29"45 0'35"4156Legend F0.9789
Frappe Snowland 3lap 0'22"30 0'26"8124Legend C0.9646
Frappe Snowland flap 0'05"43 0'06"5349King A0.8840
Choco Mountain 3lap 1'13"13 1'27"9345King B0.5978
Choco Mountain flap 0'22"03 0'26"4940Legend D0.1384
Mario Raceway 3lap 0'53"29 1'04"0845King A0.9490
Mario Raceway flap 0'16"04 0'19"2966King A0.9613
Wario Stadium 3lap 0'20"59 0'24"76102King F0.5940
Wario Stadium flap 0'04"51 0'05"42102King C0.4257
Royal Raceway 3lap 1'43"61 2'04"5827Legend F0.9592
Royal Raceway flap 0'32"54 0'39"1339King A0.9551
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway 3lap 0'27"09 0'32"5741King C0.6918
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway flap 0'04"25 0'05"1156King B0.7953
Yoshi Valley 3lap 0'29"60 0'35"5962King D0.9378
Yoshi Valley flap 0'07"75 0'09"3269Legend B0.7419
Rainbow Road 3lap 3'48"78 4'35"0962Legend F0.8592
Rainbow Road flap 1'15"02 1'30"2081Legend C0.8606