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Last updated: March 16th 2017

Non-Sc Stats
Name: Boris Weitzsaecker
Non-Sc rank: 293rd
Best Time:Toad's Turnpike flap
Worst Time:Yoshi Valley flap
Cup Skill: Flower, Mushroom, Star, Special
ARR14.156250 (Elite C) (303rd)
Avg Finish310.312500 (294th)
PR/WR:0.939892 (304th)
3lap Total: 33'52"48 (246th)
flap Total: 11'08"23 (348th)

Shortcut Stats
Name: Boris Weitzsaecker
Sc rank: 546th
Best Time:
Worst Time:
ARR20.000000 (Master A) (546th)
Avg Finish260.636353 (546th)
3lap Total: 43'17"29 (511th)
flap Total: 18'04"08 (532nd)

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Non-Shortcut CoursePALNTSCRankStandardPR/WR
Luigi Raceway 3lap 2'00"99 1'40"62214Elite A0.9753
Luigi Raceway flap 0'38"53 0'32"04234King D0.9763
Moo Moo Farm 3lap 1'32"19 1'16"67232King F0.9344
Moo Moo Farm flap 0'30"64 0'25"48462Pro C0.9082
Koopa Troopa Beach 3lap 1'40"21 1'23"34224King F0.9540
Koopa Troopa Beach flap 0'33"30 0'27"69448Master A0.9263
Kalimari Desert 3lap 2'09"78 1'47"93233Elite A0.9573
Kalimari Desert flap 0'41"65 0'34"64431Elite F0.9374
Toad's Turnpike 3lap 3'04"43 2'33"38218King F0.9678
Toad's Turnpike flap 1'00"54 0'50"35197King C0.9718
Frappe Snowland 3lap 2'05"23 1'44"15215King D0.9587
Frappe Snowland flap 0'41"50 0'34"51328Elite B0.9226
Choco Mountain 3lap 2'01"90 1'41"38277Elite D0.9523
Choco Mountain flap 0'40"31 0'33"52380Elite D0.9457
Mario Raceway 3lap 1'31"43 1'16"04221King F0.9596
Mario Raceway flap 0'29"71 0'24"71431Master A0.9308
Wario Stadium 3lap 4'35"38 3'49"03251Elite C0.9459
Wario Stadium flap 1'31"44 1'16"05313Elite D0.9408
Sherbet Land 3lap 2'02"16 1'41"60235Elite B0.9452
Sherbet Land flap 0'40"33 0'33"54287Elite C0.9392
Royal Raceway 3lap 2'57"51 2'27"63183King D0.9670
Royal Raceway flap 0'59"16 0'49"20352Elite D0.9404
Bowser's Castle 3lap 2'21"24 1'57"47346Master C0.9373
Bowser's Castle flap 0'46"62 0'38"77442Pro A0.9267
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway 3lap 2'24"18 1'59"91249Elite C0.9190
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway flap 0'47"75 0'39"71472Semi Pro D0.8852
Yoshi Valley 3lap 1'56"43 1'36"83389Pro F0.8784
Yoshi Valley flap 0'35"58 0'29"59403Pro A0.8800
Banshee Boardwalk 3lap 2'10"76 1'48"75271Elite B0.9515
Banshee Boardwalk flap 0'43"46 0'36"14390Master A0.9397
Rainbow Road 3lap 6'10"04 5'07"75277Elite B0.9533
Rainbow Road flap 2'02"99 1'42"29325Elite C0.9484

Shortcut CoursePALNTSCRankStandardPR/WR
Luigi Raceway 3lap No Time No Time1670.5885
Luigi Raceway flap No Time No Time2000.4478
Kalimari Desert 3lap No Time No Time550.1661
Kalimari Desert flap No Time No Time730.0594
Toad's Turnpike 3lap No Time No Time2220.5703
Toad's Turnpike flap No Time No Time2310.5452
Frappe Snowland 3lap No Time No Time3630.1377
Frappe Snowland flap No Time No Time3820.1120
Choco Mountain 3lap No Time No Time1940.3154
Choco Mountain flap No Time No Time2220.0801
Mario Raceway 3lap No Time No Time2420.5768
Mario Raceway flap No Time No Time2820.2745
Wario Stadium 3lap No Time No Time3670.0530
Wario Stadium flap No Time No Time3990.0266
Royal Raceway 3lap No Time No Time2680.6333
Royal Raceway flap No Time No Time2890.5437
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway 3lap No Time No Time2620.1421
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway flap No Time No Time2940.0834
Yoshi Valley 3lap No Time No Time1990.0614
Yoshi Valley flap No Time No Time2440.1459
Rainbow Road 3lap No Time No Time3750.5688
Rainbow Road flap No Time No Time4040.6088