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Last updated: April 24th 2017

Course Charts


Sometimes, you don't want to read hefty strategies or spend your time watching youtube videos. All you want is to know where to shroom and what to know about each track. So, below is a no-nonsense approach to strategy, which gives someone who is new to the game the best chance to get semi-decent times quickly, without going into any of the finer details.

Use Peach, Toad or Yoshi. These are all identically fast.

Use them on almost every corner in the game. When you get good, you can also use them on straight bits of road, but unless you perform them well, they will be slower than just driving straight.

Any weird things I should know?
  • Holding the same slide for too long will cause you to turn super sharply and slow to a crawl. Moving the stick from left to right keeps the slide fresh.
  • Open tracks will have invisible out of bounds areas, so be careful on FS especially, as the shroom strat there goes close to it.

    General Advice
    Try to keep as straight as possible when not MTing. Any left/right adjustments will slow you down. Don't string MTs together too quickly. The gain is in the glide afterwards. Use it before jumping into another. Always try to slide when you use a shroom. This covers more distance than shrooming in a straight line. Don't shroom on straights.

    Lap Strats
    When going for a fast lap, lap 2 is usually faster by about 0.15, but sometimes more. If I don't list places to use them below, it's because there's nowhere vital on that particular track. Lap 1 is faster on MR, and YV, but is also mostly tried on lap 1 on KD, WS, DKJP and RRd.

    Luigi Raceway
    A simple enough track. Use your shrooms on the last corner to cut through the grass.

    Moo Moo Farm
    Try to avoid the moles at all costs. Shroom anywhere you like or save one for the inevitable hit. Go to the right of the columns at the end.

    Koopa Troopa Beach
    Go left after the first turn, stay left of the ramps til the tunnel. Try to go left of the trees after you exit the tunnel. Use your shrooms anywhere, but they can also be used to help if you're stuck in the water on the start/finish straight.

    Kalimari Desert
    Follow the road around and past the two sets of train tracks. After the second set, turn into the sand on the left whether you use a shroom here or not, as it's faster than the road. The trains will get in your way on laps 2 and 3, so try to use your shrooms wisely. You can shroom on the hills before the first train tracks, or twice after the 2nd train tracks.

    Toad's Turnpike
    Shroom anywhere. Try to take the inside line if you can on corners.

    Frappe Snowland
    Try to avoid touching the snow. When you're halfway around the track, shroom over the hill to the left of the giant snowman field (harder but faster), or on the one after it (slower but easier). For a flap, start on the snow to the right of the line, and use one shroom there.

    Choco Mountain
    Shroom anywhere. The corner after the falling boulders is sharp, so hop around this to avoid going too wide.

    Mario Raceway
    Try to navigate the passage between the giant mushroom on the wall if you can. Use your shroom near the end of the lap before the pipe to cut across grass/sand.

    Wario Stadium
    Shroom anywhere. Be careful on the bumps.

    Sherbet Land
    Try to jump over cracks where you can. In the cave, stick to the left wall til you see the exit road. Shroom around this wall if you can, but be careful of the penguins patrolling.

    Royal Raceway
    On the first right-hand corner (the third actual corner), you can go faster by hopping up and around the grassy hill. You should shroom on the corner before the long straight jump to cut across the grass. For the lap, you can double shroom the grass section to the right after the grassy hill to cut a significant amount of time.

    Bowser's Castle
    A difficult track. Shroom across the grass on the first corner, or use them when you get hit. Hop around the grass to the left after the stairs. On the spiral section you *will* hit the walls, but just keep hopping til you're around the bend.

    D.K.'s Jungle Parkway
    Angle slightly left on the waterjump, to cut out some track, and hit A three times quickly before you land to get up to full speed again. Use a shroom in the tunnel to cut out a lot of the hill. For a lap, use your 2 other shrooms to cut across the grass after the waterjump.

    Yoshi Valley
    Use your shroom to cut through the grass before the first turn. Then, when you first have a choice, turn left, then right, then left. You'll know you're going the right way because there are annoying black sprites in your way. There's a hairpin section after these sprites that you can cut out by turning sharply to the left and hopping onto the road below. For a lap, use your last 2 shrooms to cut across the grass after the bridge at the end.

    Banshee Boardwalk
    It can be difficult to stay on this track. When you're in the house section, you can hop over a little bit of the star by going slightly left of the pole. Hop around these corners til you feel comfortable MTing. Use a shroom on the last corner. For a lap, use another shroom on the corner before the house.

    Rainbow Road
    Try to avoid the chomps. Save a shroom for the hit, or use it on the very steep hill later on in the lap.