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Last updated: April 24th 2017


How good are you? Many years ago a set of standards was made, catering for all levels of player. Over the years, these standards have become a set of targets for any player rising through the ranks. To find out more, click here

All God Legend King Elite Master Pro Semi-Pro
Expert Advanced Intermediate Apprentice Beginner Newbie

Expert Standards
Luigi Raceway 3lap1'44"272'05"381'44"452'05"591'44"632'05"811'44"812'06"021'44"992'06"24
Luigi Raceway flap0'33"310'40"050'33"370'40"130'33"430'40"200'33"490'40"270'33"550'40"34
Luigi Raceway SC 3lap
Luigi Raceway SC flap
Moo Moo Farm 3lap1'19"191'35"221'19"391'35"461'19"591'35"701'19"791'35"941'19"991'36"18
Moo Moo Farm flap0'25"950'31"200'26"010'31"280'26"070'31"350'26"130'31"420'26"190'31"49
Koopa Troopa Beach 3lap1'28"831'46"811'29"121'47"161'29"411'47"511'29"701'47"861'29"991'48"20
Koopa Troopa Beach flap0'28"830'34"670'28"910'34"760'28"990'34"860'29"070'34"950'29"150'35"05
Kalimari Desert 3lap1'54"052'17"131'54"352'17"501'54"652'17"861'54"952'18"221'55"252'18"58
Kalimari Desert flap0'36"090'43"400'36"190'43"520'36"290'43"640'36"390'43"760'36"490'43"88
Kalimari Desert SC 3lap
Kalimari Desert SC flap
Toad's Turnpike 3lap2'38"393'10"452'38"793'10"932'39"193'11"412'39"593'11"892'39"993'12"37
Toad's Turnpike flap0'52"271'02"850'52"391'02"990'52"511'03"140'52"631'03"280'52"751'03"43
Toad's Turnpike SC 3lap
Toad's Turnpike SC flap
Frappe Snowland 3lap1'50"392'12"731'50"792'13"211'51"192'13"701'51"592'14"181'51"992'14"66
Frappe Snowland flap0'36"270'43"610'36"390'43"760'36"510'43"900'36"630'44"040'36"750'44"19
Frappe Snowland SC 3lap
Frappe Snowland SC flap
Choco Mountain 3lap1'45"392'06"721'45"792'07"201'46"192'07"681'46"592'08"161'46"992'08"65
Choco Mountain flap0'34"780'41"820'34"870'41"930'34"960'42"040'35"050'42"150'35"150'42"27
Choco Mountain SC 3lap
Choco Mountain SC flap
Mario Raceway 3lap1'20"391'36"661'20"791'37"141'21"191'37"621'21"591'38"101'21"991'38"59
Mario Raceway flap0'25"880'31"120'25"970'31"230'26"060'31"340'26"150'31"440'26"250'31"56
Mario Raceway SC 3lap
Mario Raceway SC flap
Wario Stadium 3lap3'57"194'45"203'57"894'46"043'58"594'46"883'59"294'47"723'59"994'48"56
Wario Stadium flap1'18"191'34"021'18"391'34"261'18"591'34"501'18"791'34"741'18"991'34"98
Wario Stadium SC 3lap
Wario Stadium SC flap
Sherbet Land 3lap1'47"732'09"541'48"172'10"061'48"612'10"591'49"052'11"121'49"492'11"65
Sherbet Land flap0'35"410'42"580'35"570'42"770'35"730'42"960'35"890'43"160'36"050'43"35
Royal Raceway 3lap2'36"193'07"802'36"643'08"342'37"093'08"892'37"543'09"432'37"993'09"97
Royal Raceway flap0'51"011'01"340'51"131'01"480'51"251'01"620'51"371'01"770'51"491'01"91
Royal Raceway SC 3lap
Royal Raceway SC flap
Bowser's Castle 3lap2'02"592'27"402'03"192'28"122'03"792'28"852'04"392'29"572'04"992'30"29
Bowser's Castle flap0'40"190'48"330'40"390'48"570'40"590'48"810'40"790'49"050'40"990'49"29
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway 3lap2'06"592'32"212'07"192'32"932'07"792'33"662'08"392'34"382'08"992'35"10
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway flap0'40"190'48"330'40"390'48"570'40"590'48"810'40"790'49"050'40"990'49"29
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway SC 3lap
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway SC flap
Yoshi Valley 3lap1'40"792'01"191'41"592'02"151'42"392'03"111'43"192'04"081'43"992'05"04
Yoshi Valley flap0'31"240'37"560'31"490'37"860'31"740'38"170'31"990'38"470'32"250'38"78
Yoshi Valley SC 3lap
Yoshi Valley SC flap
Banshee Boardwalk 3lap1'54"392'17"541'54"792'18"021'55"192'18"511'55"592'18"991'55"992'19"47
Banshee Boardwalk flap0'37"130'44"650'37"270'44"810'37"410'44"980'37"550'45"150'37"690'45"32
Rainbow Road 3lap5'16"596'20"675'17"196'21"395'17"796'22"115'18"396'22"835'18"996'23"55
Rainbow Road flap1'44"392'05"521'44"542'05"701'44"692'05"881'44"842'06"061'44"992'06"24
Rainbow Road SC 3lap
Rainbow Road SC flap

Hardest Non-Shortcut standards
StandardTrack# achieved
1Expert AD.K.'s Jungle Parkway 3lap499
2Expert AWario Stadium flap505
3Expert AYoshi Valley flap506
4Expert AD.K.'s Jungle Parkway flap511
5Expert AYoshi Valley 3lap511
6Expert AMoo Moo Farm 3lap517
7Expert BD.K.'s Jungle Parkway 3lap517
8Expert AWario Stadium 3lap519
9Expert BD.K.'s Jungle Parkway flap522
10Expert BYoshi Valley flap523
11Expert BYoshi Valley 3lap524
12Expert BWario Stadium flap527
13Expert CD.K.'s Jungle Parkway flap536
14Expert ARainbow Road flap538
15Expert CYoshi Valley flap540
16Expert BMoo Moo Farm 3lap541
17Expert CD.K.'s Jungle Parkway 3lap541
18Expert CYoshi Valley 3lap544
19Expert BWario Stadium 3lap546
20Expert ARainbow Road 3lap549
21Expert CWario Stadium flap551
22Expert BRainbow Road flap553
23Expert DD.K.'s Jungle Parkway flap553
24Expert DYoshi Valley flap553
25Expert ABanshee Boardwalk flap556
26Expert ASherbet Land 3lap558
27Expert FD.K.'s Jungle Parkway flap562
28Expert DD.K.'s Jungle Parkway 3lap563
29Expert CMoo Moo Farm 3lap565
30Expert FYoshi Valley flap566
31Expert AToad's Turnpike 3lap567
32Expert BRainbow Road 3lap567
33Expert AMario Raceway 3lap568
34Expert CRainbow Road flap568
35Expert CWario Stadium 3lap573
36Expert DWario Stadium flap574
37Expert AToad's Turnpike flap575
38Expert DYoshi Valley 3lap578
39Expert DRainbow Road flap580
40Expert AChoco Mountain 3lap581
41Expert BSherbet Land 3lap581
42Expert CRainbow Road 3lap582
43Expert BBanshee Boardwalk flap583
44Expert FD.K.'s Jungle Parkway 3lap586
45Expert ASherbet Land flap587
46Expert FRainbow Road flap593
47Expert AFrappe Snowland 3lap594
48Expert DMoo Moo Farm 3lap595
49Expert BMario Raceway 3lap596
50Expert FYoshi Valley 3lap596
51Expert BToad's Turnpike flap597
52Expert CSherbet Land 3lap598
53Expert DRainbow Road 3lap599
54Expert FWario Stadium flap599
55Expert BToad's Turnpike 3lap600
56Expert ABowser's Castle 3lap601
57Expert BChoco Mountain 3lap601
58Expert CBanshee Boardwalk flap602
59Expert AMario Raceway flap604
60Expert ABanshee Boardwalk 3lap604
61Expert AMoo Moo Farm flap606
62Expert DWario Stadium 3lap606
63Expert AFrappe Snowland flap610
64Expert ARoyal Raceway flap610
65Expert BFrappe Snowland 3lap610
66Expert BSherbet Land flap610
67Expert CMario Raceway 3lap613
68Expert AChoco Mountain flap615
69Expert FRainbow Road 3lap615
70Expert BMario Raceway flap616
71Expert CChoco Mountain 3lap616
72Expert FMoo Moo Farm 3lap618
73Expert BFrappe Snowland flap620
74Expert BRoyal Raceway flap620
75Expert CToad's Turnpike 3lap621
76Expert DSherbet Land 3lap621
77Expert BChoco Mountain flap623
78Expert BBanshee Boardwalk 3lap624
79Expert BMoo Moo Farm flap625
80Expert DBanshee Boardwalk flap625
81Expert BBowser's Castle 3lap626
82Expert CFrappe Snowland 3lap626
83Expert CMario Raceway flap626
84Expert DMario Raceway 3lap626
85Expert ALuigi Raceway flap628
86Expert CSherbet Land flap629
87Expert CFrappe Snowland flap631
88Expert CRoyal Raceway flap631
89Expert CToad's Turnpike flap632
90Expert FWario Stadium 3lap633
91Expert DChoco Mountain 3lap636
92Expert DMario Raceway flap636
93Expert CBanshee Boardwalk 3lap639
94Expert CChoco Mountain flap640
95Expert BLuigi Raceway flap641
96Expert FSherbet Land 3lap641
97Expert ARoyal Raceway 3lap642
98Expert CMoo Moo Farm flap642
99Expert DSherbet Land flap642
100Expert FMario Raceway flap642
101Expert FBanshee Boardwalk flap642
102Expert DFrappe Snowland flap644
103Expert FMario Raceway 3lap644
104Expert ABowser's Castle flap646
105Expert DToad's Turnpike 3lap646
106Expert DFrappe Snowland 3lap647
107Expert DRoyal Raceway flap648
108Expert DToad's Turnpike flap651
109Expert DMoo Moo Farm flap655
110Expert DChoco Mountain flap656
111Expert DBanshee Boardwalk 3lap656
112Expert FFrappe Snowland flap656
113Expert CLuigi Raceway flap658
114Expert FRoyal Raceway flap659
115Expert CBowser's Castle 3lap661
116Expert FFrappe Snowland 3lap661
117Expert FChoco Mountain 3lap662
118Expert BRoyal Raceway 3lap664
119Expert AKoopa Troopa Beach 3lap667
120Expert AKalimari Desert 3lap667
121Expert BBowser's Castle flap669
122Expert FSherbet Land flap669
123Expert FBanshee Boardwalk 3lap669
124Expert FChoco Mountain flap670
125Expert FMoo Moo Farm flap671
126Expert AKoopa Troopa Beach flap674
127Expert DLuigi Raceway flap674
128Expert BKoopa Troopa Beach 3lap677
129Expert FToad's Turnpike flap677
130Expert FToad's Turnpike 3lap679
131Expert AKalimari Desert flap680
132Expert CRoyal Raceway 3lap681
133Expert DBowser's Castle 3lap682
134Expert BKoopa Troopa Beach flap683
135Expert ALuigi Raceway 3lap684
136Expert BKalimari Desert 3lap686
137Expert BKalimari Desert flap687
138Expert CBowser's Castle flap689
139Expert FLuigi Raceway flap690
140Expert CKoopa Troopa Beach flap692
141Expert CKalimari Desert 3lap692
142Expert DKoopa Troopa Beach flap694
143Expert CKoopa Troopa Beach 3lap695
144Expert CKalimari Desert flap697
145Expert FBowser's Castle 3lap701
146Expert FKoopa Troopa Beach flap702
147Expert BLuigi Raceway 3lap704
148Expert DKalimari Desert 3lap706
149Expert DKalimari Desert flap706
150Expert DKoopa Troopa Beach 3lap708
151Expert FKalimari Desert flap711
152Expert DRoyal Raceway 3lap712
153Expert DBowser's Castle flap713
154Expert FKalimari Desert 3lap713
155Expert CLuigi Raceway 3lap721
156Expert FKoopa Troopa Beach 3lap721
157Expert FBowser's Castle flap731
158Expert FRoyal Raceway 3lap735
159Expert DLuigi Raceway 3lap741
160Expert FLuigi Raceway 3lap758