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Last updated: April 24th 2017


How good are you? Many years ago a set of standards was made, catering for all levels of player. Over the years, these standards have become a set of targets for any player rising through the ranks. To find out more, click here

All God Legend King Elite Master Pro Semi-Pro
Expert Advanced Intermediate Apprentice Beginner Newbie

Semi-Pro Standards
Luigi Raceway 3lap1'43"452'04"391'43"612'04"581'43"772'04"771'43"932'04"971'44"092'05"16
Luigi Raceway flap0'33"040'39"730'33"090'39"790'33"140'39"850'33"190'39"910'33"250'39"98
Luigi Raceway SC 3lap
Luigi Raceway SC flap
Moo Moo Farm 3lap1'18"391'34"261'18"541'34"441'18"691'34"621'18"841'34"801'18"991'34"98
Moo Moo Farm flap0'25"650'30"840'25"710'30"910'25"770'30"990'25"830'31"060'25"890'31"13
Koopa Troopa Beach 3lap1'27"751'45"511'27"951'45"751'28"151'45"991'28"351'46"231'28"551'46"47
Koopa Troopa Beach flap0'28"430'34"190'28"510'34"280'28"590'34"380'28"670'34"470'28"750'34"57
Kalimari Desert 3lap1'52"552'15"331'52"852'15"691'53"152'16"051'53"452'16"411'53"752'16"77
Kalimari Desert flap0'35"590'42"790'35"690'42"910'35"790'43"030'35"890'43"160'35"990'43"28
Kalimari Desert SC 3lap
Kalimari Desert SC flap
Toad's Turnpike 3lap2'37"073'08"862'37"303'09"142'37"533'09"422'37"763'09"692'37"993'09"97
Toad's Turnpike flap0'51"861'02"360'51"931'02"440'52"001'02"530'52"071'02"610'52"151'02"71
Toad's Turnpike SC 3lap
Toad's Turnpike SC flap
Frappe Snowland 3lap1'48"592'10"571'48"942'10"991'49"292'11"411'49"642'11"831'49"992'12"25
Frappe Snowland flap0'35"860'43"120'35"930'43"200'36"000'43"290'36"070'43"370'36"150'43"47
Frappe Snowland SC 3lap
Frappe Snowland SC flap
Choco Mountain 3lap1'43"792'04"801'44"092'05"161'44"392'05"521'44"692'05"881'44"992'06"24
Choco Mountain flap0'34"370'41"330'34"450'41"420'34"530'41"520'34"610'41"620'34"690'41"71
Choco Mountain SC 3lap
Choco Mountain SC flap
Mario Raceway 3lap1'19"191'35"221'19"391'35"461'19"591'35"701'19"791'35"941'19"991'36"18
Mario Raceway flap0'25"470'30"630'25"550'30"720'25"630'30"820'25"710'30"910'25"790'31"01
Mario Raceway SC 3lap
Mario Raceway SC flap
Wario Stadium 3lap3'54"794'42"313'55"194'42"793'55"594'43"273'55"994'43"763'56"494'44"36
Wario Stadium flap1'17"391'33"051'17"541'33"241'17"691'33"421'17"841'33"601'17"991'33"78
Wario Stadium SC 3lap
Wario Stadium SC flap
Sherbet Land 3lap1'46"052'07"521'46"362'07"891'46"672'08"261'46"982'08"631'47"292'09"01
Sherbet Land flap0'34"640'41"650'34"790'41"830'34"940'42"010'35"090'42"190'35"250'42"39
Royal Raceway 3lap2'34"343'05"582'34"693'06"002'35"043'06"422'35"393'06"842'35"753'07"27
Royal Raceway flap0'50"491'00"710'50"591'00"830'50"691'00"950'50"791'01"070'50"891'01"19
Royal Raceway SC 3lap
Royal Raceway SC flap
Bowser's Castle 3lap1'59"992'24"282'00"492'24"882'00"992'25"482'01"492'26"082'01"992'26"68
Bowser's Castle flap0'39"390'47"360'39"540'47"540'39"690'47"720'39"840'47"900'39"990'48"08
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway 3lap2'03"992'29"092'04"492'29"692'04"992'30"292'05"492'30"892'05"992'31"49
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway flap0'39"310'47"270'39"480'47"470'39"650'47"680'39"820'47"880'39"990'48"08
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway SC 3lap
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway SC flap
Yoshi Valley 3lap1'37"591'57"341'38"191'58"061'38"791'58"791'39"391'59"511'39"992'00"23
Yoshi Valley flap0'30"190'36"300'30"390'36"540'30"590'36"780'30"790'37"020'30"990'37"26
Yoshi Valley SC 3lap
Yoshi Valley SC flap
Banshee Boardwalk 3lap1'53"392'16"341'53"542'16"521'53"692'16"701'53"842'16"881'53"992'17"06
Banshee Boardwalk flap0'36"750'44"190'36"810'44"260'36"870'44"330'36"930'44"410'36"990'44"48
Rainbow Road 3lap5'14"396'18"025'14"796'18"505'15"196'18"995'15"596'19"475'15"996'19"95
Rainbow Road flap1'43"882'04"911'43"972'05"011'44"062'05"121'44"152'05"231'44"252'05"35
Rainbow Road SC 3lap
Rainbow Road SC flap

Hardest Non-Shortcut standards
StandardTrack# achieved
1Semi-Pro AYoshi Valley 3lap408
2Semi-Pro AD.K.'s Jungle Parkway 3lap420
3Semi-Pro AMoo Moo Farm 3lap428
4Semi-Pro AWario Stadium flap434
5Semi-Pro BD.K.'s Jungle Parkway 3lap434
6Semi-Pro BYoshi Valley 3lap434
7Semi-Pro AD.K.'s Jungle Parkway flap437
8Semi-Pro AYoshi Valley flap441
9Semi-Pro BMoo Moo Farm 3lap443
10Semi-Pro BD.K.'s Jungle Parkway flap447
11Semi-Pro AWario Stadium 3lap449
12Semi-Pro BWario Stadium flap449
13Semi-Pro CD.K.'s Jungle Parkway 3lap452
14Semi-Pro CYoshi Valley 3lap452
15Semi-Pro CMoo Moo Farm 3lap459
16Semi-Pro BYoshi Valley flap461
17Semi-Pro BWario Stadium 3lap463
18Semi-Pro CWario Stadium flap464
19Semi-Pro AToad's Turnpike 3lap465
20Semi-Pro DYoshi Valley 3lap465
21Semi-Pro CD.K.'s Jungle Parkway flap470
22Semi-Pro DD.K.'s Jungle Parkway 3lap470
23Semi-Pro ARainbow Road 3lap472
24Semi-Pro CWario Stadium 3lap473
25Semi-Pro CYoshi Valley flap474
26Semi-Pro DMoo Moo Farm 3lap477
27Semi-Pro DWario Stadium flap477
28Semi-Pro AChoco Mountain 3lap478
29Semi-Pro DYoshi Valley flap481
30Semi-Pro ARainbow Road flap482
31Semi-Pro BToad's Turnpike 3lap482
32Semi-Pro FYoshi Valley 3lap484
33Semi-Pro AToad's Turnpike flap485
34Semi-Pro BRainbow Road 3lap485
35Semi-Pro FD.K.'s Jungle Parkway 3lap486
36Semi-Pro FYoshi Valley flap486
37Semi-Pro DWario Stadium 3lap487
38Semi-Pro DD.K.'s Jungle Parkway flap488
39Semi-Pro ASherbet Land flap489
40Semi-Pro BRainbow Road flap490
41Semi-Pro FWario Stadium flap491
42Semi-Pro FMoo Moo Farm 3lap493
43Semi-Pro AMario Raceway 3lap494
44Semi-Pro FD.K.'s Jungle Parkway flap495
45Semi-Pro ABowser's Castle 3lap496
46Semi-Pro BChoco Mountain 3lap498
47Semi-Pro CToad's Turnpike 3lap498
48Semi-Pro ASherbet Land 3lap500
49Semi-Pro CRainbow Road flap500
50Semi-Pro CRainbow Road 3lap501
51Semi-Pro FWario Stadium 3lap501
52Semi-Pro AFrappe Snowland 3lap503
53Semi-Pro BToad's Turnpike flap503
54Semi-Pro BMario Raceway 3lap503
55Semi-Pro AMoo Moo Farm flap504
56Semi-Pro BSherbet Land 3lap507
57Semi-Pro DRainbow Road flap508
58Semi-Pro BSherbet Land flap513
59Semi-Pro ABanshee Boardwalk flap514
60Semi-Pro CToad's Turnpike flap515
61Semi-Pro CChoco Mountain 3lap515
62Semi-Pro DToad's Turnpike 3lap515
63Semi-Pro DRainbow Road 3lap516
64Semi-Pro BBowser's Castle 3lap517
65Semi-Pro CSherbet Land 3lap517
66Semi-Pro FRainbow Road flap520
67Semi-Pro BBanshee Boardwalk flap522
68Semi-Pro CMario Raceway 3lap523
69Semi-Pro BMoo Moo Farm flap524
70Semi-Pro BFrappe Snowland 3lap524
71Semi-Pro DToad's Turnpike flap525
72Semi-Pro CSherbet Land flap527
73Semi-Pro DSherbet Land 3lap528
74Semi-Pro CBanshee Boardwalk flap529
75Semi-Pro FRainbow Road 3lap530
76Semi-Pro CBowser's Castle 3lap535
77Semi-Pro FToad's Turnpike 3lap535
78Semi-Pro DBanshee Boardwalk flap536
79Semi-Pro DMario Raceway 3lap538
80Semi-Pro FSherbet Land 3lap538
81Semi-Pro AKalimari Desert 3lap539
82Semi-Pro CFrappe Snowland 3lap539
83Semi-Pro DChoco Mountain 3lap540
84Semi-Pro FBanshee Boardwalk flap541
85Semi-Pro ALuigi Raceway flap542
86Semi-Pro ARoyal Raceway flap543
87Semi-Pro CMoo Moo Farm flap545
88Semi-Pro FToad's Turnpike flap545
89Semi-Pro AFrappe Snowland flap547
90Semi-Pro AChoco Mountain flap548
91Semi-Pro ABowser's Castle flap548
92Semi-Pro DSherbet Land flap548
93Semi-Pro AMario Raceway flap551
94Semi-Pro FMario Raceway 3lap551
95Semi-Pro DFrappe Snowland 3lap553
96Semi-Pro DBowser's Castle 3lap553
97Semi-Pro ABanshee Boardwalk 3lap557
98Semi-Pro BFrappe Snowland flap557
99Semi-Pro BLuigi Raceway flap558
100Semi-Pro BRoyal Raceway flap559
101Semi-Pro FChoco Mountain 3lap560
102Semi-Pro BMario Raceway flap561
103Semi-Pro BBowser's Castle flap562
104Semi-Pro BChoco Mountain flap564
105Semi-Pro DMoo Moo Farm flap564
106Semi-Pro BKalimari Desert 3lap565
107Semi-Pro ARoyal Raceway 3lap567
108Semi-Pro BBanshee Boardwalk 3lap568
109Semi-Pro CFrappe Snowland flap568
110Semi-Pro FFrappe Snowland 3lap569
111Semi-Pro FSherbet Land flap571
112Semi-Pro CMario Raceway flap572
113Semi-Pro CRoyal Raceway flap573
114Semi-Pro CBanshee Boardwalk 3lap574
115Semi-Pro ALuigi Raceway 3lap576
116Semi-Pro CLuigi Raceway flap576
117Semi-Pro CChoco Mountain flap576
118Semi-Pro DFrappe Snowland flap578
119Semi-Pro FBowser's Castle 3lap579
120Semi-Pro BRoyal Raceway 3lap581
121Semi-Pro DMario Raceway flap582
122Semi-Pro DBanshee Boardwalk 3lap583
123Semi-Pro FMoo Moo Farm flap583
124Semi-Pro CBowser's Castle flap586
125Semi-Pro DRoyal Raceway flap587
126Semi-Pro FMario Raceway flap588
127Semi-Pro AKoopa Troopa Beach flap589
128Semi-Pro DChoco Mountain flap590
129Semi-Pro CRoyal Raceway 3lap591
130Semi-Pro FBanshee Boardwalk 3lap591
131Semi-Pro DLuigi Raceway flap594
132Semi-Pro BLuigi Raceway 3lap595
133Semi-Pro FFrappe Snowland flap596
134Semi-Pro FChoco Mountain flap598
135Semi-Pro BKoopa Troopa Beach flap600
136Semi-Pro CKalimari Desert 3lap601
137Semi-Pro AKoopa Troopa Beach 3lap603
138Semi-Pro FRoyal Raceway flap604
139Semi-Pro DBowser's Castle flap605
140Semi-Pro DRoyal Raceway 3lap610
141Semi-Pro BKoopa Troopa Beach 3lap615
142Semi-Pro FLuigi Raceway flap618
143Semi-Pro AKalimari Desert flap619
144Semi-Pro CKoopa Troopa Beach flap621
145Semi-Pro CLuigi Raceway 3lap624
146Semi-Pro FBowser's Castle flap624
147Semi-Pro CKoopa Troopa Beach 3lap626
148Semi-Pro FRoyal Raceway 3lap626
149Semi-Pro DKalimari Desert 3lap635
150Semi-Pro DKoopa Troopa Beach 3lap638
151Semi-Pro BKalimari Desert flap641
152Semi-Pro DKoopa Troopa Beach flap642
153Semi-Pro DLuigi Raceway 3lap649
154Semi-Pro FKalimari Desert 3lap649
155Semi-Pro CKalimari Desert flap652
156Semi-Pro FKoopa Troopa Beach 3lap653
157Semi-Pro FKoopa Troopa Beach flap656
158Semi-Pro DKalimari Desert flap664
159Semi-Pro FLuigi Raceway 3lap666
160Semi-Pro FKalimari Desert flap672