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Last updated: April 24th 2017


How good are you? Many years ago a set of standards was made, catering for all levels of player. Over the years, these standards have become a set of targets for any player rising through the ranks. To find out more, click here

All God Legend King Elite Master Pro Semi-Pro
Expert Advanced Intermediate Apprentice Beginner Newbie

God Standards
TrackNTSC TimePAL Time
Luigi Raceway 3lap1'38"791'58"79
Luigi Raceway flap0'31"590'37"98
Luigi Raceway SC 3lap1'19"491'35"58
Luigi Raceway SC flap0'25"250'30"36
Moo Moo Farm 3lap1'13"891'28"85
Moo Moo Farm flap0'23"890'28"73
Koopa Troopa Beach 3lap1'20"951'37"34
Koopa Troopa Beach flap0'26"150'31"44
Kalimari Desert 3lap1'45"392'06"72
Kalimari Desert flap0'32"950'39"62
Kalimari Desert SC 3lap1'44"892'06"12
Kalimari Desert SC flap0'32"190'38"71
Toad's Turnpike 3lap2'29"993'00"35
Toad's Turnpike flap0'49"590'59"63
Toad's Turnpike SC 3lap1'32"691'51"45
Toad's Turnpike SC flap0'28"990'34"86
Frappe Snowland 3lap1'40"992'01"43
Frappe Snowland flap0'32"490'39"07
Frappe Snowland SC 3lap0'21"850'26"27
Frappe Snowland SC flap0'05"400'06"49
Choco Mountain 3lap1'37"991'57"82
Choco Mountain flap0'31"990'38"47
Choco Mountain SC 3lap1'07"991'21"75
Choco Mountain SC flap0'21"590'25"96
Mario Raceway 3lap1'14"491'29"57
Mario Raceway flap0'23"150'27"84
Mario Raceway SC 3lap0'51"391'01"79
Mario Raceway SC flap0'15"750'18"94
Wario Stadium 3lap3'40"994'25"72
Wario Stadium flap1'12"691'27"40
Wario Stadium SC 3lap0'14"490'17"42
Wario Stadium SC flap0'03"790'04"56
Sherbet Land 3lap1'38"491'58"43
Sherbet Land flap0'32"190'38"71
Royal Raceway 3lap2'24"992'54"34
Royal Raceway flap0'47"290'56"86
Royal Raceway SC 3lap1'41"992'02"63
Royal Raceway SC flap0'32"090'38"59
Bowser's Castle 3lap1'51"992'14"66
Bowser's Castle flap0'36"490'43"88
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway 3lap1'53"992'17"06
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway flap0'36"250'43"59
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway SC 3lap0'21"490'25"84
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway SC flap0'03"850'04"63
Yoshi Valley 3lap1'27"491'45"20
Yoshi Valley flap0'26"690'32"09
Yoshi Valley SC 3lap0'28"100'33"79
Yoshi Valley SC flap0'07"490'09"01
Banshee Boardwalk 3lap1'45"492'06"84
Banshee Boardwalk flap0'34"490'41"47
Rainbow Road 3lap4'58"995'59"51
Rainbow Road flap1'38"591'58"55
Rainbow Road SC 3lap3'46"994'32"93
Rainbow Road SC flap1'14"491'29"57

Hardest Non-Shortcut standards
StandardTrack# achieved
1GodFrappe Snowland 3lap25
2GodMario Raceway flap29
3GodWario Stadium flap30
4GodToad's Turnpike 3lap33
5GodChoco Mountain flap34
6GodWario Stadium 3lap35
7GodLuigi Raceway 3lap37
8GodChoco Mountain 3lap42
9GodBowser's Castle 3lap43
10GodRainbow Road flap45
11GodD.K.'s Jungle Parkway 3lap46
12GodFrappe Snowland flap47
13GodBowser's Castle flap51
14GodKalimari Desert 3lap53
15GodRainbow Road 3lap53
16GodRoyal Raceway 3lap54
17GodYoshi Valley 3lap55
18GodToad's Turnpike flap57
19GodMoo Moo Farm 3lap61
20GodBanshee Boardwalk flap61
21GodBanshee Boardwalk 3lap62
22GodKoopa Troopa Beach 3lap63
23GodKalimari Desert flap67
24GodSherbet Land 3lap69
25GodD.K.'s Jungle Parkway flap72
26GodKoopa Troopa Beach flap73
27GodSherbet Land flap74
28GodLuigi Raceway flap75
29GodMario Raceway 3lap75
30GodYoshi Valley flap78
31GodMoo Moo Farm flap79
32GodRoyal Raceway flap85

Hardest Shortcut standards
StandardTrack# achieved
1GodKalimari Desert SC 3lap10
2GodD.K.'s Jungle Parkway SC 3lap10
3GodMario Raceway SC 3lap11
4GodToad's Turnpike SC flap12
5GodFrappe Snowland SC 3lap12
6GodWario Stadium SC 3lap13
7GodRoyal Raceway SC 3lap13
8GodYoshi Valley SC 3lap15
9GodChoco Mountain SC 3lap16
10GodLuigi Raceway SC 3lap18
11GodD.K.'s Jungle Parkway SC flap18
12GodKalimari Desert SC flap19
13GodRoyal Raceway SC flap19
14GodChoco Mountain SC flap27
15GodMario Raceway SC flap30
16GodToad's Turnpike SC 3lap37
17GodFrappe Snowland SC flap40
18GodLuigi Raceway SC flap50
19GodWario Stadium SC flap50
20GodRainbow Road SC 3lap50
21GodYoshi Valley SC flap60
22GodRainbow Road SC flap70