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Last updated: April 24th 2017

How to join the site

Joining the site is quite easy to do. All we need from you is an email with your full name and your set of times in it.
Please note that only times achieved on a real N64 or Wii are allowed. Emulators, Grand Prix mode, Tool Assisted Speedruns (TAS) are all not allowed on this site.
Send the mail to
Sometimes new players think they have World Records. This is usually due to confusing an NTSC time with a PAL time. For example, the NTSC Luigi Raceway World Record is 20 seconds faster than the PAL World Record.

Here is an example of a mail:
Subject: My first set of times

Hi everyone. I'm new to the site. My name is John Smith and I'm from Richmond, Virginia. My times aren't great right now, but I hope to improve quickly! Here they are:

LR: 1'39"37 31"65
MF: 1'15"02 24"06
KB: 1'21"52 26"31
KD: 1'45"86 33"29
TT: 2'31"05 49"77
FS: 1'43"06 33"11
CM: 1'39"38 32"43
MR: 1'14"91 23"55
WS: 3'43"97 1'13"79
SL: 1'39"54 32"45
RRy: 2'26"72 48"09
BC: 1'53"35 36"91
DK: 1'57"40 36"90
YV: 1'29"95 27"19
BB: 1'46"70 34"92
RRd: 5'02"67 1'39"76

I also have some shortcut times:

LRsc: 1'21"63 25"54
TTsc: 1'33"78 29"47
DKsc: 22"77 3"89
RRdsc: 3'50"13 1'15"60

Thanks for adding me! :)

You can include the shortcut times alongside your non-shortcut ones on the same line, but it's much easier for our updaters if you keep them separate and clearly labelled.
After your first mail, any other mails will only need your name and new times like this:

Subject: Some choco mountain stuff

John Smith here. I played some CM!

CM: 1'39"20 32"39
CMsc: 1'18"40 22"19


Once you've sent us your mail, it may take a while for our updaters to add you to the database and for the pages to update. So be patient with us, and have fun! :)