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Last updated: April 16th 2017

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions
(Written by Kevin Booth)

Are the times on your page really true?
Yes, they are. The best times on our site have all been verified by various forms of proof, including full-motion videos. You can even watch some record videos online, if you still don't believe it. You might live near someone who can demonstrate it live, in fact.

Am I allowed to submit Grand Prix mode times?
No, on this site we compete on Time Trials. We don't accept Grand Prix mode times, since those times can be faster because of the 150cc mode, and the items.

Who is the fastest character?
Various tests have shown that the lightweight players Peach, Toad, and Yoshi perform exactly the same; who you use is a matter of preference. Mario and Luigi are a bit slower, followed by Wario, then Donkey Kong and Bowser. Bowser has shown use in one of the shortcuts, however, because of his turning abilities. Otherwise it's best to stick with the lightweights.

How can those times be so fast? I spent 3 years on this game and I think 1'41 is the absolute max for Luigi Raceway nonSC.
If you play time trials, you will probably think our records are impossible. This is because Mario Kart 64 has an amazing learning curve. Between 1996 and 2001 the world records have been improved by seconds every year. Most of this improvement is done by practicing the tracks over and over again, as new strategies constantly arise even now. So it's quite understandable that new players will have a very hard time to get close to world record times. However, don't get discouraged too easily. History have shown that with some practice, and with help from the best players, people are always able to reach the higher ranks on our site (Elite, King, or even Legend). With your practice, you may doing the wrong thing right!

Do I need proof for my times?
Trust is a very important aspect of our site. The main purpose of this site is to have fun with Mario Kart 64 time trialing. We assume that most people won't lie about the times they got in a videogame, since that would be pointless and ridiculous. However, a small minority of people do submit fake times. So, we do have some forms of verification, especially for the higher ranked players. We always require some proof if a player gets into the higher ranks(top 100), or if he/she makes extremely fast progress. All top players on our site have been validated by video-proof, mpegs, DEX-drive saves, eyewitness evidence, screenshots, etc.

If you're a beginning player, you don't need to worry about validation yet (although, if you have an easy way to get proof up, proof is always welcome!). Just make sure you have fun while improving your times. If you manage to reach the king or legend ranks some day, you'll probably be eager to show us your skills.

How do I videotape runs?
You'd be surprised how many times I get this one. Now be easy on these people guys. I never would have thought to video tape my video gaming (video for video, go figure), if I didn't accidentally record SMB1 over something my dad was trying to record from 4th grade.

First of all, finish a race, and well if it's one you are proud of and is replayable, then you're set. The fact that it is replayable should be obvious by the option to replay your race still being lit up after the race results and hitting A once. This normally works for all non-sc courses except, most of the time, DK's Jungle Parkway, Rainbow Road, and sometimes even Royal Raceway and Wario Stadium, which may not work if you over-mini-turbo during a race. A lot of the shortcuts where lakitu is involved won't work, such as Toad's Turnpike, Frappe Snowland, Royal Raceway, and Yoshi Valley, so for all those and those Non-sc's I talked about, you need to do something called FREESTYLE. You hit record, and just play and pray that you get a good run during that session. Well let's get to the components now.

Anyhow, here it is once and for all folks. If you have AV (audio-video) cables, make sure those go into an INPUT of the VCR. now from the VCR run another set of AV cables from the VCR to the television. This should go from the OUTPUT of the VCR to the INPUT of the TV. In order to be able to see your N64 playing and be able to record, make sure your VCR is put into an alternate channel that is usually before channel one. If not, consult your manual (or in some case parents) on how to get the auxilary channels on your VCR. Make sure the TV is on the input channel (usually channe 3, "input 1" or "input 2").

For those that are stone-agers and run co-ax (yes, those black cable type deals with a thin piece of a thing in the middle) cables, you need to do the same thing, but with those types of plugins. input to VCR, and output to tv. Make sure your on channel 3 on your VCR and than you can play and record. Make sure the TV is on channel 3, just as above as well.

Another thing to think about. If you have a crappy VCR, make sure to record on 2 hour or SP MODE. Usually you can toggle this in the front of your VCR or there is a button on the controller. If not, this should be in the vcrs menu. If you're like Wonn, and have 80s and 70s equipment and connections, you're on your own. Kart 64 Players isn't responsible for figuring out the compexities of that stuff =)

What are PAL and NTSC?
PAL and NTSC are different video/TV systems around the world. If you feel the need to get technical, go to the link below:

Basically NTSC is used in the USA, Canada, South America, and some of Asia, while PAL is used in Europe and Australia, with other places here and there. NTSC's video frame rate is about 30 frames per second, and PAL's is about 25. This system is important, since the NTSC version of MK64 runs at higher speed than PAL. You can convert PAL times to NTSC times by using "PAL time = NTSC time * 1.2024". Conversions won't be 100% accurate, for various reasons. But in practice, they work fine.

How do I convert times from PAL to NTSC?
The formula to convert times from PAL to NTSC is:
PAL time / 1.2024 = NTSC time
If you're using a standard calculator, you need to convert the time to hundredths first. Here's an example:

Steven Zwartjes old WR of 1'58"65 on PAL:

1'58"65 is equal to 118.65 seconds
118.65 seconds divided by 1.2024 = 98.68 seconds
98.68 seconds is equal to 1'38"68

If this is too elaborate, you can also use the handy online PAL to NTSC calculator on the top 100 page .

What can I do to become as fast as you are?
- practice/perseverance/patience
- read strats on the site
- AIM/talk with other karters
- discuss strats on the messageboard
- videos here: ,or the links on the World Records pages.

Where can I find the strategies?
You can read about the strategies on the strategy page.

William Lacey has also taken the time to bring his retro style of new skool racing to you at this link:
Tim Everett's strategies can be found here:

How should i do an SSMT(Straight Stretch Mini Turbo)?
You can read about that technique on the tactics page. Also, you can view some videos to see how SSMTs are performed. An SSMT is basically an MT adjusted to fit on the straight. But keep in mind that doing a Straight Stretch Mini-Turbo is not easy at all. We don't recommend players to try it before they reach Elite or King rank, since a badly performed SSMT will only slow you down or gain very little.

How do I make sure my times get updated if I get new PRs?
Your times will get updated if you submit your new PRs to the submission email address (

Some people might be used to the auto-updating system of the Perfect Dark Elite or the Goldeneye Elite. Our system is a little different. Here's what you need to do at our site:

Required for all members:
1) When you first join, send an email to and give us your full name, location, and a list with all of your PRs
2) When you get new PRs, email every new PR to the same address.

Optional things:
- You can give some additional information in your emails to make them more interesting (information about yourself and/or a commentary on the PRs)
- Create your own profile page with your times, and update it yourself (let us know the URL). But remember that you still need to submit your PRs to, if you maintain your own profile.
- Communicate with the other players via AIM, email or on the messageboard.

How often should I submit my times?
Once a day on a day you PR is preferable. It is possible to submit several times a day, but for the sake of updating, please try to keep the day's PRs in one email.

What happens exactly to the email I send to
The email gets forwarded to all members of the updating team, so we can all add your times to the website.
Apart from that, it will be posted publicly at the Yahoogroups server, and it is also forwarded to other kart players who would like to keep up on the events of the day as far as kart 64 scores go.

How do I join?
How to join page

Would you encourage me to create my own profile?
Definitely! If you can update your own profile that would be of great help, since it will save us some valuable time. It also might be fun. Please try to keep your profile updated, and don't make a mess of it.

When you do create a profile, please let a member of the staff know to link your name from the player's list to your profile. It is normally linked to the standardized profile system of William Lacey. However, if it is not updated reasonably well and is impossible to search in or understand, we reserve the right to relink to the standard profile. If you switch servers, let us know that also.

How do I create my own profile?
The most common way is to use HTML. If you are good with this, design yourself a page, and upload it to a free server, or if you actually pay for space, put it there. If you don't know how to do this, most likely, it's better if we maintain your profile for now.

What is a shortcut?
The principle of "shortcuts" actually started with the first kart (SMK). They were originally called "tricks" and were not distinguished from other times in SMK. At this MK64 site, we distinguish and separate non-SC and SC races and reserve the right to ask for proof. Anyhow, here it is guys.

  • Jumping over ANY walls or fences. (LR, KD, TT, CM, MR, WS, DK, YV, RRo)
  • Using the assistance of lakitu in any fashion. (TT, FS, RRa, DK, YV)

    I would also like to answer the next logical question. What is legal in Non-Shortcut Racing?

  • Cutting Grass or Sand either on flat ground or hills.
  • Jumping unobstructed cracks or gaps.
  • Using preprogrammed routes that were intended by the programmers such as KTB's tunnel.

    And to clear up things:
    At D.K.'s Jungle Parkway jumping the guardrail at the road that leads to the big jump IS NOT allowed for non-shortcut racing.
    Neither is jumping behind the background polygons to bypass the section leading down to the rope-bridge
    The Koopa Troopa Beach tunnel, as stated, IS allowed for non-shortcut racing.
    At Yoshi Valley, the skip-the-hairpin trick IS allowed for non-shortcut racing.

    Where is a list of shortcuts?

    Can I do something to make your updating work easier?
    Submit your PRs in an orderly fashion- all in one email each time
    Creating/maintaining a profile
    Joining the updating team


    Most seasoned karters love to use shorthand, abbreviations, or ACRONYMS to talk about various events and achievements, at Kart 64 players, as well as terms with new meanings. Here is a list of such abbrevations:

    PR Personal Record
    WR World Record
    SC/nonSC(NSC) Shortcut/ Non-Shortcut
    MT Mini-Turbo
    SSMT Stretch Mini-Turbo
    3lap/3-lap 3-lap course time
    1lap/1-lap/flap/f-lap 1-lap or fastlap time
    POW/POQ/POS/POM/POY Player Of The Week/Quarter/Season/Month/Year
    ARR Average Rank Ranking
    AF Average Finish
    PL Players List
    Shroom Mushroom
    Glide The time a mini-turbo gives you heightened speed.
    Glitch The way we describe various bugs in the game.
    Spiral the fully circular turn in rainbow road where the star sits in middle.
    Lastly, the track names
    LR Luigi Raceway
    MMF or MF Moo Moo Farm
    KB or KTB Koopa Troopa Beach
    KD Kalimari Desert
    TT Toad's Turnpike
    FS Frappe Snowland
    CM Choco Mountain
    MR Mario Raceway
    WS Wario Stadium
    SL Sherbet Land
    RRa or RRy Royal Raceway
    BC Bowser's Castle
    DK or DKJP D.K.'s Jungle Parkway
    YV Yoshi Valley
    BB Banshee Boardwalk
    RRo or RRd Rainbow Road